CBS political correspondent: “Sarah Palin is either running for President or she should be” UPDATE//Chris Wallace chimes in

I see from the comments here and at my Facebook page that some people think I’m only pretending to take Sarah semi-seriously in order to hype advance sales of THE ROGUE.

Listen, folks, I’m not makin’ stuff up.

A photo of Sarah waving from the back of a Harley took up the entire top of the front page of The New York Times “News of the Week in Review” section today.

Also today, CBS political correspondent Jan Crawford posted a piece on the CBS News website under the headline:  “Palin:  Is ‘The Undefeated’ Running for President?”

Crawford’s piece is essentially a rave review of the forthcoming two-hour feature film, “The Undefeated,” produced with his own money by an independently wealthy Palin supporter.

The film, which Crawford has seen, left her with “the distinct impression [Sarah’s] presidential candidacy is not only possible, but inevitable.”

She writes, “Regardless of where you come down [about Palin], here’s one thing both sides should agree on:  it certainly looks like Palin is running for President.”

Go ahead, call Crawford a Kool-Aid drinking right-wing shill.  And remind yourselves again that Sarah is just too stupid, or too greedy, or about to be engulfed by too many scandals to mount a serious campaign for the Republican nomination next year.

But Crawford’s piece was published today by CBS, not C4P.

The bus tour?  The movie?  The move to Arizona?  Can you not hold a finger to the wind and feel the breeze?

As I said to a commenter on my Facebook page, just wishing she’d go away–or pretending she already has–won’t make it so.


Chris Wallace, who interviewed Sarah on Fox today, later said this:

I’ve interviewed her a bunch of times now over the past two years, and I have never seen her as good, as impressive, I mean she’s always been an entertaining interview, but I have never seen her as good, as specific as she was, whether it was the debt or the state of the economy, or the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. I don’t think any fair minded person could look at that debate and not say that she is potentially a serious candidate for President of the United States. Now that doesn’t mean she’s gonna run, but this is the first time that I looked at her and I thought, she could be real player in a 2012 election.

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  • CassieJeep:

    I nearly vomited this morning on seeing the waving biker Palin taking up HALF A PAGE on the Sunday New York Times Week in Review. Further, the accompanying article was pretty softball. You just can’t buy this kind of publicity and she not only gets it from FOX, but from the Sunday Times?

    If she’s not running, why are we wasting ink on this moron?

    If she is running, then it’s time to take off the gloves.


  • You tell ’em, Joe! I have been trying to explain it to them for two years now, but nobody listens to me. I’m just waiting for the inauguration. I expect some people will still be whining about her incompetence while she is being sworn in. Do I really think she will take The White House? Probably not. Will she be the Republican nominee? There is certainly a good chance of that. Will she run? Does a great white shark ear seals?

  • CMG:

    Joe – it’s unfortunate that anyone is equating your position that $arah is a viable candidate (in so far as she can possibly win the Republican nomination) with so-called “hype” for your book.

    I can’t even imagine the mindset you might be in after devoting so many thousands of hours to researching her slimy history. But it’s obvious that you don’t need to beat the drum about her dangerous attractiveness for all media, mainstream and otherwise, in order to sell books!

    Those of us who agree with you and those of us (put me in this camp) who think she’s overplayed her hand with her victim routine are both already customers who will snap up your book when it arrives.

    You don’t need to sell your audience and you’re just calling it like you see it — you are a highly informed observer of all things $arah that I do pay attention to, whether I entirely agree with you or not.

  • rm:

    Holy shit just watched the whole interview of hers!
    This is the “analyst” to whom Roger Ailes is paying a million dollars a year — and he wants us to treat Fox News as a serious journalistic institution.

    And what’s worst, Wallace is agreeing with her — and acting like he has now been educated as to the accuracy and wisdom of her words.

  • Make that EAT seals. I don’t the shark cares whether they have ears or not.

  • krbmjb05:

    All questions and answers are planned in advance. Not much Wallace can do but to sit there and nod like a dolt. Nice job and $$$ if you can get it. We could slip in an animatronic and it would do the same job.

    Romney, Gingrich, Pawlenty are stupid if they wait until she “announces” to unleash the hounds. Hopefully this is already starting covertly.

  • laprofesora:

    I had the same reaction when I opened the Times this morning. One more stunt like that and I’m going to have to seriously consider canceling my subscription. Who in the world wants to see THAT first thing in the morning?

  • I don’t THINK the shark cares… but I am in just too big a hurry!

  • AFM:

    Am so sick and tired hearing the MSM has a liberal. These are corporations. All you seen now on these morning talk shows on sundays are republicans or teabaggers. If we are lucky you get a token democrat and they are treated with disrespect. Obama is called a liar and the Quitter Esther is allowed to get away with saying stuff like that. There is no respect for the Office of the President. You don’t have to like the person in the job but everyone should respect the office. Shame, I have a strong feeling the corporations are going to support her. This country will lose.

  • H.E.W.:

    I guess I’m just a little shocked at the commentary on this blog. Don’t you know? These are the ends times, Alaska is shaped like a crown, and Sarah is like Queen Esther, whose beauty will save us all from certain death. It’s all meant to be– Don’t you people know anything? Prayer chains and circles have been interceding for her for years now, and thanks to the careful budgeting of lower-middle-class American evangelical Christianists, who have been foregoing all the niceties from Walmart, she is now sweetly perched in a 1.7 million dollar AZ home from which she can run God’s campaign. She is a Christian soldier! Onward! Give her those nukular codes and let her save us all. She is meant to be the President, and no bumbling interviews or ethical problems can stop her. Praise the Lord!

  • tom:

    i have stated from day one that palin was being protected by the media.
    but i admit i cant for the life of me figure out why except that this is a right wing owned media country and she keeps the politics pushing right.
    you cant get a real progressive anywhere near the talk shows, so maybe it is as simple as that.

    i dont buy she makes them money BS cause the ny times hardly needs to run pictures of her to sell their sunday edition but it does put the lie to what some of us know, that the times is NOT a liberal paper and indeed not only supports the wall street corporate owned government but always supports ANY war too.

    has there ever been anyone more bizarre then this woman?

    no matter how many times she gets exposed for being the mentally deranged pathological liar that she is there are still many in the media who would overlook everything to try and sell her to the people.

    cancell your subscriptions write your tv stations and sponsers or expect more of the same.
    this is indeed a dangerous situation because palin represents a bizarre reality offensive to normal people and some powers that be n o doubt consider her presidencial material.

  • sjk from the belly of the plane:

    IF she runs, and its a big IF, it wont be as a GOP’er. She torched that bridge last week. Once the e-mails hit, and the GOP decides it wants to contend, she’ll bow out or she will rip them apart if she hasnt already. And she wont leave it for family reasons. She’ll say she doesnt need a title or anything to make a difference blah blah blah. Look for a 3rd party run if anything but my stance is and has been, cant run. wont run.

  • FrostyAK:

    I have taken her seriously since she ran for mayor (ran OVER her opponent/friend with lies) of Wasilla.

    $arah had been indoctrinated with the Dominionist (7 mountains) beliefs as early as age 14. She has multiple psychological problems, and was quite easy to USE. Most everything she has done politically has been Dominionist directed, including the Trig hoax I believe. She has now become so full of herself that she is less and less manageable for those who pull her strings. Do not dismiss anything that has gone on with her politically as being not correlated to Dominionism. I think Joe will back that up…

    This phenomenon is not just in AK – look at the politics of the bible belt and the middle portions of the country. Dominionism is rampant, cloaked in the guise of tea partyism. America’s very own Taliban. The average ‘rill Murkan’ is either too ‘busy’, too undereducated, or too drugged up to see what’s going on right under their noses.

    Has she become so unmanageable that they will discard her? Not if they can continue to get her to take the drugs she needs to remain pliable and somewhat coherent.

    There’s trouble here in ‘Merica. Trouble with a capital T.

  • Don'tHatetheGame:

    Sarah Jones at POLITICUSA is reporting that she used a teleprompter for the interview!

  • B:

    I could believe Wallace would say that this time she sounded like she was running, but to say she had her act together is pure Twilight Zone.

    I’m behind this weekend, Joe, and haven’t read the comments accusing you of hyping Palin to sell books. Even if you were, it would be OK with me. I want your book to sell and you can’t count on publishers to market for you. However, one of the best things about the books you write is their timelessness. Palin could withdraw from the public scene tomorrow and I bet your book about her would still be a fascinating read in 2011 and in 2025.

  • Don'tHatetheGame:

    Sorry that’s POLITICUSUSA

  • FrostyAK:

    Oh have you heard? Frank Baily is planning to donate his part of the proceeds from his book on $palin to his church – to help further their political agenda of making rape victims carry the resulting fetuses to term, and to make it illegal for teens to get abortions without parental permission, even if in a case of incest.

  • Mary:

    So says the media. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • omomma:

    Shameful. The media–NYT, NBC, CBS, etc.– will propel this stupid bitch right into a presidential nomination just like it propelled us in to a stupid war in Iraq. There will be living hell to pay in any “campaign” that includes her screeching that fires up people who are too ignorant to know which way is up but who are armed to the teeth to defend their right to stare at the ground.

  • colacarat:


    I try to look at the bright side of things. After hearing what Bailey planned on doing with the book proceeds, for the first time I was grateful for being unemployed and unable to afford to buy the book in the first place.

  • mommom:

    I still say it will never happen.Sarah PayMe Palin will never give 6 million dollars plus per year between SarahPac and Fox to run for a 400 thousand dollar a year job.

    Never gonna happen.

  • notafaux:

    This is precisely the reason I cancelled our subscription to the New York a week ago, when Michael Shear covered Palin’s crashing the Rolling Thunder rally with look-isn’t-she-ballsy-isn’t-she-cute dreck that supposedly passed for an article by a Serious Journalist. The NYT certainly won’t miss our $59+change each month, but my husband and I sure felt good about our decision.

  • JKeds98:

    It reminds me of the movie “Quiz Show” and I can see Fox letting her go from her contract to run for President. She won’t do any debates or main stream media interviews. She will continue on Fox and they will give her the prepared answers in advance of the interview to make her sound Presidential. We shall see.

  • Cassie from MD:

    Frankly, I have lived abroad and have been looking for the motivation to do so again. I am blessed to have a semi-comfortable lifestyle and an ease in adapting to new cultures. I am trying to get a balanced view of what “real America” is thinking on the Palin issue. I go to her Facepage – to judge the temperature. Those that “simply” suggest she humbly admit her mistake are immediately surrounded by the vultures. If the nation goes that way, best of luck to them.

  • gypsyrose:

    o/t here but over on Laura Novak’s blog and IM and Palingates there is much talk about trig’s conception and the possibility of incest and/or rape. Some of this started from a comment from someone who goes by wholy mary.
    After reading comments for days now, most of them well thought out, I started to think that wholy mary is a troll.
    I think she was there to direct everyone to trying to sort out who was raped by whom and/or if Trig was a product of incest, who was involved. The reason I am starting to think this is because it seems like occasionally someone will show up on these blogs and redirect everyone’s focus and much like the media chasing after sp on her bus tour, the commenters run after the new shiny object given to them by these commenters who just “can’t continue on in silence any longer”. I COMPLETELY get why Joe is a “trignostic”, as he calls himself. Concrete evidence is needed to break this wide open. I believe the pregnancy was a hoax, the photos, the timing of her announcing her pregnancy, her chief of security never knowing/seeing her pregnant (even when he flew with her to D.C), et. all have provided enough evidence for me. The peeps who claim to know she had her tubes tied need to come forward and tell all and give their names……the peeps who saw her everyday all around Alaska need to come forward and tell whether or not she ever appeared pregnant. Anyone who knows anything needs to go on the record and tell what they know. This has gone on long enough. At IM, Gryphen has said that there is a well known author writing a babygate book and the author him/herself posted on IM asking for suggestions for titles for the book. I am hoping this author gets the goods once and for all to expose this woman for this hoax and that is it is so solid that it has to be reported by all MSM.

    Joe, just a comment about what you said about some peeps out there saying you are just trying to “gin” up interest in your book by claiming that sp is going to run for president. I for one have never thought that to be true. Your observations are spot on about sp and her narcissism and her belief that she has been annointed,etc. Whether she gets to announce a candidacy before something breaks that finally takes her down is what is in question along with how long will she be able to sustain a run.

    Finally, apologies for any misspellings, punctuation mistakes or syntax errors………..long year already:)

  • notafaux:

    s/b New York Times in 1st sentence.

  • B:

    I’m waiting for a used copy, with no proceeds to anti-choice causes. But another bright side of Bailey’s donations is it reinforces to the religious right that what changed was not him but just his opinion of Palin.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Re: Your update with Chris Wallace: “I don’t think any fair minded person could look at THAT DEBATE and not say that she is potentially a serious candidate…”

    WHAT DEBATE? He spoon-fed her softball questions and she replied with canned answers! Any give-and-take was blocked & lighted prior to the broadcast AND even CHRIS was laughing AT PALIN at the end of the segment!

  • CassieJeep:

    You are so right, SJK. She torched bridges.

    But your IF is the big thing. She will NEVER reveal her income (nor will Trump) and she will never allow the information gathered about her in “opposition research” to come out.

    Further, why would she take an income of $400K when she can get MILLIONS!

    She’s not that idealistic. You or I would make a moral stand. She cannot; she has no morals.

  • CassieJeep:

    This information makes me ill. I will make contributions to equal or surpass the profits to Planned Parenthood.

  • Sir Guestalot:

    She is a FOX product; of course Chris Wallace is out there shilling for her. He is a FOX anchor.

  • jk:

    That’s what I want to know: what debate?!

    He asked her “tough questions” (like, about Paul Revere, which she obviously expected and was ready for…and still sounded like an incompetent idiot). It’s like the “debate” I get with students who try to convince me of what they meant when they answered a test question completely wrong. Chris Wallace sucks.

  • gypsyrose:

    p.s. to Joe.
    I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to reading your book. I have not read Geoffrey Dunn’s book nor Frank Baileys………with work and work and life and work and scouring all these blogs to keep up on sp and with the hope of reading the end of her entire hoax of a life as a public figure is over, the little time I have to read is spent on fiction!!!

    You can see a lot into your character by the people who comment on your blog and the way in which they comment. Most of the peeps write well thought out and respectful posts. I am sure you are quite aware that you don’t see that same phenomenon on some of the other blogs. For whatever reason, everyone who comes here (with the exception of trolls) seem to be on their best behavior which I find to be immensely charming:)

    I am sure I am not alone in my appreciation for your efforts and for this blog.It is obvious that you read the comments as you have replied to many of them and I find that to be incredibly thoughtful. Your readership here has grown over the last months to actually include palinbots so I am sure there is a lot of fear out there about what you are going to tell. Good on you!!!

    Honestly, when it was first announced over a year ago or so that you were writing a book there was an immediate interest in ordering it.
    That alone speaks volumes to how well you are thought of as an author. The fact that you are writing about sp indicates to me how twisted she is and how disgusting the rise of her power is. I sincerely doubt you would spend your time, time away from your wife and dog, to write a book only filled with salacious gossip and/or issues that have been rehashed endlessly over the last 3 years. YAY!!!

    Cheers to you Joe. Don’t let any of the bad guys get you down……..

  • CassieJeep:

    From one Cassie to another–

    Keep your chin up. This will NEVER happen! SP is soon to be toast…the Republicans can’t abide her and the Tea party DOESN’T rule.

  • Diane:

    I agree. She will not run as a republican because she can’t, she doesn’t have what it takes. She gives great sound bites on Fox, she knows the questions ahead of time, she can prepare.

    but, she can’t answer a question about paul revere, even after going on the tour.
    She keeps saying she is unconventional and she has to be, simply because she cannot compete. She cannot compete with normal, intelligent people.
    She has sound bites, not policy ideas. She cannot articulate anything.

    I hope the people listen to the story of sarah palin. And learn the lessons from Alaska and the 2008 campaign.

  • Joe:

    Who said “debate?” I posted what Chris Wallace said later about the interview. That didn’t make it sound as if he was laughing at her.


  • Joe:

    Thank you.


  • I, too, will give the same, or more, to Planned Parenthood that I spent on Bailey’s book. Dunne’s book was a better read and now I have my doubts about Frank Bailey.

  • emrysa:

    chris wallace has lost his f-ing mind.

  • Chris:

    That or been enticed by “something”.

  • Cracklin' Charlie:

    You are scaring me Frosty. By the Dominionist beliefs, are you talking about some militia influence, or is it more related to the evangelical Christian influence? Either way, very spooky.

    Everything about this woman scares the crap out of me. $he is vicious, she lies continuously, has no moral compass, she is perilously uneducated, a terrible mother, and quit halfway through her only term as governor of the least populous state in America. Yet here she is, winkin’ and blinkin’ on the tv screen every day.

    I really think someone, and I don’t know who, has spent considerable time (years and years) and money getting this clown to this point. I don’t believe that there are enough idiots in the USA to cough up the kind of cash she has raked in the last 3 years.

    They know she’ll never be president, but they need to recoup their investment somehow. And they can probably make as much if not more televising the train wreck that they know is coming. They may even be trying to hasten the carnage, by encouraging her. Hasn’t Faux News been having bad ratings reports lately?

    Ah, well, a girl can dream, huh?

  • Ottoline:

    My view of the Wallace interview today was that SP answered those questions way better than I could have. She DID sound pretty good. But that did not make me draw the same conclusion as Chris Wallace did. My conclusion is that the questions were presented to her way in advance, someone wrote her material for her, rehearsed her really well, and helped her along with a teleprompter or earpiece — in other words, an Ailes-type intelligence is at work to make her sound credible enough. Credible enough for what? I guess that’s the question. A distraction? A candidate who will make the final GOP pick look good? A Hitleresque puppet president elected via a huge media manipulation + crooked voting results?

    I also noticed that she talked about how important truthfulness and honesty are in a leader. Joe — this is exactly why I hope you will expose the babygate PalinHoax big lie. Let’s please give it all we’ve got. ASAP.

  • EatMoreFish:

    How can Greta/Fox get exclusive ‘interviews’ with $arah Paylin without revealing that her husband started and runs Sarah Pac??

    Can anyone explain how this passes the ‘fair and balanced’ smell test?

  • Sharon TN:

    Bailey is ‘walking the walk’ of his beliefs, which is in extreme contrast to Palin, who is a complete hypocrite
    re living what she preaches. I don’t think lying, cheating & practicing vengeance againt people came naturally
    to him, & that a sense of guilt led him to write the book to help purge some of it. Donating the procedes
    will at least shut the Palin trolls’ mouths that he did it for money.

  • Ailsa:

    I saw Edward Teller aka Phil Munger say that on FDL. He has provided not one iota of proof of the veracity of the claim, as yet. Whether Munger, Fox News, MSNBC, even Joe, any of them or all of them that come before me, I expect to see one, at the very least, credible source for any claim. Until then I treat it as a rumor.

  • Gingerboycat:

    “Has she become so unmanageable that they will discard her? Not if they can continue to get her to take the drugs she needs to remain pliable and somewhat coherent.”

    And if for whatever reason she can’t “perform”, they will have a few Sarah Palin lookalikes (what can’t cosmetic surgery do nowadays) on standby to take her place (a script would already have been prepared for her anyway), just like stuntwomen on movie sets.

  • Gingerboycat:

    Ya, for sane people. Sarah Palin probably thinks she can go on making money, more money in fact, after she has been elected President. She is making tons now, why shouldn’t she (and the people who enable her) make more after she is President?

  • m106:

    Well, if you read Bailey’s book, then you would see that any positive press by Fox is more than likely very well coordinated by Palin and her blind minions. Bailey talked about this at length- how any message the Palin camp wanted out there, they would craft, send to Fox, and they would lap it up and beg for more. That novel scared the shit out of me. I’ve got Dunn’s ready to go and just waiting for yours, Joe.

    Sarah and Todd Palin are dangerous people. They go out of their way to destroy people they deem to be enemies. And an enemy is anyone who hassaid anything disparaging or the slightest bit negative about them. They hunt them down and smash them like they bugs they are in their minds. I’m telling you, I can totally understand why folks here in Wasilla don’t say anything.

    Palin never admits she’s wrong, therefore never learns from her mistakes. In her mind, she never makes them! Anything that goes wrong is always someone elses fault. Those in her inner circle seem to live in constant fear of being thrown under the bus. Everyone who is currently still in that circle (Ivy, Kris are two that must be- in fact, I think I saw Ivy at the movie theater in Wasilla, but I could be wrong…) are so wrapped up in Sarah’s lies and deceit, that if she ever went down, they have to know deep down that Sarah will drag them with her. Look at how she’s still treating Frank. The ONLY one who’s had to undergo ethics training? He outright LIED for that woman and this is how she is still spinning it.

    Palin is a pathelogical liar. It sickens my stomach. If she does declare a run for POTUS, I hope someone, anyone eviserates so utterly that she’s left sitting in a corner of her AZ masion sucking her thumb like poor, pitiful Piper Diaper.

  • newmeximan:

    I do not doubt that $arah would like to be taken seriously as a candidate. I suspect that on an unconscious level she knows she has a better shot in 2016.

    Follow the history of the rise of fascism in Europe, and you will see what persistent high unemployment does to nations. The Christian Dominionist are so similar to fascists in their ideology, they will need a similar environment to gain power in the US quickly. Without speed in an overthrow, there are too many unregistered firearms for that to be possible.

    Since we have a fiat currency system, with no real value to our paper money – the greatest danger to our elected officials is the threat of their own bankruptcy. Her opinion on the loans made to the auto industry show her lack of macro economic education. $arah needs a desperate electorate to win, and long term unemployment could give her an election. While the economy has improved since the Obama inauguration, it is taking longer than main street wants for “happy days are here again.” I believe that the electorate will give our President another 4 years – especially since the GOP takeover of the House has shown the public that they have no compassion for main street, and a GOP President means the end of social safety nets that we all hope we never need, but are grateful they exist for our worst fears.

    Asking the street if they are better off now than 4 years ago may not work for the GOP, as the answer could be “not really, but safety nets still exist if I were much worse off.” The Democrats campaign slogan should be “keeping corporations from owning you.”

  • AKPetMom:

    Citizens United vs. FEC made it much more likely that Palin, and any other candidate, will have so much corporate campaign funding that personal fortunes can remain intact. A couple of large corporate sponsors is all it would take to launch a 10 million dollar campaign. She, and anyone else with enough name recognition, can run a campaign on the back corporations and never spend a dime of their own money.

  • Lisabeth:

    I don’t watch Fox but I did see clips of her interview. With his softball questions, it was hardly a debate. Secondly my opinion of him is not too great if he actually listened to her ridiculous excuse for her Paul Revere screw up. She also lied at least six times about Ryans sick plan to do away with Medicare. And sorry Sarah but you are wrong about Ryans plan. It will absolutely devastate any person with health concerns who is nit a millionaire. It will bankrupt people and how dare you call the president a liar! She acused President Obama for his plan possibly causing death to DS or autistic children! That is a despicable outright lie! For the first time ever because oh the new health fare law, insurance companies CANNOT discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions. She also stated ” Medicare is broke.” Again another complete lie!!
    I could go on about her other twisted and I believe evil lies but I won’t. She can be proven wrong with facts, not that her bots care. She has ZERO empathy or caring for the people in this country. She cares only about herself. Her bots are idiots if they don’t see this. And Chris Wallace thinks she is just a swell candidate?

    Change of subject, there really are some rumors out there that Sarah is divorced and the kids chose to live with dad most of the time in Alaska. She in Arizona. There must be someway to verify if it’s true. This is the 3rd time I’ve seen it. The first time people were posting that it was in the court records of her alleged stalker.
    So is she going to run as a single divorced women or will she lie? Who knows but first it would be good to know if it’s true or not.

  • Lisabeth:

    He used the word debate in the comment you quoted. Chris Wallace. I noticed the same thing- I couldn’t believe GE referred to his soft ball questions as a debate. That was your quote.

  • Lisabeth:

    He I meant, not GE. Wallace said he didn’t understand how anyone could look at” that debate” and not think she’s a serious candidate for president. See your quote. And it was hardly a debate!

  • Tracy:

    Well when the batshit bitch has all of the questions ahead of time, sure she will know the answer. It is on her hand or in front of her on the “Teleprompter” And shame on Howard Dean to even think that this CRAZY GRIFTER could beat OUR PRESIDENT is nuts. If that is the case then it is true and the American People and their VOTES really don’t count. I guess it is true elections, congress, senate and GREED are all bought and paid for by the REPULITHUGS!!!!

  • Google “Seven Mountains Dominionism.” Key it in on YouTube. Read and watch, be selective, it is HUGE, very very widespread, and mostly silent – for now. Jacob’s Warriors. Watch and learn. We had better be aware of this.

  • Correction! I meant JOEL’S ARMY, not Jacob’s. Check out Joel’s Army. Apologies to Jacob.

  • Peter:

    Chris Wallace a Fox employee, praises Sarah Palin, another employee from the Fox network. I doubt either one of them is capable of honesty now that they work at Fox, so it doesn’t matter what they say. They get paid to push the republican agenda and lie about it. Faux News!

  • grammy97:

    FrostyAK, thanks for this plainly stated comment. It looks to me as if you’re correct.

    I have other concerns about the Dominionists. I believe that if the exposure of $arah Palin isn’t handled very, very carefully, these people will give her a dramatic public execution that will set off civil firestorms by all her gun-crazed robots. They don’t need to have her in the White House to achieve their goals.

  • Samantha:

    “Go ahead, call Crawford a Kool-Aid drinking right-wing shill. And remind yourselves again that Sarah is just too stupid, or too greedy, or about to be engulfed by too many scandals to mount a serious campaign for the Republican nomination next year.”

    This is what I think about that statement: I never thought she was too stupid or greedy to be president. After all, George Bush was president. What matters is that the public has written her off. And that’s why she has no chance.

    And while Sarah herself has not made any moves a regular candidate would make to run a campaign…it seems the media will just “help” her along with that. Still not quit your Fox gig or put boots on the ground in Iowa? No problem, we’ll fawn over you and report every ass-ache you have and every whine your daughter makes. Polling with negative numbers higher than Hitler? No problem, we’ll splash your photo across the New York Times front page. Just get on the back of that harley and wink, we’ll take care of the rest.

    She WAS a media creation and STILL IS a media creation. Don’t ask me to believe anything more than that, because I’m not a moron. I still don’t believe she’ll do anything more than announce and drop out early. But if the GOP elite, and Karl Rove think it would benefit them to use Sarah Palin to placate their base and stir up some sh*t in a losing election year, then so be it, who am I to say that won’t happen. But let’s keep things in perspective, here.

  • msf:

    Okay Floyd, in your opinion who is behind Palin for president. We know of course Roger Ailes & Fox are coaching her & feeding her lines. I’ve never seen anything more disgusting that Wallace & Palin last Sunday. I wonder how many takes that took before they had it down. Completely staged. Where does Rove fit in? It’s clearly not just Fox anymore. Is the corporate media behind her? What about the Koch Brothers? Franklin Graham? She seems to be sucking the air out of the other candidates. The crazy is becoming the norm.

  • msf:

    Not in the least. Wallace, Hannity & all the other so called reporters at Fox are currently spoon feeding her lines. My guess is that if they want to keep their jobs they will have to adhere to Roger Ailes “rules”. The question is can Ailes get away with this incredible charade on the American people? This whole election is starting to look like a bad reality tv show. The crazy almost seems catching.

  • Ottoline:

    Thank you, newmeximan, for this observation: “. . . Her opinion on the loans made to the auto industry shows her lack of macro economic education.”

    Although I said earlier that SP did a better job than formerly in expressing her position (in this last Wallace interview), I should have added that her views re cutting spending at a time when we need to increase it shows the typically Repub lack of understanding that spending cuts –> layoffs –> decreased demand –> business contraction –> further layoffs –> etc. The Repubs are pushing this Herbert Hoover approach, which didn’t work then and won’t work now. It’s almost as if the Repub party line is “let’s force the economy into a more severe decline, so the resulting unemployment and unrest can sweep idiot politicians with simpleminded ‘commonsense’ (fascist) solutions into office, thus benefiting corporations and the wealthiest among us.”

  • dmoreno:

    When I watched the interview with Chris Wallace, the first thing that came to my mind was……here is her presidential recap of the week’s events………Cross around neck, check, professional outfit, check, Ailes polished responses streaming on teleprompter, check. I truly felt this was an orchestrated attempt by faux news to give her one more shot to be taken seriously and here I wake up Monday morning to see you post this comment by Chris Wallace. It seems to me that is exactly what is going on. They are getting ready to announce her campaign; however, she won’t get the nomination. Won’t happen. And if the earth’s orbit shifts and hell freezes over and she DOES somehow pull it off, she can’t beat Obama. This is going to be one fun ride.

  • Ailsa:

    Oh, I read it as, Does a great white shark hear seals? I thought it was one of these Zen-type questions. 😀

  • Jeanabella:

    Regarding Sarah & Todd being divorced, I did see a photo of her signature for a fan and she signed,
    sarah palin heath

  • karenw729:

    I no longer click thru to stories about Palin on media web sites. I don’t want to encourage the media’s obsession with her and reward the reporters with click thrus. I read about her on the independent blogs so I can keep up with her shenanigans and do what I can on my end to keep her out of office. But I encourage everyone else to do the same.

    Slightly off topic, but it amazes me that the Christians who support her don’t recognize what they are doing: worshiping a false idol. I’m no Bible thumper but that’s one lesson I learned in Sunday school and that stuck with me–as it clearly had practical sense–and now it clearly applies to the Palinbots.

  • Ailsa:

    The sticking points for me are look at all the money ex-Presidents can make – a whole lot more than $100,000 a speech not to mention that while you’re POTUS you have POWER and a big plane and people waiting on you hand and foot and POWER and, being a woman, all these designer clothes on loan which, if you’re Sarah Palin, you will never give back and of course, POWER – but maybe I mentioned that. 😀

  • LisaB:

    We’ve decided as a family that if—by some horrible happenstance—Palin gets elected president, my husband can take the first ex-pat assignment available.

    You know, it will be a sad, sad day when Russia seems like a better place to live than America.

  • LisaB:

    Joe, I’m beginning to think I read your blog for the same reason I play Silent Hill and Fatal Frame. It scares the crap out of me.

  • Ottoline:

    Lisabeth — So right to point out how bankrupt SP’s views are. That is why I was alarmed to see that her delivery of them has improved in this Wallace interview. Clearly, she is being helped. Too scary.

    One of the scandal magazines has a cover story on the divorce. The fact that they are printing it suggests it’s more than a rumor. But SP’s marital status is of no interest to me.

    It’s your book, Joe, following upon the other two and I hope integrating the Scharlott questions into it, that I am interested in. Please do get lots of reviews and media attention. I think your book is our last hope, because I don’t believe the emails will ever emerge, or at least not intact enough to matter.

  • lilly lily:

    She is more like a killer whale killing for sport or a leapard seal eating charming little penguins hopping off the ice floes.

    She will be a footnote in the history books, like Spiro Agnew and Dan Quale. Spiro got in inspite of his corruption, Dan Quale, well his stupidity spoke for him. So does Sarah Palins, but she has Murdoch and Ailes in her corner, feeding her questions she can answer off her teleprompter. The babbling ignorant moron has finally decided to let her paid employees write her answers to pre arranged questions.

    Her Paul Revere gotcha question, like Katie Courics, “What do you read?” must have frightened the babbling bitch.

    I have been reading the NY Times for decade after decade, and never knew they were pro morons.

    Shame on them.

  • lilly lily:

    I saw the Bailey book but didn’t buy. Skimmed through at Borders.

    I also was not impressed with him or his religious pontificating. I loathe Palin, but do despise Bailey. He was an important enabler who got tossed under the bus. SO WHAT, that he too will make money now that he has seen the light?

    He isn’t really telling all now, did you think he was?

  • lilly lily:

    Chris Wallace is disgusting. So full of himself, so smarmy.

  • Sally:

    Thank you…what debate indeed? She couldn’t debate her way out of a paper sack of potatoes. Her Biden debate was deemed a success by the GOP because she didn’t fall on her face…but neither did she answer any questions. I am so tired of this moron and her goons that I just want her to go away…far away. Alas, we will have to keep vigilance and keep calling her out…the media won’t.

  • lilly lily:

    And her following have attempted to change history themselves to cover for Palins stupidity. They tried to alter the wicki entry to jive with her version of what happened.

    So every time she does a cocka mamie response her bots will change the history books? She is a moron, we know it, and they don’t care.

    I have finally crossed from loathing the woman into political activism. I’ve never volunteered but if she runs as a Republican, or as a third party candidate I will do everything in my power to destroy her. She is a danger to this country as much as Hitler was to Germany.

    Ailes? Why I loathe and despise the man.

  • msf:

    Nice post newmeximan!!

  • elizabeth:


    I don’t think you or others (Sullivan) are making things up about Palin. I have no doubt that she is being propped up by some big money (Religious? Oil? Fox? All of them?) but what I do have doubts about is if she has a prayer in hell of becoming President.

    This is a woman who can’t go 5 days on a family ‘vacation’ without shooting herself in the foot. She can deny her stupidity all she wants, but the big soundbite from last week, which topped out Leather Sarah on a Harley (whooo sexy…….not) is the fact she has less knowledge of American history than a 3rd grader.

    I doubt her unfavorables are going to drop based on the fact she is a blithering idiot and a fame whore.

    Whether she runs or not – I don’t know. She is stupid and selfish and full enough of herself to do so – kind of like Trump and Newt. But while I don’t doubt she will squeeze every last drop of media coverage out of the tease (which translate into $$$$ for her), she, like Trump, can’t really afford to have much more direct sunlight shined on her, her associates and her devastating lies. No matter how much she is deluded into believing will never be exposed, the simple fact is, is that there are lies so devastating that they should they be exposed she couldn’t run for dogcatcher.

    It’s one thing to be a blithering idiot and a deluding fame whore. It’s another thing to be a complete psychopathic lying fraud. She is the latter. She is propped up because as we all see, when Sarah talks, everyone listens. But the majority listen to see what idiotic thing she will do to shoot herself in the foot.

    She is a walking breathing train wreck and of course the media wants that to cover!!!! And I think if I have gleaned anything from your friend Roger Ailes that bottom-line, it’s all about the ‘entertainment’ with him.

    He has gold in Sarah Palin and he will mine every last nugget, but I seriously doubt he wants her as President either.

  • Cassie from MD:

    Here is what I don’t get. I hear her whining about how she is not in this for the publicity but out of a genuine desire to elicit our passion for American history. How exactly is she doing this? Did anyone ask for her input? The only time she has spoken about “what she has learned” she gets it totally wrong. I live 1/2 hour from Washington, DC in a historic town with dozens of national historic sites within an hour. I hope she stays the hell away from here. Thank God the outside world is so in love with Obama. She humiliates those of us having to put up with her here.

  • lilly lily:

    The Globe reports? (not a main stream source), that the Palins are hammering out a divorce.

    That makes sense. The kids and Todd divie up the country. Todd gets the kids and Alaska. Palin gets the dump in Arizona and the rest of the country.

    Todd can get Alaska to secede and Sarah can lord it over the rest of the U.S.A.

  • Conscious at last!:

    We simply cannot have it both ways. Either we take Fox news seriously or WE DON’T.

    I don’t take ANYTHING that Chris Wallace has to offer seriously. That is- I have no respect for the literal meaning of his words. I know what the “between the lines” read is:

    “Oh looky here- Sarah just read a script that our staff prepared for her. She read it well. Our script writers succeeded in making her look slightly intelligent. YEAH!! Look at me, I am Chris Wallace (you remember my dad-don’t ya?) I have a deep voice which means my words carry some weight. I hardly smile, so now I’m even more important.”

    Sorry Joe- if you must resort to using the literal read of a Fox flack to make your point, I know there is a problem.

  • Ottoline:

    Joe, after pondering your update (the odd Wallace praise for SP), it puts a new spin on something that puzzled me re the interview. After SP rebuts the Revere inaccuracy, Wallace says “Well, I didn’t know either until I looked it up just before the interview, and now we both know.” And he smiles. So you can take it either way — that we now know she is right, or we now now that she is as misguided as ever.

    I thought clarity was a goal of the formerly somewhat ethical quasi-news programs, but I see this as excellent scripting for the Fox side: Wallace maintains deniability, and SP’s undereducated fans feel vindicated.

    Definitely a clever game going on. (With the aim of making us all the losers.)

  • Molly:

    I thought the same thing. It could be interpreted either way.

  • Ottoline:

    Your points are good ones (and I hope you are right), but put on your media-blitz glasses, the money-is-no-object ones, and look at it all from the point of view of an industrial-strength PR campaign designed to manipulate the electorate, esp in key areas and demographics. Keep the educated liberal population scoffing at the importance of SP and ignoring her many frauds, the baby hoax, and other lying. Think a few more Wisconsins. Think high unemployment and several more devastating weather-related disasters. Add voter fraud as needed. I think we have blast-off, Mr Spock.

  • Ottoline:

    Plus: Ailes might not want her as President, but he might have a lot to gain from SP as puppet-president, distracting the masses from the specifics of what Ailes and his pals are gaining, and what the rest of us are losing (or have already lost). We do all agree that SP makes a great distraction.

  • Ottoline:

    Jeanne Devon has denied this rumor — or has quoted Bailey as denying it. Phil Munger said this, but the two sources he quoted for it did not say this. Not fair to punish the book re a false rumor.

  • jcinco:

    I agree 100%. I just detest the fact that this two bit grifting 1/2 wit will continue to spew hate about the president and first lady. I wish someone would spill their guts or that someone in the repugnant party would say “enough” and scrape the mean girl clown off the national stage. I saw the globe, I believe, at the grocery store on Sunday. Front page headlines that her and purse totin’, p-whipped tawd are split. He’s in wasilly getting his pencil massaged & watching the spawn and she’s wandering around her arizonie compound thinking up hate to spew.

  • Deb:

    I see it as the issue of people who ‘say’ they fight for ‘freedom’ of choice, whether it be about the right to choose abortion or to what he may choose to give a donation, if it were true, but are themselves hypocrites for their attempt to not allow someone else to make their own choice. IMO, they sound no different than Palin – they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

    Those ‘choosing’ to make donations to Planned Parenthood are making a ‘CHOICE’ which is not agreed to by all.

    It boggles my mind that so many believe only what they think and believe in is ‘right’. It’s ‘black and white’ – no room for grey. The same thing they call the ‘bots’ out. No wonder the country continues down the black hole.

    Have these people read Bailey’s upbringing – NOT. If they did, they would actually learn something and how his beliefs were probably formed as a child – that he was educated in Bible Schools in England and Chicago.

    Do those that make donations to say Planned Parenthood want Bailey telling them where to donate — NO. I can imagine the outrage we’d hear. ‘Respect’ of a person’s choice no long exists in this country. Disgraceful.

    In the end – the important subject of the book is getting lost in what is their being judgmental and hypocrital. They can make the choice whether it’s the black or white side they see as it is in no way within the grey area – that doesn’t exist for them.

  • Dicer:

    One wonders why Fox is forcing the foibles of Sarah Palin on us.If the divorce is true,perhaps it may have something to do with Tod’s association with AIP.Also the guy who made her movie Bannon,I read where he worked on wall street,perhaps paid ads in exchange for positive reviews? I read in one of Dunn’s interview that Sarah lied on an application about her academic qualifications for a job with the police, and she even had a notary sign it.Sarah Palin will say and do anything and everything to get power and be liked,A dangerous combination.

  • g:

    have never seen her as good, as impressive, I mean she’s always been an entertaining interview, but I have never seen her as good, as specific as she was, whether it was the debt or the state of the economy, or the situation on the ground in Afghanistan.

    He thought she was good? She’s a blithering idiot.

  • msf:

    Never underestimate. With this media anything is possible. They would sell their soul to the devil for the right price. In fact, that’s what they are doing.

  • elizabeth:

    I think running Palin as puppet president is a very risky tactic. We’ve seen how well she takes direction from anyone.

    I think it’s more along the lines of Palin as a bright shiny object to distract while the Republicans figure out what to do. To pretend they aren’t in shambles and they have a strong contender to Obama is naive. I agree she is probably the carrot to the Tea Party and I imagine there is also a fear of her ‘going rogue’ on the Republicans that keeps Fox News watching her like a hawk and not pissing her off too much.

    But this is a crazy unstable woman who has achieved everything she has achieved (which is considerable) by lying about who she really is. That is a very dangerous game for her to be playing as her lies are pretty substantial and she knows it. I think she is the crazy kind of person who takes pride in how she is able to manipulate and use people. I think she really thinks she is controlling the show and I also think the media and especially Fox news have enabled her to the point that she does have a lot of false security in the fact that she will never be exposed or even if she is, no one will really care.

    But I urge everyone to never stop looking at those unfavorable ratings on her. they tell a very telling story about how she is perceived by the important demographic – the voters.

    I think she is a loose cannon who has played a very dangerous game of cat and mouse and achieved a lot of what she has achieved by intimidation and deceit. I think this game worked in 2006 Alaska and even worked for a desperate McCain campaign but now there is a whole lot of stuff out there about her that just can’t be ignored and I don’t see it working in 2012.

    I would say she is a bright shiny distraction and I doubt anyone, even Roger Ailes is stupid enough to think she is anyone’s puppet. Ask John McCain about that.

    And hopefully Joe’s book will shine a bright light on her that no one can ignore. I bet Sarah Palin hates that his book isn’t coming out until September and she hates that he hasn’t leaked it yet.

  • Joe:

    Can you prove it’s a lie?

    If so, please share with me.


  • Flying Pig Ranch:

    Mitt, what about the insincere apology? Crowing, full of herself snark!

  • Ottoline:

    Elizabeth I wish your comments were on the front page of the NYT instead of photos of SP. Joe: Please please please make sure your book is a wonderful blockbuster and market the hell out of it. We need it. And we will help.

  • elizabeth:

    We don’t take Fox News seriously, but a significant demographic of this country does and that is why we pay attention to what they are doing.

    The question is why are they still giving credence to Sarah Palin? I think it is two-fold. One simple ‘show biz’ logic in that Palin brings in ratings and therefore understanding that Fox News’ first priority is ratings and profit they’ll keep her front and center as long as she’s draws attention.

    But secondly I think it’s a little more nuanced along the lines of ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’. The one thing I think anyone can agree about Sarah Palin is that she is a loose cannon. She prides herself on not playing by the rules and she has thumbed her nose at just about every established political strategy and pretty much dissed the Republican party themselves. But I think the fact we need to never overlook is she hasn’t really ‘won’ anything doing that. McCain and her lost pretty handily in 2008. Many of her ‘annoited’ picks in 2010 didn’t win and she earned some wrath from the Republicans for messing in the Senate races. She can’t win as president – sorry she can’t. But she can cause major disruption to the Republican chances in 2012 and I’m sure she would take great glee in doing that.

    Fox News helped create this monster and maybe they are pulling all her strings, but somehow I sort of doubt that. I think she is calling some crazy shots herself and that is what worries everyone.

    But hey, I say let her keep talking!

  • lilly lily:

    She is within almost shouting distance from where Mitt Romney announces, and it is a accidental occurance, with that wide eyed look behind faux glasses and fixed smile

    I thought B.S, Sarah didn’t believe in co-incidental happenings. Everything is pre-ordained. So god must have planned it for her.

    I call B.S. for everything out of that womans mouth. I see why some call it a pie hole. Every vulgarity that is attatched to women by men who are crude beyond measure, and which I find distasteful can be applied to her.

    She IS inch for inch ALL of that give men the verbal ammunition which spells contempt for the female sex.

    If she doesn’t sit down and shut up soon, the Republican party will helpfully do it for her.

  • mitch:

    For the sake of argument, lets assume 3 things. God does in fact exist, he controls human events and he is a sadist. Under those circumstances, it is possible to make an argument that $arah could be the president.
    But for those who have a strong tether to reality, if in fact this dispicable, wretched woman does run and does engage in debates all sides will have the same information as we do and they will hold her accountable. Live. On television. If she refuses to debate because she thinks she can win by osmosis, her lack of participation will be used against her as well. Personally, I expect a very public psychological breakdown.
    OT, but I emailed Andrew Suliivan imploring him to use all of his resources and personal connections to prevent the grifter of all time from meeting Ms. Thatcher who is deep in the throes of dementia. The abject shamlessness of this woman is eye-spinningly maddening.

  • Jessica Clemons:

    “Hopefully this is already starting covertly.” I believe it has begun. Republican strategists know the inside scoop on palin and will keep letting her blab all over the media as they know she will hang herself. they have the rest of the information to kick the chair from under her political aspirations.

    Not only that, but I believe the same information will be enough to ruin her “credibility” as well. She’s playing the Alaska game she played to get elected and she thinks it’s working. But there is an under current in the Republican party that is taking out both her and the tea party. They thought they would be able to control them once elected and realized that they can’t be controlled so they are working to make sure TPs are not elected either.


  • jk:

    Sure, he’s never seen her so impressive. Everything is relative. She was a complete blithering idiot before. Now she’s only a 99.9% blithering idiot (thanks to her friends at Fox feeding her the questions and the answers and stroking her all the way). Chris Wallace is obviously a genius to be able to see the difference.

  • Ottoline:

    To me, the March 14 photo is conclusive proof, in the same way that a photo is proof in an insurance scam (where someone claims paralyzed legs but a legit photo, in the relevant timeframe, shows the person as jogging.)

    There is so much circumstantial info that supports this photo, which however stands on its own as proof. We know the time, the place, the others in this photo . No one has claimed it is a fake photo in any way. It does not preclude SP having given birth to Trig earlier than stated, but it does prove that she was not carrying the 6+ pound baby she claims was born 5 weeks later.

    Those who reject this photo as conclusive evidence NEVER explain how such a photo is possible if consistent with her pregnancy story. Because it is NOT possible. Ditto for the several other key photos. Ditto for the discrepancy in the watermelon-sized Gusty photo and other accounts of her way-too-flat profile both before and after that photo event. As you know, one can strap on a fake pregnancy belly, but it is impossible to remove your 7-mo pregnancy at will and then proceed to give birth to it a few weeks later.

    The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming and consistent with a hoax, but I agree that circumstantial is not proof.

    And there is v little on the other side — except someone like Bailey who writes a whole book of true examples of how he was hoodwinked by SP, and then believes that she was pregnant — because she said so. He too offers no explanation for the way-too-flat-to-be-pregnant photos.

    We know from two books and the Scharlott paper that SP is a well-documented liar of monumental proportions. Why then will no one even discuss this issue and explain how the photos are possible?

    Joe, couldn’t you please get in touch with Audrey, or Regina of Palingates, or Gryphen, or Scharlott and just talk to them for an hour. (Perhaps you already have; if so, please tell us what makes you believe SP’s account and not the photos?) Even though your book is written, it’s not too late to explore this issue as it deserves to be explored — because SP made it her centerpiece values symbol, and rightly so, because if we can demonstrate that we are correct that this pregnancy was a sham, it becomes the perfect symbol of the bankruptcy and corruptness of those same values.

    As well as raising the larger questions of SP’s enablers, which is even more important than SP’s big lie.

  • Joe:

    I’ve never said I believe her story. But it hasn’t yet been proven false. I’m still with Andrew Sullivan on this: filled with doubt and skepticism–and yes, the photos are suggestive–but not yet willing to stake my own credibility on flatly charging her with faking it. Even expressing doubt publicly puts Sullivan and me out on the mainstream fringe. That’s okay. My treatment of the question in THE ROGUE is certainly not going to comfort Sarah. But that’s as far as my heart and mind take me on the basis of what I’ve seen so far.


  • Cackling Rad:

    Chris Wallace’s recent phoney “interview” of Sarah disturbs me. It is obvious she was reading answers prepared by someone else from a teleprompter. She even used the exact same tone of voice you can hear if you watch her the old clip of her brief stint as a fill-in sportscaster, although her delivery has improved a bit. So this begs the question, why did FNC do this? The obvious answer is, to have a long tape that makes her sound credible and half-way articulate, thus refuting the meme that she is an inarticulate idiot. This tells me Fox and Co. are pushing her for president. Now that is a scary thought, but not a surprise, given the way they pushed her book tour two years ago.

    It’s obvious she’s reading answers someone else wrote because they have reproduced neither her cadence nor her typical, idiosyncratic word order. Sarah’s favorite phrases and inimitable syntax are all missing, such as her habit of leaving the subject “I” off the beginning of a sentence, describing things as “very, very -adjective-” etc, etc.

  • B:

    The totally flat belly in the ADN photo with Parnell disproves her delivering a 6+ pound baby a month later. Women who have given birth know it. Call some obstetricans to the stand as expert witnesses.

    As Ottoline says, and Amy1 and I have said similarly, “Those who reject this photo as conclusive evidence NEVER explain how such a photo is possible if consistent with her pregnancy story.”

    It’s fine with me if you remain Trignostic, Joe, but I’d love to hear how you can explain away that photo.

  • Ottoline:

    Joe — Like so many others, you fail to explain how the Mar 14 photo is possible. That’s like saying re a murder suspect who claims innocence — we have a photo of you pulling the trigger as the victim falls backward, all bloody, and we can identify the time/place/others present from evidence in the photo, which is consistent with the time of murder. If everything else you have is strongly circumstantial pointing to “guilty!” (and very little else pointing to “innocent” except a documented liar’s word) how can you ignore this photo? I wish you would explain it rather than dismissing it with an unspecific “heart and mind” phrase.

    Couldn’t you also please talk to the other key blog owners? They might do a better job of presenting the data.

  • So what your saying is she learned a few things from Obama? Do you think he has written any of his speeches he just reads them from the teleprompter.

  • Lidia17:

    notafaux: I hope you let them know why you cancelled.

  • Lidia17:

    This is to Sharon: Bailey is NOT “walking” any freakin’ “walk”.

    Mr. Frank Bailey knows ten times what he put in that book; he did NOT come clean. He only came up with the bare minimum in order to make himself look like another Christian Victim®™.

  • Lidia17:

    Ailes sat off camera assisting GHWB with cue cards during a “live interview” with Dan Rather.

    Does this sound like deja-vu all over again to you ? It does to me.

    There is no depth to which certain people will not stoop.

  • Lidia17:

    Yeah, and informing the viewership be damned.

  • mo:

    “Since we have a fiat currency system, with no real value to our paper money”

    Gotta quibble with that common misunderstanding about money. You think we should go back to swapping hanks of tobacco or gold pieces as currency? Or are you gonna burn that stack of benjamins because it has “no real value”?

  • elizabeth:

    I think if Obama were asked to explain Paul Revere’s ride he could give a concise and accurate summary without sounding like a blithering idiot and without a teleprompter.

    Sarah should always use teleprompters, especially when she is having to answer those ‘gotcha’ questions like, what newspapers do you read or what did learn today on that tour you were just on or what does a VP do?

  • carollt:

    I agree with you Joe. The photo proves nothing. We can speculate until the cows come home, but until there is concrete evidence of what may be the greatest hoax ever by a sitting Governor, we have nothing. Henry Blodget from Business Insider is getting into the babygate game, so let’s all hope he strikes gold.

    Call me old-fashioned, but the truth has a funny way of getting out. It just takes time in some instances.

  • carollt:

    It does not pass the smell test. That is the answer.

  • carollt:

    Back to Congressman Ryan’s plan. Can you imagine an 85-year-old stroke victim trying to purchase insurance on the open market?

  • newmeximan:

    I don’t have a solution for the disparity between currency and the value of money. I can see how creeping inflation has destroyed the middle class since the adoption of Milton Freedman’s theories.

    30 years of voodoo economics and the middle class is earning 10 cents an hour more, when adjusted for inflation. Oil has tied it’s price to gold, so when our money was backed by gold, inflation was kept at much lower rates.

    But then there might not be enough physical gold to cover our debt now.

  • carollt:

    What I have wondered about for quite some time is Sarah’s intelligence. She lacks knowledge, but I would not call the woman stupid. Then again, the more I learn about Sarah Palin, the more predictable she becomes.

    Are charlatans smart? The successful ones are. So far, Sarah has been a success in that no one has been able to kick her off the national stage. Time will tell if that success continues.

  • g:

    Actually, yes, he has written many of his speeches.

    I think as regards teleprompters, it’s one thing to read a written speech from a teleprompter. Most politicians, Palin included, do that and it’s not anything to be concerned about.

    It’s another thing to go on a show being interviewed, and using a teleprompter. In this case, the questions and answers are already pre-written – which means that it’s a constructed fakery of an interview. Fine, if you want to present her give-and-take with Wallace as a prepared conversation. But to provide a teleprompter for a candid “interview”?


  • B:

    @carollt. You say the photo proves nothing. I say a belly containing a one-month-away from 6+ pound baby cannot be totally flat . How do you explain away that photo? I say you can’t, and it is proof. But I’m listening.

  • Freesia:

    Our of curiosity Mr. McGinnis (and I totally understand your position – credibility isn’t to be squandered) what would qualify as proof enough to take a journalistic stand?

    What I mean is while I note that a highly suspect claim that, frankly, her entire political bonafides are based on was never even questioned because of Palin’s usual free pass, I can appreciate the position of a journalist independent of the protection that might come via the MSM, like yourself or Andrew Sullivan. So what would it take?

    What type of evidence? Much as we’d wish we could find a recording of “Okay Todd. So we land and get on the road to the clinic. I strap on the fake belly. They check us in. Doc says the ‘chocolate lab’ won’t be ready for viewing but she has another DS baby my parents can present to the ADN cameras. We’re good.” Not going to happen.

    But what evidence would do in its stead? Medical records are problematic because the doctor might have legal restriction even if she wanted to release them to you. Photos? There are plenty but maybe there’s a particular type you need. What kind of witness would be credible and not be at risk of “hearsay”.

    Just curious. What kind of evidence would a professional journalist need to stake your reputation on it?

  • B:

    And if Obama were asked what he took away from his visit, he wouldn’t volunteer a Paul Revere story unless he were comfortable with those facts.

  • Samantha:

    No, she’s not stupid. I don’t know why people think that. She’s ignorant, not stupid. There’s a difference. She can mangle as much up as she wants, and keep downing that Baileys, but it doesn’t mean she is not clever. She’ll continue to be a success because we’ve all made her that way. Not to be president of course, but a financial and celebrity success. I think even Trump learned a few tricks from her because he just bought a 100 million dollar plane I think, from these past few months of grifting with the Wasillawoman.

  • An Alaskan:

    Funny, Stalin is notorious for doing the same thing. “Nothing”, or at least changing the history books to say so. But we’ll never find a link between those who do stuff like that and the Queen of Fake.

    How Palin got elected as gov of AK in the first place? Her two running opponents were Tony Knowles (I think I spelled that wrong) and Andrew Halcro. No one was re-electing Tony and an independent will never be voted for in Alaska (On a side note this was probably good, while my ex was working at a hair salon few years back, Andrew Halcro was in there getting his hair and nails done and was agitating the female employees the day Sarah was announced as running for VP by saying “THATS A MANS JOB” hahaha)

    Too bad Tony is so tan =(

    There were political signs hanging all over Anchorage overpasses that day saying stuff like “Tony Knowles, hes tanner than you!” The one Sarah Palin one I can recall “Sarah Palin. Yeah, I would too”.