No NYC Marathon This Year…


…Nor should there have been.  How Mayor Billionaire Bloomberg and NY Road Runners could ever have tried to force this carnival down the throat of a suffering city beggars belief.

How insensitive and self-absorbed can public officials and corporate executives be?  And make no mistake:  NY Road Runners is a multi-million dollar corporation whose chairman of the board, George Hirsch, I happen to know.

George Vecsey, whom NY Times pensioned off much too soon, offers the best perspective I’ve seen:

I ran NYC three times, but with bodies of children still being dragged out of the mud this is not the time for prancers and dancers to celebrate their physical fitness in front of thousands without electricity, food, or water for drinking or flushing.



5 Responses to “No NYC Marathon This Year…”

  • Shughes2853:

    Great to have you back Joe. I agree with your comments on the marathon – I can’t say I’m shocked by the decision Bloomberg made – but I’m happy that he reversed it – I can’t imagine how anyone would even consider going forward with the race under these circumstances. That he even thought it was a good idea to begin with is just disqusting….

    New York needs help – and they need it desperately right now. Not marathons.

  • Shughes2853:

    Better idea – have the race but send them through the stricken areas and each one carries a gallon of gas to the victims.

  • lobstershift:

    Please, please, no more self-serving egotistical posts from McGinniss. He’s moved on, and so have wel.

  • aloha43:


    If you don’t want to hear from Joe….THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE?

    Go Away.

    Thank you Joe for all of your insight.

  • Caroll Thompson:

    It was a good thing to cancel the race. I cannot imagine what they were thinking when they announced the race was still on. My first thought was that Bloomberg was trying to show how resilient residents of New York City are. But no city can bounce back so quickly with so much damage. Last I heard, most of the subways and tunnels were still full of water.