In the USA, in 2011, a COMIC STRIP can be CENSORED???

I’ve gotta say, I never expected this.

I don’t think Garry Trudeau did either.

He’s had “DOONESBURY” strips killed by newspapers before.

But for the Chicago Tribune and Newsday and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to drop
DOONESBURY for a full week because the strip contained quotes from THE ROGUE?

Hey, what is this, North Korea?

Many, many, many newspapers and blogs are discussing this.

I don’t have the time or staff (by the way, my “staff” consists of my left hand and my right hand) to put together a post that lists them.

But Garry tells me he’ll be on NPR this week discussing the censorship by mainstream media of cartoons that dared to make fun of Sarah Palin.

Has Sarah become the Blessed Virgin, and the USA a new Vatican City?

Major newspapers in Chicago, New York, and Atlanta refuse to run–for a full week or more–a comic strip that refers to excerpts from a book that dares to criticize a woman who once ran for vice president and then quit as governor of her state and has subsequently made millions of dollars by doing reality shows and appearing as a highly-paid political commentator on a right-wing TV channel?

Hey, people: we’ve got a problem.

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