Schaeffer in HuffPo: Todd perfect example of “good biblical wife”









Divorce rumors are swirling again in the supermarket tabloids, but let’s not forget how much Sarah needs the husband she’s turned into an obedient lapdog.

As Frank Schaeffer points out here, Todd has become just another prop–available to build Sarah’s fences, carry her bags (she can’t do it with BlackBerries in both hands) and to turn up for photo ops.

More seriously, Schaeffer reminds us of something I stress in THE ROGUE:  to the evangelical right, Sarah is not merely a politician who espouses their views on social issues, she is “the new Queen Esther,” who will “take back” America.  They remain convinced that “God had chosen her to confound the wise!” as Schaeffer writes.

The extreme Dominionist religious right is the ninety percent of the Palin iceberg we don’t see, as she dazzles secular media in black leather.

Let’s hope our ship of state is not the next Titanic.

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  • lilly lily:

    Check out the Dunning-Kruger effect…

    “It is a cognitive bias in which unskilled people make poor decisions and reach erroneous conclusions, but their incompetance denies them the metacognitive ability to appreciate their mistakes.”

    Sarah Palin on Paul Revere and just about everything else.

  • Sally:

    He may be a lapdog, but I think Toad may have had enough…time will tell. Meanwhile, the MSM better stop being played for fools, or we are all in deep trouble.

  • Olivia:

    People are not nearly aware enough and/or do not take seriously enough the Dominionist issue. We all can laugh and jeer at her profound idiocy but her supporters know that God doesn’t care if she is an idiot, God loves idiots and he has chosen this particular idiot to lead America.

  • AFM:

    In my day being around soldiers in a working environment would say that Todd is “Pussywhipped”. I found that word to be crude but to the point. Yes Todd is. PW.

    Sorry if I offended anyone and I hope you don’t bleep this comment.

  • Chuck in Alaska:

    Agreed. No one has really dug deeply into the religious dogma that drives the Quitter Queen. That is perhaps the scariest thing about her. MSM certainly hasn’t talked about it in any serious manner.

  • tom:

    This whole situation is beyond bizarre.
    imagine having to deal with this unstable woman all the time?

    but overall just ANOTHER example of the media lead by fox news failing to do their job in telling the people what a loon palin real;ly is.

    but todd having seen at least one prostitute that we know of hardly equates to being a
    “good biblical wife”.

    i have said it from day one and i say again that everyone who counts KNOWS by now how unstable palin is and she will never be allowed to get near real power in the republican party.

    remember this, that all her supporters are republicans already and while their votes are wanted they have no where else to go.
    so palin gets treated with kid gloves because they have lost control of her regarding those fanatics but no way she gets close to running.

    they will squash her like a bug if need be.
    and fox would lead the charge.

  • barracuda78:

    I didn’t know God loves idiots….I could see idiots like as in inability to learn due to genetic/physical,emotional injury but to limit oneself purposely…God encourages this?…Sarah has more opportunity than most to strengthen her knowledge I would say God would not be pleased that Sarah has not taken advantage of her opportunities to learn about his world and spread the good word…jus sayin…God Weeps when people do not become as he plans…God has continually slammed the door in Sarah’s face and she continues to think the door is open…

    For beginners, her children have not had proper parenting and have been troubled, we can start right there, has she taken care of what blessings have been sent her way…no….she is not a proper Christian….she has lied and cheated and slid through with little thought as to how God will feel about all the lyin and cheatin and makin shiiiiit up….

    God is not pleased….God will slam that door…

    Sarah is a fake Christian…

    she is not the chosen one….the Kock brothas, Fox News may have chosen her….

    but God has not….

    Keep up the good work y’all

  • Cassie from MD:

    Go on Palin’s Facebook page and randomly click on some of her “friends”. A good number of them (most with simple common names) have no Info on their info page and few, if any friends. They chant praises to their queen. I’d bet you money she has a full staff, making up fake pages of “supporters”.

  • wavelength:

    I think there are forces at work that go beyond the Koch brothers and Fox News. The Dominionist wished-for theocracy is the foundation of SPs world view and she will do anything! to bring it to fruition.

  • Cassie from MD:

    It is positively insane how much these wing nuts wish for the end times. The most ludicrous thing is that they think those of us “left behind” would care to spend eternity with them…laughs on them. They’d be stuck with each other and a merciful God who will need to show them some fatherly discipline. Good thing they shriek so well, it will serve them well.

  • Lainey:

    well said!

  • Nefer:

    I believe completely that Sarah believes she’s meant to be president, etc. I believe she supports all the Dominionist plans for America, etc.

    However, I get the sense that Sarah herself does not have a belief in God (or in anything really). It is almost as though her narcissism compels her to believe she can and should be president. And all these other people believe it also, but they keep going on about someone called “God.” Sarah doesn’t care why they support her, just that they do.

    She is willing to say and do the things that seem to please her Dominionist supporters, but it is as though she is imitating them and going through the motions. I think the whole concept of “God” and living for a “God” that is greater than yourself and sacrificing your own plans and desires for “God” makes no sense to her at all, but she has found that pretending otherwise is a way to fame and wealth and power.

    I think at her core, she is empty. There is nothing there. No Sarah. It would explain her rage.

  • wavelength:

    Try Leah Burton’s blog for some interesting reading on Christian Dominionism. Just one recent page:

  • KarenJ:

    I’ve been sure of that since they began humping for her first 1M followers.

  • karenw729:

    Meh, I don’t like to be sexist. Men can be the stay-at-homers and it’s okay. I do think Todd’s just in it for the money at this point. I can’t see them having much of a personal/sexual relationship with all the stress in their lives. Plus, most men don’t do well in the supportive role. They are biologically imprinted to be dominant, so I think he sees $arah as more of a business partner these days. Right now I think he’s holed up in Alaska going through all the emails that are going to be released, and that’s why he left the bus tour early. They both stand a chance of looking like fools and/or criminals, so he’s got some self-preservation invested in those.

  • lilly lily:

    Business Insider suggested ways that health care people who claimed to know that Sarah Palin did not birth Trig could contact him. By e-mail or snail mail.

    Immediatly bots sprang up to defend Palin claiming Sarah Palin released the birth certificate and amnio test results. LOL. She said she did, but never did. The usual weasely words of the bots. Rewriting history as is usual in Palin sea of Pee.

  • Lisabeth:

    It just gets worse every single day.

    And she may need that husband, but I got the feeling he is DONE with her……. Can you imagine being around such a sociopath? It seems her kids don’t want to be around her either.

    Sarah thinks she is invincible. She really does. She tells one sick lie after another and that is the problem.
    It astounds me that there are people so so SO incredibly stupid that they think she should be president.
    I’m getting really sick of all of this.

  • carollt:

    I am a 55 year old woman AFM and I agree with you. I take no offense to your remark. I will say the same thing another way; Todd does not appear to wear the pants in that family.

  • SusanC:

    Her acolytes have been frantically trying to rewrite the Wikipedia page on Paul Revere so that they can prove she was right about…whatever all that babble was. Now I know what a zombie army is: Palin’s devotees.

  • lilly lily:

    I wonder how much Todd will get from a divorce. Enough, never to work again? He has paid his dues.

    He gave the fish picking business to Track if we go by the TLC series.

    Well if they do divorce perhaps he will keep the children from further exploitation.

    He seemed to have some feelings for Trig as well as the others.

  • carrieoki:

    Cassie from MD:June 6, 2011 at 7:56 pm ” I’d bet you money she has a full staff, making up fake pages of “supporters”.”
    Interesting that today’s word on A Word a Day was “claques.”
    Jun 6, 2011 claque
    MEANING: noun: A group of people hired to applaud at a performance.
    Sarah Palin and her claques continue to “make things up.”

  • themom:

    If she really appears to be THAT close to nabbing the nomination, it would mark a perfect moment for Jeb Bush and family to begin his campaign. I still believe there are those who won’t enter because they have heard rumblings of JB’s eventual hat toss. It may also be why (aside from the money reaping aspect) SP has not announced. I still fear that should she run, someone, somewhere, somehow will secure it all for her. Dastardly buzzards!

  • carollt:

    I have been wondering about Todd since he left with no explaination from the Queen. More interesting is that I did not hear one reporter ask the Queen about her beloved husband. Actually, I think the most singular motivating factor in Sarah’s life is being rejected by her true beloved, the late Curtis Menard, Jr. It is my opinion (and only my opinion – well, others may share this opinion) that Todd was not Sarah’s first choice. And from what I have read, Sarah has not treated Todd very well over the years.

    If Sarah is divorcing Todd, you can bet she will be the victim. You can also bet that she will announce it to divert the media from something negative being reported about her; like the e-mails about to be released. I have to give Sarah credit, she is very good at diverting the media from the real story and putting the media on whatever story she has concocted. Frank Bailey’s book would have received much more attention had the Queen not taken the campaign tour up the East Coast. And since everyone knew when the book would be released, I don’t think it a coincidence that the campaign tour began when it did.

    As to Sarah thinking she is Queen Esther, I have no doubt of that. And there is also no doubt that the evangelical right would like nothing better than to have a redo of the Inquisition and take another shot at the heretic population (they would kill us to save us; kind of like the Republicans killing Medicare to save it). I don’t see Americans going for the Inquisition, but I would not give up my right to a gun just in case. And that Sarah, is one reason why we have the second amendment.

    My grandmother on my mother’s side was a member of the evangelical right. She was all do as I say and not as I do. She was also holier than thou, but her cup, like Sarah’s, was not clean on the inside. My grandmother is long gone, but she would have loved Sarah Palin in the same manner that she loved all the charlatans of her day (Billy Graham was her favorite – and son Franklin has taken the charlatan game to a whole new level).

    I will close my lengthy comment by taking bets (not for money of course) with you Joe and all the excellent commenters on this blog. Will Sarah concoct another story when the e-mails from her time as Governor are released this week to divert the media from the e-mail story? My money is on yes she will. Will the media be diverted? My money is on yes they will. Will she announce her divorce from Todd? My money is on no; she will save that gem for when Joe’s book is released. What diversion will Sarah use this time?

  • carollt:


  • rm:

    Warning to the British: ‘Sarah Palin is coming!’… in July
    BTW what was the Sudan claim she made?

  • tom:

    palin was pregnant when she married todd and her oldest son is fathered by curtis.
    this is well known.

  • Susan:

    Is she speaking before Diminionist groups? Who in the hell would want to hear that clap trap speak?

    It’s as if how’s and why’s are no longer pertinent to our dialogue. The only thing that matters is how do we stop this freight train. And forget about the MSM participating in that process, at least not until the fraud is exposed, then they will swoop in like vultures to exploit the carnage.

  • Lidia17:

    If Sarah thinks there is a god, it is as her servant (butler… opening doors, delivering up the faithful unto Sarah, etc.)

  • Kimberly:

    I remember reading way back about people who cross their t’s low having low self esteem.

    I agree, “as a student of handwriting analysis i can say a couple of things… the superlarge s and p are overscale because sarah is looking for attention, has a grandiose attitude, wants to present herself to the public…the s is shaped like a snake, and the p has a dagger shaped lower loop, so i would say she is quick tempered and vindictive (to the max.) and especially jealous of sexual relationships. the s hooks back to the left, that’s hiding something. both names end illegibly so there is an effort to deceive, which is also shown in the open looped a which is covered over, which shows an effort to cover the deceit. the joined up names show a need to have everything preplanned, there is no desire or ability to “wing it.” Not a quick thinker.
    i’m writing this on the evening ms palin’s “target” on her ‘hit list” was shot, so i’d have to say the personality shown through her handwriting and has continued to show itself (unfortunately) in life as well”

    I agree also, Sarah Palin’s signature is very large with extra large capital letters. You will find large capital letters in the handwriting of many politicians, musicians and others who crave recognition.
    Do you see how the “S” in “Sarah” juts below the “arah”? This dip indicates that while Ms. Palin may appear to be cool, calm and collected on the surface, underneath it all, there is something amiss in her personal life.
    The curved dash between the words “for” and “as” appears in the handwriting of people who enjoy music.
    Look at the “p” in the word “spirit”. Do you see how the initial stroke of the “p” in the word spikes far above the rest of the letter? This spiked “p” is known as the “pugilistic p.” The pugilistic “p” shows up in the writing of people who are extremely argumentative. The higher the initial stroke rises above the circular part of the p, the more tenaciously pugnacious the writer.”

  • Bear Woman:

    Todd AND Track have their commercial fishing permits for Bristol Bay this year. Track was either given OR purchased a permit beginning in 2005.

  • msf:

    That has been my thought all along. This is going to be just a complete circus & all the candidates are so flawed that in the end if they pull out Jeb many Independents & conservative Repubs will breathe a great sigh of relief & vote for him. The Bush Dynasty will continue. I would love to know what Alies is up to. Is he really trying to run Palin or is this a trick. What is his motive.

  • Pam:

    Why should Sarah and Todd divorce when she can live in AZ and he can live in AK, and with perfectly plausible reasons. He’s an “iron dog” guy. He has to “train.” She needs to be closer to her political interests and allies (especially since she’s burned her bridges in AK.) It’s not the first politically expedient separation. Bill and Hillary have been separated for years. Bill lives in NY. Hillary lives in DC with her elderly mother. They “date.” They appear together when one or the other needs a “spouse.” Whatever their sex lives, it’s discreet. This should work out quite well for everyone concerned. Including Sarah’s brood.

  • AFM:

    LOL, point well taken. Gee, I wonder if he can cook? I could use a good cook.

  • AFM:

    Reading Mr. Bailey’s book OMG you see the real Sarah Palin. God help us if this crazy woman becomes president. Evil, evil, evil.

  • rm:

    Just few hrs ago:
    With inspiration from Sarah Palin, HLN’s Joy Behar performs her version of “Paul Revere’s Ride.”

  • Elizabeth:

    I hear that MSNBC is going to post ALL of them.

  • brbr2424:

    I think that’s all true, however it doesn’t matter. She is being a good Christian Dominionist as is Michelle Bachman. I’ve read a little about that movement and they won’t be content until the United States is a thocracy just like Iran but Christian rather than Islamic. Clearly she is not Christ like but Republicans have great disdain for anyone that has the qualities or values that Christ was believed to have. I can’t remember exactly what Rev. Welton Gaddy said but I think it was something along the lines of people who want to have a theocracy generally want to be Theo.

  • ferob:

    Thanks for the reminder about the massage for The Dude. That’s why no tweet from $arah about Weiner. In the past her tweet has been up before the press conference or news story is made public.

  • deepgreen:

    Toad played his part. I give him creadit for fallowing his high school sweet heart for as long as he has. Maybe he is the one that lead $P into this train wreck…. She was coached to get this far. Toad was a sports man and a thrill seeker on the fast track too state affairs! His life was rocked hard when the careless VP thing happened.

    The Iron Dog title was a worthy physical escape from the ding bat. He also dug himself a few very comfortable bunkers for the troubled waters ahead. Toad will always be an nearsighted Alaskan Independent. The First Dude and her typtical disfuntional American family!

    The game has changed from Todds smaller interest. Which of the 7 mountains $P lands on is still hard to predict. I think the 7 new coachs from the right team are being picked for duty and will be very ready to prepair the 2012 trail for Heath talk or what ever her last name will be when they split, go to jail, or campaine together again after the fishing season and before the next Iron Dog.

  • Nefer:

    Exactly! I think her narcissism balks at the concept of something greater than her to whom she must defer. But she has gotten pretty good at making the right noises and gestures.

  • Molly:

    Haha….they don’t want Palin in England either.

    “This is what Palin told Christina Lamb in the Sunday Times:

    I am going to Sudan in July and hope to stop in England on the way. I am just hoping Mrs Thatcher is well enough to see me as I so admire her.

    It appears that the former prime minister has no intention of meeting the darling of the Tea Party movement. Andy McSmith reported in the Independent this morning that Palin is likely to be “thwarted” on the grounds that Thatcher, 86, rarely makes public appearances.

    It would appear that the reasons go deeper than Thatcher’s frail health. Her allies believe that Palin is a frivolous figure who is unworthy of an audience with the Iron Lady. This is what one ally tells me:

    Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts.”