This is worse than a disgrace! From such seeds sprang Oswald, Sirhan, Ray, Chapman, Hinckley, and Loughner. My genuine sympathies to the Heath and Palin families//UPDATE: see FBI affidavit below

A Pennsylvania father and son, Craig and Shawn Christy, have been arrested for making repeated obscene and threatening phone calls to Sarah Palin and her parents.

And none too soon.

I hope these disturbed and dangerous men are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. (Incidentally, that’s Shawn Christy, of McAdoo, PA, pictured at left.)

No one in public life should be subjected to this sort of abuse and personal threat.

The harassment of Sarah Palin’s parents is even more despicable.

See also Reuters.

I have personal feelings about this because my family and I were subjected to telephoned and emailed threats and harassment from Palin supporters last summer, simply I because I temporarily moved into a house next door to hers.

It’s ugly and sick, no matter who is on the receiving end of the abuse and threats of violence.

As we saw in Tucson, murderous acts of violence occur in an atmosphere that encourages or permits threatening rhetoric.

Both Craig and Shawn Christy will be entitled to the presumption of innocence if and when they stand trial for the crimes of which they are accused.

The legal “presumption of innocence,” however, is not a constitutional impediment that prevents those of us not sworn as jurors from exercising our common sense.

Mine tells me that the Heath and Palin families were subjected to the very sort of sick and oppressive intrusion that Sarah implied–and that Glenn Beck and Greta Van Susteren actually stated–I deserved a year ago, simply because I’d moved in next door to her for the months during which I needed to be in Wasilla to conduct my research for THE ROGUE.

Sarah’s words last summer created a climate that led to my receiving protection from both the Wasilla Police Department and the Alaska State Troopers. The threats that came from Sarah’s supporters forced me to change both my email address and home phone number.

But now it’s a year later. To coin a phrase Todd likes to use, I could say, “What goes around, comes around,” but I’d prefer to say that my difficulties then are water under the bridge.

In any case, I write about last summer in THE ROGUE.

So all I can say at this point to Chuck and Sally Heath–and to Sarah and Todd and their children and grandchildren–is that I’m sorry you, too, have been victimized by deranged behavior.

Threats by crazies have nothing to do with politics.

They have everything to do with mental health, with mass media (including the internet), with incitement to violence, and with the sorry state of the laws in this country that not only permit, but seem to encourage private citizens to acquire, own and use firearms.

And Shawn Christy will now argue in court that he shouldn’t be punished for his crimes because his mother suffered from Lyme Disease while she was pregnant with him?

I know all about the “Twinkies” defense.

But the “pre-natal Lyme Disease” defense?

Note to whatever poor lawyer winds up defending the Christys in Alaska: that ain’t gonna wash, my friend.

Whatever we might think of Sarah, and of Chuck and Sally Heath, please, let’s hope that neither she nor her husband, nor her parents, nor her children or grandchildren are ever again subjected to this sort of abuse.


Courtesy of TPM, here is the FBI affidavit that led to the arrest of Craig and Shawn Christy.

115 Responses to “This is worse than a disgrace! From such seeds sprang Oswald, Sirhan, Ray, Chapman, Hinckley, and Loughner. My genuine sympathies to the Heath and Palin families//UPDATE: see FBI affidavit below”

  • Millie:

    You are much kinder than I would be concerning the Palins and Heaths. Palin has incited rage and harm to others since she ran for national office w/McCain.

    “What goes around, does come around” and I would suspect there will be much more of it in the lives of the Palins.

  • Jessica Clemons:

    I was under the persecution of a violent stalker when I was in high school. Stalking wasn’t a crime in those days and I was afraid all the time and no one could understand it.

    The Christy’s have been arrested so things will go back to normal for the perpetual victims and we’ll hear stories from fox news about it for the rest of our lives.

    The bots are already saying on the piss pool site that liberals flew he christy’s to alaska to harass the victims. The side show begins in 3…2…1…

    If the Christy’s are guilty, the courts will give them their due.


  • Dicer:

    You are so right Joe, as human beings we should never wish or do harm to anyone. But words and actions do have consequences and should be called out for what they are, however there are many in our society who are wilfull in their actions and words, just as long as it gets them the desired reaction. I have always wondered why Sarah has never called out her supporters to tone it down , it is a dangerous game to play, and what a web to weave.

  • Ivyfree:

    I don’t think I have as much faith in the validity of the news media as you do. This is the media that has shielded Palin for three years. Now there’s an article claiming she’s a victim (wow, who saw that one coming?) of stalking. It may be true, but then again, it could just be another episode of Sarah being protected by the media, local government and law enforcement.

    We have Sarah, the perpetual victim and liar, claiming to be a victim. We have the Christys, possibly mentally ill, claiming that she was sexting an underage Shawn and is lying about him.

    At this point, to me, the Christys are more believable.

    And it looks like Sarah has managed to stir up some drama and be a victim just in time to deflect from some upcoming books.

  • FrostyAK:

    Are you SURE they did what is claimed? Or is it just another $P untruth that will ruin the lives of another family?

  • Joe:

    Frosty, I’m not even SURE the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

    I also wasn’t a member of the federal grand jury that handed up the indictment in Alaska on Wednesday.

    But from long experience as a journalist who’s had close involvement with the criminal justice system, I can tell you this: federal indictments that bring about immediate arrest and incarceration of people thousands of miles away are not common.

    Reflexive hatred of Sarah can be as blinding as reflexive love.


  • Mel:

    Frosty, if you want to know, you can check things out yourself. Joe is right. Reflexive hatred is blinding. But you can read this and see for yourself how mentally impaired these two are.!/profile.php?id=100001670534857&sk=wall

    Also, I had come upon this story and was thinking of writing about it, so I contacted him. And the things that he said to me on finding that I had unfriended him on FB (when it became clear to me that he really had some mental problems) would make anyone blush. He might be criminally insane, which would make him not just a threat to Palin, but to society at large.

  • Tom:

    if my memory serves me this family makes the claim that palin was texting sexual messages to the son but I don’t recall ever seeing proof of that.

    I have mixed feelings about this because palin encourages this behavior with her accusations and cross hairs and lock and load talk but doesn’t seem to care about who gets harmed unless she becomes the victim.

    this family appears to have crossed over the line that palin knows to well.
    or maybe they just are not smart enough to get other people to do their bidding.

    not everyone who palin has sought to instigate harm against has had the ability to get police protection.

    maybe you could share your feelings toward palin during the period when she was encouraging the fox media and her supporters to harass you.

    I don’t doubt your sincerity but is palin and her clan really deserving of such absolution?

    I can’t convince myself that they should be.

  • gypsyrose:

    Dearest Joe,
    I do hope you continue blogging as long as you have the time and desire to do so. I don’t look to you to be the authority on what is true or not, what is right or wrong or whether the sun will rise in the east tomorrow:)
    I do however appreciate that you report the facts and offer your opinions and expertise in this blog.

    As has been continually discussed here and elsewhere, the media is a corporate monster intent upon making a profit. It is calming to be able to read your posts and feel secure that there isn’t an agenda being thrust upon us.

    I hope I am not overstating my point. I think you have created quite the groovy place to read and write and think.


  • Joe:


    This isn’t “the news media” or “an article” inventing something: these two men have been indicted by a federal grand jury. There is no “local government” involved.

    It makes no difference who you find “at this point…more believable.”

    Trust me, not even in Alaska does Sarah control the timing of federal grand jury indictments.

    Even chronic victimizers can also be victims.

    No matter how many wrongs you feel she’s committed, it’s possible–isn’t it–that she and her parents, in this particular instance, might have been wronged?


  • lee:

    I agree with Ivyfree’s comment.

  • Joe:


    For the record, I never sought police protection. Municipal and state authorities provided it without my prior knowledge, as a result of threats against me made publicly after Sarah and Glenn Beck came so close to accusing me of pedophilia. I describe that surreal nightmare in THE ROGUE. I think I also make my feelings toward Sarah in that regard–and others–quite clear.

    As for “absolution”: none coming from me. Sarah and Todd, and Beck and Van Susteren, and others from Fox News, and even some in supposedly mainstream media, have a lot to answer for in regard to what they said and wrote when incited by Sarah last summer.

    But that doesn’t mean I wish the same or worse on her.

    My point is that we won’t truly be a civilized nation until each and every one of us can speak or act in accordance with our political beliefs without having to fear retribution from the madmen on the fringes, who have hatred in their hearts and guns in their hands.


  • Lisabeth:

    There is NO excuse for abusive behavior. That being said, and I’m not saying they are telling the truth, but you would be shocked what Lyme disease can do the mind. And there is a lot of evidence it can be passed to an infant in utero. This is a disease that has almost been completely ignored by the CDC and medical community. It’s disgraceful because it can destroy people’s brains and lives and is nothing to make light of.
    Watch the documentary on Netflix /and on PBS called Under Our Skin to see how just a taste of what sufferers go through. And the late stage of Lyme can be like neurosyphillis if you know
    Now I have no clue if he has Lyme or not, abd im NOT making excuses for him, but i had to mention all that.
    I’ve read the dads Facebook page for awhile and I don’t see how he could make all of that up.
    I do have to wonder if somewhere there is an element of truth. And the whole family tells this nutty story about Sarah and Willow?? What strange stories to make up. I just wonder.
    Joe, you are too kind to the Palins. The things Sarah said were SICK. Her fans threats just proved that Sarahs words incite violence despite her denial and protests. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

  • scarlet/oregon:

    I second your agreement with Ivyfree.

  • I just want to remind you that Sarah Palin is also a deranged and a mentally unstable person. She’s the one who incited the hate mail you were getting by calling you a peeping tom/pedophile who was looking into Piper’s bedroom. During the campaign when someone yelled out, “Kill Him”, she said nothing to tone down the hate. When Gabby Giffords talked about Sarah’s “crosshairs” map and the violent imagery it represented, she didn’t take it down. When Gabby was shot and other innocent lives taken she had the gall to come out with her “blood libel” speech, painting herself as a victim. If you are going back to Alaska and renting the house next door, believe me, she’ll incite more violence against you. Sorry, I have no sympathy for her or the Heaths. And who knows she may have been sexting this boy all along. Just because he’s emotionally disturbed doesn’t mean there isn’t any truth in what he is saying. How can you believe a habitual serial liar who loves to hate President Obama? The threats to Obama increased with her hateful rhetoric. I have no feelings of compassion for this hate-monger.

  • Tyroanee:

    At long last the true meaning to the word B-lyme…

  • Heidi3:

    I agree 100%, Ivyfree. I know of at least two times that Shawn Christy’s mom (using that as her posting name) has commented on Gryphen’s blog concerning the havoc the Palins have wreaked on her family. She is well spoken, completely lucid, and her depictions of the drama are detailed and totally believable. At one point she commented that she was actually writing a book to explain the horrors they’ve suffered at the hands of the Palin goon squad (bots?).

    My understanding is that Shawn has Lyme disease, is unpredictable and has made threats in the past, but was previously cleared by the FBI and another Federal agency. When Shawn was fired from his job, due to the controversy swirling when the restraining orders were granted to “Sarah Palin Heath”, Chuck Heath, and Kristan Cole, Gryphen tried to intercede with the employer, to no avail.

    My opinion? This is possibly another David Kernell debacle in the making, but time will tell. Where exactly is this Federal Grand Jury located? So many AK governmental entities, including regular citizens living in fear, are skewed in Sarah’s favor that she could easily come out the poor VICTIM once again. Lying under oath is de rigueur for the Palins, e.g. Bristol “living in the deep dark woods with no land line” – Kernell trial.

    I don’t at all consider my opinions to be an example of reflexive hating. Actually, when my husband heard the story of today’s arrest, he felt that the possibly existed that the Christys were taken into custody merely to obtain more information, as the FBI has been known to do. (I can offer a bank embezzling event from 1973 as personal proof.) The FBI let Shawn go free when he ventured to Anchorage some months ago. If he has been harrassing, he deserves punishment. If not, I’ll eat my words, and justice will have been served. I will wait and see, but I believe Shawn Christy’s mom.

  • PollyinAK:

    I see a lot of truths in what NJfan has posted. I also agree with what Joe said, that we should be able to have political discourse without fear of retribution from madmen. Unfortunately that is going to continue when the media and certain politicians feed them hate-filled rhetoric. And it makes me think of the people who have been quiet because of their fear of the Palins retribution. I don’t know. It’s a mess for sure. I do feel sorry for the whole bunch including the Palins. I would never want to be them (Palins). They have a very dysfunctional life. I don’t see how they can know real happiness.

  • Heidi3:

    I agree too, lee. I left my reply under her comment above.

  • Ginger:

    Well, I guess I’ll have to make that a “trio” in agreement with Ivyfree. Also, I haven’t heard very good things about the “criminal justice system” in Alaska. Another thought? How many friends of Sarahs were on that federal grand jury?

    No offense, Joe, and I can’t wait for your book!


  • DKey:

    “My point is that we won’t truly be a civilized nation until each and every one of us can speak or act in accordance with our political beliefs without having to fear retribution from the madmen on the fringes, who have hatred in their hearts and guns in their hands.”

    Here, here! Excellent. Thanks for saying it! And let’s remember, though they’re fewer, the mad women, too.

  • Ivyfree:

    Oh, indicted by a federal grand jury? And where did those grand jurors come from? How were they selected? And you are quite positive that they are incorruptible because… why, exactly? And they got their information from whom, and exactly how honest are they? And you are getting this information from a news article written by somebody that you know to be completely fair and impartial and accurate, exactly how?

    I don’t trust the police: I’ve heard too often about police abuses. I don’t trust investigative agencies, for the same reason. I don’t trust the federal grand jury system, because those grand juries are composed of people who have their own biases and prejudices. And you are getting your information from a news article that was written by someone who may or may not have his own prejudices. The accusations may be completely true, or they may not.

    I don’t assume that what I’ve read is true; I only concede the possibility. Stalking is horrific behavior. I’m equally appalled by an adult sexting a minor. Both these accusations have been made; either or both might be true. The only difference is that I have the evidence of my eyes that Sarah has no respect for the truth, and I don’t know that about the Christys. And, I say again: Sarah has managed to be a victim in right before some books are being published; these books are not apt to portray her in a positive light. Sarah does not believe in coincidences, and I believe in playing the odds.

  • Sandi:

    Pretty strong statements Joe. How about we wait for the trial before we condemn the kid. I agree that no one deserves to be subjected to the occurrence of stalking and hounding by crazy people (especially not the crazy people!). The disconnect I see in your statements here are where you put the blame. Palin and her buddies incited anger towards you and you just want us to know about it? — Buy your book and read about it? Should we blame the instigators, or the crazies? Sorry to Palin and family that a wacky guy is treating them to the same abuse they inspired others to aim at you? I’m still on that anti-Palin wave you helped propagate by telling your story (but for which she deserves most of the credit). But, what if there is some truth to this sexting report. What if one of the girls thought it was a hoot to play on mom’s phone and somehow the hate inciting has backfired and, instead of going after the reporter next door, the anger is directed back to the source? Karma?

    More than anything, I hope the kid gets some help. Your post rips a family that is acting bazaar according to the reports, but you draw a hard line and are already anticipating a weak defense based on opinion without facts. You can blame Loughner, call him an evil monster if it helps you square his actions in your head, but the truth is something happened to him that changed him early in his teens from a functional kid to a crazed killer. I’d rather not assume essentials like good or evil, I want to know about the biological changes that altered his personality. Because this we can study, understand, and maybe treat. Maybe he got sick, poisoned, or contracted a disease like Lyme which caused some sort of imbalance. Research the link between food allergies and schizophrenia before you slam my comments.

    That’s not to say offenders should not be held accountable. Regardless of his reasons, if he is stalking, he should be prosecuted. And Palin should be held accountable for her actions as well- for this I await your book release.

  • Ivyfree:

    “federal indictments that bring about immediate arrest and incarceration of people thousands of miles away are not common.”

    The difference is that you appear to think this means they are guilty, and I believe it could mean that whoever is backing Sarah hasn’t given up on her yet.

  • Rod:

    Joe, can I call you Joe? You are a better man than me because I don’t give a shit about that family. We are very lucky that bus loads of innocent Alaskan children are not DEAD at the hands of a Palin.

    Sarah did not pull the trigger that killed those defenseless Arizona citizens but her hateful rhetoric helped push crazy people over the edge. We are very lucky President Obama is still with us.

    Who really knows how many Alaskans are dead because of Sarah’s mean girl personality.

    So speaking for myself I say fuck em, all of them. I would never hurt another human being, but I would not shed a tear for any Heath or Palin.

  • curiouser:

    Sarah has a history of claiming her daughters were subject to threats of rape or hinted pedophilia, including her disgusting treatment of Joe. So like ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf,’ Sarah has conditioned us to question the truth of her charge that Shawn Christy threatened to rape Willow in a letter that was never produced. It’s easy for me to imagine the Christys are also victims of the Palins. I don’t at all mean the Christys should be excused of deranged behavior. I hope all the parties stay safe and that the court decides fairly.

    I’m also reminded that while the Palins were accusing Trooper Wooten of threatening their safety, they reduced the size of their security force. If the Christys were such a threat, wouldn’t the Palins have been more concerned about providing protection for their children?

  • betty:

    Bully wussy Todd walks up to elderly old men in Alaska and in a threatening manner asks them what are they shaking for? Screw that S.O.B. and his family.

  • diz:

    I have a feeling the fires may have been stoked with this family to keep the stalking issue alive. Both the son and the father appear to be mentally and emotionally vulnerable. If so it serves as a very convenient ‘get out of jail free’ card for someone who is earnestly looking for a viable excuse to offer for not running. $P has already publicly stated that she is hesitant to run due to the attacks on her family. With this, she has one she can point to, ‘problem’ solved. I’m not defending stalking, it’s indefensible and reprehensible, but I’ve learned to be a skeptic regarding palindrama and I eagerly await the findings of the investigation into these charges.

  • curiouser:

    It certainly seems like the stalking issue has been conveniently used by Palin in an attempt to deflect negative press. I believe it first hit the news after the Tucson shootings and resulting criticism of Palin. It’s strangely coincidental that it hit the news again when Palin is called out for wrongly harassing a reporter.

  • curiouser:

    Joe changed his phone number. Why didn’t the Palins and Heaths do the same? Were they engaged in a dialogue with the Christys for a period? So many questions.

  • Palinoia:

    Personally, I think their arrest is a great thing, not for the Christy family obviously, but possibly as yet another spotlight on the vindictiveness of SP et. al. While I think there are more than likely some mental health issues involved on both sides, and there was harassment probably on both sides and if guilty, Shawn and Craig will be held accountable, the bonus is: I don’t get the sense that Craig or Shawn Christy will fold up and plea bargain on this, thereby forcing a trial and more testimony from the Palins and discovery that may be very revealing.

    Stay tuned, it should be quite interesting.

  • Millie:

    I totally agree with you…Sarah has ALWAYS made herself out to be the victim for the past three years.

  • Millie:

    I’ll chime in again w/agreement. I don’t trust Palin as far as I can throw her.

  • Amy:

    I have no sympathies for the Heaths and Palins. They are proven liars and worse. But I have to tell ya, there are many people who are strongly anti-Democratic Party here in Alaska. Even if they’ve soured a bit on Palin, they still see her as one of them and will protect her since she is a Teapartican. Even members of a grand jury. This is Alaska. Not the middle way.

    The week after the Tucson massacre and Palin claiming to be a victim of stalking, I saw Piper with a young teenager in the newborn clothing section of Fred Meyers in Wasilla. I was with my husband and our two children shopping for their clothes. My husband was very surprised to see Piper without any adult supervision or protection. I told him that it is was probably because Palin’s claim of being stalked was a fake or an exaggeration.

  • krbmjb05:

    Yes, it wasn’t too long ago that the Palin’s attorney got the APD to send a PRESS RELEASE to the National Enquirer to try to squash the “Todd is a Pimp” and partaking in illegal prostitution activities stories. Let’s just say, I’m not too trusting of any type of agency that is government related and is tied to anything Palin!

  • krbmjb05:

    Can you imagine if President Obama “quit” because he had some nutbar calling him or accusing him of bad things? I would assume that most politicians these days, particularly those that are high in the limelight have nutties that “stalk” them. Most don’t run, hide and use as an excuse not to “serve”.

  • craigtamy:

    Unfortunately for Palin, she has cried wolf so many times that even if these allegations are true, people tend to disbelieve her. I guess when you pander to the dregs of society, eventually it comes back to bite you in the ass. If these people have done these things, it is disgusting, but one would hope that by being on the receiving end of harassment, Palin would learn to empathize with those whom she send her bots to antagonize. But that would be expecting her to act like a human for once and I don’t hold out much hope for that.

  • Older_Wiser:

    Sadly, once again, this is all about Sarah Palin, and perhaps not so much about the Christys’ behavior. I’m not saying their behavior was above reproach and could in fact be criminal. However, it’s amazing to me that one of the principals in this whole psychodrama has been Willow, who’s been allowed to remain unprotected herself, driving around AK w/no supervision, flying to LA to hang out with Bristol, and provided no protection for herself, while her mother flits around the country spewing her own brand of hatred.

    It’s pretty obvious that Palin is very self-protective and projects her own paranoia onto some kind of very strange psychosexual illusions about her kids toward people she doesn’t even know. I truly feel sorry for her kids, exploited and put on public display as they have been. Even though President Obama received over 400 threats during his first year in office, she has never said a word about that, even though some dangerously driven types have been arrested and charged, some no doubt encouraged by Palin’s own demagoguery.

    Perhaps the Christys have been overprotective of Shawn (a minor when this first occurred) and over-reacted in this matter themselves. But if Shawn is suffering some type of mental problems then he is in need of therapy, not wholesale condemnation. The parents should not have allowed this situation to escalate as it has.

    It should be an interesting trial; we will more than likely learn a great deal about the family dynamics of not only the Christys, but the Palins and Sarah herself, should this come to a jury trial. And we know that she does not appreciate close scrutiny.

  • Samantha:

    I agree with your comment and a few others, that the Palins incite this type of behavior and as someone said, you deal with the dregs of humanity then some of it is going to splash back onto you. I clicked on the fb page someone put up, and yeah these people are nuts, but it doesn’t mean Sarah is not also nuts. I totally agree that when this goes to trial, you might hear some stuff the Palins probably don’t want you to know about. Reasonable people in the system don’t cross certain lines of respectability, but crazy people off the grid don’t have any boundaries. They’ll do whatever they want. And, I’m sorry to say, I can’t dredge up any sympathy for the Palins on this, and I really don’t care. Not sure why this is a blog post at all.

  • JR:

    I was a juror. After the trial I went back and read the media accounts – written with sympathy for the defendant, half of what was reported never happened. Considering the great divide between what the mainstream media “reports” about Sarah Palin and the truth, the jury is literally still out on this story.

  • Louise:

    I’m 100% behind you, Sarah has ruined many lives.

  • Older_Wiser:

    I’m just a “nobody”, and have changed my tel # for far less. And don’t most “celebrities” have unpublished phone numbers in the first place? It’s called “protection”.

  • mea:

    rupert murdoch/cops/politicians.
    rupert murdoch/fox news/sarah palin/cops
    spaz stays in the limelight and everyone is happy
    what does the truth matter anyway (sigh)
    we’ll see what happens, and what the timing of it happening is.
    then we’ll go on with our lives……..

  • grammy97:

    Mr. McGinniss, I haven’t read any news articles about this event, so all I have is your blog. But if the Palin/Heath clan are being troubled by unwanted telephone calls, they should use their Caller I.D. application and shut up. I have no sympathy for any of them. Their minor children should have been removed back when they were trying to destroy Mike Wooten’s life.

    There are thousands of people in this country, mostly women, who have suffered harassment, stalking, and physical jeopardy from spouses/former spouses. The Palins and Heaths have suffered nothing.

  • AJ Billings:

    This story reeks of yet another Granny Grifter PAYlin drama queen exploit, like the Anchorage PD cover up
    of the Todd Palin prostitute story.

    Sorry Joe, Paylin has proven herself a lying, cheating, feckless, and out of control criminal who will
    stop at nothing to stick the knife into someone at the slightest provocation.

    A couple of phone calls to an assistant DA, and bingo, the case explodes into another victimhood poor me

    I’ve served on two grand juries, and have seen first hand how DA’s try to ram through cases with a bunch of rubes sitting in judgement.

    In one case, I saved a positively ignorant kid who’d had a tragic accident with a used vehicle. He bought a defective truck from a shady used car lot, and was driving it insured and legally, when the brakes let go, and hurt someone. Yet the DA was going for negligent homicide because of a busted brake line, which no one but a competent mechanic could have possibly foreseen

    Palin has become the granny who cried wolf a thousand times too often

  • Dicer:

    Yet, this is the fringe that Sarah, GOP, Tea Party, Beck, media et al, have encouraged and profited from and continue to do so.

    They have been given the front row . Decent folks have been relegated to blogs like yours Joe , in order to maintain our “sanity” and keep our civility, so how do we get back that front row of decency ?

  • mary b:

    Malia Litman once, not too long ago, had a post up. It was a post from Shailley Tripp’s blog that I had posted on my FB Wall. I had a piece of the post QUOTED in the Comment part where you put up posts.
    Supposedly, Tawd had sent it to Malia from Christy’s page. When you copy and paste a post from FB, it does not resemble in any way that it is just a post put up. There were all types of rumours coming from Malia’s comments, but there also were people who saw it for what it was and defended me. I had written to Malia’s personal & FB emails. We are FB Friends. But she would not answer me. I ended up writing in the comments of the post she had up. She even had my name where anyone could have linked to my FB Wall!!!
    What disturbs me the most is, who ever sent that to Malia could not have been Christy or any one I know. My Wall is set at “Friends Only”. The post she had put up made it look like I was prostituting with Ms Tripp!!
    I live thousands of miles away from Alaska.
    I believe that the Palin’s monitor all FB People who post anti-Palin posts. Tawd very well could have sent her that post looking to be a victim again.
    I was also hacked about a year ago from the Palinbots.
    My entire point is~ I don’t believe anything that comes from the Palins. If they could try to use me and say I was also victimizing them, just a little nobody, what lengths will they go to?? The Christy kid is already known. As the MSM and camera’s are pulling away from the Palin’s, they’re getting even more desperate by the day. $arah is a Media Whore and if they won’t pay any good attention to her, well then, she’ll just make shit up so they keep reporting how victimized she is!!
    BTW~ Malia ended up contacting me and apologizing. She did take the post down and she left up one of my comments as a rebuttal.
    I do not know Shawn Christy or his Family or friends. That post had me so boggled, I checked each and every one of my friends to see if there may be some kind of link. There is not.
    If Tawd gave her that post to put up, then it was also claimed that I was saying I slept with him (gag*gag) in order to make him a victim.

  • grammy97:

    This Reuters article seems to say that the Christy men were arrested for threatening Palin’s attorney. What an ingenious way to sidestep the problem of putting $arah under oath!

  • grammy11:

    Joe, I just read in the Alaska Dispatch that this report is incorrect and the Christys have not been arrested. This issue supposedly started when Mr. Heath was being interviewed by an England news source and said something that resulted in this rumor.

  • Tom:

    in the great movie the Shawshank Redemption, the audience cheered when the murderous thug capt. hadley finally got what was coming to him at the end of the picture.

    but how many also cheered when he beat up the inmate who was sexually assaulting andy dufresne?

    i certainly agree with you on principle here but the example above illustartes why i have mixed feelings.

    at what point should bad things happen to bad people if it would prevent them from harming others in the future?

    call me a hypocrite but i have no problem with silencing those people and untill i grow a pair of wings thats the way i will always feel.

  • lee:

    Still with you Ivyfree.

  • CraziesRus:

    Those men are deranged and need to be institutionalized. They both stalk good people in Alaska and harass them constantly. Whether they are just insane and their actions are unexplainable or they simply live in a fantasy world and their actions are explainable only to them, neither scenario is good. There’s a reason high profile characters are not strangers to restraining orders. A sick reason and a sad statement on society.

  • S A G:

    That’s sad, and even sadder, it’s not rare. I hope the families now feel safe again. Chuck and Sally are two of the sweetest, most generous people on earth. It’s one thing to target a public personality whom you think you know and pine for, but to target and abuse that person’s family members is despicable.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    If you look at the dad’s facebook it is obscene and bizarre….He keeps talking about a “letter” and accusing people of being Willow or sarah???
    But I agree, with the people above, why didn’t sarah & co just change their phone numbers or not answer or block them?
    She wants the drama to deflect from these books coming out.

  • Diane:

    Could you imagine is a Democrat had palin under a gun site on a web page and this happened?
    At least palin has not been shot, others killed and spent months in rehab learning to walk and talk again.

    One would think she should be reaching out to Ms. Giffords and apologizing.

  • Lisabeth:

    Joe, have you ever read the fathers Facebook page? I just don’t see hoe they could make up all of their story. Out of the blue?? It might not all be accurate but is there a kernel of truth somewhere??

    The sons page was recently shut down. I only look very occasionally so I don’t know
    all of what they are saying, but you can get quite a bit looking back.
    I had a stalker once and it was very very frightening so I’m not making excuses.
    But I’ve also watched what Malia Littman has dealt with in writing the Alaska PD, governors office and attorney generals office. The lies and cover ups for the Palins is simply unbelievable.
    And I’ll never forget the Alaska FBI making a statement the day after Sarah quit. It was July 4 th weekend!!!
    I mean come on. Then there are the way others have been treated by the Palins-I can name quite a few people.
    And courts and the police were involved. No it wasn’t a federal grand jury but that’s turning out to be untrue.
    I’m surprised no one has done a story from the Christys point of view.

  • lilly lily:

    I’ve had lyme disease a half dozen times. Fortunatly treated from the get go. But I know of bizarre reactions, and bizarre life long issues.

    It isn’t quite a twinkie defense, because I saw a video on You Tube where Chuck talks about this last year, ( he has a gun on the ready under the bed or something about self defense) yet Sally Heath blabbers away that Shawn should call them and talk it over.

    What the hay? Shawn should call them? They are asking a stalker to call them? What gives here?

    The video on youtube is out there in response to Shawn Christies visit to Alaska many moons ago. I surf the net and don’t keep a tab on where I go, but I do have an excellent memory in spite of having lyme disease numerous times. (Last time 4 ticks on my back and meds for 21 days.)

    LOL, and that isn’t why I don’t dig Sarah Palin. I think Sarah Palin is as dangerous as LYME. Her bots are crazed. He was an AVID fan.

    Something is very odd, not merely that this person is disturbed and troubled. His parents believe him.

    I was bullied as a tween who had a crush on me and stood up to the bully, in fact the boys in my class beat him up.

    I’ve been threatened, but I never would think of telling the nuts to call me and talk it over.

    Something is off kilter here, though if they are being harassed they have every right and should get him off their backs. Not tell him to call them and talk it over.

  • We only have part of the story here. The Christy family has been very angry for a long time about something that happened between Sarah Palin and their son which the father claims was sexting. Knowing that SP is a psychopath, that would not surprise me, but we have no evidence it is true. We all however know how good the Palins are at covering up and engineering retaliation. That does not excuse the behavior of the Christy family, but something has happened to trigger the anger. If the son had a mental health problem that lead to delusions generally the parents don’t join in. Bullied people become very angry and want to retaliate. Having had personal experience with this I recognize that is at least part of what is going on here. Anger from bullying is huge and can be directed inward or outward. Sarah palin is a psychopathic bully and when she harms others they become angry and retaliate, then she uses this to make herself look like a martyr. It is very common for those in the public eye to get phone calls from the public. Why are their phone numbers so easy to get? Why did they not have phone numbers from the Christy family blocked? You can’t create a another poor Sarah, let’s have a court room drama unless you facilitate the evidence now can you?

  • PollyinAK:

    Thanks for posting this Celia. Yes, everyone needs to be educated on mental illness. There are many environmental causes as well, in lifestyle like diet and electronics- people have different sensitivities. We have three trillion neurotransmitters in our brain, and it’s a miracle that any of us can function “normally” considering it takes only one synapses to misfire when sending messages. I wouldn’t be surprised if SP had something to do with the texting. I haven’t forgiven her or Bristol for what they did to David Kernell.

  • PollyinAK:

    oops, meant= Sandi, but agree with Celia 3:00 p.m. too.

  • lilly lily:

    Someone here must have seen the same youtube of Chuck and Sally Heath talking about the Christy fellows last visit to Alaska. I watched it twice, because it was hard to believe that Sally Heath would be asking him to call them and talk it over. Surrealism. I figured they wanted to entrap him, and said as much.

    I go with her not going to court on this one, but having her cagey lawyers do the testifying. Something is off here. Though the fellow is a crackpot. I think it could be a case where Willow and Sarah as mean girls were getting their kicks with one of their enflamed fans. Willow is just as mean as Sarah.

    Look at the comedian in Iowa who. She spoke to him once, she is nice, she is beautiful. He may not be a nutcase that will go out of control, but he is a bit off the wall as are many of her bots. Palin certainly attracts the nuts.

    Anyone in the public eye does, but her avid fans are more verbally violent and threatening.

  • Deb:

    I believe what you read is a post dated March 7, 2011 on Alaska Dispatch

  • Teal:

    …oh yeah, that’s Mrs Riff Palin alright…..

    Make deals to get you children outta trouble with the law, but try to throw the book at OtherPeoplesChildren

  • grammy11:

    Thank you. I wonder why it came up when I searched Palin stalkers but never noticed the date.

  • Deb:

    That ‘press release’ came racing to mind reading this story. The thought of ‘getting a fair trial in AK involving Palin’ — not high on my list to happen. In fact, I believe you would have better luck being granted 3 wishes from a Gennie in a bottle!

    I too still recall some of the testimony ‘under oath’ provided by Sarah and Bristol in the Kernall hacking trial. It was more than unfortunate that the solicitor for Kernall did not respond to what was perjury by the Palins.

  • Deb:

    There seems to be a big difference in how this is handled depending on the alleged victim. Very little is mentioned in the media about the threats this family made on President Obama. The only time their threats against Obama are mentioned is when the Palins make certain they are proclaimed the victims in the media.

    I trust that this family’s every move, plane ticket, email and phone call are being monitored if they threatened the President at one time. The Palins and Heaths are attracting media attention to their alleged stalking to distract from her recent bashing in the press, party crashing and the upcoming books that aren’t favorable. I assume that it will be an absolute media circus in Alaska when this family is on trial and Sarah can, again, divert the spotlight away from the books and the balloon boy journalists will follow the mentally ill families (Palins and the stalkers).

  • Molly:

    I wonder if the trial will be scheduled for September 20th?

  • Millie:

    I agree, Joe – wouldn’t at all be surprised if the diversion is due to the publication of your book.

  • omomma:

    Frankly, any commentary about these sick, sorry, pathetic people–I include the Palins here–should wait the outcome of whatever legal process any of them choose to engage. So far it’s just a public scrap between two groups of crazy people with all the money on one side.

  • Deb:

    AJ, I too think of the ADP press release at the ‘request by the Palin lawyer, said release being directed to the National Enquirier by a member of the ADP with limited facts, very limited facts. The presser was NEVER added to the press releases information for public viewing. It also raises the question of the neglect of the ADP of investigating the property seized in the case, i.e. the computers, the phones, etc.

    This story also brings back to mind, which was included in one of her ‘bottom of the bird cage’ books, (Sorry Birds!) that either Bristol or Willow or both had been threatened with rape when they were in school and they took them out of school to another district. Yet, it has been verified that there was NEVER a report filed by the Palins regarding this. No documention with the school, with the police — Nowhere but in Sarah’s mind and book and I believe now Bristol’s book. I strongly believe that to be Palin family collusion.

    It was also mentioned in the media again recently about Troopergate, with what I call Palin ‘crying wolf’ about the fear of the Palins with regard to Wooten yet at that specific time, she released her personal security detail. In my family, we call that half-ass backwards — but thats a Palin for you. As for the facts of Troopergate, spoken publicly and under oath and in Sarah and Bristol’s books, I again believe that to be Palin family collusion.

    They all sure scream at the top of their lungs to be heard about small stupid things in order for Sarah/Bristol and the family at large to display their Certificates from ‘Victim’s University’, yet if it were true with regard to the rape threats et al – CRICKETS.

    The question does arise and the information not having been released — was there ‘sexting’ text from the Palins. Would it surprise me if there was – no.

    How is it that all the trouble the Palin’s have got into has disappeared from the face of the earth?? Track, Willow etc. – CRICKETS.

    If this matter comes to trial – there is not a hope in hell for a fair trial in AK for the Christys. There is still the ‘backroom’ deals being made benefiting the Palin family.

  • Deb:

    I just lost my breakfast.

  • Conscious at last!:

    I have NO idea what the truth is here. I do not know what Craig and Shawn Christy have or have not done.

    I DO KNOW that sometimes mentally imbalanced people are USED by others to do their dirty deeds– and then the puppet masters have a hard time deactivating their negative creations…..

  • curiouser:

    It’s intriguing that you say Piper in the newborn clothing section of the store.

  • Former Republican:

    I’ll bet Trooper Mike Wooten would agree as well!

  • emrysa:

    I’ve been reading their facebook pages for the past few months, and there is no doubt that the christy’s seem mentally unbalanced. I also think that there is a very good chance that the quitter has pushed them over the edge of sanity. at the moment they are livid that a protection order was issued against them because of a letter that the quitters legal team said that shawn christy wrote but yet they cannot produce the letter after repeated requests. I have thought about how I would feel if I knew I was innocent yet this was happening to me… I might be just as unhinged as the christy’s. I am not saying they are innocent, but the palins have proven repeatedly to be manipulative vindictive liars so I simply cannot believe a word they say. because of the palin’s behavior I do believe it is entirely possible that they have been baiting this mentally unbalanced family for their personal gain. the palins are SICK and possibly moreso than the christy’s.

  • myj58:

    I copy and paste this from Huffington Post, it is only portion of the complete article.

    Shawn Chrisy was interviewed by Immoral Minority beginning of this your… Sarah caused the young man to be fired from his job. One of his parent is disabled and the other was unemployed, he was working to make thing meet in his household. There was a letter he was accused of writing to Willow, he claimed he had nothing to do with the letter. He was also had to go to Alaska for legal business concerning his case, he spend one day in Ak and left. I will search for the interview, so you can he it and judge for yourself…

    FROM HP: “Karen Christy, Craig Christy’s wife and Shawn’s mother, said in an interview Thursday that the family has been persecuted by the Palins and law enforcement officials for more than two years.

    They contend Sarah Palin and her daughter, Willow, sent sexually oriented text messages to the teen in 2009.

    “All of these things have been happening to my family, and the police and the FBI and the federal agents don’t seem to (care) … about going after Sarah Palin because she’s a big political figure,” Karen Christy said.

    She denied the family is a threat to Sarah Palin, and said Craig and Shawn made the recent phone calls to try to locate an original copy of a letter threatening Willow Palin that was submitted as evidence against Shawn earlier this year. Shawn Christy said he had no involvement in the letter.

    “We’re obsessed because we’re just trying to get the truth out there, and we’re just trying to defend ourselves in the only way we can,” Karen Christy said.”

  • Former Republican:

    I agree! That’s what NORMAL people do.

  • lilly lily:

    The youtube where Chuckie talks about sleeping with guns, and where Sally suggests Christy call them to talk it over was about March7th or possible March 8th of 2011. I know some of the You tubes were edited and remarks taken out.

    That is crazy in and of itself. Any teenager can tell you, that you don’t invite the devil or vampire into your home unless you plan to put a stake through its heart.

    For that reason alone I think he and his father were given encouragment along the line. But their dupe got out of hand.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Another thought: How many on that Grand Jury thought that some how, some way the Palin’s might have found out WHO sat on that seated jury and HOW each individual voted? It sounds paranoid to be sure, but – I have a friend still living in Alaska (in Anchorage; he knows I blog against $arah) that absolutely will not discuss via EMAIL OR TEXT anything negative about $arah with me.

    Now, THAT is paranoia!

  • nm:

    An indictment is not a conviction. The Palins have made allegations against the Christys and produced enough evidence to go to trial. Whether that evidence is false will be determined at trial. Moreover, if the Christy’s defense includes sexting claims, I assume that evidence can be produced through discovery and subpoena of telephone records. Hopefully, the Christys will have a better lawyer than either Levi or David Kernell (the kid who guessed Palin’s Yahoo password).

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Don’t forget the “Family Bus Tour” last Memorial Day weekend and the following week, all throughout the area the Christy’s are from. In a big, easy to spot campaign bus… with Palin walking around in public. No bodyguards. Just Todd, Willow and Piper, along with mom & dad. And a whole lot of reporters. Then just Piper, mom and dad. And a whole lot of reporters. Walking around different monuments, with a few tourists, and maybe a couple of National Park tour guides. And the reporters. If they Christy’s were TRULY DANGEROUS, that would have been the time to “strike” – but they didn’t. WHY? It would have been a 5 hour drive for them to DC, at most. And if $arah “fears” them so, why no bodyguards? Why “vacation” so close to the Christy’s home turf?

  • mary b:

    In The United States of America, you are presumed innocent until proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, guilty.
    I don’t think it is necessary or wise to come to the conclusion that the Christy’s are guilty of anything until they have had their day in Court.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Agree completely. Supposedly the Palin’s have “suffered” far worse at their hands, but the attorney is the one who brings it to a DA – on HIS OWN, PERSONAL behalf?


  • lilly lily:

    I think the Palin’s have encouraged the obvious nuts who make up a certain percentage of her following. They play with fire and they got more than they bargained for.

    I think the Christy’s are off the wall, but as he was threatening Obama as well, he could be having psychotic breaks.

    It will be best if he is evaluated as to his condition by the courts and their psychiatrists. Better for him and his family to end this obsession.

    I don’t know what went down, none of us do. True or false?

    Too bad Sarah Palin can’t be forced into being evaluated for her pathology. She is far more dangerous to this country than this Shawn Christy and his father.

    Just as well it goes to the courts to decide.

  • Lisabeth:

    I thought I read that Sean was evaluated by a psychiatrist. He was supposedly ” cleared” right before Sarah abruptly quit her job. I have no clue if this is true, I am repeating what the father Christy said. He said Sarah had a sexting relationship with Sean and that after the FBI released him as ” sane”. Sarah was told that she could leave her governors job OR be charged with this as a crime. She quit unexpectedly – Todd didn’t even know until the night before.
    This is the Christys story from what I got from his page. Again this is just what i read. I’m not saying any of it is true. Also the Christys said that when they went to court this past year because Sarah asked for a restraining order, she was now divorced and her name in the court record was Sarah Heath not Palin. They repeatedly wrote on their FB page that Sarah would never run for president because of this.
    Of course this all sounds nuts but as some have said the entire Christy family believes this. The mother seemed calmer.
    I always believe when I hear a strange story, that there may be a kernel of truth somewhere.
    Also this is a very poor family. They don’t have money or an attorney. Maybe some journalist can dig deeper to see if this is all fiction or if something really happened. If they fabricated all of this, wow, that is crazy.
    I’m not very knowledgeable about psychopaths or liars but are there many cases where the whole family makes up a crazy story and they all believe it????

  • lilly lily:

    I checked on September 30 2010 The Frontiersman.

    They had 200,000 hits on a article mentioning Christy and Palin.

    They refused to post a picture of him which was requested, as so many people wanted to hunt him down and kill him with liberal lead.

    Those remarks and threats were not published in the papers comment section.

    I doubt if that sentiment has changed in Palin’s crazy fringe group.

    I’m suprised Christy doesn’t seem to realize that he is a marked man.

  • Ivyfree:

    “The Palins have made allegations against the Christys and produced enough evidence to go to trial”

    Yeah. And Frank Bailey wrote about how he lied for Sarah Palin. Was it Sarah or Todd who said that obviously Sarah hadn’t done anything to Trooper Wootten, and Bailey wrote how took the bullet for her? Remember how Sarah waved the Branchflower Report and caroled about how it complete exonerated her? Yeah, when Sarah claims to be a victim, my first thought is that a known liar is lying.

    So if a newspaper, or any media source, writes about how she’s been the victim of a stalker, my first thought is: says who? Who’s lying for Sarah in this scenario? What “evidence” have presented, and where did it come from? Was a bot or is it real? Live, or Memorex? And what benefit does this scenario create for Palin? Wow, what a great way to be a victim again- and what an answer for her when somebody questions the information in Mr. McGinniss’ book. “They’re always after me. Look at the Christys….”

    You just can’t start out with the thought that the Palins are telling the truth.

    And I remember how Bush 43 fired 8 attorneys general who didn’t cooperate with his plan to prosecute Democrats. That left 92 attorneys general who apparently had selectively prosecuted Democrats to Bush’s satisfaction. Did President Obama replace any of them? I don’t remember hearing about it, if he did.

  • lilly lily:

    Or are those who are making all these threats in her following more hot air than action? And they all want to shoot her enemies? Mass psychosis?

    They seem remarkably eager to kill people. Joe McGinniss for example.

    The police in Pa. where protecting the Christy family from nuts like that, while the Christy family continued to call the Palin family and her lawyers to harass them with hang up calls etc.

    This is looney tunes.

  • Lisabeth:

    Oh boy!! I just read the FBI letter and if Sean really said all that I have zero sympathy for the anti-Semitic creep
    He isn’t too smart either, Lyme disease or not! Unbelievable. I’m sorry I was practically defending the kid.

  • lilly lily:

    Deeper down the rabbit hole I go. Time to stop trying to think this through with no evidence.

    The Palins and their lawyers words? They must have taped all this for a grand jury to indite? I remember the lies the two Palins told in court under oath in Tennessee. Skeeered, without a cell phone,( huh, where did the threatening calls come from?) All alone in the deep dark forest (except for the secret service in the house next door.)

    Is Sarah Palin going to be a martyr now? Is this some sort of set up for her to either play victim and the explaination why she will back out of running to the sympathetic crowd who is her cult?

    The entire Christy family is psycho?

    That has happened.

    Look at the Palins and her hoaxes and schemes and machinations. Anything goes with Sarah Palin. No one deserves death threats, and her following seem to specialize in them. She never told them to shut up or to stop their threats.

  • lilly lily:

    There is an FBI letter? Any links?

    I’ll go and look myself.

  • lilly lily:

    Oh, I see, it is in an update by Joe McGinniss on this thread.

    Sounds pretty sick and gross. Only read page one and two as it sticks.

  • lilly lily:

    Hmm. Their goose is cooked.

    These two are really remarkably stupid, if they were saying this sort of garbage in either e-mail or on the phone.

  • Jude:

    Lisabeth, thank you for your post.

    Don’t be too quick to dismiss Lyme disease here, Joe.

    I know nothing about the Christys, but I have an aunt who was diagnosed by two physicians over a period of 18 months as having Alzheimer’s, a seizure disorder, Bell’s palsy, and/or schizophrenia. Eventually the correct diagnosis was reached, after many months of tests and untold angst among the family. All her symptoms–partial paralysis, slurred speech, mental confusion, rage, and paranoia–were caused by Lyme disease. This is a very bizarre disorder which is difficult to diagnose and to treat.

    If Mrs. Christy suffered with it during her pregnancy, God only knows how it might have affected her son. Comparing it to the notorious Twinkie defense may be premature.

  • Joe:

    The FBI affidavit is based largely on the father’s phone calls, and nobody is saying he suffers from Lyme Disease.


  • FrostyAK:

    The “justice” system in AK is the pits. Those with power and money always win. I know from experience.

    Those with ties to the government can find out ANYTHING about ANYTHING, including grand jury participants and votes. They can also bury the truth very conveniently. We know that SP2 is nothing but a sock puppet for the $palins.

    The Christys may be whackos. They may not be. They have no power or money, so they will lose no matter whether innocent or guilty… that is a fact in the ‘last frontier’.

  • Banyan:

    I would think that pre-natal Lyme Disease would be like Prenatal/Congenital Syphilis — the organisms are nearly identical.

  • FrostyAK:

    Gag me with a chainsaw. Who let the trolls out?

  • Molly:

    I have no sympathy…..sorry.

  • Former Republican:

    According to an article published in the Hazleton Standard-Speaker on September 30, 2010, the entire Christy family was receiving treatment for Lyme disease.

    Previous reports in the family’s local newspaper indicate that they have felt victimized by Palin and her attorneys. I wonder what Palin’s attorney might have sent them that caused them to renew their campaign of long-distance harassment?

  • FrostyAK:

    In Alaska, ‘stalkers’ are not paid attention to by the police/troopers, “unless and until they cause physical harm to the alleged victim”. At least that’s what I was told when I called for protection from someone out of state who threatened my life. I had copies of the emails to back up the allegations.

    They said they took down the information, but didn’t want copies of the emails. When I called back to confirm that my complaint had been registered, it had not been. I am neither rich, nor famous, nor a politician. My name isn’t palin.

    Interesting that the TPs didn’t file the complaint, but their lawyer did… was the lawyer baiting the Christys to cover for former harassment/sexting by the palin klan? Will we ever know?

  • PalinsHoax:

    How fortunate that no one in the Palin / Heath family has been shot. Maybe the Palins & Heaths should talk to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords or the family of Christina Taylor Green and see how they feel about Palin’s “cross-hairs” comments and map.

  • Lisabeth:

    But would they say it in the FBI affidavit? I can’t see why they would mention it. It’s more of a defense right? Also I believe the father has Lyme too. There are many situations where the entire family has it. It’s the #1 infectious disease in the country and an epidemic that’s being ignored.

  • KiteGirl:

    Mary b:
    The standard at trial is “beyond a reasonable doubt”, not beyond a shadow of a doubt.
    Trial is also the time when you are presumed innocent, until proven guilty.

  • Wooljunkie:

    I’ve never felt the need to comment here (busy life and all that) until now. I read here frequently. I love your blog Joe and am impatiently waiting for your book. But I have to say after following the Christy’s on Facebook that I agree with others that the Christy’s couldn’t have made up even half of what they have written about the goings-on in Alaska. How would they have known all the dates and names of FBI agents, judges, lawyers, Magistrates and all other court officers?
    Not that I think they are very smart; actually quite the opposite. They ARE off their rockers as far as knowing how to conduct themselves civilly. Often when I read what Craig, the father, wrote, I wished he had used more sense. But he didn’t. He’s angry and trying to get heard.

    This is what I think it’s all about:
    Craig Christy said on May 4, 2011
    Governor Palin has a sexting affair with Shawn Feb-March 2009,then tries to say he was running around Alaska from Feb-June 2009,when he was 17 yrs old and was home every night with us and at the library daily(we have the records)They were trying to have him extradited to Alaska to get jurisdiction over him to have him commited by Cole or Lack.Drug up Shawn,lock him away and Sarahs problem is solved!

  • Former Republican:

    According to old newspaper accounts, there is a lot more to this story. It seems that in July 2011 Craig Christy said that U.S. Magistrate Jonathon Lack has a conflict of interest in Shawn’s the case. He claimed that Lack “is a former staffer of late former U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens and that Palin [was] ‘photographed multiple times’ with him during her political career.” In January 2011, Craig complained that Shawn received a hearing notice with only three hours’ warning. How can these people, who are practically destitute, possibly get a fair trial for Shawn against the Palin machine? Now they are just completely flipping out which only makes things worse for them.

  • nm:

    As you’ve quoted my comment, I feel compelled to say that I’m not making any judgments one way or another. The fact is that there is an indictment, which requires some level of evidence. As I also commented, the veracity of that evidence will be tested in court.

    I am looking forward to seeing hard evidence from both the Palins and Christys to be heard in court. Unfortunately, if the Christys are deemed unfit to stand trial, we may never know the truth.

  • Lidia17:

    I have not checked out the FB and will reserve ultimate judgment about the Christys, BUT Sarah egging them on and Willow sexting are completely coherent with Palin behavior. Too bad that the case seems to be based in AK.

    I think these people do have issues, but that doesn’t mean the Palins haven’t USED them to their own advantage just like they use everyone else they seem to come into contact with.

  • Lidia17:

    Excellent points, emrysa.

  • Lidia17:

    These are very interesting allegations and certainly not incompatible with the Palins as we know them to be.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    There are also comments on the dad’s page that Chuck & Sally heath corresponded to them by mail? WTF?
    A stalker?
    There is something “Off” about this whole story.
    And maybe a grand jury is a good thing b/c the dad does say stuff like about Curtis Jr and other stuff known on blogs.

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    Yep I was thinking the same thing…People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

  • sharon:

    Mel – You’re kidding me, right? You can’t tell that facebook account is a fake? All of this was covered by Jesse in the Immoral Minority blog. No truth at all to this fictional stalker story,

  • Ivyfree:

    And all I am saying is that the Palins are lying liars who lie, and Sarah has a history of persuading other people to lie for her.

    I don’t know the truth about the Christys. I just don’t automatically assume that if there is an indictment, that means credible evidence.

  • In no way do I condone the behavior of the Christys if the affadavit is true. However I see red flags. I see that the Palin lawyer was directly involved in prompting the FBI to arrest the Christys, I see that the FBI agent who swore the affadavit was fromt eh Anchorage FBI office……..these are problems for me personally. We know the FBI office in Anchorage is corrupt, we know Tienessen abuses his power and twists things to suite the Palins, we know Shawn Christy has mental problems. I think there is more than meets the eye here. With that said again I do not condone violence or threats made to individuals to inflict harm or violence. I am just saying that isn’t it convient that yet again the FBI makes arrests on behalf of the Palins. How many times is it now?