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2d Letter to The New Republic about Correcting Errors


To the editor:

As yet, I’ve received no response to my request for corrections of the errors in the Margo Howard story, “Scenes from a Southern Gothic Murder Trial.”

In addition to the false statements I called to your attention last week, I’d like to point out the following additional mistakes:

–Nowhere in the Fourth Circuit opinion remanding the case to District Court for further consideration is it stated that “exculpatory evidence may have been withheld, suppressed, or destroyed prior to MacDonald’s trial.”
Instead, the Fourth Circuit found that the District Judge adopted an “overly restrictive view of what constitutes the ‘evidence as a whole.’ ” (See U.S v. MacDonald 641 F. ed 596. C.A. 4 (N.C.) 2011.  April 19, 2011)
–Wade Smith did not represent MacDonald in 1975.
–Wade Smith was not Edwards’s “lead attorney.”  That was Abbe Lowell of Chadbourne & Parke in Washington, DC.
–The 1979 prosecutor, James Blackburn, was already First Assistant U.S. Attorney for the eastern district of North Carolina at the time he prosecuted MacDonald.  He later became U.S. Attorney.
–Howard writes:  “as a sequestered witness one is not supposed to be giving interviews or flogging a book.”  This is untrue.  “Sequestered” does not mean bound and gagged.
It means only that one is not permitted to enter the courtroom to listen to testimony given in advance of one’s own.  I specifically asked assistant U.S. Attorney
John Bruce whether I was permitted to tweet, blog, or give interviews during the hearing and he said I was, as long as I did not disclose the nature or scope of my
testimony before I gave it.  There was nothing improper in what I did.

I would appreciate hearing from you in regard to both this letter and my letter of November 1 as soon as possible.

Joe McGinniss

That Amazing Robert Hunt Illustration atop The Atlantic’s Palin Story//UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan on the illustration and the story

Robert Hunt is one of the most extraordinary illustrators of our time.

In fact, let’s skip the qualifiers and just call the man a great artist.

The Atlantic commissioned him to do the illustration that accompanied “The Tragedy of Sarah Palin” in their June issue (about which I blogged earlier today.)

Whatever one might think of Joshua Green’s article, there is no denying the power of the portrait.   It’s Sarah Palin as she sees herself,  and as her worshippers see her:  in the Oval Office.

It turns out that The New Republic was also aware of Robert Hunt’s artistic brilliance.

They commissioned him to do a portrait of Barack Obama for the cover of their December 2, 2009 edition, which contained a number of articles highly critical of the president.

Hunt has a fascinating account of his interactions with the magazine as he worked on the illustration.

As he describes (and shows), he offered them several possibilities:

Which one did they choose?

Did they choose the one that showed President Obama looking the difficulties of his job straight in the eye?

Or even one that portrayed him in profile, pensive and deliberative, possibly humbled by his responsibilities?

No, The New Republic wanted an illustration that showed him cowed, defeated, turning his back and walking away.

And so of all the choices Robert Hunt offered them, this was the illustration they used:



I hope Robert Hunt will share on his blog his alternatives to the Sarah Palin illustration The Atlantic chose.

Whether he does or not, isn’t Robert Hunt amazing?

As for the editors of the mainstream New Republic and Atlantic, what subliminal message do you think they are trying to convey?

Take a look, side by side:

And Sarah complains about “lamestream” media?







MSM continues to roll out the red carpet for her, because MSM wants her to run against Obama next year.

He’ll be reelected, no matter who his opponent is. But MSM is increasingly desperate for readers and viewers.

MSM is sinking fast, and as a former psychiatrist of mine once told me, “A drowning man has no morals.”

MSM wants Obama v. Palin, because the alternatives are so dull. Without her, nobody will bother to read or watch and MSM numbers and dollars will continue their flight to alternative sources of news, opinion and entertainment.

Only Sarah can juice up the campaign:  with Tea Party moronics, blatant racism and Christian Dominionist hate.

So MSM is trying to seduce her now in order to betray her later, after they’ve used her to improve their bottom lines, just as she’s used them to improve hers.

Frankly, they deserve each other, and may the worse whore lose.

But before the whole orgy really heats up, take one more look at Robert Hunt’s vision of President Obama that The New Republic didn’t want you to see:

That’s Mr. President.

Sarah is Ms. Pretender.


Andrew Sullivan tells it like it is.

Salon, etc. Trash Trig Truthers/UPDATE

Salon launched a two-fisted attack today on those who are not yet convinced that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. Justin Elliott’s “definitive debunker” is supported by former Anchorage Daily News reporter Wesley Loy’s recollection that–contrary to what he wrote at the time–Sarah actually did look pregnant in March, 2008.

That’s more than enough evidence for Jonathan Chait at The New Republic, whose blog post is headed, “Yes, Sarah Palin Is Trig’s Mom.”

The sudden wave of mainstream ridicule has not shaken the conviction of Jesse Griffin at The Immoral Minority, who says he’ll match his sources against Justin Elliott’s “any day of the week.”

All this comes at the end of a week that saw Huffington Post refuse to post Geoffrey Dunn’s article about the controversy, citing their “stated policy of not publishing conspiracy theory posts.” That’s a “policy,” by the way, that apparently does not apply to Donald Trump’s allegations that President Obama was not born in the United States. Business Insider was quick to step in, featuring Dunn’s post prominently.

For the moment, all I’ll say is that during my research for The Rogue, I spoke to an extremely knowledgeable source who had never before been willing to discuss the question of Trig’s birth. But my lips are sealed until September.


Not only did Huffington Post refuse to publish Dunn’s fair-minded and carefully-reasoned analysis (and he’d been a regular contributor there for the past couple of years) but today they feature this Jason Linkins jeremiad.

Is it purely coincidence that so many are suddenly so intent on insisting that there are no legitimate questions to be asked?