Sarah Palin’s Worst Nightmare: Michelle Obama Addresses West Point Class of 2011

Wonder why Sarah has been looking and sounding so stressed in recent days?  Maybe it’s this: Michelle Obama spoke to the graduating class at West Point and their proud families tonight.


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  • krbmjb05:

    Even your 2 sentence posts are HIGHLY entertaining! Thanks for your consistent, entertaining, informative blog posts!

  • justustworebels:

    I don’t understand. Why would she care? Its not like the govt telling them what to eat or anything.

  • Freesia:

    Thanks Joe. I’m so glad to hear this. (I greatly admire Michelle Obama. What a decent and truly attractive human being – both the physical and the character – she is. She does us proud, our First Lady.)

    Sarah runs around pretending that she gives a flying rat about the troops. They’re a tool for her deranged ambitions as much as anything. Meanwhile Mrs. Obama is out all the time actually visiting the troops, working with the families and listening to them, starting programs with Dr. Biden….it would never occur to her to reference them without actually doing the legwork.) Now she’s spoken to West Point. Sarah will tear her Bump-It off, and those multiple layers of road kills she uses to cover up the balding empty noggin underneath, and stomp on them. I couldn’t be more delighted.

    Seriously though, she truly hates Michelle Obama. It’s distasteful. It goes further than her attacks on our President. She loathes him. But with Michelle I think it goes deeper psychologically. I honestly think when she looks at her she sees the black woman who won “her” tiara as Miss Alaska. An already racist woman was denied her stupid rhinestone crown and I think she sees Mrs. Obama as a replay.

    Sometimes I’ve thought of writing that woman in jest and asking her if it wasn’t possible for her drop a fire baton or say she was NOT for world peace so that Sarah could have won and now be pickin’ fish and maybe the star of a local evangelical cable show and we’d be spared her shreeking nothingness.. 😉

  • AFM:

    As a wife of a retired senior enlisted man and father and father-in-law both retired military men I can honestly say Mrs Obama does us proud. My family members shed blood for this country. That is something Sarah can’t say about her family members. She is all show and knows nothing about the hard times families really are having. I am willing to bet her son sat back in some garrison office some place while she made sure he stayed out of harms way.

  • deb:

    If I recall, Track was a driver for some higher up person — in other words, he was no more than a taxi driver!!

  • Freesia:

    First of all thank you to your husband and father/father-in-law for their service. (And to you. The spouse of a soldier serves their own tour.)

    I’m also the wife of a military man, though it was over before I knew him. (He’s a decade older than me.) But he was one of the medics on the helicopters that flew the POWs out. I can’t describe to you the look on his face, this man who’d strapped into gurneys 6′ tall men weighing a 100 lbs with no teeth, watching McCain mention POW as though it was his personal bumper sticker, and then do the fake humble thing when he got the applause he’d courted. And then to see a chirping little illiterate talking up “our troops”….I suppose he might have put his fist through the tv remembering those soldiers but he’d worked and saved a long time for that flat screen and he didn’t want to give that worthless fraud the satisfaction. If she runs for President and does it again though I can’t vouch for the safety of that tv. 😉

    She uses everything and anything that actually is a source of memory, experience, pain to those “real Americans” she loves to chirp about, be it Down Syndrome children and the people who love them or our soldiers. She’s sickening.

    And by the way, how it her “combat veteran” only served one year? I believe I have that right – correct me if I’m wrong. That would only happen if he were wounded. He looks pretty healthy to me. (And for the record, I don’t think Track ever went on record lauding himself. That’s on the preening woman who never mothered him at all.)

  • krbmjb05:

    Good question. Joe, do you have the official time “served” by Track Palin?

  • deennaa:

    Amen to all the posts so far, especially Freesia. sarah palin is absolutely racist to the bone and beyond. Way beyond. I eagerly await her getting her a– handed to her in a sling if/when she makes her slimy attempt at running for president. Beaten a third time by a black man and his beautiful AND intelligent black wife as FIRST lady. Her karma is just begging for vindication – for all of us who loathe the stink of her fraudulent presence.

    Watching her on Greta Van Susteren’s latest, I noticed how haggard she looks. But what was even clearer was what her face revealed – anger & viciousness that one could cut the air with, and that “if looks could kill” steely squinted up eyes that she apparently could not hide – the struggle to maintain that laborious false smile, pursing her lips in snidest of manner throughout the interview. Whatever it is she sneers the most at (besides Obama & the “lamestream media”), is what is eating her alive and it shows. I picked up on the Dunne and Bailey references and those “hoarded emails”. Of course your book coming out must really send her over the edge as well. I hope all the scrutiny combined will bring out her tantrums in all their sociopathic glory. Particularly if/when she throws her bumpit in the presidential ring. Its going to be more than a three ring circus and she is going to be the “killer clown”.

  • themom:

    Thank you for the link. I can only imagine how much satisfaction my father, a former WWII prisoner of war, Mrs. Obama’s work would give him. He never asked for anything from his country. He even avoided collecting earned medals from theaters in which he participated. He was so humble about his service and at times I saw tears in his eyes when witnessing the efforts of others showing the “Support the Troops” before it was a trendy bumper sticker passage.

  • Susan:

    Sarah’s just jealous of Michelle’s guns- have you seen the size of Palin’s arms, probably a side effect of multiple liposuction procedures, they are approaching the size of my thighs!

    I think it would be interesting to put the two of them in the same room, I seriously don’t think Palin could handle it. Michelle is a blessing and a gift, a woman of substance, intellect, heart and humility. Palin is a POS.

  • VaughnIAM:

    According to Track’s DD-214 he was in 2 years and 4 months.

  • carollt:

    I can feel the bitterness welling up in the Queen. Much as she tries (I am assuming she tries), she has a hard time keeping a handle on her emotions. How she can attack the First Lady for putting a focus on military families? This must be killing the Queen.

    Michelle Obama is first class. Sarah Palin – not so much.

  • Older_Wiser:

    Beaten by another intelligent, talented and classy black woman–much as she was beaten for Miss Alaska by Maryline Blackburn.

    She must be in hysterics.

  • mudmanor:

    Even though your father never asked for anything, if he is no longer with us but your mother is, I hope you have applied for the POW survivor benefit from the VA. My mother is getting it and it is a big help as she is blind and her care is expensive. I know this is off subject. It just helps to think about real people and real sacrifice while slogging through the Palin muck.

  • AFM:

    Maybe he was abusing drugs. Also I think he wasn’t a regular soldier. He was in the National Guard I think and they serve different than the active duty. Back in the old, old days the regular army guys considered them 90 day wonders. But today they use and abuse them terribly. Don’t get me wrong. Those guys and gals back in the support units work very hard. They make sure the soldiers get what they need. My husband was stationed at Ft Campbell in the Chaplains Office. You don’t realize the pressure they soldiers are left with when the others are off to a war zone. I know it isn’t the same but you should see how guys like my husband who was the senior nco who had to make sure that their families back home were taken care of. If any family members were having pay problems, or child care problems he would have to help get it right. The one duty he hated more than anything was to make sure the next of kin was notified. That bothered him more than anything. He wanted to go with the units that went to Iraq but they wouldn’t let him go. Many soldiers wanted to go but weren’t able to go. The garrison units back home needed them and it was important to the units. What bothers me is Palin knows damn well her son isn’t put out in the danger zone. Believe me my dad was wounded with machine gun fire right up his leg in WWII. My father-in-law was also wounded in a war zone. They both were grunts and knew what war was about. They hated war. They both said at one time or other that we should try to do any thing to prevent going to war. They were right. Any soldier in uniform give up so much for us all. Sometimes long after they retire they live with memories. I give the families especially the wives all the credit in the world. Without them at the homefront the soldier couldn’t do their jobs because they worry what is going on back home. Believe me I’ve seen allot going on at home civilians have no idea about. You know what it is about. I always hated McCain talking about being a prisoner of war. He is no hero. I don’t consider what he did when he came home to his first wife a hero. Heroes are the grunts who are on the front lines and the support units that take car of them.

  • mary b:

    Because $arah is always propping herself up as the ONLY person who is concerned for the Troops.
    $arah hates the Obama Family with a vengeance. $he thinks that every thing they do/say is all about HER. $he really is that Mentally ill, where she believes that the entire world revolves around her, Queen Esther of the Great WHITE North.
    $he is more like the Wicked Witch of the North.

  • rob:

    Did Sarah Palin buy a Scottsdale home?

    Safari Investments LLC paid $1.695 million for the 7,900-square foot home, which sits on on 4 acres and has six bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a swimming pool and spa, home theater, wine cellar and six-car garage behind a security gate.

    check her new home pics: (25 images)

  • serena1313:

    Sarah Palin holds grudges. She cannot stand to be criticized or mocked. She picks fights over trivial matters. She demands loyalty, but does not reciprocate. Friend or foe, once an enemy, always an enemy. And President Obama is, by her own design and choosing, arch enemy number one.

    Although you’d never know it given Sarah’s 24/7/12 non-stop tirades, her relationship with the media, being as it may, is one of convenience and profit. Because she is good for business, Sarah has been given more than a lions share of free press. She can say the most ridiculous, absurd, outrageous, ignorant or vindictive thing and the media will talk about it ad naseum for the next 24 hours or more.

    For instance, given her uncanny knack for turning the most uncontroversial issue into a huge controversy, such as end of life-counseling. When Sarah started screaming “death panels,” “government-rationed medical care,” “government is going to kill granny” all of a sudden support for healthcare reform bottomed-out.

    Michelle Obama promotes eating healthy nutritious food and cutting back on fat and sugar, Sarah, fit-to-be-tied, starts screaming “government overreach” and in protest takes cookies to the schoolhouse where she was scheduled to give a speech. So instead of focusing on solving the nation’s obesity problem we are discussing whether the First Lady and/or the government should be telling us what we can or cannot eat.

    But shortly after the Tucson massacre when Sarah screamed “blood libel” the backlash was fierce, she became a liability and the media’s infatuation more-or-less came to an end. Now, although she maintains her celebrity status and outrageously high speaking fees mainly due to her position on Fox, Palin is barely mentioned anymore. That, too, will change once she leaps into the 2012 presidential elections.

    Sarah is consumed by a deeply entrenched visceral contempt and dislike for Obama. Presumably, at least in her mind (from which hope springs eternal, albeit 3 degrees removed from reality), believes this is a struggle for power. And that the only way she can win is by eviscerating her opponent. What she fails to understand, however, is she needs ideas and vision to win. But she has none. So Sarah, as before, will be cunning, ruthless, vicious, relentless and petty.

    Even if she proves to be a formidable opponent, on her own, without the media to cheer her on or use as her personal vendetta money-making machine, Sarah Palin will, more than likely, go down in flames. Perhaps one day she will realize Obama was never her enemy or foe, but a political opponent with vision and ideas. That is why President Obama will win.

    After all is written, said and done and the dust has settled, with a deep sigh of relief we will sleep better knowing Barrack Obama is still our President of the United States.

    In the meantime, we will continue fighting for another day.

  • OysterTeaser:

    No, Track Palin was in the Army.