“The Undefeated”: 2-Hour, $1Million Palin Commercial to Premier in June–in Iowa!









Scott Conroy, co-author of the 2009 quasi-bio Sarah from Alaska:  The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar, announces on RealClearPolitics that a film described as “Sarah’s Secret Weapon” will premiere in Iowa in June.

The film has been financed and produced by Stephen K. Bannon, an ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker previously known for In The Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed, and such other right-wing red meat feasts as Fire from The Heartland and Generation Zero.

Bannon clearly has money and anger to burn, and he’s now all-in with Sarah.

Laugh him off at your own (or our) peril.

Conroy, who obviously has gained membership in Sarah’s current coterie, tells all about the upcoming epic. I won’t even attempt to summarize. Read about it here and don’t blame me if you gag.

My friends and readers, I’ve said all along–and you can go back and look at earlier posts here–that Sarah will run for president next year. Some of you have accused me of taking that position only in an effort to hype THE ROGUE. Those sentiments were not even worth responding to.

I urge one and all to read Conroy’s story, which obviously was written with Sarah’s approval, and perhaps even at her behest.

Can anyone who reads it, and who is aware of Sarah’s move to Scottsdale, seriously doubt that she plans to take down President Obama?

If so, please explain your thinking, because, to me, the writing on the wall could not be clearer: JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO FORGET HER, SHE’S BACK IN YOUR LIVES AGAIN.

For “your,” read “our.”

The drums of ugliness may seem faint and in the distance now, but they’re going to grow louder and closer.

And don’t laugh them off, as Bill Maher, David Letterman and Rosie O’Donnell are shown laughing off Sarah in this film.

Her people are out there, they are numerous, they are angry: and there is not another credible Republican candidate in the race.

Up to this point, Sarah has laughed all the way to the bank.

Now she hopes to laugh all the way to the White House–swept there by a tidal wave of “real” Americans who don’t like elitist liberals (i.e. for a start, anyone with a college education) portraying them as racist, pitchfork-carrying buffoons.

Neither Romney nor Pawlenty can active them, but Sarah can.

And she plans to. Because God is telling her to do so.

Oh, man, this makes what I’ve written in THE ROGUE about how steeped she is in Christian Dominionism all the more relevant. She truly believes her “prayer shield” will keep her invulnerable to attacks between now and election day 2012.

After that, she’ll lay down the shield and pick up the sword of fire with which she’s waiting to smite all of us who do not see her as Queen Esther.

We laugh at her and call her a joke, but she’s serious. And she has big bucks behind her, and nothing to lose.

We’d better stop laughing now, or she’ll have us all crying out for mercy on Inauguration Day, 2013.

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  • kathleenpoliticalgates:

    And agreed! We have been saying the same thing since she resigned. We even spelled out the warning signs in numerous posts.

    Sarah Palin is no joke and she simply cannot be allowed to become President of your United States. Please do not let her.

    This is an issue for all of the world — not simply the USA. If Sarah Palin becomes the President there will be fire and destruction. Of that I have no doubt.

  • mxm:

    What will stop her?

  • Common sense:

    oh, she’ll run. more PR. There are 4 movies coming out in the next year ish. This film, the british docu that looks at her childhood and promises to be positive, whatever film Gryphen knows about and Game Change which will no doubt be highly dramatized and a spectacle.

    Sarah’s got nothing to lose. Her family’s behind her. They’ve known about this for years. that house in AZ has been in the works for a year.

  • Dusty:

    American cannot survive a Palin run or presidency.

  • CMG:

    Joe! Please get a grip! Yes, she’ll attempt to run, but there is a very small chance she’ll get any where near the Republican nomination. She’s got no organization for the primaries and she’s got some heavy hitters in the Republican camp dead set against her.

    Please — don’t forget her remarkably negative polling numbers — they are HUGE in this picture. How many of the Significant Majority of Republican voters and Overwhelming Majority of Independents and Democrats are going to bother watching some 2 HOUR Palin propaganda feature. I don’t care how “artfully” it is made (and nothing she has produced in any medium so far has been other than pathetically amateur — Sarah Palin’s Alaska? Really? It went down in flames just like this will).

    Yes, she’s dangerous and divisive. But it’s important to keep some perspective. She is sick and she is doomed to always self-destruct — and the vast majority of voters see her for what she is: a grifter and a liar, uneducated and always quick to ignore good advice.

    Calm down. For every 2 hour fantasy film, there are truth tellers: you, Mr. Dunn, and Frank Bailey. Who knows who else might step forward with damaging truths about her?

    Looking forward to your book, now more than ever.

  • 2012???:

    Let her run. America needs comedy. That said, this is not Alaska. This is the United States and Palin will need more than the racists to win the presidency. She will find out like McCain that you can’t win with just the uneducated. Blacks will not vote for her nor Latinos. (Palin winning the nomination will guarantee a large turnout by these two groups) Asians won’t support her, Muslims….naw. She may tap in the Jewish vote but in the end Palin will go down in defeat again to Barack Obama. She may never recover if she loses to Obama again.

  • 2012???:

    BTW…..Palin runnin in 2012 means multiple appearances of Tina Fey on SNL. America wants to see Tina bust out the flute again as she reminds the US what a cartoon character Palin is.

  • laprofesora:

    Sounds like typical Scarah; someone else made the movie and financed it, she wasn’t even interviewed. She’s going to run for POTUS by letting somebody else do all the work.

  • LeahJ:

    She won’t get the majority of the Jewish vote. The way she talks about Israel is CREEPY to any Jew I know.

  • g:

    The more exposure she gets the less people like her. She can make her movies. SShe’s already a joke, they’ll make her a bigger joke.

  • Neil:

    All palin has are the most racist under educated rednecks that exist in the United States.They are a very small minority.Now she may believe God is telling her to run but I’m sure Harold Camping believed God told him that the rapture was going to happen last Saturday too.More right wing delusions,if palin runs she will be but a grease spot on the road.The fact of the matter is if the media would just ignore her she would go away and leave it to the adults to take care of the world and its problems.And I for one could not be happier if that happened.

  • Freesia:

    I was just watching earlier some video of my President in England. Dignified, gracious, intelligent and on his way to the G8.

    To go from that to Palin? Unthinkable. But… it could happen because we all know Republicans are desperate, that Palin has big money from “Christian” Dominionism to Big Oil to Koch to Murdoch funding her (and btw they all know she’s an illiterate aging beauty queen harpy with about another year of shelf life. They don’t care. She’d do what they want and they can hire their own good time gals. They laugh at her. They’re happy to use her.) And we all know they can steal an election. They already did. And they already put another illiterate dud in office doing so. They’re fearless.

    I read this on Immoral Minority and I laughed and then paused and frankly felt kind of sick:

    “Bannon dramatizes the theme of Palin’s persecution at the hands of her enemies in the media and both political parties, a notion the former governor has long embraced. Images of lions killing a zebra and a dead medieval soldier with an arrow sticking in his back dramatize the ethics complaints filed by obscure Alaskan citizens, which Palin has cited as the primary reason for her sudden resignation in July of 2009.”

    I can see her in her cave in AZ with the thing that carries around her purse, munching Crunchwrap Supremes before she goes and purges to keep her figure, getting off on her persecution and watching animals die. Then probably putting in “The Passion of the Christ” and thinking how much they look alike.

    She’s sick, Joe. Disgustingly sick. But people who are sicker and wealthier don’t care. I’m not afraid of her. I’m afraid of them.

    Lord how I loathe John McCain. She’s his doing.

  • omomma:

    I’m with you sir. That’s why I stay glued to the few blogs dedicated to tracking her every step. They attract their share of nutcases [perhaps including me] but she is a certified, genuine American demagogue, not to be ignored as some kind of aberration. Anyone who cares about our future as a nation should be keeping very close watch on this dangerous person.

  • Jewels:

    They’re not too original with the film title.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Undefeated_(1969_film) The Undefeated is a 1969 American Western film starring John Wayne and Rock Hudson.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undefeated Undefeated is a 2003 HBO television movie starring John Leguizamo.

  • Joe:

    No worries, mate. I’m calm, and I have a grip. It’s the Palinists out there who are not calm, and who don’t have a grip, who concern me. I don’t think there are any “heavy hitters” in the GOP right now (except maybe Roger Ailes?) And, no, of course Sarah’s deriders won’t watch this film. But all those who flocked to “Going Rogue” book signings will, plus many more who cannot abide a black man named Obama–who they think is a Muslim born in a foreign land–in the White House.

    It’s the fact that there IS such a film forthcoming that worries me. Those who agree with you (and me) that’s Sarah’s a grifter, a liar, and sick are not the intended audience. It’s the currently slumbering racist/right wing Christian dominionist base that will be awakened and energized by it.

    I agree with you that she’s unlikely to get the GOP nomination, but even her trying for it can only hurt us.

    And if you really believe that the current books, or even mine in September, can knock her off her chosen course, then you have more faith in the power of the written word than I do.

    Sarah’s followers do not read books, except the Bible, and those ghostwritten for Hannity, Beck, Coulter and Palin herself. All they do is hate the writers.

    Lastly, polling numbers this far in advance (including negatives) turn to dust in the wind once the campaign actually starts.

    But thanks for your thoughts. I hope you are right on every count.


  • laprofesora:

    WE WILL!!! We elected the first black president in the history of this country, we can stop a grifter from AK.

  • Rocky in texas said...:

    I hope she doesn’t have DieBold Voting Machines, et.el., behind her or we are really screwed.

  • laprofesora:

    Apart from her crazy ‘bots, of course, maybe keeping Sarah Palin from the White House is the one thing that can unite the rest of this country.

  • Rocky in texas said...:

    Please keep up your good work at politicalgates kathleen…

    We need all the help that you, Patrick, et.el., can provide to expose the Fraud palin for who she truly is.

  • Mac:

    What I wish us libtards etc. could grasp is her leverage of new media. Sad to say, who ever designed her strategy is brilliant. Of course we don’t have a dominant central figure t o spread the propaganda, and to think of it, it there were a $araesque figure head on my side of the fence spewing the march in lockstep instructions I’d run for the hills anyway. How do we systematically present enough rationally material to connect the dots for voters so that they cannot elect her. I would not be surprised at a Palin candidacy anticipating support from previously silent voters activated by new media

  • sallyngarland,tx:

    Palin is playing the same game now that she did in 2005.

    Oct. 11, 2005
    MARK KELSEY\Frontiersman managing editor

    “Months of speculation about the political future of Sarah Palin can be laid to rest – at least for the short term.

    The former Wasilla mayor and a GOP 2002 primary candidate for lieutenant governor filed a letter of intent Monday afternoon with the Alaska Public Offices Commission to seek statewide office in 2006. Which office she will seek – and whether she will do so on a party ticket – are questions that remain a mystery. The longtime Republican said she will decide in the coming months whether she will run for governor or lieutenant governor, and if she will do so as a Republican or an independent.”

    more at the link

    It appears Palin is playing the coy game, trying to make the Republican party uneasy and make herself look like the savior on the national stage just like she did in AK.

  • Marie:

    Will the investment in this film count as a campaign contribution? How long do you think Roger Ailes will keep her on the air now?

  • Joe:

    Yup. And who became Alaska governor in 2006?


  • Jaguar:

    She’s had a lot of time to re-brand her image, polish up on current events, maybe take some of those refresher couses for Adult Learners, she could have spent a lot of time preparing for it, because her followers can only get her so far, and she’ll have to go before the main stream media and do some serious political dialogues with people who are more seasoned, more experienced, more qualified than she ever was. She went for the brass ring and made millions. I always hoped she WOULD run. The GOP is fractured, the tea party has lost it’s way and they’re looking for someone who’s the antitisis of Palin as a leader.

    Remember, she’s going up against a President with a proven track record, a poker face, and the skill set to use his brain and stay focused. He’s still got a lot on his plate, he’s not perfect, but he’s accomplished a lot against tremendous odds, It’s a quality vs quantity thing, Palin’s had too much exposure, and not enough substance.

    Can’t wait for September, I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  • Freesia:

    Mr. McGinnis?

    Please tell me that when your book comes out in September that it’s a book that doesn’t just explore a psychology for the sake of a good read (and I’ll read it) but peels the layers off a fraud in on uncertain terms. And please tell me that you have a very good agent who has already booked you for a tour not to just cozy little liberal bookstores but to big chain stores and not only in LA and NY but also to Minneapolis, Atlanta, Louisville, Dallas and Nashville and New Orleans. And please tell me that you’re going to be discussing it not just on Ed and Rachel and Lawrence where you’ll be preaching to the choir, but also the local affiliates for ABC, NBC, CBS in medium sized town America deep south and the other sized towns in the heartland, upstate NY and in southern Virginia, western PA.

  • Heidi3:

    Considering this latest abomination, doesn’t Roger Ailes have to make a move re Palin’s contract with FOX? Any further Palin appearances there are essentially free campaign ads.

  • KarenJ:

    Well, if “the movies” are the only way to reach the average American voter who hasn’t been paying to this obsessed woman, maybe someone who knows Michael Moore can convince him to enter the cinematic battle…

  • KarenJ:

    “The Undefeated”? Yeah, she lives in her own Fantasyland all right. I suppose she thinks John McCain was the only one of the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008 who was defeated. And she’s obviously suppressing her failed lieutenant governor bid in 2002.

  • EatMoreFish:

    I believe that $arah will remain hedging her bets as long as possible to milk the media, and she may even enter the race because she is so insatiable for attention. But I agree with CMG that $arah will not prevail with Republicans or American voters. But she won’t care because all the while she will be in the spotlight.

    Joe, the main reason I can’t agree with your assessment is because $arah will not be able to remain in hiding; she will have to appear/talk to all media and hold political discourse with other candidates.

    Please explain why you think $arah can side step all that and still be a viable candidate –

  • Beth deris:

    I wouldn’t be so worried about Palin if I didn’t think that this is some kind of take over of our country by the likes of the Kock bro’s and Murdock. Elections are bought and elections are fraud. There’s big buck’s behind Palin, if they want her in (Koch’s and Murdock). they’ll get her in. I don’t trust our voting system anymore anything can be rigged, one vote for Obama and it registers 2 for Palin. Koch bro’s and Murdock have the money to fix anything. This is why Palin has no shame. She’s backed by these people and being told “Your going to be our next President” and this is why she has no fear. One thing that does make me feel good. They can make a 2 hour film about Palin but I’ve been watching a 3 year movie on her. I definately believe the movie I’ve been watching. Another thing, I have the Fire in my Belly and will campaign hard against this INSECT.

  • EatMoreFish:

    Also too: check out the revelations about Bannon and the Paylin ‘film’ at Politico — in the comments. Nasty stuff.

  • LeahJ:

    Her strategy isn’t brilliant. It hasn’t worked for her so far. And youth , who are the primary users of new media, do not like her message. You sound more like a bot than a liberal.

  • LeahJ:

    Come on! You have no idea if she’s financially backed by Murdoch and the Koch brothers. You really don’t. We hate their politics but they aren’t stupid people. Sarah is not controllable because she is a diva. I can see them backing Bachmann over Sarah any day.

  • claire:

    Does Palin believe that if she just refuses to go away, we will give up and support her? Because, really, that’s what’s happening: Palin isn’t growing in popularity. On the contrary, she is losing ground. What is happening is that she refuses to leave.

  • Sarah HalfTime:

    I can see Sowah now tryin to decide…
    “oh gosh Toad, what should I do? Run for POTUS or got on DWTS?”

    (The Quitter was at the live final taping of DWTS tonight. You all know she has to up one on her girl Bristol…)

  • AKRNC:


    Please don’t give her so much credit. You should have written “Palin attempts to take down Obama”. She won’t be successful. Remember all those polls that said over 70% of the people in this country would NOT vote for her. She’s done NOTHING to gather new supporters, instead she’s been more divisive than ever. I also don’t think she was counting on Bailey’s book coming out when this film was made.

    After reading Dunn’s book and being reminded of how she fell apart during campaigning and how she will not keep to a schedule, she has no chance of having a well-run campaign. Who is going to work with her if she keeps that up? She won’t be able to gain anyone with experience with her reputation preceding her. Also with much of the GOP against her, many won’t want to take the chance of working with her knowing it could affect future employment possibilities.

    If all this had happened last year, I’d have said she’d have a shot at the nomination but she’s been making too many mistakes. She’s not savvy, she’s manipulative and her lying has grown to be far too well known. Those in the GOP, especially the ones who have been there for years, won’t tolerate her coming in and ruining the party. They know enough to take her down and I have that on fairly good authority due to a family friend who was a key player years ago and still stays on top of things. They also know she can’t be “handled” by anyone behind the scenes and won’t listen to advisors no matter what. The nomination is not going to be hers no matter how badly she wants it. I know she thinks she can do whatever she wants, no matter who gets hurt but this time around, she’s playing with the big boys and girls that are far more experienced than she will ever be.

  • Beth deris:

    She’s backed by THE BIG BOY’S. They use her because they know once they have her they have controll but Diva thinks she has them . You have to get into a good game of Poker or Craps, always have 3 one to lose and 2 to win and all 3 come out winners, called the buddy system. Oh she’s definately backed by Murdock, she works for him, he wants a republican in. Koch bro’s you better believe, Walker did.

  • Freesia:

    I’m remembering that line from “Fried Green Tomatoes.” :

    ” A lady always knows when it’s time to leave”.

    But then Sarah isn’t a lady. Never has been. Never will be. She’s a crass and shabby slob who turns everything she touches crass and shabby.

  • AKRNC:

    Sarah’s movie is reeking of desperation on her part. She knows she’s in trouble because Bristol’s stint on DWTS, her second book and her reality show, she continued to sink further in the polls. Then she topped it off with her blood libel speech!

    I don’t think this movie is going to do her any favors, has anyone else ever had to go to this length to try to achieve a nomination? Never! No matter what she does, she won’t gain supporters.

    I’ll bet the current edition of the film will have to be edited now that Bailey’s book is out, revealing all her lies. She can’t have a movie that contradicts everything that she said in her own emails. The joke is on her this time around.

  • newmeximan:

    I do not doubt that $arah wants to be President, but I carefully read her PAC filings every quarter. Crawford has tried to hide some expenditures, but the income is there for all to read. She does not have the needed money behind her, yet. And I doubt Murdoch and Koch Industries would place her in power without the certainty they could control her. If she blows up the planet, it would hurt their margins and their legacy.

    I have even considered doing a business database, so that liberals and moderates can boycott the people who give her money. Starve the beast.

    That said, her mental illness has been left to fester for far too long. She may believe that there are enough conservatives to defeat the moderates and liberals. While it is true there are more conservatives in our nation than liberals – not all conservatives are social conservatives. She will galvanize the middle to turn out against her. The majority of Americans do not want to live in a nation where the 10 commandments supersede our Constitution.

  • I agree, she doesn’t have the minority votes and most people I know think she’s an idiot including Republicans!

  • I thought about that after reading the article Joe links to. I think she needs to be taken out of the newsroom pronto:


  • Older_Wiser:

    Is this movie supposed to be Palin’s “Triumph of the Will”??

    Pure propaganda.

  • Older_Wiser:

    Agree totally.

  • Lidia17:

    True. “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” turned off many previous supporters, who figured out that she wasn’t the huntress/sportswoman she claimed. When they saw she couldn’t load her own gun… pfft.

  • Lidia17:

    Ya think, LeahJ??
    Maybe the “us libtards” was a clue!! Bwa ha ha!!

    These ‘bots are sooo dumb.
    Go look over at C4P and it’s just the same handful of people in the echo chamber. So much for Palin’s “mastery” of the “new media”. Even THEY know that she doesn’t even write her FB posts and tweets, or at least the smarter among them know it, damn well.

    Look at this hot mess from the other day:

    11:08 (my time): SarahPalinUSA: Media: pls press Obama on his murky, inciting directive he delivered twice now to ally Israel re: slicing Israel. Did he misspeak? Or…

    11:17 SarahPalinUSA: Barack Obama’s Disregard for Ally’s Security Begs Clarity http://fb.me/KHdhIO7L

    The first tweet—INCOHERENT—is Sarah. The second tweet is “cleanup on Aisle 5” by RAM or someone else.




  • Lidia17:

    Claire, there was an hysterical “music video” from way back that had Palin down cold!:


    Still tappin’ my toes to this one.

    Maybe this one of the “voters activated by new media” that “Mac” was talking about, above?
    “Voters activated by new media” see right through Palin’s shit.

  • Nothing speaks to the amount of power one has more than plunking down 1.6 million dollars in C A S H to purchase a new home just after building a second home next door to a first home only miles from a cabin retreat. And then there’s the house that her daughter just paid cash for as well.

    The thought of Palin on a ballot scares the holy crap out of me. Do people really believe she’ll play by the rules? That her minions will play by the rules? Sarah’s name on a national ballot will bring Palinesque dirty deeds into the election process and there will be serious cases of voter intimidation and voter fraud making Al Gore’s ‘hanging chads’ pale in comparison.

    I worry for the smaller communities who have had issues with ballots in the past or those communities (ie Reno Nv) who voted properly and in good faith – but the votes of aprox. 32,000 Americans never made it to the national count.

    Just look at Wisconsin. They are already paving the way for election fraud by attaching unprecedented, impossible to comply with regulations to the voting stations.

    Sarah Palin on a ballot would be a nightmare that would so hurt our country it could actually crack under the divisiveness.

    I worry all the time – not that there aren’t more voters sane enough to back Pres. Obama, but that the collective votes won’t all be counted.

  • brbr2424:

    God was talking to Camping through numbers. He miscalculated. Rapture is now in October. He figures the third time will be the charm. Math is hard.

  • ‘We’ need to stop thinking the world is fair and rational. Rational doesn’t always win the day. Republican and Democratic candidates may think in terms of gathering support. But…

    Sarah Palin isn’t after ‘supporters’. She’s after ‘followers’. And those are far easier to get. And of those ‘followers’ she only needs a handful who are willing to take a bullet for their queen to impact a national election that is already unreliable and vulnerable to corruption.

  • Heidi3:

    Exactly, Phil – thanks for pointing out the link. All eyes are now on Ailes, and it’s a matter of him making a decision in hours, not days. Any non-move by him, say, by averting his eyes from the obvious, will land him in a pile of crap not only with the already suspended FOX contributors, but the campaign/election laws. It’s not so fine a line anymore Mr. Ailes, and we’re all watching.

    Did she play him like a fiddle? Was she disingenuous? Did she lie by omission? All of the above! He won’t be too happy, considering how she ‘went rogue’ on his advice about laying low after Tucson. Hee hee hee – Palin vs. Mr. FOX hizzownself, (and Murdoch?) – yikes. May the sleaziest housewife lose.

  • carollt:

    This is a democracy and any fool can run. The question is can any fool win? And can the fool who is running fool enough people to win. The Queen will try to run on personality and the politics of hate instead of policy, yet she will insist that all media only ask her about policy (questions she cannot answer).

    The Democratic win in NY 26 gives me some hope that my fellow Americans are not fools. That district was won because Republicans have finally gone on record in support of abolishing Medicare and block granting Medicaid while giving more tax cuts to the wealthy (the so-called Ryan Plan). Sarah is on record as supporting the Ryan plan. What Sarah cannot answer is what is her plan for anything? Bill O’Reilly asked her about her plan in the Gulf of Mexico and she answered that we ought to call the Dutch. Chris Wallace asked her what her policy for leading America forward was and she said we should follow Reagan and do what he did. Can you imagine Reagan having a policy that basically said we should do what Ike did? Sarah was for the Libyan intervention before Obama intervened and now she is against it. I do believe that Sarah’s basic policy is whatever Obama is for, she is against. That is the message she will take to the low-information voter she is trying to fool.

    Will the good folks in Iowa be fooled by Mrs. Palin? Right now I would say no, but one cannot underestimate Mrs. Palin.

  • Heidi3:

    Lidia17 – I read that series of comments. Do you know that there was actually a discussion about who “Ally” was?? As in, “Ally’s” might be a person!

  • Tservo:

    Palin will run for the presidency. She seems to have taken to heart that Blues Brothers line: she’s on a mission from God!
    That said, I don’t think Sarah Palin has the stamina for such a campaign. Running for president is a grueling, harsh business fraught with land mines.
    Also, Palin is quite paranoid- she and her ‘bots see any media without her overt consent as ‘hit pieces’.Where ever these things are published, that organization goes on her active enemies list.
    The GOP muscle is not behind her and I doubt they ever will be.

    Yet she will run. Then she will get stressed about some seemingly small issue, blow it up out of proportion, and quit.
    She will blame the media, victimization complete.
    This scenario is the only way for Palin to hold onto her dwindling rooster of supporters, while not having to do too much icky political work.

    Oh, when she quits, she will drag Trig into the reason why, so this freedom loving mother of 5 will look extra beleaguered.
    BTW, who really takes care of her boy, anyway?

  • BluedogAK:

    I would like to think she couldn’t be elected, but as we all know from bitter experience, presidential elections are far more complicated than the equation of one person = one vote. Even if she doesn’t win, she will wreak havoc and spread chaos as the Godzilla formerly from Wasilla.

    I considered her post-campaign career a pathetic joke until last year during the health care debate. With a few toxic and simple-minded tweets and Facebook notes, she managed to contribute mightily to derailing the entire country from having a halfway reasonable and intelligent discussion about how to solve health care costs and insurance reform. And, I will confess, she enraged me. She enraged me. I’m now part of the hate-filled electorate smoldering in the heart of this country. This dynamic is not good for me, and it’s certainly not good for our nation, our society, our humanity.

    I often wonder how many years she has set us back from resolving such problems because of her stunning talent for acting as a magnifying glass that refines and then amplifies the incoherent rage of the minority who follow her. She has intensified that rage into a weapon, and her scorch marks can be seen across the political and social landscape. This is, of course, why her acolytes adore her and so many decent people despise and fear her.

    But it’s not her I fear so much as her capacity to distract and divide and destroy at the very time when Americans need to become more cohesive, more purposeful, more mature.

    She does not have to win the election to fracture this country further. All she has to do is show up and let loose that bitter tongue. I am sorry that because it’s very late, I cannot recall who recently wrote so insightfully that she does not even necessarily WANT to win the presidency, because the presidency would require a level of work and thought she’s incapable of supplying. (Perhaps it was Joe?) We saw this weakness in her here in Alaska–she loved being the governor and hated governing. Her greatest desire may very well be only to revive her celebrity, to polish that narcissistic reflection until it blinds all of us, and to fill her coffers with cash by the bulldozer-load.

    Meanwhile, we ants feel an uncomfortable heat rising around us. . .

  • Older_Wiser:

    One cannot underestimate the power and pull of fascism, either.

  • cranberry:

    Well, the one good thing about all of this is that it presents, in the fully light of day, the opportunity to shine a light on the ignorance and fear (disguised as religion) that lurk in the dark corners of our country. It is the energy of that fear and ignorance that Palin and her ilk ride on.

  • sjk from the belly of the plane:

    when fox fires her I’ll believe shes running. til then, “cant run. wont run” is my stance.

  • 2012???:

    A couple of things to take in consideration.

    1) Last night, the GOP lost a seat in the House that has been Red forever. The last representative who won that seat won it with over 70% of the vote. The GOP want to kill Medicaid and the people in NY-26 realized that their party was no longer on their side so they voted Blue and in comes a Democrat. Had this been three years ago, the Republicans would have recruited Sarah Palin to rally the voters in NY-26 to vote for the Republican but today all you hear is crickets. Shows how much love the GOP have for Palin. After the events of last year, they know Palin is all about her not them.

    2) In 2008, Palin entered the Presidential campaign on its final leg. There was no time to probe deep in the history of Sarah Palin. The bit of information found was damming and it did hurt the McCain campaign but some how Palin was able to skate through and found success among her Palin-bots. If she declares to run for the Presidency, there is no holding back. This is what the media have wanted all along. Let me explain. Sarah Palin is a private citizen. Yes, she was an elected official but she resigned and chased the cash but she no longer held office. Going after her would be like going after Britney Spears. There is no endgame there. If she declares then it is game on and everything is on the game including Trig. Just like the media fueled the “Obama was born in Kenya rumors” they will run with “is Sarah Trig’s mama?” and they probe and probe until it drives Sarah mad.

  • Lynne:

    At first I was a bit taken back by this news and then allowed it to settle in. Sarah is her own worst enemy. She was convinced that she would be loved if only she could reach out to the lower 48 without the “media filter” and has limited her “media” involvement to Fox news, facebook, tweets, several “documentary” segments on her reality show, tidy little tabloid bits where she controls the message in every single one of the above. Has it helped? Let’s look at the evidence: Her poll numbers have consistently declined since she was rolled out in August 2008. All of her efforts, including her ghost written books, to allow us to get to know her without the pesky media filter she refers to, haven’t helped her one bit. This 2 hour epic, if released without the chatter and overexposure of the last two years of pimping herself, might have helped. In this case, it will only help to reinforce the notion that she is ambitious to a fault. She has shown no self-discipline whatsoever. She quit her job to become a celebrity, and in her mind, she thinks that if she can just get that message of “common sense” out there, that we will all finally accept her. But she overplayed her cards already. We’re tired of Sarah Palin and her fringe may love her, but she cannot win in the general.

  • Kelsey:

    Joe, do you have plans to write about the chicago mafia in the future? They have an alarmingly amount of power and frightening influence. I mean they did just help get elected the most dangerous man who’s ever been in the WH.

  • Older_Wiser:

    Kelsey, we know you’re “Uffda” of Barbarians infamy. What’s it like sitting up in WI seeing your idiot govenor going down to the defeat of his agenda?

  • pcbedamned:

    I think that the whole “Atlas Shrugged” fiasco says all there is to say about the “We Want Our Country Back” movie crowd…


  • Montrealer:

    If the majority of American voters are dense enough to elect this grifting ignoramus as POTUS and leader of the free world, Kathleen, then the level of ridicule & derision the country experienced from other nations during the Bush regime will be nothing compared to what will happen if Palin & her brood take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Sadly, the respect the U.S. has gained with the election of President Obama will be replaced with repulsion.

  • justamom:

    Palin is frightening. She is NUTS and delusional. I have never in my life been so afraid of anyone becoming president until she came along. Have I not liked presidents or candidates – absolutely. However, most of them at least had some brains and listened to someone else (which in some recent cases has been bad for us). Palin listens to no one. She is vindictive and the dumbest person ever. The fact that she would be anywhere near the White House makes me ill. I would not trust her not to nuke someone just because they said something about her.

    I really think the people backing her have an agenda (duh) and they are banking on her stupidity. She doesn’t know anything about history or anything. She has no idea if it is true or not and that is what makes her scary. It will bite them in the ass because she has proven over and over that she is going to do what she wants. She doesn’t listen to anyone. However, it will be too late.

    It is too bad that she can con the group of people that love her. They are too stupid or ignorant to see what she is really like. She is a conman. Make no mistake about it. She thinks she is pre-ordained by God and nothing will stop her EXCEPT us normal people.

    How anyone could call themselves a proud (or not proud) republican anymore is beyond me. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever vote for a republican again (& yes, I have voted republican before – I used to vote for the best candidate for whatever position, no more).

    Yes, it could be amusing watching the debates, etc., but we already know she isn’t going to play by the rules and even answer the questions asked. She is just going to hike up her skirt, put on her knock me down f*ck me shoes, and keep encouraging the ignorant masses that the black president is evil. I don’t think this is amusing anymore.

  • Henry Gitter:

    I continue to wait for her “Have you no shame” moment.

  • ProChoiceGrandma:

    CMG, as much as we snicker at the thought of Sarah Palin running for President, I can’t laugh when I consider two sets of brothers that could make it possible for her to reach the White House:

    1. obviously the billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David, who have the money and influence over members of the U.S. Supreme Court, and

    2. the Urosevich brothers, Bob and Todd. “Their respective companies, Diebold and ES&S, will count (using BOTH computerized ballot scanners and touchscreen machines) about 80% of all votes cast in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.”


    Even though that is a 2004 article, I have no doubt that the percentage of voting machines is at least the same or higher.

    Another factor to consider is the testimony of Clinton Curtis:

    “Computer programmer Clinton Curtis testified at the December 13th, 2004 Congressional hearing in Columbus, Ohio naming Republican Congressman Tom Feeney as the person who hired him to prepare vote-rigging software.”

  • Montrealer:

    Hahaha, Kelsey. That man you call ‘dangerous’ is doing your country proud. He is doing one fine job of restoring your good name throughout the world. Did you enjoy being the laughing stock of the world under Bush? If so, you will be thrilled with the response you will get if Palin ever becomes President. The U.S. will be know as Comedy Central.

  • CougInPortland:

    Brava, BlueDog! You said it ALL.

  • lee:

    Palin showed her lack of common sense when she walked away from her elected position as Governor of Alaska.

  • B:

    Why aren’t any of the shows interviewing Bailey also interviewing Dunn?

  • Extremely well said, thank you!

    I cringe at the words of people who want her to run – they must think she doesn’t stand a chance at winning so it is a good idea to see her fail. But, “be careful what you wish for,” I think! Having her voice, her divisive screeching, her blame-everyone else attitude and her disdain for both the process of politics and the office of the president on full display for months and months will not, cannot be a healthy thing for the country.

    Will we see her in this Undefeated commercial dragging a huge cross up a steep hillside? Will her swooning cult-like followers stock up on ammunition in case all the bad people in not-real America fail to vote her in? We have had way too much of her already. Please. No mas!

  • MicMac:

    This will be another one of those Citizen United productions, backed by cloaked money that no longer fears disclosure after the Citizens United Supreme Court case win.

  • ManxMamma:

    Precisely Joe. But back then the Alaskans did not know as much about her as we do today. That being said we must remain vigilant. She will damage this country even more than she already has if she makes a run for it. And I agree with you that she will.

  • SusanC:

    Who will be willing to sit through this ghastly thing who doesn’t already worship Palin? Isn’t it just preaching to the converted? And I mean that literally, given that Palin doesn’t have supporters, she has a cult.

  • Dr Who:

    You have no idea how ignorant you sound. But my bet is you are a hard core racist.
    And what about Jews? I just saw tons of u-tube videos saying the Chicago mob is Jewish and oh no so are some od Obamas people!!! Listen, Obama is not dangerous and your viewpoints are paranoid and I doubt welcome here. Your miind and those like you don’t care about facts and can’t be reasoned with so I won’t try.
    But I will pray for your hate-filled, racist person. I was going to say your soul but I’m afraid you have lost that already if you ever had one. I pity you.

  • karenw729:

    I agree with you, Joe. I think she’s going to run and I think it will have negative consequences for the country. I don’t think she’ll be able to beat Obama, but I do think she will stir up a lot of hate and it will take the country a long time to heal from that. I’m not the praying type, but I will be praying for President Obama to continue to keep a level head and to be prepared to calmly, rationally, and quickly defeat her.

  • akvoter:

    I agree with you. What these modern day “lords” don’t seem to grasp is that SP is a loose, and I mean LOOSE cannon. She takes no direction, she listens to nobody. She, ever so erratically, does it HER way in HER time and on HER terms. I am hoping her own party can take her down and OUT. Hoping some energetic and ingenious journalist can crack the code that holds her skeletons! SP is definitely a joke, but if this country lets her campaign get a toe-hold the joke is on US!!!!!

  • gypsyrose:

    While we have your attention, there are a few things many of us would like clarified. How do you all continue to support Sarah as a “real american” who is “just like you” when you see the 8000 square foot house she paid cash for? after building the second home next to the house on lake lucille? and after the plastic surgery? the new cars/escalade? the planes?

    How do you and the others on c4p and t4p continue to pray for her and bless her when she shows no sense of moral responsibility towards any of you or anyone else?

    Why do you all use “fighting” words and references to using a “nightstick” in violent ways when you speak about our president and anyone who is not stepping in line with your thinking? So many of you appear to be christians-self identifying yourselves as such, however, with the exception of praying for Sarah and her family, you all use bible references in terms of being warriors and battling the rest of us-with annihilation of us your goal. Why?

    You defend Sarah as such a “polite and caring lady” and “such a good christian” – can you please give us examples of this? We certainly do not see the Sarah you see and frankly we never see examples of her “goodness” in any of the many words you all type.

    Why do you continue to support and donate to and frankly, worship a woman who has never sat down with any of you as one “real american” to another “real american” ? It is obvious you all have no respect or regard for our president yet, he has sat down in kitchens and living rooms across the country with a variety of americans. Yes, he did this while he was campaigning, when he had time to do so, yet Sarah appears to have time to vacation and house hunt and travel and get plastic surgery but no time to ever sit down and meet any of you.

    You post on c4p in very personal and direct ways to Sarah sometimes, and it is like reading the wistful letters from a teenager to a music or film star…so full of idolatry. For that teenager the chances of him/her meeting their idol is slim to none, however, I do wonder why your Sarah can’t find the time or inclination to reward her “army of Davids” by at least giving you a 5 minute photo op with her. Reading your words every day is somewhat painful because while you are so far right of everything I believe in, you are still human beings and it is just so sad to witness your absolute devotion and adoration to Sarah being so one sided.

    We fear her running for president and are horrified by her even getting close to the white house. I for one though also fear the incredible anger and sense of betrayal you all will feel when you finally see that Sarah is not anything even closely resembling your vision of her. I do fear for all of you and for all of us when that time comes because where will all your disappointment and rage go then? I hope that the faith you all claim to have in your religion will see you through in a peaceful and accepting way.


  • lilybart:

    SHE will stop her, she will implode and cannot work for 18 months straight, as is required. Iowans demand the candidates show up at all the diners. They will not be taken for granted and given a film instead.

  • lilybart:

    It is possible that America had enough of her “some are real Americans” schtick this time. She has NOTHING NEW. She did nothing. She didn’t even donate speeches for charities or soldiers or special needs kids. She read nothing, learned nothing.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    Kathleen (and Patrick) : You are over in Europe. PLEASE try to get this story (and all the other shenanigans of Palin) out into the open, and in the hands of the MainStreamMedia (or is it really LAMEStreamMedia, as Palin likes to call?)
    It is IMPERATIVE that this gets off the blogosphere, and out into every media there is.
    Thanks for your help all around!

  • lilybart:

    Agree with you! The reason the GOP will work to defeat her is that they know she cannot and will not be told what to do. Bush was lazy and a willing puppet. They must know by now that She will not be their puppet.

  • lilybart:

    Excellent questions. There is a reason that Palin never mentions Jesus.

  • lilybart:

    This film sounds downright Hilarious. I hope it gets WIDE distribution!

  • lilybart:

    There is no Strategy except to answer every perceived slight.

  • lilybart:

    Some blog posts and emails to FOX about this would be good, force them to FIRE her ass.

    Not that they won’t just have her on to comment, but they don’t have to and I bet many of the hosts will NOT want to talk to her if they can say no!

  • lilybart:

    Yes, that is the flaw. If they thought she would do their bidding, they would already have bankrolled the whole campaign. But her “Maverick” thing is what will keep serious people away from her.

  • jcinco:

    I don’t think she’ll run. We need to stop playing the fear card, those are republican tactics. She has a very strong, delusional base but it’s certainly not big enough to get her elected. Once again, I have in-laws in NY’s district 26, they voted for carl paladino, they probably voted for the woman that wanted to strip them of their medicare last night. But they won’t vote for palin, they know she’s an idiot and have said as much. If by some fluke she were to get the republican nomination, won’t happen, folks like Nicole Wallace have said they will come forward with damaging information about her. You think Meghan McCain is going to let this harpy get anywhere? She’ll spill her guts in a heartbeat as she loves this country and knows what a destructive, effin’ idiot palin is. I just wish we could scrape her saggy a$$ off the national stage as I find her hatemongering towards the president to be detrimental

  • lilybart:

    Doesn’t matter what GATES there are, she QUIT a lesser job than President of the Entire World. so who would give her the harder job/

  • lilybart:

    The most dangerous man? Hell yah! Ask Osama bin Laden about that. Oh wait, you can’t ask Osama, thanks to the Most Dangerous Man in the World!

  • Nefer:

    I posted this on politicalgates a few days ago (now slightly edited and expanded) and my opinion hasn’t changed:

    I do not want that hateful witch to run at all. I keep reading about what “fun” it will be. Aside from the fact that I think it is beneath the dignity of both President Obama and the Office of the President to waste one moment of his or our nation’s time “debating” that brainless twatwaffle as though they are equals on any level, just think of the last election.

    Now imagine the upcoming presidential campaign and the insane homicidal rage she will whip up in her deranged cult followers toward President Obama and his family. The same hateful people who could not abide the idea that a black man could be president have had over two years to stoke their rage, egged on by that hateful, horrible harpy.

    As far as she is concerned, he stole the last election from her (yes, her, not McCain) and she is going to take back what was rightfully hers to start with. Go back and look at the footage of her on election night after the loss. Any losing candidate looks the same; disappointed, frustrated, angry, tired, accepting, perhaps relieved. What they do not look is shocked. Except Palin. She never thought she would lose and I don’t believe she has ever accepted or internalized the loss. She may well believe that if anything would happen to the opposing candidate during the campaign, that she would win by default.

    Sadly, I don’t think we will have an election between two people who are both intelligent, educated, love their country, and its people, but who differ strongly on the best ways to ensure its stability, well-being, and prosperity. Such a republican will never make it through the primaries. But if we can get a boring milquetoast republican, possibly the rage factor will not be so high.

    I strongly believe that if that monster gets anywhere near actually running, that alone will cause great harm to our country, damage the integrity and safety of our election processes and vastly increase the danger to our president.

    As regards her movie,
    a) regardless of every move she has made, every facebook screed posted, every twitter twatted, her polls have steadily and remorselessly declined. Why would this movie have a different effect?
    b) Her refusal to engage with any media other than Fox is not considered praiseworthy to anyone except her base. Others regard it as cowardly and proof she can’t handle herself with the media. Her movie, especially if released in Iowa, may well be regarded as a slap in the face to thinking Americans. Once again, here, look at my self-serving presentation of myself. And no, you can’t ask any questions. Just accept it as is.

  • Jo:

    It would be great if you put together a business database for people to know who exactly supports her (and who to boycott).

  • g:

    Her media strategy works on the principle of “train wreck.” The media listens to her because they like to show outrageous behavior, mean-girl antics, hair-pulling fights, and other good tabloid stories. I’m sure the turkey-slaughter video taught the media early on that she was the source of some viral stories.

    This is not presidential politics. She is going for the money. She will end up a rich exploiter, like Franklin Graham. She will be the clown-competition for Glen Beck, the low-IQ version of Newt Gingrich, the discount Donald Trump.

  • lilly lily:

    I so wanted to forget about this woman. Or at least a summer free of her machinations.

    Obvious now, that Palin will be with us forever unless somebody reveals something that is so scandalous that it can’t be ignored and which politically speaking, puts a stake through her black heart.

    Ailes has to yank the plug at Faux.

    And Bailey better unloose all those terrible things he knows that he decided not to reveal. He knows but he isn’t telling all the scuttlebutt that isn’t merely scuttlebutt, but actually happened. That is remiss on his part. Partial revealing of her immorality on every level ? It is about time it was all released.

    And Alaskan stalling in the release of the censored and redacted e-mails. Unforgivable.

    Time to pull the plug on this b*tch before she does more damage.

  • But Joe, Did you see people flocking to buy her second book? If I remember they were shipped back to the publisher by cases.

  • Jeanabella:

    “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”, Benjamin Franklin

    Joe, I read the above quote and thought of your friendship with Roger.

    I have a couple of friends who are politically the opposite from me and find it hard to be in their company.
    The reason is that what they hold as right thinking is so opposed to the general welfare of the people and therefore personal to me, that I cannot reconcile a friendship with these individuals. It is because I am affected by right wing ideology that I feel this way. However, if I was financially independent and the political powers didn’t really affect my lifestyle, I can see how I could continue a relationship with these types and we could just not talk about politics. I miss these two friends as we have lots of other things in common and they are basically good people even though their beliefs and votes would even hurt them and their families as well as their nation.
    The only difference between people who take a stand and those who don’t are their personal circumstances. All politics are local.
    Our heroes are those who stand up for others even when they don’t have to for themselves.
    I can still read your books and enjoy your writing and do understand that in your world, it’s easier to go along and get along with those who are powerful and connected.
    I do believe you are a good fellow and you’re not in the business of politics or governing.
    As a journalist, you can effectively shine a light on people in power and I hope to see more light on people like Roger. Who knows, maybe someday?



  • I don’t believe for a minute she will get elected, but if she did don’t forget she could be impeached just as fast (couldn’t she, I pray)?

  • brbr2424:

    Sarah’s second book bombed as it should have. Sarah did a book signing at the Anchorage Costco on the same day as the polar bear plunge to raise money for Special Olympics. It turned out more people would rather plunge half naked in an icy lake than go to a Sarah Palin book signing. Sarah’s contract was for three books so brace for a third. Bristol’s book is sure to bomb. It’s due out in a mere few weeks and it’s not selling well on Amazon. I check in on it now and then and it seems to range in the top 200-600k. To give a point of reference, Katherine Hepburn’s autobiography published in 1996 is ranked 40k. I have some experience selling on Amazon and I don’t know what having a bestselling rank of 500,000 means in terms of sales but it could mean Amazon is only selling one copy every few days. Levi’s book on the other hand is selling fairly well and seems to range in the 20k bestselling rank even though it is farther out from its release date.

    I don’t know how Joe fells about this but The Rogue will probably be paired with Levi’s book by buyers to get the free shipping. I already have The Rogue on pre-order. I reluctantly purchased Bailey’s book and almost paired it with Levi’s book to get over $25 but bailed on that and went with Dexter Season 5.

  • Ottoline:

    You are so right. Lots of big bucks available to protect Bush’s tax cut for the wealthiest, secrecy in how it is used. You don’t think those who profit from oil are going to want to go solar, do you? Or pay more taxes?

  • Ottoline:

    Murdoch is the one who paid her $7M for the first book, via HarperCollins, which he owns, a few levels up.

  • Sharon_Too_Also:

    Right now she is the GOP’s biggest albatross. They just got their asses – along with their hats – handed to them in a strategic election in NY state. They need her like they need Paul Ryan’s plan. Take down time, GOP.

  • Ottoline:

    The damaging AK emails are being delayed yet again, the person who outed the Mansour emails says the most damaging ones have been undisclosed, Bailey says he has emails more damaging than the ones in his book, and you and Dunn are Trignostics. What’s with the kid gloves? When will we resolve to give it all we’ve got? And you and Dunn KNOW the “pregnancy” was a hoax.

    Considering the danger, and the huge distraction from the national dialogue that should be about more important things than Trump, SP, Edwards, and Arnold — why don’t you level with the public about the Palin Hoax, which symbolizes all the rest of it?

    When she has damaged the country still more, it may be too late.

  • grammy97:

    I do not believe that $arah Palin can win a presidential election. I do believe that she is counting on people like the Koch brothers to steal the presidential election for her. All the sturm and drang in the media, all the speeches and public demonstrations, all of it is window dressing: pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. And I don’t even believe they want $arah Palin as President. Whoever she names as her vice presidential running mate (someone like Ralph Reed?) will be the actual candidate: shortly after being sworn in, $arah will become incapacitated. This is a well-organized cluster of evil people, with a coherent plan for dominion. All the truth-telling in the world can’t reset those voting machines once they’ve been hacked.

  • justamom:

    I am not playing the fear card. The fact that this nitwit even made it to mayor, let alone governor should tell you something. I know why she won those elections but it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen on a national scale. She has people with big bucks backing her. They are not throwing this money away for nothing. They want her in for some unknown reason. I think they are idiots if they think she will do what they want her to unless it affects her own pocket.

  • Still skeptical:

    I live in the deep South. Some clearly racist people have indicated to me that they like Sarah, but she’s “not ready” to be president. The rightwingers like Sarah, but not as much as they hate Obama. When it comes time to vote, they’ll do so for the candidate most likely to beat him. They know that candidate is not Sarah Palin. Besides, I think many of them are secretly repulsed by what fame-seekers she and her family have become.

  • grammy97:

    Montrealer, the majority of voting Americans did not elect George Bush in 2004. Probably not in 2000, either. If Barack Obama hadn’t won by an unimaginable landslide, we would be weeping over the spectacle of $arah Palin in the White House after Grampy-the-plane-crasher had died. The people who paid to have the voting machines set simply didn’t allow for enough margin: they couldn’t believe that so many Americans were finally wise to the charades.

    If we’re going to have an honest election, ever again, somebody will have to put the Koch brothers in jail.

  • Jewels:

    I’m also a bit amused by the title, “The Undefeated.” First, of course, she lost in her most prominent campaign, that for the vice presidency. I happen to think no Republican would have won in 2008 and that her impact on the race was mixed; but it’s still odd to proclaim yourself undefeated after a major loss. Second, it’s also the name of a pretty good John Wayne-Rock Hudson picture from 1969. The plot involved a Confederate colonel who takes his band of soldiers down to Mexico after Lee’s surrender to fight with Emperor Maximillian. Presumably, the title was ironic, in that they lost twice.


  • Ottoline:

    Grammy97, a variant on your scenario is: SP campaigns; “energizes the base” with her hate; then is swapped out so a more presentable dark horse (with the same ideas, same backers) is made palatable to many voters. That, plus screwing with the vote results, equals a win for the GOP. Still a Trignostic, Joe? Why don’t you at least publish the Scharlott paper as an appendix to your book?

  • Sharon_Too_Also:

    And I’ll bet you there are some juicy bits in this epic just waiting for “editing”. After all, Andrew Brietbart taught us how that’s done, :-)

  • Still skeptical:

    JM: “The film has been financed and produced by Stephen K. Bannon, an ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker previously known for In The Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed, and such other right-wing red meat feasts as Fire from The Heartland and Generation Zero.”

    I’ve never heard of any of these films. I’m sure many rightwingers have, but he’s obviously not broken into the mainstream, like Michael Moore. Everyone knows the latter’s documentaries. I really think this is just going to be a straight to video/Tea Party basement screening affair. She’s probably getting a cut on the profits, too, so expect to see SarahPAC hawking the damn thing all summer.

  • Karen:

    Excellent post, Jeanabella. It’s like that adage that people only become Republican when they get older and have money to protect. I am hopeful that perhaps Roger Ailes has begun visiting this blog and will see the true desire by the sane majority that this woman and her “minions” are relegated to the recesses of the country instead of being allowed to have such a forceful voice in the national debate.

    Also, too, Mr. Ailes, could you please send her that pink slip now?

  • jk:

    She will not get much of the “Jewish vote.” Most people who identify as Jews are liberals who knows a piece of garbage, anti-intellectual when they see one. Waiving an Israeli flag won’t get her very far (except among the rabid branch of evangelicals who wouldn’t vote for a Black man anyway).

  • FrostyAK:

    The BIG difference today is Citizens United. Do we have any say any longer in elections? Brainwashing is powerful stuff. Subliminals are not allowed in advertising, supposedly. Commercials will be bought with big money, just like this new “film” cough… propaganda…cough.

    Unlike AK, most of the country votes on computerized machines that are so easily violated that votes can be reversed at will. Do you think that the next election will not be bought and paid for by corporations? Remember, we now live in the Corporate States of America.

    Palin is just plug stupid. She would do whatever the buyers tell her to do. UNTIL she took vengeance for a perceived slight by some foreign dignitary. Welcome to nuclear winter.

    Dubya was BAD, and was not elected by the populace. Can we not see how this could happen with $Palin?

    We somehow cannot comprehend how what used to be our country could have changed so much.

  • jk:

    And so unbelievably sophomoric and transparent.

    The blood libel comment is icing on the cake.

  • mitch:

    I’ve said this before but if her brittle narcissism compels her to run, she won’t make it out of the primaries. The other candidates are, I’m sure, just as aware of her myriad pathologies as we. I am confident that during a debate all of these tings will come up and no doubt someone will draw attention to her quitting the only major position she ever had in order to pursue $ and being a celebrity. Because that’s what she is. A celebrity for all of the wrong reasons. I beleive that she underestimates the other guys greed. They will destroy her.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    That would be b/c certain “progressives” voted for her b/c she would be easier to beat than the other person…
    It was Joe Miller all over again.
    And they didn’t learn b/c they did the same thing in 2010. They didn’t want Murkowski to win so the “progressives” voted for Joe Miller.
    And they damn near got him if Murkowski didn’t run on a write in. As long as people don’t play stupid voter games, and the lower 48 doesn’t Obama, and GOP will slay her like a salmon. She will run as a CP. She won’t get past the primaries. If this movie is any indication she is going to use it to skip the meet & greet. As a poster above said that won’t fly in Iowa.
    She’s only doing it to grift off her base. Then she can write another book. Until the FEDS put her away in jail or she strokes out from eating to many amphetamines…

  • hedgewytch:

    She will run, but not on a GOP nomination. If she makes it to the primaries, it will be as an independant or Tea Party candidate.

    That said, there is no way Palin will win the election, nor does she really want to. All she wants to do is keep her name in the lights and pretend to be relevant politically so she can continue to rake in the PAC dollars and speaking engagements.

    There is no way that Palin will ever be President, for one thing, it will be because of the numerous law suits /scandals which will hit her / her past administration. There is SO much karma kickback heading her way. Can we count the things Palin has tried to sweep under the rug?: Dairygate, emails, books, federal investigations into her PAC money and other IRS issues, babygate, infidelities on both her and Todd’s part, etc. etc. And then there are those other things that we know we don’t know about but we all know are there.

  • jk:

    Your grasp of American history is about as good as Michele Bachmann’s.

  • Jeanabella:

    Thanks Karen,

    I’m sure there are lots of others who agree with us on this.

  • Ottoline:

    “The Undefeated” should be replaced by the more accurate “The Defeated Quitter Who Hoaxed Us.”

  • Flying Pig Ranch:

    OT. Sarah Palin’s new Arizona home in Arizona looks like she has pre-purchased her Presidential Library. It should be the perfect place to store those tweets, emails and all of her reading material. Any of it, and all of it that was put before her. Do you suppose that Todd and Sarah screened “Undefeated” in their new in home theater? Todd & Sarah were spectators at the Dancing With the Stars Final last night. Was Bristol there also, too?

    I really feel sorry for the property owners that adjoin her property. I would appear from Goggle Earth that there are horse training operations on either side of her acreage. Security cameras were being installed on the walled in compound. That will not keep the helicopter camera crews from spying on Sarah, her little rock garden, the pool & spa and Trig’s new playground. Having the Palins next door is probably going to spook the horses.

  • lilly lily:

    Will this particular sugar daddy for Palin get a tax writeoff for this political film?

    It was filmed in Alaska with the teflon Queens blessing and acitve participation and help. All political hogwash, but if they can pull off this crapola and she will use it for her political barnstorming?

    Can they also profit in some way? Outside of it being creampuffery for Sarah, and a whitewash of her wrongdoings, will Sarah profit?

    I am completly disgusted but also flabbergasted by the kid glove treatment this insane person is given by everyone.

    All the worst things hidden???? They don[‘t want to hurt her feelings. What is it with these people?

    What kind of redemption is that for Frank Bailey.

    Not that I truly care about his personal sanctimonious and mealy mouthed stance.

    But really? What is wrong with these people?

    How right that is. Trying to nail jello to the wall. Well the hell with jello. Smoosh it around, spray it with whipped cream, and leat the dogs loose.

  • this is all part of a marketing campaign for her business, the permanent political campaign:


  • Alex:

    A recent article in Science magazine discusses gossip as a survival skill. Knowing what’s up with your enemy is how you protect yourself. Even rumors are important, simply because they may be true. So what’s up with all these people withholding the most damaging information about Palin? What kind of strange journalistic ethic is it to pick and choose truth? I’m sick of the idea that Palin must be brought down in some so-called proper way, using her record or her public behavior. If this woman reveals her true character in unsuitable ways (ie faking a pregnancy, pimping her kids on reality TV, using govt email for personal chatter) then what the hell are we waiting for?

  • Star:

    I do believe Sarah will run…She has a lot of big bucks behind her..She may very well get the nomination..She could also win…Never ever underestimate Sarah…Scares the living crap out of me..

  • KarenJ:

    Amen. Thank you, Nefer.

  • dmoreno:

    I agree with hedgewytch, she will run as an independent just to piss of the repugs who are trying to drag her down, and enjoy making noise during the whole event. World Powers greater than anything we have knowledge about won’t let her near the White House. Those powers have taken out greater men for lesser things in our history and she won’t be allowed to destroy this country. If she continues to buck the system, those powers will just take her out. In the meantime, lots of big wigs are going to look the other way so that their good buddies can continue to make cash off her back. This movie thing is going to backfire ultimately , but at first, her sheeple will give her a bump and the media moguls will make millions off the hysteria. $1 million for a two hour movie—yeah, right. Done in secret with nobody knowing about it, yeah, who is going to fall for that BS. This is the finest soap opera going and some one should be writing the Hit Broadway Musical Comedy about her and her followers. Now there is a contest we can enter—Name the Scara Paylin Musical Comedy.

  • mappy:

    Yes we can 😉

  • krbmjb05:

    Do you think Sarah would be as popular if we had a “white, christian, male, DEMOCRAT” president?

  • Jessica Clemons:

    We’d like for President Obama to slay her, but she’s not going to win the nomination so he’ll never get that chance. One thing I notice during her faux interviews, is that she is never held accountable for her statements and there are never any follow up questions by the interviewer. Hopefully, this will change and she won’t get away with rambling talking points and they will force her to stick to the subject at hand.

    On another note: I believe there are people with bus tire marks on their backs, just waiting for sarah to make any kind of headway in the primaries. Then the floodgates will open. There are those who have the goods but feel there’s no reason to open the can of worms if she’s not going to go far.

    Also, the repubs that run want it too much to let this sophomore beat them.

  • Jessica Clemons:

    But, but, she quit because fish float…no that’s not it, er, stop making things.. oops wrong speech. ok, ok, got it for the betterment of her bank account…I mean alasker, er um, ethics things and stuff and magnets on refrigerators and that’s why she quit…no no, moving in another direction…. never-mind. :-)

  • Jessica Clemons:

    The repubs threw 4 times as much money into the special election for NY’s district 26. A district that voted in repubs for the last 5 decades. Prior to this vote, the last one was voted in by over %70 and it’s the only district that didn’t vote for Pres Obama. Yesterday the tables turned and a Democrat won. So, there’s hope.

  • Nick:

    What’s everybody afraid of?

  • gypsyrose:

    Oh but our dear joe, they do read your blog!!! They have posted your words over at c4p………….so sorry to be the one to bring you the news. I just thought it the right thing to do as you doubt the power of your words:)……….the post over there with your words is being commented on faster than I can type this comment.

    I have so many comments and thoughts and feelings and anger and indignation and confusion and questions and despair and disbelief that I really can’t formulate another word to say here except, when the going gets tough, the tough have a cocktail!!!

    cheers to our beloved “creepy joe”………………….LOL!

  • Julian:

    Because they think they can go for Bailey over his previous suspension and call him on sour grapes. I doubt they would have much to nail Dunn with.

  • unseen:

    Don’t fear the reaper.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Take a bow, PCG! You earned it! Brava…

  • samg:

    Good, I hope she runs. She’ll get as many votes against Obama as Goldwater got against Johnson. I say, bring her on.

  • newmeximan:

    I emailed the offer to Regina at Palingates, and she will see to it the database of business contributors is circulated among as many liberal blogs as we can.

    Also, too, feel free to email a copy of it when it is posted.

    Another list will be compiled if $atan runs for office.

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