Sarah Scrubs Summer Plans because of JURY DUTY???

I was called for jury duty in May, 2010. Because I knew I’d be in Alaska, I requested a postponement, which was granted automatically.

I was called again for May, 2011. I arrived at the courthouse at 8 a.m. and sat in a room with other prospective jurors for two and a half hours. Then a judge came in and said she’d just dismissed the case our panel had been scheduled to hear. I was home by 11 a.m. and not subject to being called again for at least three years.

Sarah can’t go to Sudan because she’s been summoned for jury duty?

The lies just get bigger and bigger. She’s living inside a hot air balloon for which she supplies the hot air.

But you know what?

Balloons burst.

I’ll be back in Wasilla in September, Sarah. Maybe I can drop by to say hello and grab a piece of that blueberry pie you promised me via Facebook last summer. If you lock the kids in the basement, they’ll be safe. We can chat about how your jury duty went.

Among other things…

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  • lilly lily:

    I have just returned from Wonkette’s site chuckling.. One remark, on Sarah quitting the Sudan and the bus tour, “she had to have her fake boobs realigned.”

    Consider the billions of sniggering remarks and ribald jokes that have been written on all the blogs about Sarah Palin in the past two years.

    I wonder how she manages to get out of bed in the morning. I’m assuming with a strong latte laced with Baileys Bristol Cream and a colorful pill of some sort. The negative vibes are intense.. It really seems as if there are two groups out there. Those who laugh at this dim witted celebrity day in and day out, (they aren’t anti bots they simply think her ridiculous) and those who worship her like cult followers and lake her celebrity persona seriously enough to fatten her bank account and PAC.

    I laugh quite a bit, but I take the threat of her being anywhere near the White House seriously enough to post on various blogs.

    Though I rarely take the witty route myself, I can appreciate the inventiveness of the American scoffer at puffed up celebrity. And most of Sarah Palin is pretense as to her supposed capabilities as a leader or thinker.

    Still it is good to appreciate the joking. It is on her.

  • ella:

    I honestly do not understand how even the DUMBEST of the DUMB (c4p) buy the “jury duty” whopper. Sure, patriot palin would not shirk her jury duty, but she WOULD delay it if it interfered with her “family vacation” or “mission to Sudan” or even her chance to spend more time with her special-needs child.
    She has essentially bought herself 30 more days of doing NOTHING, and the palinistas are happy as clams with that lame excuse. A few of them are waking up – and many of the “regulars” are gone, with new screen names popping up to praise sister sarah and her propaganda movie. All of the new screen names have something in common – they pressure the minions to send money, SEND MONEY NOW! Send $100 for the DVD – it is URGENT!

  • akvoter:

    I don’t know how they do it elsewhere, but here in Alaska a person knows months in advance when they are going to be on jury duty. Seems that would have been factored into scheduling the Runaway Bus Tour! I know – too logic.

  • DKey:

    One also wonders if she’ll also call her trip to Israel “Jew-ry” duty? She can reprise her Star of David necklace . . . get it out of mothballs. Maybe get in a few more bigoted digs at Jay Ramras. And Piper – “These Rabbis are wrecking my vacation!”- can visit the Wailing Wall.

  • She wouldn’t shirk her jury duty, but she can quit her Governorship on a wim, Civic Duty, my butt??????

  • brbr2424:

    The Palins have created a whole new punchline. Medically necessary _____________ alignment.

  • brbr2424:

    I think Bristol’s book is picking off a few of the Palin cult members. It doesn’t seem to be a warm fuzzy cautionary tale of weakness followed by redemption.

  • lilybart:

    I was called. Told them no because I had a small child. I postponed until she went to school full time. Then I went in, not chosen the first day and told to go home!

    She would be here for 10 min when they said, nevermind but thanks for coming.

  • Tewise:

    Want to bet she is lying?

  • diz:

    If Jon Lovitz followed Mrs P around these days, he could reprise his “Liar” character and get tons of new material without paying a single writer. “Jury duty”, yeah, that’s the ticket.

    I wonder, as lillylily stated above, how does this woman get out of bed each day knowing that she is little more than laughing stock to the majority of voting citizens. Hyp-mo-tized by large deposits to her bank account, she stumbles forward hoping against hope that there will be a fresh crop of gullible donees willing to buy into her silly little ventures.

    I rarely choose to wish my life away but September can’t come fast enough Mr McGinniss!!!

  • Melly:

    Palin can’t commit, can’t schedule properly, can’t follow through, can’t focus, and can’t prepare. Just think what she could have done with that bus tour by the basic act of preparation. She could have had the whole thing mapped out not only geographically but with material and talking points and lessons-of-the day all polished and ready. She would have injected her ideology and lies into it all, but I’m just pointing out how she squanders opportunity after opportunity by refusing to care about the essentials other than herself. She’s also the most astounding coward I’ve ever seen. She endorses her daughter’s book, which speaks unflatteringly of the McCains, as “perfect” and “honest.” Would Sarah ever say those things to the McCains herself? Nah, she just had Bristol do it. Incredible coward.

  • curious:

    I can’t actually imagine it’s Bailey’s, doesn’t she have a vendetta against Frank and she’s just dumb enough to think someone from his family might make money from it? Other than that, spot on. She’s in Wasilla surrounded by the family. A sort of Davy Crockett moment at the Wasilla Alamo. Want to bet there’s something much more serious cooking? The desperate pleas for money, money, money – URGENT, implies the cash is getting lower than she likes. Wonder if the tax people are talking to her?

  • Sally:

    I think I now know where Bristol’s name came from, and it wasn’t Bristol Bay. Thanks, lilly lily!

  • laprofesora:

    So true, the coward part. She thinks she’s being so sly, having Brystil say the things she couldn’t. She honestly doesn’t have any idea how intelligent people employ logic and reasoning. She thinks we’re all as dumb as she is, or else we’re rendered dumbstruck by her beauty and charm (I think I just made myself nauseous).

  • abbafan:

    I am somewhat perplexed over this sudden turn of events – was $P summoned FOR jury duty or was $P summoned to appear BEFORE a jury?? With this notorious liar, it’s hard to ascertain the truth!

  • Alaskan:

    She’d be the first juror recused.

  • Susan:

    Absolutely concur…Palin is a first rate coward. Anyone who uses young children and innocents to shield them from the world…..disturbing and spineless.

  • Blue Galangal:

    You are exactly right. If she could stay organized for half a minute, she might actually be a credible figure. I mean, how hard is it to think of two or three names of newspapers you read? Or just newspapers everyone has heard of? “The L.A. Times.” There, that wasn’t hard. “The Wall Street Journal.” That’s just one of the things that is SO bizarre about her. A four year old can come up with better ex tempore responses than she can.

  • Leslie:

    I just checked out C4P. I don’t like to go there to give them the clicks – but it is fascinating in a funny way to see where her peeps are coming from and how they rationalize, etc. But there is now a thread called “I am Sarah” (they took it from the movie Spartacus). Not funny. Very scary and cult like. And very sad.

  • CougInPortland:

    Give me a BREAK. She has no jury duty. It’s really so simple after reading Dunn’s and Bailey’s book. The paid minions descended on blogs immediately as is what they’re paid to DO. Something is rotten up north…being WELL known as the “quitter” she quits again? Twice within hours of each other? I hear a personal world crumbling down around.

    “She goes running for the shelter of her mother’s little helper..” and I’m NOT talking Piper.

    Oh, Joe…..I cannot WAIT for your book.

  • Ratfishtim:

    Let’s say she is telling the truth, and she had received a summons for jury duty. And the dates conflicted with something she had planned to do elsewhere.

    I just called the court here in Alaska. Alaskans are allowed to defer jury service for up to 10 months. You just let the clerk of the court know what month will work best, and they “plug you in.”

    So Palin could have easily said, “I have a flippin’ vacation with my family scheduled for June, July, and August driving a SarahPAC funded bus (with donations from suckers who thought I’d actually spend the money on candidates) to Iowa and South Carolina. We especially want to see historical sites like Fort Sumter, where Lincoln freed the slaves. Please sign me up for October or November.”

  • CougInPortland:

    And THAT’S why this is another lie, and the bots come out in force. What they fail to realize is the coward has cried wolf one too many times for anyone of rational thought to anymore take seriously.

  • MSR:

    Continually NOT suprised the MSM for the most part doesn’t call her on her bs. I think losing RAM is showing in many ways, take note of future FB postings without them being ghostwritten by RAM. Everyone is under the bus, it looks like Sarah is going to implode in a major way this summer.

  • tom:

    nice touch joe just comin to say enough (already known) to generate some hits.

    dont blame you for that but still look forward to you posting the answer to my previous question…..”who is the msm covering for by not exposing palins fake pregnancy?”

  • Joe:

    First, you have to prove it’s fake. As you know, and as you’ll read in THE ROGUE, I’m inclined to think it is.
    But neither your opinion, nor mine, constitutes proof.


  • Psalm023:

    Have noticed since SP has been on the national stage, that she needs everyone to know she’s always having “fun”. She would tweet about her whereabouts, her family plans, and loves to show off her great Alaskan spirit, Todd’s love of the outdoors, sports, competitions, etc. She seems to enjoy telling people what they’re celebrating, where, how. This includes kids, parents, etc. Don’t know why, but it seems to be important for her to let people know she’s having lots and lots of fun.

    Is jury duty another “fun” thing for her or does she take it seriously and if she is selected, would she be willing to give up her blackberries and recoil from media, work with a team spirit? Somehow I doubt it.

  • Ann:

    As long as she’s in Alaska for “jury duty,” maybe Ms. Palin could also carve out some time to get her children into therapy. I realize Bristol’s an adult and can do what she likes, but the younger two girls? Save ’em Sarah! Especially Piper, who I think is adorable, but who always looks so depressed in the photos I’ve seen. I’d suggest therapy for Ms. Palin, too, but I’ve read that narcissists are practically impossible to treat.

  • jenny:

    Sorry guys, in Alaska we get to defer our service only one time each year. And the court does take notes. When summoned (usually we know one month in advance) you have to call in every night for 30 days. It really sucks. And there are several types of service, local grand jury (one day weekly obligation for three months) or the dreaded grand jury in Anchorage, where we have to pack it up and head to the big city for who knows how long … There just aren’t enough of us in the state and our small towns’ court clerks do seem to know where we are at all times!

  • Joe:

    Maybe Sarah can show her summons for jury duty at the same press conference at which she displays Trig’s birth certificate.


  • mary b:

    Really $arah??
    Jury Duty??
    You couldn’t think of a better lie to tell??
    I’ve been called twice for Jury Duty before. Both times, it took less than an hour.
    As much as you lie, Jury Duty would be a piece of cake to wiggle your way out of.
    So which would you like us to believe??
    That you are an idiot or you’re too stupid to get out of Jury Duty??

  • Molly_WI:

    Perhaps she can throw in her proof of a college degree, also, too.

  • Montrealer:

    So what exactly would be the ultimate & deciding proof that Sarah did not give birth to Trig? Surely, it shouldn’t have to come down to Sarah’s tearful confession before the truth is revealed.

  • CariboBarbie Palin:

    Update 5:30pm. It has just been announced that Sarah Palin has been excused from jury duty.


The State of Alaska announced that it could not afford the $150,000 fee for Sarah’s appearance.

    The truth is……

    Palin is presently involved in two lawsuits. The Chip Thoma suit that was moved to federal court and the trademark infringement case. A preliminary juror questionnaire would have asked the potential juror
    for any lawsuits and legal cases they had been involved in, or were presently involved in.

    Palin’s pending court cases would have immediately ruled her out for even
    being called for jury duty.

    The jury duty story is just another lie.

  • jenny:

    This is really funny. They only give us 30 cents per mile from our home to the court. What is the Chip Thoma suit?

  • curious:

    Well, if they go around doing that silly shit at least we’ll know who they are

  • curious:

    I sometimes wonder how they are summoned to action. Is there an email that goes out to their sea of pee enrollees? Do they provide talking points? So many of the bot comments offer the exact same arguments and words to the point they are redundant.

  • Linda1961:

    It’s the same in South Carolina – you know well in advance to either get out of it, postpone it or plan to do it. I’m just an accounting clerk, but had to postpone jury duty once because of work.

    If Quitter really had jury duty, why didn’t she say so at the beginning of her vanity tour?

  • mitch:

    The guy she said was a child molester because he complained about all of the Payme tour buses in the neighborhood. She flipped out (what else is new) and connived this “plot” to have Piper open a lemonade stand and then accuse the neighbor have having devious sexual ideas about her little girl. This obsession with sex just screams that she ($arah) was molested as a child. I’ll bet by her father. Perhaps this is the root of her psychopathology. This whole sex thing with them seems to be coalescing over the past few days. I think the catalyst was Bristol’s book. Although I am not a psychologist (even though I play one on TV and stay in Holiday Inns) this thread that runs through her family is obvious to anyone who is even remotely introspective and self-aware. What are your well respected thoughts Joe?

  • CougInPortland:

    I’m sure of it, curious. Through Bailey’s book, it was fact that letters were sent to ADN under other’s signed names with the same message. They were instructed to change words so the message was the same but not redundant.

    Between her staff, the pee cult, Team Sarah, etal, these messages ARE redundant and almost word for word. You can spot ’em a mile away. They’re too DUMB to realize they’re barking up the wrong tree. The blogs they infect, they forget authors OF such do their reaerch and do it quite well and those who comment. They are fooling NO one. The “buy a ticket to ‘propganda film’ and don’t show up” was the BEST. Morons.

    Water circling the toilet bowl, if you ask me.

  • curious:

    The sexual pre-occupation and ideation can be, repeat can be an indicator of sexual abuse or very early sexual promiscuity. Either one can often warp a persons ability to deal with life without sexual overtones. Throw in the beauty queen, five colleges, pathological lies and you can paint a portrait of a woman who has very few sexual boundaries and probably gets through life using her sexuality as a means to cover up her otherwise crippling insecurities. Her lack of ability to deal with questions on her feet unless they are spoon fed is telling, calling spontaneous questions gotcha’s because she can’t deal with them. The psych report on her would be remarkable to read. I think she probably carries several pathologies, all intermingling to make her what she is. Scary woman, esp when you piss her off.

  • CougInPortland:

    Apologies for typos. Just floored at the continuing audacity of someone so “desparate” to matter when her shelf life expired a LONG time ago, and she did it all on her own.

  • msf:

    I have to say I’m feeling much better in the last few days and Joe if your recent post regarding Sarah’s visit to the Sudan had anything to do with hr “jury duty” I salute you.

  • curious:

    I’d actually love to see how it was she painted herself as a victim AND blamed Michele Obama for it.

  • curious:

    The really sad thing about all this is this woman was once trying to be one heart beat away from the Presidency of this country. During that time the MSM conspired to ignore a dozen red flags from her past, several of which bordered on corruption and possibly more. The work you and others have done since then have discredited this woman to such an extent that even something as simple as owning up to taking a break, for whatever reasons, from her bus and the Sudan comes out as “jury duty” which is roundly and skeptically shouted down from all corners of her world. That tells you a lot about her and the negative impression of her around the country

  • Nefer:

    “I laugh quite a bit, but I take the threat of her being anywhere near the White House seriously enough to post on various blogs.”

    I feel exactly the same way! I laugh about her and at her, but I draw the line at thinking it would be funny if she ran. The people who couldn’t believe that a black man could be elected have had over two years to stoke their rage, and have been egged on every step of the way by Palin. I believe she would ramp up this rage and hatred toward our President and his family to a level never before seen in this nation, causing greatly increased danger to President Obama and damage to the the integrity of all of our electoral processes.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    I guess she is up to her old tricks: using pseudonyms (look it up, $arah!) to try to sway the public opinion.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    Same in California and Washington State…

  • Nat:

    Didn’t that guy sue her and won? The one in Juneau complaining about the tour buses!

  • Joe:

    I can only say that a very few sections were deleted from THE ROGUE for legal reasons.
    Some things I was told in interviews with people who knew the family well during Sarah’s upbringing were deemed objectionable due to insufficient documentation in accessible court records. I understand the basis of the decisions by Random House lawyers. There’s no further comment I can make.


  • curious:

    Interesting but in direct conflict with several other Alaska posters who detailed their own experience in getting called for it. Frankly their stories are consistent while yours sticks out like a sore thumb mostly because it implies they send out jury duty calls once a year and then you have so much time to opt out or reschedule. If your story were accurate and let’s say the opt out month is January and jury duty notices were send out monthly, then virtually no one could get out of jury duty which we all intuitively know is just not true. So either you are mistaken or you are trying to mislead and make it seem like Sara has no choice but to go to jury duty because she was called after the once a year date when she could have gotten a deferral. How can you get a deferral if you don’t know if you are going to be called? How can you get a deferral if you get called two days AFTER the last day you can apply for a deferral. Not buying the argument. Anyway, she’s currently involved in at least one and possible two lawsuits, that alone would probably disqualify her for jury duty. She has a special needs child, another factor, and she would be a distraction to be seated and I sincerely doubt any competent attorney would want to seat her. Not to mention she’s dumb as a box of rocks.

  • FrostyAK:

    All fake, all the time. All lies, all the time. There is nothing of substance to the Wicked Witch of Wasilla.

  • curious:

    That one I’d like to see myself. Never thought she could possibly have a degree and frankly the College of Journalism that gave her the degree should lose their accreditation

  • AKPetMom:

    I think I know how they do it, summon the faithful, that is. I saw a giant beam of light in the sky last night, here in Wasilla, that looked a lot like the Bat Sign, from Batman, but it said SP. I think she does this all over the country to summon the faithful. It is wasted on us in Wasilla, however :-)

  • EatMoreFish:

    As if the media won’t be able to track when/if $arah ever appears at jury duty….As if $he couldn’t have deferred it for months …. It is truly $cary how $arah doesn’t care that her endless lies are so obvious and easy to track. What a fool … I truly believe that $omeday $oon $omething will $tick that will finally take the Alaska Disasta out. Maybe it will be Joe’s book….

  • carollt:

    It is well known that bad news is dropped on a Friday afternoon, if at all possible. And I can’t help but get the feeling that other shoe has not yet dropped, but will drop, if not tomorrow, then another day.

    The clock is running out Sarah; what will you do to put that clock into overtime?

  • CassieJeep:

    Maybe she came back to Alaska to get another Trig?

    Jury duty is for Willow’s trial?

    RAM needs a reference in letter form?

  • Sue:

    She could never have easily said such grammatically correct sentences.

  • Sue:

    ’nuff said, Joe. We can read between the lines. I’m actually feeling a twinge of sympathy for Sarah and her children.

  • brbr2424:

    Interesting. Too bad we don’t get to read the parts that the publisher struck. 20/20 did a piece on the Independant Baptists. There is a lot of abuse in these authoritarian Christian sects.

  • MissSunshine:

    A comment on IM regarding SP’s “pregnancy” has hit too close to the bone. She has no “plan”, just freaking out, calling CBJ over and over, running back to Wasilla, hoping to find whoever posted the comment and threaten or bribe them to silence.

    I tend to believe this; half of SP’s life is spent chasing down and getting even with “enemies” i.e. people who tell the unflattering truth.

    Another comment I believe and am very saddened by: Frank Bailey knew the truth, but chose to remain silent because he thought this lie would serve a pro-life agenda. “The end justifies the means.”

  • Sue:

    Oh, jenny, you poor thing. You don’t recognize snark when you read it, and you don’t know how to google.

  • Sue:

    I know you’re at least partially referring to the comment by 4:32 aka Shitfire. Is there another comment about her calling CBJ, is this your theory or is it something you have inside info on?

  • Puzzle Pieces:

    May 2, 2011
    Osama Bin Laden killed (ten year manhunt – CIA)

    June 22, 2011
    James “Whitey” Bulger arrested (sixteen years on the lam – FBI)

    Date________, 2011
    Sarah Louise Palin indicted (fifteen years of cronyism, corruption, and criminal activity – CIA, FBI, DOJ, IRS, FEC)

    “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” – Tolstoy

  • Sue:

    I swear, I’ve been thinking the same thing all day (well, except for the Tolstoy part). By my calculations, it’ll be August 5th. “Fred” estimated the release of his book sometime around August 12th, but the 5th would be 41 days after Whitey.

  • curious:


    Some very disturbing information over on IM from another thread. Levi’s lawyer finally makes a statement but it almost sounds like he’s working for Brisket. I can’t make hide nor hair of it. He’s saying it wasn’t like it was outlined in her book but he also seems to say that if it happened the way Brisket wrote it then it would quite likely be rape. WTH? Is he setting her up, Levi up? Is he trying to imply that might be the reason Levi keeps quiet? I am quite befuddled by the story and the statement by Levi’s attorney

  • Puzzle Pieces:

    Osama ===> Whitey = 51 days

    Whitey ===> Palin at 51 days would be August 12

  • nm:

    Isn’t there also some court appearance related to kid Palin has accused of stalking, but whose parents’ facebook page claims Sarah was the”sexter??”

  • Sue:

    He also says witnesses might back up Bristol’s version. If it’s “obviously” not true, couldn’t there be witnesses who could back up Levi?

  • Sue:

    The 41 was a typo, but I counted the same week twice. So Fred’s book is due out around 51 days after Whitey was nabbed. Sarah doesn’t believe in coincidences. She better stock up on “depends”.

  • KiteGirl:

    I got a summons for jury duty (petit) in Alaska a few months ago.
    I was able to defer my service for up to 6 (six) months.
    I knew two months before I was to serve that I had jury duty coming up.
    It is a matter of checking the boxes on the the form letter the court sends out.
    No, I did not mistakenly check AIP, either.
    In my judicial district, petit jurors serve for 30 (thirty) days.
    If you receive a Permanent Fund Dividend (check from Alaska’s oil money investments) and you are an adult, you go on the potential juror list.
    WGE could have been summoned for Grand Jury duty, too, which is a different length of service.

  • Puzzle Pieces:

    Alaska Won’t Disclose If or When Sarah Palin Has Jury Duty

    I guess we will just have to take Sarah at her word because we all know how much that is worth.

  • I’ve been called to jury duty five times in 19 years in the District Court in Palmer, which is where Palin would serve, unless it is Federal jury duty, which is fairly rare compared to District Court. Most of my friends have been called at least once for District Court jury duty. Only one friend was ever called for Federal, 15 years ago. I did request a postponement once, as it was during the month of my mom’s 90th birthday, and we had already purchased our plane tickets. I got a postponement from August to December.

    If you are picked for jury duty in Palmer, it is either to serve in a large pool (over 100) of potential petite jury jurors for a month, or to serve on the Grand Jury at least one day per week for three months.

    Alaska rules for getting out of jury duty are more strict than many states, but when listening to people attempt to get excused on the first call of the month, I’ve heard lame excuses that might challenge Palin’s imagination.

    I suppose many defending lawyers might challenge Palin for one reason or another. Others might want her – you can make up your own reasons why that might be.

    You can’t even find out if your own employee is on jury duty by calling court on the phone, so their refusal to provide info on Palin isn’t out of the ordinary.

  • Nan:

    “I believe she would ramp up this rage and hatred toward our President and his family to a level never before seen in this nation, causing greatly increased danger to President Obama and damage to the the integrity of all of our electoral processes.”

    Shoot, she did all that while still campaigning! She ramped up the rage and hatred to the point that the Secret Service stated the level of threats against Obama quadrupled whenever she spoke.

  • Diane:

    Can I postpone my jury service?

    If jury service at the time for which you are summoned will cause hardship, you may request deferral of service to another time within the next ten months. If you need to seek a deferral, you should do so as soon as possible. Do not wait until the time you are to appear. To reschedule your jury service, follow the instructions for question #12 on the Jury Questionnaire. If you have already sent in your questionnaire, call the jury clerk as soon as possible for instructions.

  • Justsayin:

    You should know that Shawn Christy supports Sarah today, as a politician. He likes her. he wants his palin drama to end and wants more from her. He wanted to be a member of the family as well. But when you send bags of goat feed to good people like the Heaths, you cross boundries.

  • missbirdie:

    Joe, I know you’ve finished the book but are you going to see Undefeated anyway? At least to see the home videos in the beginning (and possibly throughout, as I’m not sure what the final product will be like). She lived a charming life in Alaska and the videos are sweet.

  • Ivyfree:

    “So what exactly would be the ultimate & deciding proof that Sarah did not give birth to Trig? Surely, it shouldn’t have to come down to Sarah’s tearful confession before the truth is revealed.”

    The trouble is, we couldn’t believe Sarah if she did confess- she’s a serial liar.

    “Is jury duty another “fun” thing for her or does she take it seriously and if she is selected, would she be willing to give up her blackberries and recoil from media, work with a team spirit?”

    Only if she could carry Trig in a backpack for a Courtroom Adventure!

    “It is truly $cary how $arah doesn’t care that her endless lies are so obvious and easy to track.”

    I don’t think she’s lying to us so much as she’s lying to herself. I think she halfway convinces herself it’s the truth. And I think it’s likely she feels that if she comes up with a plausible story it’s as good as the truth and if we don’t believe her, it’s because we’re a bunch of haters.

  • missbirdie:

    Then why does she become embarrassed when people speak of her attractiveness? Or when she discussed the pageants? I think it’s more to do with working in man’s world and using weakness in men as a weapon. And they can’t say anything because men have been and will be doing that for years and years to come.

  • Molly:

    Accessible court records you say? Some Wasillians need to visit the court house pronto.

    I’ve always suspected as much.

  • femme7:

    Why can’t some local slewths go to the Courthouse and see if Ms. P shows up and is sitting in a jury box. I would do this every day if she lived nearby. This seems like an easy one to me.

    Then, let’s make an online “Where’s Sarah” calendar………………….Day 3 no Sarah, Day 4 no Sarah, Day 29, no Sarah

  • Me:

    “Accessible court records” Music to my lawyer ears. That tells me there are court records that are either sealed or are so old that they have been destroyed or lost. But it tells me there are court records involving the Palin family. What a surprise. In my experience, a mad monster like Sarah doesn’t spring up sui generis. Barring a physiological problem like schizophrenia, there is usually a history of family pathology.

  • mea:

    love that!!!

  • MissSunshine:

    Sorry, no.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    … and Illinois…

  • mitch:

    Alaska Disasta! hahahahaha!

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    I wondered the same thing??? Hmmmmm… that would be real nice to hear about…!

  • rm:

    IF the quitter ever run’s, then in SC she will get only one vote:

  • lilly lily:

    No way could she be allowed on a jury. The case would be all about her. Plus no one could take away her two Blackberries, she would shrivel up and die.

    Huffington Post has her pegged. 10 Performance Artists. They included Snooki, Lady Ga Ga, Charlie Sheen… and Sarah.

    Snooki is whatever she is, and thank god she hasn’t aspirations to be POTUS. Money, notoritety, Whatever.

    Lady Ga Ga aspires to be a famous artist. Rene Magritte, Salvadore Dali, Marcel Duchamp. A surrealistic performer who does have a following as rabid as Palins.

    Charlie Sheen? Well he fried his brain. On the downslide to oblivion, unless his new show makes it.

    Palin? I don’t know what crazy wiring is responsible for her actions. But she is A B Normal.

  • I’m a local. Why should I bother going over and sitting in the Palmer Courthouse parking lot on the morning of July 1st to see if Palin shows up with the rest of the incoming pool? She’ll either be there or she won’t. It is summer in Alaska and most people have more important things to do, especially on nice days, than to try to keep track of Palin.

  • jenny:

    I live in Alaska and know how jury duty works. Where do you live? Whatever kind of dog do you have in this discussion that makes you so certain you understand how we in Alaska manage jury duty? This is how it works in my borough, perhaps it is different in other boroughs with more residents.

  • jenny:

    Actually the joke’s on you Sue, as in that was a joke. And, yes, I can google.

  • Sue:

    Thanks for the info. A couple of questions, if you don’t mind. When you say “if you are picked for jury duty”, does that mean if you are called? Or are you picked after being called? Also, someone claimed she’d be ineligible to serve on a jury duty due to pending lawsuits against her. Is this true?

  • rm:

    No jury duty Friday for Palin

    “It is rare to get picked, and a half-dozen attorneys queried by Alaska Dispatch said that they would immediately move to waive Palin if she was actually called to sit on a jury.

    As one of them put it, no one would want to bring to the courtroom the circus that seems to follow in the wake of the former Alaska governor these days.”

  • BluedogAk:

    I realize nobody has any reason to believe me, but a lawyer friend who has seen a copy of Palin’s jury questionnaire confirms that she did indeed receive a petit jury summons for July.

    However, what’s interesting is that the form has a line that says, “I wish to reschedule my jury service to another term within the next 10 months. Please select one option below.” She could have picked which month in which to serve her duty. She chose not to by filling in the oval for “no.”

    To me this is a typical Palin ploy. She can claim that she’s doing her “civic duty,” and that’s why she’s postponed her bus tour and cancelled Sudan. But in fact, jury duty is just a pretext since she could have postponed it and not her tour.

    BTW, best comment I’ve seen anywhere about this: The woman who quit her job as governor is suddenly concerned about doing her civic duty?

  • Jaguar:

    Too funny, but probably true! She probably calls it something else now, because of Frank Bailey!
    I could go for a pint of Guiness about now! ;o)

  • Jaguar:

    From your lips to God’s ears, That’s one scenario I’d love to see happen, not that I wish anything bad for Sarah, but just to see what she considers the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  • Jaguar:

    At this point, I’d like to see her kindergarten trascripts. The woman writes on her palms, and is proud of it!

  • jenny:

    Thanks for explaining how it works in Palmer. I just explained how it works in Kodiak.

    I do feel sometimes it is impossible to explain to people in the Lower 48 how we do things in Alaska. This is a huge state with so few people I think there is a lot of confusion as to how simple commerce, travel and government are conducted here. In this situation I feel the person who felt the need to question my comments about jury duty also was questioning my commitment to trashing Sarah Palin. Good grief!

  • picked means being called. I know of no pending lawsuits.

  • jks:

    She can’t be too worried about jury duty. She’ll be attending the premiere of “The Undefeated” aka (“The Departed”) in my hometown on Tuesday. Bachman will be here on Monday..Obama on Tuesday TOO! Imagine that? Nothing like soaking up the limelight, eh? We’re not ALL thrilled to be having here.

  • Bowedoak:

    And in Iowa.