Howard Dean Warns: Sarah Palin Can Beat Obama








We can laugh–and we do–but others worry.

Howard Dean says, “I think she could win.”

Meanwhile, at Daily Beast, former Bush and Rumsfeld speechwriter Matt Latimer opines that Sarah has already won her war against mainstream/lamestream media, and that her victory could herald big things in next year’s GOP primaries.

Latimer writes:

Last week saw yet another example of the Alaskan’s unmatched skills in media manipulation. All Palin needs do is get on a tour bus and head east and Washington’s most elite scribes fall over themselves to find out where she’s headed, what she’ll say, what she’ll do. All of it was meaningless, of course…

Unfortunately, it’s not meaningless if MSM coverage leads the great unwashed (i.e. those of us who are merely citizens, and not members of the elite Beltway press corps) to believe it has meaning.

It’s a nasty, sordid back street affair that mainstream media is having with Sarah.

As I just wrote in the final chapter of THE ROGUE,

SARAH PALIN practices politics as lap dance, and we’re the suckers who pay the price. Members of our jaded national press corps excitedly stuff hundred dollar bills into her g-string, even as they wink at one another to show that they don’t take her seriously.”

We sneer at her and write her off now.

And we might still be sneering–but also fearing–as Sarah rides a Harley up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol, in January, 2013, to be sworn in as President of the United States.

Yeah, right, we all say: and pigs can fly.

But Howard Dean has actually played the game, not just commented on it from the sidelines.

Laugh him off–and Sarah–at your peril.

Sorry, make that “our” peril. I live here, too. And I’m not laughing.

101 Responses to “Howard Dean Warns: Sarah Palin Can Beat Obama”

  • krbmjb05:

    If that idiot is ever voted President, I will vote to reinstate lynching…then we can take all these media people and string them up! I didn’t think a job could get any lower than a politician….it is NOW the media.

    Would Ailes and the Koch Klowns allow her to be President?

    We can only make sure it doesn’t happen by making sure everyone votes, everyone has ACCESS to vote, and that whatever people are using to vote is not tampered with. That is the other 1/2 of this equation!

  • Jewels:

    “In Your Guts, You Know She’s Nuts” — Sarah Palin Slogan, 2012

    In Your Guts, You Know He’s Nuts — An unofficial anti-Barry Goldwater slogan,
    parodying “In Your Heart, You know He’s Right”, 1964.

  • sleuth:

    Well, I was encouraged that an MSNBC crew decided to stop following her in Boston, choosing to cover the Massachusetts tornado damage instead.

  • WakeUpAmerica:

    If she ran and won, I would blame the lamestream media for giving her a platform. Dumbasses!

  • Tom:

    If Palin becomes President I would say ‘I’ll leave the country’ if I hadn’t already left.

  • themom:

    I was really hoping that this was a reprint from “The Onion”.

  • Heidi3:

    This is pot-stirring at its finest, so let the $$$ games begin. Of course we’ve all heard, “Ignore Sarah Palin at your own peril!!”, which on the surface is not only true, but bone-chilling. However, dig a few inches deeper, get away from the talking heads, and read the cross-section, mama’s basement comments posted on Yahoo or at the end of any Palin article on the Net. Any of ’em, all of ’em – you’ll see that the country as a whole, from Yalies (coastal elites) to “rill Amurikans” (farmers & factory workers) despise this shameless idiot. Why? She is a supreme embarrassment to us, and Americans won’t tolerate that. Face it, we are conceited as hell – we love our SEAL teams, our fighter jets, and our erudite presidents. So when standing in a voting booth, I don’t think the majority would consider allowing Sarah to be our face/voice to the world.

  • Susan:

    If she becomes President I really can’t repeat what I am thinking. But I will be looking for a new country to call home and I am taking the Obama’s with me. Norway, Ireland, Vancouver Island BC……God I hope someone will have me.

    Sarah’s unmatched skill in MSM manipulation………it should read the MSM’s completely transparent desperation and irrelevance. And yet they are so full of themselves…I watch the WH press briefings from time to time, the condescension and impertinence that oozes from the press corps is unfu@king believable.

    Pull the plug.

  • elizabeth:

    The Kardashians and Snooki give ‘lap dances’ too and the media slobbers all over them. Doesn’t mean they can be president. I’m starting to see a lot of these ‘gloom’ and ‘doom’ predictions from the MSM and ‘pundits’ that Palin is a legitimate threat. I call BS.

    Joe, I like you a lot. I like Andrew Sullivan a lot too. But you both seem to give this woman a little bit more credence than is really warranted. I know in your case it’s because you have a book coming out. I really hope your book adds something to the what’s already out there and I also hope your book grabs some media attention in a way the others haven’t. I have high hopes because I think you are a good author.

    However, let’s not give this woman too much credit. Media manipulation is one thing. And this woman can manipulate all she wants but it won’t take away from the very basic fact that she is a lying fraud. And just because the MSM has let her play her game so far because she is ratings gold, doesn’t mean she will get a free-ride to the presidency. But they do love their Sarah Palin because let’s face it, she generates lots of interest which in media world translates into $$$$. Just as you need Sarah Palin to stay relevant until your book gets published, the MSM need her to stay relevant until they have bled every last penny out of the easy money she generates for them.

    Here is how I see it though. This woman can posture and pole dance and tease and call our President everything short of Sambo, but she can never turn the clock back four years and decide that faking a pregnancy was the smartest thing to do IF SHE WANTED TO BE PRESIDENT. Now if she just wanted to get her sorry ass out of Wasilla and make a million+ bucks for herself and she saw an opportunity to do so by jumping on a desperate McCain coattails well then sure, makes perfect sense to fake a pregnancy and position yourself as the right-wing savior. But the truth is she is kind of a one-trick pony and she is starting to be found out.

    And never stop looking at her “unfavorable” poll numbers. Look at them from the day she hit the scene until today. They have never, ever gone down and now are pretty consistent at 59%.

    Those numbers tell the real story of Sarah Palin. The media loves her because she is $$$$$ to them. The public thinks she is a joke.

  • carollt:

    Normally, I would laugh at someone like Sarah Palin. But the woman was elected Governor of Alaska. She uses sex to make a sale and the media eats it up. I would almost say her continued presence on the natinal stage is a direct result of media intervention. Her every Twitter and facebook post is reported on and discussed endlessly.

    Mrs. Palin has a path to the Republican nomination. If unemployment is 12-15% in November of 2012, she has a path to the White House. We cannot count on the media to do its job. She has to be stopped in the primaries.

    I am changing my registration to Republican. I am not waiting for her announcement. I am calling City Hall on Monday for the paperwork. I will be voting in the Republican primaries and I encourage others to do the same. And everyone needs to talk their friends and relatives out of crossing over and Voting FOR Sarah Palin as some want to do.

    I am by no means comparing Sarah Palin to Hitler except to say that people laughed at Hitler too; until they didn’t.

  • Sally:

    While I am not taking her lightly, I am also not panicked about this moron either. The current rumors of a pending (or already done) divorce will not do anything for her positives with her base…how can she run on ‘family values’ when hers is in tatters? Have we ever had a divorced MALE President? The GOP will not allow this monster to be their representative, even when it looks certain that Obama will retain the Presidency once job number start to come down again. People who are working and relatively happy will have no reason to rock the boat taking a chance on Palin (or Bachmann either.) Palin’s threats to the GOP will not sit well with the powers at the top, and they run the show. She has laid out a very narrow platform, which will be impossible to sell, and they know it. I also think they know things about her that she does not want told…she can blow off all the books as coming from the left; she cannot blow off GOP attacks as easily. She is dangerous, but I think the country sees that now. And I do compare her to Hitler, but we have the advantage of instantaneous video feed. We don’t have to wait to see her in our neighborhoods to realize what a loose cannon she is.

  • VictoriaJ:

    I think its a brilliant move on some of the pundits part to get the Scottsdale Skeezer embedded to run.
    The more we see her- the more money the Dems give to the coffers. The more lunacy comes out of good ole
    Sarah’s mouth- the more the GOP freaks out about her (she’s threatening them now). The more power Sarah thinks she wields the more rules she breaks and the more Independents and moderate republicans flee.

    Something to think about.
    In college, a group of us had a friend who dated an incredibly disturbed man. We worried for our friend because we knew she was loyal to a fault and would dig in if we told her our fears—she loved underdogs. So we smiled and decided to say nothing and befriend disturbed guy. He could not help himself, he eventually turned on all of us. It left our friend wide eyed and running. Human nature is an interesting thing.

  • London Bridges:

    Sarah can win. The Republicans control the voting machines. If you recall, a couple of days before the 2008 election McCain noted that he would win. It would not be apparent at first, but in the wee hours of the night he would overcome all odds and would be declared the winner. What happened? The day before the election, GOP election guru, Mike Connell was forced to appear before Congress. As a result, he got cold feet, and did not perform his magical fix.This is the only reason Obama won. Connell did all this to “save the babies.” He was a ill-informed one issue Catholic. After the election, Connell was scheduled to testify and spill the beans. Rove threatened him. His plane crashed. His Blackberry which contained all his election fixing secrets that he always carried, was never found though its case was found. The Republicans likely have it and will use it in 2012. Connell fixed 2008 especially Ohio, but he also fixed more votes for W throughout the country to give W the capital that he boldly announced he would spend. Made it look like W had the people’s support.

    This I’m insane? Look at the recent WI Supreme Court election. It was fixed, boldly and blatantly and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

  • For over two years now, I’ve had people ask me why I bother fussing about that woman, given that she’s just a joke and a fringe celebrity. I have had to repeat over and over that she is dangerous and has been given a free pass by the msm. All I can say is that if she runs, every single frickin’ progressive, democrat, and independent out there had damn well be registered to vote and had damn well better get their asses out on election day to vote that woman into oblivion. She needs to be removed from the national stage once and for all, before she does any more damage.

  • karenw729:

    I was thinking the same thing. I might hold my nose and register republican to vote for Romney in the primary. Of course she could always go third party, but I think she’ll have less of a chance winning the general on a three-way ticket. But the point is we have to keep her as far away from the oval office as possible.

  • Heidi3:

    Well spoken, Elizabeth, and thank you. It wasn’t that many months ago that I first heard Gryphen (Jesse) at the Immoral Minority blog first put the name “Sarah” and the word “president” in the same sentence. I remember screaming out loud in total disbelieving fury! But I tried to console myself that Babygate was about to be unveiled in the MSM. HA! I’m certainly not alone; many of us have invested hundreds and thousands of hours in the investigation of that obvious hoax. Guess what? Babygate was only the tip of the iceberg, and to this day, no MSM outlet will touch it. Now, all we have left to hope for is an Al Capone style IRS/FBI scandal take-down.

    Sarah has just committed political hari kari : She ‘dissed’ the GOP on FOX’s Hannity show, challenging them with a potential 3rd-party run (guaranteed loser, but a b..-buster nonetheless). Let’s go back to Sarah’s school days: This is a perfect example of her briefly dancing with the nerdy guy who brought her to the prom, yet leaving on the arm of the homecoming king. Is this astute, savvy and clever? NO. Oh sure, the pundits, ‘earning’ as much money per minute as most Americans make in a month, will chortle about how strategic this was on Palin’s part. BS! This is nothing more than a Junior High mean girl tactic – there’s no strategy involved at all. Palin is an uneducated Wasilla housewife, and she’s getting away with slamming the gym locker door on the fingers of the salivating MALES who can’t see through the prick tease. Actually, it looks like they’re enjoying it – at least that’s what their paychecks say. This is embarrassingly pathetic beyond words, and Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch can stop it instantly.

  • tom:

    the only person making sense here is london bridges because he/she knows the truth that elections in this country can be and are stolen.
    i suggest a few hours reading the Brad blog.

    but remember this idiot palin who should have been laughed off the stage is actually being protected by the MSM and is their creation.

    fox news obviously has allowed this loon to become whatever she has become( and i dont believe for a second she will ever come close to being president, nor will she ever run) and the rest of the media reports on trump yelling about birth cir. will not a word about how this mentally ill woman faked a pregnancy!

    so blqame the media for keeping her alive but dont believe that she has fooled the powers that be and could be sitting in the oval office.

    she never will.

  • Betsycaz:

    I want to live in your town! Here in Phoenix, they like Palin just fine, and even if they think she’s not smart enough to light a gas grill, they wouldn’t mind using her as a protest vote. But does anyone else have concerns about the religious zealotry aspect of her potential run? Do people really believe that SP is designated by god to prepare America for the end times? I think I picked that up from Dunn’s book. I’m a good little atheist, and that scares the bejesus out of me! Religious fanatics are dangerous folks…

  • FEDUP!!!:

    That’s a great idea!
    We – especially those of us that live in states that have the voter-id laws – should make sure that all people have access to getting an ID! Offer to drive people to state office where they can do it (hopefully for free, as some states say they are willing to do).
    Find out what you can do to make it happen!

  • john thomas:

    Obviously the media is covering the WGE for their own benefit $$$.
    They may also be part of setting a trap that, when sprung, will get them more $$$.
    Did I just say that? You betcha! (wink)
    **everyone say it together now**…… “That woman is an idiot.”

  • FEDUP!!!:

    The problem is: IF she becomes president (sic), there is no way to run – she will have her trigger-happy fingers on the nuke button, and SHE WILL USE IT! If she wins, it DEFINITELY will be a hastening of the end-times to come

  • msf:

    What concerns me is that she is not a very skilled politician & dumb as a bag of rocks & spouts the same incoherent nonsense over & over so no need for MSM to really be covering her & following her every move like she is the second coming.. Who is behind this vacation turned campaign trail bus tour? She is being coached & seriously financially supported by who…Ailes (who wants to be sure he chooses the next president), Murdoch, Koch Brothers, Franklin Graham & the religious right. How did the SarahPac become so lucrative. Heard there is over 5 million dollars in there. My guess is it did not come from her Bots small donations. I do agree with the ever excitable Howard Dean …..there is most definitely something afoot, but just what I’m not sure. I haven’t been able to put all the players & their motives together. I feel like I’m playing Clue again. I do believe this election could be stolen so I’m more worried about dirty tricks than the American voter at this point.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    I agree with you. For YEARS I have been shouting about the voting machine issue. That is the ONLY WAY that $arah can win. Whoever has their finger on the trigger at the right time for turning the voting machines to do whatever he/she wants them to do. (i.e. just before the end of all the vote counting – just like in WI in the latest voter-fraud-instance)

  • Juliette in VT:

    Sigh. I remember thinking there was no way in hell W. would get another 4 yrs. in the WH… so I won’t dare dismiss the Wasilla Witch and the possibilities… Costa Rica’s a nice place to escape to by the way…should buy land now while it’s still cheap.

  • Emily:

    London Bridges: While there is a ton of merit in what you say, I believe it’s a mistake to equate the Wisconsin Supreme Court election with that. I had great respect for Ms. Kloppenburg. However, I voted for Prosser. My liberal credentials are as solid as anyone’s–I realize that I have no way to prove it because I’m not providing my real name but please at least accept the possibility that I’m being truthful. I loathe Walker and will do my best to see him recalled. But the Supreme Court election was an entirely different thing.

  • Yes, the voting machines make me nervous. I know they’ve been used to steal elections.

  • msf:

    MSM has been bought by the corporate media. That’s why they lack investigative reporting skills. They have an agenda & the facts & truth are not terribly significant. Folks like Russert, Brokaw etc were replaced by nameless attractive faces (many woman) wearing suggestive clothing spouting empty wordage. Just like Palin, they are selling sex & once they have your attention they are going to throw a little racism in the mix with some adorable snarky comment. If, as a society, we get much dumber & meaner we will have a hard time dressing ourselves.

  • Emily:

    my apologies: I didn’t address the voting fraud issue. If you look at the actual facts, there really wasn’t any. It was a razor thin election but the Government Accountability Board found no fraud and I have seen nothing to indicate that there was.

  • Virginia Voter:

    Oh, good God….while I agree about the voting machines in Ohio, the rest of this is justbabout as far out there as 9-11 being an inside job.

    Howard Dean has not said anything useful since he stepped down from the DNC. He went back to be a corporate shill years ago.

  • B:

    Reagan was a divorced male President, albeit long remarried. Same for candidate Kerry.

  • Emily:

    Wisconsin doesn’t use machines like Florida did in 2000 (and may still for all I know). Voters have to manually complete the ballot. There was a state-wide recount after the Supreme Court election. The claim of “fraud” was based on the idiot in Waukesha County not correctly reporting to AP but the votes had been cast correctly (as was shown on the county’s computers) and the recount confirmed that. Don’t get me wrong–I think that voter id and similar measures are an attempt to steal future elections. I know that there has been significant voter fraud. I have zero question that Bush stole 2000 election. But that’s not what happened in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

  • msf:

    I would think twice before I did that. We have one vote & need to make sure it represents our views. With the encouragement of Moore & Devon in the last Alaskan election to vote for Joe Miller so the Alaskans could get a Democrat in they damn near got a known AIP member into the Senate. What a disaster that would have been.

  • HudsonElizabeth:

    Here is someone who is also scared by this aspect of her. When the zealot is combined with the total lack of belief in any law applying to her it makes for a very scary scenario. There is not doubt in my mind that if she did ever get to be President that she would use a martial law approach to declaring the country CHRISTIAN and only that. Knowing she could not get Congress to go along with her, or the people to vote amendments to her liking, she would just become a dictator to get her way.

  • tom:

    you dont know what the hell you are talking about.

    elections HAVE been stolen in this country many times and if you want to remain a fool thats your business.

    dont try to tell people that know what is going on that they are way out there.

    idiots like you allow the palins of this world to getelected.

  • mommom:

    Senator—-APP $200,000 per year
    POTUS—-APP $400,000 per year

    If she tries to run for either she has to give up immediately==

    Fox——APP $1,000,000 per year
    SarahPac–APP $5,000,000 per year

    Do the math

  • Dicer:

    One thing that is evident, Sarah is a loose cannon.The powers that be know this and they have seen her turn on those who have offered advise and help.I read in Bailey’s book where she would do the opposite,use press releases to have her way.The MSM have not reported the truth,they play stenographer,without calling out that she does not know, or have not written her posts.It is only when the bloggers make a fuss on calling out her lies etc then they come around in part.

    Perhaps we should assemble an army of young people to call out Palin and shame the MSM all the time.

    I also believe that the Kochroaches,Fox and the religous zealots will use her to hit at Obama with her hate and bile,if the idea before was that she would be the puppet……they have seen that she cannot be trusted.But they will pay her and use her.

    We have to stop clicking on her stories in the MSM and change channels when they report on her.

    Her looks and color play a big part in this,look how the media have gone after Jessie Jackson,Sharpton and others calling them loony etc….we do not hear this from them on Sarah Palin.I wonder why?

  • msf:

    Easy does it…although I agree with you, I’m sure you could have expressed yourself w/o going into attack mode.

  • Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel:

    Never have I stopped taking $arah seriously. Presidential-campaign-as-lap-dance is JUST dumb enough, and JUST titillating enough to move a significant portion of the electorate. (Gee, it’s a shame I never wrote that last chapter for you, Joe! Now I’m getting, in the words of the ’08 Obama campaign, “Fired up! Ready to go!”)

    When I was growing up in California, I heard people say, “Oh, Richard Nixon, oh, Ronald Reagan, he’s finished, he’s over.” And I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but those two men are Einsteins compared with the Half-Gov. And more polite, in public at least.

    I KNOW I will be much more involved in President Obama’s reelection campaign than I was the first time around. And I’m speaking as someone who had an unofficial Obama sticker on my car before he even declared his candidacy. And also, too, as someone who squeezed out donations until the eagle screamed, as well as my husband–a Democrat who just happens to pay the bills in a single-income household, with our youngest headed off to university in the fall.

  • Jo:

    John McCain was also divorced.

  • Ottoline:

    I hope you are right, Elizabeth. Your points are well taken. But let us remember Hitler’s rise: the Germans went through this same dialogue, minimizing the ridiculous possibility. The Germans were not a stupid people. I’m aghast. I sure hope you knock it out of the park, Joe: I hope your book is not almost ignored, as Dunn, Bailey et al., Scharlott, Sullivan, and the blogs have been.

  • Chris:

    So something we can all do is express concern over voter fraud in elections and demand both Democrats and Republicans address our concerns. We in the United States should be able to trust our election process. Let’s demand it be so, we need start now!

  • emrysa:

    joe I think dean is saying that because from a dem perspective, she is the ideal candidate to run against obama. she guarantees him another term. I think he’s just trying to bait the rep’s to run her.

  • dmoreno:

    Anything could happen in this crazy world, but like I said before, there is no way she will even get the nomination. There are powers behind the scene greater than any of us know about that just won’t let it happen. Sure, she is going to rattle some cages, but it will never happen. They are going to use her like the old rag she is and then throw her away wet to rot with the rest of the garbage.

  • msf:

    “I’m a good little atheist” (funny). Yes, I mentioned to my husband yesterday that there are going to be some states you just don’t want to live in. Don’t even want to visit right now. I don’t know how states like AZ & WI & their “leaders” are getting away with it. They clearly think they are above the law & Scott Walker( I think gets his direct orders from the Koch Bros) is breaking just about every law in the book. If folks don’t think an election can be stolen in this environment I just don’t think they are paying attention. It has nothing to do with polls or qualifications.

  • PatG:

    Voting is what matters. Polling percentages of 59 percent unfavorable haven’t much to do with what percent of those goes and votes.

    That said, I can’t forget 2000 election and Bush II’s being appointed president. I can’t forget voting machines being rigged and the recent election stealing in WI.

    We all know Palin isn’t fit to be president of anything much less our country so let’s stop ranting and raving and try to do something about the real problem of whether an election could be handed to her. Help make sure those who want to vote can in spite of increasingly difficult voter requirements. Do not let voting machines out of our sight – have volunteer watchers in EVERY voting spot in this country – try, try to not let any more elections be stolen.

    Continuing to demonize Palin no matter how well deserved only feeds the fire of her St. Joan victimization and rallies her acolytes to the rescue. Let’s report facts and state opinions without our resorting to her tactics and without giving her ammunition to fire back.

    When we resort to over-the-top name calling, rumors, and unsupported “facts”, Palin is laughing all the way to the bank. She may hate being criticized as the books and our ears and eyes have shown us but knows that every mention of her of any kind is money in her political and financial accounts.

  • Betsycaz:

    You know what they say about AZ – “It’s a dry hate.” And the perfect climate for the old girl. Maybe she’ll have less appeal if her complexion gets that nice leathery look so popular in Scottsdale.

  • emrysa:

    yes elections can and have been stolen.

    but keep in mind, in order for them to be stolen, the race has to be somewhat close. there will be no close race between the quitter and obama. the vast majority of the country think she’s a jack ass, and that’s not going to change simply because people may be mad at obama.

  • elizabeth:

    Palin couldn’t go a week on her ‘family’ vacation without imploding. How could she ever sustain a grueling President campaign? That is very hard work and she doesn’t follow instructions very well so she wouldn’t let professionals coach or manage her. And this isn’t 2006 Alaska where she was the cute, new face on the block up against one of the most corrupt and despised incumbents in Alaskan history. This isn’t even 2008 where she was the cute, new face on the block and the unknown darling of the right wing. In fact, the interesting point about Palin is that the more people get to know her the less they like her because the ‘cute’ schtick fades fast and what you are left with is a shallow, non-intellectual, rabble rousing hate-monger without a single original thought in her head to improve this country. (And also a lying fraud but let’s play the game for a minute…)

    Whoever sits on the Republican ticket is probably guaranteed 30% of the vote even if Bugs Bunny was their candidate. But what wins elections (especially close ones) is the undecided and the independents and they take their vote seriously which means they vote with their brains. What person with a brain is going to vote for Sarah Palin? Seriously!!!! Even if you loved her and thought she was the cutest thing since white bread do you really want her in charge of anything that could cause serious damage to this country?

    And let me just add that we seem to be forgetting in these conversations. Who does the Republican candidate have to run against? That would be one very savvy campaigner, and that is our current President, Barack Obama. We are watching the Republicans floundering, including Ms. Perky Palin, and he hasn’t even gotten started.

    Palin is teasing now because that is all she can do. If she declares, she is toast because the kid gloves will come off and she will be expected to act like a real candidate and the minute she pulls out she is toast because that is the minute the MSM doesn’t care about her anymore.

    But Mrs. TBB is correct. Get out and get involved. This is not the time to be complacent. I personally would worry more about a Romney than a Palin opponent. I bet the Obama team would too.

  • VirginiaVoter:

    Tom, dude, chill….I’m with you. I get just as upset at the media’s exalting of Sarah as anyone, if not more so. I have been on these blogs for over two years, even protested at Sarah’s book signing in Fairfax, VA back in 2009, IN THE SNOW.

    When we start spouting off far left conspiracy theories, we look just as loony as the birthers. I know Sarah faked a pregnancy, and also know that this is the ONLY thing that will banish her from the public consciousness forever.

  • Chris:

    I totally agree WWS.

    I’ve also been told not to worry about Palin, that she’s a joke, but I’ve always felt she was a terrible danger to our country and I’m sick of spending time keeping tabs on her.

    Haley Barber just said if Palin was the candidate running against Obama, that yes, he’d vote for her, that he’d vote for ANYONE running against Obama. GAH! How bad is that?

  • Susan:

    Sarah Palin Stands By Her Correct Historical Account of Paul Revere’s Ride and claims it was “gotcha type” of question. Good grief!

  • Conscious at last!:

    “Worry, fear, dread…….” These are words thrown around like whiffle balls. What ARE you worried ABOUT?
    Is Sarah Palin going to take away your home or your loved ones? Can this delusional dimwit possibly have the power to affect your mood? Well you can be sure that she is just the trigger and not the cause. When we resort to a fear fest like this, we give up our power to “the crazy.” We all project our emotions outward to the political theater. Right wing-nuts speak insanely about Obama “destroying” the nation. If you asked them to be specific, they’d have to make something up.

    All I have to say to the doom-sayers here is—Snap out of it! If you are feeling gloomy- find the reasons in your own life, your own experiences. Palin is just a whoring court jester right now. She has the capacity to pour salt in our wounds because we invite her into our hearts and minds. I’d prefer to see her as a humorous sports event.

    The Bush-Cheney regime was FAR MORE DANGEROUS and inflicted greater harm. We are slowly undoing that damage, domestically and internationally. The puppet masters hoped that Palin would be a useful tool, but she has proved herself to be an “un-useful” idiot Since she has been invited “out” of the GOP-party, she is busy playing “spoiler.” That’s the show- watching the crazy unravel. If you enjoy feeling frightened, then perhaps you’d prefer to watch a horror flick.l

    But I’ll take this one step further— based on everything we’ve seen of Palin in the last two years, let’s imagine that she is elected POTUS— just for fun folks. OK?? How long would she last? What the hell would she get accomplished??? She trusts NO ONE. She has no real “advisers.” She knows NOTHING. You saw the Paul Revere fiasco— Well that’s what a Palin Presidency would look like.

  • Susan:

    As I was writing my comment, I indeed thought to myself why bother leaving she is going to blow up the world…….not a believer in Hell, but in her case I hope I am wrong. I have to go back and check on it, but I thought Nostradamus forecasted a period of world wide peace and stability that roughly coincides with our current place in history. I’ll willing to consider that there may be some truth in his predictions, it certainly is within our power collectively to steer the world toward that stability.

    My feelings for her are so intense, they border on hatred. I get a lot of mental/emotional exercise wrestling with my thoughts about her. Frankly I can only take her in very small doses, but there is no way I can turn my back on her. I hope the members of this community are politically active, engaging in conversations, petitioning their representatives, calling, writing, donating time and effort. I believe it is essential, and the best place to put or energies.

  • msf:

    I’m familiar with Scottsdale summers. Is there any chance that she will just evaporate?

  • mistah charley, ph.d.:

    I have, for decades, imagined that I could emigrate to Canada. A few months ago I really checked into it. It turns out, that as a person of retirement age, there’s no slot for me. My wife is a decade younger, so she could possibly get a job there – but on my own, they just won’t take me. Of the English-speaking countries, only Ireland is a realistic possibility for someone of my age and resources.

  • msf:

    Instead of having another Chicken Little moment…one thing we can all do is volunteer to be a poll worker on Election Day & get out the vote.

  • Mrs Gunka:

    We’ve been screwed! Period.

  • Sir Guestalot:

    I would never change my registration to GOP. Never. Not under any circumstances. And I’ll add: I’m not in the Beltway, but I do think that those who are on the Democratic side have plenty of evidence that Sarah Palin would be defeated in a national election by our incumbent president–you know, the one who destroyed Osama Bin Laden, and Al-Quaeda’s #2 when Bush & co. could not.

    P.S. Howard Dean would LOVE to have the Democratic ticket run against Sarah Palin. He would LOVE it.

  • Sir Guestalot:

    Both had remarried. They were married while in office and while campaigning.

  • omomma:

    The reason we fear so much is precisely because of Bush/Cheney; Bush was appointed president once and kept in office through the Help America Vote [Republican] Act. We haven’t forgotten any of this. That’s why we fear. We know what a mighty struggle it was to make our votes count.

  • Sir Guestalot:

    Virginia Voter, I am a huge fan of your posts, and have been ever since I read your account of the protest in the snow on Bree’s old blog. Thank you for your activism.

  • Sir Guestalot:

    Totally agree w/you.

  • Sir Guestalot:

    All this worry, fear, and dread…It’s just like Fox News around here today. GET ACTIVE & DO SOMETHING. I worked for Pres. Obama in 2 states last time as “boots on the ground” and donated $. Do what you can–NOW!

  • Melly:

    Hang in there, VV, you are greatly appreciated, and I agree with you on the slim chances of wholesale machine fraud. Tom, like VV said, chill.

  • eliminate hypocrisy:

    Dean is blowing Dem propoganda…the Dems WANT Bunker Hill Barbie to run since they know she’s Obama’s easiest chance of a blowout election. It’s as simple as that.

  • FrostyAK:

    What countries have open immigration for aging Americans? Just in case the dimwit is PUT/bought into office by Big Money….

  • Hi Susan, I like the way you think.

    We all have a feeing that something must be done, but how to co-ordinate it and pull together in a coherent way? We are not an organized militia. We are not an organized group like the tea party. We all recognize each other as kindred spirits with a deep concern, but we are scattered to the winds. Key power people with lots of money organized the Tea Party. And it’s the voting machines that really concern me. How do we monitor that???

    You wrote: “But I will be looking for a new country to call home and I am taking the Obama’s with me. Norway, Ireland, Vancouver Island BC……God I hope someone will have me.”

    I have a 160 acre ranch in the Interior of British Columbia. Lakes and forest and lots of fresh air. Ya’all can “come any time and bring your dawg.” Seriously! But if Palin gets her finger on the button, none of us are safe, no matter how far away.

    So what do we do about it?

  • rm:

    I hope LSM focus on :Palin emails redacted by same people who worked for her

  • lilly lily:

    I agree with the lap dance. Sex, sex, sex sells. Look at Paris Hilton, and she is a genius compared to Palin. Ditto Kim whatshername. Two with sex tapes that propelled them into big bucks, which they took to the bank.

    I’de move to Costa Rica myself if she ever got near the White House.

    The days of investigative reporting are gone. We the bloggers have to bring her down. Something will happen between now and then, and no one goes into the White House in a straight jacket. She is nutz, nutz. and more nutz, and if the papers are afraid to say it, the bloggers aren’t.

    O.K. American, you want an ignorant pyscho in the office, keep giving her money.

    Once the money goes, so will she. It is all money for her.

    She has no moral center in spite of all the spouting she does on family values, being a servant of the people and all the rest of her talking points.

  • sallyngarland,tx:

    I hope Palin has been paying attention to the fact that the Kardashians made $65m in 2010. Surely, she doesn’t want a $400,000 job when she could have $65m and spin-offs for Bristol, Willow and Piper with appearances by Trig,Tripp & Track & surely there will be a Trap born at sometime. The Palashians could be a big hit and then we might get our news back.

    There could be perfume lines & cologne lines for all plus clothing lines, etc.

    Disgusting, huh? But that may be what she is working for–or where she will end up. I’d rather see her on the MSNBC Lock-Up, though.

  • msf:

    Well, sadly none. That’s why we have to make sure Klondike Barbie does not get anywhere the White House. Being a 60’s kid many went to Canada to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War & although we tend to think of alternatives it’s not realistic….besides this is our country & we should even consider not standing our ground….hell, we are the rill mericans. You betcha.

  • msf:

    During the last election the Dems made sure that key voting precincts were supervised by lawyers etc. to make sure there was no mischief.

  • rm:

    Sarah Palin Uses A Teleprompter to Blast Obama on Fox News Sunday

    Fox Hypes Sarah Palin’s Sunday Talk Show Appearance But She’s Using Teleprompter

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    I agree Elizabeth.
    She is now playing a Dangerous game threatening GOP Back me or Else! Well, she just might end up having a fatal “accident”.
    She can run as a third Party but that siphons off GOP’r funds.
    She is playing a very Dangerous game.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    That is a EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of why voter “games” should not be played.
    The short story is the GOP is not backing her, so she is making threats that she will run 3rd Party. She would be siphoning off funds from them.
    They are not going to let that happen.
    Something Big is going to come crashing down and stop her in her tracks.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Vote by absentee ballots!

  • grammy97:

    On the subject of voting machine rigging, please look at .

  • Diane:

    I could never support the republican party, even in name only.
    Our votes count and we all need to make sure we vote and encourage others to vote.
    It really is imperative that the people from Alaska tell what they know about palin.
    She should never have been voted in as Governor and I hope to God, she is never anywhere near the White House.

  • curiouser:

    The rifle photo shows a Sarah impersonator. I’m going to take a wild guess that she’s the Sarah from ‘Nailin’ Palin’ which I haven’t seen and can’t confirm. How perfectly that would fit with the quote from “The Rogue”!

  • msf:

    Yes….very weird. The entire interview with Chris Wallace was scripted & it was clear Palin knew all the questions & the answers. You could see her reading from the teleprompter. It would appear the Roger Ailes plans to try to use Palin as his puppet to run the country. At one point Wallace was bashing Obama & asked her..what would you do as president. Answer…. as President Palin I would…..there you have it folks. They say knowledge is power. There is most definitely a plan & mischief going on. Let’s make sure they don’t pull it off.

  • omomma:

    God I hope so, but WHEN!!!

  • Maddies_Mom:

    Hi Mrs. TBB, haven’t seen you in a while!

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    My cousins wife works for Canadian Immigration…

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    When you’re talking about tens or hundreds of millions of dollars… a dangerous game indeed.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Just remember… Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura, and George W. was “elected” twice. Shit happens.

  • Joe,
    Thanks for doing all you do! Can’t wait for your book to come out! By then I predict Palin will have announced her candidacy and we will have our work cut out for us. Malia Litman

  • Susan:

    And they are all men. Men and women are still not viewed by the same set of standards. I would think the religious right would have the most trouble if her divorice becomes publically expressed. Maybe more damaging would be if the rumors revolving around Todd’s sexual preferences took hold. I frankly don’t care
    they have enabled each other for years which suggests he has his own set of instabilities, that complimented and worked in tandem with hers.

    I don’t think we should give our power to her either, but we can not just talk to ourselves and think we’ve accompolished anything. At the very least we should be encouraging the conversations that are so difficult to have because of our political divisions. I am always looking for openings, and ways to push them past the flash points. And participating in the campaign and the election process is the most effective use of our energy.

    Three words Sarah….No.You.Won’t

  • I voted to oust Newt once in the Georgia primary and not only did it not work but the Republican party kept calling me and sending me mail. Not worth the stress.

  • Joe:

    Thanks, Malia. Should be an interesting summer and fall.

    Keep on with your terrific work.


  • Deb:

    Howard Dean must feel lonely and in need of attention as he hasn’t had much TV attention lately. He’s one person I’ve always thought to have had many brain farts.

  • Georgia Eliot:

    just for the record, I love Jesse Ventura. Way smarter and more fearless than W. And fwiw I am one of those who voted for Obama and was very disappointed he chose not to invite Howard Dean into the administration. Look at the difference in a Dean as DNC chair and a Rahm. Dean believes in a progressive vision for this country, so he gets shuffled off to the side with the crackpot wing, Kucinich, Sanders – and Sharpton and Jackson, as noted above — but who’s fighting for us?

  • Samantha:

    Elizabeth, thank you for calling everyone out on this. I appreciate these blogs, but Joe needs to sell a book, Jesse needs traffic, and even Howard Dean has an interest here…the DNC wants donations.

    It’s a disgrace that the media followed a woman around who they ALL know can never be president. Plus, she’s still employed by Fox, she hasn’t spent any money in Iowa for an infrastructure, and she hasn’t said she’s running. In fact, a reporter asked her if she’s interested in an Arizona Senate seat and you should have seen her face. It was like someone asked her to go to work picking tomatoes. Sarah Palin doesn’t want a job, ok?

    Doesn’t anyone remember the tremendous effort Joe Biden had to make on tv to not guffaw when the newscasters asked about Sarah Palin running against Obama? He couldn’t even keep a straight face.

  • Samantha:

    Does anybody not remember that when something serious was going on in Wisconsin and she showed up to put in her 2 cents that the media who adores her stepped all over her to get to the REAL players and cover what was really going on? Because despite being corporate owned and entertainment-based, they still have to cover news. Without something real going on, this kind of coverage of Sarah will continue by the MSM. Just like they fawned over Donald Trump. The Republican field is weak for a reason. It’s because Obama’s election is guaranteed. So all kinds of nonsense will go on between now and then. There is no way SP can win. And there is still no hard evidence she’s running.

    Frankly, Americans would vote for Donald Trump over Sarah Palin, if it came down to it. And Trump probably has a good laugh thinking about that. Both of them are a joke.

  • lilly lily:

    I cqnnot believe what shills the mainstream media, and even the NY Times have become.

    1 percent of the people in the world own 40 percent of the wealth.

    This is why.

  • Winnie:

    The corporations really have cheapened everything in America, haven’t they? Nothing they produce holds up. Not their cheap products made by kids in overseas sweatshops, and certainly not the “news” they put out.

    And now it would appear that cheap and feeble-minded Sarah Palin is their presidential ideal for us.

    How did we let them get such power?

  • Joe:

    You think they have power now? Think about before FDR and labor unions, when child labor was the norm.


  • Lidia17:

    You can buy your way in, if you give them $800k interest-free for 5 or 10 years. (I checked!)

  • Don’t worry about Sarah Palin becoming president. Once she realizes how much work is involved, she’ll quit. She couldn’t even run Wasilla without a manager.

  • Limosis:

    Jesse Ventura is awesome- he is totally right about a lot of issues, he just made the mistake of bashing religion in America’s heartland- big no no if you want to stay in power- Ventura went on Larry King a while back stating that he thinks Palin is cashing in and I agree- The only reason she is even relevent is because people keep paying attention to her, for ratings or whatever, it must stop!

  • Marmashi:

    The GOP has been passing voter suppression legislation in several states. I do not know if the laws can be challenged in time, but they are designed to disenfranchise the poor and those that have not voted before.
    I can see the GOP winning elections by running fake Dem candidates-(like in WIsconsin and S.Carolina)
    We are dealing with a party that is trying to ruin the country for everyone but their corporate donors. It is becoming a nightmare.