Sarah Palin hearts Trump: she once yearned for Ivana

As I mention in The Rogue, Sarah once drove from Wasilla to J.C. Penney in Anchorage to get a glimpse of Ivana Trump as she promoted a new line of perfumes.   She told Todd she was going to Costco to buy groceries.  But she was really going to J.C. Penney to see Ivana because, as she told the Anchorage Daily News, she was “so starved for any semblance of glamor and culture.”

Now that she’s toeing his  birther line, maybe The Donald will let her sit on his lap.

32 Responses to “Sarah Palin hearts Trump: she once yearned for Ivana”

  • Olivia:

    So funny, I would never associate the words “culture” and Ivana Trump. Glamor, maybe and money for sure, but not culture.

  • Marie:

    She was attracted to glamour and what she perceived as culture; she didn’t know any different.

  • BanditBasheert:

    Agreed / when you’re trailer trash, you buy into glitz & glamour. Then you pour a concrete slab in your front yard.

  • AKPetMom:

    At that time in her life Sarah Palin was not well traveled, and most likely due to her absolute lack of curiosity, was unaware that there was anyone more glamorous in the world than Ivana Trump. Many here in Wasilla grew up in other places; locations more in tune with the way things are in the lower 48. Many that came here did so of free will to escape environs that were too crowded and too uptight. Poor Sarah was stuck here from infancy and perhaps thought she was missing something. Remember, this is a person who got her first passport in summer 2007 to visit Kuwait. I kind of feel sorry for her because she doesn’t have a past that allows her the freedom of throwing off the bonds of “lower 48” constriction. She’s seeking rather than being happy living in this place that is so free and different and without as many social constrictions. Perhaps in time she will realize that Alaska is as special as she is paid to say it is.

  • ForeverAnonymous:

    …You forgot to say Sarah was smacking a wad of gum as she stood in line to meet the “glamorous” Mrs. Trump.

  • climber357:

    I wonder if Sarah wore a corsage for the occasion.

  • Ivyfree:

    I never understood why Sarah had to lie to Todd about that. I mean, so what if she wanted to see Ivana Trump? Why not just say, “Todd, I’m going to see Ivana Trump- I’m curious about her.” It would never occur to me to lie to my husband about something like that. What’s so terrible that she had to lie about it?

  • juicyfruityy:

    As, I recall. The Queen went to Hawaii and other states post high school graduation. She also has relatives in other states that she visited; and still do. She was not sheltered, except, in her own mind.

    I am older than her. I never been to the places that she have nor do I have a passport nor have I visited or lived out of the U.S. Like myself, she had the means to do more with her life; she made a choose.

    She is mean, conniving and corrupt. I feel no sorry for her.

    Lastly, she haven’t left, Alaska. She’s just visiting her other properties (Arizona and gods knows while else).

    It is one thing to have to read about her playing the victim. It is sad to read about how you are trying to paint her as a victim of circumstances.

    “she doesn’t have a past that allows her the freedom of throwing off the bonds of “lower 48″ constriction. ”

    What a bunch of garbage.

  • sharon:

    I’m suspicious of any “details” she adds to her stories because being the pathological liar that she is – that’s her trademark – adding details to a lie because she thinks that makes it more believeable. No, she didn’t have to hide that from toad. Her story most likely never happened the way she said it did. And her story makes her sound even more like a wasilla hillbilly.

  • bill in belize:

    yeah, i always look to JC Penny for the culture and glamor.

  • Jeanabella:

    When I read about Sarah going to see Ivana, I realized where her “style” sense had come from. Most of the photos of Sarah before that time show her hair as long, curly, somewhat messy, compared to after the visit to see Ivana, Sarah has same up do with the bump. It is a flattering style, though passe.
    Sarah admits she lied to her husband about going to see Ivana is telling. Either she didn’t want Todd to know she was a fan of Ivana or what could it be? Sarah lies so easily about things that don’t require a lie. A lie may be required by a wife who fears her husbands temper or maybe fears being made fun of. I don’t understand what Sarahs problem with telling the truth is, but there is a problem. It’s the little lies that disturb me. Sarah is not a serious person and should not be in any position of government or power.

  • lilly lily:

    Sarah lies automatically. She has lied all her life, and what truly amazes me, are the people who seem dazzled, always telling others who detect her lies, that Palin is honest.

    Palin, her husband and her daughter are tangled up in her web of lies, and it is up to the press to expose them all.

  • AKRNC:

    I thought the same thing. Only the intellectually challenged $arah would ever perceive Ivana Trump as an example of culture and glamour. I have to literally LOL at the thought of her sneaking off to see her in an Alaskan department store.

    In regards to $arah’s lying, it is frightening to think of her in any government position, let alone as the leader of the free world. For her to even run for the office is making a mockery of our President. Palin lies as easily as most people breathe and due to her mental illness, I think she has actually fooled herself into believing whatever she is saying is true. People who have known $arah well for years have said the same thing, that she believes if she says it, whatever “it” may be, it’s now true. One of the best examples was when the Branchflower Report was released which absolutely found $arah guilty of ethics violations and after receiving it, she stood in front of the media stating she was happy to have been exonerated, happy that they found her to be innocent of any wrongdoing. Very few members of the media said anything but I think they were struck dumb as she stood there blatantly lying, without a care as to what was contained within the document, which said the opposite of what she indicated. She never changed her story to this day and yet her mother said in a recent magazine article that can’t understand why there are people who don’t like her daughter. Is her mother actually unaware of her daughter’s habit of lying? Highly doubtful considering she’s been doing it since high school, bragging a bout how her father told her what to do (tape her fingers together) to get out of band practice. She’s moved on to much bigger and far more serious lies, but it obviously started in chldhood when she used it to get what she wanted and still does to this day.

  • Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel:

    Ivana Trump might have taught $P a lesson about having ghost writers do the heavy lifting when it comes to being an “author.” I did appreciate this Amazon boo-boo on the publication date of “Ivana’s” first novel!:

    For Love Alone by Ivana Trump (Jan 1920)

  • emrysa:

    I think you may have misinterpreted AkPetMom’s point.

  • BanditBasheert:

    Agree – refuse to have a pity party for Sarah who tried to go to school in Hawaii (but there were too many Asians). She went to college ???? in Idaho. She never visited Kuwait – too cowardly to visit Iraq, she refueled in Ireland and then on to Kuwait for a troop photo op.

    She and Toad have amassed massive amounts of homes, properties and lots of expensive toys – supposedly on his and her combined salaries (I would LOVE the IRS to visit them).

    Stuck (?) in Alaska as an infant?

    What are you smoking today my dear?

  • emrysa:

    I’ve always thought this was a funny story.

    I am a few years younger than the quitter and also grew up in a small town (not as small as wasilla but still small, around 20,000) and I cannot figure out what in the world would motivate an adult woman to make a trip to see ivana trump. it makes me laugh every time this story is brought up. I understand a teenager wanting to see someone based on their looks, glamor, and nothing else, but an adult? I find it to be more evidence in support of the theory that the quitter is in a state of arrested development.

  • shapeshifterbelly:

    Maybe Donald will hold open a spot on Celebrity Apprentice for Princess Quitty Pants after they’re both done bullshitting themselves that they even have a remote chance of becoming the next King or Queen of the World.

  • I agree with other comments that “culture” is the last word I would associate with Ivana Trump. What a joke. If Sarah had said that she desperately wanted to meet a successful gold-digger, that would have been much closer to the truth. If Sarah hadn’t gotten preggers and had to marry Todd, she would have been scheming to meet a rich guy.

  • lilly lily:

    Doubt that “the Donald “will be a candidate for 2012… Seems to be having relationship issues with Wife #3, plus a sex tape of his lady floating around. Mrs. Trump #3has reached her trophy wife expiration date. I don’t think the American public is going to put a man with two, possibly three messy divorces into the White House.

    Ivana had a following especially after her divorce, when she not only landed on her feet but became a very rich woman on her own efforts. She has become rather silly now with boy toy husbands and trying to hold back her age with too much surgury. Something that Sarah Palin is doing.

    Still the Trump children seem to have turned out better than the Palin brood. The wives paid attention to the kids growing up.

  • ProChoiceGrandma:

    But in fact, Sarah HAD been scheming to marry a rich guy, the dentist, but her “Ashley Wilkes” rebuked her by refusing to marry her. Poor Sarah has always been a “second place” loser. Although she rushed into an elopement with Todd, she carried the seed of her dentist to forever hold over his head. This gave her the opportunity to seek favors from his wealthy and politically influential family.

  • ProChoiceGrandma:

    If Sarah was “so starved for any semblance of glamor and culture”, isn’t that a rather blunt slap in the face to Alaskans, specifically HER Alaskan friends? Kinda hard to find glamor and culture hanging out with militia-types, particularly Todd’s AIP associates.

  • lee:

    She is wired to lie.

  • Ivyfree:

    Maybe Sarah wanted to inhale the aroma of money?

  • AKRNC:

    The IRS definitely owes $arah a visit. There was such discrepancy between her first year as Governor and the previous year. You would think taking on a job with a salary of approx. $150k would increase your income from the previous year but it “LOOKS LIKE” Toad lost a lot of money in either his fishing business or didn’t work very much her first year on the job. I also want to know how they could afford that homewith their income as sporadic as it was over the years. Something stinks with Palin’s finances. Now when you add in Bristol’s LLC to shelter Mommy’s payments to her for her “consulting work” aka as “google the economy for me, Bristol, tell me what it says so I know what to talk about for my $100k speech today”. Palin has made a point of talking about how Bristol helps her as in see this is why she gets paid what she does by the PAC excuse that will be coming our way when the newest set of financial documents are released.

    I wonder if Bristol reported her income from Candies in 2009. I happen to think she didn’t because it wasn’t revealed during her custody suit. Considering Candies calls it reimbursement for her expenses, let’s see the expense reports submitted. Bristol had to feel pretty secure to lie on the witness stand like she did about her income, claiming she was broke at the end of the week and living paycheck to paycheck.

  • An Outhouse:

    The quitter is made for The Apprentice. It would definitely improve the train wreck quality of the show but I would have to watch it with the sound off.

  • BanditBasheert:

    Having NO class, Sarah will never understand the difference between being rich and having money, and being classless like she is.

    She has no manners and she is nasty and mean. With all the money she has, she’s still the sow’s ear and will never become a silk purse. Class is not simply a matter of wealth. For example, an individual with class would never have tried to turn a mass shooting and political assassination attempt that resulted in deaths .. and try and make it “about her”.

    There are times to step above the fray. Barn animals have better manners and tact than she will ever have.

  • BanditBasheert:

    And don’t forget the “vacation homes” they were paying tax on only the land – that place even has a place to park the private plane.

    There is too much STUFF … if you look at their salaries in the past.

    Like Al Capone – I also believe the IRS will maybe someday DO their jobs and bring her down.

  • BanditBasheert:

    and then didn’t “daddy” suffer a peculiar death from water in his plane’s fuel line? So Toad married her when she was obviously PT.

  • Victoria:

    I lived in Alaska and and I can tell you that there is a lack of “glamour and culture” in the general population of Alaska. I remember having friends over and doing things that to me were par for the course whenever I had people over. Somehow I became the one to “go to” whenevet there was a question of etiquette or dress. I remember a lady whose husband was transferred to Venezuela asking me to go shopping with her because she had learned that Venezuelan women dressed very well even when going to the corner. (Of course, I should note that this was before Chavez and she was also referring to the social strata with whom she would be associating.) So, no, I would not find this strange at all nor a slap in the face to Alaskans.

  • Alaskan:

    Too funny. Both Ivana Trump and Sarah Palin are the very definition of noveau riche– the new rich. People/families who have recently come into large expendable cash flow. As opposed to those born into generations of wealth and accustomed to the lifestyle as well as having better social graces and expectations. Known as “breeding” in the highest “social strata.”
    Ivana was born into a modest Czech family and is the equivalent of Suzy Chaffee and Paris Hilton. Used sports and a pretty face to move up the food chain through rich boyfriends.

    Most middle-class people have an odd idea of what “wealthy” is. Many think it’s about being able to buy property and houses, take vacations, owning an RV, having financial resources for a nicer lifestyle and plastic surgery. Middle-class Americans that turn into higher-income people are not wealthy. Shopping at Nordstrom doesn’t make you an Alaska Elite. Being associated with a Big Oil company doesn’t make you either cultured or glamorous. If my husband was transferred to Argentina for his oil company job, I wouldn’t bother to shop at Nordstrom. How silly. I’d fly to Vancouver and go to Brooks Brothers and Issey Miyake. But really, probably, I’d wait until I got to Argentina, for god sake! Find showrooms for Armani, Louis Vutton and Avenida Alvearof at Buenos Aires’ Calle Florida.

    I was born and raised in Alaska. There is absolutely “glamour and culture.” Everywhere. But maybe not to the expectations of people from Texas and California and Orlando. A different standard and definition, perhaps? Alaska’s “social strata,” wealth, etc. is more organic and refined; less pretentious and ostentatious. More like Canada and Europe. Less about driving a Jaguar and what bag you carry.
    Alaska has some astonishing individuals of academic and artistic culture. But not so much models and movie stars, n’est ce pas?

  • DH:

    You feel sorry for her? She is a mean spirited, ignorant, wanna-be, yet lacking the drive to improve herself or expand her knowledge base. She’s made millions off the backs of those that see her as a beacon…don’t feel I don’t feel sorry for her….I detest her for the angry lies she spews and her inability to accept the fact that she is a nobody.