Sarah’s Magical Mystery Tour



I wonder if this time she’ll really ride the bus.

Doesn’t look like there’s much space on the side for an ad for THE ROGUE, but I’ll ask Crown to inquire anyway.

At least this will give us all a chance to get out and say hi to Sarah in person–maybe our last chance.

And it will get Chuck and Sally and Piper out of  Alazona for a while, and it also gets Trig out of mothballs.

More seriously, it will be a genuine test of how far Sarah’s star has fallen since the Going Rogue days in the fall of 2009.

And, of course, it may be the quasi-official start of her 2012 presidential campaign.

I’m sure she’s anticipating huge cheering throngs at every stop.  Do you think she’ll get them?

Any thoughts as to which of Sarah’s band of Merry Pranksters will be on board?  Meg Stapleton?  Rebecca Mansour?  Franklin Graham?  Greta Van Susteren?  Mary Glazier?  Andrew Breitbart?  William Kristol?  Shailey Tripp?

Whoever Sarah chooses for the cast, I’m sure they’ll have a rollicking good time on the road.

Although I doubt the new tour will dethrone Ken Kesey and the original Merry Pranksters from number one on the “Best Bus Tours of All Time” list.


109 Responses to “Sarah’s Magical Mystery Tour”

  • lilybart:

    Getting my posters ready here in the pagan NYC. My she is brave, coming to the NOT-REAL parts of Anti-American, America, with her all-inclusive One Nation tour.

    Are we here in the NE real, now?
    Kinda like how God went from smiting to forgiving?

    Drill, baby drill that hole even deeper

  • CougInPortland:


  • CariboBarbie Palin:

    I suspect Ms Quittypants will find out that America does not adore her. Hopefully the crowd will boo her out of town everywhere she goes. Sarah Palin remains….a media whore.

  • Jewels:

    This is more appropriate for their “major fleecing” tour:

  • Reefer:

    She sure likes summer road trips. Remember the RV trip the family took last June? Except THAT was to see Family in Tx and Washington. This is purely for 2012.

  • jcinco:

    That would be “Tragical” Mystery Tour Joe. I’m hoping she receives the same resounding response she received in Madison, WI at every stop.

  • jcinco:

    Make sure to shun her lilybart.

  • rm:

    Should Sarah Palin Run For President?

  • dmoreno:

    Looks to me that the paylin$ want to take a family summer vacation on someone else’s dime. Typical….I wonder if they are just throwing a bone to the sheeple to see what kind of reaction they are going to get and see if she should really run or not. The movie, now the tour, they are testing the waters. Her latest turnouts and ticket sales indicate that this would be a foolish move. But we know she is not smart, nor does she surround herself with smart people. Should be a fun summer……….no dates posted yet, but I will be happy to show up to protest at any of the events. BTW, how much fun would it be to organize a flash mob of some kind at one of her stops.

  • Freesia:

    She’ll have “big” crowds if the Koch Bros or whichever rich sugar daddies she can appeal to will arrange for some paid/bussed in folks to stand at the ready and make some noise so that Fox can film it, and edit it to look like a crowd scene from “Godzilla”. Speaking of horror shows.

    One good thing? It’s spring. This means that if poor little Trig is trotted out 1/2 dressed for his one minute trophy moment like her other bus tour, he won’t be in danger of freezing or catching the flu. There’s that. Bless his heart.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    She won’t go anywhere NEAR liberal strongholds like NYC… or near me in Chicago… dammit. She want’s to pick the low-hanging fruit.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    wants. Oops!

  • Karen:

    I love the idea of a flash mob showing up with their sympathy bellies worn outside their clothing!! Imagine a couple dozen teamobbers like the event in Colombia that Donald Trump bailed on where only 30 people showed up and a couple HUNDRED protesters wearing their fake baby bellies! You in, dmoreno?

  • shandee:

    …and we know that FOX News knows how to turn less than huge cheering crowds look like they are. Her demographic doesn’t watch anything else.

    I’m hoping every stop is like her Madison speech with a chorus of protesting chants behind her.

  • Jessica Clemons:

    You know Trig will be with her. Can’t do a bus tour without her prop. I hope she rides right through NJ non-stop. She has had words with Gov Christie and she knows the GOP is practically begging him to run. They can have him too.

  • Flying Pig Ranch:

    You wouldn’t need to go high dollar for the fake baby bellies. Duct tape and a dining chair cushion would work just fine layered over a Sarah T-shirt. Don’t forget the scarves.

  • SusanC:

    In keeping with the “patriotic” theme of this tour, I look forward to the day when I can say of Palin: “We’ve fired the sh1t heard round the world.”

  • Tyroanee:

    So if Ms. Palin is going on yet another sightseeing tour of America… surly she won’t be needing to spend county or state funds for protection? We all recall the National Guard, State Troopers etc…gathering around for the book tour and it left a bad taste in my mouth as to why she was given such special treatment?

    What I’m trying to say is, that she is not on any governmental duties, so if she needs security than she can pay for it because after all the country is in such horrible shape according to her twitter/facebook accounts. Catering to her delusional down fall is crazy.
    Buck-up Butter-cup!

  • Monique:

    For sure Trig, Piper and Toad will come along. Wonder if a pregnant unwed daughter or a pregnant daughter-in-law will show up? They’ll be plenty of Obama bashing, promoting her movie and playing the victim card on her behalf, same old crap, but there will be much smaller crowds this time. I love Karen’s idea of the empathy bellies LMAO

  • shandee:

    WSJ article says they won’t release her schedule beyond DC and only that she’ll be in NH. I’m betting this will be very scripted, stops at diners and historical sites with a handful of chosen constituents asking the questions she wants asked.

    The article also says that she’s well aware of her polling and doesn’t quote but states a confidant close to her says she doesn’t want the scrutiny that would come from a run.

  • FrostyAK:

    WHO is financing all this? That will tell us what it is really about.

    We know for a fact that $arah wouldn’t contribute one thin dime to such a thing. Nor would she ride the bus…

  • D:

    This is actually probably cheaper than exploratory committees and prelim bs candidates engage in. Plus shell have a bus already. Is this the same one was Going Rogue, just repainted?

    No one likes fundraisers. No one likes asking for money just to eat a 5-digit dinner with some lying politico. Dinners where reporters are locked in closets and the Special Guest is elusive. At least this way, she’s out there the way she likes it. At each of her book tour stops, she always pulls Bill CLintons and walks around engaging people. She’s a master. I’ve only volunteered twice (both book tours) and I have to say, it’s all true. She’s got charisma to boot, Piper is a natural, Willow isn’t shy, Trig always smiles and melts hearts.

  • CougInPortland:

    That’s what I want to know. WHO? Ailes “supposedly” called her stupid then anonymous FOX exec retracts. After reading the Rolling Stone article, I’m beginning to think my vote doesn’t count for shit. She is the DEVIL.

  • Lidia17:

    Why yes, Freesia! And guess who is an expert at turning out fake crowds for race-baiting presidential candidates?

    To bypass journalists, Ailes made Nixon the star of his own traveling roadshow – a series of contrived, newslike events that the campaign paid to broadcast in local markets across the country. Nixon would appear on camera in theaters packed with GOP partisans – “an applause machine,” Ailes said, “that’s all that they are.” Then he would field questions from six voters, hand-­selected by the campaign, who could be counted on to lob softball queries that played to Nixon’s talking points. At the time, Nixon was consciously stoking the anger of white voters aggrieved by the advances of the civil rights movement, and Ailes proved eager to play the race card.

  • Lisabeth:

    One Nation?? She has nerve. We’ve been inundated with her divisive ANGRY bitter word salas for two years!!
    And she, who thought Africa was a country (and yes Bots- it’s true) is going to educate us about our country?
    What a disgusting person she is. She will have fans out there clapping though and give g money.
    What she is doing is campaigning and she should be let go from Fox now.
    She’s going to ignore the Republican party officials and go straigh to the people.
    In 2008 she refused to campaign with politicians in New England who didn’t 100% of her far right beliefs.
    Are you a moderate Republican?? Sorry!! A pro-choice Republican?? Forget it! Sarah wants nothing to do with you.
    This is how she treated people on the campaign trail in 2008. It’s all in Dunns book!
    Diva?? Difficult??Listens to noone?? You betcha!!
    And these personalities are terrible in jobs that require compromise, negotiation and respect for differences of opinion.
    She isn’t capable of being president.
    But who is going to stop her? The media will be licking her naughty monkey shoes while she refuses to answer questions. She’s turning this all into a circus and it’s going to be nauseating.
    Come on Karl Rove, Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace and Wasilla residents- it’s time to really tell
    The truth about Sarah. Don’t let her destroy our country.
    Sorry for the length. I’m so sick of her.

  • PMom_GA:

    Sounds like Fox has to make a decision on keeping/dumping $P. This is clearly campaign venture and can’t be disguised as anything other that what it is – a canvassing by $P to see if she’s as “damaged goods” as many hope she is.

  • Fellix:

    Can’t wait for her to stop in Massachusetts, where America began!

    Plymouth Rock? Brook Farm? Lexington and Concord? Provincetown? Paul Revere’s stable?

    The East is overwhelmingly blue. Can’t imagine she’ll linger long in most of the 13 original states.

  • laprofesora:

    IF she skips every place that could be hostile to her, it’s going to be a short trip.

  • Lisabeth:

    That was a long time ago now. A lot has happened since then. Plus you are a huge fan so obviously you can’t really be ojective. Her ratings are way way down. Yes this will please her followers but it won’t bring new people
    I don’t think.

  • curiouser:

    Well, she certainly found a way to thumb her nose at the FEC and campaign with SarahPAC funds instead of forming a candidate’s committee. Please, may the media ignore this egomaniac.

  • Jessica:

    Well we know she’s going to avoid PA, isn’t that where the dude she claims in stalking her is from?

  • Joe:

    Actually, it’s being reported that she’ll appear at Independence Mall in Philadelphia on Memorial Day, to pose alongside the Liberty Bell, and she’ll also stop at Gettysburg and Antietam. So you might want to hunt in the attic for great-grandpa’s old Civil War uniform.


  • Seeing the logo “One Nation – we the people” painted on the side of an American politician’s bus really caught me offguard. “One Nation” is an Australian party founded by Pauline Hanson, a colourful politician who gained popularity with a handful of Aussies some 12-15 years ago when she made public her view that white protestant Australians had more of a right to live in Australia than the dark Aboriginals (who have been on this continent for a couple thousand years) and was on a mission to put the darkies in their proper place.

    About 5 years ago Pauline Hanson was convicted of voter fraud and jailed – only to have her case overturned a year later. Upon release she decided to sell her house (mansion) and move to England but – she ended up staying in Australia because the people wanting to purchase her property were Muslims and I quote she “…couldn’t in good conscience do that to her neighbours”. She went on public record to say she’d rather not sell her house at all than sell it to a darkie.

    Pauline made a brief attempt to re-enter politics last year but failed miserably. Seems the vast majority of Australians would rather keep our incompetent incumbants than vote into office a has-been, backwoods racist.

    The “One Nation” party however, run by a handful of bigots, lives on here: and is currently, actively promoting ill-will towards our current foreign minister (former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd), criticizing his travel time. Imagine that – a foreign minister who actually oh I dunno – visits foreign countries. Shocking!

    My wish for Sarah is that her “One Nation” bus tour is met with the same record of failure as that of Pauline Hanson. The two ladies deserve each other in my book.

    As an aside: it has occurred to me on this and other occasions – when the people paid to promote people like Sarah Palin come up with an idea like “One Nation” – wouldn’t it behove any of them to do even a Google search to determine if the name has been used before, is currently being used, by whom and for what reason?

    Because anyone who knows anything at all about Pauline Hanson and her “One Nation” party of bigotry and racism is now looking down on Sarah with raised eyebrows – and hackles.

    Way to go Team Sarah!

  • Joe:

    Her only New England stop may be in New Hampshire. No way, Provincetown: too gay.
    Bunker Hill? Fenway Park? The summit of Mount Greylock, from which, on a clear day, you can see Connecticut?


  • FEDUP!!!:

    Dream on… You KNOW she will be able to grift her way around that… :/

  • lftismygame:

    “Who’s your mommy? Who’s your mommy?” … that kind of chant?

  • Enjay in E MT:

    The BIG question is: will she actually ride the bus this time?

    On the US bus book tour “Going Rogue” she was only riding the bus to & from Airports when SHE came in on private planes.

  • Joe:

    Please see above.

    That’s the first line in my post, with a link to my story about it for The Daily Beast.


  • mocha:

    FUNDAMENTAL Restoration of America. She’s put a shout-out to the fundamentalists right in the name of the event. Oh, you don’t think it’s That kind of Fundamental restoration? Think again.

  • CougInPortland:

    Expect the same this time. BUS??? Not for Her Heinous. We’ve seen the list of how she WILL travel.

  • Granny Quittypants:

    It’s the short bus tour and on the other side in big letters is one word, “DONATE”. She needs the money to pay for the air-conditioning for her new walled-in compound in Abbottabad, AZ.

  • Virginia Voter:

    He, he, maybe Grandpa Grizzly and the grand cubs can give a special Mass welcome to Grandma Lulu and the family up in Mass! I see a TLC special event a la Kage Gosselin and her litter going to Alaska.

  • laprofesora:

    All this fake patriotism makes me want to barf.

    Of course she’s going to pose with the Liberty Bell, IT won’t ask her any questions! Pose all you want, Scarah, we ain’t buyin’ it.

  • Ailsa:

    Lots of folks in Philly not thrilled –

    “So we’ll see you next week at the Liberty Bell — where we’ll learn that the crack was caused by Big Government and can only be fixed by private enterprise, provided they don’t have to pay their employees’ health insurance.”

    One person suggests that Sarah’s such a dumbbell, the Liberty Bell is no doubt smarter than she is. 😀

  • Flying Pig Ranch:

    The Palins’ MO is doing whatever they want until someone tells them they can’t. The rules do not seem to apply. I am hopeful “The Department of Law” will, sooner rather than later, find a money trail that will lead to their exposure at the very least. The “Going Rogue” book tour had all the trappings of a political campaign and here they go again. They can only bend the rules so far until something breaks. The FOX may get mauled by Grizzled Mama. UPS just dropped “Blind Allegiance” on the front porch…..”The Rogue” is on Order.

  • Pat in MA:

    Of course, because it’s not like there are any “rich historical sites” in say, BOSTON? Imagine how she’d pronounce Faneuil Hall? The only people who will know the schedule in advance are the fake out of area supporters. But I think she’ll be surprised at how quickly protesters can gather.

  • Ailsa:

    I laughed at your first sentence — my first thought too.

    Sarah, this time we’ll be watching. You’d better be on that bus or get smuggled into these historic venues there in the trunk of an inconspicuous car.

  • Joe:

    Fox says they’re keeping her, at least for now.


  • Lisabeth:

    Joe, she has to go to the site of the Boston tea party or the TPs might be
    upset. All this pseudo patriotism of hers is disgusting. How much flag jewelry will she be wearing? Anyone want to bet?
    And who wants to bet there will be a photo op on Monday with some old vets at a cemetery, a lot of flags and Reagan will be mentioned 5 times along with thankin our military for fightin fer our freedoms, don’t ya know.
    It’s nauseating, the entire thing.

  • Dusty:

    FUNDAMENTAL Restoration is her slam at President Obama for saying the words Fundamental Transformation.
    Every single speech she has given she has said the words Fundamental Transformation with sneer.

    This woman truly hates President Obama and every single thing he or Michelle stand for.

    Why can’t the MSM see this and report on it rather than worrying about their ratings and clicks.

  • Lisabeth:

    WTH is she doing then if her confidant is right. Is this really a Bus Tour for Big Bucks??

  • Lisabeth:

    So is she grifting or running? maybe that Ailes
    article was a lie and Sarah is his last chance for a
    Nixon re-do. They must know if she’s running or not, come on!
    What BS. Fox should be ashamed of what they are doing to our country

  • carollt:

    I went on Sarah Pac to see what was up. Evidently, Sarah is headed to New England. The purpose of Sarah’s bus tour it to, among other things “educate Americans about our nation’s founding principles”.

    Sarah was an amusement to me, but now she is starting to tick me off. My ancestors/relatives fought and died in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican American War, the Civil War, the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the recent debacles in Iraq and Afganistan. I myself am a U.S. Navy Veteran.

    Like most New Englanders, I don’t need to be educated on our nation’s founding principles by an ignorant grifter from Alaska. Folks in New England are outspoken and generally do not suffer fools gladly.

    If I can arrange it, I plan to show up wherever Sarah visits and I encourage others to do the same. Sarah has some gall announcing that she is going to educate anyone about the founding of the United States of America; let alone folks in New England.

    You better study up Sarah; people in New England are not low-information voters.

  • Sally:

    Didn’t you notice the big “DONATE” button next to the schedule button? Her sheeple are going to send Ms. Millionare even more money…can’t expect her to pay for her own gas now, can we? PLus I’m sure she’ milking SARAHPAC for this as well…aren’t there rules about that cash?

  • msf:

    Great post….shows the proper attention this clown deserves. “Well, you’re either on the bus or off the bus.” Which one it is Sarah? Apparently the offspring of the Merry Pranksters took a bus ride to SF in it in May of 09. Wondering if it would be available for use. Perhaps to follow the Palin Clown Show.

  • carollt:

    Allow me to correct the third sentence of my comment. It should read, The purpose of Sarah’s bus tour is to; not it to. This Sarah Palin visit has me so worked up I can’t type straight.

    Let’s all show Sarah what a real protest looks like. Go New England.

  • HudsonElizabeth:

    For the first time ever I went to sarahpac to see where the tour is going. Well, there is no itenerary posted. All that is there is a button to “follow the tour here”, and a comment that there have been “NO RECENT STOPS” and to “Check back later to see recent activity from the tour” So, it seems they are not going to tell where they WILL be, but only where they HAVE been.

    That suggests that they will be rounding up any and all who will cheer for her at each stop and they will be the only ones there because there will be no advanced notice of her impending arrival for anyone who might want to boo her. Then, they will report about all the cheering crowds. And, maybe if they can’t round up enough, the bus will just drive by that destination. They are so cowardly and rotten.

  • Enjay in E MT:

    Hangs head for missing that red link ; (

  • msf:

    Well said…I can’t believe her imperious attitude. She’s got some nerve, but of course we knew that.

  • bluecal:

    I am curious is this tour was set up to spend/launder a chunk of the PAC money.

  • Freesia:

    Well she’s been trained by a master then Lidia17. I guess it’s not for nothing that they call her “Nixon in a skirt”.

    Her entire career is just one big fake. Pretend to do this and appear to do that. Sometimes I wonder if she actually exists or if she’s computer generated.

  • CougInPortland:

    Joe, I know you’ve tried to be honest, and the friendship has gone back years, but I just can’t see how you can still associate with Ailes given what we know now. It’s one big GAME, when we “little people” have to pay the price for it. Thanks a bunch.

  • Freesia:

    Hi! I somehow didn’t see your post here earlier.

    How are you jc? (Other than the fact that the Wild Alaskan Dingbat is about to take flight again and molt all over our national treasures? 😉 )

  • Freesia:

    Oh that would be wonderful. Though the woman seems incapable of feeling embarrassment. It seems to just fuel her.

  • Freesia:

    Maybe she could climb the summit of Mount Greylock whining all the way like she did on her “reality” show. I see her swinging back and forth on red white and blue ropes and chirping about how the Founding Fathers got the idea for the Liberty Bell by doing just this and that that’s how it got cracked.

  • newmeximan:

    I recently watched an MSNBC video posted to UTube – showing what idiots her flock are.

    A 20 something woman was asked why she likes $arah, and the woman said “because she wants to return our nation to the Constitution.” When asked how/why that would happen, she could not answer.

    $arah and her flock have forgotten all of the amendments that have changed the living document. When they claim they want to return to the founding principles, they are speaking code for undoing suffrage, civil rights, and the emancipation of slaves.

    The GOP just wants to return us to a magical period that never really existed. The low information voters seem to think they will be granted a variance.

  • rm:

    Joe, on the band of Merry Pranksters you missed Hannity.

  • Joe:

    Always room for one more. I’m sure Beck would love to be invited aboard, too.


  • ginger50:

    I have to agree with those that suggest that this is a family vacation paid for by her fans. I highly doubt she will have much of an audience wherever she goes.

    I am still one of the people that do not believe she will run for president.

  • It would be absolutely grand if her bus would travel through my little historic town on her way north from DC. Charles Washington is who the town is named for, and we even have new street signs down the main street. There are several historic sites here – a graveyard with stones dating back to the Civil war. A town hall with huge doors, built sometime in the 1800’s, and I know the people who live in the house that is the venue where John Brown was hung, around the corner from me.

    But after viewing the site, no itinerary has been published, so I’ll just have to keep checking in to see if there’s any advance notice at all. I refuse to friend SP on Facebook or sign up for emails at SarahPAC, so maybe I’ll be left out of the loop on her travel plans. Somehow I can’t imagine how this bus trip will end up being anything more than something to tout on a Web page, without any facts of actual travel. We’ll see! I mean, if Palinbots know when and where to show up, how could anyone else who wants to know not also know?

  • g:

    This has “Event Planner FAIL” written all over it.

    As Hudson Elizabeth points out, there’s no itinerary posted. Not even the opening site, or the start time – and that’s Sunday. How could anyone make plans to go, even the most ardent fan?

    Historical sites are a mixup of national, state, and locally run places, all with different permit policies, especially in June and on Memorial Day weekend. There are few indoor facilities like auditoriums, and many sites don’t have parking for a big bus. What’s she going to do, pull a lectern and PA out of the bus? Where will people assemble?

    Who is running the logistics for this? Palin’s team, long-distance? or local Tea-Partier groups? We all know how good they’ve been at securing permits. How will they handle security for a high-profile speaker at outdoor sites that happen to be “historical sites” – i.e, not designed as event venues?

    The timing for this sucks. The sites have no thematic continuity that resonates. They will not be uniform in size or amenities, so she has to make it up as it goes. Unless her remarks reference the site, she can’t really control the content unless it’s all canned remarks – and these will be reported on. It will also be difficult to present a positive image at a patriotic historical site if she spends her time slamming the President of the US – and I would bet many historical sites prohibit partisan political activity at events.

    This is going to be major FAIL, other than the fact that she will suck a lot of dollars out of a lot of people’s pockets.

  • Fellix:

    She could drive up Mt. Greylock, take a look at VT, CT, NH and NY and call it a day.

    (Proviincetown was meant as a joke. Maybe she should stop by Jonathan Edwards’ church in Northampton instead.)

  • Joe:

    Maybe Emily Dickinson’s house in Amherst? I’m sure Sarah is a great fan of her poetry.
    That’s only a few miles from me. But they might not let her in, for fear she’d try to steal
    the artifacts.

    Also, re Provincetown: she might run into Andrew Sullivan there.


  • under the bus:

    She needed another bus, there was no room under the other ones.

  • Lisabeth:

    I so agree with you- I wrote it above. She, of all people, is going to educate us?? Is she insane? Its so delusional and twiste it’s ridiculous.
    She’s very bad for country and we have to do something about it.

  • Joe:

    You’ve asked the most relevant question of the day: “Is she insane?”


  • AKRNC:

    You forgot to mention that the second book tour only pulled in half the amount of people at best at most stops in comparison with the first. As for her walking around and engaging the people, she was barricaded behind a desk while folks had to practically de-robe before they could approach her. What a freaking diva this woman has turned out to be. She’s NOT down-to-earth, she’s NOT “real”, she’s NOT “a breath of fresh air”, she’s a phony who is determined to pull every last dollar she can out of her followers pockets. Who is this bus tour going to benefit? Palin and her family, traveling on their followers money, NEVER their own.

    When people have been calling her a liar, talking about how she has difficulty with the truth and have been doing so for 15 years, it’s not because they are afraid of her or fear her, it’s because it’s a FACT! Sarah is a compulsive liar and if she thinks she’s fooling anyone with a modicum of intelligence, she’s only fooling herself. She couldn’t make it through 9 weeks of campaigning with McCain without creating a lot of problems for her staff, refusing to do what she had said she would do prior to being selected as the nominee and causing staffers a lot of extra work. She had to re-hire her last two staffers that she just fired because nobody else wanted to work with her. Her reputation precedes her and it’s not a good one. She will be a footnote in history and serve as a warning should anyone try to repeat this nonsensical act of hers.

  • Anne:

    Lilybart, my neighbor. Wife of a man who put together a book that will live in my heart forever… I want to join you, I’m in the city. Contact me pleasssse.

  • AKPetMom:

    This must be her personal version of “Schoolhouse Rocks”; cruisin’ around the historical parts of America, learnin’ about history, the Constitution and them Foundin’ Fathers. I can just hear the songs blasting from the big bus now: Favorites like, “I’m just a Bill, Yes I’m only a Bill, and I’m sittin’ here on Capitol Hill”, and the all time favorite musical version of the Preamble to the Constitution. Sing along everyone, we’re on a great big bus tour of learnin’!

    This tour is going to be like Chevy Chase’s European Vacation movie where the family spent only enough time at famous European monuments to have a quick photo op. “Quick, Piper, grab Trig and put him on the Liberty Bell”, or “Hey Bristol, take barefoot Trig and Piper and put them on a boat across the Delaware, have Trig stand up in the boat and put his hand in his coat and cock his leg up, just like my favoritest founder of all Time, George W: Todd photo NOW” “Hey Willow, we’re gonna dress you up like Paul Revere, and it’s gonna be fun. You’re gonna ride a horse and scream ‘One if by land, two if by sea’, no you can’t Twitter it, you gotta yell it. Redcoats are comin’ ya know.”

    Yes indeed, it’s gonna be like a crash course in the 9th Grade US History and 12th Grade US Government courses the rest of us didn’t sleep through. It’s gonna be EPIC! It’s Palins on a bus, learnin’ stuff and recreating special moments from US History as only a gang of Wasillabillies can.

  • Joe:

    Actually, I didn’t mention her second tour–for a pallid sequel to her “memoir”–because it’s not the standard to which this one will be held. As you see, MSM is suddenly all over her “surprise” candidacy. I agree with everything you say, and, as the Italians say, “speriamo”: let’s hope you’re right.


  • Joe:

    I think her theme song will be “Redneck Woman.” She recently told Van Susteren that’s what she plans to use as her ringtone.

    It’s going to be grotesque and bizarre, and I plan to cover at least one of her New England stops for The Daily Beast.


  • sallyngarland,tx:

    I am really concerned about the voter id bills that have passed and then the beat down abusive rhetoric of the Republicans and Sarah, in particular. I fear people will lose interest and not vote or think “why bother?” I think that is what Sarah is banking on after a campaign of lies, smears and hatefulness–basically trying to break the spirit of the Liberal and Independent voter. Palin is an abuser and she’s a “textbook” slick verbal abuser.

    I live in red Tx but blue Dallas county and am so grateful for that and proud of it ,but having lived in other parts, I have seen people give up voting in red areas because they felt it just wouldn’t matter. It is sad but true. I hope, as Texas heads to the bottom in 2012, people will realize the Repubs led us to the bottom. I am a native Texan, a liberal, not a nut, but Repubs are making a mess. Anybody who isn’t familiar with Rick Perry, Sarah’s gov friend, should google him. He isn’t the charm the msm makes him out to be.

  • Freesia:

    Oh I’d buy a ticket to see that. :-)

    Andrew would love it. I wonder what she’d do?

  • AKPetMom:

    Thanks Joe,

    This revisionist movement by Palin should be covered and reported. She can’t just jump on a bus on an “historic East Coast sightseeing tour” and think that she is fooling thinking people. But she is Red Meat, to hungry Red States. I guess once again she will just be preaching to the faithful and not changing any of our minds that know her history. Still, ample media coverage of the Fantastical Bus Tour would be welcome and much appreciated.

  • Lisabeth:

    Sarah??? Reading poetry??? Haha

  • mary b:

    I have to disagree on one point.
    $he is worse than Nixon.
    What ever Roger learned with Nixon is only magnified now.
    $arah is even MORE divisive and racist than Nixon.
    And I was no fan of the Crook.

  • Lisabeth:

    I’ve thought so for a long time. There is
    A lot to say about this but the media feeds into it.
    It’s a sick symbiotic relationship. I was hoping Dunns
    book would have more family info. He did talk about her father but not her mother, siblings or Todd.
    I have wondered if anyone tries to get her to see reality or whether they enable her delusions.

  • Jeanabella:

    Sarah Palin is in the later stages of her mental illness and will continue on to her goal of the Office of the President. Who will stop her? She’ll go as far as she can and do it her way. When she fails and she will, she will use the run as a badge and she can add a new title after her name, former presidential candidate ….
    Sarah thinks the new slogans like, ‘fight like a girl” and “fire in my belly” and “game on”, and her new movie, will give her a renewed political life.
    I think she is going to be very disappointed. The crowd in WI wasn’t a crowd and that’s the last time she spoke in public.
    She will in the end ruin everything by her own hand.

  • gypsyrose:

    please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me
    you can make this come to a stop in september!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am BEGGING you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • newmeximan:

    With $arah’s poor attendance habits, it is good for her they won’t post a schedule. If they did try to stick to a plan, ESPN could run it as Cat Herding Rodeo, Alaska Open.

  • Anonymous1253:

    Ah, cmon ! What could be more educational for the Palin kidlets than a road trip through US history. Given our current wacky weather patterns, perhaps the bus could hook up with the Storm Chasers and provide some Science lessons as well.

  • JR:

    The timing might suck, but she only has 13 days or something until the re-re-re-announced release of her emails. It’s her last hahahaha-rah. The dollars will come pouring in from her delusional fans as she drives the bus up the media’s geographic ass.
    Or, she is completely crazy and thinks that a Sarah Palin bus tour of the New England states is good optics.

  • Star:

    Donate~ How very Sarah…pee-pond must be footing the gas bill..This has got to be the biggest joke yet…
    Like she knows anything about the Constitution..

  • sallyngarland,tx:

    The tour sounds like a Palin family trip at her bots expense. She may be trying to get as money for her PAC ahead of 2012 so she can be a player in the elections while not running herself. Palin won’t be able to get as many donations if she doesn’t run. The tour just may be a trick.

  • jk:

    Forget the booing. Everyone should just point and laugh at her. Really loudly.

  • Susan:

    Sarah Palin reminds me of the Bible story about King Solomon and the two women fighting over the baby. The imposter claiming to be the mother of the baby was willing to see the baby cut in half just to “win” the dispute.
    So Sarah is willing to cut this country in half and cause even more divisions among the American people rather than back down and admit that she is not what this country needs.

    That the corporate media egg her on and provide non-stop favorable coverage of her exploits is altogether despicable. However, when a handful of conservative (Rebublican) white men control almost all of the information that we have access to outside of the the internet, it is clear that they are shaping the “news” to elect Republicans favorable to their insatiable need for money and control.

    Sarah Palin is a mentally unstable and dangerous woman as she has demonstrated, most recently, in Arizona.
    That she is allowed to indulge her out of control narcissism at the expense of our country’s collective well being is frightening as well as infuriating. Somehow, I can’t see the humor in this.

  • Curious:


    In the list of Merry Pranksters you mentioned Shailey Tripp. I’m curious…why did you include her?

  • Freesia:

    Mr. McGinnis, the Rolling Thunder guys do not WANT her. They think she’s crashing their event to take advantage of their big audience. They’re ticked.

    (imbedded video from the news interview)

  • jcinco:

    Hello my friend. I’m hoping Lawrence O’Donnell was correct in his opinion of her “run” last night. You know I am one that is uncomfortable in hoping she gets the republican nomination. Her hateful rhetoric has, in my opinion, been extremely detrimental to our country already. I don’t relish her remaining on the national stage any longer, let alone for a close to 2 year campaign. She sends dog whistles to the most unhinged, bigoted faction of our country and I fear for our president’s safety. I want her gone, off the national stage, behind bars if need be. Once again, I implore any with information that will hurry along her disappearance from the the day to day discourse to come forward in the name of love for our country….

  • jcinco:

    They will not allow her to appear on the stage. They can’t prevent her from showing up but suggest she be on a harley. I’m sure tawd is man enough to drive a hog with a pig with lipstick perched on the back. I’m hoping and praying that organizers of the event publically humiliate her if she tries to horn in on their preplanned schedule. The opportunist, as the spokesman commented, is trying to take advantage of the large crowd the event attracts. I hate her….

  • Ann K.:

    Although her website says she’s going to be at Independence Mall in Phila over the weekend, the Phila Inquirer reported this morning that neither the Independence Mall Visitor Center nor the local branch of the Tea Party has been notified of her impending visit! And let me tell you, the security around Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell is such that she will not be able to just pull up her tour bus and park. So who knows?? I’m thinking, OK, no advance publicity, no special permit to park, no request for a special tour=major fail. She’s as clueless as ever.

  • Freesia:

    I completely agree jc.

    Every time I’ve heard the Democrats (I’m registered Independent for decades now) dancing a jig at the thought of her being the candidate I cringe.

    She thrills to the response from her minions, and the more ignorant and hateful she sounds,the more they love it. Turn her loose in a national campaign with them thinking that she’s going to deliver this country to them and they’ll be out of their minds. And she would love every minute of the attention, ramping up the hate because she views that as strength (because she’s got no intelligence, no ability. Leading a hateful pep rally like some demented cheerleader is her idea of “winning”).

    I get queasy at the thought. Her trolls will say “you’re scared of her!” and I think “you betcha”. Not because she’s formidable, but because she’s mean as a snake and brings out the worst in people. I would worry not just for our President (as if we don’t already thanks to the right wing nutjobs in general) but anyone who dared to canvass in the wrong neighborhood, have the wrong bumper sticker on their cars, state an opinion in certain towns. I tell you this country would not be safe.

    I want her to go away. Back to Wasilla where John McCain should have left her. I just want her to leave us alone. She doesn’t care about this country, she doesn’t care about anything. She is unhinged and I just want to see the back of her and for her to stop trying to destroy this country with her stupid and her spite. She needs to go back to that tacky mansion, build a fence and stay behind it. She’s just bad news.

  • Star:

    JC~ spot on…the last 3 words..same here…

  • Freesia:

    That’s exactly what she’s up to jc. Well said.

    And if she should be brazen enough (and she is) to thrust her big botoxed jaw in front of a camera I can just imagine the speech. Just like in her “reality” show where everything from climbing to shooting was a bogus claim to that grass rooty schtick she spits ad nauseum she would likely say:

    “Well it’s just so good to be here with all you rill Amerukins who are just out there every day going up and down the road as an example of oil and all it does for us as you go gunnin’ for your dream. And it was mine too at one point, but my work for special needs got in the way. But I remember how my dad used to get my butt out of bed early in the morning and we’d go out on his hog and experience the wonders of Alaska. And even today, Todd and I are out on his hog every chance we get and even little Piper has a hog that she likes to run around my cement slab (where I’m workin’ and thinkin’ and tryin’ to restore America) or else Todd enjoys zippin’ and roarin’ and hoggin’ around the yard as I work in my little garden with Trig strapped to my back in his toddler back pack. And I just think “Thank you God. For hogs and the men who ride them. For everything that the hog has done to make our nation great and for how it helped us keep our common sense conservative principi-puls in place and we’ll have ’em again. Oh you betcha. Cuz we’re gonna get that (black) Democrat out of the White House and get back to free market princi-puls where the hog is the emblem of our country as our Founding Father’s believed and I just thank all you guys (wink) for comin’ out and lettin’ me “hog” (wink – I’m so erudite) a moment away from the veterans so I can go to bat for our troops by launching a trip across America’s east coast in states like New Hampshire and Arizona. (wave wave wave. Clomp on big red strappy sandals in a short black leather skirt to the big tacky bus.)

    Oh and your last three words? Me too. And also.

  • rm:

    LOL Palin Tour discussed on PBS News

  • rm:

    Rachel Maddow points out that Sarah Palin is redefining what it means to run for president with Vladimir Putin style photo ops.