Salon, etc. Trash Trig Truthers/UPDATE

Salon launched a two-fisted attack today on those who are not yet convinced that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. Justin Elliott’s “definitive debunker” is supported by former Anchorage Daily News reporter Wesley Loy’s recollection that–contrary to what he wrote at the time–Sarah actually did look pregnant in March, 2008.

That’s more than enough evidence for Jonathan Chait at The New Republic, whose blog post is headed, “Yes, Sarah Palin Is Trig’s Mom.”

The sudden wave of mainstream ridicule has not shaken the conviction of Jesse Griffin at The Immoral Minority, who says he’ll match his sources against Justin Elliott’s “any day of the week.”

All this comes at the end of a week that saw Huffington Post refuse to post Geoffrey Dunn’s article about the controversy, citing their “stated policy of not publishing conspiracy theory posts.” That’s a “policy,” by the way, that apparently does not apply to Donald Trump’s allegations that President Obama was not born in the United States. Business Insider was quick to step in, featuring Dunn’s post prominently.

For the moment, all I’ll say is that during my research for The Rogue, I spoke to an extremely knowledgeable source who had never before been willing to discuss the question of Trig’s birth. But my lips are sealed until September.


Not only did Huffington Post refuse to publish Dunn’s fair-minded and carefully-reasoned analysis (and he’d been a regular contributor there for the past couple of years) but today they feature this Jason Linkins jeremiad.

Is it purely coincidence that so many are suddenly so intent on insisting that there are no legitimate questions to be asked?

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  • TurtleTears:

    Well, you certainly know how to write a cliffhanger…

    I will be waiting, but not patiently, for this revelation from your mysterious source. Thanks for “going there” and helping bring the ridiculous story of Tri-G’s birth to people who have never paid it any attention.

  • Fig:

    I am in awe at Salon’s responses to this issue. Or maybe its the not the responses so much as the copy-editing responsible for the titles. I mean, come on, we all know she looked pregnant on occasion. Its the fact that there are other times she looked so un-pregnant that is causing us to question the issue. Only a definitive debunking of those photos will work for me.
    I can only hope that they are responding so pathetically in an attempt to bring the issue to a head. If the best defenses Palin can get are “a male reporter sat in a room with me and saw my belly under a shirt”… well, I think a lot of people will recognize that thats pathetic.
    Thanks for your digging. Cant wait til september!

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    She is getting desperate planting these stories even in Salon! Last nights “E” True Hollywood. She did not have him.
    She knows the truth is coming.
    She is having her flying monkeys attack blogs that talk about Babygate claiming they are attacking “TriG” the #trigScrew is attacking anyone about Babygate.
    I hope this all blow up and out. The Truth need to come out about Sarah Palin and her Lies!!!
    Everything about her is a lie!

  • Virginia Voter:

    Since September of 2008, I have always wondered why no one ever made more of an issue of the Wild Ride and the birth of Trig Palin , if it is in fact true. As a mother, the whole story is completely insane, and if it is true, speaks to Sarah’s utter disregard for her life and the life and well being of her high risk, special needs infant. No sane woman would get on a plane for 10 hours while leaking amniotic fluid when 8 months pregnant with a DS baby. No sane doctor who didn’t want to lost their medical license would tell their patient it was not unreasonable to board an airplane, instead of going to the nearest hospital to get examined. Just wouldn’t happen.

    We all know Sarah is crazy, but I sincerely doubt she would ever get on that plane back to Alaska unless there was 0 chance she would be speading her legs and popping a premature Trig out in the airplane aisle. She is just too vain. I wont even talk about the crazy tight abs bs Sarah would have us believe. Sarah only boarded that plane in Dallas because she wasn’t pregnant, end of story.

  • Beth deris:

    Why would Wesley Loy question Palin about a hoax pregnancy before she had Trig? I know there where rumors that Bristol was pregnant at that time but I thought the hoax birth didn’t take off big time till after McCain picked Palin as VP. I just don’t buy it that she showed him her round belly.

  • Kimberly:

    Remember, the airplane story wasn’t supposed to get as elaborate as it got (Thanks Chuck).

  • ModerateMiss:

    September, huh? It’s going to be a long Summer.

    Interesting that they are male reporters that are satisfied w/ looking at a bump covered by fabric. There was a story on GMA just this morning about a teen who faked a pregnancy as a social experiment. Everyone at school believed she was pregnant for 6 months, including her own siblings who live with her. Sarah only had to keep up the ruse for 6 or 7 weeks.

    And the whole doctor thing is just an out-and-out lie. No doctor would put themselves under that kind of risk. They could lose their insurance. It has happened to doctors who are unfortunate enough to be the doctor on-call when a woman has waited too long to go to the hospital. If a baby dies, the jury awards millions to the parents, even when they did not follow their doctor’s advice. By agreeing to deliver at a small regional hospital under that scenario, the doctor would have not only risked her own career, but the hospital’s licensing.

    Trig is her son, but she did not give birth to him.

  • Virginia Voter: My interview with a pediatric specialist addresses some of that. I call it: Sarah Palin and the Pediatric Specialist: Another Conversation. His responses won’t make everyone happy, but it is a doctor weighing in on the subject:

    Please join me!

  • Gindy52:

    If she did deliver Trig at Mat Su they SHOULD lose their licensing as they were not set up to care for twins let alone a premmie, DS, cardiac challenged baby. Why has no one bothered to go after them and force the issue? They’d have to deny the birth in order to save themselves. No HIPPA law covers what doesn’t happen.

  • mlaiuppa:

    At this point, I’m leaning toward Palin not being pregnant.

    However, should this be proven not to be the case (and it would probably take DNA to convince me) I can certainly explain the wild ride. How sympathetic would it be for Palin to lose her special needs child? Wouldn’t she be the ultimate victim? The only way I can explain the wild ride, if indeed that was the truth, leaking and all, is that she not only didn’t care about the welfare of her baby but was pretty much doing everything she could think of to allow God to bring him home. Even after he was born, taking him to the office (with jaundice) three days after he was born, all of the times he was seen without socks or in very few clothes in brisk Alaskan weather, no hat. And how many times has he been seen without his hearing aides or glasses?

    Oh, I can explain the wild ride. Too bad God told Queen Esther you bought it you keep it.

    Either way the truth goes, this is not the character of a person I would want in the White House or any other government service. I certainly wouldn’t want her as local dog catcher.

  • cranberry:

    I’m with the Doctor: “Sarah Palin is weird, but she’s not weird enough to fake a pregnancy.” I think that’s why most people want to let this story go – there’s something creepy about prying into a woman’s decisions surrounding the birth of her child. We want to give Sarah Palin the right to maintain a private life. My own sense is that the impending birth of a special needs child was scary for her – what if the child came out looking like a freak? She NEEDED privacy surrounding the event, especially as a public person.

    It’s too bad that she had to spin so many stories after the fact. That’s what is very weird.

  • Jeanabella:

    Mrs. Palin can’t have it both ways. Too many women know the “wild ride” is a lie she told in her book. Whether she lied about calling her doctor, or lied about the water breaking or the “cramps” or being pregnant at all. She is a liar. Why the lies? Who cares that she was pregnant or not? There isn’t any reason good enough for her to take a chance with a premature fetus. She made it up as she went along. She didn’t plan everything in advance. She didn’t plan on Chuck opening his mouth, but she knows how to lie. She’s been doing it all her life. She can’t reveal her real medical records and therefore won’t run for Potus.
    Looking forward to your book, but waiting for journalists to expose this poseur.

  • diz:

    The same reckless abandon that Palin exhibited in flying while well over 7 months pregnant and choosing not to inform the cabin crew is the real issue here. Any hint of an ‘impending’ birth of a pre-term infant, much less a child known to have DS, is cause to seek immediate medical advice and a phone call to a doctor thousands of miles distant doesn’t really count. If the ‘truth’ about this pregnancy emerges and let’s even say that she proves she was pregnant, let’s hear her explain why she felt justified in flying before being seen by a medical professional in Texas, then driving right past a major hospital in Anchorage equipped to handle potential life threatening issues for the child (hole in heart, suckling problems) and then taking an hour’s ride by car to a small hospital not prepared for this type of birth. To top it all off, the small hospital was then willing to pass this child around in a non-sterile setting so quickly for a convenient photo-op despite his need of continuing medical observation. Not sure which is worse for her, a ‘faked pregnancy’ or willful disregard for the possible endangerment of a newborn child.

  • Mary:

    This spate of eyewitness accounts smacks of the Palin team’s approach to negative stories. They lie, they bumble along and UNFAILINGLY manage to draw more attention to a matter that – in Sarah’s best interest – would have best been left alone.

  • this comes at the end of a week that saw Huffington Post refuse to post Geoffrey Dunn’s article about the controversy, citing their “stated policy of not publishing conspiracy theory posts.” That’s a “policy,”

    Geoffrey’s article doesn’t subscribe to a “conspiracy theory,” it writes about a recent spate of articles upon the subject of TriG’s birth, some of which come from a point of view HuffPo apparently takes to be a “conspiracy theory.” Rather than advance such a theory, what Dunn does is look very closely at how both that theory and others concerning Palin’s conduct around the alleged time of TriG’s birth have been handled by the press since early 2008. Dunn’s essay is quite comprehensive, and ends with this:

    There is one person who can put an end to the Trig matter immediately and instantly, and that is Sarah Palin. Before she takes another step in what has been a hapless bid to position herself for a run for the presidency, the American media should demand that Palin produce full and conclusive evidence of Trig’s birth and parentage. It’s that simple.

    Once that step is taken, then the American media needs to break its “spiral of silence” about Palin’s “wild ride” from Texas to Alaska and to demand direct answers from her about the decisions she made, the actions she took and what motivated her to do so. Anyone who examines Palin’s own story closely will come to no other conclusion that she was “reckless beyond measure”–as Andrew Sullivan so succinctly put it–and entirely unqualified to hold higher office in these challenging and demanding times.

    That is Dunn’s summation of what his article was about. Clearly, HuffPo’s action was way over the line on this. Possibly, it is just another of many signs that Arianna was a sellout to the powers-that-be all along, like some of us who declined offers to write there beginning in late 2008 felt at the time.

  • BlueberryTart:

    These very belated claims of eyewitnesses to Sarah Palin’s pregnancy are really dubious. Just like Loy’s perceptions, this is a reinvention of the facts. While I can understand those who claim that the “Reckless Ride” is more damning than a faked pregnancy, I find myself sticking with what I believe to be the truth of the whole sordid matter. After having looked into this question intensively over several years, my own conclusion is that the preponderance of the evidence is with the faked pregnancy, not the Reckless Ride. And, there would be no need for a cover up if the story that Sarah told were true — yet I can personally attest to the fact that photos were removed from the State of AK website, for example. There would be no need to do that if her story were true. Yet it happened.

  • Mary:

    So true. I was thinking about that earlier today, in fact. It occurred to me that a sitting Governor, asked by a reporter if she had been leaking amniotic fluid (and her father had said so which was the reason for the question), would be completely within her rights to say: I’m not going to comment on that. It IS personal.

    Sarah, however, did no such thing. I’m not sure if it was because she was thrown off by the question (not knowing that Chuck had either repeated a lie she told him or had done some embellishing of his own), or because the pathological liar in her could not resist the opportunity to LIE on a grand scale.

  • Dutch:

    After The Huffington Post censored Geoffrey Dunn, today they have an article by Jason Linkins that is supposed to put this subject to rest. Double standard, much? My only concern in this pregnancy story is that if Palin did indeed give birth to Trig the story of water breaking in Texas, getting on a plane and flying all the way back to Alaska, knowing you were carrying a special needs child, shows a tremendous lack of judgment or caring for the welfare of the baby. That is what troubles me the most. And the lies that follow, including her claiming he was born in Mat-Su and just last year claiming he was born in Anchorage. You’d think she would know where he was born.

  • mitch:

    Regardless of the outcome, it’s a tail’s we win head’s she looses scenario. If she is in fact the bio mother, then she displayed (at best) extremely poor judgement in the hrs preceding the birth and a centrfudge can’t produce enough spin to overcome the questions that will be asked to her directly by “the media” in total: not just faux and those outlets and people sympathetic to and support of her. On this basis alone (lack of judgement) she is unqualified to a leader of any import and therefore unelectable.
    If it turns out that the child is not hers, then she lied and maintained that lie to the point where it has now become uncontrolable. On this basis she is unelectable and a decietful, cunning liar to boot.
    The simple solution to this problem that she has is to release her medical records and the childs birth certificate but she won’t which only adds to the speculation. I’m sure we all remember the sorcerers apprentice (no Trump pun intended). She is the Disney version only she’s Minny Mouse.

  • justliloldme:

    I think Virginia Voter and I have the same brain!

    Even if she does “prove” that she is pregnant, the wild ride is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! That alone should disqualify her from ..well…everything.

  • daisydem:

    We should also mention that to get on the airplanes (more than one), hours of flying, and leaking or having leaked amniotic fluid, knowing that delivery could happen, could be imminent (or the need to deliver to prevent infection) could not only endanger the life of the unborn child but that of the mother. My niece lost twin girls in the 6th month … very, very sad … and her life was in jeopardy. She was hospitalized, had to have blood transfusions, IV’s, and constant care for well over two months. Possibly delivering a baby, a special needs baby, on an airplane, or in the terminal of a busy airport, would not be a picnic for mother or baby or anyone around her.

  • That’s right: all of you above! The doctor in my interview today might not have said what many wanted to hear (and I said that at the start of the blog post) but he did lay out a path: if you deliver at 35 weeks it’s only b/c the fetus is in distress (not typical of Ds babies) or b/c the sac broke. If the sac broke, you don’t fly. No scenario in this story is good – and that includes the scenario that this entire thing is a tall tale – and having the conversation remains important. No matter what the opinions, in my humble opinion.

  • Publius:

    Mr. McGinniss, I certainly hope you win a Pulitzer Prize by exposing Sarah Palin as the fraud and hoax that she absolutely and unequivocally is.

    The real question is what did McCain, the RNC and other Republicans know and when did they know it?
    This could be another Watergate.

  • True Blue Girl:

    Hard to tell which is worse:

    1. lying in order to shamelessly exploit the birth of a special needs child, using him as a prop and bonafide (and/or the craven ambition implicit in “cleaning up” the family trash a bit in order to secure the VP nomination)

    2. demonstrating the worst possible judgement in a SERIES of abysmally poor decision-making, repeatedly putting a known premature special needs baby at serious medical risk (also the airlines, other passengers, etc) – plus what appears to be lies to spin the fiasco

    Ultimately, we don’t need to know which is true in order to know she’s guilty of major crimes.

  • FrostyAK:

    There is a lot more at stake than just $palin’s credibility. Those who backed her – media and other corporations, McCain, the GOP are all involved in hushing this up. I wonder how much they paid these so-called “journalists” to spout their nonsense.

    Joe, it’s a long time till September. She/they can do a lot more damage in the meantime. Does the US have that much time?

  • I am thankful we still have some people who can wade through bullshit and think logically. They taught me those abilities in the school system in CA in the 60s and 70s. We were taught how to spot propaganda which is exactly what all the anti-Trig-Truther articles are. Just goes to show what kind of people are writing for the press in many instances. It also goes to show Palin still plans to run for president with the backing of the oligarchy.

  • aussiegal77:

    If you examine the details of The Wild Ride – each of them, in isolation, doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal. It’s when you add it all up and step back that the very disturbing picture emerges.

    She’s 45 y/o and she’s pregnant AND it’s her fifth child AND the child has DS AND Palin goes into labour prematurely AND then she phones her doctor instead of going to a hospital AND she boards 2 planes back to AK all the while by-passing 2 more hospitals on the way AND drives an hour from Anchorage to Mat-Su Regional.

    The part that clinches it for me is the part where she drives from Anchorage to Mat-Su. She’s IN Alaska at this point. The future fish picker is guaranteed to be born IN Alaska. Yes, I get Laura Novak’s point that we who live in urban areas find it difficult to believe that she would go to a regional hospital – but remember at this point Palin is already CLOSER to the Anchorage hospital with a NICU facility, yet she STILL gets in a car, during snowy conditions and has HER HUSBAND, not EMTs, drive her an HOUR to Mat-Su. It makes NO SENSE. Is she weird? Yes! But this string of decisions is PSYCHOTIC.

    Palin either faked the pregnancy OR she was reckless beyond measure. Both very good reasons to ask MORE questions of a person who clearly wants to be POTUS.

  • AFM:

    The sad thing is even when you get people with absolute knowledge of the issue, you will people in denial. Just listening about the “wild ride” is enough for me to know she is lying. She can lie because she has had several births so she knows allot about giving birth and even having so called miscarriages. She still hasn’t produced the birth certificate.

  • lilly lily:

    As the saying is. “It will all come out in the wash.”

    I don’t much care at this point. Whoever protects her is poisoned. She has a touch like Midas for gold for herself and none for her protectors.

    So be it.

    I’m spending my time in a more productive way. working on a novel for my own amusement, and it isn’t about Palin.

  • Melly:

    I think the Loy story is phony and disgusting. How convenient for Loy that Palin allowed her office to be cleared in anticipation of highly personal and embarrassing questions that she SURELY wanted asked. Right. So now no one but Palin can disavow it. Plus the guy gets a peep show. He gets to sit alone with the governor while she partially disrobes for him and invites him to touch her belly? The belly that she’s been elaborately hiding from her own family and close coworkers for 7 months or so??? Please. This is the most farfetched, blatant bullshit I have heard yet in the whole saga. The absence of birth documents and certificates to end this business gets more stark with each passing day and each bizarre new story.

  • Lisabeth:

    How interesting these male reporters are so convinced all of a sudden. I knew she was lying the minute I read HER words describing what happened in Texas and after. Have any of these geniuses stepping into the debate all of a sudden ever traveled to Alaska and actually interviewed many people?? In some of these rebuttals it seems like they haven’t read everything available ( even from Sarah herself) nor have they looked at every photo. It’s very shoddy reporting, if you can even call it that! It’s obvious that the Palins are working overtime to kill this story. Could it be any more obvious?
    Joe, I cant believe we have to wait until September.

  • Tiger:

    If it is shown that the McCain campaign played a role in covering up babygate then that would mean that they had no qualms about having a possibly mentally disturbed individual a heartbeat away from the presidency. That would be the biggest shocker of all.

  • AussieGal, I agree with you. But this doc I talked to DID say that it’s one thing to live like that in a rural area, something that I personally (he was pointing to me) might not get. BUT he does say, if you are a VIP or even a potential VP, why wouldn’t you chose more and better. Why wouldn’t you sort of upgrade to a more sophisticated environment and doctor for this baby? Privacy might be the answer. And that word can go both ways, with both scenarios.

    I just don’t think the conversation is over. I think that more and more people are wondering what is the truth. And that’s not bad that more people are wondering.

  • Dizzy:

    Just show us the birth certificate already. No, you never have (another lie). Show us your medical records (not the made up last minute letter probably not actually signed by your doctor). Done deal. No more rumors.

  • CO:

    Great Joe! Thanks for updating!

  • Marie:


    It is going to be interesting to see the various “spins” on this as the Bailey and Dunn books come out and then yours in Sept. I do believe your book will be the one to capture the facts that will ultimately put this issue to rest and hopefully stop Sarah in her tracks. Good luck and we are waiting patiently! (well, maybe not so patiently, but waiting…)

  • True Blue Girl:

    I think the Trig issue is just a bright shiny object, sort a prophylactic distraction in advance of what’s about to rain down on her head – and all those who made a deal with this devil. Think about it: hundreds of emails, the Game Change movie, Baileys’s book, Dunn’s book, and then this updated (as of June, woo-hoo!) book by Mr. McGinniss. She’ll WISH that it was just this ridiculous Trig back-and-forth tussle going on then. But shame on Loy and every piss-poor excuse for a journalist that’s either blessed, advanced or allowed these recollections and opinions to pass for “proof”.

  • BanditBasheert:

    Then why has she forgotten where he was born?
    Mat-Su Regional is 40 miles from the Anchorage Hospital. In September 2010 she announced the baby was born in Anchorage.

    NO mother forgets the exact moment her child is born – much less mixes up the cities.

    I am so tired of her lies, more lies and damned lies. She is a pathological liar.

    And just because she’s managed to fool a batch of dummy men who spend all their time looking at her saline breast implants doesn’t make the story true.

    I’m hoping Joe will be shedding some light on this. If she hadn’t spun such a confusing ridiculous bunch of lies about the whole thing, NO ONE would be having this conversation.

  • BanditBasheert:

    There have been and still exist, anecdotal stories from people who know her (primarily the carpool people) who state that she had a tubal ligation after she had Piper.

    Now all of a sudden she has a pregnancy?

    The story itself is ridiculous – the whole Wild Ride is a fantasy our of that non-functioning paranoid brain of hers. But it’s all a lie –

    Why would she claim a pregnancy when she told everyone she was “so sore from this tubal I had after I delivered Piper”?

    C’mon reputable newspeople (????) – women who have their tubes cut and cauterized DO NOT HAVE “oops” pregnancies.

    There are way too many questions in this story – and in spite of what all these journalists say, the questions have not been answered.

  • BanditBasheert:


    The hottest hashtag in Twitter! Make it so.

  • FormerRepublican:

    If Sarah Palin was indeed pregnant, her Reckless Ride endangered her life, Trig’s life, and the life of EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON BOARD the two Alaska Airlines flights she took on April 17, 2008 because she risked going into labor and forcing the flight to make an emergency landing. If Sarah Palin was pregnant, Todd Palin was a willing participant in her reckless narcissism.

    His lack of concern that day speaks volumes. She was not pregnant and there was nothing for him to be worried about.

  • Sharon_too_also:

    Except that don’t seem to be any courageous journalist like Woodard and Bernstein around anymore – willing to do whatever it takes to expose this fraud.

  • BanditBasheert:

    Then why did she tell everyone she had a tubal following her pregnancy with Piper????

    Taking it back to that level …. the pregnancy makes NO sense.

    Then she forgets what city he is born in and declares “he was born in Anchorage” during a speech last September.

    None of what she says makes sense. But in many ways, that is exactly how she operates. Scattered lies and chaos. This is not normal behavior.

    IF she did have that tubal she did NOT have that baby. Tubes are cut and cauterized. NO way NO how – IF she had the tubal. If not, then she lied about the tubal.

    She’s lied about everything – she’s even confused herself.

  • BanditBasheert:

    I repeat:


  • Joe:

    Not as many as there used to be, because journalism–seeking facts–takes time and money.
    Blogging & Aggregating are free. HuffPo is worth hundreds of millions, while NYTimes is struggling?
    If Woodward and Bernstein weren’t both still alive, they’d be turning over in their graves.


  • BanditBasheert:

    Laura, our daughter delivered at 35 weeks. The baby was fine – a bit small – they were inhouse for 10 days (ALL of them – mom/dad/baby) – he also was under bili lights for jaundice.

    This was a baby that was just a hair under 5 pounds at 35 weeks – fortunately he could breathe normally but like many preemies, he had a lot of difficulty “feeding”.

    Lies and chaos – I did like the Ped article – but I cannot get past the fact that she announced she had a tubal ligation with her Piper delivery. Cut and cauterize … NO pregnancy possible.

    Too many lies, more lies, damned lies, confusion, attacks. This is bordering on ridiculous.

    The very first thing anyone should be addressing is how she could have had that child with her openly announced tubal ligation? You can’t just overlook that procedure.

    The rest is window dressing.

  • Sharon_too_also:

    Sorry Tiger, but we knew the moment she first opened her mouth at the Republican Convention and spewed forth venom, that she wasn’t qualified to be anywhere near the vice presidency.

    The only shocking thing about this whole fiasco is that it has taken so long to come to light.

  • BanditBasheert:

    It is approximately 40 miles from Wasilla (Mat-Su Regional) to Anchorage (Providence). All highway pretty much.

    None of it makes sense – and I don’t think it ever will.

    It is obvious that Likens is a liar – it’s too pat and too convenient. Only a man would fall for her chaotic thought process.

  • BanditBasheert:

    It is highly unlikely that Sarah the Sociopath would CARE about anyone other than herself. We have never seen her say or do a kind thing for another human being.

  • jk:

    She would never had taken the wild ride because it would have put HERSELF in danger, not only of serious injury or even death, but of embarrassment. Imagine a sitting governor lying in the aisle of a plane with her legs up in the air. Imagine Sarah Palin who is so careful about her image, grunting and pushing in a confined space surrounded by strangers.

    Because she didn’t go to the hospital in Texas to get checked out, there was absolutely no way she would have known if delivery was imminent or if she could go hours before it was her time. Doctors can’t be 100% sure, but they can give an educated guess.

    I don’t buy for a second that she could ascertain that for herself, even with her previous deliveries. Had she ever gone into labor six weeks early with any of her other children? Had she ever leaked amniotic fluid that early? Babies come when they come and women can have a different experiences, even if their previous deliveries were similar to each other.

    Bottom line, she’s lying about something. I find it interesting that she confirmed Chuck’s story about her waters breaking. She could have easily made a statement saying he exaggerated or that he misunderstood her. Instead, she ran with it and elaborated it to include contractions during her speech! All she had to say was that she didn’t feel all that great, was concerned about the baby, and got home as soon as possible. No contractions, no leaking amniotic fluid, nothing.

    Who knows what madness lies in the head of Sarah Palin?

  • Scorpie:

    That’s all well and good to say that she should have her privacy. And, all or most of us would have been glad to give her privacy if she had NOT shoved her kids in our faces. If she wanted privacy, she should NOT have hauled her kids all over hell and back.

  • jk:

    I delivered both my kids in a small rural hospital. It was wonderful! I’m not VIP, but we could have chosen a more sophisticated hospital an hour away.

    The thing that gets me isn’t that she chose to deliver in a regional hospital, but that she chose to deliver in a regional hospital that wasn’t equipped to deal with her circumstances. The fact that everything turned out ok is beside the point.

  • Cats in Colorado:

    But if she needed privacy, her actions don’t make sense, either. Why get on a plane, as someone upthread commented, if there’s a real risk of giving birth, publicly and without any medical support, on that plane? Why, for that matter, fly to Texas at 7-7.5-8 months (depending on which version of the story she tells) pregnant if she wanted or needed privacy? Why not ask for privacy, rather than telling multiple and exaggerated versions of the story on numerous occasions?

  • Mem:

    I find it rather amusing that Huffnuts and the media do not want to report stories that are based on “Conspiracy” BUT are more then happy to report on “Isn’t my hair pretty Trumps” Conspiracy theory about our Presidents Birth Certificate on a daily (I mean hourly) basis!

  • jk:

    I have a file folder filled with medical records, bills, and insurance claims from my pregnancies and deliveries, not to mention their birth certificates. And, of course, pictures of me, exhausted, holding my kids moments after they were born as well as the word of my midwife and delivery nurses who saw my babies emerge from my body (whom I would authorize to state, in no uncertain terms, that fact).

    If anyone doubted my pregnancies or deliveries or that my children were my biological offspring, I’d produce that file and tell them to eff off. You would think Sarah Palin would relish the chance to do that.

  • Venefica:

    Joe McG wrote: “Is it purely coincidence that so many are suddenly so intent on insisting that there are no legitimate questions to be asked?”

    Suddenly, there are articles all over the place — Slate, Salon, HuffPo, VV, The New Republic, etc. — dissing “Trig Trutherism.” Joe’s question is significant. It crossed my mind today that TPTB on the left are frantically trying to distance themselves from any sort of “birther” taint. They’ve seen the impact this issue has had on independent voters.

  • Scorpie:

    Was the pediatric specialist aware of the fact that the Mat-Su hospital was not licensed or equipped to handle even the birth of twins?

  • Heidi3:

    Be ever vigilant to notice how carefully parsed this phrase has always been, whether stated by Dr. CBJ, a so-called ‘reporter’, observer, or Sarah herself: “Yes, Trig is Sarah’s child”. We are not disputing that!! There is a world of difference between “Trig is Sarah’s child” and “Sarah gave birth to Trig”.

    Sarah and company have had three whole years to locate and employ the finest counterfeiters or manipulators in the world to concoct a birth certificate with the 4-18-08 “birth date” on it, so having one suddenly appear showing that should be a roundly disputed document. I don’t see how she’d ever produce the real one showing the actual birth date. At this point, I think we should accept nothing less than medical records (tubal ligation, amnio results, etc.) and/or DNA tests. HIPAA rules do not apply in the case of fraud.

    Reference final page 5 of the analysis of CBJ’s (er, McCain campaign’s) medical letter released 11-3-08:

  • FrostyAK:


    Have you checked into the connection between Loy and a $palin staffer/babysitter? That might explain his sudden “memory”.

  • Sharon_too_also:

    What a missed opportunity it is then for some brash young hotshot to make a name for him or herself.

    Let’s hope that book form investigating journalism isn’t also so endangered. Are you the end of an era?

  • Joe:

    I’m the last dinosaur standing.


  • krbmjb05:

    That is why she won’t show her medical records/history. It would show the tubal surgery prior to Trig’s birth.

  • Karen:

    When I had my second child we lived more than two hours from the hospital in a national park that required a fairly treacherous ride through mountainous terrain. Because I didn’t want to have to send my eldest daughter to neighbors so early in the morning (around 5 am) I waited around, took a bath, and we finally left around 7:15 am. I had been in labor about 4 hours. I remember when my water broke (in the truck with me in full-blown labor in the back seat), and it was about 30 minutes before the birth. By the time we got to the hospital, I was pushing that baby out whether I wanted to or not. As a matter of fact, the only reason she wasn’t born already was because of a well-placed elbow. After 6 hours’ labor total, my daughter was delivered by the charge nurse about 8 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. With my first, labor was more than 14 hours.
    In other words, ain’t NO WAY I would have been getting on a plane to travel from Texas to Alaska, and I hate Texas! There is nothing this woman can say that will convince mothers that this wasn’t crazy and reckless. No woman would take the chance of having that scenario take place in the middle of a full airplane full of strangers thousands of feet in the air.

  • lilybart:

    I could prove that my daughter is mine if you came to my house, and it would take me about 2 minutes. Palin could show it all to two reporters in the privacy of her home and they could verify and end this.

  • AKRNC:

    I’d like to know how all these people who believe that Palin is Trig’s Mom answer the question as to why did McCain’s campaign staff scrub the internet of ALL pics of Palin taken during the time she was allegedly pregnant? They weren’t trying to hide anything, they were hiding the lack of anything substantial in $arah’s abdomen. There was NOTHING there, matching another part of her anatomy, and they wanted to make sure that anybody who had questioned those pics could no longer do so. However, it only served to fuel the fire. You don’t remove the pics if you have nothing to hide, nor do you change the hard drive in Levi Johnston’s sister’s computer if there was nothing incriminating in either place.

  • Ferry Fey:

    Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson had privileges with Providence Alaska Health Care Center in Anchorage, the site of Alaska’s only Level III NICU. This is the hospital only 6 miles away from the airport Sarah Palin flew into. Choosing to have CBJ attend her did not limit her to the small local hospital where Trig was allegedly born.

  • Ferry Fey:

    We’d do well to remember Dan Rather’s downfall with forged documents, if a birth certificate with a date different from April 18 shows up. A conspicuous forgery with information that is legitimate would further muddy the waters.

  • Sue:

    I’d guess Chuck did some embellishing. He and Sally had to know that hefty, premature baby they were holding was not hours old.

  • VHTG:

    I actually don’t believe that “The Wild Ride” ever took place. I think that Mrs. Todd Palin could not resist the opportunity to further embellish her frontier, tough pioneer woman facade.

    I predict that when the truth emerges, Scarah will initially try to blame that whole wild ride story on her ghost writer.

    Ghost writer high jinx will then ensue with ghost writer vehemently denying and hopefully producing her and Scarah’s taped conversations, etc… (rubbing my hands together in anticipatory glee!) VHTG

  • SL:

    Dutch, like you, I am appalled at the story Palin purports to be the truth. It was selfish and irrational to risk her child in this way. I’d hold Palin in higher regard if she had faked the pregnancy rather than risk her child’s well-being purely to serve her own ego. It is frighteningly imbalanced behavior.

  • lilly lily:

    She is an expert at using men. Her appearance at the door during the campaign in a towel. Telling a man of the clothe that she was talking to him in the shower. Even pregnant she brings sexual overtones and hints and innuendos to her interactions with men.

    Palin is a sick cookie in every way.

  • BlueberryTart:

    Very good point! The idea of the doctor and patient both choosing to perform this delivery at a hospital that would have been in violation of its accreditation is absurd enough in this day of malpractice litigation; doing so by driving past a hospital with the proper staffing, equipment and accreditation where the same doctor had privileges is simply preposterous.

  • Hi Joe,

    please take a look at my “debunking” of Justin Elliott’s “definite debunking” of Trig Trutherism:

  • Joe:


    I’m about to tweet the link to it


  • FrostyAK:

    They chose the hospital where $P had the BOD stacked with her friends and supporters. Stacked to the point that they stopped allowing abortions to be done at the hospital.

    It would have been VERY easy for her to get special privileges from her friends, whether they knew WHY she asked for them or not. After the fact, though they may not have liked what happened, are they going to out her? Would HIPAA even ALLOW then to out her?

    This whole scenario is too pat to have been thought up by just the the schemer who once was GINO.

  • Ottoline Lyme:

    Are you thinking of anyone specific?

  • Kimberly:

    yeah I think that plump baby was a standin. I have every picture of Trig ever published AND several private photos that were emailed to me (attained from family members or close friends). “Triggybear” looks like the Trig we know today and he fits in with the growth pattern.

  • Kimberly:

    Thats going a bit far. Sarah is compassionate and a good friend. She is also ambitious like any other politician.

  • stinkdaddy:

    “Is it purely coincidence that so many are suddenly so intent on insisting that there are no legitimate questions to be asked?”

    Not a coincidence at all. It’s based on the issue being brought back into the news cycle via the Scharlott paper. Of course nobody has suggested that it’s a coincidence, so have fun playing with your strawman. You can fool the dim-bulbs here in your comment section into thinking “Well there must be a sinister conspiracy, that’s the only explanation!” makes more sense than, “Oh right, people are talking about it because it’s in the news.”

    I guess the next thing you’re going to tell me is that we don’t have a bored, ratings-hungry, monkey-see-monkey-do media. Nobody ever reports anything based on the fact that other people are already talking about it!

    How stupid do you really think people are, Joe?

  • stinkdaddy:

    Of course, pretending that people are “suddenly” concluding that Trig Birtherism is a bunch of crazy nonsense is another big part of Joe’s game here. Nobody is “Suddenly” coming around to that conclusion, but if Joe accurately acknowledges that people have been correctly labelling this a bunch of crazy, unsupported, made-up BS from the get-go then he’ll sell less books to people who’re, quite frankly, too stupid to remember or look up what happened two and a half years ago, and all too willing to let Joe tell them instead.

    It really isn’t the least bit complicated.

  • Cris:

    ….Will work for you? Have you no life? You probably deride the goofballs who spend their day focusing on Obama’s failure to provide proof he was born in the United States, instead of addressing the fact that all of his delusional policies have failed miserably- without exception. What drives you? How did you become preoccupied with Palin to a point where you lose your dignity and any sense of worth you may have once had?
    What if someone took out an ad, claiming that you were actually born in a whorehouse, by unknown parents and then adopted by the woman who you know as your mother? Then imagine some lowly genius, saying, “I remember that your mom didn’t look pregnant immediately before you were born, so I need concrete irrefutable proof that she was your birth mother or I’m not buying it. Setting aside the drivel, this person is demonstrating the depth of his depravity and just how much of a “no life” loser he is- to willfully spend his life dwelling on a fantastical issue in order to avoid today’s real issues of consequence.
    Palin isn’t in office, she’s a private citizen. In turn, why do you devote energy to her at all? If she hold opinions with which you disagree, then disprove them in the arena of ideas. Do you always get fired up, when you disagree with the opinions of people you neither like nor care about; on topics which have never and will never affect you in any way? Have you no shame? Don’t you have anyone in your life, close to you, who calls you out and offers you a reality check? What’s sad is that you are oblivious to how pitiful you sound. Pal, you’re an embarrassment to decency and anything resembling intellectual heft.