“The Oft-Defeated”: Dishonesty in Palin Propaganda Film Starts with Title

The movie about herself that Sarah will travel to Iowa to watch on Tuesday–unless she cancels her trip–is called “The Undefeated.”

How could a serious person, even a serious conservative, use that title for a movie about Sarah?

She was defeated, most famously, in her run for vice president in 2008.

Prior to that, she was defeated in her run for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor of Alaska in 2002.

Those are two defeats in tries for elective office.

But Sarah’s history of defeat is much more extensive.

She was defeated in the Miss Alaska pageant.

She was defeated in four different attempts to graduate from college before she finally managed it at University of Idaho.

She was defeated in her attempt to get a creationist majority elected to the Wasilla School Board in the early 1990’s.

She was defeated in her attempt to have abortion banned at the Mat-Su Valley hospital.

Before her election as Wasilla mayor, she was defeated when she applied for a position as dispatcher with the Palmer, Alaska, police department and was not hired.

After her election as Wasilla mayor, she was defeated in her attempt to appoint Alaska Independence Party and John Birch Society member Steve Stoll to the city council.

As mayor, she was defeated in her attempt to fire Wasilla librarian Mary Ellen Emmons in 1997, a move that nearly led to her recall.

As mayor, she was also defeated in the courts when she tried to build a new sports arena on land the city did not own—a defeat for which Wasilla is still paying.

She was defeated in her first attempt to hold down an appointed job, when she had to bail from her post on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in 2004, due to her inability to grasp the complexities of the commission’s work.

Mike Miller, the ultra-right wing candidate she supported against Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the 2004 GOP primary for U.S. Senate, was defeated.

As governor of Alaska, she was defeated in her attempt to have her ex-brother in law Mike Wooten fired from the state police.

Also as governor, she was defeated in her attempt to require teenagers to obtain parental consent for abortions.

Also as governor she was defeated in her attempt to have the state pay the expenses involved in her bringing her children with her on political trips, and her image suffered an even greater defeat when it was disclosed that she’d been billing state taxpayers a per diem charge for the more than three hundred days she spent at her Wasilla home while serving as governor.

Her reputation as an ethical reformer suffered another defeat when a state-appointed investigator found that she’d abused the power of her office in her attempt to have Wooten fired.

In 2009, she was defeated in her attempt to install her former personal attorney, Wayne Anthony Ross, as Alaska attorney general.

Subsequent to her resignation, it’s become clear that her strongest initiative as governor–the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA)–has proven a costly failure.

And last summer Sarah was defeated in her attempt to bully me into vacating the premises I’d rented next door to her on Lake Lucille.

Not to mention how many Tea Party candidates she supported last fall were defeated. (Anybody remember Christine O’Donnell? How about Joe Miller, in her own (former) state of Alaska?)

How many defeats is that?

More than enough to make an utter mockery of the title of the hagiographic propaganda film that she hopes–and no doubt prays–will pull her national political career out of its terminal free-fall.

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  • Linda1961:

    Wasn’t she defeated when she cut her vanity tour short? And Maggie Thatcher refused to see SP, so count that as another defeat.

  • B:

    I’d say being subject to a recall movement after she became Mayor is something of a defeat. (Not sure how far the process got.)

  • Alternate movie titles:

    My Big Fat Head: Watch It Grow
    Lying My Way to the Top of the Moosepile
    We’re All Bozos on This Bus (Tipping my hat to The Firesign Theatre)
    The Tea Party Express Bus to Nowhere
    Hot to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying
    North to Alaska (and Don’t Come Back!)
    The Grizzly Addams Family

  • missbirdie:

    There is one thing to her credit. She has survived every lie told about. She’s still going and living happily and for God. It’s not not “Undefeated” I don’t know what is.

  • curious:

    I actually read someone spin that the title referred to the way she keeps coming BACK from defeat, ergo – she’s not to be denied. Some tripe like that. I almost laughed my cereal up my nose.

    So was she defeated on her bus tour? Or the trip to Sudan? NO! I tell you a resounding NO!.

    She was not defeated, she had “civic duty” implying it was to sit on a jury. That took the MSM off on a new path but as the dust settles she seems to have immediately forgotten about it as she is jetting off to Iowa to appear at her movie. Interesting that she wants to show up to a free movie in a place she paints as a historic opera house but is more a place where they hold weddings. Now, wiser wags wonder how she could have been called for jury duty mid-month instead of the more traditional first to thirtieth. Now my guess it she won’t mention it again, assuming we will all be so grateful she’s back in our midst we’ll ignore her obvious lie.

    Some of her fans assume this is the start of another bus tour. I’ve heard she leased the bus out and regardless, will she want to spend the money to rename the tour and redecorate the bus since she’s in apparent violation of Copyright law. And of course we wouldn’t want her to violate anyone’s copyright when she just got her own TM.

  • Older_Wiser:

    Joe, it was Joe Miller, not Mike Miller.

    Glad to see you’ve got all her failures listed for us, though! Great resource.

  • Older_Wiser:

    Oh my bad–Joe Miller was in 2010. Sorry!

  • Melly:

    She is defeated in having people believe she gave birth to Trig Palin.

  • brbr2424:

    Think how much more pleasant the country would be if the Palmer Police department had hired her a dispatcher. As a bonus she would be able to get her truant children out of whatever pickles they got themselve into.

  • Sir Guestalot:

    She doesn’t look too happy these days–can’t even show up for “jury duty”–another defeat. And as far as God goes, I’d say he favors the prayers of those not among her “Prayer Warriors.”

    Here’s a good title for her film: “The Fundie-Fleeted.”

  • Melly:

    I was thinking that too. If only they had hired her…

  • mitch:

    I’ll be crude. She sucks. Why is so much attention paid to this cretin? Why isn’t she called onto the carpet of national debate and excoriated? Does she have some sort of magical powers? I think not. She needs to have the Louisville Slugger of in your face put downs stop her. And now. She is wasting all of our time. Get rid of this gnat! With Raid!

  • Joe:

    Yes, it was Mike and then Joe. They’re not related.


  • Kimberly:

    “She has survived every lie told about. She’s still going and living happily and for God.”

    Hahahahaha. Her kids hate her. Her husband cheated on her. God shut the door and the windows. When you look at Palin today along side photos of three years ago she is haggard. Why, because every lie SHE HAS TOLD is coming back to haunt her. If you call that survival, I’d rather be dead.

  • Leona:

    She will, apparently, attend the premiere of her self-promoting, self-glorifying movie in the little community of Pella, Iowa. Pella is a pretty conservative place, populated mostly with descendants of the Dutch settlers who established it a few generations back. Politics: conservative. Religion: Dutch Reformed, i.e. very conservative. Food: bland. Pella itself: clean, tidy, neat as a pin, nothing out of order.
    Personal behavior expected: conservative, as in “You do not promote yourself. You do not brag about yourself.”

  • Kimberly:

    “You do not promote yourself. You do not brag about yourself.”

    Which do you think she will wear those black thigh high fck me boots or the red strappy ho sandals.

  • Kate:

    Craig Christy’s FB wall is very interesting. Sexting a minor? reason why she quit? reason why emails missing during that time period? check it. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001670534857&sk=wall
    open to public. (check wall icon on left hand side of page)

  • Charity:

    I am nearly finished with ‘The Lies of Sarah Palin’ and horrified by her lack of knowledge regarding anything political. I knew she was not intelligent and mentally unstable but I didn’t realize she didn’t know who the Prime Minister of Canada was while she was supposedly working with Canada on the pipeline, among hundreds of other things she should know. What a crazy nut! Someone stop this lady. Now.

  • Felix:

    She was defeated in her dream of becoming a TV star when the viewership of her reality show plunged from five million for the first episode to 2.5 million for the last, and half the advertisements were commercials for TLC programs. No one wanted to watch the thing, or pay to air it.

  • Wow! Great summary of all her defeats Joe! Remember, also, too, the first show she did on Fox was the real American Stories and that show fizzled out after one airing.

  • FrostyAK:

    $palin – all lies, all the time. That disease has infected her bots as well.

    Joe, in your research did you a come across ANYthing she did that didn’t have a lie attached to it?

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    She lives for the money honey. God is just a vehicle to fleece the pocketbooks of the flock. Tell the Palinista’s what they want to hear, and they’ll fill her war chest with doubloons.

  • grammy97:

    N-I-C-E! I love a good chronology. And got a good giggle at seeing that you apparently have a troll lurking, waiting for new posts. 😀

  • Felix:

    And she was defeated in her brazen attempt to use her oldest daughter to attack the McCains, Levi Johnston, and various other targets. Instead, Bristol’s reputation has been dragged even lower than it already was, and the
    book is now 1,056 in sales on amazon, just days after publication. She’s helped to ruin the life of her child, and her grandchild forever.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Once it hits .99 cents, I’ll get it for kindling… just like Going Rogue. My daughter is always having backyard bonfires that need lighting!

  • diz:

    To Leona, sure hope your description of expected behavior runs deep with these Iowans and that not bragging about oneself includes not doing it by tearing down others with derogatory and inflamatory statements. If so, her regular fire and brimstone rant against the President ought to make the more polite among them feel a bit edgy and question whether she truly embraces any set of Christian morals. She has no civil manners and wears her resistance against them as a badge yet they are one key similarity in nearly every religion. That old Golden Rule, “do unto others……”. She has taught us how to treat her by her own actions and words. With scorn, disbelief and negatvity.

  • CassieJeep:

    Details, details, details.

    C’mon, Joe, Sarah doesn’t really view those as defeats, don’t cha know?

    In all seriousness, I truly believe if we could just give her the tiara and ermine robe that she still apparently covets, we could be rid of her.

  • sharon:

    Pretty good list of defeats there Joe! I’m still smiling. Thanks for posting that. Can’t think of anything more to say or add here. Except I cannot wait to read your book and sept seems so far away. But I kind of like the wait because as I sit here in anticipation and smiles, someone in Alaska is becoming more and more unhinged over how bad it’s gonna get for her. yah!

  • curious:

    The Iowans, at least the conservative ones, may be conservative and religious but most of them are the kind of religious people we’ve lost track of because the fundies have taken over. Let’s be patient and let her come in and rant. She may have some fundie fans who show up and whoop and holler but the vast majority of them will shake their heads and move on by. They have other things to do than worship someone other than the God they give their moral and spiritual lives to.

  • lilybart:

    She may think she has survived every lie SHE has told, but it is clear, the more people see her the lower her favorable ratings go.

    And why does she never mention Jesus?
    Easy to create a generic God in your mind, that talks to you and all, but Jesus expects very specific behavior from his followers, not lying, being kind and forgiving, not mean and vengeful, sowing peace and understanding, not hate and division. Would she like Jesus to hear her call someone “the Falafel Lady” and another one, “vajayjay?”

  • lilybart:

    She lied on the application, by the way, no surprise.

  • jenny:

    The most difficult part of the Palin meme is her inability to admit to how much she doesn’t know and the ramifications of such incuriosity. Obviously to all if us she has been defeated. But, admit it: Sarah Palin doesn’t think she has been defeated. This is a person with enormous self regard and a gratuitous lack of self reflection. I see it all the time among fundamental Christians. They really believe all their decisions reflect divine plan. “God is in charge.” These people have a disconnect in their perception of the world we will never ever understand.

  • Rocky in Texas said...:

    “The Hardly Ever Undefeated”

    Three things that she will never quit…

    01) Grifting

    02) Quitting

    03) Lying thru her teeth

  • omomma:

    There is nothing to credit her with, absolutely nothing. Unless it is making a public spectacle of herself and debasing the political process as it has evolved in the United States over a couple of hundred years.

  • omomma:

    Or maybe one of each, recalling a previous appearance in shoes too big and clothes too ill-fitting and dirty to be on public view.

  • lee:

    Back to Cruel Doubt. Looking forward to Sept.

  • themom:


  • Ginny Miller:

    Not Mike Miller but Joe Miller – You might want to correct that in the text. Thank you.

  • themom:

    Well I suppose she truly is “UNDEFEATED” since she does reside in her very own BIZARRE-O WORLD.

  • Ginny Miller:

    Never mind about my last comment. I missed, “2004 election against Murkowski.” I apologize for my mistake. I was thinking 2008 which you did mention. Sorry about that.

  • Ginny Miller:

    2010 NOT 2008. . .I’ll slink away now and leave the thinking to the rest of Joe’s intelligent commenters.

  • Clovis:

    Joe, with that extensive list it looks like you did alot of research when you were in Alaska last summer. If your up-coming book is anything like the list then I would say that it will be very difficult for any critics to say that you were unfair to the Palin. I too, am looking forward to reading your book when it comes out. I didn’t know three quarters of what you listed and I am sure that many of those who support her don’t either. It would have been nice if the journalists had done their jobs in vetting her back in ’08 and we wouldn’t have this gnat still around.

  • Joe:

    That’s okay, but don’t shoot from the hip. Please read before you write.
    And don’t forget that after writing THE ROGUE i’d be unlikely to get that wrong.


  • Ottoline:

    Can someone explain the posts on the blog at Kate’s link, pls? Joe, are you aware of it? Is it a deluded person or is it real? Kate’s link has someone accusing Palin of sexting a 17-yr-old boy in the months before the Palin resignation, which was because of the sexting. Says Palin is divorced based on her name in court (S Palin Heath). Other accusations as well. Joe, please tell us you know about this.

  • newmeximan:

    She has also survived every lie she has told. You may forget that, but the majority of Americans will not.

  • newmeximan:

    The Sea O’Pee has a review written by someone who attended a NY showing – and 25 people attending the director/producer cut. How many empty seats? Well, it was a NY theater.

    The Pella show is sold out, and I have been voting to bring to picture to as many theaters as possible, so that there will be many, many empty seats at the premiers, causing a cancellation of any run.

    I suggest many of you do the same. Vote to bring the propaganda nearby, and then make no monetary contribution toward the tripe.

  • JR:

    Spot-on remark by Curious above -that we will all be so grateful to have Sarah in our midst that we will forget all about the jury duty lie. That’s how she rolls – and it seems to work for her! Any bets on whether or not jury duty will be mentioned when the MSM is reporting on her movie debut (not counting Lawrence or Keith)?

  • Viva:

    That “theater” belongs to a video production house that has two screening rooms, 1 seating 68 and 1 seating 32 – so, 25 is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad number.

  • Viva:

    According to Mrs Palin herself she was roundly and soundly defeated and hounded from office by ethics complaints.

  • KarenJ:

    Mike Miller, 2004; Joe Miller, 2010.

  • krbmjb05:

    It’s simple – The Undefeated means she is undefeated from her “haters”. She is teflon Sarah. Nothing can bring her down….WINNING!

  • paulabflat:

    what? really? how?

    don’t leave us hangin’.

  • snowlady:

    I grew up in small town Iowa. Conservative, yes. Fools, no. By and large, I suspect the good people of Pella will be unimpressed.

  • paulabflat:

    how about those really, really big shoes she wore when, in the most unfair of all unfairnesses, she was allowed into the afterparty for the white house correspondents’ dinner.


  • paulabflat:

    no. no. save it for a group dramatic reading around the old firepit. just set up some user friendly potent potables and let everyone share aloud the inspirational words of this addle pated mini harpy.

    just the thing.

  • omomma:

    Um. I guess she knows ahead of time that she won’t be empaneled in a jury at the time of the Pella screening. Right?

  • Sir Guestalot:

    If only she were half as smart as Charlie Sheen…

  • paulabflat:

    no. wait. that’s not the intent of the golden rule. read it again.

    it’s “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” not “do unto others just like they do unto you.”

    i think you’re thinking more along the lines of karma, though, even that’s stretching it more than a bit. because, if you were to act as sarah does because what she does predicates how you behave, then you will be just as guilty as she. in the end. and. therefore, as a result subject to the same bad karma that one would think surely awaits her. remember when someone told you it wasn’t going to be easy? think they were kidding? nuh uh.

    do step carefully.

  • John Thomas:

    I was reading the article in the Alaska Dispatch about jury duty
    when I saw a side ad on the page that said:
    The Children’s Hospital of Providence receives prestigious 2010 national Eisenberg award for their newborn intensive care unit.
    This is Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage. Sooooo… they have a pretty good NICU then eh?
    Here is a page about it: http://www.providence.org/alaska/media/011211.htm

  • brbr2424:

    Bristol’s book is about as damaging to Sarah as her take on Paul Revere. Sarah doesn’t gain any new support with each new exposure to her and her family and her support base keeps wittling down and soon there will only be the truly deluded remaining.

  • brbr2424:

    Geoffrey covered that lie in his book. I can remember the lie. It had to do with her education. So many lies – it’s hard to keep track.

  • sallyngarland,tx:

    They are lying about where this film will be released also. They are saying it will be in Dallas. It isn’t. It will be in Grapevine,Tx-not even in Dallas County. It is between Ft Worth and Dallas. 44,000+ pop., 88.16% White, 2.36% black. That isn’t anything like Dallas or Dallas County because Dallas county is very diverse.( I’m in Dallas County and my city is a melting pot truly and I like it that way.) My mayor is African American, my doctor is from Pakistan, my hairdresser is from India, my neighbors are from the US, Mexico, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Jordan, India, Pakistan,China etc, etc. We don’t need some politician, who appears to have been hatched & raised on another planet without any knowledge of the real world, using Dallas in their lie. Sorry for my rant but it infuriates me because Dallas is a blue county now , and the bluest in Texas, and we don’t need her input. She can keep her oil too because we have enough.

    A question I do have. I am not a Rick Perry supporter and neither are many in Texas but I want to know why she is touted as an “oil expert” and Gov Perry isn’t. He’s been Gov for 10 years and in Tx politics forever and definitely knows all about oil as do all Govs in oil producing states. It is just another lie in a long list that goes on and on and on.

  • carollt:

    I don’t hate Sarah Palin krbmjb05 and I never will. I just want her to go away. Sarah always says that people who do not agree with her hate her; nothing could be further from the truth. So, I suppose this is another of her defeats. I DO NOT HATE SARAH.

    Jesus said you have to love everyone; even Sarah. Why does Sarah always speak of hate krbmjb05? I think she projects her own feelings, not mine.

    Hate is a very powerful emotion that will eat a person alive. Hate does more damage to the hater than the hated. I see what hate has done to Sarah; it is all over her face and it is not a very pretty sight.

  • carollt:

    Wonderful summation Joe. I would like to add two things to the list.

    Sarah is defeated every time she attempts to explain anything requiring actual facts.

    Sarah is defeated every time she attempts to speak English. I cannot count the times I have heard the Queen speak and said to myself “What did she just say; what does that mean”.

    Will the Queen actually go to Pella, Iowa, or will jury duty or some similar story keep her away? Who will pay for the Queen’s trip to Pella if she goes and what mode of transportation will she be taking. A private jet? I bet she makes the advance people she recently hired fly coach.

  • carollt:

    You can’t mention Jesus when you serve the God down below.

  • carollt:

    The war is not yet over newmeximan. It will continue until Sarah retreats. Time will tell if Sarah survives all the lies SHE has told.

  • ginger50:

    Don’t slink away….I had to reread again too. I thought the same as you did, easy mistake to make.

  • sallyngarland,tx:

    I bet she’ll use SarahPac because she can. I wonder if Greta is going with her.

  • carollt:

    I am sure Sarah will use SarahPac, but Sarah does not like spending her own money. And she appears to view SarahPac as her own private piggy bank. So, I think she will try to get someone else to pay; she always does. She even made at least one of the candidates she campaigned for in the primary pay her. Sarah campaigned for Karen Handel in the primary for the Governor of Georgia. Handel lost to Nathan Deal, but not before Sarah charged her $100,000 plus expenses for appearing on her behalf. This was all well reported when Ms. Handel reported her campaign expenditures. This is probably why Sarah never campaigned for Christine O’Donnell after the primary – Christine would not pay 100k.

  • lilybart:

    She is already over. The more people see and hear her, the lower her ratings go. So no, she has NOT survived the lies she has told.

  • lilybart:

    Nice try.

  • Nefer:

    I remember seeing a bit of that show, in a backlash story about how they took old interviews and re-packaged them, with some poorly-done voice over by Palin to refresh them.

    I remember how awkward and strained she was. In retrospect, I think Fox yanked the show as they recognized that she could not interview people, nor could she even do a voiceover tying other people’s interviews, narratives, and stories together. The ratings tanked because of her poor performance.

    She cannot fake the actual, genuine interest in another person or their story that a true interviewer must have. If you don’t care about the person, you have to at least have an interest in their story and how it ties into whatever story you want to tell. Even if all you care about is your own big fat ego and what the interview will do for you, you have to at least be able to put forth the effort and do the work to get the narrative you need.

    In Palin’s case, I think her narcissism is simply too overwhelming to even fake it. It seemed as though it was the hardest thing in the world for her to feign interest in others. She didn’t care about them. She didn’t care about their stories. And asking about them just further distracted people from her. She just could not do that. She wanted people fawning over her, asking questions about her. (“Never mind my overcoming quadriplegia and blindness to become a world class Olympics runner, Ms. Palin, I just want to tell you how fortunate we are to have you ready to lead this country. Pl;ease tell me more about yourself!”)

  • lilybart:

    Her bots may not understand if the bus in not there, if the bus is in some legal limbo, they just won’t get it.

    How dare another Trademark holder assert his rights against the Queen!

  • lilybart:

    Poor Sarah, her fans expect her to continue with the educational patriotic bus tour and now she has said it is not over, but I bet she is furious that she may actually have to get back on that damn bus!

  • Nefer:

    I think Sarah is going to Iowa because the president and an actual candidate (Bachmann) plan to be there. So she will be behaving like “real” candidates. I think she is quite pleased at having her silly hagiography appear there as she will count it as selling herself in Iowa without having to actually do any work. let alone actually answer real questions. And, hee-hee, that will fool the mean old FEC.

    But above all, I think she is envisioning the Hollywood red-carpet, waving to the adoring populace, camera flashes popping, limos, armloads of flowers, attention solely on her feeling, that she must be especially craving after her bus-tour debacle.

  • omomma:

    Guaranteed, if she actually goes, it will be one of the most embarrassing spectacles to date. Stand by…

  • carollt:

    You are correct Nefer; I forgot all about Michele Bachmann who is due to announce in Iowa on Monday, June 27, 2011. So, will Sarah come to town on Monday to steal Bachmann’s thunder just like she stole Romney’s thunder and just like she stole the Rolling Thunder.

    I must be losing it – I didn’t even think about Michele Bachmann. No wonder Sarah cancelled her previous plans. She didn’t know when and where Michele would announce until Bachmann herself announced the news at the New Hampshire debate two weeks ago.

    Ed Rollins is a well-seasoned political hand who now works for the Bachmann campaign. I bet Ed has a plan for old Sarah. Go Ed.

  • tom:

    this really is a new revelation and very damaging if true.
    this person is talking about and defending his son..so why would he get involved in lying since the evidence is in plain veiw??

    i have said repeatedly that palin is protected because to expose her would also expose more powerful people who have covered up her past.

    is she the drunk sex addict these posts say she is?
    has she had these affairs with teens this post claims??

    hardly hard work for a man of joes influences to uncover.

    what say you then………………………………………………………..?

  • Tewise:

    Thank you I needed that chuckle.

  • KatzKids:

    Since the owner of the name ONE NATION has sued her for trademark violation, I’m thinkin’ that may be the reason the bus is parked. She probably has a cease & desist ruling against her & it would be too embarrassing to admit the real reason. Hmmmm, she wants her name trademarked but has no problem with violating someone else’s trademark. Typical Palin behavior. Another defeat?

  • KatzKids:

    She thinks she’ll kill two birds with one stone by appearing in Iowa the same time as President Obama and Bachmann. Boy is she in for a big surprise! Bet she cancels when she discovers how small her audience will be. Another FAIL.

  • KatzKids:

    Even without being a dispatcher, she’s been very successful in having her children’s crimes, her sister-in-law’s crimes, Todd’s crimes, Curtis Menard’s death, Dar Miller’s death, and church records burned covered up and buried. Another area to add to her successes, grifting, quitting, lying, criminal activity unpunished or investigated. There’s more of course.

  • Amber Waves:

    She’s also been defeated – badly – in her attempts to change America’s perceptions of her.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    Another defeat was when she had to stay in her hotel in India and could not muster the strength to go out amongst the ‘brown people’ in the streets.
    Another one when she turned around outside of Jerusalem.
    Now, too, when she quit on Sudan.

  • lilybart:

    There was some rumor that it was Willow using her mother’s blackberry? Would be SO FUN if this were true…

  • FEDUP!!!:

    That would amount to MAJOR air pollution – being the pages are filled with so much toxic waste!
    A better use would be as birdcage liner, or for outhouse paper…

  • emrysa:

    great post, joe. I am wondering how in the world someone thought this was the best title, and whether or not this filmmaker was a fan or a foe.

  • tm68:

    Yes, something about a Master’s degree or something? Not that she actually HAD one, but was in the process of taking classes to GET one. I think there was something else, but I don’t have the book with me on vacation right now. Couldn’t bear to read it while I was trying to enjoy myself in sunny CA.

  • Sue:

    *dingdingding* We have a winner!

    Hot to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying

  • Sue:

    WINNING? Like toothless, unemployed, slut-boy crackie Charlie Sheen?

  • DKey:

    E-scaped the

    E-mbarrassment to
    E-ndlessly and
    D-issing Truth constantly.

  • rm:

    Makeup Tips: Sarah Palin Presidential Look

  • CougInPortland:

    …in the name of God. Nice job!

  • Psalm023:

    Not too many people would have the nerve to show up at a documentary about themselves and sit in there with the audience as the audience applauds…….kind of embarrassing; it’s like everyone HAS to cheer – the subject is sitting right behind you. And of course the free BBQ grub after is incentive enough to keep the audience supportive.

    Undefeated means to prevail over. How does one prevail over anything when they can’t prevail over their own house.

  • View_From_Here:

    God said “NO!” to $creech whining at the Wailing Wall when she went to Israel. Another defeat.

  • View_From_Here:

    She’s circling the bowl as we speak. It might take a wire coat hanger and another flush, but she’s going down.

  • Felix:

    Check out who owns AMC theaters, which is going to distribute “The Undefeated.”

    J.P. Morgan
    Bain Capital
    Carlyle Partners

    are just the beginning. It’d be worth the time of a real reporter to track down the big shots who own this conglomerate, and find out what their involvement is in promoting Sarah Palin’s agenda/

  • Nada Palinbot:

    My conservative, evangelical Christian parents (no need to disclose that they are Repulicans, too, right?) are horrified by the news that it appears $arah Palin encouraged her daughter to marry her rapist. After all, that’s exactly what she’s accusing Levi Johnston of doing – RAPING her. This family is such a hot mess and it’s sadly being played out for the world to witness. What an embarrassment for our country.

  • JOHN M.:

    You left out “Triumph of the Shrill”

  • It was and is the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District, not the Wasilla School District. Wasilla has no school district. And she and the others involved in attempting to get a solid fundamentalist school board here in the 90s were defeated. It is a never-ending battle, though.

  • Joe:

    Phil–You are quite right. My mistake. In THE ROGUE I get it right. Thanks for pointing out the error, and I agree that the battle is never-ending, even though Sarah no longer cares. Mat-Su Borough School District and the Palin family are not a good mix. Track never graduated from high school, Bristol did, but only through correspondence courses, Willow has been expelled, or has withdrawn, and Piper is the district’s most notable absentee.


  • Jeff in TX:

    “God” is a delusion for people whose minds are too frail or too lazy to grasp the complexities of life. I hope you get the help you need.

  • Bert:

    living happilly for God? you gotta be kidding. She views herself as the center of the universe. And God? Well he’s just a handy prop to get her to her rightful place of being declared Queen of heaven and earth. Sheesh. The woman knows no shame.

  • Xenon:

    How about “Yappy Daze”?

  • Peter Denes:

    They aren’t LIES that are being told about her. The truth sometimes hurts jackass! Just because she won’t admit defeat doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been defeated (over and over). As the saying goes, if you repeat a lie over and over again, someone will eventually believe you. That would be you, ‘missbirdie’. You are so caught up in her retarded bullshit of never admitting when she’s wrong, that you actually think her idiotic stubbornness is aadmirable. There’s another old saying: There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Leona:

    The Pella Chronicle for today, June 28, 2011, does not list anything Palin-related in its “Events” calendar. The news release printed in today’s Pella Chronicle, about “The Undefeated”, makes no claim that Palin will be there. Will she show up or will she not show up?

  • bills2pay:

    Perhaps the fine folks that are filled with so much hate for SP should study their history and reflect upon the life of Abrham Lincoln, who suffered many defeats and set backs ie failed businesses, failed election attempts etc before ultimately winning the presidency. He lost many things but was in fact not defeated.I also find it amusing to read about some of the things in which SP was “defeated”. Wow news flash she applied for a job as a dispatcher and did not get it, call in the TV crews. I’ll wager that if you dig back you can probably discover she was defeatd in her second grade spelling bee YET ANOTHER crushing defeat. Her basketball team probably lost some games, more defeats. I frankly can’t understand how she can hold her head up in public.

  • DocLow:

    How about: Ambitions Beyond Talent – The Sarah Palin Story

  • Limosis:

    Yes, I believe that is why it is called “Undefeated” – that is the spin, you are right. She keeps coming back, like a turd that won’t flush!

  • Dave:

    Typical comments from Obama slaves. Rag on Palin to take the focus off Obama’s monstrous abomination he calls a presidency.
    Good thing that being defeated doesn’t mean you lose once in a while. Well… according to most of you it does but… that just shows how many of you are uneducated liberal play toys for the democratic party; you know, like over 80% of Obama supporters (fact-look up the IQ difference between reps and dems; huge difference in favor of reps). Being “undefeated” in the way she is using the word (words do have more than one meaning btw), means she has not given up on winning the war despite losing a battle now and then. I suppose most of you would have just thrown in the towel and quit life after placing 3rd in the Miss Alaska pageant.
    “Undefeated” is a perfect name cause she ain’t done. She will only be “defeated” when she gives up all-together. You’re not defeated because you lose; you’re defeated because you give up. She didn’t give up on Alaska when she was Governor. Her staying governor meant hundreds of thousands of Alaska’s dollars were going toward bogus ethics complaints; you know, the ones like her wearing an Arctic Cat jacket in the winter because her husband was sponsored by Arctic Cat. Real legit stuff those ethics complaints were.

    To Joe: As to the Bristol jab, graduating through correspondence courses is just as honorable as graduating from a school. You actually give up a lot by doing it the way she did. As to your Willow jab, “expelled or withdrawn” is a huge difference. She was not expelled but she did withdraw. She withdrew so she could take correspondence courses. Tell me this; where is your degradation of Obama’s sack drainage for not going to the public school down the road?

    Palin may be president and she may not be. Either/or, she will never be defeated.

  • Ardnas:

    Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake:for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against ;you falsely, for my sake.
    rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. (found in Matthew Chapt. 5).

    Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:
    But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.
    If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God rests upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified. (found in 1 Peter Chapt. 4)

    …Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate hyou, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute your… (found in Matthew Chapt.5)


    Be careful how much you think you know. Think about it…..be serious…..