Still think she’s not running? Sarah to Sudan in July//UPDATE: Sarah’s 2008 Lie about Sudan








Sarah told the Sunday Times of London, “I am going to Sudan in July and hope to stop in England on the way. I am just hoping Mrs Thatcher is well enough to see me as I so admire her.”

Aides to the ailing Margaret Thatcher won’t let Sarah anywhere near the former British prime minister. That’s no surprise.

But how about the trip to Sudan, where summer temperatures in the capital, Khartoum, average more than 105 degrees? (Maybe the move to Arizona was to acclimatize her.)

On anyone’s list of the most unfortunate countries on earth, Sudan would have to be near the top. Put it this way: Sarah’s not going there for the shopping.

Can anyone see any reason for Sarah to make this trip other than to give herself another “foreign policy” credential for the 2012 campaign?


–Is Franklin Graham paying for it?

–Will Greta Van Susteren tag along?

–Think she’ll bring any of the kids? How about her “good biblical wife” Todd?

–Will Sarah pop over to Kenya to get a refill on her protection from devils from Rev. Thomas Muthee?

–How much of her fortune will she donate to humanitarian aid for the impoverished people of Sudan?

No matter what’s in the (heavily redacted) emails that the state of Alaska will release on Friday, video and photos of Sarah touring refugee camps in Darfur –location of  genocide so appalling that former Secretary of State Colin Powerll called it “the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century”–will make it old news by next month.

It’s one thing to hop on the back of a Harley in Washington, and wink and wave.

But for Sarah to inflict herself and her ambitions on the hundreds of thousands of suffering refugees in Darfur would be the most loathsome thing she’s ever done.


During her 2008 vice presidential debate with Joe Biden, Sarah claimed that as Alaska governor she tried to fight atrocities in Sudan by having the state pension divest itself of investments there.  Not so, as ABC News demonstrated.  In fact, Alaska state representative, Les Gara, a co-sponsor of the divestment measure, said that Sarah’s administration “killed our bill.”

Despite Palin’s claim in the debate, her administration’s position on the bill was summarized by her deputy revenue commissioner, Brian Andrews.  At a legislative hearing in February, 2008, he said, “Mixing moral and political agendas at the expense of our citizens’ financial security is not a good combination.”

In other words, forget the atrocities as long as we’re making money.

Nonetheless, in the debate, Palin said, in regard to the genocide in the Darfur section of Sudan:

“What I’ve done in my position to help, as the governor of a state that’s pretty rich in natural resources, we have a $40 billion investment fund, a savings fund called the Alaska Permanent Fund.  When I and others in the legislature found out we had some millions of dollars in Sudan, we called for divestment through legislation of those dollars to make sure we weren’t doing anything that would be seen as condoning the activities there in Darfur.”

Which is exactly what she did not do when it mattered.

As the legislative session was ending, and there was no chance that the bill could even be brought up for vote,  she had another aide say that she’d changed her mind and now supported the it.  However, as the Washington Post reported, that was only after it was clear that time had run out.

In other words, she was against it before she was for it, and paid lip service to it only after she knew it was dead.

Of course, in the same debate, Sarah also said, “We’re building a nearly $40 billion natural gas pipeline.”

How’s that AGIA thing working for ya now, Sarah?

72 Responses to “Still think she’s not running? Sarah to Sudan in July//UPDATE: Sarah’s 2008 Lie about Sudan”

  • dmoreno:

    I don’t understand why the media thinks we are so stupid to think that someone gains “political creds” by just visiting a country. I must be missing something?????? Especially if something like “Sarah Palin” is the thing that is going to try to get those creds. She is not a person, she is a thing and is being seen more and more everyday as such——thank goodness. NO ONE is going to take this trip seriously, except for another opportunity for the comedians to secure more material. The sheer fact that she thinks she could get an audience, or EVEN suggest that she should, with Thatcher speaks volumes about her state of mental awareness.

  • karenw729:

    Joe, how are you ever going to finish your book when $arah keeps providing you with so much new material? You might need to add “Volume 1” to the title.

  • Anonymous1253:

    My thought is that it is to her all about celebrating Southern Sudan’s July Independence as they secede. Somehow she’s seeing herself as the non-Dem, flag pin wearing, US spokeswoman to this newly created country, all so conveniently occurring in Independence Day July, also too.

  • laprofesora:

    She will use anyone and anything, including unimaginable suffering, for her own gain. There are no words strong enough to sufficiently describe how loathsome Sarah Palin is.

  • My thoughts exactly, what makes her think by visiting foreign countries gives her expertise on foreign policy?
    These are just photo-ops and nothing more and the press should STOP giving her coverage.

  • Samaritan’s Purse has a big and fairly visible involvement in Sudan that predates Graham’s ascendancy to the helm there, through their World Medical Mission program, begun in 1979, two years before Graham became heavily involved with Samaritan’s Purse. Fifteen years ago, he insinuated himself into peace negotiations between the LRA and the government. Nine years ago, a hospital they run there was bombed, making the news. Recently, he has appealed to keep Omar Hassan Al-Bashir out of the hands of the International Criminal Court.

    Odds of Graham sponsoring Palin’s Sudan tour? 25 to 1.

  • lilly lily:

    And what will her spin be.

    She visited Haiti with Graham and passed out some comic books, propaganda and toy cars to a few children. She actually touches a few people of color.

    No one knows who she is or much cares. They have real problems. She stayed in a Dominican Republic hotel room when not being photographed, or did she find a hotel room in Haiti? Bristol combs her hair. That is it.

    She visits India, goes shopping, paints on a Bindi, gets photographed, collected her fee and jets home. She stays holed up in her hotel room for the duration of her visit because she doesn’t like the negative publicity she is getting. That is it.

    Hong Kong, a bit of shopping. is photographed, though people walk out of her talk, collects her exhorbitant fee and jets home all greased up. That is it.

    I hope she roasts in the heat of Africa, that she didn’t even know was a Continent.

    What on earth will she do in Sudan when she doesn’t like people of color. Shop? No one is going to pay her $100,000 to give a folksy speech.

  • nswfm:

    If we are lucky, she won’t come back. Sounds like Hell, and I hope she stays there. She can keep her Purse, there, too.

  • Weaver:

    “….inflict herself and her ambitions on the hundreds of thousands of suffering refugees in Darfur would be the most loathsome thing she’s ever done.”

    Never stopped her before. Her reality, as so often happens with the mentally ill, is not that of society (ours or any other) but rather a construct of her mind, therefore her behavior makes sense only to her own ailing mind. That she has hoodwinked all those ‘bots shows not her “brilliance” but their lack of critical thinking skills.

    As a psych nurse I can safely say there’s no person more convincing than one who is mentally ill: they are thoroughly convinced themselves, so therefore transmit nothing but their own conviction, however errant (or transient) that might be. Scary stuff, but nothing new, sad to say. The only part that’s “new” is the ability of others to so willingly tag mindlessly along…..

  • tom:

    yes i still think she isnt running.

    just because this nut case runs a diversion to keep the few idiots supporting her in line(more like their money) doesnt mean we have to believe in her.

    and btw you didnt even post the comments that the aides made calling palin a “nut”.

  • Above should read: World Medical Mission program, begun in 1977

  • Joe:

    Somebody anonymously calls her a nut, that’s not interesting. Sudan is news.

  • Joe:

    I’m finished. It’s done.


  • Joe:

    Actually, she is a person. Maybe not one that you or I respect, but I do believe she fits the standard definition of “person.”


  • Joe:

    Thanks for that info, Phil. That does a lot to explain it. I figured Graham’s pursestrings were probably somehow involved.


  • Elizabeth:

    “But for Sarah to inflict herself and her ambitions on the hundreds of thousands of suffering refugees in Darfur would be the most loathsome thing she’s ever done.” AMEN! I can’t see her doing anything good for those people, so she should stay away. Doesn’t she understand that celebrity tours take resources away for those people. She has to be guarded, guided, fed, housed etc. etc. and for what? A photo op? A few religious pamphlets from Samaritan’s Purse? There are NGOs in there quietly working to provide for these people’s needs. Give a big, generous donation and stay out of the way!

  • Conscious at last!:

    I’m not quite sure of the significance of “whether she is running.” It’s a false issue. SO WHAT if she is running?
    It will be a pretend campaign full of “bling” to attract the media which in turn will generate media bucks and website clicks. So what??? She may be teasing until the primaries are over. She may launch a third party campaign. So what???? The only real concern is that in the process of the pretend campaign, she will continue to spew lies and hateful rhetoric. I prefer that she just continue with the Paul Revere sort of history lessons.

    Will she get anywhere near the seats of power in this nation? Will she be allowed to make any important decisions at a national level? Who would benefit by that? When the real puppet masters hire an operative, they want the job to get done. Palin is not capable of listening to a short lecture on Paul Revere and then repeating the simple information that she has just heard. Which puppet masters want her as their player?
    Come on Joe, let’s find another way to emphasize her significance. This ain’t it.

  • Elizabeth:

    That is interesting. I’m not saying Samaritan’s Purse doesn’t do good work. Franklin is not an asset, in my opinion. He appears to be all about him. It must be maddening to the real workers, especially when his behavior makes their lives more difficult.

  • Olivia:

    Oh, she will bring her standard plate of cookies like she did for the starving villagers on that island in Alaska.

  • Psalm023:

    Exactly. There’s no place for her, an ex-governor politician, turned reality star, celebrity-hanger-on wannabe, then again turned possible presidential candidate – to plaster her face all over the airwaves in Sudan. This doesn’t even pass as “foreign policy” experience. She has no credentials, no involvement in any overseas organizations that advocate for rights, women, relief, or a committee, board of organization that meets and works pro-actively?

    It’s disgusting who she would use to fluff up her image.

    However, I still don’t think she’ll have any more fan base to run. She’s exhausting all ounce of her human decency in trying to stay relevant.

  • Pam:

    Does anybody know how much government money Grahams organization gets per year, or some way to find out?

  • Ratfishtim:

    Maybe it’s part of her new reality show…

    “Sarah Palin’s Sudan”

    Next is Somalia and Yemen.

    Followed by a visit to Lady Thatcher (at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum) in London.

  • karenw729:

    I used to work at Christian publishing company. We published quite a few books by the Grahams. No one at the company had much good to say about Franklin. Of course they were still willing to make money off of him.

  • VirginiaVoter:

    Let’s see, what type of bauble will Sarah be sporting in Sudan? The giant wood cross from Rolling Thunder, the Star of David from New York, or her “about to marry Jesus in Vegas necklace” she wore on Fox News Sunday w Chris Wallace. He, he, John Stewart nails her every time.

  • lilly lily:

    OOOHHH Cookies. The Cookie Lady strikes again.

    More photo ops with the victims of malnutrition and disease.

    She has a aspect called “The Serpent of Time” in her horoscope, a strongly negative configuration. Denoting a rise in fortune and then a sudden fall. The higher her rise, the greater her fall. Usually between the ages of 30 and 47.

    She may be running but she won’t get anywhere. I find it amusing in a way to check these things. Some take this configuration very seriously as a negative.

    I think the Indian legend has it that the gods had a banquet to dispense the nector of immortality to everyone there. The black snake disguised itself , and attended sipping the potion of immortality, but in its excitement showed its true form as a snake and was severed in half by the disqus of the Sun.

    There are dire predictions for people with this configuration. A rise to fame and a great fall.

  • CougInPortland:

    And after she touches those people of color, she’ll reach for the hand sanitizer.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    She spent all of 30 minutes at the National Archives last week; as long as she gets her passport stamped in Sudan, then “she’s been to Sudan” – much like she’s “toured” the National Archives.

  • Sarah Paleeaassee:

    Ha LOL Ha LOL Ha LOL

    Sarah Palin started SarahPac to help the GOP and whatever.

    SarahPac brought in millions and Sarah gave a thousand here and a thousand there. Where is the rest of your money going to? If you look at SarahPac expenses, they spent tons of money on advisers. What does that? Those turd heads (Palin followers) are giving Sarah money to pay people to educate dumb ignorant Sarah. LOL

    Now we find out SarahPac can pay for Sarah’s home mortgages, other expenses and the Palin family east coast vacation. LOL

    Who do you think is paying for the bus, gas, room and board to drive G’ma and G’pa Heath around and the rest of those Wasilla grifters around America? LOL

    The only thing missing is Sarah Palin standing in her new mansion saying,
    ” I’m Not A Crook!”

  • Deb:

    As on their other faux trips, think of all the ‘religious materials’ they’ll take with them to hand out. Last I was aware, paper wasn’t listed as nutrional or medically helpful.

    It also raises the question – what will we hear from George Clooney about Palin’s trip. This should be interesting.

  • deennaa:

    She may fit the “standard definition” of “person”, but she cannot ever ever be called what could/should be in the meaning of that word, i.e., “humane” or “civilized”. She does fit the term “persona non grata”, which the New American Webster Handy College Dictionary describes specifically and to the point as “an unacceptable or unwanted person”. Period. The end.

  • gypsyrose:

    I agree Joe, Sudan is news. The atrocities and the suffering and the lack of real aid to the people, all news.
    sarah going to Sudan is news only to show again how morally bankrupt she is. I understand that it also supports the theory that she is running. I for one however, have a hard time even thinking about her when I see the photos of those starving humans at the top of your post. Even our “suffering” of her constant behavior is nothing in comparison is it?

  • Jeanabella:

    I couldn’t help notice Chucky staring at Sarahs behind in the photo of her with look a like. After reading Dunn’s book and following blogs on Palin, I noticed her father does some inappropriate things like wearing a t-shirt with “hottest governor” on the front and some other looks I’ve noticed in pictures of the family.
    Sarah takes advantage of Grahams trip and it costs her nothing and she gets the press.
    Her MO is to deceive and attack according to Baileys book. The whole Bus Tour shows her as a deceiver. The Piper do over apology fits her MO. She actually wrote on her hand, “shep publicity” so she could remember to attack Shep on Fox. So immature it’s hard to believe. But still the MSM follows her around and does not pretend to vet her at all.

  • Have you started the second edition?

  • rm:

    The fun begins, Top Bachmann aide goes after Palin for not being ‘serious’

    “Sarah has not been serious over the last couple of years,” Rollins said on Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade’s radio show. “She got the vice presidential thing handed to her. She didn’t go to work in the sense of trying gain more substance. She gave up her governorship.”


  • Sally:

    But I thought she said that the summer was for highlighting those great monuments in American history…is her bus blitz over so soon? Or has she decided that we did have slaves in America (and that the Founding Fathers did nothing to stop the atrocities) and she wants to visit Africa so the black GOP voter will think she cares? And England, ah, yes, the site of so many great American monuments…by the way WHY are the erecting a statue to Reagan in London?

  • M. Aragon:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely if George Clooney, whose cause Darfur is and who goes there frequently to draw attention to the problems there, called her out on it? He knows the territory. She doesn’t. That fraud of a holy man Franklin Graham is probably behind it. Shameful exploitation.

  • Susan:

    Of course, Greta will be there, along with Graham and his Muslim hatred. Greta claims to be a feminist, still upset over 2008, (non-Hillary win) and has stalked Clinton all over the planet on the Fox dime.

    Her next great love is Palin, a thrill that she and her husband, John Coale find titillating. Talk about a sick threesome.

  • mommom:

    Well,she does have to LOOK like shes running to keep the money spigot turned on from the clueless.

    POTUS= $400,000 per year

    SarahPac=$5,000,000 + per year

    Fox News=$1,000,000 per year

    never gonna happen

  • Pat Padrnos:

    Love your list of possibilities. I immediately thought of Graham and Greta. Possibly a family member if she can get anyone to go with her. This will be worse than Haiti. What in heavens name is she thinking? Suspect it has to do with raising funds for Graham.

  • Deb:

    Greta and the Palins do keep plastic surgeons employed!! LOL

    ‘Touch-ups’ before the trip!!! The attempt to have their ‘best face’ on for photo-ops!!

  • rm:

    Last night:The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    Sarah Palin’s Folksy Word Salad = to the woman is an Idiot.

  • shandee:

    I’ve always had a creepy feeling about the threesome Palin, Graham, and Van Susteren/Coale. I thought this article was interesting and perhaps a clue to why they’ve become so intertwined. The comments are interesting too.

    In part:
    “The point of all this is, Why are the Scientologists aligning with Fox and Christian Fundamentalists? For recruitment? For political palatability? To hijack a powerful propaganda machine?”

  • curiouser:

    I’d bet that Graham pays Sarah to accompany him. Her fee probably falls in the fundraising expense category.

  • ks sunflower:

    persona non grata – perfect description of Sarah Palin. Works on both “unacceptable” and “uwanted.”

    Thanks, deennaa

  • VictoriaJ:

    I tell you now—the first starving child she touches will put millions of dollars in someone elses campaign coffers. This woman is a tragedy whore. Haiti (a year late) Alabama tornadoes (she must have been exhausted from all the photo ops). Margaret Thatcher( Sarah keeps trying for that photo even though the poor woman only knows who she is part of the time). Now she’s going to drug herself up and touch sick, traumatized or dying black children–when we know what she really feels for black people?!

    Joe, I think you should stop being defensive about Sarah running. Whatever she does is pure idiocy anyway. She’s hoping people will just fall in love with her and sweep her into the WH. What is more important is—if she does this thing, she will be more hated than she was before because everyone knows why she is doing it.

    You do know Michelle Obama is going to South Africa—hmmmm.
    Maybe Sarah still thinks Africa is a country and Sudan is just a city in it. Anyway–Franklin the Fink will hold her hand and give her anti-nausea drugs when she has to touch black people.

  • FrostyAK:

    Is it possible that the suffering of those people will be what finally get’s through to her deluded brain? And she volunteers herself to help them for the rest of her life? Nah, didn’t think so, narcissism is oblivious.

    Graham is a grifter of even greater proportions than $P – maybe this is just a journey for her to learn how to be even better at the one thing she does well? It is truly a shame that those who are physically suffering must listen to/subscribe to someone’s version of mythology before getting the help they so desperately need.

    Wouldn’t it be comic if she tried to pass off a picture with the wax Thatcher as a real meeting with her?

  • CassieJeep:

    The story and history of Sudan is far too complex for Sarah to understand. Franklyn has told her this is a good thing to do, and she trusts him…or shopping for her new boss while screeching “look at me, look at me!”

    I do not believe she will run for POTUS. Financial disclosures alone will prevent it, looming scandals will preclude it and her own work ethic will prohibit it.

    Just as every “mean girl” before her, she’s insulting and offensive so long as it requires no real effort on her part. It’s more fun for her to spoil the party than to simply enjoy the fact that she got an invitation.

  • omomma:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. That was it? Three days of total nuttiness, and it’s over? What are we supposed to do with all this popcorn and beer?

  • LucindathePook:

    Or those incisive tours of India and Israel she took.

  • Your post got me thinking. Here’s my reply to your first question.

  • myrna nichols:

    South Sudan marks its autonomy on July 9. This is a cause that George Clooney, Ann Curry of NBC News, Senator John Kerry, and The United Nations worked very hard to achieve. It is bound to be a big celebration. Graham and Palin are joining the crowd to cash in on other peoples’ dedication and hard work. (Clooney caught malaria when he was there). This is about as big a coincidence as Palin showing up miles away from Romney’s speech in New Hampshire last weekend. Sarah is very good at stealing the spotlight. In reports about her as a basketball player in school, she was famous for stealing the ball, too.

  • deepgreen:

    A photo op for funding her future campaine. This is just one step too the 7 mountain tops. She wants international attention.

  • themom:

    I would be surprised if George Clooney made any statement about her “visit” as aseptic it may be. He has far too much class and the real stories are the people there and their struggles. The real story is NOT about these psuedo Christians, SP & FG.

  • lilly lily:

    Well she has dabbled in Government, Religion, Family, Media, Entertainment, five of the seven mountain tops.

    Part of the greater Religious plan of her backers? to take over the country for the fundamentalists? Is Graham part of that ?

  • Melly:

    When Joe asked if she would bring the kids, for a moment I thought he was asking if she’d bring a kid home. Wouldn’t that be something. Adopt another baby.

  • Melly:

    I have a hard time looking at photos of Trig and knowing that he’s left out of family events and probably has no experience of true mothering…especially when “mom” is away in Sudan acting interested in other children, etc.

  • BluedogAK:

    Great catch, and very important to get on the record, since she’ll try to capitalize on a whitewashed history of her administration to convince Americans that she’s fit to govern. If she runs, I’ll be tempted to start a web site devoted solely to documenting lies like this one. During Troopergate, somebody out there did hero’s work by posting PDFs of the original trooper reports and organizing other factual evidence. Reading all of it convinced me that she was a pathological liar–no interpretation necessary.

    Millions of words have been devoted to mocking and excoriating her (I’ve contributed my fair share, too), but ultimately facts like these are the best weapon against her relentless campaign of bullshit. That’s why I look forward to Joe’s book.

  • Don'tHatetheGame:

    Yeah, she can throw the baby in the corner with Trig, or wherever she has him. Has anyone seen Trig? I’m starting to worry.

  • curious:

    Graham is the man credited with “discovering” her and from all accounts is her mentor to this day

  • curious:

    Ed is a conservative insider and if he’s taking shots she can be sure there will be others. She’s wounded, non-fatal, but she’s wounded from her own mouth, revelations that don’t seem to go away, other revelations that are bubbling closer to the surface. I suspect Joe will be checking on home rentals in AK real soon. Part II coming up

  • Anon:

    Will she bring her waterbra to Darfur?

  • Cheryl:

    Well… before Sudan in July is the Bachmann announcement in June. Where in IA do you think Sarah will show up to suck the oxygen out of that day?

  • jk:

    Maybe a crescent and star? Doubtful.

    A red, gold, and green Africa? Her hair in dreadlocks. That, I’d love to see.

  • Sammy:

    I agree with you dmoreno @ 6/711 at 4:16 pm

    How DOES making trips to disadvantaged countries with Franking Graham to deliver junk boxes give Palin “foreign policy” credential?

    I keep asking this question but have never received any kind of answer.

    Really don’t get it.

  • Joe:


    Of course it doesn’t give her foreign policy credentials. But the media will publicize it, and she’ll be able to say, in future debates–assuming she runs–that she’s been to
    Kuwait with American troops, to India, to Israel, and now to Sudan. And that will be more that Pawlenty or Romney or Bachmann can say. It’s all about spin and perception.
    Thanks for this comment. It’s made me go back to my own first book “The Selling of The President” and look at some of the memoranda Nixon’s people wrote. I’ll post excerpts,
    and my thoughts about them more than forty years later, and how they apply to Palin, later this week.


  • Freesia:

    Of course she lied about the Sudan. For the same reason she dangled a half clothed fragile Down Syndrome child out of a bus door over and over and over…and over and over and over… during a flu scare for her supporters in the dead of winter. And for the same reason that she’ll be going to the Sudan now for a photo op with a big gigantic cross dangled around her neck (stopping off en route to try to insinuate herself like a tacky traveling saleswoman to a former head of state with health problems, kicking in that door with her naughty monkey pumps while she declares God opened it for her, forcing some pathologically polite British people to suffer her presence out of pure shock at her appalling trashiness – as long as she gets the 3 photos she needs for her PAC website with her gigantic botoxed head smiling into the camera as though she’d been invited to tea. And declare herself “presidential”.)

    Because she can. Because she knows the media will follow her shrink wrapped nothingness for the clicks and dollars. Because she doesn’t care about hungry, terrified, “rill” anybody. Because she’s crass and vulgar and cruel. Because people aren’t people to her unless she can find a use for them.

    And the press will lap it up like trained poodles.

  • Scorpie:

    What an outstanding idea that would be. Split the pages in half~Sarahs’ claims on one side and the documented truth on the other.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Its a photo op with Franklin Graham. It can be used for another “Movie” I’m sure her previous Haiti photo op was used in the unDefeated!
    Some of the peezoo are worried for her safety! No worries! She won’t be in anywhere dangerous like his missionaries one who is suing him for being captured by pirates, (I think) and he did nothing to help. What a guy Franklin is!

  • carollt:

    I just went on the google to find that there are several 5 star hotels right in Khartoum. And they even have room service, so Sarah won’t have to spend any time at all dealing with the pesky locals (reporting by local newspapers in India at the time of her recent visit stated that Sarah spent most of her time in her room).

    I would be shocked if Franklin Graham didn’t fly her over to Sudan in his luxury plane. And of course, there will be the photo opportunity. This trip may backfire, however, if Sarah is thinking the press will be like it was on the east coast. News budgets have been cut back substantially in a lot of cases and I don’t think many organizations will spend money to send a reporter to follow Sarah to Sudan. At least I hope they don’t. I guess we will see this summer, if indeed Sarah goes. Sarah has been known to change her mind – sometimes at the last minute.

  • rm:

    Rush Limbaugh: wrong on Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin

    “Margaret will not be meeting Sarah Palin. If necessary we will make sure that Margaret has an off day when Palin is in London.” LOL

  • carollt:

    Go to You can find all the Form 990s, which is the tax return required for all non-profit organizations. You have to register to view the 990, but registration is free to see the 990. You can then look up the 990 by name – Samaritan’s Purse I believe is the organization you are looking for.

    I looked up Samaritan’s Purse recently and saw that Franklin had given over 3 million to his ministry. Churches are not required under current IRS regulation to file tax returns of any kind, so there is no way of knowing how that money is spent. But in the Samaritan’s Purse 990, Franklin paid himself over a half million and his wife, his children and their spouses were on the payroll. That would not be bad by itself, but flying in luxury planes and staying at 5 star hotels does not strike me as something that Jesus would do. Just saying.