Ball’s in your Court, Sarah//UPDATE:

“Some curious Americans are actually asking the questions. And [the media] are trying to make those curious Americans sound kind of crazy.”

So said Sarah to Van Susteren last night. Clearly, she was talking about Justin Elliott, Jason Linkins, David Weigel and others who are trying to fit Andrew Sullivan for a tinfoil hat. Wasn’t she?

Ready to hold your breath now, waiting for Sarah to produce the birth certificate and medical records that could put an end to the Trig rumors once and for all?

President Obama has put the birth certificate ball squarely in Sarah’s court.

But why is it making that funny ticking sound?


See Sarah Jones in PoliticsUSA, “The Toe-Sucking Media and the Many Myths of Sarah Palin.”

Ms. Jones tells it like it is, no words minced, no punches pulled.

Take a bow, American Press. You have aided and abetted Sarah Palin’s bullying since the day she took that national stage.

38 Responses to “Ball’s in your Court, Sarah//UPDATE:”

  • icvillages:

    Curious Americans? Inquiring Minds want to know! : )

  • mitch:

    Hell. Let it blow up already. Where’s our IED?

  • Tyroanee:

    Ahh the Birth Certificate-man cometh… All in buddy, where all in!

  • Alaskan:

    Dear Sarah,
    Never mind your “college thesis.” I don’t know what kind of theses one writes for journalism/broadcast/communications undergraduate degrees.
    Never mind Trig’s birth certificate. I’m sure you have one for Trig by now.

    No, it’s time to see your college diploma. And I’d like to see proof of post-grad studies. What Masters degree did you say you had? All presidents have them. You know.
    Shucks, you can’t apply for a job at the University of Alaska in a non-educational position without a Masters degree!
    No, PTA hockey mom doesn’t count as post-graduate independent research studies.

  • Sir Guestalot:

    Sarah, might we ask: Which instructor or professor one of the 5 undergraduate institutions you attended taught you to write on the palm of your hand when on camera? As someone who previously taught in a Communications program for undergraduates, I would be quite interested in learning about this part of your education. Thanks.

  • Molly_WI:

    So, the Americans who think SHE has lied about–take your pick–just about anything, including the birth circumstances of Trig–we are just being curious, too, right, Sarah?

    Right, Sarah??

    Hey Sarah, I see our fine President has allowed his original birth certificate to be released to quell once and for all the unfounded rumors that he was not born in Hawaii, and I see your twit response is to NOT LET THIS BE A DISTRACTION about other issues?????

    Can I just ask you, seriously, what in heck are you smokin, lady??

    And, pretty please, do you see how easy that was for somebody to release a birth certificate to the news media so that a silly unfounded rumor could be smashed??

    So you think maybe you want to try that too? You don’t seem to remember if Trig was born in Palmer or in Anchorage, so maybe if you reviewed his birth certificate, it might refresh your recollection. Ya think? How ’bout you release your own birth certificate, too, while you’re at it, because some of us think it’s possible that maybe YOU weren’t born in the USA either.

    (Sorry Joe, but she makes me ANGRY with her hypocrisy!!)

  • Helen:

    Sarah [sic] has already tweeted the following:

    “Media admit it: Trump forced the issue. Now don’t let the WH distract you w/ the birth crt from what Bernanke says today. Stay focused, eh?”

    Cuz she will totally understand what Bernanke has to say.

  • Chris:

    Every time I see PTA mom listed as one of her background “credentials” it baffles me because her kids weren’t even school age when she said she participated, at least from what I could figure out.

    Was this a fundy thing? Back then the evangelical churches were pushing involvement at any level of government.

    Does anyone have info on her PTA involvement?

  • zenna:


  • Pregnancy & Probability… I wonder what Bernanke would say about this?

    Me? I can barely add. But the stats, the stories, the suppositions, just don’t add up. Even for me.

  • True Blue Girl:

    Don’t you just love it when she projects or otherwise lets slip the very thing she’s trying so desperately to distract from or conceal? I’m no fan of Freud, but a slip is a slip!

  • yv:

    I would imagine a journalism/communications major would have produced a body of work, what with course assignments, projets, exams, college publications, whatnot and such as. So where are those Sarah Palin “college writings”? Hmmm. Is it possible to graduate without publishing/producing anything?

  • gigiz:

    Yup! Sarah’s thumbing her nose at the above-named ‘journalists’ while simultaneously mooning them.

    And she was obviously talking about herself when she said, “…though he promises to be transparent, official, certainly isn’t because uh he could certainly revill [translation: reveal] many of these documents and put many of these issues to rest.

  • carrieoki:

    Sarah Palin, hie thee to a therapist’s couch, because, my dear, you are psychologically disturbed.

  • Molly:

    I bet what she had written on her hand was “multi-dimensional story telling.” She’d never have been able to remember that little phrase without some help. She sure looked catty when she took that jab at Katy Couric.

  • cranberry:

    It seems to me that this story is not so much about how stupid Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are, as how totally emasculated the press/media is and how we are all caught in some kind of fantasy merry go round that we can’t get off of.

    The media covers the inane actions of Palin or Trump because that’s what everybody wants to see. It drives ratings up and somebody makes money. Meanwhile journalists who merely to expose “the truth” (whatever that is) are down played because that require thought, analysis, asking questions without emotional bias, and that’s boring compared to the food fight.

    Somebody once said that television is stupid because it holds up a mirror to ourselves. Not a pretty picture, that’s for sure.

    We need a prophet – one who can cut through the great tangled knots of lies.

  • cranberry:

    update: I believe Sarah Jones is my prophetess. She certainly cut through a big part of that tangled knot of lies.

  • gigiz:

    RAM’s probably working to create some college essays now. There will be at least one about Ronald Reagan.

    Meanwhile, we have ‘Who’s Your Daddy’.

  • lilly lily:

    I looked at stills of this interview, and if I was in NYC I would change my seat on the M4 or the subway if someone like Sarah Palin sat within spitting distance, or even move to another car or get off the bus.

    She looks like a looney tunes who isn’t completly under sedation, but soon will be, when the nurses get a look at her.

    She is going off the deep end soon.

  • Kim:

    Indeed! Sarah Jones did another fantastic job. I left this comment:

    Sarah, I’ve always been impressed with your writing, but this one is exeptional. I’ve been following this story since Aug. ’08. The people doing the research have been tireless in their pursuit, and at every turn have been rewarded with more and more evidence that Ms. Palin faked this pregnancy. You’ve done an outstanding and succinct job at laying out the hoax that this impostor has perpetrated on the media, and the country. Thank you.

  • Tiger:

    I have always felt that the bigger the hoax or deception the easier it is to pull off because few people will believe it let alone investigate it. (One good example is Bernie Madoff). But I guess that is human nature and won’t change anytime soon.

  • Hi Joe,

    thanks again for the post. That’s quite a deafening ticking sound, I have to say 😉

    This is my new post regarding “Babygate”, about the fact-free comment in the Guardian in which Megan Carpentier claimed that the “Trig Truthers” are “a dedicted group of (mostly) men”, and that they are driven by “creepy misogyny”:

    It also includes some interesting new information about Kim Chatman.

  • Freesia:

    Thank you for the Sara Jones article. I like her writing. And when she decides to give a spanking? She can tan britches.

    When I think of what this travesty of a demagogue posing as a politician has gotten away with and the price we’ve paid as a country. When John McCain unleashed her to be what Matt Taibi called “Gidget at the Reichstag” the final need to even pretend to be a decent party was abandoned by the Republicans. From Tea Baggers to Trump we can thank Sarah Palin. But mostly we can thank a press that nibbled her toes and showed “deference” so that she’s even been possible. History will not be kind when writing up the state of journalism during this time

    Hats off to Sara.

  • lilly lily:

    So she is asking for more money from her bots before she gets completly irrelevant, or flushed down the john of Faux T.V..

    Her mouth is so distorted, obviously from lying out of both sides.

    Pathetic bots. Eating rice and sleeping on the floor to send her their social security money.

    They should notice she never spends a cent of her own money. Only their money via her PAC.

  • sharon:

    ugh…i just visited the sea of pee and I don’t even know WHY. It felt very wierd reading those posts! All thos e comments saying how great it was to read the chosen ones message about needing money for sarahpac to help her set things up in 2012. They’re all over there peeing themselves over her “words” as they look for the hidden message about her running. omg. I gotta go take a long, hot shower and get that yucky stuff off of me. Sometimes, I feel like I’m in a parallel universe and somehow got disconnected from the real world where her name doesn’t even register – not in alaska, not ANYWHERE. God, how I wish this moron would just fade away finally.

  • FrostyAK:

    One needs to ask what is being taught in Journalism courses these days. Is it sucking up to the corporate owners of the media? I expect Prof Brad Scharlott would not be teaching such things. Can graduates not get a job in journalism anymore, unless they agree to lie/spin/obfuscate to get their paychecks?

    If even the foreign press ( like the UK Guardian) are giving her a pass and then excuses, where are we to get any credible reporting?

    Joe, we are counting on you and a couple of others to fully debunk the fraud that is $palin.

  • Lisabeth:

    I love the article by Sarah Jones. I just don’t have faith that the media will get what they have done. They are just as responsible as McCain for a lack of in depth vetting.
    We are lucky to have had Andrew Sullivan and all the bloggers hammering away for two plus years as well as Geoffrey, you Joe ( may I call you Joe?- ) and Sarah Jones.
    I’m sure there are others too. I still have my doubts that we will get to the bottom of the Trig story.
    I know her wild ride story is a lie. No one could be that irresponsible with an unborn baby, especially someone who is so pro-life.

  • Samantha:

    Where are Sarah’s medical records? The ones that she was supposed to produce when she ran in the last presidential election. Wouldn’t those would tell us exactly how many pregnancies she had, if she was pregnant in 2008, and any possible prior abortions? All of this is important to curious Americans, because this lady wants to make laws to regulate women’s access to birth control and abortion, replace sex education with abstinence, gut funding for single moms, destroy health care for women, and crush support for just about anything a woman needs or wants. She ran a campaign based upon being a model mother of a disabled child, and of a combat veteran. Let her prove both claims.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    According to Track’s DD-214, he never saw combat (click on image to enlarge)

  • june:

    i know exactly what you mean. it’s as though they’re over there flagellating themselves saying, ” sarah, sarah, yes we’ll send our money, along our last pint of blood!”. they paint a picture of totally infatuated and deluded minds, unwilling to see what’s right there in front of them. only a couple of unblinkered souls managed to say that they would no longer be funding sarah, until she voices unequivocally that she’s in it to win it.

  • Ivyfree:

    It’s gratifying that Obama’s upped the ante. I wonder when Palin will fold?

    Seriously, I think she’s deranged enough that an actual birth certificate could be produced, showing his real parentage; a printout from a lab demonstrating his complete DNA unrelatedness to any Palin whatever, and a video of him emerging from somebody else’s vagina, and Sarah would still insist she gave birth to him. I think she believes her own lies.

  • True Blue Girl:

    Republican insiders like Steve Schmidt may not sway the general public, but they have credibility with the rest of the professional political campaign “industry” – and these advisors, managers, and other consultants now absolutely know she’s just so much combustible toxic waste!

    The truth is that whatever “promise” she holds out – as a fundraiser, endorsement or candidate – she is unable to deliver. She’s nothing more than a high-risk, unstable “rogue” who won’t take direction, refuses to do the work to prepare, demonstrates mulish ignorance of even basic civics knowledge, and is a deceitful, petty and vengeful liar to boot!

    She’s a special kind of bad, and no longer worth the risk, cost or trouble.

  • vl:

    Sarah Palin, unreliable narrator

    It’s wrong to cast those who question Trig’s birth story as crazed conspiracy theorists when the media have not done their job

  • johnty:

    I hope some of the people researching and writing books about SP are looking into the psychological aspects of her story. If you look up the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and read through point by point it becomes an OhMyGod moment.

  • Joe:

    If you read my book Fatal Vision, you’ll see that in deciphering Jeffrey MacDonald I learned a whole lot about narcissistic personality disorder,
    pathological narcissism, malignant narcissism, etc. Could not agree with you more re Sarah.


  • carollt:

    I love the granade Joe. And it is fitting for you to put it up to illustrate your point. Things may very well blow up for a certain someone who is tempting fate by demanding a birth certificate and college transcripts from the President. Turnaround is fair play Mrs. Palin. Don’t be surprised when the tables turn and face your direction.

    As to President Obama, I have no doubt that he excelled at college. I would very surprised to see a grade of C on his transcripts. On the other hand, I would be very surprised to see a grade above C on Mrs. Palin’s transcripts. I would even bet money that some of those grades were much lower.