Sarah’s a Grandma Again

Sarah Palin’s son Track and his new wife Britta became the proud parents of a baby girl, Kyla Grace Palin, last night.

I don’t yet know when Sarah will sell the first pictures to PEOPLE.

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  • minnesotamud:

    8 weeks early?

  • mst3000fan:

    So, the original due date Britta registered at Target was August 29, then it was changed to September 29, once that registry was discovered, so this baby arrived pretty early. Things that make you go hum.

  • ginny11:

    Thank goodness the child has a pretty name! I was sure it would be “Tran” or “Brick” or similar.

  • Katie Taylor:

    Pregnancy before marriage appears to be a trait of the entire Heath and Palin clan. They are definitely not the poster children for abstinence only education though they have been pigs at that trough too with Bristol collecting fees from a non-profit abstinence only program to serve as their “representative”. The people running the program have absolutely no sense of irony apparently or shame for that matter.

  • Felix:

    I believe they were married on Mother’s Day, May 8th or 9th, so it’s exactly three months ago.
    Hope that the Track, Britta and Kyla family are able to steer clear of the rest of the clan, allowing them the privacy and dignity not available if they pose for pictures with Grandma.

  • nora:

    SNORT! You made me spew my tea…

  • Pete:

    Congratulations to Grandma Hypocrite! Do us all a favor and stop preaching abstinence before marriage to your children. You’ve already failed with two of your children, take the other two girls to Planned Parenthood ASAP so they can actually learn something. You might not have to worry about another teen age pregnancy. Your vanity can’t possible handle another one!

  • DKey:

    Maybe the headline should be: “Sarah’s a Grandma AGAIN.” It’s hard for me to be excited about anyone’s baby after the Tea Baggers terrorized America and held us all hostage last week. Then a myriad of headlines saying they “Won.” The sooner we can expose the Queen of this colony of Wasps (White, Anglo, Sarah Palin Saboteurs), the better for the country. Wish you could release THE ROGUE today . . .

  • Dis Gusted:

    a post it note does not make a marriage – there was no marriage between these two YET. The wedding will be December. Maybe they’ll get a marriage license for that one.

    Was a child REALLY born or this a scam to disguise Bristol’s latest newborn? They were allegedly seen with a new baby 6 months ago.

  • Dis Gusted:

    “You’ve already failed with two of your children, take the other two girls to Planned Parenthood ASAP so they can actually learn something.”

    according to Bristol, she was on ‘the Pill’ for years (since she was 15), but ‘forgot’ to take them for days. Her handler must have forgotten to remind her.

  • aussiegal77:

    If she said then Bristol just admitted to being sexual active for years. Who goes on the Pill if they are not sexually active? Yes, I know, some women claim it helps to regulate their menstrual cycles. And yes, it does help with that. But let’s be real here, OK – if a gal is on the Pill, it’s more than likely that she is sexually active.

    Why do these abstinence organisations continue to pay a blatant liar like Bristol Palin to sponsor their cause? It’s beyond idiotic.

  • Tservo:

    New babies are always a wonderful thing, so best wishes to Track, Britta and Kyla.

    Now here’s the important part: stay away from Grandmother Palin, especially if she suggests a bus trip, or a TV show.
    If she wants you to make some money, she can jolly well give you some of hers- you do not need to be her performing monkey.

    Now start loving your baby girl!

  • Dis Gusted:

    one more thing – Willow’s pregnancy test in November 2010……was allegedly negative. However, in Palin world, if it wasn’t, there would be a coverup NOW.

  • Wally:

    Another premature Palin…. what else is new.
    Damn how come the Palins always deliver premature babies?

  • Just Wondering:

    Kyla Grace Palin?

    Since Track was heavily into drugs, did he pick the name Kyla Grace (kg) because he used to measure his drugs of choice by the kilograms (kg)?

  • Tservo:

    In the US, doctors often prescribe BC pills for teenage girls using the convenient cover ‘for cramps’ or ‘acne’.
    It is particularly helpful for Right to Life parents living in denial (generally, the R to L gang believe the Pill is an abortion).
    The girls can now have sex without pregnancy, and her parents can continue to live their lies.

    Most girls in such a situation know not to skip pills, however- did Bristol?!
    Since Bristol is a spokesperson for abstinence, and wrote about her adventures with birth control, it is not rude to ask her why she wanted to get pregnant by skipping pills.

  • Sally:

    Congratulations….hope Britta has more mothering sense than her SIL. In other words, no magazine covers, no reality shows, no using the baby as a prop. EVER! And yes, it is interesting that the purported marriage was in May and here comes the baby! Is the right stupid, or do they just think the rest of us can’t count to nine? And where is the wedding license? Yet another in the Palin Legacy of Lies…which can be the name of her final TLC show…when she is done trashing the country she says she loves.

  • curiouser:

    It’s likely Sarah is more focused today on finding out who told Joe the good news than she is on enjoying her new granddaughter.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    Well, congratulations to the new parents!

    Mow, what was it again – wasn’t’ the baby supposed to be due at the end of this month -err at the end of NEXT month? What’s up with that? How come we haven’t heard from Grifter Granny about this ‘happy event’??? She can’t admit that she is a tripple (or quadruple) granny – it would be too devastating in her bots’ eyes to admit that she is a washed-up GRANDMOTHER, and not some sexy young chick!

  • B:

    Britta comes from a supportive family, finished high school and goes to college, and has been dating Track a long time. Track has had time to grow up and clean up since his delinquent days. Fingers crossed that this family has its act together, in spite of the Palin name. I’m happy for them, and for the daughter who isn’t named Brick.

  • Sharon TN:

    Is PEOPLE mag. really interested in photos of the child? Most new babies are not that cute. And the only
    one of Palin’s children or grandchildren that stands out as something special is ‘Tripp,’ because of the
    Johnston family good looks he inherited. So sick of Sarah & her tiresome clan.

  • Now You Know:

    “I’m happy for them, and for the daughter who isn’t named Brick.”

    Well Track wanted Kilograms (kg) as his child’s name but Britta did not want anything to do with Track’s drug habit so they compromised and went with Kyla Grace (kg). It was almost Brick Palin.

    Track used to buy and sell his drugs by the brick.

  • Deb in WI:

    Re: skipping the pill for ONLY four days — that is a lie. Any woman who has ever been on the pill knows what happens when you skip a couple pills — you get your period. So she stopped taking it a long time before that for her camping weekend.

  • Fig:

    I know several girls who were legitimately on the pill because they had debilitating cramps.
    My three closest friends all were, and none of us were sexually active in high school. One friend was on the pill because she was a star athlete who quite literally could not stand up without pain for 2 days a month. The pill helped make sure those two days didn’t coincide with important athletic events. One friend had PCOS, and had no ‘cycle’ to speak of, so she was on the pill to have a predictable cycle… so she would know in advance when her random, very heavy period would start. Another just had to take a day off of school once a month before she went on the pill.
    This is unusual, yes, but these girls got a lot of benefits from the pill and were very diligent about taking it properly.
    This is my issue with Bristol’s story. Only people who don’t value what the pill provides “go without taking it for days”. This is not the story of someone who needed the pill for cramps, in my experience.

  • Ratfish:

    Try 6 months early!

  • Deb:

    Don’t be surprised to see the ‘first pics’ in People or InTouch or whatever tabloid they are out selling the pics to as we speak. That’s how the Palin’s ‘operate’ and proof is that Scarah has not announced anything and you know how she her blackberries have grown roots to her hands!!!

  • Older_Wiser:

    Odd that 2 time grandma Palin hasn’t twattered out the news yet…

  • Older_Wiser:

    Woops, make that 3 time grandma…she outdid me at 47, and I’m 70 already with only 2, and can’t count anymore. : )

  • Dis Gusted:

    which camping weekend? She camped a lot….lol If you mean the one where she was passed out and someone had sex with her – that was BEFORE she met the pill.

    Bristol has been sexually active since at least 2007, most likely even earlier if any of the stories are true. Her own mother called her a slut the summer of 2007 according to Bristol’s myspace page. The picture of Levi wearing the green shirt holding Tripp was taken when Levi was 16 – 4 years ago.

  • VirginiaVoter:

    I’m going to hold off judgment until an “exclusive” (in other words big $ payday for Palins) appears in a tabloid.

    You know you’re white trash when you’re a forty something grandma, three times over, he, he. Keep it classy Palins. Premature birth sure runs in the family…..LMAO.

  • Psalm023:

    Congratulations to the young couple!! Hope the best for them, hope peace and health for baby and them.

    Having grown up with a parent with NPD, a new baby in the family only brought tension, division, interference, domineering, provocation. It started slowly, but would get worse with each day. Think “Marie” in “Everybody Loves Raymond” but 10 times worse.

    It’s an experience I’ll never forget!! Am still standing though. LOL

  • Victory:

    Aw. Sweetness. She looked damn good last saturday for having just bad the baby yesterday. Theyreboth great people and I’m sure will be great parents.

  • Vickie:

    She’s beautiful of course and couldn’t be a part of 2 more amazing families.

  • Little Rabbit:

    I see that Track has continued the Palin family tradition of giving a fetus instead of an engagement ring. Wow, those gals in Wasilla have very short gestation periods, this one was only 3 months.
    The name is very cute and I can only hope that she isn’t named after one of Tawd’s prostitutes like Tripp was.

  • Gindy52:

    I agree about the teens who take the pill for debilitating cramps. You do NOT ever forget to take one let alone a batch of 4 or 5. If you did, the cramps that hit are bad, very bad. My daughter was on continuous dose BC due to severe cramping, anemia, and fainting due to her periods. She timed her periods to coincide with visits home from college or, when in HS< spring and summer breaks. She was never without a back up pack in case of emergency.

  • myrna nichols:

    That’s going to be some juggling act, with Britta continuing her nursing education while taking care of the baby. Is Track still studying to be a pilot. Does he have an actual job? And, no, I don’t think that Britta will actually finish her nursing education or any other education. I don’t want to be treated by a nurse who took on-line courses and didn’t have any hospital experience.

  • lilly lily:

    I’m sure we all wish the new parents the best.

    Britta seemed to have a good head on her shoulder, but she is in Palinland for better or for worse. And she benefitted by the association, and knows where some of the bodies are buried.

    That in itself guarentees trouble. And trouble is coming in September full scale. Levi, Mercede are opening up

    Of course we are all waiting for The Rogue. And a new Babygate chronological order with the new non pregnant stomach shot from the end of March. That one is a classic now..

    No good comes to anyone who touches Sarah Palins world. Money may be minted, and for Palin that means everything..

    S.P. will use Britta and Track and their baby as she has used her own children.

    That is Britta Hanson Palin lookout. She knows what she is in for. All hell is going to break loose.

  • jk:

    Let’s hope Britta finishes her nursing degree.

  • consider the source:

    Why does everyone criticize “palinland”? You’d be hardpressed to find a stronger, closer, more supportive family that’s been criticized for everything under the sun. People who know them love them. People who arejealous by nature don’t. Its that simple. I’ve spoken to many different Alaskans. I feel comfortable saying many people arejealous. While I won’t say they don’t have “enemies”, they are not evil or as “scandalous” as people perceive.

    I hope Joe reserves his bias and actually tries to be fair but I’m not holding my breath as some things on this blog aren’t too accurate.

  • it girl:

    Dude. Leave track alone. He’s a good kid regardless of rumors or past behavior, which I can assure you is greatly exaggerated. Just like most rumors. And please stop bringing up Curtis Jr. Thats just malicious and uncalled for. Alaskans don’t approve.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    My daughter just went on the pill for excessive bleeding. She is abstinent at this time, but she knows the pill is birth control too. She’s almost 17; teens are impulsive, and I am a realist. Since the pill stops ovulation, there is no way she can “abort” an embryo. No egg = no ovum to impregnate. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • Rachele:

    The Palins have such a full., wonderful life I’m shocked MORE people aren’t jealous of their wealth of family and friends. As always, summertime is a happening time. I’m glad there’s no next door spy and the family feels free to be without someone peering in and misinterpretating things. There’s been waaaay too much of that.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    They’ll wait to release those in a couple of weeks… for the “big announcement” on Sept 3rd… or a bit later, to deflect promotion of Joe’s / Levi’s / the unknown media person’s book, and Game Change and Sarah Palin – You Betcha movies.

  • Charity:

    Joe, are you sure they are married?

  • Curiosity:

    I find it curious that people who actually spend time with this family and engage with them find them charming and wonderful. Ie the writer who lived with them over the holidays and into 2011. Then there arepeople whose only insight into them is others “stories”. Curious indeed and probably the main reason Sarah hasn’t been dented yet. Just sayin. Mature people don’t judge period and for sure don’t judge those they’ve never met.

  • Curiosity:

    After reading some of the most heinous lies and ridiculous stories, can you blame Bristol for going on defense and remarking “there are people who are trying to destroy my family.” It appears that is what you are all doing which is deplorable. You can’t justify yourself

    Calling out a politicians lies is expected, as they work for us. But it”s equally deplorable to only call out the GOP and ignore the democrats. Neither side is to be admired. They equally contributed to the mess.

    Dunns book was bad enough. So many inaccuracies, so many Alaskans who lived there in the 80s were pissed at how he depicted their “childhood”.

    Look at how many people used to lead Gryphen, P and K down some garden path into fictional land. What kind of person does this? Someone not right in the head that’s for sure.

    You can’t deny any of the above because its all verified

  • LisaB2595:

    That was my first thought: at least the child has a real name and not some made up word doing double duty.

  • Bristle The Sex Pistol:

    How can they steer clear when they’re living at the Palin compound rent free supported by SarahPac?

  • FrostyAK:

    Just like “where’s the birth certificate” for Trig, let’s ask “where the marriage license” for the faux mountain top wedding in May.

    Isn’t it just like Dominionists to endorse out of wedlock pregnancies and call it ‘family values’? In order for their plan to work, they must populate the world with their offspring – then they’ll have no opposition.

    If Britta has not yet fallen under spell of the evil Tundra Turd (though she profited nicely as an untrained executive secretary, didn’t she?) then it is beyond time for her to get FAR, FAR away from that influence.

    I wonder how long Granny Grifter can continue to make money from the illegitimate progeny… she will encourage it as long as it pays well.

  • Lilly bee:

    I can’t even tell you all the similarities between this family and my own. In a good way. Large family, many little ones running around, we even have uncles the same ages as nephews.

    Small communities cherish life a great deal and babies are a huge deal. Families start young but lives remain blessed.

    People comment on living expense up there. It can’t be too bad, as many 20 year olds have numerous outdoor toys and build custom houses. I.e. 2 of Bristols friends (married, graduated in 08) have 3 kids (one newborn) and are finished their massive 2-story custom built home.

    By writing this, I mean to point out that it appears Alaskans just think differently. They aren’t forced into college pre as other teens are, they work with their hands and know what independence means at early ages.

    I’m jealousy of their lifestyle. It really does seem like the happiest place. No wonder people stay there or revisit frequently.

    For all her human flaws, sarah seems to be correct on one thing: Alaska is a great place that can lead the way if people will look past prejudices I’ve been to Wasilla once actually and found it charming. The people are engaging and community minded. I hope it contiinues to flourish.

  • Little Rabbit:

    They had a “so-called” ceremony, but no marriage license was ever issued. So no, they are NOT legally married. Just an act, like Briskets 2 “engagements”.

  • KarenJ:

    Not by you or any one of the other Palinbots here, like Rachele and consider the source. You all just practice your soap-opera script-writing airy-fairy when you try to describe All My Palin Children.

  • Scout:

    Oh look! All the family friends who regularly join the Pay-lins at Applebee’s and Taco Bell for dinner are here today! Yes, we get it already, you’ve been instructed to spam the hell out of the Pay-lins are just such a nice, close, happy family meme. Enjoy the fairy tales amongst yourselves, Bots, the rest of the world isn’t buying it anymore.

  • mitch:

    Interesting name you picked because you clearly are not courious. Verified? By whom? The Payme family? Every bit of empirical evidence that exposes that faily for what they are are dubbed “lies” by her Jim Jones like fan base. She will never hold national office again. Ever. And if she proves to have as little impulse control as we all predict, she will be eviserated by the other Republican candidates. Magical thinking won’t work no matter how many Unicorns and fairy dust you think she spreads.

  • lilybart:

    “forced” into college?


  • WakeUpAmerica:

    Are they? How do we know that? Just wondering, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. They are trying to form their own “Kennedy” compound hillbilly style.

  • Little Rabbit:

    If the Palin’s are ALL sooo close and loving, why has Sarah not acknowledged her new grandchild? Seems a little strange to me.
    In fact I will share with you all that my son and DIL had their 3rd child this morning :)
    Mother and baby doing just fine and daddy has his hands full with the two older grandkiddos.

  • lilybart:

    “Alaskans” don’t approve? You know all Alaskans? LOL

    Go to palingates and scroll down on the right for the Menard/Track photo array. When a kid doesn’t look just the parents, that is normal, but when he is a ringer for the neighbors, then there is a problem.

  • Molly:

    Go away, Brisdull.

  • Tom:

    seems so simple to know when a child has been born and who the parents actually are.

    so why doesnt a single proof exist that palin gave birth to the child known as trig?

  • PalinsHoax:

    “Mature people don’t judge period and for sure don’t judge those they’ve never met.”

    Are you referring to Palin and how she spewed vile comments about those she had never met, when she first came onto the national stage? And has been spewing ever since, by the way.

    I’ve never personally met Palin, but I heard her on TV when McCain first brought her onto the national stage as a VP Candidate.

    I have to tell you, the first time I heard Palin speak, that was more than enough for me. It’s kind of like when you get a whiff of a skunk’s smell. ONCE is enough to let you know that you do not like that smell and never ever want to be around it’s penetrating, disgusting, cheap odour.

    That’s what Palin is to me – a skunk’s smell.

  • Tom:

    you sound like your head is flying in a windstorm of illusion.

  • Molly:

    Sweet Jesus…..where do these loons come from?

  • lilly lily:

    lol…. Seems the Globe has a two page spread about Brave Bristol fighting to save her happy family. Since mom and dad live separate lives and so on and so forth…..NO SECRET PALIN BOTS>>

    Why not mix a tall glass of Bloody mary’s and garnish it with a celery stalk and spike it with horseradish. That at least is a good honest drink for this hot summers day

    Not the horse manure you people throw out day after day about the happy PALIN family. LOL.

  • GypsyGirl:

    2 Thumps Up and then some for the new W.A.S.P.S. definition re-do.

  • Charity:

    LOL! Forced into college…. You are a funny little one.

  • Dis Gusted:

    lilly bee sounds like $arah herself. Is she still writing her own recommendations?

  • Charity:

    Her spelling and punctuation are too good to be the Brisket, must be the paid bot.

  • lilly lily:

    But if the Palinbots live in la la land about Sarah Palin and her wonderful happy family, and fabulous marriage, so be it. They are entitled to spew their little fairy tale to anyone who will listen.

    Too bad you are taking up bandwidth to do so.

    Why are they so invested in happy families as per Sarah Palin and her business arrangement marriage? That is what she called her own marriage. A business arrangement.

    And she also told Frank Bailey she and Todd are not like other couples, that they don’t talk.

    Bristol is a pretty unhappy girl. Willow lives with someone elses family during the school year. And Piper. Piper looks miserable in the pictures I have seen of her. Another unhappy child.

  • Charity:

    He could have killed hundreds of children. That’s pretty bad. Curtis must have rolled over in his grave.

  • Charity:

    If they have so many wonderful friends…wouldn’t at least a few of them vouch for her pregnancy? Hmmm

  • Man, those Palins replicate fast!

    Hopefully growing up OUT of the Palin compound will provide this little sprog with a greater chance of growing up normalish.

  • lilly lily:

    Alaskans don’t approve?

    That certainly covers a lot of territory. LOL.

  • lilly lily:

    Hm. LIke “Bristols co author or ghost.

    She was in ectasy living with the Palins in the chateau next door to the mother lode, eating dinner of mooseburgers and moose dogs just like an authentic Alaskan.


  • lilly lily:

    Joe McGinniss has written his book, this is his blog to launch his book.

    Why not go twitter to your own twitter following and discuss the great happy Palin family at the sea of pee?

    I don’t think you have made a dent here.

    P.S. you can look at the Globe while checking out at your supermarket. A two page spread about the very unhappy Palins.

  • GypsyGirl:

    Ut-Oh …. hmmm ….
    October to Novie + preg test time = anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks gestational time frame.
    Novie to July = 9 moon cycles + October’s moon cycle = 10 moon cycles
    July 30 = New Moon + 9 additional days = baby’s birth

    Yep! Anything is possible in the PAYlin’s little world.

  • Montrealer:

    Lilly bee @ 7:21 pm

    Yes, I’m sure you found Wasilla to be utterly charming and the people engaging and community minded but it does have a darker side as this news clip reminds us.


    WASILLA – The Matanuska-Susitna area is the methamphetamine capital of Alaska, according to Alaska State Troopers.

    In 2003, authorities uncovered nine meth labs in the area. Last year, the number increased to 42, said Kyle Young, an investigator with the troopers who works with the Mat-Su narcotics team.

    Officials with the Office of Children’s Services in Wasilla said the problem affects children. The office receives about 40 calls a month from people reporting abuse or neglect involving some aspect of the highly addictive drug.”

    It would seem that in addition to charming, community minded citizens there are also more than a few folks who are on the wrong side of the law. Sadly, even in the happy & loving Palin household, one of their members became a victim of the local drug culture. Hopefully, now that he is a family man, his addiction is a thing of the past.

  • GypsyGirl:

    Kyla [spelled that way] is Scottish Gaelic. It means, “from a narrow straight” and is the feminie form of Kyle.

    Grace means just that, grace, graceful.

    Palin of course stands for “grifter” or the first true definition of “rogue” which is a dishonest, knavish person;
    a scoundrel.

  • sunnyskiesinyuma:

    Track had some choice comments to make about Bristol and Levi. I wonder what Bristol will say, the family’s abstinence spokesman, about Track’s non-abstinence. The hypocrisy of this family has no bounds, and no shame. The close and loving family values image that Bristol touts is simply a cover for a very dysfunctional family. They have substituted money and vanity over all other values one would consider family values. I have to laugh at all the comments that critics of the Paylins are jealous. I would not trade one day of my life for one day in the Paylin “circle of secret family values .”

  • GypsyGirl:

    Have a nice long read of Frank Bailey’s book then.
    And then re-read it once again for good measure.

    Plus, I’m sorry to let you down so, but I could never ever be jealous of a woman
    who attends a Red Carpet event in D.C. wearing shoes that are 3 sizes too big
    for her feet and obviously are not hers.
    It’s pity is what I more likely feel for her & the rest of the Palins.

  • lilly lily:

    Britta can have the baby under her parents insurance and be covered till she is 26? She is a student after all.

    Married informally by her dad saying she was married in the name of god, for the public consumption? Not married with a marriage liscence for the insurance coverage?

    This family plays all the angles. Britta better cover herself legally. She now has a family to consider. She might trust Sarah Palin now, but they are trecherous people.

    This was suggested as the reason for her having a marriage ceremony in November with a whoop te do wedding at that time.

    Mercedes Johnston is being trashed by the Palinbots over at TMZ. And the Palins are being canonized over here at Joe McGinness’s blog.

    All bases covered. LOL.

  • sunnyskiesinyuma:

    I wouldn’t put it past the Palins to pick up the bus tour with Baby Kyla in tow. Sarah’s got a brand new prop! Couldn’t let that opportunity go by without making some cash. You betcha….

  • AKPetMom:

    90% of my friends’ children go to college after graduation. The 10% that don’t and choose manual labor jobs instead are frequently unemployed as the new housing market up here is very up and down right now.

    There are some young people that I know that work on “the slope” after graduation, but they make less than $50 grand per year for the first few years; perhaps enough for a 4-wheeler OR snowmachine, but not for both and a large “custom home”.

    There are kids up here whose parents set them up rather well; there is a bit of bluecollar money wandering around the valley, and those people do predictable bluecollar things with their money, including purchasing lots of motorized toys and trucks. A lot of those people will construct their own homes as well, and homes for their kids, with varying results in architectural integrity, if you know what I mean. Some actually run out of money before “finishing” their home and as a result one finds homes that remain in various stages of unfinished construction. While there are some very nice homes and neighborhoods in the valley, there are also quite a few “Tyvek Manisions”: homes that never received siding and sit with their final outer layer being the plastic Tyvek wrap that is put on prior to siding for weather proofing.

    I myself see a large number of unwed teen mothers and fathers frequenting the local food bank and shopping at the grocery stores with their food assistance cards. Not all seems to be roses and light for many of the younger population here. I see kids sleeping in their cars in the big box store parking lots, shuffling from lot to lot when the cops shoo them away. I see a lot of kids that made poor choices and live in poverty and have very little motivation or skills to improve their lives. What is not the norm in and around Wasilla are young non-college educated young people building large homes and purchasing lots of motorized toys.

    I don’t know which Wasilla you’ve visited, but it’s not the one that I live in. Also, Bristol Palin is not the yardstick by which the financial standard is measured for kids her age in Wasilla.

  • lilly lily:

    What a disgusting bunch of grifters.

    Anything to make a buck.

    Well whatever they have made of their lives, it is their lives. So I’m going to make a bloody Mary without the vodka and sit in the evening shade sipping my cool drink to enjoy the cool of the August evening, watch as the fireflies appear and wait for the Persiad showers of meteors tonite. Days will shorten soon enough.

    Time flies and passes.

    And so will Sarah Palin and her few years of notoriety. She is due for the backlash.

  • AKPetMom:

    I’m not excusing Track’s behavior but I do need to remind everyone that he was not involved in the event where the brakelines of school busses were cut; that happened in Chugiak and was instigated by youth from Eagle River.

    He was involved in the event where the busses’ engine block heaters were unplugged and tires were deflated. Still a crime, but one that would no doubt NOT have led to the deaths of hundreds of children. It did however lead to hundreds of children having an unexpected day off from school.

  • mudkitten:

    Bravo. Sounds like the Wasilla I know, too.

  • Sir Guestalot:

    Oh, Vickie. Why can’t she be a part of the 2 families? You wrote she “couldn’t be a part of” the families? Why? Who is opposed to her?

  • mary b:

    Forced into College??
    Ding! Ding!
    We have another Fundy Home Schooler here!! Hate to tell you, NO ONE is ever forced into College!

    Multiple large homes in their 20’s?? Must be that HUSH $$$$ the Palin’s pay out every month.

    Give me a freaking break!! The most educated, intelligent people who work hard at decent payong jobs cannot afford large homes while they are in their 20’s!! Not unless they have wealthy Mommy’s & Daddy’s who buy them or someone is paying them to keep secrets.

    Get a life, Palinbot. At the very least, be realistic. My God, you people are as pathetic as Putrid Palin.
    If you’re going to tell Tall Tales, at least make them interesting.

  • carollt:

    I absolutely agree. The fact that Joe broke this news will send the Queen into orbit, and it won’t be “over the moon”.

  • Melly:

    Speaking of not being right in the head…

  • carollt:

    What has Joe ever posted to his blog that is inaccurate? I have yet to read anything by Joe McGinniss on this blog or elsewhere that wasn’t 100% fact (except the fiction books and that is why they are called fiction).

    When Joe is the source, I take that to the bank. Got that Consider the Source?

  • carollt:

    Sarah once had friends Rachele. Until she threw them under the bus. That is what she does. So, if you are a new friend of Sarah’s, you better get ready to have some tire tracks on your back. Sarah is all about Sarah; always has been and always will be if history is any indication (and it usually is).

  • Joe:

    I received a phone call around noon on Saturday that Britta’s baby girl had been born – around 6 1/2 pounds.
    The birth had gone very quickly so much so that Britta’s dad didn’t make it to the hospital in time. It makes me
    sad for her that Palin’s control of Wasilla is so intense that people can’t share in her joy. I know that the
    friends at church heard about the happy event but people are afraid to say anything.

  • Jane:

    You are sick man!! Why don’t you get a life and stop reporting other people’s news (if it is true, which I doubt it is). I think your book will suck and I’ll be sure to let everyone I know NOT to buy it. You are a pathetic man!!!

  • carollt:

    It’s funny Curiosity that no one, and I mean no one from Wasilla or Alaska has actually spoken in public in favor of Sarah Palin. Not a friend, not even a relative has spoken up for her. Joe Miller would not even say that Sarah is qualified to be President. I don’t count Bristol because it is very obvious that she does and says whatever Mom tells her to do or say. What’s up with that?

    I will tell you what is up with that; folks that know her the best don’t like her.

  • jcinco:

    good thing those palin babies never go full term or they would be 25 lbs. +

  • carollt:

    I will make you a deal Curiosity. If Sarah and Bristol can keep out of the limelight for five minutes, I would love nothing better than to leave them alone. But ignorance follows ignorance and Sarah says some fairly dangerous (and ignorant) things. Sarah wants our nation to default on its bills. Sarah thinks it is a good idea to put cross hairs on Congressional districts. Sarah whips up the hate as in people screaming to kill Obama during the 2008 Presidential election. I could go on, but I don’t have that kind of time.

    I will leave Sarah alone when she leaves us alone. She has a right to her opinion and I have a right to mine. Why is it that Sarah can say the most hateful things I have ever heard, but if someone dares to criticize the Queen, she is automatically a victim. Poor Sarah, everyone is picking on her.

    Well, that act is getting tiresome as is the hateful and downright ignorant rhetoric of Mrs. Sarah Palin. As long as Sarah continues to spout her ignorance and hate, I will continue to speak out against her.

    And let me preempt you Curiosity because I get the feeling you are going to go into the old Sarah routine of thanking the military for our free speech. I am a Navy Veteran and I don’t buy that either.

  • carollt:

    Congrats Little Rabbit on your new grandchild. I have two grandchildren with a third one due in December.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Oh FairyTailTroll please tell up what writer…’k? And what mag or book did this happen. You are so FOS.
    The paylins are a dysfunctional family of psychopaths@

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Lalalalalalala The Fairy-Tale troll has landed again today…spreading her bullshit about the Terrorist psychotic family known as the Palins…

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Alaskans don’t approve? Funny it was Alaskans that started the rumor that Track was not Tawd’s Son in 2006 while she was running. So Dude or Dudette…STFU we know who Tracks daddy is…

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Hey dumbassed troll…
    Alaskans HATE sarah palin ok? And also,too, I have it on good authority Track wanted to go to college…if he could get a grant for it. Yes even then the weathly Paylins were not about to shell out any money when they could grift it.
    So there idiota.

  • anon:

    My insurance covers my children until they are 26, even if married; it just doesn’t cover their spouse. They lose eligibility if they take a job that offers them group insurance or if they leave the state. I’m not sure about childbirth though, but I don’t remember seeing an exclusion.

  • carollt:

    The bots are out on this blog today. It took me over an hour to make my comment here because I had to respond to the bots (I know – don’t feed the trolls).

    My comment is as follows:

    What great news that Track and Britta had a baby girl. And I love the name they gave to their daughter. Best wishes to them both. I respect Track and Britta for living their lives and not following Sarah or sister Bristol into the limelight.

    I really don’t care to know about Track’s past; I was a bit wild as a teen myself. I don’t care if they are married or not. Track and Britta are adults who have not gone around the country being hypocrites about pre-marital sex. It seems to me that Track and Britta have the kind of “family values” that most of us have and those are pretty darn good values at that.

    Best wishes to the new parents. And take it from me; get any amount of sleep anytime or anyplace you can. You are going to need it.

    Welcome to the world Kyla Grace Palin.

  • Lisabeth:

    Jealous??? Are you kidding me? I can’t see anything about Sarah or her family that is worth being jealous of. When you make such juvenile high school comments, you lose even more credibility. It’s frankly a stupid accusation to make of people who dislike Sarahs politics and sociopath personality,

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    This is for the Fairy Tale troll (s)
    Ummm we all know Sarah had her very own BAR STOOL at the Mug shot saloon but did we know this?

    “Mercede tells Playboy of Sarah’s eldest son Track, “He would do a lot drugs. He did OxyContin but mostly cocaine. He didn’t choose to go into the army; he went there because his mom made him, to get him out of the way…” Track did ship out during his mother’s campaign, though it is uncertain when exactly he enlisted.

    He may not be the only fan of the drug either as, the interviewer writes; “Someone trying to get my attention makes the incredible claim to have snorted coke with [Sarah] at the Mug Shot (a local bar) and points to the very spot on the bar where said lines were cut up.” This is, of course, to be taken with a grain of salt. ”
    Oopsie Fairy tale…better pick up your things and get over to hollywood life :)

  • Britt:

    Britta and Track were engaged long before she got pregnant and that is fact. Not only is Britta a responsible and mature individual but she stays out of the limelight. So if she or Track has anything to do with it, I doubt they will let their newborn be ‘pimped’ for money or magazine covers. The Hansons are a strong family and want little to nothing to do with the Palins aside from their daughters marriage to one. Give Britta respect instead of making this about Sarah. That just gives the lunatic more power and fuel. Even bad press is better than no press at all, in her eyes anyway.

  • Lisabeth:

    I think you are a rude, overly dramatic and nasty person. Joes post does not say
    ONE bad word about the couple. This is HIS blog. If you don’t like him, why do you come here? You sound like a 12 year old

  • jk:

    Well, one, but thanks for playing.

  • sharon:

    I’m not looking to sound batshit crazy or start another palin rumor but is it just me or did Britta even look 6 months pregant when she posed for the “wedding pics”? Not to me…..WTF is with this family?? If those pics were taken 3 months ago…how the hell did she pop out a baby in less then 3 months?? She would’ve been 6 months if the pics are correct in the timeline, right? No way that child was with child – not 6 months of child. hmmmm

  • Charlotte:

    Joe–thanks for reporting the birth. Sarah got so upset when people wondered the quickie wedding was because Britta was pregnant–and of course, she said that Britta was not. If I were Track and Britta, I would move far, far away so that Sarah couldn’t sell all the stories and pictures of them to the tabloids. Let Bristol and Sarah be the fame whores and call the tabloids and beg for interviews. The new little baby girl doesn’t need to be around someone who uses little kids for political toys but never had the time of the day to even be a mother to her own special needs child. This family is so dysfunctional and Sarah will lie about everything (like Britta not being pregnant) and then Britta is forced to back her up and go along with Sarah’s lies. Sarah is even lying about Track being a full time Alaska fisherman he fishes with his Dad for two weeks of the year) and saying that he is a full time college student for the rest of the year. Simply not true……another Palinism. People in Wasilla have good things to say ab out Britta–but nothing favorable to say about the Palin family. Even the police chief said that McGinniss was a nice neighbor when he lived in Wasilla and everyone liked him and that the things Sarah said about McGinniss were simply not true.

  • curiouser:

    Joe, Thank you for the extra details. I hope you’ll let us know if you happen to find out the exact birth time. It’s sad that anything would hinder the joy of welcoming a new baby. I hope Track and Britta are strong.

  • MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel:

    Not too surprising to me that two of the screen nics adopted by the Happy Shiny Palins Holding Hands poster(s) are “Curiosity” [sic] and “lilly bee.”

    Close try, but no distraction from the intelligent Palin-debunkers curioser and lilly lilly! Take a bow, my friends–somewhere along the way, you make uncomfortable sense that even a bot could decipher!

  • Rocky in Texas said...:

    Hey Jane…

    Todd told me to tell you…

    Your check is in the mail.

  • deennaa:

    And ZERO for intelligence.

  • deennaa:

    Jane: you are a truth hating LIAR LOVER. What else can be said of you? Palin snatches your money from your hands and wouldn’t give you the time of day otherwise. What fools you idol worshipper’s are. Don’t you understand those palin’s are whores? I didn’t think so. It boggles the mind. Better thank your lucky stars she and her horde are not your next door neighbors. She is ours. All I can say is “devil woman” and wish that she WERE your next door neighbor. I doubt if that would smarten you up. Stupid is chronic and forever.

    You are out of your element here. Even though we can see that is over your head to figure out. Get your pretend bully a** back over to your alternate reality. We’re in the REAL world here.

  • deennaa:

    You aren’t speaking for THIS ALASKAN. And you aren’t speaking for the other 99% either. You are not well informed, if at all.

  • deennaa:

    AMEN from THIS Alaskan!

  • deennaa:

    None of the bull sh** you posted is verified. I don’t believe there is a sliver of hope for you “palin bots”. Honest to God. It stuns the mind the ignorance you people possess. STUNS THE MIND!

    We aren’t talking about “calling out the GOP or the democrats” here. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT one sarah palin and the very real DIVISION she creates and nurtures EVERYWHERE SHE IS. When she aspires to rule the nation and the world, I HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THAT AND WILL SPEAK OUT ABOUT IT. I am an Alaskan. She is our neighbor. She is a poisonous neighbor. You creatures of the robotic kind haven’t a clue of what you slavishly worship. NOT A FRIGGING CLUE. I capitalize for emphasis.

    Everything of what you who ass kiss what you don’t even know – you non thinking what? What word can I come up with to describe such ignorance as people like you ass bots? The people of Alaska, for a long time now, have awoken from the nightmare of sarah palin and her fraudulence. Have awoken from her gargantuan lies upon lies upon lies. Have awoken from her vicious stab ’em in the back bitch from hell ways. Ah yes, some of us are her neighbors. We can verify what we know and have lived through with these shitty pretenders. You don’t have a damned clue to anything about the palin’s. Talk about rumors? That’s ALL you know. We live with FACTS. You should get to the nearest psychiatrist so he/she can have your head(s) examined for WHY you will not accept what is right in front of your faces? I have a suspicion that your mental instabilities are on a par with sarah palin’s. She is without conscience. Without remorse. Cannot truly empathize with other human beings. Look up sociopath in the dictionary. Look it up online. Are you so lazy you can’t even do that? In the DSM-IV, the clinical bible of psychiatry, she falls under several personality disorders. Start with “narcissistic personality disorder”.

    99% of what has been written about her that you people call “rumors”, is the TRUTH. Anne Kilkenney was one of the first and she was very civilized and nice about stating her facts and knowledge of sarah palin. If you wrapped everything up about her in roses diamonds and gold, it would still equal dross, gross, incompetence, fraudulence, lying, lying, lying, thievery, chaos, division, emotional immaturity of the junior high level, unaccountability, unethical, manipulating, conniving, fakery, phony phony phony, victimizing victim. How do YOU get a silk purse out of all that sow’s ear??? Well, we ALASKAN’S DON”T!

    sarah palin is NOTHING of what you people who slobber over her nothingness – she is nothing of what you IMAGINE. NOTHING. Nothing from nothing equals nothing. I am so sick of you who bitch, piss and moan about this BITCH sarah palin. She is your worst nightmare and you can thank your idiot fox news and all media like them. You can also thank John McCain who lost his soul long ago. Are you that stupid that you can be so played by a T.V. SCREEN? I can see that you are. I am sick of you people and your bitch love. She is a plague and you aren’t innoculated. Why? I’ll tell you why. YOU AREN’T SMART ENOUGH TO INNOCULATE YOURSELVES FROM YOU OWN IGNORANCE. Emphasizing that stupidity here the only way I am able: capitalization. God, you piss me off royally.

    I’ve got tons more to say about palin and her robotic followers. Don’t think I don’t. Right now I’m too pissed off to say it more. It pisses me off to even have to SAY IT! Spelling her name makes me feel like I need a bath.

  • deennaa:

    You’ve been to Wasilla ONCE? How the hell do you know that sump hole just going ONCE! Did anyone ever tell you that you might be an “alien from outer space”? Yeah, lala land. You are so full of shit its incredible! I AM AN ALASKAN!. You DID NOT describe the Alaska me and my ancestor’s were born and raised into. Go back to your lala land. It isn’t here among THINKING people.

  • deennaa:

    Because she did not give birth to Trig. (That poor baby. In the hands of a devil. God protect him)

  • Lidia17:

    A writer that WAS PAID to “live with them”, d’you mean?

  • sara:

    Wow people. Seriously. This is a CHILD we are talking about. You know, a human being. Have a little tact. And the parents are just that–NEW PARENTS. As a new mom myself, I know how stressful a new baby is and I didn’t have an army of hateful people to bash my head in the minute I gave birth. And MAYBE since they are first time parents they would have liked to share their special news themselves. Can’t you just ignore the name Palin for once and treat people as fellow human beings?

  • Mary Ann Dinan:

    The sickie in this situation is grandma Palin. It’s only a matter of time before Mz. Sarah will exploit this newest addition to her family. She dragged her own tiny son from place to place while she was campaigning for the vice presidency for reason(s) no one has been able to figure out. This pageant walker/fraud knows how to make money and little else. I’m all for it. The half-governor is as suited for a national office about as much as Mickey Mouse. Let’s watch as she bilks the gullible among us out of every penny she can.

  • I’m also glad that the Palin’s can live their lives w’out peeping joe next door. That was about as classless a thing to do as I’ve ever heard. But, classless seems to be the rule of law here~along with too many cliche’s and way too long postings.

  • Ivyfree:

    “Amazing” is such a useful word. It means, “surprising.” I think that’s a fair way to describe the Palins.