Sarah Slides Further down Soap Opera Chute

A presidential candidate she might not be, but this week Sarah achieves an apotheosis of sorts by becoming a “True Hollywood Story” on E!

The show will air at 10 p.m. EDT this Thursday. Among the featured interviewees will be Alaskans Lyda Green, Anne Kilkenny and Shannyn Moore.

Like water, Sarah is constantly seeking her own level and it looks like this time she’s found it, given that recent episodes have featured Charlie Sheen and Sarah’s old camping buddy, Kate Gosselin.

Personally, I try to avoid TV shows–not to mention networks–that have exclamation points in their title.

Anybody want to watch for me so I don’t have to?

23 Responses to “Sarah Slides Further down Soap Opera Chute”

  • CariboBarbie Palin:

    Okay, I will. You’ve done so much for us in getting the truth out about the lying quitter, it’s the least I can do for you. If I vomit I’ll hold you responsible. LOL!

  • VHTG:

    I would not have been able to even make an attempt to sit through this crap, given the fluffery that E! generally puts in its “True” Hollywood stories. Now that I see Shannon Moore is being featured as part of the interviews, there is some hope that the story will not be a complete Palin whitewash…

  • Geez I was really hoping you were going to watch it so I could – umm – not. I did manage to avoid every single episode of Para Sailin’ in Alaska though so maybe it’s my turn to choke on I mean bite the bullet.

  • Ferry Fey:

    ABC just pulled the plug on their long-running soap “All My Children,” so I guess the ecological niche will be filled with Sarah’s “All My (and Other People’s) Children.”

  • Don’t worry Joe, I have it covered.

    You aren’t expecting me to do it sober though, right?

  • Susan:

    My time is too precious. And I value my brain, and my serenity. I don’t think anyone should bother….it’s unlikely truth is a genuine goal of this enterprise.

  • Lisabeth:

    I can’t stand her so I won’t watch! Immoral Minority Gryphen has a post up about it and says he will watch it. I understand why you wouldn’t want to watch BUT I sure would love for you to watch it and let us know how accurate it is…or inaccurate 

  • Joe:

    I wouldn’t ask that of anyone.

  • Not me. I’ll be busy re-reading Fatal Vision which I’ve just ordered. Your book had a lot to do with why I became a reporter. I seem to remember not being able to put it down. And I can’t wait to dive in again.

  • True Blue Girl:

    My suggestion for a subtitle: “Pathologies on Parade”

  • The Red Queen of Wales:

    Sure; I’ll watch it. I’m interested in what Lyda has to say about the charlatan.

  • Rocky in Texas said...:

    o/t and call me stupid, but…

    I notice that the date and time stamp on the above post seem to be a little bit in the future to me. True Blue Girl: has a stamp of April 17, 2011 at 10:08pm. I’m located in central time and it’s only 6:07pm here.

    My question is what time zone are you in there Joe?

    P.S. Excellent job your’re doing regarding exposing the fraud palin!

  • The Red Queen of Wales:

    It could be interesting, Susan.

    The three women mentioned as featured interviewees are not among the Palien’s cheering squad, and none of them are known for superfluous fluff.

  • nancy:

    My goodness. This announcement simply confirms what we know already. Sarah Palin loves attention, can’t get enough of it, and now can’t live without it. It would be sad had she stayed in the “I want to be on teevee” arena. I think that’s why she “studied” journalism. (hahahahahaha) But her need to use a “political leader” profile to stay pertinent isn’t sad, it’s ridiculous. And her pathologies make it dangerous as well as terribly destructive to public debate. I always thought gender politics would blow up in our faces. Case closed. She’s proven the point.

  • jk:

    I’ll raise a glass in sympathy, but I won’t watch (I’ve got small children to think of).

  • jk:

    Will this be a “one hit wonder/where are they now” kind of thing? I’ll watch when she’s covered the same way as her bretheren (Vanilla Ice or Tanya Harding or The Long Island Lolita).

  • Interesting cast of interviewees.

  • Joe:

    I think time stamps are still off, I’m trying to figure it out.


  • sallyngarland,tx:

    I’d rather see her on tru tv in a courtroom.

  • Sharon_too_also:

    I noticed that too – it looks like you are on Greenwich Mean Time – or somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean:-)

  • Phil Blythe:

    I’ll watch this one. These people are not “friends of Sarah”. The Palin myth is so at odds with reality that I have to believe rational people will reject her as a serious public figure on any level. It amazes me what happens when you mention her name at a local bar; she still has a lot of blue collar support in Alaska.

  • BanditBasheert:

    I love that book – Fatal Vision – I remember reading it over and over many years ago.

    Enjoy – anything is better than wasting your time with watching Palin. And your hearing will be in much better shape also too!

  • Julian:

    In the immortal words of Cher: “I’d rather have my teeth drilled”.