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  • Michael:

    Oh, and joe. Read Malia Litman’s blog which is completely respectable and which allows humour at the expense of the Palins. You might learn something worthwhile.

  • mudmanor:

    Fatal Vision was one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. It should be reissued. I drove my husband crazy rereading it over his shoulder after I was done. You are an expert at describing charming sociopaths. Can’t wait for the new book

  • Joe:

    FV doesn’t have to be reissued. It’s still in print in paperback.

  • sallyngarland,tx:

    I love your books! I’m so glad you are writing one about Palin. I’m sorry you received hateful emails when you moved in next door. One of Palin’s minions sent me some really creepy twitter messages and wouldn’t give up until blocked. Truly spooky people.

  • crimprof:

    I also loved Fatal Vision. I think it was the first modern “true crime” book I ever read and was one of the things that put me on the road to becoming a Criminologist. I’m looking forward to reading your newest work.

  • Jeanabella:

    Joe, you’re the best!

    Looking forward to reading your newest book in Sept.

    Very good to learn you are including the faked pregnancy.
    Most journalists wouldn’t deal with it when the rumors first came out, but her behavior and lies prove she is not fit for public office, especially high office in service to our county.
    Proving that the “Wild Ride” did not happen is essential if true.

    see you on Twitter,

  • BanditBasheert:

    I read and reread Fatal Vision many times. It was truly an amazing story. Cannot wait to see how great you are now!!!

  • ginger50:

    You have a lot of Alaskan supporters.

  • sharon:

    Joe, I send you my sincere wishes for a best seller and I know you can do it. Fatal Vision is probably one of the most well known books in our country today. I’ve yet to meet someone that does not recognize that title. MacDonald is still licking his wounds and crying foul. Stunning story and well written. So, I’m expecting this book will ROCK the palin circus and her flying monkeys. The fact that the MSM has given her a pass for so long has driven so many bloggers to take up the cause with relentless scrutiny and fact checking on her. I’m asjamed of the press and the media for not doing their job. I laughed out loud when I heard you moved in next door to her and I also applauded you for your courage and brilliant marketing scheme. Good grief! Everytime the shrew attacked you, photographed you, accused you of vile things and after she built the silly fence – she gave you so much free press and sealed her fate as far as that book is concerned. haha….I’ll be waiting for that book.

  • AFM:

    I’ll second that. Her books are really funny at the expense of the Palins. Humor is her best weapon of choice.

  • Alex:

    Throughout history women have used their wombs to wield power. I’d wager more than a few consorts have lied about an heir’s provenance or faked a pregnancy. What kills me is that a candidate for the U S vice presidency in 2008 could have pulled off such a base stunt in full view of Alaska and the entire country. She is dangerous. She’s not done with us yet. And to let her get away with this heinous lie– using a child of indeterminate origin to further her career– has nothing to do with Paris Hilton and everything to do with the future of this country. Only a man would think it trivial.

  • Far East Loon:

    Here is the headline from an article by Blodget from Feb.7,2011 online Business Insider:

    Okay, Here’s The Deal With The AOL-Huffington Post Deal…

    Read more:

    Below are a couple of quotes from the text of the article:

    “If you’re Huffington Post, this is $300 million in cash after 6 years of work, which ain’t bad no matter how you look at it. Importantly, it’s $300 million of CASH, not stock, so even if AOL goes on to destroy the company, Huffington Post’s shareholders will have made out well.”

    Read more:

    Ok, so why is a guy who’s been barred from the securities industry and paid $2 million fines and suggesting that even if AOL destroys Huffington Post their investors will make out like bandits, why is this Blodget writing about Palin’s BabyGate?

    I suspect he’s got an angle, how much of that angle has to do with shaming his fellow journalist’s for their negligence in covering this story remains to be seen. From his past and present behavior he is first and foremost a businessman out to make a buck.

    I’ve followed Palingates,Politicalgates among others for over a year. I never thought this story would gain traction in the MSM until somebody figured out to make a buck out of it. Who woulda thunk it would be a Republican.

    Meanwhile Blodget’s over at the HuffingtonPost writing that Fox needs to get rid of Glen Beck. It appears Palin and Beck have outlived their usefulness to the big money boys. Now if they can only figure out how to get the evangelicals to back Mitt “Mormon” Romney.

    Hats off to the bloggers who have spent countless hours researching and documenting this particular “Gate”. among many others.

  • KarenJ:

    You’re not the first person to attempt to tar Henry Blodget with that totally unrelated “barred from the securities industry and paid $2 million fines” accusation now that he has the temerity to publish what the hypocritical Huffington Post refused to.

    I guess if people can ring in Henry Blodget’s past dealings, it’s NO HODS BARRED now when discussing ALL of the questions brought up over the years regarding Sarah Palin’s Housegate/SportsArenagate, Dairygate, Taxgate, Troopergate, Travelgate, Prisongate, Medicaidgate, AlaskaFundTrustgate, Bridgegate, Jetgate, Religiongate, Cronygate…

  • KarenJ:

    aaargh… “NO HOLDS BARRED…”

  • KarenJ:

    I finally got around to reading all of Andrew Sullivan’s UPDATE, and I believe he is a lot more non-committal and a lot less swayed by what he read in Salon, especially what Loy and Quinn had belatedly offered as “eye witnesses”.

    To wit:
    “I don’t see why Quinn or Loy would lie about this; and their accounts seem persuasive – although it is maddening they didn’t report this before, and weird that they didn’t. They get to an empirical nub: what did you see with your own eyes? It’s almost the best empirical test we have. Almost.”

    “A video still from an Israeli documentary film – lightened to show detail below – has also long told us what both Wesley Loy and Steve Quinn have now personally testified to:”
    [video still shot, lightened, of rectangular shape of Palin's belly]
    “Is this what Loy and Quinn also saw firsthand? Whatever the answer, I remain grateful for Salon for doing more than most news organizations have seen fit to do, in putting this on the table and presenting new facts to rebut it.”

    Sullivan also keeps the door open for more questions regarding Laura Novak’s pediatric specialist’s opinion — although I’m not sure why Novak didn’t seek the opinion of an OB specialist, with more attention to the story of the MOTHER, which IS “that weird”.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    If G. Gordon Libbey and Ollie North can go on and have careers after what THEY’VE DONE, then Henry’s site doesn’t bother me one whit.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    G. Gordon LiDDy – sorry, typo!

  • Juan Day:

    If for some reason, Sarah announces she is running for POTUS, she will have to:

    1) Disclose her tax returns.
    2) Disclose her medical records and it will show she had her tubes tied before Trig was born.
    3) Disclose her wealth.
    4) Reveal personal info about herself and her family.
    5) Oh Lorrrrdddd, Sarah will have to talk to the lamestream media.

    Nah… she aint runnin’ the entire race. For Sarah she’ll probably stay in the race long enough to get a title like “Sarah Palin 2012 Presidential Candidate” and that is all she wants to put on her speaking resume and to put her name in the history books other than just be known for being rip to shreds by Katie Couric the Mama Grizzly Hunter.

  • sme:

    I almost forgot……. shall we take bets on how much Scarah is able to bring in at her fundraisers should she actually run? Obama brought in 2 million in one short evening. She could only do that in her dreams.

  • OysterTeaser:

    I find, also too, that Malia Litman is very careful to document everything.

    The ‘thing’ I am most interested in is Dairygate;.

  • AFM:

    I read it also. Many years after we were stationed at Fort Bragg. I lived on the street where the murder took place. Enlisted people were moved into the area. Even then the house was still closed and people still passed the house. I never went down that way because it gave me the creeps. It was a great book.

  • vl:

    Even McCain acknowledged the Pres:

    “I am overjoyed that we finally got the world’s top terrorist,” said McCain. “The world is a better and more just place now that Osama bin Laden is no longer in it. I hope the families of the victims of the September 11th attacks will sleep easier tonight and every night hence knowing that justice has been done. I commend the president and his team, as well as our men and women in uniform and our intelligence professionals, for this superb achievement.”

  • lilybart:

    Her mental illness demands that she run. Her sycophants have convinced her that she is universally loved. She lives in a very small world.

    I don’t know how you run with no advance prep but I do think she believes she should be Cornonated, begged to run, basically.

  • karenkristin:

    Joe, Just came over to your blog, long time Palingate reader, thumbs up to your book & blog, thanks!

  • Melly:

    I will never forget being deep into Fatal Vision on my lunch break in a small restaurant in SF, in ’85 or ’86. At one point I looked up to see a man staring at me from a table across the aisle. I flushed in confusion and dismay because it was unmistakably Bernie Segal, whose name and pictures I had been living with for days, and who I pretty much detested by then. “Don’t believe a word of it,” he said, kind of amused, completely nonthreatening. I could only manage to stammer out something like, “You’re HIM!.” He acknowledged it with his eyes, then turned back to his companions. I was still unstrung when I left.

  • Joe:

    That’s Bernie: always gracious.


  • Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel:

    McCain said that he knew where bin Laden was, but that he wasn’t going to “telegraph [his] punches.”

    In other words, Johnny Mac wasn’t going to tell us what he said he knew unless he was elected POTUS.

  • lilybart:

    Yes, me too. It is clear cut cronyism, and a Government bailout of private industry, AND corruption, graft, fraud, and the best part is, it is easy to understand.

  • lilybart:

    Oh my, Joe has just begun to get hate mail! September will see the floodgates of crazy open.

  • vl:

    Sen. John McCain response:

    “My initial opinion is it’s not necessary (to release the photos),” said Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) as he emerged from a classified military briefing about the raid. “I think there is ample proof that this is Osama bin Laden.”

  • vl:

    You know if President Obama did release bin Laden photo, Sarah Palin would then rip him for endangering Americans abroad.

  • Marie:

    I just responded to requesting in on Kindle at Amazon.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Joe have you heard this reported from IM blog
    “The Alaska State Troopers serve the Wasilla Police Department with search warrant. Well isn’t THAT interesting”?

    Could be something? or not?

  • Joe:

    I’m in touch with Wasilla mayor Verne Rupright. I can tell you this has nothing to do with the Palins.


  • vl:

    Satirists despair: Palin won’t be President

    We all love a bit – well, more than a bit – of Sarah Palin bashing. When we hear of Palin in the UK, it tends to be because she has launched another scathing attack on Barack Obama. And we see a crowd utterly captivated by her word and a terrifying thought crosses our mind: this woman is, somehow, going to be the next President of the United States. Quite how can this be so?

  • vl:

    George Lopez offers advice to Sarah Palin over the dead bin Laden photo.


  • vl:

    What an Idiot.

    Discussing Jobs Report, Palin Reminds Audience Of McDonald’s Hiring — Which Didn’t Affect Jobs Report

  • Kelli:

    I just sent a request for a kindle version as well. I am getting a kindle for Mothers day, and Fatal Vision is the reason i wanted it, I have worn out several copies, i was very dissappointed to see i cannot get the kindle version. What can we do to get this done?

  • vl:

    The UK is laughing at Palin:
    The 10 best Sarah Palin clangers – in pictures
    On the eve of a tell-all biography, we savour the Alaskan politician’s unique touch

  • Joe:

    I’m sorry to say I don’t know. I only have influence with my current publisher. I’d recommend you send an email to Ivan Held, publisher of Putnam’s,
    which controls rights to Fatal Vision. I don’t know his email address, but it shouldn’t be hard to find. I’d like FV on kindle, too.

  • Margot Woodrough:

    The preparation of the quintessence of gentlemanly beverages can be described only in like terms. A mint julep is not the product of a formula. It is a ceremony and must be performed by a gentleman possessing a true sense of the artistic, a deep reverence for the ingredients and a proper appreciation of the occasion.
    It is a rite that must not be entrusted to a novice, a statistician, or a Yankee. It is a heritage of the Old South, an emblem of hospitality, and a vehicle in which noble minds can travel together upon flower-strewn paths of a happy and congenial thought.
    Go to a spring where cool, crystal-clear water bubbles from under a bank of dew-washed ferns. In a consecrated vessel, dip up a little water at the source. Follow the stream through its banks of green moss and wildflowers until it broadens and trickles through beds of mint growing in aromatic profusion and waving softly in the summer breeze. Gather the sweetest and tenderest shoots and gently carry them home. Go to the sideboard and select a decanter of Kentucky Bourbon, distilled by a master hand, mellowed with age yet still vigorous and inspiring. An ancestral sugar bowl, a row of silver goblets, and some spoons and some ice and you are ready to start.

    Into a canvas bag, pound twice as much ice as you thing you will need. Make it fine as snow, keep it dry, and do not allow it to degenerate into slush.
    Into each goblet, put a slightly heaping teaspoonful of granulated sugar, barely cover this with spring water and slightly bruise one mint leaf into this, leaving the spoon in the goblet. Then pour elixir from the decanter until the goblets are about one-fourth full. Fill the goblets with snowy ice, sprinkling in a small amount of sugar as you fill. Wipe the outside of the goblets dry and embellish copiously with mint.
    Then comes the important and delicate operation of frosting. By proper manipulation of the spoon, the ingredients are circulated and blended until Nature, wishing to take a further hand and add another of its beautiful phenomena, encrusts the whole in a glistening coat of white frost. Thus harmoniously blended by the deft touches of a skilled hand, you have a beverage eminently appropriate for honorable men and beautiful women.
    When all is ready, assemble your guests on the porch or in the garden, where the aroma of the juleps will rise heavenwards and make the birds sing. Propose a worthy toast, raise the goblet to your lips, bury your nose in the mint, inhale a deep breath of its fragrance, and sip the nectar of the gods.
    Being overcome by thirst, I can write no further. Lt. Gen Simon Bolivar Buckner – 1937

  • X-Wasillan:

    Dairygate pales in comparison to the Goose Creek prison scam.

    The pen was built by Neeser Construction, substantial campaign contributor in concert with its former partners, Bill (Allvest) Weimar and Bill (VECO) Allen.

    Of course, the AGIA contract, with its treble damages clause, isn’t exactly small potatoes.

  • X-Wasillan:

    It has nothing to do with the Palins because Captain Zero has more unswerving loyalty to the cabal than did Walt Moneghan, an unfortunate professional amongst a flock of amateurs.

    Admittedly, most of the Palins have been busted in Mat-Su (including Track and Willow, protected by juvenile confidentiality statutes) save for Sarah who went to Dillingham to take a fall.

    I think Faye (nice lady) and Bristol (’nuff said) are the only ones without a record.

  • X-Wasillan:

    Somehow, you took a wrong turn on your way to Louisville.

  • Island Kat:

    I would end with the hatred for “other” , however defined, that Palin has made acceptable in our society.

    Back when George Wallace was running for President (1967-68), he held a rally at the court house square of my home town. I was a flaming liberal even then, but the rally was only two blocks from the small shop where I was working part time and my boss let me take a break to check it out. I remember being horrified at the palpable hatred in the crowd. These were people I had known my whole life as decent “Christians” in our small community, but Wallace gave voice to an ugliness I had never seen.

    Paylin gives voice to that same hatred and bitterness, standing there with a self-satisfied smile as that hatred goes viral in the crowd of adoring fans. That is her legacy and it must not be left to stand.

  • Ms. Gibson:

    I mean’t to say:

    Unlike a watermelon being dropped from the roof of a building by someone else, Sarah’s career career is like a self-propelled rolling stone snowball. As it rolls uncontrollably downhill it grows bigger and heavier with twigs, moldy leaves, sharp gravel and mud sticking to it. Everyone is jumping out of it’s way and watching for it’s inevitable spectacular crash and explosion at the bottom. 

  • sleuth:

    I live in Kentucky. Exactly where is the “wrong turn” to Louisville, unless you were coming from southern evangelical Indiana?

  • Jen:


    Have you decided to use any of the posted ideas for your last chapter?

  • Joe:

    I’m working on it now. I received many thoughtful and provocative suggestions. I’ll certainly include something from whichever one my blue-ribbon panel of judges chooses as the winner.


  • voiceinwind:

    Liking your comment.

  • voiceinwind:

    Tim Pawlenty(sp) from Minnesota is supposed to run. Like Palin, he’s a former Catholic now evangelical.

  • voiceinwind:

    Liking your comment.

    She bullies, too, like telling her followers to approach drivers in a car for intimidation because of a bumper sticker.

  • Jeanabella:


    My Mom who is a Catholic and a third order nun, is 91 yrs old and goes to her “community” church meetings a couple of times a week. She is the most christian person I know and not like the phony right wing so called “christians”.
    But this morning she told me about the plans some of the community have to go house to house, “2 by 2” she called it, to “help” people know about Jesus.
    The church is becoming more evangelical and starting to emulate the fringe cult of the christian religion.
    I asked if she was thinking about joining them and she said “no”. I thanked her for not getting involved in this kind of solicitation.

  • 1smartcanerican:

    I just added my voice to the request to get “Fatal Vision” on Kindle – even though I woke this morning thinking about the murder scene described in the article I read yesterday. Joe, you are obviously a very descriptive writer to get my attention that way. I really look forward to your newest book – and I’ve already pre-ordered it on Kindle!

  • 1smartcanerican:

    Absolutely love this description of the perfect mint julep – and will share with the family so that they can thank their ancestor who created the perfect silver mint julep cup! does come up with some interesting info on our familial past.

  • claire:

    Joe, I too know many conservatives who have big hearts. That we disagree on the role of Government has no bearing on their personal generosity.

    One thing really surprised me: the article (p. 5) discusses Ailes’ belief that Obama would like to create a national police force on the basis of Obama’s vision of civilian corps to work alongside the military on projects overseas. Considering that Ailes is such a smart man, it is curious that he would make such a leap.

  • claire:

    Oops! Meant to post this on the Ailes’ thread.

  • Kelsey:

    aw immaturity.

  • Jeanabella:


    I got the audio version of Fatal Vision by Joe McGinniss on my Kindle last week. I think I could have gotten the book and wish I did.
    I go to


  • This is all about the business of a permanent political campaign.

  • lftismygame:

    Time to shutter the windows and turn of the lights. (Two were by here yesterday.)

  • Jen:

    Do you know anything (that you can share) about the Babygate books mentioned at IM and Politicalgates?

  • […] New York Times calls Sarah Palin: “The Woman Who Might Be President” […]

  • Marie:

    Wish it was availabe on Kindle!

  • Kimberly:

    Let us see how the PAYlin’s are abusing SarahPAC for this family vacation, as Greta call it?

    Are Creepy Chuck and his bride getting paid in addition to getting to hole up at the Marriott on the PAC dime? How much they making to keep tabs on Sarah’s visor? Bristol, I betcha is getting paid by PAC to advise her mother using her consulting firm, BSMP. Todd of course is double dipping as bodyguard/purse holder and chauffeur. Wonder what Willow’s position will be listed as when invoices are submitted.

    This is the greastest scam PAYlin’s have ever pulled on her followers.

    At that, Palin’s daughter Piper began to get impatient. “Okay, mom, please?” she begged. They started edging toward a waiting SUV.

    What are her big ideas?
    “The big ideas are for big tax cuts in order for the job creators to be able to keep more of what they are earning,” Palin said.

    “Ooookay, mom, please?” Piper said.

  • Kimberly:

    One the back of the PAYlin’s RV there is a statement on the shrink wrap, “Paid by SarahPAC”. What exactly is being paid by the PAC? Greta says Sarah told her this nation thingy is a family vacation. Sarah tells media the RV now bus is not a political trip. How can Sarah & company be taking a family vacation on PAC donations? How can anyone donate to this liar when it is obvious she is scamming? Not only is she by all accounts getting donors to pay off her personal several hundred thousand dollar recreational vehicle she also to is leasing private SUV’s and expensive hotels? Why does she need rented rooms anyway when she has a half million dollar suite on wheels? The entire road trip is linked exclusively to SarahPAC. It is obvious Sarah is looting PAC funds for this vacation. How can those who say they are not turning on their AC to afford to send Sarah another donation for her nation tour to encourage her to drop her name for 2012 be that stupid?

  • Dis Gusted:

    in addition to the tubal ligation a decade ago, it should also show her multiple hospitalizations for mental depression.

  • Bob McComb:

    There is a Russian word that sums up her sensibilities: nekulturny. This pejorative verbal slap means more than just ‘uncultured’; it implies an inability, from nature or upbringing, to ever become cultured, no matter what effort is applied for however long.

    If one can imagine her in any one of a dozen fish-out-of-water scenarios she would likely encounter daily as POTUS, it would be entertaining, in a schadenfruede sort of way, to read the news accounts of her latest idiocy. She was elected our demi-governor, due mostly to her physiognomy, by the same constituency of dunces that elected for us Frank Murkowski as worst-ever governor and Don Young as perpetual representative of those of us burdened with double-digit IQs.

    She appeals to those of us unable to analyze the complex interactions of our society, relying instead on the cute phrase, wink or sound bite to dismiss worrisome details that muddy her simple view of politics, nature, and the economy.

    My best good buddy is a teacher and has a slogan posted in his classroom that he uses to inform his sixth-graders: “Winners never quit and quitters never win”.

  • guest:

    This thread is getting strange. Looks like folks are posting random things in order to derail the flow and bury comments by people not in the social club, as is the habit on another popular blog. Guys, please don’t come here and do that.

    Things are heating up in SarahLand.

    Inside source: Foxnews deliberately out to sabotage Palin. It’s going to get ugly. I’ll have more on this tomorrow.

    You’ll be shocked with what I have. Putting all the pieces together. Will post on it tomorrow
    3 hours ago via TweetDeck

    lfbill Bill Grant
    @Sheya is saying an inside source at Fox is claiming Fox is out to take her down. Says she’ll have details tomorrow.
    2 hours ago

    Linda Zumpano
    yeah, heard that. will see what the morrow brings. I think they are all trying to push Palin off he… (cont)
    2 hours ago via TweetDeck

    Linda Zumpano
    yeah, heard that. will see what the morrow brings. I think they are all trying to push Palin off her own timeline. We’ll see who wins this one.

  • guest:

    How is a Catholic nun your mother? I beg your pardon in advance for asking such a personal question. But fascinated.

  • Nefer:

    Hi Guest,
    I’m not Jeanabella, but i can try to answer your question. Catholics who feel a particular calling to serve God can join what are termed “third orders.” (First and second orders correspond approximately to ordained clergy and professed nuns with some variations). Third orders are those people who remain in the world as single or married people, but who strive to live according to whatever order they feel called to, all of whom have their particular emphasis, teaching, caring for the sick, constant prayer, etc. Jeanabella probably knows more than I do as her mother lives this life! Just feeling gabby and thought I would put my two cents in.

  • Tservo:

    I also had to deal with one of the Palin flying monkeys, who kept accusing me of wanting to rape and murder Palin and her family. Why? BecausevI wrote that I thought Palin sunk Palin quit one political job, she should not ask voters for another.
    The crazy ‘bot then claimed Palin loves freedom and is a mother.

    It can get quite ugly out there.

  • Wally:

    What the Palins are doing is what people in the criminal world refer to as “Money Laundering”.

    This is just a first, you will see them doing other weird stuff with SarahPac money as she gets bolder in her crime spree.

    I expect Sarah would pay for her children’s college fees (if they ever go) with SarahPac money. She’s gotta spend it on her family since she is not giving it away to other candidates or causes.

    Have you noticed, instead of spending SarahPac money on good causes and helping political candidates, she spends a lot of money on advisors and overhead expenses? Basically she is spending donated money on advisors who are trying to educate dumbass Sarah Palin.

  • rm:

    Tune in this sunday with plenty of popcorn:
    Palin Will Appear With Chris Wallace on FNS

  • david rubien:

    Joe, this was a very enlightening essay, and rebuttal to Malcolm’s piece, which I felt was flimsy even at the time.

    I have two points:
    1. You refer to the First Amendment’s pertinence in the lawsuit. I don’t understand what role the First Amendment would have in what is essentially a tort suit. The First Amendment guarantees that the government will not censor speech, but it doesn’t seem to me that’s what’s happening here.

    2. You refer only in passing to Segal’s handwritten addendum to the contract MacDonald signed. But since this addendum, as you state, was the reason this judge allowed the trial to proceed, I think your readers should get to actually read it.

    Thanks, and I look forward to your book on Caribou Barbie.

  • rm:

    Palin lapdogs are trying like crazy to edit the Paul Revere Wikipedia page to match Palin’s botched version:

  • Tracy:

    The worlds top Terrorist is Sarah Palin

  • lilly lily:

    This is so funny.

    So very, very Palinesque.

  • ananair:

    A PalinBachmann ticket is what America needs

    with seven dwarfs in attendance, Paul, Gingrich, Cain, Pawlenty, Romney, Santorum and Huntsman
    seven males, six all white, one all black

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Wish there was a edit button here…

  • WakeUpAmerica:

    It’s gross, but the message is right on.

  • Disgusted in AK:

    Kristan Cole, Palins BFF and Chairwoman of the Creamery Board DBA Matanuska Maid Dairy is now the SOLE board member of the Creamery Corp….she alone is in charge of a few million dollars with no accountability to anyone. Matanuska Maid has been officially closed for 3.5 years, the aution is over, creditors paid. Ask yourselves this…why has she REFUSED to dissolve the corporation? She knows through the dissolution process, it will be uncovered that she gave away something of great value to the state. Sarah’s new dairy named Matanuska Creamery was allowed to lease a million dollars of equipment taken out of the old Mat Maid building for $1900 a month (no payments were ever made) It had a balloon payment due in November 2009. During that board meeting in executive session, that lease magically “disappeared.” She gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars that should have ended back in the Alaska Revolving Loan Fund for other farmers to use. Is that grand theft in broad daylight? Now we know why part three of the Lyda Green Legislative audit that was to address what Cole and gang had done was never started. Sean Parnell is complicit in this. He knows about it as well as the AG. DNR is heavily involved in the cover up starting with Tom Irwin, Dick Lefebrve and now Ed Fogels. Laws were broken, money is missing…..follow it…there is an enormous story here , folks.

  • dmoreno:

    A person would have to admit that they were depressed or have something wrong mentally. Being the wack-job she is, ( there are more medically appropriate terms to use but I can’t spell worth shit), she is not able to admit it, so she would not seek treatment. I doubt there would be any record of her being treated for mental illness. If there were, this site would not exist, we would have nothing to talk about, she would be a nobody. Now, the family could have forced her to seek treatment and they failed, but they are so afraid of her, I doubt an intervention has ever been attempted. Little men with white coats pinning her down on the floor is the only way this nut is going to the head doctor.

  • Ottoline:

    Me too!

  • Mattie:

    The rest of us are just suckers.

  • Occam’s Razor: Sarah bypassed all the other hospitals for the one in Wasilla because that’s where the baby was.

  • Tom in Philly:

    So then Bob that would make you a Chyelovyekunyenoveestnyk

  • Henry:

    When first rumored – the question was what new excuse will $P come up with to justify the cancellation. JURY DUTY ? That is so lame. One telephone call would have relieved her of the obligation. At the very least, she would be immediately released because no lawyer, or court for that matter, would want her on the jury. Can it be investigated ? Was she really summoned, and if so, did she have anything to do with that happening ?

  • Liar Of The Year:

    There is a picture of Palin and the seven dwarves here:

    If you like fairy tales here is a really good picture:

  • Amber Waves:

    It was Joe, not Mike, Miller. And yeah, that was one of the best defeats ever! Her chosen candidate lost to the WRITE IN candidate – a feat that hadn’t been pulled off in more than half a century.

  • Joe:

    It was both. Read your Alaskan history. She supported former state senate president Mike Miller against Lisa Murkowski in 2004.
    Joe Miller came later.

  • Sam:

    Well if read her emails carefully, you will find how Britta Hanson emails The Guv, and how the The Guv directs Kris Perry to find her a job, in less than two months she is a special assistant. Sometime emails are sent to her mailbox instead of The Guv, and she printed them out. Search for emails using “Britta Hanson”

    Britta Hanson had been dating Track Palin at that time, and they are now man and wife.

    Another interesting thread started on Aug 2nd, 2008: Taking extra effort to make sure that thought she was “off duty” (sic) she was claiming TA for April 18, 2008. (Trig’s birth). This is like Sherlock Holmes “Silver Blaze” (the curious thing was the dog did not bark). Why is she taking extra precautions to account for April 18th when she was “off duty” yet claims to have done Gov work? Someone should request those TAs and examine them.

  • Phil Blythe:

    I told an acquaintance at AIM back in 1995 the same thing; Republicans overreach when they’re in and obstruct when they’re out. Neither works. Obama will be re-elected easily. They are their own worst enemies when it comes to taking control of this country. 9/11 temporarily changed this, but I don’t think this will be a factor now.

  • lisa:

    Maybe she is adding the rent check to the pound of flesh she takes from Levi. I can’t see Brisdull really getting a job and those book sales have to hurt. And, given poor interest rates (< 2 %) it would be hard to not dip into savings.

    Consider this: Even Sarah who is thought to be worth $10 million is probably dipping into her savings. Either that or she is hitting the PAC pretty hard. A $1 million savings account with 1.2 percent interest equals $12,000 yearly. Pretty grim. But, we all know she probably invests at the top rates so there must be better relief than this. Any thoughts?

  • GG:

    Sorry to be so slow, but what is TA?

  • GG:

    I believe that interest and/or trust in the Palins is rapidly falling. People can be deceived for a long time, but hopefully not forever. After Sarah’s ‘blood libel’ video, and Bristol’s ‘book’…people seem to be gaining insight into the pathology of the Palins. I believe and HOPE that many citizens are becoming knowedgeable about her lies.

  • Dis Gusted:

    Britta Hanson had been dating Track Palin at that time, and they are now man and wife.

    has ANYONE seen proof of a wedding? They have been seen with a newborn…..

  • Dis Gusted:

    I’m positive SP has been admitted for mental depression and has done it more than once.

  • Jeanabella:


    Thanks for the help answering “guest” question. I haven’t been back to notice until just now. You are correct and really do know your Catholic details on the third order better than I do.

    Appreciate the time you took, such a nice bunch who come here.

    Thanks for the blog Joe,


  • I ponder if it is gonna be true? Is THE Trump gonna go after pres? He would obtain a ton of support!

  • Polly:

    To GG – TA, used in the context I think you are referring to is: Travel Authorization. :-)

  • hockeynana:

    I wondered where Bristol’s DWTS baby had gone. Nothing surprises me about this family. I am really tired of reading what a wonderful “Christian” young woman Britta is though. She got a very high paying job right out of high school in Sarah’s office; has been part of all their various scandals and coverups and to this day it appears is still helping cover up. Sorry….she doesn’t come off that good to me.

    Yes, I know her father is a minister. That does nothing for me, as I have personally encountered way too many toxic individuals in that profession. Also seen many PK’s who are awful people.

    I do give Track credit for seeming to want to distance himself from them all..if that is really the case. I don’t trust anything this family does though. I know that if I were he, I would want a DNA test and hope that I really was not Todd’s son. Maybe that already happened, and that is why he is not part of their family dynamics any more.

  • sunnyskiesinyuma:

    I went to my local library to find they did not have any of your books! I was disappointed but happy to know I can still purchase my own copy. I really like your writing, and your subject matter. Of course looking forward to The Rogue!

  • sunnyskiesinyuma:

    re: Morlock. I remember reading in Palin’s released emails, that her son’s friend, and presumably her’s as well, wrote a pleading email to Gov Palin for release from his duty in Iraq. He suggests that his superiors were in agreement and he needed her help. Her response was a form letter thanking him for contacting the governor’s office. What if she had exercised one of her many cronyistic (I can make up words too) deeds and gotten him out of that situation? I have no idea if she contacted Jeremy personally to encourage him or whatever, but if she just left him in the shredding bin, well, that’s heartless.

  • sunnyskiesinyuma:

    PS I am not condoning what Morlock and his buddies in crime did. And I do condemn their heinous murdering. Nor am I saying that Gov Palin should have stepped in to get Morlock out of his situation, before the murders. It’s just that this woman seems so heartless unless it benefits her directly. I am hoping your book sheds light on her extreme narcissistic behavior. And coming out after she supposedly announces her big decision…..can’t wait!

  • DD:

    I also loved your book. I was an ER pharmacy tech at St Mary’s in Long Beach during college years. He/Jeff was one of our ER doctors during this time (late 70’s). I personally looked into the eyes of pure evil many a time. So many of the nurses found him incredibly attractive and would trip over themselves to have contact with him…salt and pepper hair and those intense bluish eyes. At times, he was amazingly charming, at other times he was MR. HYDE incarnate. Really didn’t want to be in charge of the “crash carts” when he was on duty. I remember when they took him away. Quite the rumors were running rampant until your book cleared it up for everyone.

    Thanks for FV. I’ve recommended it to everyone I know, because when I tell them about the times in the ER they just find it incredible that this guy was still a practicing physician at the time.

  • Lifer:

    Considering that Track is planning to run the irondog next year with a friend, I would imagine he hasn’t “quit his family.” You need to stop believing EVERYTHING bloggers write. Most is untrue and just hateful propaganda.

  • Lifer:

    Bristol loved (s) her doctor office job and goes back occasionally when she has time. Don’t count her out as a slacker just because she chose to accept lucrative offers. Her one goal is to give her son a nice, happy life and she’s more than succeeding.

  • Lifer:

    btw I LOVE how you all TRY to calculate how much the Palins make, spend, save etc when there’s no feasible way of doing so accurately. They’re not stupid with money. Alaskans are amazing people. There’s a reason why there’s so much mystery about life up there.

  • Millie:

    Sorry, Lifer! So much of what the bloggers have found out about the Palins is the only reason we know so much about them – THAT HAS BEEN PROVEN.

  • sunnyskiesinyuma:

    Britta doesn’t have to finish her nursing degree to get a job at the Mat-su Regional Hospital as long as Mama Sarah is on the Board of Directors. This is the hospital where Sarah’s miraculous “birth” occurred, behind closed doors so that even the staff did not know what was going on. So, Britta’s job, if she wants it, is hers, qualified or not. Lack of qualifications never stopped the Paylins before. I sincerely hope that Track and Britta stay far far away from the Palins, and raise a healthy and happy child.

  • sleuth:

    He can’t be bothered with either Malia or even Leah. It’s all about him.

  • Palin Babies = $$$$:

    You know that famous picture of Mercede sitting in a chair holding “Trig” with Palin leaning over? The one that is in the current playboy. Now HOW IN THE HELL does that match up with the very plump older looking ONE DAY OLD baby that the Heath’s are holding in the hospital the very day Sarah supposedly gave birth to? I thought he was supposed to have a hole in his heart, jaundice, etc. according to The Liar.

    Somebody please explain that!

  • Palin Babies = $$$$:

    Sorry, please ignore my post. I looked at the picture of the baby in Playboy again and it’s supposed to be Tripp. With all the baby swapping, disappearing babies, who’s-your-daddy-mommy pictures I’m still confused. I remember a post somewhere promising that one day the story of why Tripp is named Tripp – Shailey Tripp? A whole lot of foolishness goes on in the Palin family with babies – it’s hard for that family to remember their lies and even harder for me to keep up with them!

  • mary b:

    Damn Joe, I thought you started blogging again!!
    You probably won’t even see this, but I’ll give it a shot, just in case.
    When your book about Palin came out, I grabbed it! I had pre-ordered it.
    Now, for some strange reason, I felt like re-reading it again.
    I’ve got to tell you, the 2nd time around, I enjoyed it even more!
    Maybe I had read it too fast the first time around, I was so excited about it.
    But I’m not sure that is the reason. For me to re-read a book, it has to be a really good book.
    I’ve read Tommy Thompson’s “Serpentine” many times over! THAT was one of my favourite books of all time!
    Just wanted to let you know, your book will stay with my all time faves!!!
    Thank-you for it, and for all the research put into it!!

  • Melinda:

    R.I.P Joe McGinniss, you may have passed on, but your work will never die, You will be missed… :(

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