Is Sarah Palin too thin-skinned for a presidential campaign?

The Christian Science Monitor asks this question.

I suspect we’ll learn the answer on September 20, when THE ROGUE is published.

Or even during the preceding week, when snippets from the book will be judiciously released to selected media.

I’ve had two direct experiences with what I would consider Sarah’s hypersensitivity to words and events she cannot control.

The first came in spring of 2009, when I published a cover story in Conde Nast Portfolio titled “Pipe Dreams.”

My article told the true story about Sarah’s false claim that as Alaska governor she’d brought about the construction of a multi-billion dollar natural gas pipeline.

Sarah and her honchos went berserk. “Hit piece” and “yellow journalism” are phrases I seem to recall, although not a single fact in the article was ever challenged.

And, by the way, how’s that AGIA workin’ for the people of Alaska now, Sarah?

More than a year later, when I temporarily moved in next door to her on Lake Lucille, Sarah and her honchos–which by then included Glenn Beck and Greta Van Susteren, as well as a pack of rabid right-wing talk radio bullies–came at me with teeth bared and mouths foaming.

I recall the terms “stalker” and “creep” being used, at Sarah’s behest.

That made for a few crazy weeks, about which I write in THE ROGUE.

So, based both on personal experience and on what I learned from many others who have incurred Sarah’s wrath over the years, I would–for the first time in my life–be inclined to agree with Karl Rove.

Sarah Palin does not have the mental and emotional stability that would allow her to survive the rigors of a campaign for the office of President of the United States.

Sadly, despite being obsessed with herself, she lacks the self-awareness that would enable her to recognize her absence of equilibrium.

During her campaign for governor of Alaska she had a free ride, because the Alaskan media was almost non-existent, and because she charmed the pants and skirts off those reporters who should have been casting gimlet eyes upon her, instead of viewing her through rose colored glasses.

As soon as she was faced with criticism, after she was defeated in her bid for the vice presidency of our country, she quit.

In my opinion, her behavior over the years–especially her callous disregard for others–has left her with very few people close enough to her to be in a position to offer her their own genuine insights.

THE ROGUE is by no means an attempt at psychobiography.

Enough others claim to be able to see into Sarah’s mind, heart and soul.

But everything I’ve learned in researching and writing THE ROGUE leads me to conclude that however much she wants to be president, and however much she believes that her God has “mantled” and “annointed” her to turn America into a theocracy, Sarah will listen to the few who are telling her that she just wouldn’t be able to take the heat.

Thin-skinned is a nice way of putting it.

Being a nice man, I’ll leave it at that.

For now.

69 Responses to “Is Sarah Palin too thin-skinned for a presidential campaign?”

  • M. Aragon:

    Kind of makes ya feel dirty when you find yourself agreeing with Rove, but he’s got her number on this one. I’d be careful about crossing him if I were her, but then I’m sensible.
    Countin’ down the days to when I can devour your book on my Kindle.

  • OliviaP:

    That woman has onion skin thin skin, single layer of cells thin skin. And she cannot stop talking about how tough she is and having really thick skin. Up is always down, in is always out in Palinworld.

  • Ivyfree:

    Common sense would tell her to listen to people close to her, but I don’t think shehas much common sense. What she does have is a toddle’rs “can so!” attitude. (“You can’t do that, Sarah.” “Can so!”) I don’t think there’s anybody in her life who cares enough to advise her, and whom she trusts enough to listen attentively.

    I think she’ll run, if not as a Republican or Teabagger, as a conservative Independent, but she won’t run a standard campaign at all. She has to do it in a way that enables her to tell herself that it was somebody else’s fault she didn’t win.

    And now I think about it, I don’t think she has anybody close to her who would advise her. She has family intimates, and then there’s an outer circle of people she knows. I think she’s unlikely to listen to anyone who might tell her something she doesn’t want to hear.

  • Joe:

    I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.


  • FEDUP!!!:

    Thin skin, but EMPTY brain.
    A dangerous combination, especially with the people behind the scenes who are feeding her her soundbites and who are financing her.She MIGHT run for President, but she will quit half-ways through – it is way too much effort and, she would have to actually stand for something and answer questions (and not just from Faux Noise!), and she would have to release her complete financial statements and her medical records…

  • B:

    I don’t know if she’s too thin-skinned to run for Pres, but I think she’s too thin-skinned to run a successful campaign for Pres, and she’s certainly too thin-skinned (as well as other things) to be President.

    The best thing about Karl Rove is W’s nickname for him, Turd Blossom.

  • Dusty:

    She is to thinned skinned for even a normal interview with any journalist other than Fox News.
    My question is why does any of the pundits think for one moment she is even remotely qualified. Nothing in her education background, past work experiences give her even a hint of be qualified for the highest office. Seriously, how in the world does anyone think a half-term governor of one of the smallest populated states is qualified to even run for president?
    Good luck with your book and the tour Joe. I hope it meets or exceeds all your expectations.

  • JR:

    The psychology of Sarah is one of the reasons I stick with her story. I think she is fascinating and I wish I could get in her mind if just to verify my suspicions.
    I waver on whether or not she will declare. If she does, it will not be because someone “advised” her as Sarah runs on spontaneity and makes rash decisions. Sometimes her schemes work – even the ones that were obviously poorly done. Face it, she has mastered the art of manipulation and has usually landed on her feet with the willing assistance of our piss-poor journalists.
    I am enjoying the slow fall of Sarah, and now she is boxed in on the choice to run (bad) or disappoint her supporters (bad). I think you nailed it last week – Sarah Palin is scared shitless.
    50 years from now maybe someone will write a psychobiography from a hysterical perspective.

  • Susan in MD:

    Ivyfree, I left a comment for u on the last thread but all have moved on so I thought u might not see it . You remarked that SP has ODD and I asked if u meant that in jest based on her behaviors or statements. You also said that she has had days where she can’t function, much less get out of bed, get herself dressed or campaign. This seemed like insider info and I have yet to read any of the books about her ( but I have ordered joe’s). Can u tell me where this personal in fo abot her came from? Would luv to read it. Txs.

  • Jolene:

    From that interview with Rove, it would seem that GVS is beginning to talk like Sarah, with lots of ums, ers, and snatches of sentences without meaning.

  • frankstwin:

    I don’t often post reviews on Amazon. That being said I will most likely post a review as soon as possible after reading my Kindle delivery. I have read four of your books, Joe, and have enjoyed everyone of them. I recently read Ron Chernow’s ” Washington: A Life”. I was appalled at some of the extremely negative reviews of this Pulitzer Prize winning book. The one star reviews echoed right-wing talking points and were not supported with any salient points from the 67 chapters in the book. I will wager some of Sarah’s supporters have already written their reviews starting with something like…” I gave it one star because I can’t give it zero stars”.

  • bill in belize:

    I envy your writing. It is exactly what i strive for. But I am nowhere near your caliber and so I plug away on my blog. But do know I see you as an example of what I want to be.
    Thank you.

    Oh, and I also love the Sarah snip-its,, for lack of a better word.

  • sharon:

    We already know palin doesn’t have the ability to accept or process anything she views as critical or questioning of her. Her responses to those she views as her enemy or a threat to her house of cards are mean, nasty and very juvenile. I’ve always said that sarah palin is a mean girl and her schoolyard just happens to include the whole country.

  • PopSixSquish:

    My thoughts are, most mortals can’t stand deeply personal criticism, regardless of veracity or personality. That’s just being human. I would imagine even the most seemingly tough person feels hurt on the inside at times.

    Sarah is human, therefore she feels pain. Heck, I consider Hillary Clinton to be a robot but we definitely saw her lose it last election. The world is unkind to women in general, so when women still continue to put themselves out there, fighting for the things they believe in, you’ve gotta respect that. Look at how the democratic party treated Hillary in 08. Look at the crassness of the media and how it automatically treats ANY conservative. I used to live in an urban environment, and despite my dem leanings in THAT environment, I vote conservative at the national level. People don’t understand this concept and called me lots of names. All out of immaturity.

    Personally I would never call Sarah OR Hillary thin-skinned. Both have endured unfair, prejudicial treatment. How many other public figures have people constantly speculating on things they know nothing about personally, how many constantly have people making stuff up daily about a prospective candidate? There is so much bs out there it makes us middle of the road people sick.

    Because US politics is nasty by nature (always has been) good people don’t run for office. We haven’t had a true leader with actual qualifications in the office of the President since, hmmm. Ok Clinton is a leader. Sexually Immoral man with baggage, yes. But a leader nonetheless. JFK probably would have been a decent President had he not been anti war. haha It makes me laugh that I am technically related to LBJ. But I digress.

    Just look at all the superficial attacks people insist on making against Sarah Palin. The next time you want to mock her (or anyone’s) hair, momentary expression captured by a screenshot, or sweater, think before you act. I don’t see you mocking democrats for buttoning their blazer incorrectly, or wearing spandex showing off a less than perfect figure.

    Yes, it’s human nature to judge based on our preferences and experiences. But it is also human nature to show compassion for our fellow man, regardless of who they are. If you are selective in this process of determining who to support and who to criticize and mock ad nauseum just because you disagree, you’re no better than the people you find distasteful and unpleasant. In fact, you’re worse. You’re a hypocrite.

  • msf:

    I’ve no idea what to think regarding Rove & his thin skinned rant. Is it for real or is it a stunt? There are videos of Rove three years ago talking up Palin & her accomplishments & the Alaskan pipe line. Out of fear for myself & my family & my country I have followed this lunatic since she was “tapped” by McCain hoping the real Palin would be revealed to all……hoping your book can help lead the way. All the GOP candidates are troublesome, but Palin appears to be the least mentally stable. SOS.

  • Sue:

    If I remember correctly, SP once said President Obama was thin-skinned. I’ve often tried and failed to imagine him firing off a twit or FB post or whining to the media whenever anyone said anything derogatory about him. That man AND his family have the skin of rhinoceroses. I think the most hurtful thing President Obama has ever said was in the 60 minutes interview with Barbara Walters: “I don’t think about Sarah Palin”.

  • Tiff:

    Do remember that when Sarah first started her run for Governor, she was automatically hit with sexist attack after sexist attack, being called the worst of names. While I would imagine some people would ignore it and move on, is that really the way to change things? I mean, if everyone just ignored blatant prejudice and crimes of hate, would the haters not continue to grow? Haters don’t vocalize out of a need for attention generally. Theywere either taught that’s the way to be, or they are fighting something within themselves.

    And people who turn to hating from being a congenial person often do so to combat a big problem. They typically tire of a way of life. Sarah was literally the nicest kid imaginable in school, in pageant life. Quiet, reserved, liked everyone, no one tok issue with her. Because she was raised to excel (school and sports) people could count on her to always be “on”.

    While I do think this need to excel in career began germinating early on, I think Frank B may be correct in saying that as soon as she became Governor and people down here began to notice the newest, hot female Gov of a male-driven state, it went to her head. It’d probably go to my head, but I am ambitious so my decisions probably would have mirrored hers. But think back to all the radio jockeys and folks who trashed her administration daily, tossing lie after lies after attack into the airwaves. In one email I read, Sarah said something to the effect of “I hope they’re blaming me and not all of you for all this. You all don’t deserve the attacks…” That statement rang true to me and fit her. The more people unfairly criticized her, for being young, a woman, inexperienced, the more she could harness that into a way to propel her forward.

    Just my two cents. I’ve worked in local govt for 25 years and seen it all: scandal, depression, near suicides, the biggest verbal and physical fights imaginable. I’ve seen nothing in Sarah that I haven’t seen in several others. People just use her as their scapegoat because she’s a megalomaniac, because she’s easy to use, she’s what is there to mock when people are stressed and tired and frustrated with the incompetence in DC.

  • KiteGirl:

    “Sarah Palin does not have the mental and emotional stability that would allow her to survive the rigors of a campaign for the office of President of the United States.”

    That sentence says it all.

    OT – I cannot put down Cruel Doubt. Excellent, especially the discussion about attorney ethics and client privilege.

  • myrna nichols:

    I don’t think that Sarah is smart enough to take smart advice. I don’t think that she has a crack team of smart, professional advisers. Todd is her adviser?He’s not objective in this case. I agree, Sarah wants to be the president, and she wants to run. She may fool herself into believe that she was “chosen.” That’s what gives her such brazen self-confidence. I think that it’s a cover for how totally insecure she is, deep inside. She is constantly afraid of being found out, hence the bravado. Now Karl Rove has goaded her, and she couldn’t take it. Last January, following the Arizona shootings, Roger Ailes (her boss) told her to lie low. She didn’t. She responded with her Blood Libel Video. Sarah does not take advice from people who are smarter than she is. In the end, she’ll be the kid who just has to get even, just to show them, even at cost to herself. Sarah is a great subject for a psychological study; she is her own worst enemy.

  • carollt:

    Sarah has skin so thin you can see through it. But she has said time after time that she and her family have thick skin, as if stating such will make it so.

    Sarah’s skin was so thin that she couldn’t handle her last two years as governor (which is why I never refer to her as Governor Palin; one has to serve a full term to keep that title). There is an old saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Sarah is anything but tough. The woman cannot even handle being asked what newspapers she reads (although since she doesn’t appear to read any newspapers, perhaps that was a tough question).

    Enabled by the media, Sarah is a legend in her own mind. But she is not fooling anyone; least of all the voters. I seriously doubt she could be elected to the position of dog catcher. Should she enter the primaries, she would not be a top-tier candidate as she likes to think. Already she polls at less than 10% and that is among Republicans. If Republicans want President Obama to be a one-term President, they will not be voting for the likes of Sarah Palin. And it will only get tougher in 2016 when the Democratic nominee will be none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton – now that is a lady with some thick skin.

  • Natalie:

    You said it all Myrna.

  • Sue:

    That made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The only way I could support someone who I disagreed with and found distasteful and unpleasant would be if they were family. And THEN I would feel hypoctritical. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would support someone they had such little respect for if the price is right, but that’s not my style.

  • Rocky in Texas said...:

    I would love to be a fly on her wall when she finally realizes that her god was playing with her head when he/she told her “She was destined to be president of the United States of America”

    I am sure she will blame it on President Obama and play the victim one more time, demanding that her remaining follower’s send the rest of there money to sarahpac.

  • carollt:

    One cannot compare Hillary to Sarah. Hillary is a damn hard worker who has never quit. And if Sarah can’t handle the heat or the criticism, then she needs to go home. If Sarah wants to play in the big leagues, she better suck it up and quit playing the victim. To my knowledge, the American People have never elected a victim as President. And I highly doubt we are going to start now.

  • g:

    Is this a rhetorical question? Of course she is. She’s too thin-skinned for a primary, let alone a presidential campaign. Hell, she’s too thin-skinned for an open and honest book tour.

  • carollt:

    Boo hoo, everyone is just a picking on poor Sarah. In the meantime, Sarah Palin says the most hateful things I have ever heard about President Obama. She can dish it out; she cannot take it. And that is one reason she will never play ball in the big leagues.

  • g:

    I hear what you’re saying, but you’re wrong. Look at what the rightwing press and the rightwing politicians say about President Obama. It’s far, far, worse than what they say about Palin. he rises above it. She can’t help but engage with it. Hillary herself was also able to rise above it – it was her supporters who freaked about it more than she did.

    Palin is thin-skinned. Every president and presidential candidate is going to be joked about, have cartoons printed about them, have gossip columns written about them.

    Catch the latest about Obama? The right wing is slamming him for wearing a bicycle helmet while riding bikes with his daughter. Is he taking the bait? No. Palin’s problem is she is always taking the bait. If you extrapolate that to the foreign policy level, she is a seriously dangerous person to put anywhere near the Red Button.

  • margaret:

    I have been wondering this from the first day I heard her. What is wrong with the media? This woman is not even remotely qualified in ability, intellect, professionalism, class, diplomatic skills—and on and on- to be even mentioned in the same breath as a president of the United States. I just cannot understand why anyone with a modicum of common sense would think this know nothing should be considered for the leader of one of the most important countries in the world. The thought of her making decisions that affect all the world is terrifying.

  • WakeUpAmerica:

    I thought Keith Olbermann gave him that nickname.

  • No, that was indeed Dubya’s coinage.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    I really loved your pipe dreams article, it was a taste of things to come.
    I had read your book “Going to extremes” before I even knew you were considering a palin book. When I went to Alaska I read the book before and when I came back.
    When you moved next to the grifter…and she posted your pic with her inflammatory Facebook rant I was one of the people to seek out your Son and alert him so he could WARN you.
    And he thanked me from you.
    I have totally supported you in-spite of the Bailey issue and was vocal on PoGates how tasteless and crass that was for them to include include that in their intro.
    Until a few days ago, when you totally insulted me and just about anyone who didn’t agree with you personally on this blog and in blog posts, I totally supported you Joe. However now, because of that, I am rethinking things…looking things over with a critical eye…
    I will not go over….it…again. If a person insults me or my “compatriots” my blogger friends I really can not support back. As much as I was looking forward about reading this book in the sunshine and making notes in the side of the book…that is not going to happen. I will read the book. I will order it from the library. But I’m sorry I can not support a person who…
    1) hates blogging and therefore hates his commenters
    2) personally insults his commenters who have only come here to support him.
    Two weeks ago I was a champion to support you Joe.
    But after I saw you slam Celia Harrison….hey you could write a book on all she has been through from the Palin administration…
    And slam me and others personally on this blog…well its, just doesn’t show much decency or decorum befitting a “Author”. In fact I have never received such treatment from a “Blog” and I blog on many never insulted & belittled…but now I can say I was personally insulted by Author of “The Rogue-Joe McGinnis”. Joe it showed a nasty side a side of a person, very much like Sarah Palin herself!
    Carpe Diem eh Joe?
    And it greatly saddens me. Now I suppose you will pick apart my comment for misspellings or Whatnot? That’s fine Joe, as I’m just a lowly blogger and not a Great Author like you! :)

  • Ivyfree:

    The Oppositional Defiance Disorder comment was a joke based on her behavior. If you watch her, she quite often does what people say she won’t. If they say she’ll do something- like appearing at that Republican Women’s conference- she won’t do it. She seems to want to prove that she makes the decisions, but it’s not sensible to consistently do the opposite of what is expected. But then, she’s not sensible. And you know, it’s not even Roguish behavior to do the opposite of what people say- you become predictable.

    As far as the not getting up and dressed- I have believed for a long time that Sarah has bipolar tendencies. About halfway through 2009 I was speculating on getting a calendar and marking the days she triggered public comment on her press releases/tweets/behavior, because her behavior seems so cyclic. She’d do or say something to hit the news and the blogs, there’d be discussion, and she’d fade away for a while… and then start it over again. And when she’s “up” she’s babbling random word salad, gasping and grinning and getting her picture taken. Sarah makes her money by begging and giving speeches. If people don’t like her, they’re not going to donate, and they’re not going to go listen to her talk, no matter how much Fox News promotes her. Combine all the upcoming negative publicity with her aging, and I suspect a severe depressive episode is on its way.

    That picture of Sarah at that Washington event- it was just a couple of months ago- where she was wearing a jacket that was soiled and didn’t match her skirt and shoes three sizes too big: that is CLASSIC crazy behavior. Poor grooming is a huge clue for psychiatric issues in general.

    Thanks for repeating your comment: I hadn’t gone back, so otherwise I wouldn’t have picked up on it.

  • diz:

    thin-skinned, thick-headed = slim chance

  • zenna:

    Re: bike helmets

    It is better to look stupid than be stupid.

    Of course, most Republicans nowadays are incredibly stupid. By definition.

  • Lisabeth:

    Critiquing someone does NOT make you a hater!!
    And poor poor Sarah is right! Always the victim. Always blaming others.
    The way she has constantly attacked the elected President has been hostile, unprofessional, viscous and sick.
    The criticisms leveled at her don’t compare. I’m so sick of her fan club insisting that Sarah got so much criticism when in fact the media has given her a pass. And the media has made Sarah. She would be nothing if it wasn’t for John McCain and the media.

  • zenna:

    Think like an immature junior high school girl and you’ll be thinking just like Sarah Palin.

  • Heidi3:

    The mere idea of a woefully uneducated, mentally unstable, narcissistic, beauty pageant runner up, thin-skinned, grifter extraordinaire housewife from Wasilla, Alaska actually ‘aspiring’ to the office of the Presidency is…what? There aren’t enough words. If I had to pick a couple, I’d say blasphemous and borderline treasonous (as in a very real threat to the foundation of our democracy and elective process.)

    I would also say, “Hie thee to the hinterlands, Sarah, never to return!” Barbara Bush suggested the same. Not only is Sarah a supreme embarrassment to any thinking American (and particularly women), but an international laughingstock as well.

    Rovian tactics? – bring ’em on! Sarah probably never heard of such a thing, so would say, “In what regard, Charlie?” Sarah Palin ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  • Marc:

    What continues to baffle me is that Palin’s followers can’t discern that there are 2 Sarah Palins.

    There is the Sarah that reads well written VP convention address. And then there’s the real Sarah Palin. The one who babbles and melts before your eyes when confronted with substantive issues and questions.

    There’s the Sarah than winks and waves, has books ghost written for her, which according to those close to her as staff or professional handlers are nothing but fantasy driven. And then there’s the Sarah who hides behind Facebook and Twitter and snipes and carps about everything Obama and his family does.

    I fail to see how any thinking person can’t distinguish between the “refudiate”, “squirmish”, Paul Revere ride , babygate, housegate, troopergate, dairygate, etc. Sarah and the cutesy, you betcha, breathtakingly ignorant and real Sarah Palin.

  • Deni:

    Unfortunately, our media isn’t about ‘news’ any longer. Now it’s a profit center in a huge corporation and ‘infotainment’ is the ‘news’ of the day. That anyone thinks Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric were gotcha interviews shows how lame the media is. Both were softball interviews and Sarah couldn’t hold up. She won’t run and Karl Rove called her out for being a prick tease. Now she’s going to have to do something one way or the other. Once Karl sinks his shark teeth into something, he doesn’t let go. The next round of calling her out won’t be as nice.

  • Jessica Clemons:

    The media doesn’t think she’s qualified. As I’ve heard on Hardball, “she’s good copy”. Because of her erratic behavior and word salads, she sells papers and websites receive “clicks”. They follow her (or used to) so that they can be the first ones to get the silly statements that fall from her lips. She’s comic relief. Everybody knows it.

    Of course the “are you running for president” questions are asked so that they know if more dribble will be flowing from her lips. If they should start scheduling vacations or wait to see if the political comic relief will be around to entertain for a few more months.

    How many paid speaking engagements did she have this year compared to last year. She doesn’t get called back to speak anywhere. Her incoming revenue is drying up with the exception of sarahpac which can’t be used if she declares.

  • Jessica Clemons:

    Is PopSixSquish and Tiff the same person. The writing is the same and uses the same writing style. In your first moniker you say that she’s picked on too much, in the second you say that she’s picked on too much.

    I guess the women’s movement was successful because of the liberal / democratic women. Based on your writings, the conservative / right wing women would have felt victimized and quit.

  • omomma:

    Most serious politicians are able to keep their eyes on the prize. Even the mentally stunted G.W.Bush pretty much ignored remarks directed at his lack of abilities. It’s a special performance behavior learned by anyone who wishes to have an active political life. None waste their valuable time getting into public spats with anyone whose position doesn’t match their own. Palin obviously doens’t know how this works.

  • Paul:

    Karl Rove is not doing anything differently except one thing he did when Bush was in office. The difference is he is openly trying to manipulate peoples opinion and control what Palin may do next. Like it or not the fact that Rove does not have a clear grasp on Sarah Palin is eating him up and he is showing his bully self.

  • jcinco:

    Hear hear…

  • Nancy:

    My son has ODD, and I have often thought that she has the same thing! She displays MANY of the same “symptoms” that my son does, and those with ODD do!

  • Flying Pig Ranch:

    There is a thinking person running for the Republican nomination, John Huntsman. And, he is only polling at one percent! No, I am not trolling for Huntsman. I will vote for Obama again. But, what concerns me the most is that Palin and Perry can pull so many people into their camps. What has happened to our country when the voters can not tell that they our up to their eyebrows in bullshit. This is not reality TV our future is at stake.

  • Marc:

    I think what we are experiencing with Sarah Palin is just part of our cultural obsession involved with celebrities.

    It is clear that Palin is way out over her skis with respect to intellect, knowledge and experience.

    Sarah is Paris Hilton with her underwear on. Sarah is Snooki at 47.

    But in a culture that takes a druggie, college flunk out, and serial groom like Rush Limbaugh, a druggie like Glenn Beck, and a former bartender like Sean Hannity, all lacking a formal completed post- secondary education and turns them into best selling authors and trumpeters of what America should look like and how it should be run ex cathedra, yet garners followers in the millions, is the phenomena named Sarah Palin really a surprise?!

  • PollyinAK:

    My mother married a military serviceman after WWII. She doesn’t have a full understanding of the details in politics due to language. What she does see is -bs. She votes every election and so do all of her friends. The snippets of commentary or television news that she does listen to, do not sway her opinion that SP and her crew are beyond nutty. I hope there are many more like her – who are silent – who go out to vote for the only adult in the room… PO.

  • Melly:

    Wait, aren’t you supposed to be comparing Sarah with President Obama?

  • Melly:

    Not only her skin. The prayer shield seems pretty thin too. She manifests nothing but thinness, even her frame, with that big empty head sitting on top. Isn’t this woman supposed to have “a fire in my belly”? I don’t see it. I see skim milk, wet noodles, gruel, etc.

  • KB2:

    Do you want some cheese with that whine? Geez, get over yourself! Talk about being thin skinned. . .

  • mitch:

    Surprised you’re such a novice to blogs. For a taste of being insulted, pay a visit to blogsforvictory and post a reply.

  • Tservo:

    The day a New York Times coloumnist calls Sarah Palin a “congenital liar” – as William Safire labeled Hillary Clinton, is the day I will agree both women are victims of a nasty media.

    Until then, I stand by my assessment that Palin and the media have a symbiotic relationship- ine cannot survive without the other.

    Why do you think Palin carps about the media all the time? Yeah, attention.

  • msf:

    Former bartender like Sean Hannity. Too funny, I didn’t know that. That’s why he’s so good at feeding lines to Sarah & appearing to listen to her nonsensical answers….years of tending bar would make you a pro.

  • I’m sorry to have to point this out, Margaret, but being remotely qualified doesn’t seem to be a requirement to run for the Presidency. I mean, look at the field they have now, where the crazies are running the show, and the more centrist, saner elements (those who might actually be willing to speak to non-evangelicals) are trying hard to LOOK crazy.

    2008 broke something really important in our political process, when SP made a virtue out of ignorance.

  • Maddies_Mom:

    crystalwolfakacaligirl, I love ya, but you’re taking this waaaay too personally.

  • Marc:

    msf.. yes Hannity was a bartender in Santa Barbara, California. However, in spite of a lack of formal education, he is an expert in war strategy, economics, international relations, monetary policy, etc., etc.

  • Millie:

    I agree with you! Were I a Republican, I would vote for Huntsman. But, President Obama will get my vote again.

  • LisaB:

    Sarah was too thin-skinned for her gubernatorial campaign! There’s a reason she didn’t show up for most of the events. I am personally related to the reason she didn’t show up for the second candidate’s open forum at the BP Building in Anchorage.

    Sarah only wants to be heard and heeded. She doesn’t want to be questioned. She doesn’t want to be challenged. Questions and challenges are taken as personal insults.

  • Trixy:

    cyrstalwolfakacaligrl – I were you, I’d let it go. You’ve been here for days now, railing and trying to encourage others to cancel their book orders, up to including the email address to complain about Joe to – it’s not healthy to take yourself so seriously.

    This retort below from you just the other night…after your attempts to snark at Joe were met with reasonable people who asked you to back off, leave, or calm down. You accused them all of being “one big fat troll” on the blog you frequent, and pretty much the same on Joe’s blog all throughout the thread below. You’ve diagnosed Joe yourself, calling him a psychopath on the blog you frequent. This is (underscore) not healthy for you or others around you.

    No one here hates you, we don’t even know you! But you are exhibiting weird, sort of borderline behavior and it’s disrupting. I find myself worried about you.

    August 25, 2011 at 4:55 am

    The most positive thing is…that this “Flame war” as you call it? That consists of You under sock puppet accounts exposes how you have been BANNED for trolling on Most blogs. Yes TROLLING. You can say “WhatEvah” about me…I don’t give a flying fuck.
    But I’m upset that you make sock puppet accounts like “blueberry” who you might try to be sock puppeting?
    You can say what every about me, I don’t care what TROLLS say. The people who have been interacting these months know who’s, who. And I do mean Who’is who :) :) :)
    And Hows Michigan 4 palin doin’???”

  • guest:

    “Do remember that when Sarah first started her run for Governor, she was automatically hit with sexist attack after sexist attack, being called the worst of names.”

    I don’t know where you were when Sarah was running for governor, but this is NOT EVEN REMOTELY TRUE, in Alaska. Did NOT happen here. She wasn’t known at all in the rest of the country, so I can’t think of anywhere that this could have been.

  • guest:

    Please don’t do that behavior here. Don’t be juvenile, don’t troll-hunt, don’t “out” any commentor, don’t punish anyone for disagreeing with you.
    DO disagree all you want, but use Big Girl language and your Inside Voice. DO say what you want without bullying or belittling narrative.

    Knock it off.

  • guest:

    Okay. Good. We got it.

    If that was actually for McGinniss personally, you would have sent him an email. That was clearly intended for the general readership, but mostly for “PoGates.”
    But didn’t you get Patrick’s memo? There’s no criticism of McGinniss happening on the PoliticalGates blog. No snarky comments. No condemnatory remarks on any thread. The community all loves, admires and respects Mr. McGinniss and look forward to reading his new book.

  • guest:

    For those interested in reviewing Alaskans’ public opinion of Palin immediately before the 2006 gubernatorial election. The commentors’ viewpoints pretty much spell it out.

    Clarifying Lisa’s comment above – Sarah Palin didn’t show at a candidates forum hosted by BP with an oil and gas development focus. Her reason? She had already met privately with the BP CEO.

    Here’s what was reported at the time (ADN):

    “Palin was actually the first to mention yesterday’s BP forum. During her opening statement, she said:
    “… What I did out there in Wasilla also, I was able to apply those Rotarian values, that four way test about truthfulness and fairness.
    “And I wish that that applied to state politics and to campaigns. Just yesterday, a real quick example of how the nature of the beast of politics is so far from that four-way test of Rotarians, it’s so unfortunate.
    “Yesterday, BP forum. I was invited weeks ago to show up. Well I’d already met with the BP group. I just met with the president of BP. Wasn’t able to re-arrange my schedule to get there yesterday. And I get home last night and all over the news is ‘Sarah was a no show. She wasn’t at the debate.’
    “There’s a sign out front making it look like I was supposed to be there (and) I wasn’t. But I wasn’t supposed to be there…”

    PALIN: “It is a shame that I would have to spend my 30 or 60 seconds responding to, again, an untruthful statement. I just met with Steve Marshall. I’ve met with Exxon. I’ve met with ConocoPhillips.
    “I’ve met with the BP employee group and the ConocoPhillips folks. Heck, I have the endorsement of the North Slope union hands up there. My husband happens to be one of them. But as an employee of BP, I have that.”

    Read more:

    I forgot that she had very specific ethics violations BEFORE the election. APOC issued a restraining order to the National Governor’s Association.

    And here’s a cut/pasted reader comment on November 1, 2006. Sound familiar?
    “This has been a hard decision. I’ve watched all the debates. I’ve read the websites and position papers. I’ve read this blog since it started.
    I am not a big fan of Tony Knowles. I don’t like his attitude. I don’t like the whole concept of governing by poll that he embodies. I didn’t want to vote for him. I really wanted to vote for Sarah Palin. But I’ve concluded that doing so would be grossly irresponsible, and that her deficiencies far outweigh those of Tony Knowles.
    Here’s why: She doesn’t make sense when she talks or answers questions. She speaks in platitudes and generalization and her remarks have ZERO substance. She seems like a really nice person but, sadly, not very bright. Her answers show that she doesn’t understand the complexities of the issues facing the state of Alaska.
    When I was watching the KTUU debate, I finally was able to put my finger on what has been bothering me about Palin. It is the George Bush factor. I made the mistake of voting for him and we all have learned the hard way that when you vote for an affable idiot to run government, you get idiotic decisions. The last six years of George Bush have been disasterous for the United States, and I realized that if I vote for Palin, I will be asking for the same kind of idiocy to be visited on Alaska.
    The people in charge of leading goverment should be smart and have the life and work experience necessary to make important decisions. Palin doesn’t have this. I started thinking who I would hire to run my business and make important financial decisions that effect my life. If I proposed hiring someone with Palin’s qualifications to my partners, they would laugh me out of the room.
    So the question became, can I let my dislike of Knowles drive me into making the irresponsible decision of voting for Palin? And, ultimately, after much soul searching, the answer is no. After four years of Murkowski idiocy (and yes, I made the mistake of voting for him too), I can no longer afford to vote for someone just because they are a Republican or because I like them. So I am swallowing hard and voting for Knowles and believe I am making absolutely the right decision.”

    How the hell did she get that VP nomination, again? And WHY is she running for president?

  • Jessica Clemons:


  • Sammy:

    Re: Hannity: “… in spite of a lack of formal education, he is an expert in war strategy, economics, international relations, monetary policy, etc., etc”.

    Only in his own mind, and in yours Marc. In in the minds of the undereducated people who watch Fox.

  • Outstanding observation.

  • Julian:

    “2008 broke something really important in our political process, when SP made a virtue out of ignorance” is quite right. The real tragedy is that the media, lamestream or otherwise, let her get away with it.

  • Julian:

    This is a totally personal comment made directly to Mr McGuiness and as such should have been sent as a personal email. It does not belong in an open forum.