Oh, great! Sarah Hires Breitbart Blogger as “Foreign Policy Adviser”// UPDATE: The Mouse that Roared

After being jilted by neocons Randy Scheunemann and Michael Goldfarb, who told her “flat out: ‘We can’t give you the time,'” Sarah has scooped up Peter Schweizer, a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution and editor in chief of Breibart’s Big Peace blog.

You can take a look at this huckster in his natural habitat at his personal website.

For every rat that deserts a sinking ship, a new mouse can always be lured aboard.



Mamma mia! I had no idea that Schweizer is so loony he once wrote a book attacking Disneyland and Disneyworld:

Disney actually allows gays in their theme parks!  So keep your good Christian kiddies away.

17 Responses to “Oh, great! Sarah Hires Breitbart Blogger as “Foreign Policy Adviser”// UPDATE: The Mouse that Roared”

  • Older_Wiser:

    Why is she hiring a “foreign policy adviser”? It must mean she’s actually going to run.

    Good. Keep the Republiscum divided for the next 50 yrs.

  • Sarah HalfTime:

    Yeah, this guy is so infused with liberal hate, that there isn’t much else.

    So it isn’t a surprise he is hanging with “Alaska’s Shame”.

    It all about fight, fight, fight with the quitter. So having a screamer that is all about liberal hate, well, it fits.

  • FrostyAK:

    Birds of a feather… though I cannot understand why ANYone would care to be known to be in the company of the Wild Alaskan Dingbat (dingbatus alaskus).

  • Joe, why did Scheunemann and Goldfarb leave? It seems Sarah can’t hold on to people eventually they quit or are fired?

  • Sally:

    Nice to know that Sarah trusts such evil people. Birds of a feather, huh?

  • vl:

    LOL Here we go again Sarah Palin Can’t Name Most Influential Journalist:


    But while most of the attendees had no problem coming up with answers (Eliot Spitzer said Brian Williams, as did Andrea Mitchell, while SNL’s Bill Hader went for The New Yorker’s David Grann), Palin fumbled when asked.

    “Oh my goodness, that’s a great question,” she said, before turning to her husband Todd and asking for his input.

    When Todd also balked, Palin came back and said, “Um, gosh, that’s a great question, I have to think about it, OK? Because there are many.”

    As Palin walked away from the camera, she ran into her Fox News pal Greta Van Susteren, and then turned back to the NBC cameras to shout, “Greta Van Susteren is the most influential journalist!”

  • Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel:

    Funny you should mention a MOUSE, Joe! One of the books that Peter S. omits from his website is one he wrote with the missus, Rochelle, with a two-colon title–Disney: the Mouse Betrayed: Greed, Corruption, and Children at Risk.

    They don’t care for Disney because they offer domestic-partner benefits, and host Gay Days at Disneyland and Disney World. I mean, the horror.

  • Joe:

    Maybe as “foreign policy adviser” he can urge Sarah to declare an evangelical Christian boycott of EuroDisney.


  • hellothere:

    Don’t be silly. Evangelical Christians don’t go to Europe, it’s too liberal/socialist :)

  • Joe:

    Thanks for the Disney tip.


  • jcinco:

    omg, now she’s pallin’ around with brightfart’s folks? Haha, maybe andy brightfart can get his butt buddy, jimmy o’keefe, to edit some film of mean people pickin’ on lady blah blah and such. they must be rackin’ their brains trying to come up with a scenario that presents simple-minded sarah as the victim of takin’ out OBL. can you see it? “I’m ready for my close-up mr. demille.”

  • Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel:

    My pleasure!

  • shandee:

    I don’t think Sarah has ever had clear political beliefs. She just sort of goes with the flow toward whatever can position herself in the best place to further Sarah. With this new hire she seems to be getting closer to the Libertarian part of the Tea Party crowd, leaving her neocon friends behind. Hopefully she’ll lose more of her followers because of it.

  • J M:

    Haha. We know Piper loves herself some disney channel. Also, turnover in the political world is HIGH, regardless of party affiliation.

  • paulabflat:

    but. but. but.

    i thought only dead fish go with the flow.

    we wish.

  • vl:

    Palin Was For Killing Terrorists In Pakistan Before She Was Against It

  • omomma:

    ‘Round these parts we refer to it as The Double-Breasted Alaskan Dingbat to distinguish between it and the Lesser Common Alaskan Dingbat, aka Joe Miller.