Sarah sinks ever lower: will sign “books” with Bristol at Minnesota mall

So desperate is Sarah for cheap and easy publicity–and a few extra bucks–that, as Associated Press reports, on Wednesday, she’ll be horning in on her daughter’s first “book” tour appearance at the Barnes & Noble in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Pure coincidence, of course, that Michelle Bachmann (aka “The Sarah Palin of 2011/2012”) is from Minnesota.

Someone less cynical about the Palins than I am might look at this as a manifestation of motherly love and show of support for a daughter whose “screw & tell” memoir hasn’t even cracked the top 500 list despite Bristol’s appearance on Good Morning America today.

As I’ve made clear in earlier posts, I simply do not care about Bristol. Nor about any of Sarah’s other children, except for continuing to wonder who really gave birth to Trig.

I care about the phenomenon of Sarah only because–by many light years–she was the least qualified and most deranged person ever nominated for the presidency or vice presidency of the United States, and because she continues to successfully seduce the Beltway chattering class.

“To be or not to be,” is no longer the question. Now it’s, “Will she or won’t she?”

Like water, however, trash seeks its own level. Sarah’s appearance alongside her no-talent daughter at a Minnesota shopping mall is the clearest indicator yet that the 2008 Republican candidate for vice president of the United States is finally becoming not the national leader she never could have been, but part of our national landfill.

And in case you were wondering, no, I won’t be bringing Levi along on my own tour for THE ROGUE in September and October. (Media appearances already arranged in New York, Washington, Toronto, Alaska, Seattle and Los Angeles.)

Honestly, I’m not desperate enough to sit behind a table in a Minnesota shopping mall.

Although I willingly appeared on Fox & Friends with my son, Joe McGinniss Jr., when his novel, THE DELIVERY MAN (soon to be a major motion picture) was published in 2008.

Here’s a difference between McGinniss books and Palin “books.” Joe Jr. and I write our own: Sarah and Bristol aren’t able to do that.

And here’s another difference: neither my son Joe nor I would ever use/abuse a child the way Sarah did Trig at her Going Rogue signing at The Villages, Florida, in November, 2009.

I was there, in the company of my great friend Ray Hudson, of Newcastle, England, who after a brilliant career as a soccer player has become the world’s best soccer announcer for whom English is a first language. In his recent extraordinary profile of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Jere Longman of the NYTimes made clear how Ray and only Ray can transliterate Messi’s genius into English. If anyone thinks world-class soccer is boring (I readily concede that the sub-standard version played in the U.S. is yawn-inducing), please check out this one clip among dozens on YouTube wherein Ray Hudson demonstrates that it’s not.

Ray flew up from Fort Lauderdale so I wouldn’t have to endure the Palin appearance at The Villages, an hour north of Orlando, on my own.

And thank God he did. Even in his great company, it was an ordeal.

But I snapped out of my torpor and into parent/grandparent mode when I saw how Sarah mistreated Trig.

As I write in THE ROGUE:

She emerges [from her bus], holding Trig. Once the TV cameras and still photographers have had their fill, she hands him off to an assistant, who soon puts him down on the asphalt parking lot and lets him crawl. The lot is covered with broken glass, cigarette butts, and old chewing gum, and Trig is barefoot. Eventually, Piper comes along and puts him in a stroller.

This is almost the full monty, family-wise. Chuck and Sally and old Aunt so-and-so, plus Piper and Trig. Chuck and Sally work the crowd. Leaving Trig in the stroller, so does Piper. She’s eight years old and has the fake smile of a ten-term congressman. For some reason this sticks with me as the saddest sight I see all day.

And now, on Wednesday, in a Minnesota shopping mall, patrons will get a twofer: Sarah and Bristol showing off their fake, smarmy smiles side by side as they peddle their fake books.

Sarah: where’s Trig?

Bristol: where’s Tripp?

Can either of you care about anybody but yourselves?

p.s. I’ve said I don’t care about Bristol or Levi and I don’t. But when they start poaching on my turf–taking up space in book stores with their whiny, self-aggrandizing, adolescent tripe–I’d be remiss not to point out the difference between thoroughbred race horses (i.e. Geoffrey Dunn and myself) and the steaming piles of shit said horses leave on the ground behind them (i.e. Sarah, Bristol, etc.)

170 Responses to “Sarah sinks ever lower: will sign “books” with Bristol at Minnesota mall”

  • Kristen:

    Amen. Thank you for addressing her embarrassingly bad parenting skills in your book. Could you trust someone to make important decisions (or any decisions, really) if they can’t even look out for their own children’s well-being?

  • Sarah HalfTime:

    ah, has anyone noticed the Palins ain’t showin their faces in Alaska?
    shucks I ponder why…

  • Rocky in Texas said...:

    Thank you, Joe

  • Willow:

    Sarah is only going to the book signing because it would be too dang embarrassing to see Bristol signing only a dozen books.

  • VictoriaJ:

    Okay, that was an ugly story about Trig being placed on the asphalt. Made me want to cry. Palin’s heart
    is made of jagged little pieces of flint. Where is Childrens Services when you need them?

  • Piper:

    WHAT! Mom is going to sign books in Minn with Bristol?

    MOM! What happened to our Piper and Sarah spending time together on our second half of our Palin family vacation in our shrink wrapped RV? I’ve been looking forward to our history lessons together.

    Son of a biotch, I’ve been stood up by my mom again. She is always quitting everything.

  • KB2:

    Watching that clip with Ray Hudson brought back such fond memories of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. I still had cable at the time and watched every game I could on GolTV and developed a huge crush on Ray Hudson. He is the best! And I absolutely love soccer, especially the European and Latin American teams. (I’m German, so it’s in my blood:0)
    Sorry, I’m just so tired of SP I don’t even want to comment on her:-(
    Joe, I look forward to seeing you here in LA at the book signing!

  • Emily:

    How likely is it that after reading your blog today Sarah and Bristol show up at the Minn. book signing with their respective babies in tow?

  • CDNpotpourri:

    Joe, I was thinking…..
    You must get increasingly Palin-fatigued knowing your book is now finished and in your publisher’s hands and having to keep up the Palin dialogue for this blog and promotional purposes. It can’t be easy, nor exciting. I bet you can’t wait to sit back and chill once the media appearances have died out and the Palin meme is but a distance memory.

    By the way, I was disappointed not to see Montreal in your media appearance line-up, but thoroughly understand the reason for Toronto :) Looking forward to it.

  • Grandma Lou:

    You damn right I’m going to Bristol’s book signing.

    The last time I let Bristol go anywhere overnight she went camping and came back pregnant.
    I aint about to let fertile Bristol go out there and have another baby. I’m too old to fake another pregnancy.

  • Kimberly:

    There is another first person account of Sarah, Todd, Piper and Trig at Ted Steven’s International airport. Trig was sent to the floor to crawl around (Without socks) while Piper wandered the stores in the terminal sans an adult. Palin’s are reckless in every way about the basic safety of their children. A tragedy is already in the making. It is only a matter of when not if.

  • lynn:

    It’s all about the money. Sarah knows Bristol’s book signing would have only a few people, hence few books sold. Sarah’s helping Bristol make the money! Sad.

  • KarenJ:

    Like I said on IM, I hope someone gets pictures of the girl who says she’s Bristol (she sure doesn’t LOOK like her) looking daggers at Sarah Palin as Palin elbows the girl aside and commandeers the table, the pile of her own books, and the crowd.

    I hope the girl who says she’s Bristol wasn’t forced to pay the Palin official photographer Sheilah Craighead to take 3000 pictures of Mom hogging Bristol’s debut as a fiction writer.

  • Grandma Lou:

    Sarah quit the Palin Summer Vacation becausseeee…….

    Sarah had to do her civic duty in Alaska and be a juror

    Sarah had to do go to the movies in Iowa

    Sarah had to go to a bbq in Iowa

    Sarah had to go to Bristol’s book signing event in Minnesota

    Tell me again what was the reason Sarah Palin gave to America why she quit her One Nation summer vacation?

  • emrysa:

    puts him down in an asphalt parking lot and lets him crawl? that is damning. that kid never had a chance being raised in that family. neither does the blond kid nor anyone else who comes along.

    I do think it’s amusing that the quitter is doing a book signing with her mini-me. can you see it now? “mom mom my book is not selling what are we going to do? can you come sign some books with me and maybe we can increase the sales?” how pathetic. nope, don’t think either of them are going to get another book deal. maybe sarahpac will branch off into the world of self-publishing.

  • Mary:

    Poor Trig. I hope that he’s being well taken care of by whoever he’s been passed off to in the last few months. He is adorable in that picture. So telling the way she’s holding him facing outward rather than having his happy little face toward her. Trig was nothing but a prop to Sarah Palin.

  • Cracklin' Charlie:

    Not likely.

  • Jen:

    Joe, can’t wait for your book and am enjoying your blog. However, I winced at the condescending tone in your post about the book signing in lowly Minnesota. You’ve obviously never been here…no need to fulfill the stereotype of elitist liberals who look down on the midwest.

  • nswfm:

    She couldn’t let Bristol do her own interview without horning in, why would she let Bristol do a book signing event? It’s like they are in a cult and can’t go out unsupervised. Or they will say something that blows the doors off the charade. McCain, what an ass for inflicting this abusive, psycho family on the world. Especially when HUGE problems are going on in the world, this circus is on the news instead.

  • Marie:

    Joe, I will not waste my time to go see Mom and daughter hawking their books, but I would make a special trip to get one of yours. Think again on MN – how about the Barnes and Noble in the Galleria? It is a very nice store.

  • truthrocks:


    I know you’re sick of the whole famdamily, but in addition to (or instead of) “continuing to wonder who really gave birth to Trig” – would you also consider “wondering” WHO and/or WHAT entity is behind the hoax, and WHY it was perpetrated in the first place?

    I’ve already pre-ordered!


  • LisanTx:

    Here’s some more pictures of the day Scarah was in The Villages. Note her fakey wig:

    Here is the picture of Piper walking with Trig:

    I think this is the day that Sally held Trig up by his belt loops. Can you say wedgie? I looked for that picture but couldn’t find it. Does anyone remember that picture or have a link?

  • Joe:

    Ouch. Seriously, I’m sorry. I meant no disparagement of Minnesota, the midwest, Minneapolis, or St. Paul.
    Nor even Bloomington. And I’m sure, as Marie points out, the B&N store is very nice. And, as an author, I’m all for the success of B&N. With Borders gone, pretty soon I’ll have to stand on street corners and try to sell my books one by one.

    My point was mommy dearest is so desperate that she’ll sit next to dreary daughter in a shopping mall to try to hustle books.

    No matter if the mall is in Portland, Maine, Portland, Oregon, Sacramento, St. Louis or St. Petersburg.

    This one just happens to be in Minnesota.

    How could I not like Minnesota? I used to summer there, on Lake Woebegon, before I moved to Lake Lucille. When I was in college, some friends and I paused on a cross-country drive to watch a high school football game in Blue Earth. And who doesn’t appreciate the Mayo Clinic?

    And Bob Dylan came out of Hibbing. ‘Nuff said.

    There’s just no soul in shopping malls. Which makes them the perfect venue for a Sarah/Bristol tag team, no matter where they’re located.


  • Char:

    Joe, so thrilled to hear you will be in Seattle! Looking so forward to your book.

  • Puzzle Pieces:

    4. You must have a copy of “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far” in order to purchase a copy of “America by
    Heart” and/or “Going Rogue” signed by Sarah Palin. Limit 4 books per guest.

  • Well spoken, Joe. Thanks as always.

  • daisydem:

    My only comment tonight is which Trig is that in the photo you chose to use? He does not look like most of the Trigs I have seen in various photos.

  • tom:

    palin the “path” can not allow even her daughter a moment in the sun.
    she needs to be there to make sure the spotlight does not shift from her even at her children’s expense.

    that is why the treatment of the child she calls trig is not surprising as I have posted numerous times she simply does not care about things like children unless she can use them as a prop.

    I read the The 1989 Epilogue to Fatal Vision you have posted here and it is absolutely stunning how these “paths” share so many of the same characteristics.

    the pathological lies, their belief they can fool everyone, their desire then to destroy those they can’t etc etc.
    that destruction is their ultimate goal and even as Macdonald sat in jail convicted of murdering his family he still sought to gain satisfaction at your expense.

    a telling behavior and one that palin (who while not a murderer) shares with macdonald.

    and what could be more devastating then to accuse a man of pedophilia or wanting to rape someone’s children?
    those repeated accusations are palins attempts to “kill” and represent the depth of her callousness as she hopes to create a distress that brings her satisfaction.

    so like her mother the deranged nut does not fall far from the tree.

    and why that smile at the thought of your daughter seducing the media with a fake book palin?
    we have come full circle in sexual accusations, has she not?

  • Deb:

    Barnes & Noble staff are running to the Dollar Store to retrieve Palin’s books!! The dollar store book bins will now be empty and birds will have to wait for new bird cage liner paper!! The bins should be re-filled by the end of the week!!!

    Joe – Another book on Palin appears in the works — Matt Zencey is a former editorial page editor of the Daily News and is working on a book about Palin’s time as governor, to be published later this year by Potomac Books.

    Zencey was named ‘editorial page editor in May 2007’ at ADN. Wasn’t that the time that the Palin administration were submitting all the ‘fake’ support letters?

  • omomma:

    Not likely at all.

  • Jeanette 123:

    I have been looking at pictures of Trig trying to find a specific one. I know there were at least two Trigs early on (one ruffles) but presumed the use of two Trigs was only temporary. However looking at the pictures it seemed as though there were at least two Trigs through the most recent book tour. I haven’t done all the comparisons and research but there does seem to be quite a bit of difference between the mouth and eyes. What is happening to these children?

  • brbr2424:

    Here’s an observation I have about the Palin book buyers. They buy multiple copies to please the queen. They foist them on unsuspecting friends a relatives hoping for converts. There were some nasty surprises under many Christmas trees the last two Christmases. On Bristol’s book’s Amazon page, the five star reviewers are gushing about what a good book it is for teens to read. Many teens will be handed this book by well meaning but moronic aunts and grandmothers. The book is so problematic with the message that if a girl is raped it is her fault and condoms and birth control pills don’t work among other issues.

    I hate to tell you this Joe but your book is going to end up being paired up with Levi Johnston’s. They are coming out around the same time and people like to push their order over the $25 level to get the free shipping on Amazon. I’ve already ordered your book on b&n. If Levi get’s his book out and it’s half decent, I’ll buy it because what he said about Sarah Palin in the Vanity Fair article rang true. I would expect that he wouldn’t lie to the degree that the Palins do.

    I don’t know if you go into this in your book but I’m curious why Levi Johnston is so powerless and his legal representation is so inept. I’ve gone through a divorce in California and you can leave the state but you can’t take the kids and if you speak ill of the other parent you risk losing custody and visitation. I’ve felt that the Palin’s have something big on Levi that keeps him quiet, like Trig is his, but if they do that doesn’t seem to prevent them from poking the bear.

  • omomma:

    Puleeze do NOT alert her to the possibility of malls in St. Louis. We have enough trouble here already with Roy Blunt.

  • brbr2424:

    I wish your comment section had the edit feature. I do know the difference between possessive and plural.

  • Lisabeth:

    I can’t believe the story about Trig being put down on the asphalt. So so sad. I’ve been looking at Trig photos tonight because someone has posted quite a few links. I swear there are two or three different ones. I mean different hair colors? The whole thing is so weird. Joe, will you do TV appearances? Keep us posted, thanks.

  • brbr2424:

    That’s an amazing document. How can anyone read that without the light bulb going on. They are forcing the Sarah Palin fans to take a hit and buy the Bristol book if they want to see the queen.

  • brbr2424:

    I agree that’s likely why Sarah will be there.

  • Susan:

    It must be enormously frustrating to Palin that she can’t hornswaggle you.

    No amount of polish can shine Palin into a good mother. She seems completely incapable of making the needs of others a high priority. And I really think Trig’s safety and well being should concern us all.

  • marigold:

    I just left an email at palingates (for the first time) correcting the host’s use of the gender for “maison.” I am a Canadian with some knowledge of French. At first I thought it was merely a slip and thanked people for their welcome but I am now unable to link to comments. Is it possible that this site is itself operated by sock puppets? No one with even a slight knowledge of French would make such a mistake.

  • WakeUpAmerica:

    Wait. What? WTF? What happened to her jury duty? Oh yeah, she quit.

  • I totally agree with you Joe…you express how I feel about this family so well. At first, I thought she was making an appearance to insure Bristol gets the publicity and crowds she would need to make her book signing successful but, now, after learning she’s going to be signing books herself I think you’re right…it’s for the “cheap and easy publicity” and to make a “few extra bucks” for herself.

    I really, really despise her and her family.

  • tedthekiller:

    Joe, your palpable disdain for this repugnant con artist is really enjoyable. It seems a shame you had to take so much time out of your life just to expose this awful joke that never should have seen political life outside of Wasilla. I hope you meet John McCain some day so you can tear him a new one for his dangerous, cynical act of foisting this God awful fraud upon our country. Until then, keep up the good work taking out the trash.

  • themom:

    So…..what if a certain author was promoted to a local progressive radio station in a major midwest city as a great opportunity to sponsor a book signing….would said author have any objection to such a plan if it were set in motion? Most importantly, would said author accept an invitation to be drafted into such an event?

    (please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, )

  • Lynne:

    I think at last…with this blog headline…I realize that it is finally true. Sarah is rapidly sinking into oblivion. “Sinks ever lower” expresses it so perfectly.

  • minnesotamud:

    I live here but had not noticed till now that MOA’s name is all red, white and blue patriotic. How fitting for Palin’s wanna-be image. Ugh.

    Yes, I recommend a book signing at the Galleria B&N if you would come to MN.

  • Todd:

    There is no way Sarah Palin is running for president not with this shameful pitiful hill billy begging she is going to do in Minnesota.

    Basically what we are watching now is Sarah Palin. selling lemonade at a corner with Bristol trying to grift the last few dollars she can get for Bristol.

    There is no need for Sarah to sell her books there. We all know why she going there, she is hawking her “I’ve Been Raped” daughter’s books.

    It is just shameful for both these whores going out there like this.

  • I. Wanda:

    Now that Palin-mania is clearly on the decline and as her annoyingly shrill public image starts to recede into distant memory like Devil’s Island shrinking in a steamship’s wake, I sit back, finally start to relax a little … and I wonder …

    I wonder if Sarah has realized yet that she’s drifted off the radar of that “lamestream” media that used to chase her around … if maybe she might even be experiencing the same sort of nauseous, sinking feeling in her stomach that most (normal) people used to feel whenever she made yet another of her endless billious, truth-starved proclamations … ?

    I wonder about the future destiny of Sarah and however many of her evil spawn manage to cobble together an “autobiography” after a mere two decades of life — if they all may wind up like those almost-recognizable character actors of long-ago movies and “Who’s she again ?” supporting players of ancient sitcoms who set up their little card tables at Holiday Inn memorabilia conventions and sign autographs for $5.00 a pop … ?

    I wonder who might glean more from examining one of Palin’s dainty — yet razor-sharp clawed — hands … ? A palm reader or a handwriting analyst ?

    I wonder if Andrew Lloyd Weber would consider a revival of “Sunset Blvd.”, re-written to make Norma Desmond a psychotic, over-the-hill former poli-(beau)-tician who wanders her large, lonely mansion in the Arizona desert while poring over the phony fan letters her creepy butler/ex-husband, Todd von Meyerling, writes and into which he occasionally slips a pitiful little $2.00 donation to SarahPAC … ?

    ( ” I AM big ! It’s the MEDIA CYCLES that got small ! ” )

    Then, suddenly, I wonder if this isn’t the very first time I’ve thought about Sarah Palin and smiled … ?

  • Molly:

    Joe, you do have a way with words, as does Ray Hudson. I particularly enjoyed this comment from the youtube video featuring Ray Hudson.

    “I want this guy to narrate my life. It would make it seem a whole lot more exciting than it really is.

    “Oh my god! Did you just see that??? DID YOU SEE THE WAY GHOSTOFKENNY DRANK THAT GLASS OF WATER??!!! It was majestical, like a moving painting of Pablo Picasso! This man is from another dimension! Just look at him gulping down that water…absolutely heavenly.”
    ghostofkenny 5 months ago 11

    Just ROFL.

    On a sadder note. I have to agree with you about Palin’s treatment of Trig on the book tour. I vividly remember the time she walked out from the bus holding a nearly naked Trig late at night and pumping her fist. I didn’t like the woman before that, but after that I think I truly hated her.

  • Beth deris:

    I see how you feel Joe. To have Sarahs or Bristols books on a shelf in a book store is like having Gomer Pile run for POTUS To have integrity and intelligence (like you do ) and to see that family’s type of books in a book store makes me ashamed of our country. There’s no words to explain this family everything is sexual but then again maybe it is. Seems like they all came from the Hollow.

  • KatzKids:

    Ah yes, the loving grandmother. Poor little Trig looks frightened & confused. I really hate this family.


    It’s too bad that $arah didn’t quit having children since apparently even when she was on City Council, it was a well-known fact that her family took care of the kids, not her. Poor kids, she quit on them a long time ago. They never stood a chance. How could the rest of her extended family who is well aware of this since they are the ones who have taken care of them and raised them, allow her to adopt Trig or whatever the hell she did to become his “TV mother”, a term I use loosely since most TV moms’ actually appear more interested in the kids they pretend to parent. $arah only pretends to parent when the TV cameras are on and the reporters are around. If it was anyone else, they would have stepped in and asked where is Social Services and what are they doing about Trig’s obvious lack of sensory aids that he needs on a daily basis! $arah is a disgusting excuse for a mother and should not be allowed near Trig.

  • Linda1961:

    How is putting your toddler on glass strewn asphalt pro-life? It bothers me that SP never, ever talks about Trig’s progress, and the “pro-life” crowd that loves her never, ever asks her about his progress. Joe, your book will be a must-read for those people, but I’m afraid they won’t even take a peek.

  • carollt:

    Trig is too old to be used for a prop anymore. I also suspect since he does not see the Queen very often, he probably objects (loudly) to her taking him anywhere. I am horrified to hear that Trig was let loose to explore all kinds of nasty things on the ground when you saw him in Florida. The fact that Chuck and Sally were there and did not come to the little fellow’s aid is very telling. Why didn’t the grandparents step up to hold the little guy?

    All that aside, I still think Sarah is running. You have to remember that Sarah only hears what she wants to hear. Because of the press coverage she gets, I imagine she still thinks America is just waiting for her to announce. I checked out the Conservatives4Palin site just yesterday. A lot of Sarah’s fans will be traveling to Minnesota to see her and to encourage her to run. And run she will.

  • Montrealer:

    I am also very disappointed that Montreal isn’t included on your list of scheduled book tour stops. Isn’t there any way it could be added, Joe?

  • Inquiring Minds:

    Well, I can tell you Tripp is with Bristol for these events. I can also tell you Willow and Trig were out on a playdate 2 days ago.

    The only reason I applaud Bristol’s book is because it’s pretty accurate in detailing her emotional story with how I know things happened. And it includes charming/funny childhood stories that I hope everyone experiences.

    I’ve read that teens etc are already commenting that this book is helping them, which I hope is true. Many people can learn from her mistakes.

  • Inquiring Minds:

    On man Joe. If you were to bring Levi, you’d lose ALL credibility. Good call. lol. But I know you were being funny.

  • dmoreno:

    Asphalt, in Florida?????? Did the kid burn his hands and feet? Not surprised………Keep up the good work, Joe. What are you going to do when the “Crash and Burns” is final? I personally cannot wait for the public meltdown, it will be so much fun!

  • Eli:

    Once again, Trig is being handled like a piece of carry-on luggage. Why must he be carried facing the audience as if he were on display? Does Sarah Palin think he is ready to smile and wave to the nice people like she has trained Piper to do?

  • Older_Wiser:

    Plus, having a precious 18 mo old great-grandson myself (who I help raise) your revelation of the entire family’s treatment of Trig in that particular incident (and what don’t we see?) infuriates the hell out of me. All those “caring” theo-fascists” can kiss my atheist ass–I never, ever, use the term “pro-life” when describing them. They’re anti-life, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Olivia:

    I would so love to pop over to the megamall and heckle them along with the loosely organized band of bloggers and commenters today but I have to work and prepare for a state shutdown and there isn’t time to take off.

  • karenw729:

    I don’t look down on the midwest, I used to live in Minneapolis. So I know the Mall of America and it’s a perfect venue for the Palins: old, tired, smelly, ready to be torn down and put out for garbage.

  • grammy11:

    How about the one with Trig in nothing but a shirt and diaper crawling around the filthy airport floor. It seems she did this more than once.

  • Mudmanor:

    You left out dark, narrow, and un-navigable.

  • Don’t worry, any expense will come out of “Sarah Pac”.

  • lilybart:

    Oh yes. Bristol may have said, you must come to give me cover or god only knows what I might say.

  • lilybart:

    As soon as he was born God told them he would be dependent forever, so why not treat him like a pet? Sometimes you take the dog, sometimes you leave it at home with family.

  • lilybart:

    hehe….now mama will have to correct the media again, no she has not decided, still more kitchen tables in AZ and Safari lake to talk this over.

  • lilybart:

    My fave is the 11:30 pm bus stop in the cold where they dragged him out of bed with only a shirt and diaper to show the crowd.

    Someone should do a sequence of that book tour, only the scenes where she gets off the bus, ALWAYS showing her prop, DS face, facing the crowd no matter how awkward that made getting off the bus.

  • lilybart:

    And that is not fair for those good folks from the hollow like Dolly Parton’s mom and dad! They are honest hardworking people. (huge Dolly fan!)

  • lilybart:

    It is possible that one kid called Trig needs the glasses and hearing aides we have seen on him but the other prop Trig doesn’t need all that.

    I am not insane but I think there are two kids being passed off as Trig.
    One is more finely featured than the other and then there is the Ear thing….

  • lilybart:

    Which might be why it is better for Piper not to go to public school where she might say something to blow the family narrative.

  • lilybart:

    I have not been near a good color printer but I mean to print out the photos and do a comparison. I see two Trigs myself. One looks more thick-necked and the other is more finely featured.

  • akvoter:

    Joe, tell us how you REALLY feel!!! You flat out cut to the chase doncha??? LOL!! I like it! Also, too, wondering about the status of “jury duty” in Alaska. Hmmm….

  • Nefer:

    That has always bothered me. All the times she held her allegedly precious special needs baby facing outward. It was as if to say “Look at his little Down face. Doesn’t he look odd? Doesn’t he look different? Aren’t I special for having this infant? Aren’t I noble?”

    That always bothered me. I have three children and holding them like that would have seemed strained and difficult in comparison to just holding them close to my heart when tiny or comfortably on my hip when older.

  • paulabflat:

    you know. i read just one of those chicken soup books. it was full of essays by famous people about transformative thingies. meh.

    dolly parton’s was the only one worth reading, indeed, the only one i remember. her sunshine shone through her words on paper. that’s difficult to do, but dolly did it with aplomb.

  • I pre-ordered the next Virgil Flowers novel along with Joe’s book to get my super saver shipping because they are both coming out around the same time. I suspect Levi’s book is as bad as Bristle’s. Not buying either of them.

  • Nefer:

    “Many teens will be handed this book by well meaning but moronic aunts and grandmothers.”

    Guffaw! Beautifully put! I have seen so many comments by these “well meaning but moronic aunts and grandmothers” about how teens should read the book. I have yet to see any comment by a teen that has actually read the book, whether praising or panning it.

  • GhostbusterTX:

    For what it’s worth my child LOVED to be held facing outward, where he could see what was going on and who I was talking to. Some kids like being in a stroller, while my kid had absolutely no interest adult knee-scapes and would scream bloody murder if he was put in one. He just wanted to be part of the conversation. What works for your kid might not work for mine, or hers, or whomever’s. So I’ll have to give Sarah a pass on this one.

    In any case, try putting yourself in Trig’s shoes. (Hah! That’s metaphorically, folks, I know.) Would you rather have you face squished up next to Sarah’s troweled-on make-up, or looking out at the smiling faces of her adoring fans? Yeah, I thought so.

  • limegreen:

    You’re totally right about Bristol’s and Sarah’s “fake, smarmy” smiles! Watching Bristol on GMA, I was struck by the fakey smile and how her manner of speaking — cadence, tone of voice, nonverbals and of course martyr-y spin — is remarkably similar to her mom’s. Obviously learning at the feet of the master.

  • Christy B:

    Holding Trig facing outward is no big deal; I think most babies like to look outward from their mothers’ arms, at a certain age. What always bothered me was the fact that I have never, NEVER seen even one photo or video where Sarah looks at her baby. Never smiles AT him, always around him. Pats him on the back like she’s slapping a melon. No evident emotional connection at all. None. The story of this child being set on the filthy pavement untended is sad, and reinforces my impressions. That terrible woman.

  • Molly:

    Andrew Sullivan liked your post too. :)

    Quote For The Day

  • B:

    “I am not insane but . . .”

    Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, Sister!

  • lilybart:

    Yeah, except without glasses he wasn’t seeing much at all.

  • Chris:

    I’m no fan of Sarah Palin. I agree that she is self serving, had no business being nominated for Vice President, has demonstrated over and over her lack of knowledge (in the Paul Revere episode and many others) and in general seems like a vindictive person.

    However you come across as an arrogant and demeaning person when you say you are a “thoroughbred race horse” and Sarah Palin and her daughter are “steaming piles of excrement”.

    You can author your own works and don’t need a ghostwriter? Good for you, I’m glad you’re talented. Did Sarah Palin and her daughter use ghostwriters for their books and have they done contemptible things on the national stage? Yes, I’d agree that’s the case.

    Does that make you a “thoroughbred race horse” and she and her daughter worthy of being called “excrement”? No. Your arrogant tone makes you come across as spiteful as she is.

  • lillibird:

    Most pets are treated better!

  • Star:

    Yep ~ You nailed it Joe…

  • LisaB:

    That’s what I took away from this appearance. That and sell more books. You can get Sarah to sign her books only if you’ve bought Bristol’s. No waiting in line for just Sarah!

  • mary b:

    Sorry to interrupt here.
    But I am in a hurry.
    Joe, will you be making a stop with your Book Tour in Nashville??
    We’d love to see you!!

  • Jen:

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I get what you are saying about shopping malls, though Palin would be hard pressed to find a B£N in MN that is NOT in a shopping mall. However, you do know that Lake Wobegon doesn’t really exist, right?

  • Jen:

    Have you guys been to the MOA? Really? These comments make me think there is no possible way you have been there. I love dissing Palin as much as the next person. But I don’t really think it’s necessary to diss the mall where she is appearing. These kinds of comments just lower our credibility because they are obviously untrue and give Palinbots ammunition. (i.e. we elitists hate the “real” America.)

  • Inquiring Minds:

    You criticize for her bringing her son with her to events, and beg her to listen to you about leaving him home, NOW you’re asking where he is??????????????????????

    Why does nothing make sense in liberal world. I believe I repeated multiple times, Trig does indeed travel with Sarah to AZ and AK. But that’s about it. He is in AK currently chilling with big sis.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Face-forward, with support only from HER WRISTS / FOREARMS!? No hands, literally – who carries a child like THAT?

  • Steve:

    First a cheap shot at my state (for which you graciously appologized), then the cheap shot at MLS?! Sir, I can not allow your timerity to go unchallanged. I demand satisfaction!

    Seriously Joe, lay off the baby brother of U.S. team sports. Give MLS a break (and a helping hand)! It’s not that bad. It has its moments and its *our* league. Sure you can watch EPL or La Liga, but, in general, they really don’t care about us much (unless its our money…everybody wants our money). In order for our “yawn-inducing” league to not be one, we need fans to watch which brings in revenue which allows for more skilled players (see: Henry). See how easy it is? Come on Joe, give it a try. Just think “Green Eggs and Ham”! Every one knows how that story ends.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    That’s it. The publisher probably couldn’t rationalize paying for an Authors Tour, so – with $arah there, $arahPAC will pay for it. How devious.

  • Joe:

    Nashville not likely. Except for Alaska, my publisher is sending me only to cities where there are national TV shows that I’ll appear on.


  • Flying Pig Ranch:

    Every lake in Minnesota is Lake Woe Be Gone…….

  • Joe:

    No book signings planned. Just TV & radio & print/online interviews.


  • Joe:

    “Baby brother” is almost old enough to vote.


  • Joe:

    It’s not up to me, it’s up to Crown Publishing. And as I’ve said in regard to other cities, at present they are building the tour around national TV and radio appearances. No bookstore appearances scheduled anywhere, except maybe in Alaska.


  • lilybart:

    Nice try. It was so important that he be ON DISPLAY IN FULL DS GLORY on that book tour then when he is too big to wear like a brooch, he is not needed.

    What we really are interested in is how she never discusses his challenges or progress in her anti-choice speeches. And her fans never ask about his many therapies….

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    You have NO IDEA how much I enjoyed that visualization. Probably illegal in most states…

  • lilybart:

    Joe has written RILL books, not pages of image polishing lies. Yes, compared to Bristol’s prose, Joe is f-ing writer GOD. If anything, Joe was too humble.

  • lilybart:

    It might not be a big deal if it weren’t so calculated. EVERY time she got off the bus to greet her fans with cameras on she held that kid like a literal shield, face out, proving she is a Saint for having him. Every time, not once in awhile but every time. It was the drill , no matter if it was 11:30 pm and cold out.

  • jcinco:

    hi willow.

  • Joe:

    Contact Random House/Canada. I wish I were coming to Montreal. I love the city. But Toronto is where most national media in Canada are based and even Toronto will be just a quick stop en route to Alaska.


  • Flying Pig Ranch:

    We would love to explain it to you but there are just some things that you need to take on face value.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Agree 100%

    SNIP – “But when they start poaching on my turf–taking up space in book stores with their whiny, self-aggrandizing, adolescent tripe–I’d be remiss not to point out the difference between thoroughbred race horses (i.e. Geoffrey Dunn and myself) and the steaming piles of shit said horses leave on the ground behind them (i.e. Sarah, Bristol, etc.)…” – END SNIP

    That’s the anger that fuels us all; the Palin’s have stomped all over our turf, our America, our political system, our common-sense, and our sensibilities.

  • mitch:

    Here’s another one for Ripleys Believe it or Not. Every single Payme troll has a personal and intimate relationship with the Queen. Every single one knows all the details of their personal lives. $arah calls them everyday to report in. Amazing.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Sometimes, when you’re good, you’re good. Nobody needs to tell you; you just KNOW. Some people are just KNOWN as experts or Best of the Best. Joe McGinniss is one of those people. Been that way for years. It is what it is. It’s not self-aggrandizement, or back-patting; it’s accomplishment, plain & simple. It’s a job well done.

    And $arah Palin is no Joe McGinniss…

  • Tservo:

    Some criticize Palin because she uses Trig when it’s convenient, then dumps him when it isn’t- on the whole Palin is very inconsistent when Trig is involved, and yes, it is odd and unbecoming behavior.
    Worse, though, is the fact Palin dumps the care of Trig on her other children. It is not healthy for Trig or Willow- what part of ‘special needs’ does Palin fail to understand?
    Depending on unpaid help from the Palin family is one of Palin’s worst tendencies.
    Her paranoia refuses to pay a professional to maximize Trig’s care speaks volumes.

    For the record, I love seeing Trig in public.

  • lilly lily:

    On one hand someone here posts that of course busy, busy Sarah can’t possible have time for all her dear old friends, (who might be dissing her as they are being negleted) but you have to know how caring, kind, complely devoted to and considerate of others,(EX to the posters 70 year old mother) blah, blah, blah… How devoted to Trig, shipping him Fed Ex from pillar to post to follow her money raising barnstorming trail. My jaw dropped in awe at the logistical nitemare of this womans lifestyle.

    I have to LOL. Of course Bristol slipped up, and says her mother knows what she is going to do. Awesome and smart as her mother is, she will make a wonderful president.

    Nice to know a daughter endorses her mother.

    Hey Faux, terminate Sarah, she is a candidate.

    All those mother-daughter coffee clatches over the non-existant kitchen table.

  • Scout:

    That’s nice, dear. Now run along.

  • Juliette in VT:

    Oh dear…and here I though perhaps your publicist wiould see to it that you’d touch down in your neighboring state of Vermont. You know how beautful Burlington and Lake Champlain are in the fall, don’t you? 😉

  • Tservo:

    I am an optimist and hope I see love and support when Palin totes Trig around. Yet I also notice how she can’t seem to wait to be rid of him- in her cable TV series, she comes home from the hunting trip, Trig clamors to be puked up, she does then immediately passes him to Piper.
    Todd seems very loving to Trig, and I am happy to see the two interact- it is sweet and genuine.
    Also, Sarah recoils a bit in videos that show her meeting adults with DS.

    The best way to make your children resent you is to foist the care of a special needs sibling on them. No doubt both Willow and Piper adore their brother, but they are not equipped to deal with his full time care, and it is not right to demand they do so.

  • KarenJ:

    And in most of those pictures of him being held facing front in Palin’s arms (for the 10 seconds or so she held him), poor Trig had the most bewildered expression on his face, like “What am I doing here? Who are these people? It’s cold out here! Why’d you wake me up?”

  • KarenJ:

    All I know about the MoA is this, written the year after the Mall opened:

    Three thousand bus tours were anticipated each year along with a half-million Canadian visitors and 200,000 Japanese tourists. Sales were projected at $650 million for 1993 and at $1 billion for 1996. Donny and Marie Osmond had visited the mall, as had Janet Jackson and Sally Jesse Raphael, Arnold Schwarzeneger, and the 1994 Winter Olympic Committee. The mall was five times larger than Red Square and twenty times larger than St. Peter’s Basilica; it incorporated 2.3 miles of hallways and almost twice as much steel as the Eiffel Tower.

  • KarenJ:

    If you haven’t seen my collection of multiple-Trig photos, dated, go to my Photobucket Album here:

    There’s the Ruffles Trig, the full-size newborn Trig, the blond coarse-haired Trig with light-colored eyebrows, and the brunette fine-haired Trig with dark eyebrows. And as (I think it was Lilybart) someone observed, there’s the Trig with the normal appearing back of the head-and-neck, and there’s the Trig with the thick neck and somewhat flat back of the head.

    Did those Palins really think we’d not notice? Evidently their target foolery was aimed at the Palin fans and the MSM, because THEY haven’t noticed there’s been a minimum of 2 Trigs, possibly 3 or 4.

  • themom:

    How is it determined which cities and when a booking signing is scheduled? How much does the author have in saying where he wishes to appear.?

  • Joe:

    The publisher pays the expenses, so the publisher sets the itinerary. It doesn’t matter where the author wants to go unless the author is willing to pay his own way and set up his own appearances. Having said that, in my case Crown is setting up a terrific first two weeks. Too soon to say if they’ll be adding to that. I’ll share more details as soon as I can.


  • Liz I.:

    Mr. McGinniss: I hope you will be able to blog after the book comes out and on your book tour. It would be a wonderful way for us to show our support and appreciation and to share in the impact of this important book.

    I admire your writing tremendously and I loved Going to Extremes. I moved to Fairbanks in the spring of 1977 and was at Valdez when the oil came in and spent the better (and worse!) parts of more than a decade working for two Native Regional Corporations. As a former Alaskan there are many Alaskans I love and admire, but to me, Alaska is still summed up by two principles. The first is “We don’t care how they do it Outside.” The second (which is, alas, for too many, inextricably bound to the first) is, “Get in, get yours, and get out.”

    Like a lot of my friends and colleagues, I was a do-gooder and never mastered the second tenet. I am, twenty years after leaving, still trying to process the contradictions and the mixture of idealism, insularity, arrogance, greed and naivete I found there.

  • Tiger:

    I feel the same way about shopping malls. I feel like a solitary marble rattling around in a big cardboard box disconnected from everything.

  • brbr2424:

    See Craig Medred’s comment today about the jury duty on

  • Tom:

    geez……dont you people realize that palin is NOT capable of having ANY feelings for her children other then veiwing them as possessions??

    she doesnt give a rats ass about trig.

    come on people wake up or you just waste your time ranying with zero understanding

  • Ivyfree:

    I’ve said for years that Sarah’s going to wind up speaking at a right-to-life booth at a town fair in East Potato, Idaho. She’s just going to drop further and further.

    But I still have hopes that she’ll have an all-American psychotic break, stage front and center, in front of about 60 cameras. I mean, a girl can dream, right?

  • Ivyfree:

    Nobody carries a child like that. There’s no safety. They’re top-heavy and if he leaned his head forward he’d flip upside down, slip out of his pants, drop like a rock, and land head-first on the concrete.

  • KarenJ:

    Evidentally you’re new to trolling. The concern of everyone on Palin-critical blogs and the few “leftist” news blogs available to us regarding Trig Palin involves our observations that he’s mistreated by the entire family and the handlers when he’s seen in public.

    Examples: Dragging him out of his crib at 11 at night in 40 degree weather wearing only a diaper and shirt; letting him crawl barefoot on a filthy asphalt parking area; letting him crawl barefoot on a filthy chemical-soaked airport concourse carpet; Sally Heath, not a strong woman, carrying him by only his jeans beltloops, risking dropping him; flying him at high altitude everywhere during the 2008 campaign AND throughout that 2009 jet/bus book tour, despite Palin’s own admission (to Barbara Walters before the book tour) that he had a congenital heart defect, uncorrected; and evidently drugging him to keep him quiet (sleeping) throughout his appearances during the noise of the 2008 campaign.

    So, when he’s NOT in public view, after that litany of abusive care when he IS, it’s natural to worry that he’s being treated even more cruelly.

  • KarenJ:

    Part of the problem with that second tenet, from what I’ve read the past couple of years, is that they brought their fundamentalist religious beliefs when they “got in”; took all the jobs that should have been offered to native Alaskans of all races first, with training included; then DIDN’T “get out”, but rather settled in to take their PFD easy-money payments.

  • Dis Gusted:

    Trig does indeed travel with Sarah to AZ and AK. But that’s about it. He is in AK currently chilling with big sis.

    you mean his mom? you said Willow, right? sad the girls were pregnant together….how many grandbabies now? 3, 4? add Track’s kids= more….. who’s married? what? not Track, you say…but Bristol?

  • GhostbusterTX:

    That’s it exactly. I’ve never seen any video or pics where Sarah appears to have a loving interaction with Trig. She’s always distracted, flirting with the camera. Not saying it doesn’t ever happen, maybe in private, or some clips I haven’t seen. There are some pics of Todd and Trig where he is in total dad (or grandpa) mode, smiling and playing and genuinely giving his child 100% of his attention, and presumably, love. And of course the iconic ones of Bristol at the RNC. But Sarah? If she was like that with her other kids, no wonder that family is so messed up.

  • VictoriaJ:

    Yet its people like the Palins who judge OTHERS when they make mistakes. Of course they never admit to theirs—it inevitably becomes someone else’s fault.

  • Psalm023:

    With new revelations about SP’s behavior towards her kids on tours, and handing them to aides, and such, it’s just heart-breaking. I’m glad that granddads like Joe are speaking out. SP hitching herself onto her daughter’s wagon is just ruthless and selfish, pathetic and tells that her own flesh and blood are just a means of advancing herself.

    September can’t come soon enough.

  • cwize:

    I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, but your premise that she’s “the most unqualified” doesn’t hold up. Obama was less qualified by any normative measure. Not to mention, we know nearly nothing of his past, prior to “community organizing” in Chicago. The press went over & above (and continues to do so) to find any piece of dirt — excuse me — “history” on Palin, but completely ignored the past of one Barack Obama. This guy is now running for reelection and we still know nothing of his college transcripts (which, in the case of G. W. Bush and John Kerry were heavily reported – until the press realized Bush’s grades were actually better), who funded his unlikely world travel, high-placed connections and Harvard Education and what he’s actually done for a living.

    Several former governors have had great success as Presidents, very few former Senators (especially part-term) have.

  • Psalm023:

    If the book helps other teens, well then good. But, couldn’t the whole story have had a different ending had the parents been more involved? I don’t know how writing a book of anecdotes mixed in with a confused girl’s poor choices helps other teens. Each teen lives in a circumstance made by their geography, surroundings, parents’ morals and values. It’s not realistic to believe teens who have no parental involvement are going to be hanging around bookstores buying up books at $25 a pop – the teens who are neglected are out partying and using their money for booze – I’m sorry, but if they have no parents as role models, I doubt they’ll be impressed with a girl-turned-celebrity preaching to them. BP should NOT be a role model.

  • cwise wrote:

    Several former governors have had great success as Presidents, very few former Senators (especially part-term) have.


  • daisydem:

    Show me the data on GWBush’s transcripts. Because you lie.

  • carollt:

    How do you know? I certainly do not know. Do tell.

  • The Mall of America is the perfect place for Palins, and we have to admit it’s an up from her meat aisle at Costco, decorated with prom-queenesque Presidential bunting.

    Re malls: Malls are a symbol of what’s gone wrong in America. Good planning utilizes walkable, outdoor spaces with mom and pop stores along side chains – not PODS we get to via car. To consider the alternatives, we can think about European cities or even new urbanism here in America (not just the community upscale versions of this like the Villages, but the city revitalizations as seen in ATL, DC, et al). Even large cities like NY or Paris that offer mass transit and do have chain stores, but you also get a mix of neighborhood stores and you are outside, in fresh air, walking from store to store. Quality of life issues.

    Sorry to be OT. I stopped by to check out your thoughts re today and I got sidetracked by the MOA discussion. One need only compare Wasilla before and after Palin to understand the impact of catering to big business on the environment, on city planning, on mom and pops…’s not pretty.

  • Ratfishtim:

    Alaskans are tiring of her inability to tell the truth.

    Latest example: Purported jury duty. Either she has been (1) called for 30 days, (2) has not been, or (3) requested an extension like many Alaskans. If #1, she shouldn’t be out of state and is breaking the law by not be available for jury duty if called. If #2, she is lying. If #3, she lied about having to postposne the bus tour to the Heartland- so she is going again.

    Where will former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin be Tuesday?

    The producer of the docu-drama “The Undefeated,” a glowing tribute to Palin’s rise to the post of governor of the 49th state and Republican candidate for vice-president, has said she will be in Iowa for the movie’s first public showing.

    Iowa, of course, is a key primary state for anyone thinking about running for President of the United States.

    The biggest celebrity from Wasilla hasn’t said she wants to be POTUS, but she has said that if there’s no else quite up the job she maybe could be talked into it.

    So it’s possible Palin would like to be in Iowa for “The Undefeated” shindig, and has in fact said she would be there, but it turns out there might be a problem. When Palin abandoned a national bus tour earlier this month, she said it was because she had to beat it back home to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley for jury duty. The jury gig was a no-show for days.

    Palin’s local court, which is in Palmer, didn’t call anyone to jury duty for days. But on Monday evening everything changed. There was this on the telephone recording for those on the jury duty call list:

    “To all June service petit jurors for service numbers 201 through 400, again for Service 201 thorugh 400, your services will be needed at 8:15 (a.m.) on Tuesday, June 28.”

    Is Palin in the 201 through 400 group that is supposed to report for jury duty Tuesday? Only a select few know. The Alaska Court System has said jury call lists are confidential, though there are some lawyers familiar with Alaska public records law who question that. There is, they note, no clear law declaring those records confidential, but barring someone suing to see the records — and winning — they are confidential for now.

    So, maybe Palin — who seemed very concerned about doing her public duty and appearing for jury duty — isn’t in service group 201 through 400. Then again, maybe she is. What would happen then? Well, a judge could issue a bench warrant for arrest to bring her in for jury duty just like every other Alaska citizen who is called but doesn’t show. Then again, it is possible she got here jury service rescheduled for a later date, as many do, so she could legally be in Iowa for the shindig.

    But then the question would be: Why didn’t she just do that so she could continue the family road trip in the bus?

  • rm:

    Thumbs Down For Martin Bashir’s Scathing Preview Of Sarah Palin’s Documentary

    “[This movie is] apparently an attempt to promote Sarah Palin’s values. But I have to ask, what are those values? Walk out of public office halfway through your allocated term. Have a child who becomes pregnant as an eighteen-year-old. And then use every possible opportunity to make money out of your celebrity. Those are her values aren’t they?”


  • carollt:

    Our concern began when Sarah posted a photo of the little guy on his third birthday. Trouble is, the photo was the same photo she posted on his second birthday. No one has seen him. No one wants Sarah dragging him around like a sack of potatos either. It is not all or nothing like you Palins seem to think.

    We want to know that is doing well and that his special needs are being met. His sister may be a fine sister, but it is not fair to his sister or himself when a teenager has to baby sit a special needs child all day long. That child needs a teacher and his mom needs to fork over some of that cash she has been making and hire one.

    I personally don’t think Trig lives with the Palins anymore. No one has seen him anywhere near the Alaska or Arizona digs.

  • carollt:

    We want to know that HE is doing well.

  • Liz I.:

    It’s much more complicated than that, and no it isn’t a fundamentalist thing–more connected to the rugged individualism of the “frontier” (which never actually existed, that frontier of unlimited resources and unacknowledged consequences). And the history of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, which I worked to help implement, has as much Native-Native conflict as white-Native, state-federal etc. The aspect I could not, and can not, tolerate, was/is the governmental and corporate corruption.

    My favorite story is that my ex-boss, CEO of a Native Corporation and a former manager at Prudhoe Bay, was recruited to direct operations in a Siberian oil field. When he asked the Russians why they were interested in him, they said by working in Alaska, he had expertise in arctic drilling and in corruption! (He was a person of the utmost integrity, I hasten to add.)

    But now returning to the topic of this thread!

  • carollt:

    We in New England had our visit from the Queen. I am sorry that you fine folks from Minnesota and Iowa will be ‘blessed’ with a visit from Her Majesty. Perhaps she will screw up your local history too. I seldom get angry, but I was fit to be tied when I heard her history of Paul Revere.

    Many of us have asked the question: Why does the media give her the coverage they give her. She really isn’t the Queen; that’s just what some of us call her.

  • sharon:

    disqusting parental behavior to just plop this toddler down in the middle of a dirty parking lot. I guess she figured the types that worship and follow her would’ve done the same thing so what’s the big deal?? This whole new low regarding her presence at the book signing for the mini sarah is also disqusting. As a matter of fact, the only word that applies to all of them is disqusting.

  • grammy97:

    Thanks for the link to the Ray Hudson/soccer video. That was a treat!

  • grammy97:

    Chris, do you know what the Lord God calls these women? Adulteress. Fornicators. $arah’s husband is a whoremonger. Most of the members of the Palin/Heath clan are railers and bullies. And there are probably a few really nasty crimes hidden behind their facade. Why does $arah’s father always hide his hands in his armpits? Is he afraid someone will take his fingerprints? Why hasn’t Trig been seen in months? Is someone afraid that a DNA sample will be taken?

    Horse doo-doo can be put to good use. It’s terrific for compost. The ‘books’ that these two floozies have written wouldn’t make good compost. Mr. McGinniss was charitable.

  • Susan P:

    Matt Schneider wrote that piece at Mediaite. Is he an Palin fan?

    The comments are closed which is a rarity at Mediaite.

  • lftismygame:

    Bush was said to be a C student. A C student at Yale in the 1970s would have flunked out of UConn, where fees were low and there was no $$ reason to inflate grades to keep a poor student floating.

  • DKey:

    Posted this yesterday but it didn’t show up. Maybe it was too mean?

    Sarah Palin + horning in on Bristol’s book signing = Stage Mother
    Sarah Palin + Trig at Mat-Su Regional Med. Ctr. = Staged Mother

  • Lisabeth:

    Karen, thanks. That is just crazy! Have you tried sending it to the MSM or others?
    You should. Although the Palins would just say it’s a relative or a friends child, etc.
    Still you could try sending it to Andrew Sullivan, immoral Minorty and anyone still in the writing book about Palin stage.

  • MissSunshine:

    I regret that I did not have a camcorder to prove this next statement, but I was at her first book signing in Plano,TX. It was a cool morning and a pretty stiff breeze was gusting through the crowd. Every one had on a jacket or muffler and hat.

    I got a glimpse of TriG. At least he had something on his feet, but was clothed in a little Tshirt and light summer pants. No jacket, blanket or hat for him.

    A young female aid (perhaps Willow?) held him with a glum expression on her face. She was in a very nice dress and heels; perhaps she had thought she would be sharing the limelight with SP instead of assigned to babysitting duty. She did not seem cheerful, and was not attentive to the child she was holding.

  • Just_a_Mote:

    cwise makes stuff up.

  • I’m really thinking about Trig. Kids with Ds need so much and who better than their parents to give it to them? But we see absolutely nothing about Sarah or Todd assuming the responsibilities for this supposed 5th child, second son, that one would normally find necessary.

    My own kids were not ‘special needs’ kids but there was no way I could delegate their upbringing to someone else. Granted, I didn’t have a host of siblings and cousins and aunts and uncles at my beck and call. But even if I had, I would never have dumped that kind of burden on them. Why? Personal responsibility, something that Sarah touts all the time. My kids would always be my own challenge, my own joy, my own to deal with.

    And especially — especially because “God” had given me this special child to love and this special child who would teach me and bring incredible joy to my heart — how could I toss over his care and his milestones and his achievements to someone else to experience?

    Sarah P simply does not perform any of the actions that a birth mother of such a child would feel compelled to perform. She does not accept the responsibility for nurturing this dear child. She shoves him off at every opportunity, to who knows who nowadays. If she really believed that Letter From God that she wrote, she could not do this. She would not do this.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    President Obama was also a two-term Congressional Representative AND THEN a Senator. That was AFTER being a community organizer. Manipulating words doesn’t change FACTS, try as you may.

    Palin was a podunk mayor that went home for lunch to watch soaps and never went back to the office. When the going got tough in Wasilla, she hired a CITY ADMINISTRATOR to do the job of the mayor. Manipulating words doesn’t change FACTS, try as you may.

    Oh, and Palin quit on the people of Alaska when she quit her job as Governor. Manipulating words doesn’t change FACTS, try as you may.

  • lilybart:

    We know all about his early life you moron. He wrote two books that were never questioned and HE actually wrote them.

    JFK was a Senator.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    Joe… now tell us how you *really* feel about $arah and Bri%tol? LOL! Thanks for that refreshing post! Also, too: WILL YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHEN/WHERE YOU WILL BE IN SEATTLE??? I would LOVE to meet you. (I also, too assume that there will not be half of the stipulations as there are with the Palin$!)

  • FEDUP!!!:

    You are very generous – I would have guessed there would be NONE…

  • FEDUP!!!:

    … and THAT to a DS baby that has a hole in his heart and can die easily of he catches a cold or, God-forbid – the flu or pneumonia!

  • Joe:

    No stipulations. I’ll meet anyone, anywhere. But right now, as far as I know, Crown is scheduling only media appearances in Seattle, no bookstores or in-person venues. If you’d like to know more, please contact the estimable Annsley Rosner at Crown Publishing publicity department. She’s making the arrangements.


  • Jaguar:

    As Fed Up states, there was also the first outbreak of h1n1 flu at the same time of this book tour. This child was often seen without appropriate clothing, without his glasses and hearing aids, crawling in front of port a potties, on pavement, asphault and even in the rain. I had friends who saw her in florida, and they were equally disgusted at how she basically trotted out of the bus, fists pumping, while someone handed her her prop child, only to be put back on the bus.


    Or could this be RAM? I had read in another comment section that she was posting on a different website and complaining that the person behind Palingates isn’t really French because “she made a mistake in something she wrote and clearly that would never happen if she was truly French”. It sounds like something RAM would say and do considering her ignorant and creepy behavior about anyone who dares to criticize her $arah.

    As far as the creator of Palingates goes, posters have met her and know she’s legitimate. RAM is a raving lunatic just like her “big boss” as she refers to $arah. Eww!


    You tried to scam IM with your story about the playdate, too stupid to realize that this only serves to reinforce what many of us have been saying all along. Why would two little boys who are now allegedly growing up in the same house much of the time need a “playdate” arranged and why is it so extraordinary that you remark on it. Considering their ages, they should be as close as BROTHERS….why does that sound so familiar?? Anyway, to find the idea so remarkable indicates they hardly pay any attention to Trig.

    What makes it worse is that the Palin family thinks it’s so cute that Trig and Tripp are playing together. I find it really telling that this is treated as a unique and extraordinary experience for both of them. They are detestable and will pay in the long run for treating Trig as if he’s so expendable.


    Why didn’t she just reschedule the alleged jury duty and continue on her tour? Because she’s being sued for copyright violation due to the “One Nation” theme. The term “One Nation” has been trademarked. Considering her latest “acquisition” in the form of a trademark for her name, you would think it would occur to someone of supposedly reasonable intelligence to make sure she could use those words. Maybe she did check and being $arah she did what she’s done before, saying “I’ll do what I want until the courts tell me I can’t”.

    If $arah had told anyone she was being sued, she’d be reinforcing the ignorant label placed upon her by so many and SP won’t stand for that. Doncha’ know in $arah’s world, LIES trump truth every time?

  • Cory Zera:

    Don’t forget about the Sudan~ Granny sure did!

    Franklin! Please come pick up your trash, dear! Thank you!

  • Ouch, Joe. What do you have against Minnesota? It’s not just a ‘Minnesota shopping mall’ and it’s not a Wasilla-style strip mall, it’s the Mall of America–still the biggest retail venue under one roof in the US (I believe) and major (god only knows why) tourist attraction. I agree it’s tacky of Sarah to horn in on her daughter’s mediocre effort, but no need to slam the good folks of Minnesota, most of whom are bluer than blue, in the process.

  • Joe:


    I don’t care if they call it The Mall of The Universe, it’s a shopping mall and it’s in Minnesota, thereby making it a Minnesota shopping mall. I think Minnesota is great. I just detest shopping malls, whether they be in New Jersey, Long Island, Orange County, Minnesota, or even Brunei, where I once stepped into one to get out of the heat & humidity. Calling the Mall of America a mall is hardly a slam against “the good folks of Minnesota.”


  • Limosis:

    Yes, she probably, being the moron that she is
    I agree with Joe on all of this, but mostly that yes, why should all of these quasi-celebrities get to publish books? If Bristol Palin is writing a book, why can’t every pregnant teenager who had her virginity “stolen” from her write a book? Because it just isn’t that interesting, it happens every damn day. Why do we care about Bristol, she is making an ass out of herself with this “book”. I am sure that Levi is not a monster who wanted to steal her purity and plied her with liquor to take advantage- they were a couple of horny teenagers who had unprotected sex, because, lets face it, it IS better without a condom. Bristol, had she not come from some nutjob family of religious zealots, probably would have been taking birth control pills and would not have gotten knocked up…. but then she could not have come out with her “book”
    Secondly, as far as Sarah’s parenting style, I have seen many people let their babies crawl around on disgusting floors… these people usually appear to be disgusting slobs themselves, wal-mart sweatpants types who don’t have a very clean standard of living- not the Alaskan psuedo-royals that the Palins make themselves out to be- guess you can take the girl out the trashy, but you can’t take the trashy out the girl- Sarah fits this bill perfectly. Dirty baby, daughter pregnant as a teenager, it is something right out of a trailer park.

  • nenagh:

    Thank you Joe for writing about Sarah Palin’s mistreatment of Trig at The Villages, Florida. When I first saw the video of Trig racing around barefoot in the parking lot, I was and still am very angry both as a human being and a mother.

    Little Trig looked so happy to get away… running, Free At Last, from the confines of the bus. I watched the video several times… as Sarah rushed from the bus towards the cameras, toting Trig, face forward of course, then the hand-off of Trig.. He had completed his job for Sarah.

    The handlers / security signalled for the music.. and I thought, ‘Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show’..

    Of course, the Palin true believers do not see past her rosy self-assessment and Christian credentials therefore aren’t exposed to videos showing her actual treatment of her children..

    Thanks again…