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New Gallup Poll Shows Romney-Palin Tossup for GOP Nomination//UPDATE//UPDATE 1.1

I place little credence in long-term polls, but this one has to be considered a warning shot across the bow of all those purveyors of conventional wisdom who have decided that Sarah Palin can be safely stored in our collective memory/nightmare bank.

Think about how she must view developments of the past few days: two people who were outpolling her have chosen not to enter the race. Absent Huckabee and Trump (always a farce, but even Slate bought into it late last month ), Sarah finds herself rising to the top by default.

To Sarah, this likely seems evidence that God is, in fact, opening the doors for her and sending her a message that she is His chosen candidate, the Christian leader best prepared to wage war on the secretly-Muslim darkie who occupies the White House.

Given her egomania and ambition, and her belief that she has been anointed by God to prepare the USA for the second coming of Jesus, why would she not run?

And let’s not ignore what Rachel Weiner reported in the Washington Post: she just sent out 400,000 solicitations seeking donations to SarahPAC. She entitled her pitch letter “2012 Can’t Come Soon Enough.”

Does this sound like someone who’s not planning to enter the race?


Politico features new poll results:  “Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin jump to top in new Gallup poll.”

She’ll be on FOX twice tonight:  with Sean Hannity and with Eric Bolling.  No doubt Hannity will ask about these poll results and whether she’s going to run.  No doubt she’ll duck the question.  What’s the hurry to announce when she can become a front-runner by doing nothing?


Outside-the-beltway right-wingers climbing back on board the S.S. Sarah.


How Trump Makes Sarah Seem Sane

The Hill says today that Sarah and Trump have become political kinfolk.

Guess which strange bedfellow benefits more?

Suddenly, Palin’s experience as governor of Alaska might look more impressive…Trump positions Sarah Palin closer to the establishment intelligentsia than otherwise possible….When presented against the backdrop of Trump and his orange mane, Palin might look more electable and serious.

The conservative base…could be drawn into the arms of Palin when confronted by the specter of Trump…Suddenly, mistaking “refudiate” for “repudiate” — as Palin did last year — seems far less noteworthy, and Palin herself more electable.

The Atlantic yesterday, The Hill today, whose upwardly revisionist view of Sarah’s past record and future prospects will we find ourselves blessed with tomorrow?

“More Power to the C Student”

That could be Sarah’s 2012 campaign slogan, previewed last night in her interview with Greta Van Susteren, FOX News’ resident Scientologist.

“What the heck is wrong with asking the President of the United States to disclose what his college thesis was, what some of the Harvard Law Review papers were that he wrote? I don’t care about his grades. I don’t care if he was a C student. You know, more power to the C student. What I care about is what goes into his thinking today?…A lot of that could be reflected in the writings that he produced as a college and a grad student.”

That got me wondering about college theses.  Has anyone ever asked Sarah for hers?  Do you suppose the University of Idaho required her to write one before awarding her a degree?  Wouldn’t it be fun to read that?

Do you suppose Sarah’s college writings offer clues into the roots of what passes for her “thinking” today?

Forget Trig’s birth certificate:  Trump should demand to see Sarah’s college thesis.  He could send his investigators straight from Hawaii to Idaho.

William Shatner could give it a live reading, with bongo drum and bass accompaniment.