Sarah Palin Tries on American History for Size: It Doesn’t Fit

Mediaite reports on CNN’s Brooke Baldwin delivering an account of Sarah’s encapsulation today of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.

In Sarah’s version, Revere was

“He who warned, uh, the…the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringin’ those bells and um by makin’ sure that as he’s ridin’ his horse through town to send those warnin’ shots and bells that  uh we were gonna be secure and we were gonna be free…and we were gonna be armed.”

Oh, my.  Were Sarah’s version correct, the U.S. might still be a British colony today.

We certainly wouldn’t have won the Revolutionary War.

First of all, Sarah:   Revere wasn’t warning “the British” of anything.   He was warning the rebels about the British army’s nighttime advance.

Second, the whole point of Revere’s ride from Boston to Lexington (his destination was Concord, but he didn’t make it) was that it was secret. Because the Middlesex County countryside was rife with British supporters, Revere virtually whispered his warnings that the King’s forces were crossing the Charles River on the night of April 18-19, 1775 to launch an attack upon the American rebels.

Read much more about Revere here.

Ringing bells and sending warning shots while on a clandestine mission?  To warn the British that they “weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms?”

Was this the version of American history that Sarah learned in Wasilla public schools, and as the daughter of her schoolteacher/father Chuck Heath?  Where she also learned that the earth was only six thousand years old and that men and dinosaurs walked it together?

Paul Revere didn’t “warn, uh, the British” of anything.  He warned our side that the British army was advancing, in order that the rebels of Lexington and Concord would not be taken by surprise.

Ah, Never mind.  If a person truly believes that God has “annointed” and “mantled” her to become president of the U.S. in order to prepare our nation for the imminent return of Jesus Christ (which Sarah does, as I make clear in THE ROGUE,) then what difference does it make whether Paul Revere warned the British or the Americans?

After all, back then they were all Christians, and that’s what counted.

And because the end of the world as we know it will occur during Sarah’s lifetime here on earth, pretty soon there won’t be anyone around to remember.








What’s Paul Revere gonna do about that?



156 Responses to “Sarah Palin Tries on American History for Size: It Doesn’t Fit”

  • Don'tHatetheGame:

    Don’t forget that she will be home schooling Willow.

  • carollt:

    God Bless You Joe McGiniss.

  • krbmjb05:

    She should stick to what is written on her hand! Ooppsss…that clamjuice must have smudged it! Also, Piper must have studied World History this year instead of American History….darn the luck!

  • carollt:

    I meant to say God Bless You Joe McGinniss. I did not mean to spell your name incorrectly. Spelling is important. I want a President who spells better than me. And there again also……………

  • Lisabeth:

    God help us all. And I speak with him regularly and “he” reassured me that Sarah is not anointed or mantled.
    She is insane. So we have nothing to worry about:) 

  • All she has to do is talk less and she will seem so much brighter. It is frightening to me that she is acting as though all of this is new to her. I am wondering what her children know if she knows so little. I’m feeling they do not have interesting discussions at the family dinner table, ever.

  • Molly_WI:

    ” It is frightening to me that she is acting as though all of this is new to her.”

    And of course she is not acting, and SHE thinks she makes sense, too.

    I just realized I’d like to see her on Jeopardy. She’d be $20,000 in the whole after the first round. She’s confidently unintelligent.

  • maddie:

    And some people think this woman is presidential material. God help us.

  • Sarah Paleeaassee:

    History says Revere was warning the Rebels, Sarah says Revere was warning the British?

    Sarah says North Korea are our friends?

    Sarah does not know if Africa is a continent, country, state, city or a community in East Los Angeles and she wants to be POTUS?

  • JR:

    Sarah Palin got comfortable. She is so completely narcissistic that she thought she could say whatever babble came to her mind and everyone would just smile adoringly. She probably walked away from that pastry shop and thinking she “nailed it”, having no clue how incredibly dimwitted her history lesson really was – she doesn’t have the basic intellect to pull off something this simple. Poor Piper and whoever else is left on this political bus vacation thing, for there will be hell to pay when Sarah sees that her stupidity has gone viral.
    I am sort of reading both Dunn and Bailey books – seems like she’s always had a “fixer” – it appears now she is on her own.

  • Diane:

    What an idiot. What a stupid idiot. The very, very least she could do is read up on a place before she opens her mouth to the press. She has 2 blackberries, should could phone somebody to get the correct info.
    How can anybody consider her presidential material?
    The republicans who push her to become the r nominee should be tied for treason, they definitely are a danger to this country.
    She considers the US ‘exceptional’ and then gives sorry excuse for an explanation?
    God help us all!

  • Deb:

    “Ringing bells and sending warning shots while on a clandestine mission? To warn the British that they “weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms?”

    Expect this to be the new ‘historical rewrite’ appearing in history textbooks approved by the State of Texas. She has to work in protection of those 2nd Amendment Rights somewhere, somehow, sometime — even if it were 15 years before the 2nd Amendment hatched!!!

    Scarry thought knowing Texas is whitewashing/rewriting U.S. history books that some fool may actually believe what she says.

  • Deb:

    Many countries ‘considers the US exceptional’ — exceptionally funny. The more they hear Palin and others, what Obama giveth – Palin and others take it away – back to the land of the laughing stock.

  • omomma:

    She still has a “fixer.” Really, she has many fixers; start with the New York Times and go from there, the same people who brought us Iraq.

  • Sarah Paleeaassee:

    I remember Sarah boldly said journalist should be reporting the Who What Where and so on.

    With that said, Sarah went to 5 or 6 colleges to get one degree in journalism, does that mean Sarah should be reporting the true facts of history instead of making it up as she goes?

    Just asking?

  • curious:

    What kills me, I don’t listen to her any more than I have to, but when she’s clueless or lying she takes on this childlike voice and tone of speech, like she’s explaining reproduction to a two year old. I first saw it when Katie C dismantled her with the difficult question of what newspapers she reads. Now she goes to Paul Revere’s home and she doesn’t know WTH she’s talking about? Um er, ringing those bells? What Bell’s. Oh that’s right, he had the Liberty Bell hitched behind his horse and he rang it so many times it cracked. Hey SARAH?? How many times did the Liberty Bell get rung before it cracked? Use your Blackberry this time.

  • omomma:

    “…family dinner table?” Whatever are you talking about. These are not people who have family dinners anywhere, ever, much less in their [alleged] “home.”

  • curious:

    Can you imagine the eye rolls from Brisket and Willow right now? Listening to their mother talking like a fool?

  • bill in belize:

    you’re shitting me,, right? this could be the republicans choice to take down obama?
    although i am still a citizen, i am embarrassed to say so.

  • curious:

    She’d be minus ten grand and do a true daily double and then say Buenos Aires is a greeting in Swahili

  • curious:

    Even if she can walk back that part of the comment, the rest of her comment is just pure balderdash

  • Sarah Paleeaassee:

    And Sarah is. the smart one in the family?

    Rolling On Laughing My Big Fat Butt Off

  • Kristen:

    American History? Got to celebrate it!

  • curious:

    I’ll be awaiting her aw shucks, trash the lamestream media response tomorrow where she self-corrects without taking any responsibility. How about that Pledge of Allegiance again Sarah? Written by a Socialist doncha know? And maybe you sort of wish you had your husband with you on the trip, where exactly did he go off to? I thought this trip was his idea

  • Cracklin' Charlie:

    Good Grief! How does this dumb bunny get through the day?

  • Sarah Paleeaassee:

    Is Sarah Palin a Special Needs Politician?

  • juicyfruityy:

    They probably don’t know, themselves. They probably thought that he came in backwards.

  • Sarah Paleeaassee:


    Rolling On Floor Laughing My Big Fat Butt Off

  • Sadly, I believe you’re right. I think we should just start calling her the anti-christ and that may make her explode.

  • Freesia:

    Dear God.

    The entire point of her breathtakingly tacky bus tour through New England is to educate her ignorant followers on American history. She’s announced it. And announced it. And announced it. No wonder her followers are borderline institutional. And the press who’ve followed this ignorant sleeze this past week are no better. She’s so lazy and self important that she didn’t even bother to research tourist pamphlets. Think about that.

    I have no idea what to say. Sarah Palin is a stupid little cow. For 3 years we’ve endured this ignorant clodding freak and the GOP threaten to run her for President. Because they’re just as ignorant. And grasping..We’re done here.

    She’s flat out stupid. She is stupid.


  • curious:

    I thought she was the anti-christ, you mean she’s not?

  • curious:

    Most of our allies think she is a complete joke. My friends in Europe howl in laughter about her. My Canadian friends are scared to death she’ll either invade or just nuke them

  • curious:

    And firing guns to warn the locals, never mind that he went quietly, actually he was detained but that’s another story. He tried to be QUIET Sarah, maybe you should take the hint from him and just shut your yap and go home, wherever that is these days

  • Psalm023:

    It’s not just the lack of historical knowledge, it’s Sarah’s hubris where she struts down the bus steps and sees a crew of reporters, makes a beeline for them and opens her mouth and starts to preach. Who asked her to do this? She doesn’t lack a healthy self-image, as she believes that people are lining up to hear her speak like an oracle. And she just talks a mile a minute – says very little that’s relevant or accurate, but gives a spiel, then starts signing autographs.

    This looks like campaigning, which is no doubt the hardest, tiring, part of a presidential run. But day after day, and again this month in Iowa, she volunteers at shaking hands, signing autographs, talking up a storm to groups of reporters. Maybe gets 8 hours of sleep, up early at the crack of dawn, gets dressed, made up, breakfast, hops on the bus, and repeats the cycle every day, with Piper and parents in tow following her. This dynamic of this family who panders to her needs all the time is bizarre.

    Sounds like she has some very hyperactive disorder, where she can’t stand still for very long and has to keep moving and making noise.

  • Deb:

    I’m sure now there are times that some Canadians wished there was a huge zipper at the border. It would allow them to unzip to separate!!!

  • Sir Guestalot:

    IQ of 80? What do you all think? Seriously…

  • Sheesh:


    Dick Morris actually told Billo that he believes SP has a serious ADD problem.

    And this is the woman who wants to be our Commander in Chief? Oh yes…lets fire warning shots and ring bells so our enemies know that can’t be takin’ away our arms and our freedoms also too.

    Lord….can she make any more of a fool of herself?

  • themom:

    I STILL worry that enough people will be lured into her thought (cough, cough) process and somehow, somewhere she (or someone working on her behalf for their behalf) will manipulate a victory. If she pulls another “Ahm gonna answer the questions not as you expect. Ahm jus’ gonna do some common sense plain talkin’ to the folks out there…….:”

    I had another thought, that quite possibly, she’s waiting to see if damage control will help after ALL the books have been bought and read.

    IF she runs — I want and demand to see her
    Tax records
    Health records
    and any of them all of them thar “deeplomas”
    for starters.

  • Susan:

    President Obama would not co-sign to alternative formats that are designed to accomodate Palins shortcomings, special needs or personal strategies. Remember when McCain attempted to cancel/postpone their second debate. Our President is gracious, plays fair, but is in it to win it. That Palin thinks she can face him in a debate and win the day with a wink and her tossed word salad is a clear sign of her mental instability.

  • Heidi3:

    And as she is wont to say, “Ya can’t unring that bell.”

  • She needs to go back to grade school…what an idiot! She’s only show casing her stupidity on this publicity tour and grifting for dollars.

    Joe, did Oslo come home safely? hope so.

  • Just Say No To Sarah:

    Thank God we have President Obama.

    Just imagine if dipsheite Sarah Palin was POTUS, she would have Paul Revere riding through Abbottabad, Pakistan firing off warning shots to let Bin Laden and Al Qaeda know that Seal Team 6 was on their way to capture Bin Laden.

  • Heidi3:

    Joe – Please excuse me, as this doesn’t pertain to your current post..

    Are you seeing Babygate start to crack open in Gryphen’s (Immoral Minority) blog comments? Start with the comment at 4:32, (he/she’s generally being referred to as “shitfire” at this point) then continue reading as he/she adds more later in the comment section:

    (Exerpt) Anonymous said…
    “Shitfire, I’ve held my tongue long enough. I’m going to share a few details I have been keeping under my hat because I thought even if I posted “Anonymous”, it could still be traced back to me. I have done a bit of research and decided it’s worth the risk if these little tidbits of information aid in the investigation for any bloggers, authors, et al.

    First of all, I am NOT part of the Palin family. I work in the healthcare field and that is how I know what I’m about to share. Please respect my severe anxiety and trepidation about posting and do not ask where I work, my exact position, or other questions whose answers would only serve to immediately identify me.

    This is what I know- you can take it or leave it, believe it or write it off. I’m only sharing at this point because I simply cannot believe this ridiculous farce is still…well, a ridiculous farce.

    1. Trig was born two months earlier than stated by the Palins. He was NOT born at Mat Su. Keep in mind the only way I could state certainly where he was NOT born…is to know where he WAS born.

    2. Trig was not hurriedly released from hospital care, necessitating what is often called “the wild ride”. I believe (this is just my perception, not a “fact”) Sarah Palin planned the Wild Ride well in advance as it served two purposes: she didn’t have to worry about trying to look pregnant in formal attire at the evening function that night in Texas, and it allowed her the perfect cover story here in Alaska- everyone wakes up and voila, the governor’s had her baby.

    3. Trig that was born AS Trig (meaning the “first” Trig) did indeed have an ear deformity. In my professional opinion, it is highly unlikely the infant presented at the Republican National Convention was the “original” Trig.

    4. Cathy Baldwin Johnson WAS present at the delivery of Trig in February 2008. Sarah Palin was NOT present.”

    4:32 PM (And the comment continues after that…)
    – – – – – – – – – –

    Also, excellent new Babygate “facts” coming out at Laura Novak’s blog (see comments by “Wholy Mary”) starting on 6-2-11:
    – – – – – – – – –

    So, that’s just an FYI, and it would be great if they were all true. Again, I apologize for jumping in on your post about the latest laffs/gaffes on the “Magical, Hysterical History Tour”. $arah is now officially pooping Skittles.

  • Jane Doe:

    I wonder if it is Sarah instead of Willow that is going to be home schooled.

    From what we are seeing on this family vacation, I would not doubt if Piper is smarter than Sarah.

  • Dicer:

    Sarah, don’t know much about History or Geography you betcha! What is left but “Poor Jesus”,I do not think Sarah has a Christian bone in her body, but hey televangelists like the Grahams,Robertsons they scam the people,make themselves rich and Sarah will use this scheme to try to become president.We laugh at her words or lack there of….her actions tell us a lot more.

  • Virginia Voter:

    I have held the opinion for a very long time, that Sarah has some type of learning disability like ADHD or just below average intelligence combined with a mental/psychological disorder like manic depression or bipolar. She has all the classic symptoms. Sarahs inability to grasp the most basic facts of American history here demonstrate just one of the many, many times over the years we have seen her completely fuck up easy questions. It happens every. single. time.
    Sarah rarely completes a coherent sentence of more than 3-4 words without going off on tangents, spouting off lies, and the many, many malapropisms.

    This is why the media is following her….they are all waiting for their own Katie Couric momemt.

    Joe, I know you cant reveal much, but have you found any evidence that Sarah has ever been definitively diagnosed with a mental or psychological disorder?

  • Exp:Nov5/08:

    I think I have this Palin vs. The Media phenomenon somewhat figured out. Maybe because I’ve had a similar experience with a manipulative person.
    Once upon a time, I started working for a couple of guys, one of whom snubbed absolutely everyone he met, including me. He’d pretend not to like you, ignore you, dismiss you. Early into my working relationship wth him I deduced this and thought, well, I don’t care if he likes me or not, so I treated him the way he treated everyone else. Within a matter of days, he was doing all he could to make me laugh, address me, include me. Almost like a clamoring.
    It’s only recently occurred to me that this seems to be Palin’s MO – insulting the “lamestream” media has resulted in that same media doing whatever they can to make her like them, and clamoring for La Palin to throw them a bone. She’s created this situation where they need her validation, and they’ve convinced themselves that she needs theirs. If anything seals the speculation that she’s extremely mentally ill, for me, this is part of it. I’ve seen the psychological turnabout she employs when something is her fault, and I see every day how deftly she manipulates the media. The media really, really wants her to like them! And she knows this. So, she pretends to hate them. Hence, IMO, all the ass-kissing. I wish the media would get what she’s trying to do and get out of her cycle of manipulation.

  • Angiemomma:

    Lanterns in the bell tower…”One if by land, two if by sea.” “The British are coming! The British are coming!” Any American third grader could tell you that, you Tundra Turd. And this woman wants the nuclear codes? Dear God.

  • Persephone:

    I just asked my 9 year old about Revere’s ride. This is exactly what he said “He rode to warn the colonists that the British were coming. He tried to be quiet but he was caught. Remember we went to the spot near Concord where he was stopped?” Now admittedly, he’s been to the Freedom Trail at least twice and loves history, but he was clearer and more correct than a woman in her late 40’s who claims to be on this tour to teach Americans about our history. What a crock.

    On another note, people seem to be taking pity on Piper for being dragged to all of these historical sites. I’ve been to many of them and I’ve seen children of all ages enjoying themselves. If the parents are imparting a sense of curiosity and are interested themselves, the kids will be interested in most things. Palin’s wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am 60 minutes per site doesn’t give anyone enough time to explore or just be in a place of historical significance. Piper’s not being given the chance to just be.

    I learned a big parenting lesson at Revere’s capture spot. I didn’t find it that interesting (and it’s right on a busy road), but my son was captivated. We tried to rush him along and he asked to stay for a while because he was trying to imagine how worried Paul was that he wasn’t going to get all the way to Concord. If only Sarah would stop to look at the world through Piper’s eyes – or anyone else’s for that matter – she might enjoy herself more too. But of course she can’t do that. This tour is all one big photo opp.

  • NMvoter:

    Good timing for the last chapter of your book, Joe. Squeeze it in! “He who warned, uh, the…the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh, by ringin’ those bells and um by makin’ sure that as he’s ridin’ his horse through town to send those warnin’ shots and bells that uh we were gonna be secure and we were gonna be free…and we were gonna be armed.”

  • Nefer:

    I’ve thought this for a long time. People call her lazy, incurious, uninterested, uneducated, possibly has a learning disability, and so on. I believe she is indeed all of those things. But in addition, I think she truly is stupid, unintelligent, not too bright. Not just someone who does stupid things. An IQ of about 80. Can function reasonably well (leaving her personality disorders aside for a moment) but seriously cannot learn. Reading those sentences in books is one thing. Then figuring what they mean is another thing. But then to also be able to extrapolate to other similar circumstances, critically determine the similarities and differences and form additional conclusions… That is truly beyond her. She can’t. She can’t. She can’t. Even if she weren’t lazy and uninterested.

    She has learned to fake it somewhat. The relentless stream of word salad is one way. Just keep throwing stuff out there; there may be some random correct things in the mess… Winkin’ and flirtin’ and showin’ a little leg (okay, a lot) is another; never mind my brain, aren’t I cute? Wearing glasses is another. And so on.

  • Heidi3:

    Sorry – Everything through Item 4 should have been in italics, as it was a direct quote from the comment on IM.

  • hockeynana:

    I remember when she took one of the talking heads on a tour of her “home” during the election…she made her famous moose chili…that there was no dining room table. They all sit at a bar type place..where there would be no chance for conversation and eye contact. I found that strange then….and now that I know lots more about her, it seems par for the course. You know…Tawd and his friends built that house overnight from items found laying around in junk piles at the skating rink..have you ever seen a skating rink with a dining room? As my name indicates, I have spent 3/4 of my life at skating rinks all over the US and Canada…that is one area I am an expert in…and every time I see her house, I wonder WHY the FBI or IRS or some such alphabet group doesn’t nail her for that house…it absolutely was built with kickback materials. The railing around the upstairs is a dead give away. Sorry…off topic there.

  • mea:

    i’m calling her SPAZ or SPAK

  • nswfm:

    She IS the President of DumbFuckistan.

  • HudsonElizabeth:

    Oh we should be so lucky to see her in a debate. I am convinced that her craziness and stated goal to be unconventional in a campaign means she will refuse to debate just as she refuses to talk to real reporters. She seems to think she can write her own rules and so far she is getting away with it. That is what scares me so much about her — the total refusal to be accountable and do what is needed for the people to truly learn what a fool she is and how totally unqualified and unfit to be in any office. So far her charisma is carrying her.

  • msf:

    It is my understanding that the home schooling has begun. Sarah is not the teacher. So far they have gone through four or more tutors (friends of Pathetic Sally), retired teachers who can not put up with Willow. The AIP Palin Family seems to be raising juvenile delinquents. As amusing as this is, it is certainly setting a strange role model of what an all American family is about. These folks are not intellectually curious & view success as kind of a vindictive con game, which so far seems to be working for them. Without the help of the media we will have to put up with this dumb & dumber charade for a very long time. Someone needs to call her out . I read that one of the things Ailes & company are doing is more or less creating their own version of reality. If you continue to feed lies & distort reality eventually you will get the mouth breathers to come along with you. We are seeing that now with the retakes of what happened & the distortion of events to satisfy Fox?CNN’s version of the truth. The media has been complicit in this little charade.

  • lilybart:

    I doubt she has been diagnosed, but that could be another problem with her medical records.

    But “Christians” like her don’t believe in mental illness and they think prayer will work and she has been “handled” it seems, all her life. Todd told the McCain campaign that ‘you just have to let her go through it” when she was having one of her meltdowns. Another reason she never travels without a family member and other relatives and friends.

  • lilly lily:

    And THIS moron is Faux news highly paid Political Pundit.

    A Million a year and they hired THIS creature.

    The woman is a numbskull, an idiot, and may I say it out loud? shhhh..a retard, and I don’t mean developmently lagging physically, I mean abysmally ignorant, uneducated and downright foolish. She has a few nuts and bolts rattling around where brains should be.

    (I think she must be an alien.)

    As kids say to each other and though it may be politicaly incorrect, “Oh don’t be such a retard Sarah” allow your more intelligant staff ,at the very least , to clue you in on American history. Don’t go winging it, though it can be amusing to those of us who know you are a moron.

    But then, a few years back you said that New Hampshire was in the North West, we should use get the Dutch and build dikes for the Gulf Spill (shades of the little boy with his thumb in the dike). and so on. Endless blah, blah, blah. And all ignorant and wrong.

  • Susan:

    In the single film clip of La Professora explaining Paul Revere’s ride, the Democrats and Republicans have been given their entire campaign against her. Think of all the money that won’t need to be raised to create campaign ads. Tina Fey, herself, could not have written a better script.

    Go home (wherever that is) Sarah. Game over. Seriously.

  • lilybart:

    There will be no debates if she is their nominee. NO debates, did we all get that? She is unconventional, not gonna do it the usual way, and frankly, The President does not deserve to have to be on the same stage as that idiot. I don’t want to see him on any equal footing with her. She isn’t fit to be something he scrapes off his shoe.

  • lilly lily:

    And a second thought.

    If the woman had any common sense at all, she would shut her mouth and run from the media as she has been doing for the last two years.

    She is a fool.

    She has highly paid staff to think for her.

    Now that she is showing the world what she really wants, namely ” Let Sarah be Sarah, I think it has to be obvious that anyone voting for her is even stupider than she is.

    Dumb and Dumber.

  • msf:

    No worries….by the end of the day with the help of Joe’s accurate history lesson it will all be edited & before you know it Sarah’s version will be as accurate. Once again a special thanks to MSM & Roger.

  • lilly lily:

    I read she has her supporters bleating that their Sarah, was correct in every aspect of her very own word salad version of American History.

    The new American. Dumb and dumber.

  • Lisabeth:

    Lily lily, do you remember where you saw this? I went to c for p for the 1st time yesterday and was literally stunned by the delusions/ignorance/projection displayed in the comments. Unbelievable! They rationalize every mistake or horrid action of Sarahs with pure nonsense.

    I want to mention that a discussion going on at Laura Novaks blog about babygate is quite interesting. She is allowing any topic about babygate, to be discussed openly. It seems a few people have come forward there and on IM who say they know for a fact Sarah was not the birthmother of Trig. Of course, they could be fake people. Regardless the discussion is interesting:

  • Andrea:

    @Deb & curious

    Yes, yes a lot of Canadians are feeling increasingly nervous about our giant neighbour to the south. Our country is blessed with very good, civil governance compared to most. You guys …. don’t seem to be. Canadians adored Obama during the last election, but now we are just shaking our heads at his actions. Passing the Patriot Act again? The US creating an “international internet strategy”? Endless drone bombing in Pakistan. Kind of chilling. A lot of Canadians don’t trust the US anymore, and that is with Obama at the helm. The thought of President Palin is funny indeed… but only for a moment, until I pause and remember how close I live to the border!!

  • Vincent:

    From Mediaite:

    “Palin strung together an off-the-cuff explanation of the famed Midnight Ride”

    Aside from the lack of accuracy of her explanation, does any other politician, you know, do this? In the history of America, has anyone else ever given an “off-the-cuff explanation of the Midnight Ride”? Were it not for her candidacy for the White House, the nuclear codes, et al, I’d find that clip painfully schadenfreude-y to watch…its obvious that she internalized – for good reason – the dumbshit equity that resulted from early exposures like the Couric interview, and now she tries to prove her intellectual chops with casual references to things like the Midnight Ride, which would seem painfully needy if she got it right, but then she gets it wrong, and its almost unbearable to watch.

    For the rest of y’all that crowed about how dumb she was, er, duh? Do you guys go downtown and seek out that crazy guy ranting against the weird excesses of American imperialism or whatever, and say, “Hey, crazy guy! You’re crazy!”

  • lilly lily:

    Lisabeth. All I did was google up Sarah Palin on Paul Revere and you get a list of blogs discussing this.

    I think one was the Beltway, another was Media.

    I’ve learned more about Paul Revere and the famous ride than I knew from History classes.

    In that respect Sarah Palin may be doing some good with her word salad, comic book versions of history.

    It is making people discuss our history.

    Look at her face at the end. She knows she had another Katie Couric moment. I watched without the sound as I cannot bear her grating voice.

    I also notice she is wearing her enhancers (when she wears a t shirt the special bust enhancer comes out.). So the men might be looking at the enhancement, and not listening to the VOICE.

    What a bad joke this all is. For god sakes Republicans wake up and dump the real dirt on her.

    Her public doesn’t care how stupid she is.

    This trip should wake them up. But it won’t.

  • dlbvet:

    Sure hope Mrs. Palin would read it. Course even if she did, she’d turn it all around, so never mind. And back to my “EXCELLENT POST.”

  • msf:

    A lot of US citizens don’t trust the US anymore….myself included. It would appear that we have been sold to the highest bidder & the entire middle & lower class & seniors won the booby prize.

  • jk:

    Remember how little she wanted to study for the VP debates and what a complete mess she was and how she was so over-controlled she looked like her head was about to explode (and how she couldn’t interact one bit in any kind of off the cuff way with the moderator or her opponent)?

    Sarah Palin is even MORE cocky and MORE uncontrollable and MORE stupid and MORE unprepared than she was then. She will fight tooth and nail against any debates. In fact, I believe she will be going in as a third-party candidate for that specific reason. She wants to do her debatin’ via Fox news, Twitter, and Facebook…one-sided and completely packaged and prepared.

  • jk:

    Sarah has not done one lick of educating herself since her doomed VPOTUS bid. That is painfully obvious. She is spewing the same stuff in the exact same way today that she was then. Sarah is not homeschooled and I doubt highly that Willow is either. She doesn’t have parents who will make sure it happens.

  • Anonymous:

    I want a hair follicle drug test included with those health records. I bet anything she is on drugs.

  • If you really think about itshe is everything the anti-christ is supposed to be. ….and I say that with everyone knowing my real name. Brave.

  • I noticed that kitchen also. Can you even imagine what the Az house will be like once it is reapportioned to live in the same way as the house in Alaska ? Yikes! It’s already hideous and cold, it will be worse.

  • Sally:

    Piper wasn’t in school often enough to learn any history…and she sure didn’t learn any American history on this jaunt with her mother. Poor kid.

  • PMom_GA:

    Will someone with a history buff in the family please start trailing $P around, show up when these inane/inaccurate statements are made, and pipe up clearly and loudly with the correct historical facts on camera/audio (thus refudiating the idjit)? Then we’ll get to watch the idjit have a breakdown/stick out her tongue (again) or get into a fight?

    All of on the record. Never mind the fact that $P wants it to be like LA CONFIDENTIAL: Off the record. Hush, hush.

  • Sally:

    That WOULD be something to see. Palin versus Obama on Jeopardy…and throw in the 10th grader who wants to debate Bachmann. Actually…let’s do a week…Monday: Palin, Bachmann and Boehner. Tuesday: McConnell, Christie and Pawlenty. Wednesday: Obama, Weiner, and Pelosi. Thursday: Luke Russert, Beck, and Hannity.
    Friday: the three highest scorers: Obama, Russert and Pelosi. Monday’s totals would be the lowest in theb history of the show, and all three would blame the computer for selecting the hard questions like “In what year did Paul Revere make his famous ride?”

  • Matty:

    I used to think that she wasn’t stupid, only that she was dishonest, incurious, undisciplined and unserious about governing.

    I’m now starting to re-think that first part. If only these made her unique among politicians. Sadly, it does not.

  • Cassie from MD:

    I am convinced that her followers simply do not care if her facts are right or wildly off the mark. All they care about is that she presents them in a snarky, disrespectful and mocking way. They get off on this stuff – they can “vent” vicariously because they are aging, seeing minorities succeed when they are not and frustrated that life did not turn out as they had hoped. Wonder how they will feel when their hero is finally exposed and they realize they have thrown adoration and money to someone who could give a rat’s a&% who they were in the first place.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    The problem is much greater – the WORLD is watching us in disbelief about this bottom-ranked circus clown, and they cannot believe that we haven’t gotten rid of her and that there are that many people who are SO DUMG AND PATHETIC! They were willing to forgive us gwb, but now that we have a re-run of that pony-show in essence, they are scratching their combined heads, and are getting ready to try to make sure that the US will NOT be a major factor in international politics anymore.

  • C.L. Ward:

    I can’t believe Brooke Baldwin was able to keep her face deadpan. Palin’s taken the thing and made it into a 2nd amendment narrative.

    It’s true that 4/18/1775, Revere rode from Boston to Lexington to warn Samuel Adams and John Hitchcock about British army movements. The British were supposedly coming to arrest the two, and seize the weapon store at Concord.

    There was NO “shooting and bells” or even the traditional shout of “The British are coming!” because the mission depended on secrecy and there were British patrols that would be alerted if silence wasn’t maintained.

    This also wasn’t about the right of individuals to bear arms. The Concord arms store belonged to the Provincial Congress, which also had charge of the town’s artillery: two 4-pounders, four 6-pounders, four 24-pounders, and two 7″ brass mortars. The British wanted this artillery captured or destroyed.

    The “battle” of Lexington followed, consisting of 77 Lexington militiamen, who faced a British force out of occupied Boston of 700. It was a skirmish, and not a pitched battle, simply because of the 10-to-1 odds. The British then continued on towards Concord.

    The Concord militia awaiting them were about 250 in number, and the whole force of militia retreated to a hill where they could hold. Outlying militia continued arriving and were able to rendezvous with them there. At a bridge in Concord about 500 militia defeated about three companies of British troops. Militia continued to come in throughout, eventually amounting to about 1700 men, and they harassed the retreating British force all the way back to Boston.

  • lilly lily:

    The babbler will always have some admirers, not that I would care IF Palin wasn’t dangerous in the current role she is playing. And if she didn’t have powerful backing. The puppet is trying to talk and she does nothing but display her lacks. Not intelligent, never truthful, with a scandal sheet a mile long that has been covered up.

    The “hick on a high wire” does describe her best in 4 words.

    Amazing how far she has gotten on her beauty pageant gig, and a runner up 3rd place at that.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    Don’t worry – once they bring it up that she scre*ed up, she will claim that her statement was ‘taken out of context’!

  • Kimberly:


  • Kimberly:

    When Palin could not name a founding father, the gig was up, Jimmy had to help her out. Can you believe anyone would support this nitwit?

  • FEDUP!!!:

    Don’t hold your breath. With the way *she* is with winking and hiking up her skirt and pandering to the diverse religious groups (as long as they are X-tian (I purposefully do not use the correct spelling her!) and/or jewish), she will be able to manipulate any male moderator into giving her simple questions and/or even the correct answers (maybe even beforehand…)

  • Kimberly:

    Did she really quit the bus tour already?

  • susan:

    Wholeheartedly agree with Carollt, except for the grammar: should be “better than I”

  • lilly lily:

    I certainly hope she is quitting the bus tour. They are endangering themselves, and in that regard I don’t give a hoot. But they are endangering everyone who comes in their path, running red lights, speeding, ignoring stop signs, making unsignaled turns. Both the bus and her SUV’s. Plus the following reporters and photographers.

    It is tragedy waiting to happen.

    The police should be ticketed them over and over and over for all the disregard of public safety rules and regulation.

  • ForeverAnonymous:

    I think Sarah plays a game in order to remember things that other people might be interest in knowing but she could care less about, what is important to her is to “control the message” at every opportunity she gets, so theres is a microphone in front of her and Mr. Revere is the man of the hour, she just learned he was a patriot, liked guns and horse ridding and carried a bell while in a clandestine mission.

    Whats the message Sarah? here is where the journalism and political science degree colludes in her head. She knows air time is precious so, her mission becomes his mission: She is warning the government, on behalf of the people, that it won’t take away their guns( if sarah is POTUS), she is ridding a bus and carrying a bell through unfriendly territory, taking cheap shots at her rivals and she is also in a clandestine operation.

    See Boston? Sarah is Paul Revere. That s the message.

    What I get is: The cow needs a bell.

  • Sue:

    Mrs. Palin, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this country is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Kimberly:

    Privately Palin’s insurance premiums must be through the roof. All those houses, cabins, the vacation mansion in Arizona add up. Cars, SUVs, trucks, RV, plane, snowmobiles, teenage drivers getting speeding tickets, those alone have to be three thousand at least a month. Since they all show reckless regard to their own property not surprised the company bus is being wielded as they are. Any tickets they get will be forwarded to SarahPAc anyway.

    You are right, they might get away with running lights, stops signs 50 times but it only takes once to hurt someone. Anyone who sees a breaking of a law should report, especially if there are pics or video. Palin;s can be sited after the incident if someone complains.

  • FrostyAK:

    Simply put, ya can’t cure STUPID.

  • lilly lily:

    I hope her insurance coverage would compensate victims if they aren’t dead in an accident, but I think it is no fault insurance in some states. Your own insurance covers your hide.

    Her worthless hide? Who cares. I certainly don’t.

    But anyone else killed and it would become a national and international journalistic free for all. Not to the degree of Princess Diana’s demise, but definatly a surge against the press itself, not necessarily directed to the disregard Sarah Palin has always shown for ANY rules of law.

    They are fools to follow at all.

    Palin has gotten away with being her own law. She should have been stopped way back when in Wasilla. And her children as well. Do you think Willow was only going a certain amount over the speed limit in her Escalade. Two bets to one she was going a lot more over the limit in that Escalade, but got handed a bit of a gift by the police to keep her ticket down to a lesser charge.

  • lilly lily:

    Wonkette has a good post on the Paul Revere thingee.. Huffington won’t touch it evidently. LOL.

    And so it goes. Another day in “I’m with stupid.”

  • Mrs Gunka:

    But doesn’t she have to be home to do that? None of the one’s Sally lined up would stick around to be kicked in the stomach (or somewhere down there). Maybe they wouldn’t allow boys upstairs either and kicked them out!

  • lilly lily:

    I see there are 274,000 hits for this blog. You must be doing something right.

  • Still Worried:

    Cheney was insane… so is Michelle Bachman, and Donald Trump (megalomaniac). I’ll feel better once the news media stops creating these spectacles for consumption by an all-too-eager public.

  • Sue:

    It’s evolving, like English.

  • Kimberly:

    We dropped by the offices of Fox News yesterday to visit with Roger Ailes. As it happens, his lunch date on Wednesday was Sarah Palin, so we asked what was up with the bus tour. Mr. Ailes said (not exact quote here): “I have no idea if she’s running. I don’t think she really knows, either.”

  • Kimberly:

    One of the tabloids today has Sarah’s scary face with a headline she is too big for Todd to handle. Lol, I betcha she is the one who sent that in. Has anyone discovered who participates in that Safari LLC that bought the house? Be terrific if it was Todd hoarding stuff and property under a corporation preparing to dump Sarah.

    The backlash on Sarah from Frank’s statement she encouraged an adoption of Tripp and offered Bristol an abortion option is awesome. Is that why she is hiding out today? To many close calls with reality of being out in the public. That MediaWhore sign and Idiot Queen rattled her good.

  • Diane:

    In honor of the troops, why don’t cha quit making things up!

    I hope the republicans are getting scared. If they learned anything from 2008 it should have been that palin is a ticking time bomb and nobody will be able to control her. That might be an admirable trait, but she is so ignorant, manipulative, nasty and dumb that I hope they will make sure that she goes quietly into that good night and settles in Alaska or Arizona.

  • lilly lily:

    I should be out enjoying this glorious June weather and here I am checking out Laura Novaks blog. Looks like babygate is heating up with someone called Wholy Mary ,either playing games, or he or she is someone who actually knows a bit and while being tantalizing really saying very little. 20 questions, am I getting hot or not.

    Another investigative push in all directions.

    Laura is allowing all sorts of theories to be explored.

  • Kimberly:

    Many people travel at high rates of speed on the road between Wasilla and Anchorage. Even though the highway is a pretty straight stretch many people are killed or wish they were after being involved in crashes. Winter is gruesome because people do not slow down.

    Add to that mix an inexperienced teenager with hormones raging, a cell phone, various distractions there is no parent that should allow their child behind the wheel of a vehicle that can go from 0 to 60 in seven seconds. For their child’s safety and everyone else’s. I am astonished that with so much to lose material wise when one of their kids really does do something dire Todd nor Sarah consider how quickly they will lose it all.

  • Hard to believe, but Sarah P. really did give that mishmash version of Paul Revere’s ride.

  • Kimberly:

    Homeschooling in Alaska is one of the most unregulated in the nation. In Alaska if I am reading correctly does not demand attendance in a public school or private for any child over the age of 16. Todd and Sarah already have no control over her. I doubt they are pressing her to actual lessons. Basically, Willow at 16 is a drop out.

  • Flying Pig Ranch:

    Sarah was slurring her words. Bailey’s in her coffee? Could it be that she is speaking in tongues?

  • rm:

    Fox-Kilmeade: Palin “Was Really Classless” For Upstaging Romney’s Announcement With Bus Tour

  • hockeynana:

    I call total bullshit on the NPS statement that they didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for Queen Sarah and her court jesters!! I have stood in line for hours just to ride the ferry over to see the “Statute” and Ellis Island..and then in huge lines in both places. They say they didn’t bring in additional staff…so that means that the limited staff they had ended up servicing her and leaving the rest of the people in even longer lines. It really pissed me off to read she got to ride over in the NPS private boat. She is NOTHING. She has NO right to ANY special treatment of any kind. She should have stood in those same long lines and ridden on the same ferry as every other person there that day. She sickens me…but even worse are all these idiots who pander to her every wish.

    Sorry if my wording offends…can you tell this is really a sore point with me.

  • Kimberly:

    And it starts. YESSSSSS!!!!

    For years Palin has hid behind smoke and mirrors. Her being out on the road has shown her true identity to the general public but more important to those who were positioning her. She has shown those at Fox she is unstable, unreliable, uncooperative. She has shown publishers she cannot sell. She has shown television advertisers she cannot draw an audience. She has shown she cannot sell tickets to appearances. Sure the media is following her right now. To catch the fool in quotes like the above is worth the gas and standing in the heat.

    Palin’s downfall is her greed. She threw in the faces of her warriors her splurges. She flaunts her wealth without giving back. It stings to those who have given up cash or time or more, like devotion and emotional support to be used. I think the break right now is she is not declaring she is running and a few have figured out they are her fools. they are not liking being scammed.

  • lilly lily:

    If she gets pushed to the front, or any preferential treatment, ever again, I’m going to start screaming myself.

    I’m thoroughly fed up with this.

    She is a celebrity, racking up money on the public dime. She is one of the public, and nothing more.

    They call her the honey badger over at huffington.

    Special treatment? It is over.

  • Kimberly:

    You are in good company with your disgust. The main veteran guy speaking out for Rolling Thunder said she should have been riding from the back, not the front.

    He was and is MAD with every right.

    “I’m very not appreciative of the way she came in here,” Ted Shpak, Rolling Thunder’s national legislative director, told the Post. “If she wanted to come on the ride, she should have come in the back.”

  • Elaine May:

    I’d say you’re being too generous. Her ignorance is incredible. Staggering as well.
    Elaine in Canada

  • rm:

    Jarrett On Wallace’s Upcoming Palin Interview: “Everyone Is Going To Have To Watch It Or TiVo It”

  • Kimberly:

    This is good.

    That’s rich. The one overriding negative perception that has dogged Palin all along is that she is lazy, intellectually incurious, and lacks the discipline necessary to master tough and complex national issues. In other words, she doesn’t seem able or willing to do the hard work.

    But it’s not about her.

    Throughout her tour, Palin has delighted in passing out to people small, signed copies of the U.S. Constitution. Ironically, she’s the one who could have most benefited from embracing as many books to read as humanly possible.

    But when you’re busy on a bus, burnishing your brand while going rogue on the way to who-knows-where, who’s got time? Besides, knowing stuff is so lamestream.

  • Kimberly:

    Loving this. An up close frontal of Sarah’s, Revere ramble.

    his is just straight up an episode of Drunk History on Funny or Die. That’s what it is. (What do you think is Sarah Palin’s drink of choice? I think it’s either strawberry margaritas in a homophobia-rimmed glass, or shots of tobacco spit with a Bud Lite chaser, plastic bottle.) Anyway, there’s nothing you can really add to a well-done Internet comedy sketch because all the jokes are already in the video. CASE CLOSED. The end.

  • Yes, I just asked my third grade grandchild if she knows about Paul Revere and she told me the entire true story. I then read her what Sarah Palin said. She was incredulous! (I did not prompt in any way, not even a weird look!)

  • Kimberly:

    When you factor the population as a whole, not everyone will be watching. Might be unbelievable to those who demise the crazy witch or those who warrior for her but outside the extreme hate or love no one cares. Truth is when I talk to people about Palin’s they are sick of them. They do not willingly tune into anything that has to do with them.

    I found this funny.Are these dates right? On June 1st Hasslebeck was drooling over Sarah Next day she was slamming her

    Wishywashy much?

  • Susan:

    Fox News Sunday Gets “Exclusive” Interview With Fox News Employee Sarah Palin. Chris Wallace will throw her soft-ball questions.

  • carollt:

    I stand corrected Susan. Good for all of us that I am not running for President.

  • SJCyber:

    It really would have been nice for god to clean up after his own little . I was really pissed with the rapture didn’t happen. Vehicles with NOTW stickers now STILL must be avoided, not because the drivers might disappear, but because the drivers think god anointed them the keys to the freeways and they don’t have to give a shit cause god will protect them no matter now fast and how awful. Who is going to protect us from them?

  • serna:


    She used that same voice on the Elan Frank while patting the pillow underneath her shirt. It’s a total tell that she is lying or has her head up-her-ass.

    Sarah Palin is a liar and fraud and the biggest hoax in American political history.

  • Joe:

    You are right on all three counts. But she couldn’t have done it without MSM loving her lap dance, as this week proves they still do.


  • Star:

    Laughing here….watch your back joe…sarah will sic tawd on ya…;.sarah is sooooo stupid….

  • I think your answer is here . It’s the NIH baseline description of what I believe any mental health professional would recognize. Her obvious deficiencies are more the result of whatever “damage” she has sustained than a deficient IQ. I’m convinced she has created a massive cover “narrative” which allows her to remain unreflective about who and why she is. Add some “Dominionism” and a sudden post-RNC Nieman-Marcus makeover ability to “capitalize” on her appearance and this is what you get. Post modern actually, and made for television.

    We may have actually earned her. Remember how it was important that reporters thought the” beer-test” was worthy of coverage in the run-up? GWB–defined as a fun guy. Oh and Gore? Not so much. See NYT reporter, Frank Bruni’s book about the press corps on the plane during the 2000 election: “Ambling Into History”. Time for this country to hit the remote off button and get serious.

  • aview999:

    I just finished Dunn’s book and man oh man, it’s OUTSTANDING. This woman doesn’t belong anywhere but in A ZOO where passerby’s can oooo and ahhhh to their hearts content – with NO POSSIBILITY OF HER ESCAPING. Can’t wait to read your book Joe. Absolutely CAN NOT WAIT. Thank you!

  • Lisabeth:

    I know. I was trying to cheer myself and others up.
    This week has been ridiculous. I will never feel the same about the media again.

  • Kimberly:

    know I’m supposed to fully hate Sarah Palin since she’d rather watch me slit a baby black bear’s throat with a broken Budweiser bottle than watch me marry the dude I love, but how can I when she keeps delivering priceless gifts like this?

    In case you missed it, here’s Sarah Palin explaining the midnight ride of Paul Revere the same way you’d explain it after 12 sake bombs, a couple of bong hits, a concussion and a bump of crushed Benadryl. To be fair, if someone asked me about Paul Revere, I’d tell them that I loved his work in The Pee-wee Herman Show.

    Great comments

  • Kimberly:

    know I’m supposed to fully hate Sarah Palin since she’d rather watch me slit a baby black bear’s throat with a broken Budweiser bottle than watch me marry the dude I love, but how can I when she keeps delivering priceless gifts like this?

    In case you missed it, here’s Sarah Palin explaining the midnight ride of Paul Revere the same way you’d explain it after 12 sake bombs, a couple of bong hits, a concussion and a bump of crushed Benadryl. To be fair, if someone asked me about Paul Revere, I’d tell them that I loved his work in The Pee-wee Herman Show.

    Great comments

  • rm:

    Sarah Palin Turns Down Invitation to NH Debate, for she knows she is AN Idiot! And then she has to end her circus.

  • rm:

    Joe should be trust her?

    Palin says she’s not planning Senate run in Ariz.

  • Kimberly:

    Before I was certain there were deals Palin would take McCain’s seat. She must have thought so also too, to have moved to Arizona. After the full press exposure this week she has been outed as being marginally functional fully retarded. No way she goes any further with the backing of major corporations or sponsors. When the clan bailed on her, after Piper was shown not to be bribed or controllable, Sarah lost her glow. Going to be harsh when those bills come pouring in with no PAC/trust/Sweet ass income to pay them.

  • Kimberly:

    Jesus have you read how Palin’s little (Minded) warriors have explained their beloved’s lameass reply about Paul Revere? It hurts to laugh this hard.

    Upon being stopped, did Revere, in essence, warn the British soldiers of the colonists’ plans? Yes. The strawmen built by the media seems to almost indicate that Revere rode through the streets warning the British soldiers. In actuality, simply put, Paul Revere told Regulars of the colonists’ plans during his attempt to warn the colonists of the Regulars approach (Revere actually said, “the Regulars are coming!”. The colonist still viewed themselves as British subjects at the time and would not have said, “the British are coming”.)

    There were no claims by Governor Palin that Paul Revere’s ride had anything to do with the 2nd Amendment as some spuriously claim. She simply indicated the immediate concern of Revere and the colonists. It appears that the media once again fail to grasp the history of our Founding again. You may recall that the media were in an uproar when Governor Palin encouraged Tea Partiers to party like it’s 1773, and the media claimed she didn’t know her Revolutionary War history. Oops. Governor Palin stated that this “One Nation” bus tour would, in part, draw attention to America’s founding and history. It looks like she is doing just that.

  • J.L.:

    Pssst… it was John Hancock, not John Hitchcock.

  • Sarah Paleeaassee:

    Maybe it will be Britta, Track’s new wife, who will be home schooling Willow, Piper, Sarah, Todd, Track, Bristol and the Heaths?

    Britta does not have that Heath / Palin inbred blood running through her veins!

  • KarenJ:

    That post was by Whitney Pitcher, of “Pipsqueak” fame over at C4P. I don’t doubt for a minute RAM instructed Whitney on the details of this alternative reality narrative where they “prove Sarah correct” for one aspect of Paul Revere’s ride as garbled by Palin, but conscientiously avoid all the other parts of the narrative that Palin got wrong.

    Right after Whitney’s explanation one commenter reiterates that the rebel colonists still thought of themselves as British thus-Sarah-was-right, then another commenter turns that claim on its head by saying “It appears that the media were not aware that Paul Revere not only alerted the Americans about the approaching British, but later, when captured by the British, also warned them…” — “…the Americans…” ??

  • Sarah Paleeaassee:

    Could it be that Piper’s school was going to flunk Piper and Sarah made a deal with the school district that if they passed her to the next grade Sarah would take Piper to America’s historical sites during Piper’s summer vacation and teach her about Paul Revere’s ride?

  • KarenJ:

    One other thing, this time a question for Joe: did you notice in the Palin ‘n Paul Revere video when Sarah was blathering, she did the same slow-blink, batting-eyelashes, coy-little-girl-voice routine she did in the Elan Frank video when she thumped her chair-padded stomach?

    Is that a “tell”, or what?

  • Ron:

    For all the crowing from seemingly self-proclaimed scholars about historical inaccuracies, there’s a much more disturbing issue than Palin’s less-than-eloquent, impromptu account of Paul Revere’s ride. The headlines and complaints mainly poke fun at the statement that Revere warned the British. Does that mean most of you, and the media with all their fact checkers, believe that he didn’t?

    Revere’s own account says that he did warn the British. (And I’d bet that most of the radically liberal pundits have heard this by now.) He did so in the sense of warning them that they’d better reconsider taking on the Patriots because they were ready for them. He did this when the British captured him. He also talked about shots fired — not from him, but from other Patriots.

    My point is that, while I may not learn much about history from Listening to Sarah Palin, I’m certain that I’ll learn even less from listening to well-prepared and divisive reporters and others who don’t care about the facts. Why don’t you call Joe Biden and have him entertain us with his version of the midnight ride?

  • BENNY:

    Dear sweet Jesus, if Sarah had said that Paul Revere rode to Concord while making a teapot, some jackass like the above would defend her by pointing out that Revere was, indeed, a silversmith.

    If you honestly cannot tell just by listening to the woman that she is a few filaments short of a lightbulb, you are dumber than she is.

    On the other hand, if you can see reality but you think that by verbal tap-dancing you can convince us that Sarah is, in fact, way *smarter* than the rest of us, you’re dumb AND cynical — a losing combination.

  • Eldergothfather:

    I had to laugh; Wasilla ‘schooling’…(?) I have had the displeasure of speaking to several people from Wasilla, Alaska who, (arrogant and ignorant as they are), are proud enough of their ignorance to be arrogant. I think it IS a factor of the ‘edumahkashun’ of the locals. Period.

  • Unfavorable odds:

    Are you serious? You post stuff like this, and expect these people to actually admit they were the fools?

    The facts of Revere’s writings have been known for centuries, yet there were 145 prior comments from these so-called intellectuals, and only one guy — Ron — actually has the facts right. It’s laughable herd mentality, confirmation bias, lack of critical thinking all wrapped up into one perfect package.

    Reminds me of her 1773 statement at a tea party rally that got everybody in a lather. The elites said she was a fool, because the revolution started in 1776. They didn’t have the brain power to realize that when she was talking to the tea party, she was referring to the Boston Tea Party!

    Look, there are a lot policies of hers to criticize. But if you’re going to pick historical accuracy of her statements as the measuring stick of her intellect, make sure she’s actually wrong!

    So to the commenters (except you Ron) and to Joe himself, let me say this, “I’m laughing at the superior intellect.”

  • Lidia17:

    She uses the same voice and head-ducking, eyelash-batting moves in some of the video with Todd where they are showing off Tri-G a few days after his “birth”.

  • Lidia17:


    Get the fuck off the highway, then!

    Use your wings, magic powers, whatever… just leave us aloooone.

  • Lidia17:

    Thank you, Benny.

  • MO inkslinger:

    Let us just be thankful that Sarah Palin did say Paul Revere and the Raiders rode through the streets of Boston singing “Kicks” on their way to warn the British. Me thinks, Sarah has a bad case of terminal brain freeze.

  • Limosis:

    well said… what I would like to know is where all these Tea Partying morons get the idea that the government wants to “take our arms”? With the exception of the Brady bill, which did not take people’s guns, just invoked a waiting period to buy certain ones, and only at shops, gun shows were still open season so to speak, why is this an issue? I have never heard anyone in the current administration or past say that the people should not have the right to bear arms- it is just rhetoric that they use to distract the general masses from what is really going on- Also, why does everyone think that our founding fathers were Christians? Thomas Jefferson hated organized religion, along with many others of his day- England was controlled by the church- one of the reasons spawning the revolution and the freedom of religion clause in our constitution

  • Limosis:

    No, she said she was right on Fox news…. it is pretty amusing- she said that she was not wrong and did not screw up the facts- check it out

  • R Paull is definitely probably my best popular person inside the actual forthcoming election, nevertheless My spouse and I tend not to really feel such as he’s getting enough smart photos through the biased press to tricot out the actual triumph.