Palin Suckup Has Hurt Feelings, Whines

It’s not going well when even those with the brownest noses turn away from you.

Some poor chap who says he once “would once have taken a bullet for Sarah” now doesn’t like her any more.


Because she stopped paying attention to him.

Spurned lover John Ziegler tells his story of betrayal, at considerable length (for an online only piece), at The Daily Caller.

My reservoir of sympathy would have to be nearly drained before I’d feel bad for a right-wing huckster who took the bait only to find that there was a hook inside.

But Ziegler’s defection is just one more indicator that Sarah’s narcissism is so pathological that she can’t even be bothered to keep her acolytes on their knees.

She has the intellectual engagement of a bored seventh-grader, the attention span of a five-year old, and the impulse control of a toddler suffering from the terrible twos.

And now even those so pathetic as to have thought she brought meaning to their lives (aka Rebecca Mansour) are turning away from her.

Mainstream media is/are always a step behind because it/they are afraid to risk being a step ahead, so their people are still poring over meaningless emails, but Ziegler’s cri de coeur is like the canary in the coal mine: a warning to Palinists to get out now, while you still can, otherwise risk being found in the rubble.

76 Responses to “Palin Suckup Has Hurt Feelings, Whines”

  • lynn:

    I think someone was upset about the emails in Bailey’s book.

  • AlaskanMama:

    Yes that was a whiny piece. I’m aware Sarah is all about family and protecting them despite being a public figure but what is with ALL THESE People who dream of being a Palin? There are soooo many. Many have even traveled to AK and hung with the family, and kept in contact. They certainly are personable people but it’s bizarre that so many people desire to be their bffs. I think this is the reason Sarah trusts so readily (or trusted) and gets burned. She needed to act like a normal politician and use conf agreements from the beginning. I hope she’s learned. I do like how she actually fosters relationships though and establishes a network of support. That’s not easy for a politician. CLinton has no true network. Bush has texans I guess. Obama has his fawning over zealous liberal media but no true base.

    I also like that Ziegler zoned in on the truth behind Obamas rise. THAT is the real story here. How that man got to where he is and who he trampled on. God bless his chicago mafia.

  • NMvoter:

    He’ll go crawling back – just one tweet from LouSarah and he’ll twitch all over and cave.

  • Ratfishtim:

    It’s Palinistas!

  • krbmjb05:

    The sheep are leaving the flock and jumping over the fence faster than I can count them in my sleep! As my wonderful husband would say, “someone give this guy a man pill”. He needs to put his manpants on and go over to the Palin house and grab his “klick-klacks” (balls) that hang over the Palin’s front door.

    Is there any more room under the Bus-to-Nowhere?

  • FrostyAK:

    How nice of you to drop by, we love to see all you “palin fairy tale trolls” .

    You know, you can’t have it both ways – she is either sweet and loveable or she is a barracuda. Which is it?

  • Why Not:

    Klick-Klacks? Too funny.

    I betcha Tawd hangs his klick-klacks over Sarah’s front door too.

  • ella:

    This is a thread about John Zeigler and Sarah Palin. Are you lost? Drunk? There are plenty of articles about PRESIDENT Obama on the web – perhaps you can post at one of those sites. SHOO!

    I am curious about RAM – do we really know if she is OVER Palin? It is like she fell off the face of the earth.

  • Me:

    My favorite lines from Ziegler’s piece: “Then Sarah walks in to welcome us, like she’s late for a date—boots, jacket, black skirt, no make-up yet. She’s a beautiful woman, but frankly, I almost didn’t recognize her. Maybe it was the nerves.”

    This fits in well with your meme, Joe, about Palin essentially being a lap dancer. Wow, imagine, hadn’t put on her makeup yet, and I almost didn’t recognize her, but still a beautiful woman. Sounds like he is writing about finally getting to meet, in the flesh, some Hollywood actress or supermodel.

    In the end, it’s all abut the T & A.

  • Cackling Rad:

    Honey, they don’t want to be part of her family, they want to f**k her (yes, both men and women: read some of Ivy Fry’s emails; ew), and it’s because she comes on to them sexually.

  • Melly:

    Oh boo hoo for John. He still so wants to sniff the panties, he’ll never really say it’s over no matter how badly Scarah humiliates him.

    Yeah, Joy Behar really hates herself over Sarah Palin. Yeah, John. You and the “brilliant” Sarah Palin deserve each other.

  • tedthekiller:

    Ziegler is one confused, stupid, love struck motherfucker. What a sap. He’s a jilted mope left sitting by the phone like a sad sack on prom night while she’s in the backseat with Todd. He understands Sarah is a disaster but his infatuation won’t let him bring himself to blame her for any of her actual flaws. The media did her in. The people surrounding her are unprofessional. She’s being given bad advice. Nothing is her fault. This whole article is like a page out of Zeigler’s diary: “Dear Diary, If only she listened to me everything would be right and we could be happy together…I could be her kept man…instead of that scary, monosyllabic, fishpicker Todd.” What a tool.

  • Reading Ziegler today did my heart so much good – basically our assumptions and everything we were writing during the period he covers turned out to be vindicated.

    THE UNIFIED TRIG THEORY – For the Palin Watchdog Community To Analyze, Probe and Refine

    BTW How’s that title coming? You know – ” Sarah Palin’s Babygate – The Greatest Election Hoax In American History” – that one! ; )

  • dlbvet:

    Wow. Is this guy for real?

  • nswfm:

    BUT SHE’S SOOO SMART! She was such a great governor! If only she would take my advice and not have screwed the Reagan Library Ladies!

    Wake up, dumbass! She was getting more plastic surgery. She didn’t have time for women at St. Ronnie’s Library. Yeah, right, smarter than Reagan. The Grifter Granny didn’t even know where he went to college! She screwed it up in a speech in CA. She’s a moron and you, John Zieglar, are too! Also!

  • chancefavors:

    ooohh ooohh! I believe you. From what I read, I sensed that Shailey Tripp may have been suggesting that Sarah came on to her?

  • chancefavors:

    I don’t understand why you people insist on dragging Mr. Obama’s name into the mess that is $arah Paylin.

  • carollt:

    Is that you Sarah?

  • carollt:

    Sarah does not seem to know how to hold onto relationships. She has a long history of throwing people under the bus. She uses them, she abuses them and then she dumps them. Just ask Elizabeth Hasselback of ‘The View’.

    Mr. Ziegler is just one in a cast of thousands who have been banished from the court of the Queen. But Sarah still thinks she can fool the foolish one more time into voting for her by making personal appearances to adoring crowds, social networking and media advertising.

  • grammy97:

    Ella, it looked very much as if she spent yesterday (June 12) over at Palingates, calling herself ‘Larry Hagman’ and spewing multiple bursts of articulated ugliness.

  • jk:

    Oh, right, the problem is that Sarah is TOO trusting, TOO good, TOO welcoming of strangers.

    On a related note, Joe is still waiting for that blueberry pie Sarah promised to bring him.

  • jk:

    Or maybe from Todd. These guys LUV them some Todd.

  • lilybart:

    Who did Obama trample on? The right wing media seems to have raked his past pretty well and I don’t remember that angle of the story. LOL

    President Obama’s base is women and gays to start with, because he is working to provide full civil rights and respect for them. Women do not care for Mrs. Todd Palin, we see through her act and we think she is a terrible mother.

  • lilybart:

    Elan Frank is the next domino that needs to fall. He as hours of film that would be very interesting.

  • Lisabeth:

    Oh blchhhh, you are so full of it and so obvious it’s pathetic. You recognized yourself in Joes words, didn’t you? I guess it’s sooo painful for you to admit Sarah isn’t Queen Esther! It’s always easy to recognize a Palinbot by their trying to relate to you and then they go on and slam Obama. Its very peculiar psychological defense mechanism. But you see, you are so off in your comparison of Sarah to the Clintons or Obamas. Fans of Obama do not act like Palinistas. And when you bring up the mafia, we know how lost you really are. Your reaction to Joes comments are so strange and so emotionally immature. You can’t tolerate what Joe said, because it hits to close to home, so you swing at the President and others. Are you a 5 th grader incapable of discussing the issue at hand? You illustrate clearly through your words what everyone says about the Palinbots. Thanks for making it clearer to everyone. You and Ziegler are so alike.

  • Just_a_Mote:

    He comes across as a jilted teenage boy. He also lies and distorts and makes excuses. He is a child who was infatuated with a child, and now he is pouting. I bet he is representative of a large part of her male base. I say this as a man who has never been fooled by her infantile attempts to manipulate.

  • Rene:

    Joe, I agree Ziegler swallowed the bait getting reeled in. Yes, there was a hook.

    His comments about Joy Beher reveal he swallowed alot of bait.

  • Lidia17:

    Lilybart, have you seen Elan Frank’s emails!!? He was just as besotted as JZ.

    The footage I have and my approach present the governor in a bright and positive light , and can be very helpful. You can direct news agency’s to me, J will make sure they get only the very good stuff. We can also think of perhaps creating a film about her, with what I already have and more we can shoot between now and the elections. I was approached by NBC for footage, and I want to be coordinated with the governor of what I release to them. I love her and what she stands for and want to make sure she is shown only in the most positive way. [#18312]

    CONGRATULATIONS! I was so happy and proud to hear the news this morning, like someone from my family
    was picked! In the short time we spent together and through our in depth conversationstinterviews, I not only enjoyed your company, but I realized what a great person, lady you are (as well as Todd, by the way, and we spoke about that too). I was for McCain before (you know, Air Force Pilot to Air Force pilot thing…) but now it’s a LOCK!

    Please remember I have great, In depth interviews with you that possibly could help you in your campaign (as well as great footage of your overall activities as a governor , wife and mother, and even beautiful shots of you playing the flute by the window, with snow falling outside).
    Let me know if I can be of help in any way. [#20706]

    Just checking in to see how are you doing, how is the newly born doing and to let you know I am plowing along with the promo. The stuff I got with you is great, quality, really looking good. thank you again for your time and patience. My problem actually is how in the world can I create a short promo with so much meaningful material. good problems to have, I guess…
    I will keep you informed as I move along. and…we had our own little addition : happy to let you know. that a new “Frank” baby-boy joined us Saturday , 3.5 Kg (7.12 Lb.), 20 inches, looks beautiful, like his mom, who is recovering from the C -section in the hospital. She is fine, just exhausted and enduring pain from the ‘cutting’. The very proud father is also fine, no real pain…
    lots of good health and wishes to you, Todd and all the off springs…
    All the best,
    PS got it all on tape, I mean ALL… [#20495]

    Dear [McCain] Campaign manager,
    I know how busy you are , but this is a matter of utmost important, and so, at the risk of being a `nag’, I will keep writing to you about it , hoping you are actually reading this.
    back in Alaska, at her office and home. It was done-of course with her full cooperation and includes in depth interviews with her, her husband, at home, in office, and shows her in a very positive light.

    In the coming days the media will and already is attempting to explore the `dark ‘ side of Sarah Palin, throw some `mud in her face’ and try to taint her great reputation and name . The footage I have can really counter that in a very effective way. AT THIS POINT, WITH ALL THAT IS COMING OUT, I TRULY BELIEVE YOU NEED THIS FOOTAGE TO BE OUT THERE.
    When I filmed Gov. Palin, I had her sign a customary, standard release form as is always the procedure in such shoots; however it was misfiled during my move to a new office.
    PLEASE, relay this message to her with my deepest support and congratulations , and ask her to sign the form which I will fax to whatever number you tell me to.
    Ms. Palin is a public figure, and the footage is very positive of her, so no harm will be done if I use it and distribute it as is, especially when it ‘s very clear and obvious it was done with her FULL and UNLIMITED consent, corporation and willingness, but I really want to be coordinated with her, and follow the most smooth pass . I ONLY HAVE HER BEST INTEREST IN MIND.
    Please respond as soon as possible, now is the time to act. [#20724]

    She really snookered him!!

    I remember hearing, anyway, that FOX bought up all his footage, so I doubt it will ever see the light of day again.

    Interesting that there seemed to have been co-ordination on this as a Palin promo piece (rather than a putative documentary on “Women in Alaska”)?

  • Deb:

    Makes you wonder whether it will be the ‘wink’ from Sarah or Todd that will bring him running back. 3,2,1…

    I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that his apology has already been sent for his failings in writing what he did!!

  • jcinco:

    Go take care of your kids. They’re in need of supervision, preferably from an adult but I suppose you will do.

  • Deb:

    “Then Sarah walks in to welcome us, like she’s late for a date”

    That was Ziegler’s wet dream wish!!

    Ziegler’s nose is out of joint that he didn’t get asked to do or participate in the movie. He too believes himself ‘entitled’ because of his production that he continues to pawn. He also needs a job and thinks this is his way of applying to possibly some others. He thinks they’ll snap him up wanting the info he has on Palin. Hope he’s not sitting by his phone waiting as those calls won’t come!!

    This man-boy is still a slobbering Palin idiot. He, like Palin, wants attention and he got it.

  • lilly lily:

    Lou Sarah.


  • tom:

    these zeros who hitch a ride hoping for recognition or glory have no idea what palin really is.
    actually very few people who comment here do either.

    the other day i read a comment where the person was blasting palin for her lies but also included “i am sure she loves her kids though”.

    palin not only does Not love her kids or anyone else but she is NOT even concerned about their well being except as it applies to her plans of personal gain.

    untill you accept that truth you never will understand this woman.

  • curious:

    Yeah, the Todd love is really strange. All virile and handsome, nice and kind. Methinks he might go back to Todd without Sara. There’ve been enough rumblings about Todd anyway that he and the Zieg might be happy together

  • True Blue Girl:

    Well bless your heart! I know, it is so awkward to admit to being truth-curious and visiting sites like this, sharing all your conflicted feelings with us, but we’re here to help with the facts. The fog will clear, day by day, you’ll see!

  • curious:

    I remember an episode of CSI where men would go to a boutique to buy panties worn by different women, sealed in a baggie to hold the smell. Makes you wonder if there’s an underground money making machine, or could be if the speaking gigs quit paying off. She could make millions selling her panties to her fans,

  • VictoriaJ:

    Okay, that was pretty sad sacked. Ziegler really needs to pull his head out of his nether regions and get on
    with his life. Does he not understand that now that he’s written this whine no matter how Todd and Sarah smile at him, he is going to get gutted by them. Its just a matter of time. He won’t see it coming because he remains infatuated. Creepy.

  • msf:

    Joe you are mentioned here, RAM thought of mailing you a dead fish. Apparently (according to RAM) Palin tried to act like she was “taking it lightly,” but was very upset when you moved in next door.

    John Ziegler appears to be a complete worm. She surrounds herself with strange people. Looks like this week’s group of folks thrown under the bus include Ziegler, Elizabeth & probably RAM. In honor of Sarah’s favorite expression…unflippin believable.

  • SusanC:

    Palin seems to have a knack for alienating former devotees.

  • dmoreno:

    Wow, just finished reading the whole article and can’t believe how stupid some grown men can be in the presence of a pretty women. What a cry baby and jerk all at the same time. His story sounds just like Bailey’s and I wonder how many more people will be singing the same tune?? It is wonderful, though, that he has the guts to come forward and continue to expose this nut case. I am one of those waiting for the Hollywood-starlet public meltdown. I think it is what we are all waiting for………….unfortunately I fear that after we eat her alive, we will then rescue her and perch her higher. We have done it so many times before in this culture and I find it very interesting. Michael Jackson, Anne Niclole, Brittany Spears, Streisand, some many more. What does that say about us??

  • Conscious at last!:

    Ya welcome Joe!

  • karenw729:

    I find it interesting that so many racists are cowards.

  • karenw729:

    Ziegler is just more proof that $arah prefers to hire sycophants. She can neither hire competent people, nor can she manage them. Her poor management skills have no place in the White House, or any office of importance.

  • msf:

    Wonder if Ziegler is wishing he hadn’t made that annoying comment yesterday.

  • mitch:

    Don’t know for sure if this is the same as yesterdays HAGman, but if so, he-she-it is a prayer warrior. I think that phrase should by synonymous with deep and toxic delusion.

  • hgd:

    Three things are certain in life:

    (1) Death;

    (2) Taxes; and

    (3) When a news report/essay/opinion piece has $arah Palin as its subject, psychotic members of her deranged fan club will flock to the comments section and change the subject to Barack Obama.

  • KarenJ:

    You poor thing, you apparently haven’t heard that Palin’s “mobsters” (her own words, in one of those exhumed emails) are known by some of us as “the Wasilla Mafia”, have you?

  • Diane:

    “They were left fuming, and wanted to go to the press, so it was up to me to extinguish the brush fire before it evolved into yet another excuse for the Palin-hating news networks to once again pile on. It’s since come to light in the book Blind Allegiance (by her former staffer Frank Bailey) that even Sarah’s own staff were shocked when she didn’t attend, something I didn’t know at the time.’

    She is is a disorganized, irresponsible liar. I don’t even think he understands that. His standards must be very low if he thinks palin is smarter then Regan.

    He’s hurt, he’s angry that SHE didn’t listen to him. Still hasn’t gotten it yet that it is not about him at all, it’s all about Her!

  • aussiegal77:

    A third of the way thru Zeigler’s piece and wow he sounds like a total wanker. Paints himself like he’s some loyal adviser who’s been snubbed. Oh please.

    Continuing the hilarious narrative that Obama was unqualified and Palin is in fact very intelligent. Has he missed every (soft ball) interview she’s had with Fox News? Not caught any one of her speeches? Funny how she’s only engaging and intelligent during HIS interview with her. Is he a Palin Whisperer??

    If you have to tell folks constantly that you are an intelligent person or your friends have to do that constantly – maybe you’re not that intelligent.

  • aussiegal77:

    Ok…..I tried to read some more and just couldn’t get thru the whining.

    The last thing I read was that Palin’s resignation would seem to voters that she was a quitter. Seems? SHE ABSOLUTELY IS A QUITTER. Is there any other way to describe bailing on something half way thru?!? Zeigler is nuts. Then he goes on to say that the media would say the same thing, therefore continuing to give Obama the advantage.

    OMG. The delusions, they are epic. The media has been more than fair to Palin. WAY MORE than fair. Palin was a disaster during her debate. She never held an open press conference. The interviews she did give during the 2008 elections were terrible and she was thoroughly unprepared. Is Zeigler on drugs? Does America no longer holds its leaders to any standard of excellence?

    Whatever – one phone call from Palin and Zeigler will go running back. This is nothing but a whine piece by a snubbed boyfriend.

  • hgd:

    All you need to know about John Ziegler?

    He objected to Katie Couric’s “gotcha” question about newspapers. NEWSPAPERS!

    John, you’re in a better place now that you’ve started to “see the light” about $aint $arah. Now get a good therapist, and in about 5-10 years, after weekly treatments, you’ll start feeling a lot better about yourself.

  • Tacy:

    Joe, love your blog and looking forward to your book, but you are missing an important point. The reason why Ziegler turned against Palin isn’t because she ignored him. It was because he realized she was a fake with no true moral compass or principles (same thing happened to Frank Bailey).

    The last straw for Ziegler was when he read Frank Bailey’s book and realized it was Palin herself (who was just too lazy and too intent on writing/making $ with her book) who made the decision to skip out on speaking at the Reagan dinner – embarrassing him and an important group of supporters. He finally realized that Sarah Palin is a fake. Image and money are always #1 with Sarah. Everything else – loyalty to her supporters and to her supposed hero, Reagan – went out the door.

    Frank Bailey had a similar experience. As detailed in the final chapters of the book, he stuck with Sarah Palin even after she threw him under the Troopergate bus. What was the nail in the coffin for Bailey, a deeply Christian man? When Sarah Palin threw her pro-life beliefs and a man of the cloth under the bus…all so she could reward a judge who she believed had helped Todd’s sister in a custody battle. Despite her pro-life beliefs and support in parental consent laws – laws that were going to be either upheld or struck down by the future AK supreme court – Palin willingly appointed this pro-choice lawyer to the AK supreme court. The pastor at the AK Family Council publicly by respectfully voiced their disapproval. She responded by no-showing at the last minute at an important fundraiser organized by the pastor.

    This is how die-hard Palin supporters lose their confidence. When they see Palin is a fake who does not truly walk the religious, conservative line. This is what should be stressed…not sneers at Ziegler for “whining.”

  • fromthediagonal:

    Woman, have you ever contemplated a Reality Check?

  • fromthediagonal:

    Fear of those not like you, i. e. of the “Others” will do that to you…

  • fromthediagonal:

    ARRRGH, Karen, the note below yours was not directed at you, but at AlaskanMama, whoever that may be.

  • fromthediagonal:

    Naw… they are probably strung over the fence…

  • krbmjb05:

    I have no doubt that she demands that each man hand over their “Klick-Klacks” before they enter – literally and figuratively! :)

  • fromthediagonal:

    … doesn’t the bible have some strong words about Idolatry?

  • fromthediagonal:

    Tom: Do you speak from first-hand experience with SP?
    Or are you just guessing and hoping like the rest of us?
    Man, how we all would like someone from her Inner Circle to come forward!
    If you have that intimate knowledge, please help…

  • Chris:

    I don’t think Ziggler will go running back to Scarah and Toad, I think they’ve burned on bridge too many with him, especially not mentioning him or his documentary in her book, how ungrateful, he was “there” big time to defend her and she just used him up and threw him under the bus.

    I imagine not mentioning him in the book was to punish him for telling her and a room full of people she wouldn’t win against Obama……man, you know she wasn’t going to let that go unpunished. And she probably left him hanging on the Luncheon on purpose too.

    No, Ziggler has had enough of her shoving his face in the mud, Frank’s book must have confirmed what he thought. I hope he shares more too.

  • Chris:

    Ziggler has written a rebuttal to the complaints he expects to come from his article…….

  • carollt:

    I also thought Larry Hagman was Sarah and had a delightful time yesterday afternoon over at Palingates responding to Larry/Sarah/Todd, whichever. It was rainy here. And since I comment on very few blogs, I guess I don’t know any better than to mess with the trolls. It sure was fun.

  • carollt:

    I think Alaskanmama is Sarah and I also think the name Alaskanatheart is Sarah. The emails prove one thing; Sarah always reads the blogs about herself (and all the comments too).

  • carollt:

    Amen. We all heard endlessly how smart Bush was, but I never saw it. But compared to Palin, Mr. Bush was a genius and that is saying something.

  • sharon:

    Is it me or are all the people closest to palin idiots? OMG. This guy is a moron – really! He blamed democrats for the ethics complaints?? uhmmmm…that’s not correct johnboy. You DO sound like a lovesick teenager and you’ve lost any credibility you may have had left after working so hard for this grifter. Nobody cares johnboy. The palinbots hate you and the rest of us don’t want to hear from you. Guess what? It’s time to go’ve already done enough damage by supporting this trashy woman…

  • brbr2424:

    Ziegler was on a dating reality show. He had a date with a perfectly lovely woman and he was a complete ass. . I can see anyone including Sarah Palin wanting to get some distance from that guy.

  • Kimberly:

    Did ya see Palin’s little warriors have out out the war cry to go after Ziggy. This ought to be good.

  • mxm:

    What amazes me is that these men are so willing to tell the world that they succumbed to the lure of the siren’s song. Why aren’t they so humiliated that they slink into obscurity voluntarily?

  • Lidia17:

    What else does he have, though? For years, his “career” was Palin-enabler. There aren’t that many slots open for that specialty these days, as he himself admits: he’s virutally unemployable in this, as he should be.

  • Puzzle Pieces:

    “The Undefeated” is being produced by Victory Films. The irony of their company logo is astounding.

    vincit qui se vincit

  • m106:

    She most definitely used her sex appeal to advance her political career. I do not mean to sound condescending to women at all, much less Alaskan women, afterall, I live right here in Wasilla. But, most women in this town, this state, don’t seem to much care for “prettifying” themselves. The vast majority look nothing like Palin that’s for sure. Most I see on a daily basis do not wear makeup, do nothing with their hair and are overweight. A trip into our Walmart, Fred Meyer, Carrs, or any other public establishment will tell you all you need to know. She knew this, knows this, and used it to her full advantage to get what she wanted out of men and women alike. She’s still doing it. Looks matter in our society and the beautiful enjoy advantages the not so beautiful don’t. Sad but true.

    I think this is why she is continually given the passes she is by the media and everyone else. How would an “ugly” person get away with the lies she has? We all know they wouldn’t have. If she was unattractive, would McCain have chosen her? No. Because we all know there were other, older, more experienced and less attractive female governors he could have chosen that very likely would have resulted in a President McCain.

  • m106:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. He already said he was brought back into the fold a 2nd time in the article. Baliey states that there were fairly regular “freeze outs” by Palin, but never really cut loose- you know- the whole keep your friends close, but your enemies closer mentality? She knew what he had on her and so he was never left to stray very far. He was always pulled back until she did something that finally woke him from his Palin Stupor.

    Did Zieg experience the same? We can only hope.

  • m106:

    Uhh, from what it sounds like, she DID use “conf” agreement often. In fact, as early as her mayoral days, she barred her people from speaking to the media. Gimme a break. Sarah doesn’t trust at all.

  • CougInPortland:

    Honestly? If Bailey hadn’t come out with his book, that Zeigler read, Zeigler might have never known he’s been duped. There’s a pattern here. She uses sex and they had their tounges wagging like Weiner begging to do her bidding. As soon as Frank felt the “cold hug,” and Zeigler’s “she’s not answering me back,” as well as Todd the MAN’S MAN (WTH?) that suddenly went silent when they dared ask questions, they figured it out.

    For two that have chosen to speak, that know MORE, let ’em. As far as Queen Esther goes, she got her Old Testament lesson wrong. Jezebel.

  • msf:

    Sissy losers? Ziegler could have done himself a big favor by remaining silent. Gawker also have a really uncomplimentary article on him. Read somewhere that Palin had to refriend Elizabeth. I think her Palin bashing on the View became too much for Miss Sarah.

  • CougInPortland:

    A favor? We’ll see what a DB he turns out to be in the end. There’a a reason they’re coming out. Humanity, as a rule, doesn’t like being duped. Something was VERY wrong….as usual! If I was that caught up, I’d hope it was my conscience trying to prevent others from following my lead.