Sarah Palin Can’t Possibly Go to Sudan Next Month

This devastated nation is in turmoil and anguish for reasons far too complex for Sarah to understand–or be interested in.

And it’s getting worse day by day, as NY Times reports here.

Admittedly, I don’t give Sarah credit for much empathy or integrity, and not even for having common sense.

But surely, even she will recognize that a money-making, self-aggrandizing, evangelically-sponsored jaunt in July to the most acutely suffering country on earth would be an unforgivable affront to human decency.

I predict, therefore, that even though she has publicly stated she plans to visit Sudan in July, she’ll cancel the trip.

Surely, she can find another way to enrich herself next month.  Even she wouldn’t seek to profit from the blood being shed by the helpless, defenseless and innocent victims of this most horrid of civil wars.

In fact, Sarah, here’s a personal request:  announce that you’re canceling your trip, and don’t give some phony excuse.  Just say, “There’s nothing I can do to help these poor people, and any attention paid to me being in their midst would only distract attention from their misery.”

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  • Lidia17:

    Joe, you know Sarah by now. If she can fly in and out in less than 24 hours on Franklin Graham’s private plane, and get photographed posing gingerly beside a Sudanese person, it’s all good…

  • ella:

    Hopefully, this is tongue and cheek – Sarah Palin has NO self-awareness. NONE. She does not have the ability to see anything wrong with a photo op and fundraiser for Samaritan’s Purse aka the Graham/Palin slush fund.

  • Lisabeth:

    Now that you have suggested she not go, she will do it to prove you wrong. And she will pretend to be empathetic doggone it! How unflippinbelievable Joe that you think Sarah doesnt care about these poor people and would take advantage of those so vulnerable.
    Plus isn’t this a trip with Franklin? There’s a rumor (yes RUMOR) that says Sarah is leaving Todd for a married man. And we all know that Perez Hilton is never wrong- wink wink!

  • VictoriaJ:

    Not going to happen. If Sarah has to tie herself to the wing of a plane, take anti-nausea medicine to touch people with black skin and strap a camera to Franklin Graham’s head to make sure there are some serious
    photos of her looking like she gives a damn about a country full of devastated people she’ll do just that. And if she looks like the tragedy whore she is to do it—she will gladly wear that badge.

  • gypsyrose:

    Oh Joe,
    Again you show the photo of such suffering and having it a within/next to a post about sarah, just makes my heart too sad. For all she has monetarily and all she has because she is a citizen of this country and all she does to cause harm is just so INSANE compared to those who have so little -so little that you will have to provide a word for me tonite for how incredibly little they have.

    I hope that you are correct Joe, I do hope that she cancels the trip. Maybe it will be due to her fear of getting hurt in a civil war or she won’t be allowed to have a camera follow her around or some other reason -fill in the snarky reasons here_____________________ as i am awash in sadness and can’t even go there right now.

    More than anything else about this post Joe, thank you for keeping us alert to the fact that there are so many who need so much.

    peace and humility

  • BfromC:

    Nice attempt at reverse psychology with Sarah, Joe. I share your concerns, but I agree with many of the others. Nothing will deter Sarah from this stunt/trip if it has a place within her fantasy God-directed plan. I do seem to recall that she, Franklin and fam went to Haiti after a national warning was declared about travel there because of increasing unrest. I really thought she’d heed that warning and cancel then. But of course not! I’m sure though, just like she usually does on her foreign trips in the past two years, her hotel room will remain her comfort zone and where she clocks the most hours on foreign soil. While photo ops being carefully orchestrated by Franklin.

    Any bets on whether she’ll wear her designer sunglasses again so the tragic victims can’t see the true disinterest and repulsion in her eyes? Then again, she is very good at meeting and greeting, so there will be moments when it appears that she has that servant’s heart. But we know the truth.

  • curiouser:

    Sarah’s the ultimate risk-taker, doncha know. God would never let anything happen to her or Graham and she may be feeling added pressure to take Todd on a trip with Graham to squash the romance rumors. She does, however, also need an excuse to avoid the UK leg of the planned journey and her failure to get an audience with Lady Thatcher. You’ve provided her with a superior reason to cancel the whole trip — concern for the people of Sudan — but it would be a phony excuse coming from Sarah. It will be interesting to see what she decides.

  • AKPetMom:

    Maybe she can write a letter from “god” explaining the hardship that the Sudanese have suffered. She, I mean “god” can tell them that they were chosen for this suffering, because they were considered worthy of such suffering because they are strong enough to persevere. Perhaps “god” will tell them to make lemonade from the lemons and water that they do not have access to.

  • notafaux:

    Has any “unforgivable affront to human decency” ever stopped Her Rogueness? Of course not. I’m sure Sarah will show up in Sudan, just to prove she can charge through that door. The burning question is whether Bristol will take a break from her book tour to go along and style Sarah’s bumpit for a photo op. Remember Haiti?

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    @lidia Yes! Its all about the photo Op!
    Its nothing else same for “Sam’s purse” GRIFTERS!

  • You are right Joe.

    Why if Sarah were to accompany Franklin Graham on this trip it would be just as tone deaf as if she were to invite Graham up to Alaska during a crisis in rural villages, in order to fly her out to a village, one not even affected by the crisis, to deliver a plate of cooki…oh wait.

    Yep, she’s going.

  • John Thomas:

    Maybe she will take a box of sugar cookies so we can see how much she is helping during her 10 min photo-op
    while desperately trying to avoid touching the great unwashed masses.
    No not building shelters or water supplies or food distribution networks etc etc… just handing out cookies
    to large-bellied children while trying to avoid cooties. Ooooo… so impressive!
    Have you thought about running for higher office?

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Maybe she will take her “Servant’s heart” and b/c Tammy Faye! No vetting about IRS or BC on your kids! Just lots of mascara and fundy bullshit.
    She will say she can’t run for POTUS B/c of her SERVANTS heart!
    Thus sparing herself being cut into little pieces by the R’s long knives…. She will first have to roll over her PAC $?
    Whether she runs or not I hope the GOP{ lets out the long knives….she needs to be put to bed permanently… and the gop good at that, you betcha.

  • Older_Wiser:

    Look, Joe. The trip is free (not paid by her), she actually believes (not thinks–that’s beyond her capabilities) that it will give her some foreign policy cred, and she gets the photo op, starring–you guessed it–herself.

    That’s Quitler in a nutshell. So yes, she’ll go with her evangelical butt boy. The long-suffering Sudanese? Let them eat cookies.

  • curiouser:

    I’d wager that it’s even better than a free trip/photo-op. Samaritan’s Purse most probably pays her as a fund-raising consultant.

  • Heidi3:

    Sarah’s first question: “Is there a mall there?”

    She and Graham disgust me beyond words. Gryphen is right… they didn’t even deliver the cookies (and religious tracts) to the village in dire need, which was Emmonak. She hasn’t the awareness to even comprehend how despicable this trip idea is – she’ll go. To paraphrase Nicolle Wallace’s prediction: “She will be the cause of her own demise.”

  • Just_a_Mote:

    Absolutely! NO self awareness. She is an infant.

  • carollt:

    She is going to Sudan. There is a payday from Samaritan’s Purse waiting for her and of course, she is looking forward to spending time with her BFF Franklin Graham. And if she didn’t go, how could she stop in England in time to ambush Thatcher on July 4, 2011 at the unveiling of the Reagan statue. The Queen is not yet done with Maggie; she is determined to get that photo with the Iron Lady.

    We can only hope that she leaves her children at home for this trip. The only question remaining is whether Todd and/or Franklin’s wife will go on the trip.

  • Lynne:

    I tell you how she could turn her approval ratings around. Have her move in to the war zone, living among the maimed while proselytizing and handing out cookies and declare she’s running for POTUS. She can wear the Tee shirt that reads “hate america? then move out!”, her cross earings and star of David pendant with her running pants and suntanned pantyhose to boot! Yeah, that’s the ticket! (Channeling Jon Lovitz)

  • carollt:

    Will she bring cookies this time? And will she wear that big old cross that a blind could not miss as she did at when she hijaked the rolling thunder, or the Star of David. She might double down and wear both.

  • carollt:

    My apologies, will she wear that big old cross that a blind MAN could not miss………….

  • AFM:

    Can’t you see it now. Someone on their death bed looks up and says “Who is this Sarah”? She thinks this is going to help her image. No way, it will look like another fake photo op. If she really had friends they would tell her not to go.

  • fromthediagonal:

    Just… don’t belittle infants, please!

  • Older_Wiser:

    Ah yes! There. Must. Be. A. Paycheck.

  • JR:

    Sarah will go to Sudan – and the media will sell the story of how the photo op beefs up her foreign policy cred in advance of the 2012 elections.

  • Betsy S:

    I am sure the main reason for the trip is to crash the Ronald Reagan memorial event and somehow sidle up to Ms Thatcher for that photograph.

  • search4more:


    Just to let you know the link to the New York Times article is a bit messed up. You have put an extra “http://” in there so some readers may not get through to the NYT.


  • How about a post on Samaritan’s Purse? I know they have a lousy rating. It wouldn’t hurt to remind people ahead of Sarah’s skinny-people photo op that her ASSOCIATIONS are quite dubious. Isn’t that what she told us to focus on?

  • mary b:

    We all know $arah reads this blog.
    Actions speak louder than words, $arah.
    Take Joe’s advice~ It will make it look like you have at minimum, a shred of decency left. A little dignity & humility go a long way.
    Don’t go $arah. You’ll be helping your image more by staying away from the Sudan.

  • mea:

    she’ll bring cookies, just to spite Mrs. Obama

  • pinhead:

    I hope she DOES go to the Sudan, if only as the side trip to England and the Reagan unveiling event. Then, when she tries to sidle up to Thatcher for her photo-op, she is roundly pushed aside.
    How pissed??

    (Please understand I mean no disprespect to the suffering Sudanese people. They really would be better off if she left them alone.)

  • Leona:

    What on earth could Sarah Palin offer the children of Sudan that would help them? A shoebox full of trinkets and toys?

  • Psalm023:

    But she’s the “Undefeated”! Who can go against one so mighty and strong? “She” believes no one can.

    Her sense of right/wrong is warped. She has no more conscience, no convictions. They seem to have gotten lost somewhere. No one markets themselves by traveling to poor civil-war-torn strife countries just to get more donors for their PAC – no one with a soul does that. Only a base animalistic monster would do such a thing.

  • mea:

    i just read that Mrs. Obama is touring Africa’s southern countries on a goodwill trip.
    SPAZ will have to go to Sudan. She’ll just have to!

  • LisaOHio:

    Actually, she could take the money her PAC would have spent taking her, her entourage and family over there, and donate it to a charity in the country. In fact, if she does go, lets estimate how much it all cost and call her on it.

  • jcinco:

    omg gag me, they’ll be the jim and tammy faye bakker of the 21st century. sarah already has the make-up regimen down…frank is practiced in the art of deception…they can exploit and garner cash off the misery of others, a match made in heaven…

  • lilly lily:

    I’ll get a new hobby. No more watching this disgusting woman to see what bizarre photo op she will take.

    Palin is beyond disgust and into “fear and loathing “territory.

    What won’t she do for attention, for a photo op?

    Is Dengue Fever floating around? The victims suffer dreadfully.

    Maybe I’ll take up fly fishing seriously and go to Montana for the summer. Or dragon boat down in Princeton.

  • ProChoiceGrandma:

    a/k/a Scamaritan’s Pur$e

  • lilly lily:

    When her presidential aspirations die, Palin and Graham will become the new religious power couple.

    Perhaps as soul partners if they don’t divorce their spouses for practical reasons.

    I can’t see any other reason for their partnering now. Haiti, Alabama, The Sudan? They are testing the waters for their future.

  • Bretta:

    You’re suggesting to Mz Oppositional Defiance Disorder to stand down on the Sudan fail-tour?

    Good One!

    She’ll go for sure to pick up that fake prop baby for the fake Preznit run.

    It’s just a ruse for the $Palins to ‘adopt’ a brown baby, the color of Bristol’s latest. Check it out: Haiti, Sudan, charity work in LA whilst living with Kyle Massey & his brother.

  • msf:

    The only one equally as ruthless as Sarah would be Franklin Graham. Trust me, these two will go. I think a psychiatrist would have a field day with these two ruthless grifters. They really do not seem human.

  • DKey:

    What a trip this would be. Sarah left Hawaii because there were “too many Asians.” How will she deal with “foreign” children with distended bellies? I know! She can wear her empathy belly! Will Piper tell the Sudanese they’re wrecking her vacation? And Secessionist, Tawd, LOVES a good Civil War! Bring Bristol along to tell ‘these women’ about date rape and they can sell it to TLC . . . Can’t wait for your book, Joe!!!

  • laprofesora:

    Just tell her there are no shopping malls. Then she’ll cancel for sure.

  • BfromC:

    So sad but true. If it wasn’t a Fox controlled media situation (no doubt with just Greta along), any other media would be tripping over the starving and dying people to get the perfect shots of Sarah. So in this case, be glad it will probably just be just their Fox team along.

    To their dying day, the press will continue to follow and drool over this brassy, Cubic Zurconia object.

  • As I’ve written earlier, Palin is not going to Sudan per se, she will be going to what will soon become the world’s newest country, The Republic of South Sudan, which will gain independence on July 9th. She is going there to participate in the independence ceremonies of what she will tout as the newest Christian country in the world. At least that’s what I’ve predicted.

    Though a new round of violence has descended early this month upon Abyei, a disengagement is being brokered by Thabo Mkebi right now – with the agreement of both Sudan and the new southern incoming government – for an Ethiopian peacekeeping force to oversee the demilitarization of that disputed region.

    Juba, the intended capital of the new country, has not seen organized violence since the middle of the 2nd Sudanese Civil War, and is regarded as a “Christian” city, with missionary activity along the White Nile having been centered there since the 19th century. Franklin Graham’s operations have a small facility at Juba airport, which is a regional air transport hub.

    Although the Southern Sudanese hope to buid a new capital city, sort of an African Brasilia, the money for that is a long, long way off, and Juba will be the capital until that has been done, which is likely to be never.

    Most likely, Palin’s visit to her new Christian country will be limited to staged events that will tie her to whatever success stories there might be there, especially those tied to Christian zeal and activity. If she visits facilities that deal with the pathetic misery so prevalent in that part of the world, it will be to highlight how much she “cares,” and will be designed to draw fundamentalist, evangelical and Catholic voters away from her GOP presidential race rivals.

  • lilybart:

    And she will brag about how she divested from companies doing business in the Sudan. Shameless.

  • lilybart:

    I suppose it is possible but it would be too transparent, even for them, right?

  • lilybart:


  • Tom:

    Yeah you all are very wise indeed. Franklin graham and Sarah Palin are more of a threat than Freddie Kruger and Michale Myers combined…! What a pack of dim bulbs…Tom in Philly

  • Bretta:

    After years of watching her, she truly believes we are stupider than she is.
    She truly believes she can pull the wool over our eyes – in a new hoax.

  • espresso4me:

    Ah yes let’s see now. Bibles, a small plastic Jesus, crayons and religious coloring books, Thank You cards to send back to saints sarah and graham saying there are absolutely no words at all to express how they feel…and what people like you will do in the name of your savior, god, or religion.

  • SusanC:

    Is she leaving the country while Bristol is doing her book tour? If so, why? To take the spotlight off Bristol? Or–highly unlikely–is she embarrassed by the content of the book and wants to put an ocean between herself and it?

    Judging by the contents of the book that have leaked so far, Bristol and her ghostwriter certainly have a talent for trash-talking.

    Oh, by the way: You can get a copy of the DVD of “The Undefeated” for a mere $100 donation to Sarahpac. Think I’ll wait till it turns up in Big Lots for $3. At that point, I might need a new trivet.

  • Sharon1943:

    She will go to Sudan just as she went to Haiti. Remember the photos of her giving boxes of Graham’s “christian books” to the Haitian children? You could see the disappointment on the children’s faces. Their country in utter devastation, love ones lost, not enough food and water, living in tents … and those fools bring their phony religious tracts. Disgusting beyond belief. Sarah with the Serpent’s Heart will go to Sudan.

  • msf:

    Thank god they can’t sing.

  • jcinco:

    Thanks Phil for the info. You’re very well read, no wonder sarah hates you! :)

  • I have no idea how Palin feels about me these days. All my encounters with her or her family over the past 20-plus years have been civil, or within the realm of what one might expect when on opposing sides of issues here. To my knowledge, I am not on any of her or her family members’ “enemies lists.” Even though I’ve written over 500 articles about Palin since November 2007, none have elicited a response I’m aware of from Palin, her family or close circle.

  • Elizabeth44:

    That’s the event I think she’ll make at all costs. She may use that as an excuse to avoid the Sudan.

  • Elizabeth44:

    Thank you for the information. I knew the newest fighting was over the oil rich area on the boundary of the soon-to-be two countries, but I didn’t know where Samaritan’s Purse’s operations were.

  • They operate in several areas in Africa, but especially in east central Africa.

  • Lidia17:

    I would pay good money to see that: Sarah crashing the Reagan statue event (how creepy is a Reagan statue to begin with, but I digress).

    However, I THINK I read that Thatcher’s handlers are keeping a very close eye on Mrs. Palin’s schedule, and are going to make sure that Maggie doesn’t leave the house if Sarah is on English soil.

  • Lidia17:

    Bibles. Let them eat Bibles.

  • Lidia17:

    Bretta, in a sense, she’s right, is the sad thing…

  • Lisabeth:

    Yes perhaps God will tell Sarah to bake cookies for these suffering people.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    That was my first thought also, too, when I read the Obamadiaries…

  • Leona:

    Palin “talks” religion, but is she really a Christian? Does she actually practice her faith? I seriously doubt it. I think she goes through the motions in the same way she has gone through the motions of being a mayor, a governor, a mother, a hunter, etc.

  • mlynn:

    Leona, just because you can’t get enough of Sarah, dosen’t mean that she is not a Christian. Are you a Christian? I doubt it, reading your comments tells me you are a loser with so much hate. And all these losers in here talking to themselves as if Sarah will put a her toe in here. She has a lot of interesting and better things to do than come to pervert McGinniss’ blog. This old fart keep following Sarah around.

  • Joe:

    Not really, mlynn. I signed a contract to write a book about her. I researched and wrote the book. I will promote the book in the fall because writing books that people buy
    is how I have earned a living for more than forty years. After that, end of story, as far as I’m concerned.


  • MicMac:

    Exactly. Gotta say this, Joe, I am disappointed that you didn’t pick up on the fact that she’s really not going to Sudan, but just capitalizing on the creation of the new Christian/Animist country’s break from the Northern Islamist majority. A little Google, will do ya. She’ll claim (false) credit for divesting Alaskan funds, cheer on the Graham-Crackers for “creating” a new “Christian” country and take advantage of the situation to make some more anti-Muslim remarks. Betcha.

    Not one soupcon of suffering shall touch the hem of her robe. . .

  • jk:

    We certainly don’t want Sarah Palin to come and pervert this blog, although it is what she does best. She’s already perverted Alaska and now she’s perverting Arizona. Joe is simply trying to prevent her from perverting Africa.

  • Lisabeth:

    What a horrible hypocrite you are. Calling people here haters then turning around and the next second spewing your own hate to someone on their own blog. What is the matter with you? Calling someone a pervert with no evidence to back it up is not only wrong, it is slander. Only a very disturbed person would do such a thing to someone with no evidence of that. It’s totally uncalled for!! There’s no point in explaining this to you though because obviously you have a screw or two loose. But your name calling, regardless of other comments on here, is immoral.

  • Ratfishtim:

    Actually, I think her plans have changed to Kenya. That way, she can get a twofer: Check out Obama’s birth certificate, and pretend to give a damn about refugees.

    Kenya: A Harsh Limbo For Somali Refugees In Dadaab

    Every day, Somalis fleeing conflict in their homeland arrive at the overcrowded, overstretched refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya, and are forced to seek sanctuary on their own in the surrounding—and unforgiving—desert.

  • Ratfishtim:

    Sarah Palin is a hater.

    Not a Christian.

  • deennaa:

    And aren’t you lucky you are allowed to post here mlynn? ANYONE who disagrees with you couldn’t go to any of your kiss ass sarah sites and do the same. Have the MANNERS to be at least THANKFUL you were allowed to spew your misspelled, nasty and RUDE name-calling drivel trying to pass as saying something. By the way, the false christianity finger is pointing RIGHT BACK AT YOU. If you are of the sarah palin brand of christianity, then you both need to learn to READ AND COMPREHEND what your own bible says. Your kind is already talked about in it: “…wolves in sheep’s clothing…”, “…white on the outside, but full of dead men’s bones on the inside…”, just for starter’s and a few among the many, many verses talking about FALSE followers. You really can’t twist those verses around now can you? Do you understand the meaning of the word HYPOCRITE? Does this describe you? Well it describes the one you idol worship. I think I’ve already written more than you can process at one sitting. Take off your blinders and save yourself while you can. And while you’re at it, stop talking for sarah palin like you know her personally. You don’t. sarah palin lives in MY neighborhood in Alaska. You have no clue about her rotten character period! Get a grip!! YOU HAVE BEEN HAD. P.S.: I don’t enjoy talking mean to people, but when I come across such ignorance as you just wrote, I just want to holler! Like I said, save yourself while you can. sarah palin doesn’t give a damn about you. Or do you think stupid can be smartened up?

  • Leona:

    My religious convictions have no bearing on this discussion. We are dealing with La Palin here. Her behaviors in many areas are not in line with Christian belief and practice.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Maybe even s’mores….

  • Leona:

    I think she will be with Franklin Graham, head of Samaritan’s Purse, and will be at the independence celebration for South Sudan in Juba. It would not surprise me if it is just a one day trip. I doubt seriously that she will actually visit an overcrowded, overstretched refugee camp in Kenya or South Sudan.

  • lilly lily:

    It is a proven fact that lou sarah pats Sarah Lou on the back. Writes her own letters of admiration for herself and has others sign them.

    Of course Sarah Lou dips her painted toes here and elsewhere.

    I have told her what she could do with her chain saw elsewhere. And if it wasn’t her, they gave every indication they were cloned.

  • rm:

    Palin could win an Emmy

    2. TLC submitted it into “best reality program”. Palin has repeatedly and passionately claimed it’s not a reality show, but instead, a documentary — a distinction she rapped Karl Rove for failing to make when he questioned whether starring in a reality show would affect her gravitas.

    When pressed, Rove threw Palin a bone on the categorization, but wouldn’t back off his original criticism.

    “She took offense at the characterization of her reality show. I’ll accept that it’s a travelogue heralding Alaska through the experiences of family.

    My point was this: I’m an analyst for Fox. I’m called upon to analyze how people are positioning themselves to run for President, and I said I didn’t see how this television show on Discovery Channel helped position her to run for President.”

    It now seems Rove was probably right — TLC did view this as a reality show; not a documentary.

    Is its categorization a big deal? No. But Palin certainly made a huge one out of it.

  • BfromC:

    They are issuing a new travel warning right now from the State Department (watching MSNBC) and Andrea Mitchell is talking with Ambassador Princeton Lyman, the US Special Envoy to Sudan. Americans are NOT to travel to the Sudan because of the dangers. The violence is increasing and July 9th is the date for the South Sudan to gain independence.

    Of course Sarah will go anyway, just like Haiti, when they ignored the warning issued the week she went there.

  • lilly lily:

    Didn’t they get enormous tax credit or writeoffs as a documentary based in Alaska?

    Or didn’t it matter what it was? Documentary, political shilling and advertisement or a scripted and managed reality show?

  • brbr2424:

    So true. Even mildly critical comments about Sarah get deleted within seconds of posting on the her facebook page and C4P. Whereas they leave a comment saying the death of the 9 year old in Tucson was no great loss because the girl would probably grow up to be a liberal.

  • jcinco:

    Certainly no offense meant. It’s a well known fact that sarah doesn’t take to any criticism in any form at any time. I’m surprised that she holds no animosity towards you as it seems you have been fairly candid about her.

  • Leona:

    Palin makes a big deal out of anything she perceives as a slight, a criticism, a difference of opinion. Imagine what hell it must be like living in her home!

  • lilybart:

    The result or “fruits” as the Bible says, of her actions and words is divisiveness….some of us are Real Americans and most of us are not. She is unkind, unforgiving, petty and snarky. I know her fans love that but I don’t think Jesus likes snark.

    Jesus might like a good Ole and Lena joke, but not snark and petty gossip.

  • Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel:

    I wonder if $P will listen to Ambassador Princeton Lyman, special envoy to Sudan? That’s an awfully uh-leet-ist name…

  • lilly lily:

    I think Sarah Palin is finished as a politician..

    A joke. After Paul Revere and her version of his ride, who can listen to anything out of her mouth and not laugh at the very idea of her running. That is her brand now. IDIOT.

    And Bristol with her memoirs is the final nail in the Palin family coffin.

    We kept telling her to sit down and shut up. She should have listened ..

  • The Washington Post is reporting she has quit the Sudan trip. I’m speculating that Malia Litman’s complaint to the Feds re the tax scam over the reality show political advertisement may have something to do with this. Maybe not.

    Who’s you state department contact, Joe? Good work.

  • msf:

    Wise…very wise.

  • carollt:

    You were right Joe; Washington Post is reporting that Sarah has canceled her trip to South Sudan. No reason given and her spokesman declined comments.

    Can’t wait for the book so I can find out what else you are right on.

  • VictoriaJ:

    I bow to your prescience, Joe . . . .

  • O/T–Joe, I know you’re a fan of Sarah Jones at PoliticusUSA. She’s posted a withering piece about Bristol Palin’s “memoir” today. Righteous disgust from beginning to end. This book rollout could be our closing chapter before your September k.o. I can’t imagine how they can possibly clean up their mess after putting all this in print– book form no less.

  • Star:

    Standing ovation here!!

  • Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel:

    Suddenly the Palinbots have descended on Bri$tol’s Amazon reviews and are clicking “no” to the “was this useful?” question on the one-star reviews, and “yes” on the five-star.

    Do your bit for the valiant souls who read the book, Friends of Joe!

  • sharon:

    OMG!!! HASN’T ANYONE HEARD THE NEWS???? Sarah can’t go anywhere for a while…Cindy McCain and her daughter Meghan kicked her ass BAD last night in Wasilla. And guess WHO drove them to her house once they got off the plane?? That’s right, Shailey Tripp. Nobody was arrested because the state police showed up and guess WHO the cop was? That’s right…..Officer Wooten. But it gets worse….apparently, her daughter bristol showed up and started talking trash and guess who smacked her all over ther concrete yard? Levi’s little sister……and from what I heard, she might’ve messed up her jaw surgery a little bit…..but’s it all turned out ok because when everything settled down, Todd ended up leaving with Shailey to grab a few drinks and talk about things. Which left Piper …but Piper ended up jumping on the plane with Cindy and Meghan – apparently she asked them to be her godmother and sister so that had a happy ending. Levi ended up with Willow upstairs and they were all smiles. Track borrowed the bus to go on a delayed honeymoon …but sarah’s not alone … can guess who she ended up with and end this story any way you’d like. 😀

  • The very root of your writing whilst sounding agreeable at first, did not sit very well with me personally after some time. Someplace throughout the sentences you were able to make me a believer unfortunately only for a short while. I nevertheless have a problem with your leaps in assumptions and you might do well to fill in those breaks. If you can accomplish that, I would surely end up being fascinated.