Trig? New evidence from Sarah Palin emails//UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan reacts




I’ve declared myself as “trignostic,” meaning I am skeptical about Sarah’s story of her pregnancy with Trig and his birth, but I am not yet certain that it could not be true.

If it’s a hoax, it would be the worst ever perpetrated on the American electorate by a candidate for national office.

That’s a lot to swallow, which is why MSM has simply turned its collective head.

I’m still not convinced (i.e. persuaded beyond a reasonable doubt), but recent close readings of the newly-released Palin emails by Jesse Griffin at Immoral Minority and Andrew Sullivan at Daily Dish bring me closer to concluding that Sarah’s tale is an absolute and utter fraud and that Trig, in fact, was not her baby.

To me, the questions have always been valid, and the MSM dismissal of Sullivan as a misogynist freak with a tinfoil beard has been shameful.

The question of whether or not Trig was really Sarah’s baby was much on my mind last spring and summer in Alaska. Both Levi’s sister, who was photographed holding him soon after birth, and Levi’s mother assured me that conspiracy theories about Trig were absurd: Sarah gave birth to him, just as she said.

I devote a full chapter of THE ROGUE to this question, and have material in other chapters that relates directly to it.

My research did not uncover proof that Sarah was lying, but I returned from Alaska last fall more skeptical about the official version of events than I’d been when I got there.

In regard to this question, I recall the words of a US Army CID detective who on April 6, 1970 questioned Jeffrey MacDonald about his account of the murders of his wife and two daughters: “Anything is possible, but some things are more possible than others.”

I now think in regard to Trig that anything is possible, but that it’s more possible than not that Sarah’s whole story is a lie.

Even so heavily redacted, the Palin emails offer startling new evidence. By evidence, I mean facts that could be submitted to a jury in a court of law.   For a long time, there have been photos online–both of Trig’s ear and Sarah’s belly–from the spring of 2008 that would seem to contradict her version of events.  But much of what a photograph demonstrates, in a forensic sense, is in the eye of the beholder. If you already believe Sarah’s story to be a lie, the photos prove it.  If you don’t, they’re just pictures, taken from different angles by different people at different times.

The emails, however, are in Sarah’s own words.

As I point out in THE ROGUE , for someone who wrote in her memoir that “desperation…overwhelmed me” when she realized her amniotic fluid sac had ruptured in Dallas at 4 a.m. on April 17, 2008, Sarah was strangely indifferent to her baby’s fate. I describe how close she was to so many Dallas hospitals with neo-natal intensive care units, yet she felt no need to go to one, even though her baby wasn’t due for another month, and even though she already knew that his Down Syndrome and her age made the birth high risk.

Hell, Sarah didn’t even want to call her doctor!

I go into the hours that followed in great detail, pointing out that observations by others of her behavior every step of the way from Dallas to Wasilla cast doubt upon her version of events.

What’s new in the emails is proof that seven hours after being overwhelmed by desperation about the fate of her new gift from her Heavenly Father, Sarah was firing off BlackBerry messages, including one about Andrew Halcro, one of her opponents in the gubernatorial race of 2006, who’d started a blog often critical of her.

“What a goof he is…truly annoying,” she wrote in the throes of her desperation about Trig’s fate. She added, “I’m headed home from Dallas.”

We’ve all heard about compartmentalizing, but, hey, let’s get real: her great gift from her Heavenly Father is at risk of dying before he’s even born and Sarah is bitching about Andrew Halcro?

Despite being overwhelmed by desperation, Sarah also fired off a note to an aide that morning, instructing her not to proceed with a fake letter to the editor of the Anchorage Daily News–one that was to be sent as if it came from Sarah–responding to criticism from a couple of Anchorage radio personalities.

“Don’t submit at this time as there will be more thought put into this…” she wrote.

In THE ROGUE I wonder about how Sarah spent the hours between the onset of desperation at four a.m. and her luncheon speech. Now we know: she was on her BlackBerry, dealing with inconsequential matters, as her amniotic fluid continued to leak, putting her baby, hour by hour, at increasing risk.

IF there was a baby in her womb at the time.

Jesse Griffin’s close reading of Sarah’s letter to family and friends, written as if it were from God, provides the strongest evidence I’ve yet seen that Sarah was not pregnant in 2008 and did not give birth to Trig.

In the popular idiom, “God is in the details.” Here, God is in the redactions.

I read Going Rogue (don’t get me started.)   In it, Sarah says she wrote a letter about Trig “to our family and closest friends.” Being Sarah, she opted to write it as if it had come from “Trig’s Creator, the same Creator in whom I had put my trust more than thirty years before.” She signed it, “Love, Trig’s Creator, Your Heavenly Father.”

First, how crazy is that? You write a letter to family and closest friends announcing the arrival of a new baby as if you were God?

I’ve read saner communiques from Son of Sam and Charles Manson.

But…what’s relevant here is what Sarah redacted from the letter as published in Going Rogue.

There was sheer nuttiness, such as this paragraph, which was redacted:

(But tell me, what do you earthlings consider “perfect” or even “normal” anyway? Have you peeked down any grocery store isle, or school hallway, or into your office lunchroom lately? Or considered the odd celebrities you consider “perfect” on t.v.? Have you noticed I make ’em all shapes and sizes? Believe me, there is no “perfect”!)

“You earthlings?” What is this, Star Trek?

But then there was the money quote:

“I let Trig’s mom have an exceptionally comfortable pregnancy, so she could enjoy every minute of it, and I even seemed to rush it along so she could wait until near the end to surprise you with the news…”

There’s more sentimental tripe about Piper not waiting too long for a Christmas present and Palins having four-day birthday parties (“You all really like cake”),  which goes to show that the heavenly father really needs an earthling editor, but the bottom line is what Jesse Griffin spotted.

Jesse writes:

I believe we’ve now seen an email that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sarah Palin’s pregnancy was not as reported.

On Monday, April 7th, Sarah Palin sent this letter from her official government account to her yahoo accounts. It was the draft of the letter she eventually sent to friends and family after Trig was “born” on April 18th, eleven days later.

This letter was written when Sarah Palin was supposedly thirty-four weeks pregnant. Six weeks away from her announced delivery date of May 18th.

How can you possibly explain her writing a letter which thanks God for giving her an exceptionally easy pregnancy (“Then, I let Trig’s mom have an exceptionally comfortable pregnancy so she could enjoy every minute of it,”) when she should have been six LONG weeks away from the end? Still facing the weeks that any woman will tell you are going to be the most uncomfortable…

How could Sarah know for sure that her birth would be easy and free of complications or that her baby would be, except for the Down Syndrome, healthy?…

And what about this sentence? “and I even seemed to rush it along…” I believe this is a clear reference to the fact that Trig came early. But how could Sarah possibly have known, on April 7th, that that was going to happen?…

Here is my question:  if she could write on April 7th that her Heavenly Father let her “have an exceptionally comfortable pregnancy,” and she knew in advance she’d give birth so easily–although a month prematurely–that she wouldn’t even have to take a day off from work, how come “desperation…overwhelmed” her in Dallas ten days later?

Sarah: forget about “The British are coming!”   What should worry you is “The questions are coming!”

Ever thicker and faster.

And by the way, where is Trig?  Long time no see.


See “A Trignostic Wavers” from Andrew Sullivan at Daily Dish today.

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  • minnesotamud:

    Yes. Can MSM ignore this?

  • Sandia Blanca:

    Thank you, Joe!

  • SaltAire:

    Maybe your book isn’t finished after all!

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    This IS the smoking gun, the Nail in the Coffin, the rill dill.

    Now, will the mainstream media bite? What other explanation could there be for the verbiage?


  • krbmjb05:

    Welcome aboard Joe! Now hang on tight for the wild ride! Let’s see if we can finally pick up some MSM along the way that have the guts to ask the “gotcha” questions of the second coming of the Virgin Mary!

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    P.S. – Business Insider also has this story, referencing Gryphen / IM as their post.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Wrong link above – this is the correct link. I’m going to hit the sheets!

  • teal:

    ….Sahre is highly favored in her own mindlessness…God’s very own Viictim here on earth…Big imangation to boot.

  • Heidi3:

    I think I’m about to dissolve into tears of joy! It has been SO very difficult to study every minute detail of this dramatic hoax for three years, yet watch everyone’s thousands of hours of research be met with deaf ears, blind eyes, and closed minds. The MSM skidded right through the emails because they didn’t know enough to search for the obscure clues contained therein. It’s more than high time that this provable fraud see the light of day. Please keep the light on for us, Joe, and thank you!

  • jk:

    Bravo, Joe!

    I especially enjoyed your comparison to Berkowitz and Manson. The elaborate, bizarre, self-serving, self-aggrandizing stories these people tell are so complicated and change on a daily basis.

    I’ve always keyed in on Sarah Palin’s supposed desperation for Trig’s survival. Yet, after not feeling quite right and leaking amniotic fluid, she doesn’t go to the hospital to get checked out. Nope, she hangs out in Texas to give a speech (having “big contractions” the whole time, in her own words), then hops a couple of transcontinental flights. Sarah Palin’s problem is that she wants to come across both as a caring mother (I was so worried!) and a tough frontier woman. Of course, there are many people out there who take the whole bizarre (and so obviously false) story as showing just that.

    The MSM lapped up the story and repeated it as if Sarah Palin was a heroine. Let’s hope somebody with a large national audience tells it in the correct tone and reveals Sarah Palin to be either a complete reckless idiot or a shameless liar (we, of course, know she’s both, but in the case of the “wild ride,” shameless liar wins out).

  • Ottoline:

    Joe — You are a prince! You HAVE taken it up a notch. You say “If it’s a hoax, it would be the worst ever perpetrated on the American electorate by a candidate for national office.” BINGO! Exactly! Everyone I have seen write, research, ponder, comment on this issue was similarly stopped at the outset: It can’t be; Too nutty; It would have been revealed before now; Who would take such a risk; Unheard of.

    But now we see that there is no other explanation: Palin hoaxed us and got away with it for 3+ yrs!

    As one looks at all the data points, it gradually dawns on the attentive observer that in addition to the mountain of circumstantial evidence there are a few data points that are rock solid. Then it all falls into place. Esp because it would be so easy for any Mom I know to prove (very simply and easily) the birth of her bioChild — to put an end to this matter and then sue the hell out of everyone. Have you noticed how that has not happened?

    Thank you for this post. Thank you to Andrew Sullivan, to Gryphen, to Bree, to Regina — and to Audrey, who got us all started with her keen observations and patient, detailed explanations.

    (I still wish you would ponder the Mar 14 photo at the Gov Conf: an impossibly flat profile for someone who claims to deliver a 6+ pound baby in 5 weeks.) All you need is the one good flat photo — even if you have a gazillion giant-belly photos. This does it for me. For you, it’s Palin predicting her premature birth, in the voice of God. Either way, Palin hoaxed us.

  • dlbvet:

    WOW. It’s really all I can say. And ‘ditto’ to all who’ve posted already.
    Please let this be the beginning of the end.

  • Ottoline:

    “Anything is possible, but some things are more possible than others.” Articles, two recent books, and the Scharlott paper have documented that Palin lies repeatedly and skilfully. Her version of her pregnancy with Trig rests mainly on her own accounts of it. It’s possible she is telling the truth (if you discount the Mar 14 photo and other too-flat photos, and discount her own prediction of a premature yet safe birth), but experience tells us it is not likely.

    Reminds me of the Chinese definition of an optimist as someone who stands on a hill with his mouth open, waiting for a delicious dinner to fly into it. Possible, but . . . .

    Palin, standing on a hill, mouth open, words emanating: It’s POSSIBLE the words are true, but . . . .

  • charles:

    Isn’t this an opportunity for the birthers to eat their own (metaphorically, of course)?

    As Ottoline says: “it would be so easy for any Mom I know to prove (very simply and easily) the birth of her bioChild — to put an end to this matter and then sue the hell out of everyone. Have you noticed how that has not happened?”

    DNA testing? If that’s anti-biblical, how about a long-form birth certificate instead?

  • Beth deris:

    Thanks Joe, this has to hit the MSM. You ever wonder how stupid her bots are? Where do they thing Trig is?They have a family vacation but no Trig. Didn’t any of her worshipers think it was odd that Trig was missing.I think they all forgot she had him just as sarah forgot. I guess Palins playing the out of sight out of mind game with her palinbots. She needed Trig for 2008 elections,that was lost, then she needed him for her book tours, got her pockets filled. I doubt she’ll run for POTUS because Trig isn’t usable anymore. She’s already proven she’s not Trigs Birth Mother, the only one’s missing from that family are Track and Trig.. Teflon Don, sort of makes me sick that she pulled this off and is making a fool out of all of us. She is a very vicious woman.I still think the Koch bros are behind her that’s why she doesn’t have any fear, she thinks Kochs need her, when they throw her under the bus she’ll be as bugged eyed as Walker is trying to give wisconsin to the Kochs bros. Walkers life depends on it Palin’s doesn’t.

  • BeeEss:

    Hallelujah – Joe’s on board! Oh please let the games begin!

  • WakeUpAmerica:

    Oh lordy, Joe! You are too funny. You really have a way with words and quite the dry wit (must be why you are such a successful author 😉 ). The fact remains that either Sarah perpetrated a sick, sick hoax OR she tried to kill the baby in the womb. Her behavior only allows one of these two possibilities. Why is this woman not in a mental hospital? And really the tragedy is that this mentally ill woman with apparently growing paranoia doesn’t seem to be getting the psychiatric help she so desperately needs. The other tragedy is that the precious little boy, Trig, appears to be neglected. Where is Trig, indeed??!!

  • Sally:

    This may not put her in jail, but it will keep her out of the Presidential race. We know how far Palin goes to keep distance between herself and anyone might Triglet. And where is he again Sarah? Who is reading him bedtime stories, helping him with his therapy? Potty training? Learning to dress himself? Someone with more love and patience than you, dear.

  • zenna:

    Joe, many of us have been researching/studying/following the Trig birth story for years now. We’ve become near-experts in premature pregnancy and delivery and have carefully examined the mountains of circumstantial evidence.

    Really, there is only one conclusion: Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig Palin on April 18, 2008.

    The fact is that Sarah Palin – nor anyone else – has produced even one piece of definitive evidence that she did give birth to Trig. Nothing. It’s the law to have proper documentation for every child born is the States. Yet nothing has been produced by Palin because she simply cannot prove something that never happened. It really is that simple.

    As you know, Palin has a proven and confirmed track record of going after people she perceives as her enemies – even with threats of legal action. Yet she has done nothing regarding the many who question her story of the birth of Trig. She could win over legions of new fans and solidify her standing and also win millions and million of dollars in legal action.

    An honest birth mother has nothing to fear in a lawsuit and of course has extremely well documented facts and forensic evidence on her side. A proud bio-mom would be eager to prove that her child is her own. It is almost impossible to lose a lawsuit about the birth of your very own child – unless it isn’t.

  • ca:

    The crazy thing about this impending train wreck is that it will be a Palin insider that will eventually spill the beans. Though portions of the media (the above writer, et al) have attempted to report on this, in the end they won’t be responsible for pulling up the curtain on this sordid tale. Her undoing won’t come at the hands of the ‘lamestream media’ she so despises; no, it will come from the unhinged acolytes she attracts and then mistreats. They will start to see the pattern the media has actually been reporting on for years, now compounded by the increased volume of her interaction with others.

    Meg Stapleton, we have your life-vest and can we escort you to one of the Titanic’s lifeboats, would you like to come with us?

    Dr. Baldwin-Johnson, the next couple of days might be rough, but I assure you, they’re not the Corleones, and you’ll probably want to survive this with as much dignity as possible. I mean come on, ABC won’t even be able to run reruns of that season of Dancing with the Stars, do you really want to be stained with this any worse than it has to be? Take control of the situation, lose your license and write a book.

    Is there anyone else out there that knows this is a hoax? Have you figured out that the ends don’t justify the means? If anyone is complicit in this lie, then they have to realize that they are facilitating the type of person who would enter into such a destructive scenario to gain enormous political power. This is what is happening and this is scary.

  • omomma:

    Of course they can; it’s been ignored or openly derided for 3 long years.

  • brbr2424:

    “I’ve read saner communiques from Son of Sam and Charles Manson” I love that line. One of many reasons why I’m looking forward to your book is your ability to write in an engaging way. I’m slogging my way through the Bailey book now and have gotten stalled.

    I read the entire letter today and it is odd. I’m not a church goer but the “earthlings” phrase struck me as startling. It seems more sci-fi than religious. Maybe god was busy with the other terrestrial beings on other planets on election night which would explain how he dropped the ball.

    I watch too many crime shows and just like the bad guy, her explanations are too detailed. It was unnecessary to give detail explaining why she was so comfortable (didn’t look or act pregnant) and that the process was so speedy (the 3 week gestation period) unless she was trying to cover up a lie.

    I would think that Christians would find it presumptive that Palin thinks she can write a letter from god in first person. I recall my ex-husband, who was raised baptist, was stunned when George Bush sited Jesus as his favorite philosopher. Because Jesus wasn’t a philosopher, he was god, which was a nuance I missed. But then again expecting a logical response from the extreme right is futile.

  • Linda1961:

    JK, it’s always bothered me that so many applaud SP’s story of the Reckless Ride rather than to question it. Anyone who believes the story should be asking her WHY she took such unnecessary risks with the life and health of her “gift from God”.

  • BlueberryT:

    Good post — thanks for taking this on. The questions about her birth story have always been valid, and it is good to see that they are finally being asked, and pursued, by more people.

  • carollt:

    In a court of law, there is a circumstantial case that could be presented by these facts alone. Now let’s add the fact that she declined a security detail or any staff for the trip; at the last minute she changed the plans and only Todd went to Texas with her. And not only was she texting and on her blackberry during the “wild ride”, according to the emails, she claimed to work on Trig’s day of birth; signing bills and attending to other State business. She must be some kind of superwoman.

    I would want to know more about her pattern of behavior when she had her other four children. How long did she stay in the hospital the other four times; how fast did she resume her normal routine, etc… Photos are allowed in a court of law and I would not only look at the photos of her in March, 2008, I would want to present photos of her after Trig was born. All women after giving birth have what I believe are called engorged breasts meaning the breasts become huge for a time (I have five children and this happened every time and has happened to every mom I ever knew). There is no photographic evidence that Sarah experienced engorged breasts; quite the opposite.

    Tick tock tick tock Sarah.

  • Nefer:

    ““I let Trig’s mom have an exceptionally comfortable pregnancy, so she could enjoy every minute of it…”

    This is the part that doesn’t make sense to me. So “she could enjoy every minute of it”?

    Does this square with concealing her pregnancy for months from everyone, even her husband, allegedly out of fear of criticism?

    Does this square with concealing her pregnancy from everyone, even her husband, and going through prenatal testing on her own? Finding out devastating news on her own and concealing it?

    Doesn’t an “exceptionally comfortable pregnancy”, of which “she could enjoy every minute” sound like one shared from the moment it is confirmed with family and friends, trying on cute maternity clothes, enjoying compliments on your “glow”, being thrilled with adorable toys and gadgets, shopping for baby and mommy goodies, surprise showers and on and on and on?

    One huge sticking point for me has always been the idea that Sarah concealed the pregnancy so as not to be criticized etc., by people who would think she was taking on too much. Sarah would have reveled in provoking criticism and then turning it around on the sexist Neanderthals who dared to question her fitness as a professional just because she dared to be pregnant. She would have loved the sexualization of her position with in your face proof of her desirability, fertility, and active sex life, and would also have enjoyed accusing questioners of interfering with and thinking about her intimate activities with her husband.

  • Linda1961:

    Brbr, I’m a Christian an think that SP is being presumptuous to write a letter like that. She seems to be equating herself with God. We will see how other Christians react when they learn of it, but my guess is that the Dominists will love the letter, but most Christians won’t like it.

  • lee:

    The people who financially support this woman know she is mentally ill, and use her to do their dirty work. I sure hope you will be able to expose who is behind the Trig hoax. Jeffrey McDonald, indeed.

  • Tewise:

    I guess if you don’t mind I am lumped up with you as being a trignostic. There are just to many numerous things that just don’t add up on this birth. What woman in her right mind would put her baby in so much jeopardy when she knew this baby was at risk. As far as that letter when she is channeling god is just to weird for me, it made the hair on my arms and neck stand up. I was in a training class and we listened to an audio tape of a standoff between a man and the police, he was doing this same sort of channeling it was very chilling to hear those words coming from his mouth. I guess what was so crazy he actually believed what he was saying and I think she does too.

  • carollt:

    I forgot to add to my comment the fact that about a year ago, Sarah gave a speech in which she said that Trig was born in Anchorage. At the time of the so-called birth, the press was called to the Mat-Su Valley Regional Medical Center. She said in her book that is where Trig was born as well. So, what gives with Anchorage? Does she not remember where her baby was born?

  • Montrealer:

    This excellent post from IM, which is clear & concise, should also be picked up by the MSM:-

    Anonymous said…
    I myself have given birth four times- once to twins. So I feel I can be fairly accurate with the following estimations. I’ve had one homebirth, two vaginal deliveries- one with epidural and one without, and one c-section. So I am taking all my experience into account, along with many secondhand experiences as a doula and birth coach.

    They say Trig was born at 6:30am, so…

    Immediately after the baby was delivered, the cord would be clamped and he would be taken over to the warmer. The would suction his airways, do his first APGAR, put a security bracelet on his ankle or wrist, clean him up, do a closer umbilical clip, put his first diaper on, and swaddle him up. Now due to Trig’s medical issues there certainly would have been an exam done by a pediatrician as well as a pediatric cardiologist. I estimate these measures would have taken approximately 18 to 25 minutes. It seems quick because it is- they do these things bam-bam-bam.

    So the time is now approximately 6:50.

    Now, while they are clearing the baby’s airways and cleaning them up, etc, they are watching mom to make sure the placenta is delivering properly, they’ll sometimes press on mom’s tummy to jumpstart things is they are stalled…one thing that plays a very large part of this scenario is the fact that Palin claimed to have had to be “induced”. Pitocin is a nasty, nasty thing…it forces the body into the most wretched, soul-consuming contractions possible.

    The pitocin has to be pulled back for the afterbirth because of the risk concerning uterine prolapse. So we can safely estimate that Palin was starting to expel the afterbirth just as Trig would have been swaddled up and possibly held by dad.

    Assuming Palin took the least amount of time possible to expel her afterbirth and that she did not have any tearing (which she likely would have as such a petite woman having a pitocin induced labor) then we can add another 15-20 minutes.

    The time is now approximately 7:10.

    Palin’s own narrative says the children came in “minutes after” the birth. Assuming she didn’t make the children watch her afterbirthing…the children come in around 7:15. Supposedly Bristol, Willow, Piper, and of course Levi were there. And Track was on the phone. Even if we allot only 5-7 minutes per child to meet, hold, coo over, etc the new baby, that takes up around 25 minutes.

    At some point, Trig will have had his second APGAR scoring. His glucose will be checked and his footprints will be taken. These things will add around 15-20 minutes.

    So with kids visiting and holding/meeting the baby (and remember we know from Sarah’s own telling to People magazine that each child held Trig right after birth- this is when Willow supposedly says he looks like he has DS- preposterous) and the additional tests and procedures Trig went through…we add about 40 minutes.

    The time is now approximately 7:45.

    DS babies are notorious for difficult feeding. Sarah herself has mentioned she breastfed Trig. With a DS baby there would have been a nurse or lactation consultant to help with Trig’s first feed. In a healthy baby without DS, the first feed averages 40 minutes. It likely took closer to an hour but in the name of playing devil’s advocate, we’ll say 40 minutes.

    The time is now approximately 8:25.

    So allowing absolutely NO TIME whatsoever for Sarah to hold and cuddle her new baby nor change her blood and amniotic soaked bed linens…yes, she COULD have been sending emails at 8:30.

    But truly- who among us believes that Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, lay in a bed soaked with blood, feces, fluid, mucous…and chose to send nondescript, unimportant emails…before changing her bed linens, using the restroom carefully, with a wash bottle and then putting on a chux pad…and again, not taking any time to just BE with her new baby…?

    I can’t believe I took the time to type all this out just so I could say once MORE…WHAT AN IDIOT. Who would believe this??!

    6:57 PM

  • JR:

    The “nail in the coffin” for me has always been the date Sarah chose to announce her fake pregnancy. This belief has been strengthened by the content of Frank Bailey’s book, which included conversations with Sarah as early as 2006 regarding the positive public relations of being pregnant while in office. In the Head over Heels for Sa-rah chapter, Frank describes the floating of Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential possibility from December 2007 throughout the early months of 2008. I think the idea of using a child, especially one with special needs, was very attractive to Sarah and remained in the recess of her mind until March 5th, 2007, when John McCain clinched (for all intents & purposes) the GOP nomination. This put into motion Sarah’s rather impulsive decision to announce that she was pregnant on March 6th. Whether or not Sarah already had a baby in mind to play the role of Trig was inconsequential at this point – maybe the sex and Down syndrome details of the already born child became known to Sarah in early April when she penned the letter from God. In a bizarre twist, the letter is a praise of Sarah & her commitment to God and family as a way to justify & ask for preemptive forgiveness for the big lie she was about to live.
    I would love to see the emails Mr. Bailey held back because, in his quest for eternal forgiveness, he didn’t want to hurt Sarah TOO much.

  • Heidi3:

    This is neither the time nor place, but I do have to wonder about the photo Joe used above. I’ve never seen it before (Hawaii trip?) Trig’s ear bears looking at more closely. Are you sending us clues, Joe? And were those obscure & eerie incantations found on Sarah’s palm prompter or her “O’Biden” debate notes?

    All kidding aside, but I’m not really kidding, having Joe getting closer to “being onboard” is a Big Deal. When we have the respected journalistic clout of a Joe McGinniss and an Andrew Sullivan actually using the word “hoax”, it lends a great deal of credence to the unmasking project. I think a good many hearts are singing right now: Audrey, Regina, Gryphen, Floyd Orr, Brad Scharlott, Laura Novak, Bree, ‘Next Chapter’, Blade, Morgan, Patrick & Kathleen, Malia, Litbrit, and all of the other indomitable bloggers and researchers. Thank you, Joe.

  • Neil:

    I’m not too sure about this Trig story,it certainly does seem fishy but I can’t figure her motivation.It can’t be to garner sympathy votes can it?I remember a woman I worked with saying she would get votes because of Trig.I thought it was ridiculous at the time because she was just the VP candidate.The woman is pretty obviously world class crazy,Who writes a birth announcement as God?I remember in”Game Change”she said it was God’s will that she be VP.That’s nutso when you come right down to it too.I suspect she might be pissed off at God for allowing that uppity negro to beat her the chosen one.Strange days my friends.

  • Thanks for your courage in posting this. I’ve always been mostly a wild rider (I thought the wild ride was damning enough), primarily because the hoax is just so crazy. But I’ve seen enough evidence over the years now, to be convinced that what ever happened DID NOT HAPPEN THE WAY SARAH SAID IT DID. The pieces have never fit and never will. Sarah lied. Big surprise there. I have finally just staked out my spot on this fence, where there is no proof that trig IS Sarah’s and there is no proof that he ISN’T Sarah’s. There is a lot of EVIDENCE for something. I just don’t know what the true story is. I think that NOTHING is ever as it seems with Sarah. She IS a LIE from top to bottom. I’ll quit now since I’ve used up my quota of capital letters.

  • justamom:

    Well, truly this woman is a wonder woman;) Think about this she was awake since 5 a.m. Texas time for how many hours before she gave her speech (women – how many of you could have went back to sleep if you were leaking?), gives her speech and then she spends forever getting back to Alaska. Then she still doesn’t go to the hospital she spends another 45 min getting to the hospital of her choice. Then she doesn’t give birth for what? Another 6 hours or so. Then a mere 8 hours later is doing gov. duties?

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I gotta get me some of that…….

  • lilybart:

    She got on a plane while in labor. She cannot dispute that unless everything else she said is a lie. “Big laughs, big contractions” “fluid leaking” mean labor had started and if a false alarm, she didn’t go to a doctor to know for sure before she got on two planes.

    If I were on a plane and a woman in labor got on I would be pissed off!
    We could have to land somewhere else at the least.

  • lilybart:

    Steve Schmidt works for Romney and he knows where the Palin bodies are buried. That is what she should fear.

  • lilybart:

    Not only that but she shortened the pregnancy again to giving birth at 7 1/2 months! THAT preemie didn’t go home the next day. I think the baby WAS born a 7 1/2 months in Anchorage. She slipped.

  • lilybart:

    When I heard she was chosen my first thought was “oh no, she is the one with the DS kid and so she will be a SAINT.” I was not wrong.

  • mary b:

    Good Luck Joe.
    This fake pregnancy crap is going to consume most of your time. Once you get to that point of disbelief, you can’t help yourself. You just need to find the right answers!! This Tri-G stuff just ends up with more questions.
    That is another LIE from $arah. She said in Going Rogue that Trig was a Norse name for (something or other, I forgot) but it turns out that was a lie, too also. I’m sure if you have her book you can find it easily and then look up the name’s meaning. All I remember is that she lied about it.
    Tri-G stands for Down’s Syndrome in the Medical Community.
    Why the hell would such a loving mother name her child after the disability he has and will for ever be burdened with??
    Also too, why did he never have his hearing aides and glasses on while he was being carried around like a loaf of French Bread??
    I wear hearing aides and cannot hear much at all without them. I can tell you, they are very, very difficult to get used to. So, in Tri-G’s condition, it would have been the very best thing for him to use those hearing aides asap. It’s easier for children when they don’t know better to adapt. I would be lost without mine and I only got them a little over a year ago! I am middle aged.
    Lot’s and lot’s of questions. You’ll bump into an answer that will create five more questions.
    $arah is a lying, self-centered bitch. She has no place at all in the public discourse. Imagine, if Sarah had gone back being Gov., and did her job and kept her mouth shut when it did not involve Alaska, we would not be so divided as a nation.
    I will never, ever forgive her. I don’t think I could if I wanted to.
    also too.

  • ca:

    What happened on April 6th or 7th? Was there another premature baby born somewhere near? Read her ‘God’ letter, and it’s pretty top of mind for her to offer explanation that He sped up her pregnancy.

    Fourth paragraph – there she goes into that justification. If this hoax actually happened, she was cruising along thinking she had another month – then bang, out comes a baby (from someone else) early. Quickly Sarah writes this letter, fires it off to herself satisfied in its beauty and explanation.

    Then she heads off to Texas – no way she’s going to fuck up this opportunity. Too bad she has to wear that damn pillow, Rick Perry is hot. Nailed the speech (or kicked ass in Todd’s words), credentials burnished. No way McCain is ever going to pick her, but just having her mentioned as a potential will boost her creds in Alaska. Murkowski? Beat her in the primary no problem, let’s take this show out of the cold.

    Holy shit, he picked me. I’m a superstar, no one is getting in my way.

    Back to April 6th and 7th, what happened that day?

    Where is the crack going to occur? Paging Dr. Johnson.

  • Rationalist:

    Excellent post, Joe. Thank you!

    I want to add my opinion that the reference to “rush it along” actually refers to the first seven months of the “pregnancy.” they rushed along because she wasn’t pregnant!

  • Rationalist:


  • AlaskanMama:

    Either you wish for Sarah to bring him with her everywhere or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways. I will say that Trig has spent a good amount of time in Phoenix though.

  • benefitofthedoubtallgone:

    Well she would have been criticized if she had Trig on the bus, in that way she can’t win, but it does make one wonder if some family is actually raising Trig so that Mrs. Palin can do her publicity tours, her daughter can do the reality shows, and so forth.

  • femme7:

    I find the statements by the Flight Attendants to be odd….they didn’t notice she was in distress or visibly pregnant???? Seems odd.

    If Sarah was as big as she was in the “Gutsy” photo, they would have been required to give her a seatbelt extender. They are required by law to go down the isle and confirm that everyone is buckled up.

    How did Sarah buckle up without a seatbelt extender? I guess if she didn’t have her “pregnancy belly” on, she wouldn’t need on, right?

  • Windy:

    Her total lack of concern for her precious gift from god has been a major red flag in this whole “wild ride” story for me. How did she and Todd know through all of that time from 4 am to all the way back to AK that Trig was not in some form of fetal distress? How did CBJ know over the phone? Did they have fetal monitoring equipment in their carry on bags?

  • Nefer:

    “I will say that Trig has spent a good amount of time in Phoenix though.”

    Sure we can. What people complained of on the book tour was poor little Trig being trotted out at all hours of the day or night, often not dressed for the weather conditions (while other people were), seldom with hearing aids or glasses, exposed to strangers and germs at all times, and obviously not in a stable environment with proper therapies.

    Then he is not seen at all. Not part of a so-called “family vacation.” No sign that Sarah misses him or thinks of him at all. No mention of him at all.

    Sorry, that is not how a loving mother or family treats one of their own.

    Don’t care what you say about him spending “a good amount of time in Phoenix.” As you don’t give your identity, there is no reason to believe you know anything.

  • pinhead:

    Note to John McCain: Keep grinnin’ it up there, old man. Keep “standing with Sarah” and doubling down on your genius pick for the VP slot. My God, what does she have on you? What weird pact with the devil have you two made to keep each others’ secrets?

    Similarly, did anyone see the slavish fawning over Her Heinous at the GOP debate last night? Would-be candidates insisting that Sarah Palin has the experience and ability to be President? Really?? Then where was she last night?

    What worries me about all this is that the major GOP players out there have not yet been given the word to hold their noses and walk away from the hot mess that is Sarah Palin. That tells me that McCain and Palin are confident that secrets of the 2008 campaign are not going to be “revilled” (I mean “revealed”) any time soon.

  • LisaB:

    The Wild Ride story has always been bogus. No woman goes into pre-term labor and doesn’t get checked. No woman thinks she may have amniotic sac rupture and then attends a conference, giving a speech. She then does not board TWO long commercial flights with an hour layover, by pass a hospital to drive to another, less well-equipped hospital.

    It was all a lie, crafted by a woman too stupid to understand how damning her lie was. She just threw out some medical words she knew, not quite understanding how unbelievable it was.

    Was she HOPING for her water to break while giving her speech? Is that what we’re supposed to take away from that? Was she HOPING she’d drop a baby on a plane, causing travel disruptions for everyone else on the flight? “Sorry, I missed your wedding, honey. Some freakazoid got onto the plane in labor and we got diverted to Salt Lake.” Is that what we’re supposed to believe she wanted?

    It’s a crackpot LIE. Like you, I don’t know what the truth is, but I know that story is an flipping lie.

  • Melly:

    I’m not beyond believing that SP did the hoax out of love and protection of someone, and that she loves Trig. Fact remains that she did a hoax. When it’s exposed we find it was done for the noblest of reasons. Fact remains she did a hoax.

  • Neil:

    I’m with you Lisa,none of this makes any sense.I just can’t figure why unless it is like you said she is just a crackpot.It’s a shame she can’t be pressured some how into revealing Trigs birth certificate.Maddening mess isn’t it?

  • Beaglemom:

    My first reaction also was that she was being presumptive in two ways – presuming the outcome of a pregnancy, something that no sane woman would do, and presuming to speak for God, something no sane religious person would do.

  • curious:

    I think the Dominionists think she is the Messiah, note the one image Gryphen captured from her new “movie” and compared it to one of Jesus. It was frighteningly similar

  • Windy:

    I agree with all that you point out plus as I wrote up- thread HOW did she and Todd and her Dr. know that her pre-term precious gift from her heavenly father was not in FETAL DISTRESS?!? Fetal monitoring equipment in their carry on bags?

  • Lidia17:

    I wouldn’t cry victory yet.
    Joe, I wrote this comment at Politicalgates two days ago:

    “Wow, I had never seen the full text of this… sent on April 7th.
    It’s truly psycho…

    For a minute I almost thought there was a smoking gun here: “I let Trig’s mom have an exceptionally comfortable pregnancy so she could enjoy every minute of it, and I even seemed to rush it along so she could wait until near the end to surprise you with the news – that way Piper wouldn’t have so long to wait and count down so many days – just like Christmastime when you have to wait, impatiently, for that special day to finally open your gift? (Or the way the Palins look forward to birthday celebrations that go on for three, four days- you all really like cake.) I know you, I knew you’d be better off with just a short time to wait!”

    but then I realized that “seemed to rush it along” could be interpreted as in having made the announcement so late, rather than a revelation of her uncanny prescience that Tri-G would be “born” prematurely.
    Is the letter freaky, and another reason to doubt Palin’s story? Absolutely.

    But she larded her book with so many different crazy statements about how, when and why she’d tell her husband, and her kids, about the pregnancy, along with crazy explanations of why she didn’t want to tell people in her office so she “tried to hide it… well, didn’t purposefully try to hide it…” that this ‘short gestation’ nonsense fits right in, unfortunately, as I see it.

  • hellothere:

    I just posted this at IM as well:

    The entire labor story is nonsensical. If a woman goes into labor prematurely, the doctor will not give pictocin – he/she would try to STOP labor and let the baby gestate longer, with bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. I had an induced labor and my doctor refused to do it early (prior to due date). The only reason Pictocin would have been given is if Sarah had shown up, full term or close to it, in labor but not progressing (dilating). If she were pre-term, having contractions but not yet dilated, they would’ve given her medication to stop the contractions and put her on bed rest. Period.

  • mudmanor:

    You think he’s in Phoenix, in a house they only barely moved into? And left there alone with neither mother or grandparents or siblings for six days? How many moms do you know who go off on vacation for six days without their 3 year old?! Leaving them in a house that is entirely new to them.
    Have you any idea how complex it is to get all the specialists and programs lined up for a special needs child? The hours waiting for the call backs, the test results, the appropriate referrals, insurance coverage, etc, etc. Think they can just start all over in Phoenix as easy as pie?

  • B:

    Don’t you mean Mar. 14 photo with Sean Parnell?

  • Lidia17:

    Check out my video presentation, which contrasts Sarah’s written vs. verbal accounts of events:

    The Perfidy of Sarah Palin; Chapter 2. The Wild Ride.

    I would love to have had some of these “nuthin’ to see” emails back then…!

  • The message from the “Heavenly Creator” is nothing if not pre-emptive. It’s intended to excuse any possible criticism for the baby’s Down syndrome, but more importantly, to derail any questioning about SarahP’s “easiest birth of all,” her 5-week pregnancy, the surreptitious reckless ride, and miraculous pain-free delivery. I mean, she even said, “So it was really great, I was only pregnant a month.”

    In my opinion the main reason she has not been pressed to provide anything at all to the media to prove that she gave birth to Trig is because normal people can’t even begin to think like she does. They’re just not wired that way so the notion she carried out this outrageous hoax is, as she’d put it, “unflippinbelievable.”

  • curious:

    Justamom. Good analysis. There was one thing, she was back at work about 90 minutes after giving birth and actively “working” by 10:30 a.m. – a mere four hours after having given birth. By then she had been awake over 24 hours, given a speech while in labor and leaking fluids (did she wear a Depends?), traveled over ten hours on an airplane in labor and leaking fluids without bothering to tell the flight attendants, then drive almost an hour to a regional hospital, checked in, changed clothes, got settled in her room, got checked by the doc re: the leaking fluid and progress to birth, got the spread of contractions in context, started a pit drip, endured two set of contractions, went into actual labor, delivered the baby, invited the family in, held her baby, talked to the medical professionals, and then go back to work – when did she sleep again?

  • Scorpie:

    Your videos are awesome Lidia. Have watched them more than once.

  • B:

    Some doctors will induce if waters broke 24 hours earlier because of risk of infection.

  • B:

    Mary B, hello again. It’s been almost three years of excessive frustration that the media won’t reveal the plain truth. I’ve also tried, but can’t let go of it. I’d love to prepare for apologies from friends and families (and Jeanne and Shannyn) who believed we wore tinfoil Palin hats but now see the pregnancy was faked. I don’t see that happening yet.

  • jk:

    Oh, but she says she’s Alaskan and she says she’s a Mama, so we HAVE to believe her (eyeroll).

  • grammy97:

    Linda1961, I think one of the Dominionists wrote the letter for her. She simply can’t be that articulate.

  • karenw729:

    I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think your interpretation is right (and, you’re the only one seeing it this way). The paragraph clearly indicates an early delivery. Also, $arah deleted this paragraph from the book…why would she do that? That’s quite suspicious and logically stems from the fact that by this time people where seriously questioning if she gave birth to Trig.

  • msf:

    Yes, it would be nice to get this video circulating again.

  • B:

    and beyond “goofy,” also too.

    This draft of the letter makes me think that by April 7 she had decided on the Texas trip, which was right after the end of the legislative session, as providing a good time to stop being pregnant without anyone paying attention. She would return to MatSu at night and when her official schedule showed her still in Texas.

  • B:

    Lidia17 isn’t the only one seeing that it could be interpreted this way. Even Joe is influenced by Palin’s activities while she should have been in labor and claimed to be distressed about her baby or soon after giving birth, not just the “rush it along.”

  • Alaskan:

    In her strange letter from god, she made a comment about another relative in Bristol Bay having the name Trig? Who is this relative? Now don’t they have another young man on Todd’s side of the family who has Down Syndrome, he was at one of her book signings. This young man made the comment that he was the “real one”? This information was on one of the blogs, i can’t remember which one. What is that young mans name? For those of you that are seriously into finding out where the puzzle pieces fit, find our what is that young mans name. On another note, I still find it hard to believe that she would name him for his disability.

  • mitch:

    Since you are a powerhouse in the journalism community, I am confident that you have plenty of contacts with influential people. Why don’t you share these discoveries with them and see if someone will explore the story further. Reintroduce it to the national scene where it will get plenty of coverage. You might even be seen as doing the other Repub candidates as favor!

  • msf:

    I totally agree with you. The question is where is the money coming from…Ailes, Franklin, Koch Brothers, Anti-Abortion forces? Not for a minute do I think her crazed bots have the money to support this insanity…vacation bus tours, private planes, five stars hotels etc. No other candidate is spending this kind of cash. Where is it coming from?

  • lftismygame:

    My sibling was profoundly deaf. She was my mom’s full time job with therapy (home and in various other settings), arguing with doctors and school boards, attending advocacy meetings, hearing aid adjustments… there’s no way my mom (who had 5 other kids) would have left her alone as a toddler. When she went to a boarding school for a few years, we all were on pins and needles every week waiting to see her for the weekend. To be otherwise is heartless.

  • msf:

    Vampires don’t need much sleep.

  • Lidia17:

    From IM :

    =mlaiuppa said… I see the rush it along line as a reference to making it look like she wasn’t pregnant until the very end. Something we have commented on for so long. She didn’t look like she was pregnant. (Until the delivery of the fake belly arrived).

    Anonymous said… I’s love to agree with you about this letter showing that the delivery would be early. But, a careful reading of what she wrote disproves that. If the sentence “I even seemed to rush it along” ended right there, then it would demonstrate that she knew the baby would come prematurely.

    Unfortunately, it does not. It actually goes on to say, “I even seemed to rush it along so she could wait until near the end to surprise you with the news – that way Piper wouldn’t have so long to wait and count down so many days – just like Christmastime when you have to wait, impatiently, for that special day to finally open your gift?” That shows that “God” is talking about the BEGINNING of the pregnancy seeming short — not the end.

    Anonymous said…

    mlaiuppa@9:36 has it right I think with this observation:
    “I see the rush it along line as a reference to making it look like she wasn’t pregnant until the very end.”

    That is exactly what I thought too after reading the bizarre letter. You just have to think like Sarah to get the true meaning, God appeared to rush along the first seven months in a way that no one was able to notice she was pregnant, so there was no long waiting period for Piper etc…between the time of the public announcement (which is when her kids ostensibly found out too) and the expected due date.

    So I don’t think this letter is any kind of smoking gun in the sense she was prescient about an early delivery. I see Andrew has it up too gryph, so it is getting more attention.

    12:00 PM

    Look, I think anything that attracts more attention to Sarah the nutcase who faked a pregnancy is great. I just have a pedantic vein in me, and I don’t want us Trig Truthers to fall into a trap, stating that something is proven by this “Sarah/God” letter that really isn’t proven.

    It’s possible to read between the lines, sure, but we’ve come across tons of near-evidence such as this in the past, and it has never been conclusive enough to prove the case without physical or official documentary evidence (besides the photos, which Joe blows off for some reason).

  • HudsonElizabeth:

    Good point about getting evidence about how she looked/acted after the other births. And, it reminded me of a comment on IM a while ago from a Wasilla mom who said it was well known that after Piper’s birth she had her tubes tied — and used the lingering discomfort from that procedure as a way to get out of car pooling. So, another issue to pursue and hoperfully add to all the circumstancial evidence that seems to show more clearly daily that she could not have given birth to Trig as she claims.

  • elizabeth:

    I would amend that to say there is a ton of proof she was never pregnant, including pictures (pregnant vs non-pregnant in mere weeks, the two babies), her actions, these emails, conflicting stories, stonewalling by main characters (McAllister, Gutsy)

    The only ‘proof’ we have that Palin was pregnant is her word! And after 2-1/2 years of being exposed to Sarah Palin the only thing anyone can say with absolute certainty is that this woman is an unrepentant liar.

    I’ve asked from the beginning, what mother would expose any of her children to this speculation? What mother would parade her teenage daughter on a world stage to ‘disprove’ rumors concerning HER (not her daughter) when simple proof existed? Even I don’t think Palin is that monstrous and really didn’t relish sacrificing Bristol. But I do think she is that ambitious and she did what she had to do because it was all she could do and also because she realized the magnitude of her deception and how she would not survive the truth of her hoax.

    And yes I do think being chosen as VP candidate was that important to her that she would fake a pregnancy and sacrifice anyone she needed to including her children to achieve her goal. If there is one thing these emails do reveal is that Sarah Palin is all about one thing and one thing only – Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin’s ambition and Sarah Palin’s image. Nothing else!!!!

    And to Sarah I just say…. Drip, Drip, Drip….

  • mudmanor:

    That was a book signing in Anchorage for book #2. Chuck Heath was there and I remember when the child tried to give him a hug, it was very sad. Then there is the other one they visit on the TLC reality show. That seems to me like a lot of them in one family.

  • mudmanor:


  • Kerry:

    I did a GOOGLE search for “letter from god to mother of Special Needs Child” and found all sorts of examples somewhat similar to Sarah’s letter and loads of suggestions on how and what to write. I thought I might find the one she coppied from.

    From Newsweek’s Special Election Project comes the real Sarah Palin. She met staff members in a towel:

    At the GOP convention in St. Paul, Palin was completely unfazed by the boys’ club fraternity she had just joined. One night, Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter went to her hotel room to brief her. After a minute, Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair. She told them to chat with her laconic husband, Todd. “I’ll be just a minute,” she said.

    From –

    Wouldn’t these two staff members have noticed if Sarah was really pregnant if she was wearing only a towell?
    Why has no one contacted them?

    If Tod was there, why didn’t he answer the door instead of his nearly naked pregnant wife?

  • Lisabeth:

    Prove it!! You can’t. Because you don’t even know them do you?

  • Lisabeth:

    The Trig in this photo has the deformed ear. Yet other photos of Trig show a perfectly formed ear. This is the first time I think I’ve seen an older, toddler Trig with the war deformity. What do others think?
    Does she borrow DS kids for photo ops? That would be pretty sick

  • msf:

    When this is all over I think that Devon & Moore will lack credibility. They have done a real disservice to this country & Alaskans by discrediting “Trig Truthers” as tin foil hat kooks. As you can tell by reading the comments on this blog & all the other blogs, the people who believe in the Trig hoax are not kooks, but concerned people who don’t want a mentally ill person to be their next president.

  • justamom:


    I thought I heard it was 8. At any rate, there is no way this woman would not have been absolutely exhausted. Not only that but at her age? I might have been able to do it at 25 but not over 40. Maybe she was drinking red bull or massive amounts of coffee, but that wouldn’t have been good for the baby.

    Everything about this woman (and events that surround her) are just plain weird. There is almost nothing that is “normal” about her.

  • KristenG:

    Some of us think that’s exactly what she did.

  • Scout:

    Amazing post! And yes, anyone who has ever given birth, whether it is their first or fourteenth, knows that it is not like getting their teeth cleaned or something. The after affects are the same no matter how many times you go through the process. I agree – the whole thing is beyond idiotic that this screeching harpy was never fully questioned about the huge holes in her multiple stories.

  • karenw729:

    I never believed the Wild Ride story, but was kind of iffy on the whole pregnancy scam. However, this email she wrote describing–ahead of time–her short pregnancy really set off alarm bells. It certainly gives one pause. I can’t think of any good reason why a pregnant woman would write what she did.

  • karenw729:

    So less than a half a dozen commenters, in a field of hundreds, think it might mean something else. That still doesn’t address why she deleted that paragraph from Going Rogue.

  • minnesotamud:

    That’s a comforting reminder, lilybart. Thanks.

  • Conscious at last!:

    LOUD APPLAUSE!! Thanks for sharing that– Montrealer…and thanks to YOU, Joe, for joining us in this dance!

    Courage, in this case righteous courage, usually pays off in the end. The truth will set us free in many ways.

    BTW– Re: Palin’s statement after the “birth” that it was her easiest-

    If a woman has been “induced” – i.e. had her contractions stimulated by Rx hormone drip like Pitocin– SHE WOULD NEVER SAY THAT THE BIRTH WAS EASY. That is because being induced means that you have one contraction after another– NO let up— GET IT ??!!?!?! This goes on until the cervix is dilated sufficiently to push out the baby OR there is a determination that a Cesarean section is necessary.

  • Molly:

    No pregnant woman who would write a birth announcement like that BEFORE the baby was born. It is tempting fate. You just don’t do it.

    OT – A key Palin defender turns attacker: Proof she’s unelectable?
    Palin cheerleader John Ziegler arms Mama Grizzly’s detractors by admitting that she can’t win the 2012 presidential election.

    Best Opinion: Joe McGinnis, Legal Insurrection, RedState

  • minnesotamud:

    I believe that should be March 5th, 2008: You wrote …and remained in the recess of her mind until March 5th, 2007, when John McCain clinched (for all intents & purposes) the GOP nomination.

  • Psalm023:

    Oh my mother! I’m only halfway through your blog, Joe (may I call you Joe?) and I’m figuratively laughing and crying, especially laughing at the “earthlings” and Star Trek reference. I cannot believe she read her Bible.

    I need to take a moment and breathe before I continue. This is very insightful and makes me wonder if she should be put to bed rest and sent to a rehab for a while.

  • sjkfromthebellyoftheplane:

    cant run. wont run!

  • curious:

    We had to get induced because mom’s health was slipping badly due to PIH, she had no early contractions or leakage but her blood pressure was off the charts, she was experiencing blurred vision, had gained almost 70 pounds (on bedrest and a 106 pound women before pregnancy) and her kidney’s were compromised. Mom held on until they estimated baby was over five pounds and then induced. Two straight days of Pit, then one day off, then another half day of Pit, she finally went into labor just before they shut the Pit down for a C-section. I watched Pit for three days and saw the aftereffects. No way was Sara getting out the Blackberry a half hour to two hours after giving birth with Pit. Plus she admitted she had contractions over 24 hours earlier so where in all that did she sleep? Never bought the story entirely. The emails and the Pit made me a believer. Most men don’t get Pit since the majority of women don’t get it. How would they know what it does to a woman. I watched it otherwise I’d be clueless

  • HudsonElizabeth:

    Here is another thought — Why would she write this “announcement” letter 6 weeks before the due date? She still had plenty of time to do that. My thought is that she wrote it when she did because she knew it was going to be an “early” birth and so she had to get the letter ready for sending out once the baby was there — in a week or so. I am thinking that she knew it was going to be “early” because he was already born, and was about to be released from wherever he was, OR, he was going to be born soon — earlier than the delivery date she had been giving out, and confirming as THE date. So, she wanted to be ready with the letter from God that “explains” the pregnancy and birth to friends and family, and which she was going to need to send out VERY soon.

  • gypsyrose:

    Announced her pregnancy the day after McCain tapped as the gop nominee.
    No one had any idea she was pregnant.
    Traveled extensively the month before the “birth”
    Wore coats and scarves indoors and out with the exception of the Gusty photo.
    11 days prior to supposed birth date of Trig, and 6 weeks before the due date of baby-Sarah sends “letter from God” to herself describing an easy pregnancy that seemed to be rushed along.

    Right before traveling to Texas for the speech she dismissed security detail and added Todd to her flight.
    April 17 2008,6-8 hours prior to giving her speech her water broke. No trip to the hospital, no calls for a Dr. to come to her hotel room. No basic blood pressure test or listening to heartbeats of both mother and baby.
    No mention in emails to staff about her condition.
    Gave her speech. In “Going Rogue” she jokes about “big contraction. big laugh”.
    Todd sent email to staff in Alaska about how well she did. No mention of her condition.
    Sarah and Todd board plane to go to Alaska. No flight attendants noticed her pregnancy. No one came forward to say they saw her pregnant or in labor on those two flights to Alaska.
    No emails to staff with any mention of her condition.
    Email from random Sarah fan who describes seeing Todd and her in the Boardroom lounge at Alaskan Airlines and he spoke mainly to Todd as Sarah was reading a book and he didn’t want to disturb her. He had no idea she was pregnant and in labor and didn’t know until he heard her story.
    No emails to staff about her condition.
    Arrive in Alaska, bypass Anchorage hospital where they have a neo natal center and can handle high risk births. Instead they drive to matsu regional in the dead of night to a hospital where there is no equipment to handle a high risk birth.
    No emails to staff about her arrival in Alaska and road trip to Matsu Regional.
    Gave birth to a preemie weighing between 6 and 7 lbs. at 6:30am. on April 18 2008.
    Emails to staff regarding work at 8:30am. No mention of her condition.
    Photo taken of Chuck and Sally Heath in hallway of hospital with swaddled preemie baby5-6 hours after birth (not sure what time photo taken)
    Sarah and baby go home the next day and she goes back to work on Monday April 20th (is this correct? or was it Tuesday?) with premature and newly born baby.

    nah!!! nothing wrong with this story. please feel free to correct and/or add any info to this basic timeline of events. Using Sarah’s who, what, where, when and how of journalism, WTF, WTF, WTF, WTF and HTF?????

  • Lidia17:

    Karen, I don’t know why you feel it’s important for me to be wrong, here. Fine, I’m wrong—this is the Smoking Gun… think what you like…

    Of course Lynn Vincent may have been wise to the fact that that para. didn’t look so good. I’m not saying the paragraph looks good. I’m just saying it’s not *proof* of anything, just like all the other oddball things Sarah has said, taken individually, aren’t *definitive proof* of anything (the photos, to me, are definitive). ‘

    I don’t understand why *this* odd statement is supposed to be the smoking gun, where earlier equally-odd statements are not. For example: Sarah has said Trig was born at Mat-Su at 8 months, then she said he was born in Anchorage at 7.5 months. Is that more of a smoking gun than this “God” letter? I’d say so… but her saying this (twice!) has been completely ignored!! She came right out and said he was not born where she’d said earlier, and that he was born more prematurely, too!! This was Sarah speaking AS SARAH, not “Sarah as God”, so go figure…

  • Psalm023:

    OK, this is an excellent writing. It’s like sealed evidence that SP wrote this knowing what the outcome would be. So she wrote it in advance, filing it, waiting for the appropriate time to release it.

    And another thing. As a supposed christian lady, Sarah, who in past has mentioned many times about prayer and her faith, and her belief that prayer shields, coverings, and prayer lines of christian brethren are important to her, DID NOT ONCE on any emails (so far that I’ve read) ASK anyone in her office, for any prayers concerning her contractions and early labor in Dallas. I know that a christian woman would relay her “desperation” and concern and call family, friends, and christian colleagues (her staff) and ask them to pray and ask God for the baby’s protection. I know that I know that I know a christian woman would do this. Are there any pleas on those e-mails that day, April 17th? – for prayer?

    That to me is a red flag.

  • brbr2424:

    I think she believed she could love Trig when she did it but it turns out it is not within her makeup to do so. I read something at one point about adopting older children or being a foster parent to teenagers. I wish I could remember the exact quote. It was something along the lines of what we think we can do and what we can do are often two different things. I think Trig is now being cared for by someone who has greater empathy and caring than she and or someone who is being compensated.

    Many people give birth to Downs kids but what makes her a hero to the pro life group is that she knew she was pregnant and chose not to terminate. I believe that whoever gave birth to Trig was not expecting a Downs child and it was devastating news at the birth. More Downs children are born to young women and young women don’t have the genetic testing. I read the entry in wikipedia on Downs which discusses familial Down syndrome. which is the cause of 2–3% of observed cases of Down syndrome. It is not maternal age related and due to a long arm of the 21st chromosome which breaks off. Since there is another close relative in the Palin family with Downs it’s possible there is a genetic predisposition.

  • minnesotamud:

    I agree that she (“God”) was writing about foreshortening the first 6.5 months of “the pregnancy”, not the early “delivery” BUT what crazily reveals the lying pre-planned outcome to the “pregnancy” is, as Joe wrote:

    How can you possibly explain her writing a letter which thanks God for giving her an exceptionally easy pregnancy (“Then, I let Trig’s mom have an exceptionally comfortable pregnancy so she could enjoy every minute of it,”) when she should have been six LONG weeks away from the end? Still facing the weeks that any woman will tell you are going to be the most uncomfortable…

    How could Sarah know for sure that her birth would be easy and free of complications or that her baby would be, except for the Down Syndrome, healthy?…

    She wrote the letter assuming that the last six weeks would “still” be exceptionally comfortable and the delivery would be all fine, and the baby would be all fine? CRAZY. Preplanned. FAKE.

  • Ottoline:

    After my initial relief that Joe understands how the pieces just do not fit, and that we are talking about a giant hoax, I want to remind us that this woman has been teflon over the last 3 yrs re this hoax — she and her enablers. Many times, we have thought that we are 10 minutes away from this story breaking. And then nothing.

    Let us remember that many men are revolted by the details of pregnancy and birth and do not want to think about it. Palin counted on that. She asked Bailey if he wanted to see her stretch marks, knowing he would not. The legitimate sanctions (“don’t bring the family into it”) of a political campaign will be trotted out by others, even though they do not apply in the case of a national hoax perpetuated for political/financial gain about a disabled child. Others will think that this sordid story is just beneath them.

    Even more important, Palin’s enablers (big money, big power, big influence) have succeeded in shutting down any discussion of this subject. This has happened at so many points, that it can’t have been just lack of interest. So many others have a lot to lose when this story is unveiled, like those who vetted Palin, those who chose and supported her, those who should have reported on it, those who must have known about the hoax at some point but looked the other way — all at great cost to our national dialogue. Look at the McAllister blast upon Scharlott. Luckily for many of those people, they can just claim they didn’t see a thing, didn’t know anything. Like Gusty: whether she knew or suspected, she is surely smart enough to say she knew nothing. We can expect others complicit in this hoax to react like McAllister did.

    So let’s not celebrate yet. Even though there are more people who are waking up about it, a hoax of this magnitude will be hard for serious, normal people to take in — just as it was for all of us. Many people will just want it to go away, and will ignore it. Few Democrats can afford to appear to look into it.

    No, let’s not celebrate just yet. There’s still a way to go.

  • Cackling Rad:

    I’m appalled at the number of people who find this crazy letter from God touching and read it with tears in their eyes.

    If it weren’t written by God–and so nauseatingly fake–it does contain some nice sentiments. So why not write it “Dear Heavenly father, thank you for helping me to understand…please give me the strength to see…” Then it would have been touching without being totally, cringe-worthily weird.

    What I don’t believe is that Sarah actually wrote this; it is too well punctuated, and all the subjects, verbs, and predicates are in their proper places.

  • Lidia17:

    HudsonElizabeth and Psalm023: I don’t think we can know that she saved this letter or not. The version we have is a forward of a mail sent on April 7th, from Palin TO Palin and—in all likelihood—to a list of BCC’d recipients whose name we cannot see. That’s how BCCs (Blind Carbon Copies) work, in order to hide the addresses of the recipients. However, you do need one recipient to be visible and so people usually choose their own address as the primary recipient. I hope that makes sense.

  • gypsyrose:

    I believe every line of everything written is open to interpretation but consider this…….

    To say what you believe Sarah is saying in her paragraph “rushed along, etc.” wouldn’t it have been written in a way that is more along the lines of “I even kept the pregnancy from being obvious so that you and Todd could keep this special secret to yourselves for a while and so you could surprise Piper with the news much closer to the birth date so she wouldn’t have to wait so long”.
    I understand why you have interpreted the paragraph as you have. I also read the entire letter and although I am apalled by the apparent craziness of her writing the letter, she does seem to cross t’s and dot i’s. An example is the bit about his name being “Trig (or whatever you decide to name him)”.

    It’s the “rushed along” that implies an early delivery as opposed to implying keeping a secret-to me at least.

  • LisaB:

    That’s how I know the story is bogus. Sarah and Todd had already had four children. Surely they understood the risks of what Sarah was doing if the story is true. Now, there are those out there who’ll say “oh, they didn’t care,” but I don’t buy that. I think they made up a story hoping it would get Sarah attention at the conference. Everyone there will marvel once they hear how she was in LABOR while giving that speech, and since most of them are men too squeamish to consider the implications of that fact, they accept it as face value, like playing through an injury in a big game.

    Labor isn’t like that. All it took for me to go from my nurse saying “I guess I’ll go eat my sandwich now while things are slow” and “get back in here” was elevating the head of my bed to 20 degrees. You can’t predict it or control it. The idea that any woman would actually board a four hour flight after having contractions for “hours” is ridiculous. No woman would do it. There’s simply too much at stake.

    But a silly lie to fool the foolish men? Not much at stake because women know how interested men are in the details of how women’s bodies work. They don’t even want to enter the Tampax aisle, much less put words like “amniotic fluid” and “leaking” in the same sentence.

  • Lidia17:

    To clarify, what I mean is that I think she did broadcast the God letter on the 7th (but we can’t say that for sure until we see another recipient for it).

    HudsonElizabeth, I agree that it sounds very much like it was written after Tri-G was born, and had already been named(which is why she fumbles the opening about naming him whatever you want, even though “GOD” has already decided on Tri-G’s name in the body of the letter).

  • Psalm023:

    Yes, Linda. I can’t understand how a sane rational bible believing christian would take it upon herself to presume what God would say about her pregnancy and her baby before that special day. Faith is about trusting God no matter what the outcome. It is not presidential, nor sensitive, nor caring, nor charitable of her to shower herself with focus from God as though she’s the only special one in the world. If she senses He is saying something to her, share it privately.

    How many moms in every corner of this world would want to have a “letter from God” like that? Assurances that everything would be all right? Moms-to-be living in war-torn neighborhoods, poverty, human rights violation nations, lack of NICU facilities, having to bear a child in a dirt-floored hut without IV and meds and the best doctors, etc.? She is so lacking in apathy ; unconcerned of what others must suffer – it’s all about MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!

  • Psalm023:

    whoops, I meant empathy.

  • SALS:

    Can’t sarah be charged with fraud using state insurance and lying about it? there has kto be some way to seek an investigation about it? btw…excellent post Joe, and others.

  • Miss Scotty:

    Could this baby belong to Levi’s mother ? DS babies are more likely to be born to women after the age of fourth. She really didn’t have the means to support another child and with her drug situation ,she would be easily manipulated by Sarah and Todd .Sarah would have the perfect prop , and anytime the Johnston woman threaten to spill the beans ,Sarah had the clout to send in the police ,which did happen , and put Ms. Johnston back in line . This would explain Levi and his sisters weird intrest in the baby. I think they are all too afraid to say anything , for fear mom could go to pision.I know it sounds far fetched , but with this crew , anything is possible .

  • curious:

    It seems like she has three options, aside from ignoring it and letting her Sea of Pee bots attack everyone who dares speak.

    A. She can step up, tell the truth and take the heat. A clean breast can heal itself and possibly even establish and redeem her

    B. She can continue to obfuscate and deny, much like she did with Paul Revere. She might get others to come forward, even borrowing another Trig for a few photo ops as I think she did before (there are at least three Trigs I’ve seen in photos)

    C. She can use her connections inside the Alaska state government and others “in the know” to create documents and paperwork (yes, if they are false then she commits fraud and skirts the edge of indictability – faking a BC and other paperwork is an act of desperation but it could be done. She has enough people under her thumb who work in the state government and it’s assumed she can exert tremendous pressure on people, add in the known attacks coming from her bots and she could shut people down.

    Naturally I don’t think A is an option since that would open up too many gaping holes in her life and would require humility and a true sense of doing wrong

    B might work for a while but eventually the wear and tear and the uncertainty of who might finally cave in and talk would be problematic

    That leaves she says nothing or goes to a terribly elaborate ongoing lie. You wrote a book about Jeffrey MacDonald and are probably more well versed than most of us about mental pathology. It would be good to hear your take on how elaborate a plot she might come up with. I am sure that MacDonald’s stories were quite bizarre and yet he was believed by many. How different is this if it turns out she hoaxed the world?

  • Psalm023:

    In her letter, “…and I even seemed to rush it along so she could wait until near the end to surprise you with the news…” It seems strange that God never reprimanded her about keeping the news of a precious child from family and friends until the 7th month of pregnancy. It seems strange that she hid things from her parents and others for a time; where she must have had to lie to cover it up. Does God reward lying? Keeping it from the kids, making excuses, not being honest with people? Holding back the truth from the airlines, putting others on that flight at risk……….other babies who might have been on that flight?

    God chewing the fat with Sarah and enabling her to continue in her reckless behaviors is bogus.

  • Miss Scotty:

    Oh the other thing that bothers me is the name Trig . Would you name a baby that you gave birth to ,and are suppose to have unconditional love for a word associated with it’t condition ? I think only a mean evil person could do that , just to remind the person that they have control over .

  • Lidia17:

    On the contrary, that is exactly like Sarah: she loves playing around with names, and she loves to savor the secret jokes behind them, I believe. Every time “Tri-G”‘s name comes up there’s the frisson of her putting one over on us.

    Her son “Track” was conceived at a running track, I believe she said. Notice that she then went on to build a TRACK and named it after Track’s apparent father, Curtis Menard the younger. She is capable of anything! She is insane. People need to understand that she is a very sick person.

  • Ailsa:

    “…but then I realized that ‘seemed to rush it along’ could be interpreted as in having made the announcement so late, rather than a revelation of her uncanny prescience that Tri-G would be “born” prematurely.”

    The point is that there are two possible interpretations of “seemed to rush it along”. If we were to get creative or if we were Palinbots, we might even come up with more. When looking for proof, it is essential to think of alternative interpretations not only to keep checking in with one’s own biases but also to anticipate other responses.

    At this level of analysis, it’s not a question of being right or wrong, but one of being a thorough researcher by examining all the angles.

  • Lidia17:

    No problemo, SALS… Todd “called”:

    The Palins could be paying out of pocket for his insurance or care (though I doubt it, knowing them). Trig might be adopted, but it may be that he has merely been borrowed; we don’t really know.

  • Montrealer:

    Rather strange that we haven’t had more Palin worshippers weighing in with their usual fanatical support of Sarah. Regardless of how bizarre her actions have been, we could always count on them coming to her defense and labelling us as being jealous haters of their smart & beautiful grizzly mama. What’s up with that?

  • mistah charley, ph.d.:

    If, as we assume, Sarah has adopted Trig, then there is no fraud in his health insurance being covered by Sarah’s policy as of the date of the adoption – and possibly it might apply for prenatal and birth expenses for an adopted child when the adoption had been arranged while the birth mother was pregnant (just a guess – I can imagine that being true, don’t know of any cases where it is true). The circumstances of Trig’s birth – where, when, to whom, paid for by whom – are unknown, and so there is no particular reason to think there was health insurance fraud.

  • SaltAire:

    That’s right!
    Come to the light Steve and find your voice.
    Didn’t he say her book was “complete fiction”?
    Didn’t he say, “She knows nothing.”
    Didn’t he also call her out on her lie about Toad and his AIP membership?
    There has to be LOTS more he knows about Ms. Fraudster.
    I recall Nicole Wallace making some cryptic predictions about Sarah doing herself in also/too.

  • Ottoline:

    I wondered why she cc’d herself. The bcc you explain makes sense.

    Not addressed to Lydia but to all of us, incl me: Let’s not get lost in the details of what actually happened, which are not knowable to us at this point. Not Trig’s bioMom, not Palin family participation in this, none of it. This may or may not come out in time but it is not the main thing. The main blockbuster thing is Palin was not pregnant as stated; she hoaxed a nation. The rest of it is not our role to prove. Not pregnant = HOAX.

  • Mass. Mother:

    My theory is that the Palin attack dogs have been told to ignore Joe and his blog, at least until publication. The kind of menacing emails Joe got last year during the fuss over moving in next to the Palins (after Rebecca Mansour urged “going medieval” on him) actually won Joe sympathy points. You can be sure that when The Rogue comes out, he’ll be the target on a vicious attack. I hope he is bracing himself!

  • Elizabeth:

    I had never paid any attention to the “god” letter; it was too offensive to me. Now that I have read it, I’d say “trig” had already been born. She is speaking of an already existent child here. She is speaking of a concluded pregnancy. Of course, which “trig” is still another question.

  • zenna:

    Desperation for this baby overwhelmed me.

    Please don’t let anything happen to this baby.

    It occurred to me, once and for all, I’m so in love with this child, please God, protect him! After all my doubts and fears, I had fallen in love with this precious child. The worst thing in the world would be that I would lose him.
    –Sarah Palin, explaining how she felt after late term labor pains as described in Going Rogue

    Only an insane person would feel that way and then not immediately visit a hospital.

  • benefitofthedoubtallgone:

    Isn’t it pretty much an all day job to care for a DS toddler? Don’t they need a ton of supervised, special therapy in addition to just plain play time with family?

    And then there’s this: Bachmann didn’t really “say” that, but what the hey, just read what they are saying about Bachmann on C4P. Hope I don’t get fat on all the buttered popcorn this primary season.

  • Lisabeth:

    I don’t see her EVER coming clean about this unless she was forced to. The MSM is not going to ask more questions, I don’t think. This is the sickest lie she has gotten away with so far, but there are also others. She’s never admitted the truth about any lie she has ever told, has she? I can’t think of a time she has ever admitted she made a mistake or apologized for something. She’s insane. Our only hope is if someone with courage who knows the truth finally comes forward. I just don’t see that will happen but I really hope it does.
    I really feel badly for her children and family. Living with something like this has to be a nightmare. And it does a real psych number on kids.
    OT, but Fred Malek, aka Nixon Jew counter, was just on MSNBC. First he said that ANY one of the candidates on the stage last night would make a better president then Obama. I HATE these people. The GOP refuse to admit the mess they left this country in and they blame Obama? This is immoral. Second, he stated he does not think Sarah is running.
    He used to be fairly ” close” to Sarah, but who knows about what he knows now.

  • Elizabeth:

    What I have a hard time with is the hoax. She could have simply announced that she and Todd were adopting an infant with DS whose mother was unable to care for. She could have gone on and on about their commitment to life etc. etc. and firmly refused any speculation about the identity of the mother (ie: Bristol). She still would have gotten the attention without having to remember the elaborate lie.

  • mistah charley, ph.d.:

    I want to underline how very difficult it will be to expose this hoax. It is a nearly perfect Big Lie, so improbable and so repeated that it is accepted as truth. Rachel Weiner, who covers Palin for the Washington Post, recently wrote “That falsehood [that Sarah did not give birth to Trig] sprung up again months later, during the 2008 presidential campaign, and it has continued to circulate on blogs despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” She speaks of overwhelming evidence, despite its absence. No one whom matters to her will ever ask her to be specific.

    Your point that the biological details are distasteful to men is an important one – it keeps them from thinking critically about it. Add in, also, the unacknowledged fact that a large part of Sarah Palin’s appeal is that of Lap Dancer. Together, these demons of disgust and desire guard the secret from being seen by the light of reason.

    As is pointed out by “curious”, later in this thread, one line of defense for Sarah is the production of fraudulent documents. If deemed necessary, these may well be produced.

    If Babygate is broken open, it threatens to expose not just Sarah, not just the incompetence of the corporate media, but McCain and the power brokers of the political system, the religious right, and the billionaires operating in the shadows pulling the puppet strings. They will do what they can to defend themselves. And what are the things they CAN’T do? I wonder.

  • curious:

    Tpaw took his own shot at Sara calling himself a serious politician instead of an entertainer – ouch

  • Elizabeth44:

    I agree, that is the critical time.

    (changed to Elizabeth44 because we have two Elizabeth’s posting :-) )

  • curious:

    That’s the trick, if they didn’t file for insurance then there’s no fraud and the insurance company is not about to release records if there aren’t any and won’t if there are. Perfect storm.

  • zenna:

    Palinbots simply cannot prove something that never happened.

    You would think that some of them who actually have known Sarah for a long time would have gone on the record by now – even with affidavits and/or pictures – to prove that Sarah gave birth to Trig.

    Surely, with a sitting governor who is pregnant and has many friends, family and followers, many would have their own stories and even Palin family/baby/shower/pregnant pictures and other evidence that most have about friends and family who get pregnant and have a child.

    Yet, there is nothing. Not even from her most loyal Palinbots. Nothing.

  • Elizabeth44:

    I am one of those complaining about his early treatment. I am not one of those complaining about not seeing him now, although I would love to hear/ see how he is doing. There is a difference between dragging him around as a prop without proper care and occasionally appearing as a normal part of the family. Most politician families has figured out the balance. The children are rarely seen, being sheltered from the press. A some special, child friendly occasions the whole family is seen doing something together. If the bus tour had truly been a family occasion, that would have been an appropriate time for Trig to be present. One member of the family would have had charge of Trig to make sure his needs were met, and he wasn’t overwhelmed with the activities. Its all about appropriate for the child, not the adults.

  • B:

    As Todd’s son, Trig can get free Native American care, which wouldn’t go through Sarah’s insurance. Maybe they could have filed for Trig’s newborn pediatric care with that federal service, if Sarah had really given birth to him.

  • SaltAire:

    I remember the clueless idiot David Gregory exclaiming how Sarah’s “wild ride” was so “COOL”.
    Mr. Gregory…you are a naive DORK posing as a reporter. You should be ashamed of your stupidity.

  • ibwilliamsi:

    By her own account of his birth, most anyone would have greater empathy and caring for Trig than Sarah. I’ve never believed he was her child, and to be honest there are only two logical possibilities – Bristol gave birth to Trig sometime in March, or someone else gave birth to Trig sometime in March.

    The woman is a sociopath.

  • B:

    I can have it another way: I wish Sarah or Todd would stay home with Trig. When my not-special-needs child was that young, I did not go anywhere for more than a day that wasn’t an acceptable place for my child to go. If Trig needs to be home in peace, quiet, and therapy, his parent needs to be home with him, not on a pointless bus trip.

  • ibwilliamsi:

    Eizabeth, that she could have announced an adoption is a very good point. I would have respected her greatly for opening her heart and her home to any child, let alone a child with special needs. It’s no joke that the “pro life” set is only pro life “pre birth”. After that you’re on your own. It’s ugly and stupid. That stance would have gone a long way with many people in the middle. But to suggest that any woman who is pro-choice would abort Trig because of his condition is insulting to all of us. It’s just not that simple.

  • benefitofthedoubtallgone:

    She’s starting to look like a chicken for avoiding the debates. IIRC her only debate in the last 3 years was the one with Biden when Ifil let her get away with declaring that she wouldn’t answer any questions from the moderator. As Andrew Card lastnight said, Bachmann was playing the cheerleader role. Can you imagine one of those debates with 2 cheerleaders trying to out-bombast and out-cutesy each other? Every time Palin says I have a “special needs” child, Bachmann can one up her with her 23 orphans or whatever.

  • B:

    The stage of her pregnancy was not obvious could mean she didn’t seem all that pregnant or she didn’t seem to be in labor and leaking fluid. The statement was made after the story of her Wild Ride was public.

  • hockeynana:

    This is a VERY good point. I have never thought of that, but you are 100% right about this. I have many Facebook “friends” who are “Christian” (I am not) and they are constantly asking the rest of us to pray for a wide variety of things…often stupid ass things that I wonder why they think their god would be in the least bit inclined to consider …I mean, he surely has a few other things on his mind. So, uber Christian Mrs. Todd Palin and her cronies would have been posting pleas for prayers on every medium they could get their hands on for her and her oh so early baby.

  • FrostyAK:

    As to where the money is coming from – I believe it is from all those mentioned, and is somehow laundered before reaching her PAC. This seems to be organized crime, something we know is going on in politics all over the country.

  • tom:

    there is no question palin faked this but the real question is Who helped her do it?

    and yes the media IS protective THOSE people.
    thats why you dont see any investigating being done on this story.

    so just who is the media protecting?

    but even a bigger issuefor the owner of this blog is why has his friend ailes who runs fox and enables palin at every turn lying to the american people when he ,ailes OBVIOUSLY knows that palin created this fraud.

    and btw joe i DO NOT for a second believe that YOU do not have all the details about this fraud and cant come forward because you too are protecting people you know.

  • Elizabeth44:

    My Granddaughter was born seven weeks early because of my daughter’s health. It was a carefully managed delivery after the amnio. said the lungs were ready.

  • ibwilliamsi:

    LisaB you made me laugh! I know a man who becomes physically ill at the mention of the word “placenta”. “Amniotic fluid” would make him run screaming from the room!

  • Dr.Cathy Baldwin-Johnson does as well. So where is she? In the witness protection program? Her silence is quite loud and HIPAA as it pertains to Sarah Palin has nothing to do with it.

  • ibwilliamsi:

    The Newsweek article refers to an incident on the McCain campaign trail, 5 to 7 months after Trigs birth, depending upon when you believe that Trig was born and regardless of who you believe gave birth to him.

  • correction, that would be: Her silence is quite loud and HIPAA, as it pertains to Sarah Palin has nothing to do with it.

  • ibwilliamsi:

    Spot on!

  • ibwilliamsi:

    This “do you want to see my stretch marks” thing is insane. How would anyone be able to tell the difference between the stretch marks from Track and the stretch marks from Willow? I am a mother of two, and I have some stretch marks from those births. I also had stretch marks from growing 8 inches when I was 13 years old. It doesn’t prove a thing!

  • omomma:

    The entoweled meeting occurred during the campaign, in the fall of 2008, months after the alleged delivery.

  • Elizabeth44:

    Excellent point! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. I’ve managed prayer chains a number of times. Of course, she would have made one phone call, or email and there would have been at least 100 people praying in a matter of minutes. If she were as desperate as she reported, that is exactly what she would have done. 5:30am Texas time would have been 3:30 Alaska time. I would have happily taken such a call and called others even at that hour. But I doubt the call was made, because that is the kind of thing she would have reported in her book. It would play well with her bots.

  • Ottoline:

    Yes, mistah charley, ph.d.: as you say, this remains a tough nut to crack.

    The hoax remains something that reasonable people scoff and smirk at; they equate it to the Obama BC kerfuffle, and interest thuds to the floor.

    Of course Palin supporters never discuss the flat-profile photos on their merits. But they are not our audience, nor are the true-believers. The middle majority of the electorate is who we want to address, the “too-busy-to-think-about-it” folks. The most telling thing for me is that even anti-Palin folks who do not believe in the hoax will NEVER discuss the flat-profile pre-“birth” photos on their merits. Even our own dear Joe dismissed them with “camera angle” or “bunch of fuzzy pictures.” And hoax deniers or those who are on the fence and wish to stay there will never read the vast amount of circumstantial info like we have.

    So how to explain this whole sordid tale in a soundbite, in a totally credible way? I guess that’s the next step.

    I really like Lydia17’s video, like it a lot! esp the 7-mo-pregnant starlet who can barely sit down! but I fear it’s too long for the newbie, who might have a 15-sec attn span. 30-secs tops. Earlier, we tried to think of one compelling graphic, because we are such a “sound-bite” electorate. Lydia17 — did you ever consider a v short intro video, or even a graphic, that invites people to view the two longer pieces but also stands on its own? We’ve trotted out a number of candidates. Maybe use humor. Where is Dave Letterman when we need him?

    Joe: I think if your book is written as if you are a Trignostic, and if you have a (verbal) addendum re the hoax as you promote the book, that has its own special appeal.

  • phoebes-in-santa fe:

    This is what I’ve never understood about the Palin birth controversy. I don’t believe Palin gave birth to Trig, BUT what happened that day she was in Dallas that necessitated her returning to Anchorage in such a rush? If she had “arranged” for a baby to pose as a newborn, wouldn’t she have arranged for it’s “roll-out” to take place in an orderly fashion?

    I mean, she could pretend to be pregnant, then when the baby was ready to be released from where ever he was being kept after his birth, she could have quietly disappeared for a few days and returned, saying she had had the baby and “here he is”. Evidently something happened the day of the 18th or 19th that necessitated her mad rush home to Alaska to claim this child.

  • FrostyAK:

    There are so very many reasons given as to why she could not be TriG’s birth mother, all of them valid. Are there any validations out there that really support her BEING his birth mother? Other than her say so? We know she is a pathological liar.

    I believe the nail in the coffin, so to speak, is that she threatens EVERYONE who gets even a minor detail wrong, retaliation far beyond reason in most cases. If she were to threaten lawsuit on this and the person/persons didn’t back down, then there would be discovery. She cannot allow that to happen, because the fraud/hoax/lie would then be out there for everyone to see. Even the bots could not deny that truth.

    As to why the spiral of silence from those in the inner circle who know the truth? Either a confidentiality contract with payments, or just payments. For those in the community who know at least some of the truth, IMO “the palin mafia” has their tongues. There is NO excuse for the MSM… they gave up their right as journalists on this one.

    I’ve worn my ‘tinfoil hat’ proudly from the beginning and will continue to do so.

  • brbr2424:

    I agree it’s not that simple. I’m sure pro-choice women have chosen not to terminate when Downs syndrome is known. Without a doubt many pro-life women have chosen to terminate in that situation. Here is a site with accounts from doctors of anti-choice women who have come to them for an abortion

    I think in the many accounts of her Trig story, Sarah indicates that she kept Todd in the dark for quite some time and wrestled with making the choice not to terminate without consulting with him. That illustrates the state of their marriage. Imagine being married to a person who was intent on making life altering decisions without even giving you the sense that you have some say in the matter. What am I saying. It’s all moot because I believe she was not pregnant.

  • Elizabeth44:

    One of the things that have bothered me: if Trig is adopted, the Palins should have a birth certificate stating his birthdate and listing them as parents. Why hasn’t Sarah shown it?

  • lilly lily:

    At lunch we ate Ears Pasta, (the shape suggests ears) so the subject of Sarah Palin and her children came up among a group of Academics.

    They were horrified at her behavior during her “Vacation”, amused by her take on Paul Revere, and wondered at her dragging Piper around when Piper so obviously was very, very unhappy with the press and her mothers almost bizarre approach to the press. Reaching out, latching on, in spite of Pipers dismay and pleadings for mom to cut it short.

    Also, dismay that she remains on the scene ( a magnet for the press) when she is obviously an incompetant. God forbid a candidate.

    Someone commented maybe she could run for Mayor of Scottsdale.

  • brbr2424:

    I wondered the same thing. I think someone made a good point in this thread, or another, I’ve been bouncing around all morning. As governor, she was highly scheduled. This allowed her to sneak back into Alaska unannounced when no eyes were on her. As far as anyone was concerned she was still back in Dallas. She was able to control the message by announcing what all happened when nobody was around to pay attention. Imagine having to pull off this charade while being watched and being fully booked with meetings.

  • Elizabeth44:

    The short answer is “yes, it is a full time job”. I have known several families where one of the parents have quit their job to take care of the child and his/her siblings. BTW, in each case the parent has done a great job; those first three years are absolutely essential to the future of the handicapped child.

  • jk:

    I thought the same exact thing!

  • Ottoline:

    As for who is enabling Palin, we have to mention Murdoch whose company paid Palin the multi-million advance on her book. At the time, it seemed to many that such a book would never sell, and that Palin had a short shelf life. But Murdoch gave her the advance ($7 million?) as a gamble: with Palin’s VP loss, all her skeletons, and bloggers nipping at her heels, it was worth $7M to Murdoch to see if Palin could swim. And she did.

    The Koch and Annenberg names have been associated (NYer article) with creating think tanks and conservative entities that I bet are the ones who pay her the speaking fees. I forget who owns Candie’s and is sending cash over to Bristol by the truckload.

    These entities, and others like them, can support via money but surely can also muzzle critical reporting. The Wall Street Journal’s first articles on the released emails said something like “the emails have some critics claiming Palin did not give birth to Trig, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” Does that sound like a managing editor who has been persuaded to keep the party line intact? No evidence, overwhelming or otherwise, was of course presented.

  • Elizabeth44:

    If Levi is to be believed, Sarah, as Governor, was not that highly scheduled. She would disappear in afternoons and her staff wouldn’t know where she was. Levi reported that she would spend afternoons up in her room watching TV.

  • jk:

    I agree and she could have asked that she be given privacy to protect the child and the bio mother and people would have granted it to her. The problem is, she lied about it and then loudly reaped the financial and political benefits of “choosing life.”

  • lilly lily:

    It has been pointed out that there is a complete void in her e-maiils a 22 day gap with nary an e-mail between Dec 8th though Dec 30, 2006. They resume on Jan 2 2007.

    Something is very fishy. What happened in her administration between December 8th through Jan 2nd 2007?

  • Lisabeth:

    Wow! Sorry but your statement just seems ridiculous. If Joe really knew the whole truth, it would be quite a scoop and I’m sure he would tell all in the book. He would be a fool not to and he is not a fool. Who do you think he’s ” protecting” and why?? Ailes doesn’t need protection it seems to me and it sounds like they don’t discuss politics. You are accusing Joe of something quite unethical on his own blog. It seems presumptuous and a bit rude but that is just my opinion. I would use stronger words but I’m trying to be polite. I do think you are wrong and out of line.

  • jk:

    It is public knowledge (because of her legal problems with prescription pain medication), that Sherry Johnston had a hysterectomy about ten years ago.

  • lilly lily:

    5 and 1/2 months later she presents Gods gift Trig to the world. So she would have been 2 months along?

  • jk:

    It’s clear that without press coverage, Sarah Palin would shrivel up and die. In that video where Piper body-checked the reporter, Palin nearly RAN over to where the microphones and cameras were. She didn’t even notice that Piper was desperate for her to stop with the interviews.

  • Ottoline:

    Of course not, but then Bailey would presumably also have seen her naked pregnant belly. EEEEwwwww.

    But the logic is like “I gave birth to Trig because Bristol is pregnant,” when with just a little all-too-obvious adjusting of the dates presented (a time-honored ploy) would make this no proof at all.

  • mumimor:

    There is no doubt that Sarah Palin in unsane.
    But Trygg and Tryggve are Norse names. It is usual for Americans to exchange I for Y, because of pronounciation. And there is an Arctic community, across countries, which includes the Scandinavian countries.
    But that is all minor. Lets just not let the minor details get in the way of the bigger fact: no way can SP’s account of her wild ride be true.

  • msf:

    In the last week I have heard more about Weiner’s weiner & photos of him half naked with his cell phone in hand in front of a mirror in the gym & talk about sex texting & on & on. The media & so called reporters have uncovered every gory detail & everyone including all those GOP old farts have had a hearty laugh. Why in the world has there been so little curiousity in this baby hoax? I’ll tell you what I think ….. Gregory & the rest of those goons are being paid good money by corporate media to make sure they do NOT cover the news. Isn’t anyone interested in third in command Boehner who has a least two mistresses & a serious drinking problem?

    Marshall McCluhan was right when he said “the media is the message” & right now we are being screwed by our media.

    I think it is more important to follow Palin’s emails & actions on the day Trig supposedly was born than to get too caught up in her psycho “Son of Sam” God letter.

  • themom:

    If the MSM does not follow through on this– then THAT is proof positive it is NOT the “LIBRUL” media. I just wish someone would do the right thing about this. After the Rather set-up how bad could the truth still be to know.

    BTW…..the whole “Where’s Trig” seems to be another illustration of some of the Right of Lifers. Get those babies here coo about them, gush gush abut , and promptly forget about them. True to their form.

  • B:

    We think because the birthdate was not April 18, 2008.

  • B:

    Guy who saw them in Seattle airport didn’t know she was in labor but would have known she was pregnant.

  • I am “Trignostic” too. Thank you for this excellent, LOGICAL post. When I ask questions like this to Palin fans, they call me sexist or any other insult and say what I am “claiming” is disgusting, but never can anyone give a straightforward answer, and Palin is no exception. This can all be cleared up with the release of her medical records – you know, the ones she promised in 2008 for her VP fail and never released!

  • lilly lily:

    regarding the e-mails. Interesting.

  • Melly:

    If it was rushed along, wouldn’t that mean she got big really quickly? Instead of being so small that “I dih-unt rilly have to hide it”?

  • msf:


    It was curious during the “vacation” when she rushed over to talk to the media.. it was staged. She only talked to folks from Fox or others who she knew were not going to ask her embarrassing questions. That’s why she almost trampled Piper a few times. She saw her “people” & then she rushed over to talk. I still love the “ringin’ the bells thing. Apparently that was just a customer in the bakery not a reporter. I think that’s why her guard was down.

  • DLB44:

    Aren’t you a year off? The missing emails are from 2006. Trig was ostensibly born in April, 2008 (although probably born anytime from Jan to March of 2008).

  • Leona:

    Commercial airlines routinely pressurize the cabin at the equivalent of 8,000 ft. altitude. Although this is not generally dangerous for people with normal lung capacity and normal lung function, it can be dangerous for people with chronic lung conditions and it would be unhealthy for a premature infant, should one be born during a flight. If Sarah Palin had indeed been pregnant, with a ruptured amniotic sac, during her flights home on April 17, 2008, she would have recklessly endangered the life of her premature baby. Any responsible MD would never have told her to fly home under those conditions.

  • Scout:

    I spend “a good amount of time in Phoenix” too. I live here. So far there have been no reports of any of the Palins being seen anywhere since the news broke about the McMansion purchase in Scottsdale. And even then, the house got all the face time, not $arah or Toad or any of the kids. Anyone can make baseless claims about Trig sightings on the internet. Someone telling the truth would provide links and verification.

  • ME:

    Looks like we need a second category of “birthers.” This has to be one of the sadder sites I’ve come across.

  • lilly lily:

    You’re right. Except there never was a pregnancy 2007 or 2008.

    I find her God letter nauseating, but her bots adore it. She truly laid it on thick, but her bots don’t see anything. strange.

    Eiither see through her entire act, or you don’t.

    Doesn’t seem to be any “Mr In Between “with Sarah Palin and how she comes across to the public. Most everyone I know in real life despises her, ( and I live in prime Republican Red area) but I know a lot on Right wing Blog sites who think she can do no wrong with President Obama or his wife can do nothing right. Black and white perceptions in both instances.

    I’m a moderate and Independant, neither Republican or Democrat, so I look at the individual not the party. And to me President Obama is no ehere near perfect, but Palin seems to have a very sick soul.

  • zenna:

    Who, other than confirmed and proven liar Sarah Palin, said anything about rushing back to Alaska?

    Everything she says and does must be questioned. Everything.

  • Marie:

    She couldn’t take a day off to deliver a baby she didn’t deliver. That would be fraud – she was trying to beat the system.

  • carollt:

    Is that you Sarah? We don’t want your little Trig outside not dressed for cold weather like you had him on your first book tour while you were wearing a coat and shoes and the poor kid had no socks or jacket on. The question Joe asked was why did you not bring him along on a family vacation. Not as a display for the media, but as part of your family. You did not even mention him, which makes us all wonder if now that he has served your purpose, you have thrown him under the bus.

    And for your next vacation, let me speak for your Piper; leave her home. She did not enjoy being your prop on the ‘family vacation’. She’s 10 years old for God’s sake, let her be a ten year old and play with her friends and go swimming and maybe go out for an ice cream cone. She should be catching dragon flies; not out on the campaign trail. President Obama does not exploit his children as you do and he was elected President and, well, you were rejected by the American people.

  • Star:

    WOW!! This is BIG…Will the MSM ignore this? Probably…They don’t want to go there…To icky, icky…

  • dirgeledig:

    That’s what I think, too, that she meant to say that the pregnancy was foreshortened at the BEGINNING, not the END, because Sarah’s Amazing Technicolor Tight Abs could hold the baby in so well that no one knew about the pregnancy till she was seven months along.

    It doesn’t really make a difference to me, because there’s no way she gave birth to Trig, but I don’t think that Jesse’s reading of that part of the letter makes sense. If the point was to save Piper from months of waiting for her new sibling (and poor Piper wouldn’t have been waiting if she knew how much babysitting she was going to be called on to do!) it only makes sense that the shortening of time being discussed is the beginning of the pregnancy, not the end.

  • carollt:

    I think you have something there lilybart. The ruffled ear baby, the one Sarah originally presented as Trig might have been born in Anchorage. After all, Sarah had to have a newborn or the baby doctor (which she talked about in her emails) might be on to her scam. But the baby that is now Trig is older than little ruffles, so she could not have shown up with a two month old baby to the baby doc stating the little guy is a newborn.

    Finally, the two babies theory makes some sense to me. It fits well into the hypothesis that the baby is Bristols and that baby was born well before April (probably February) when Bristol had ‘mono’ for at least six months. Who had mono for six months? And during late fall of 2007 and winter of 2008, there were rumors in small town Alaska that Bristol was pregnant.

    The puzzle pieces are coming together Sarah. Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

  • omomma:

    No, it was a reporter. But she didn’t answer the question he asked. She took off on her own, always a mistake, that goin’ rogue thingy.

  • dirgeledig:

    Not only had they had four children, but Sarah had had two miscarriages (she says in Going Rogue). That makes it even worse, to me.

  • brbr2424:

    You’re right. I think the story about Todd changing their return flights to rush back to Alaska was debunked by someone. I believe it was confirmed that they returned on their scheduled flight and that no tickets were changed.

  • brbr2424:

    Let me offer you a warm welcome.

  • dirgeledig:

    There’s a blog I watch called hang-on-little-tomato, about a boy named Max who has DS, and the amount of therapy and attention is parents pour onto him is just amazing. It makes me hope so hard that there’s someone doing that for Trig now, although I believe that he didn’t get that attention when it was so important in his first year.

  • carollt:

    That was a great post. Thank you Montrealer for bringing this comment to Joe’s blog. We ladies must stick together on this because Sarah is counting on men being uncomfortable speaking or asking about the process of childbirth. She just wants them to think she is a super mom, capable of giving birth while signing bills and carrying on the business of Alaska.

    So, when we see this story of childbirth that could not possibly be true, I think we women owe it to America to speak up in a very graphic manner and holler bullshit (as they say in Montana where I lived for many many years). That being said, as the commenter already did such a good job describing childbirth, I will refrain from telling my own experiences today on Joe’s blog. Suffice to say, Sarah’s story is just that; a big old story.

  • aview999:

    Well they won’t be able to ignore Joe’s Climbing On Board NOW. Wish I could see THEIR faces when they read this. What a hoot!!

  • brbr2424:

    I’ve been called sexist also and I’m a woman. None of the birth story makes any sense to any woman who has given birth. She can’t be that much more hardy and resilient than the rest of us. The Palinbots have only a couple of responses. They personally attack, call commentators sexist and accuse people of fearing Sarah Palin. As if striking fear in the population is what is required of a leader of the American Democracy.

    I wonder if Sarah Palin ever had a C-section. She is a petite woman who had four previous births. What are the chances that none of them required a C-section. Most doctors don’t want to risk doing a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-Section.)

  • dirgeledig:

    B is right– according to Alaskans, a new birth certificate would show Sarah and Todd as the parents but the birth date would NOT be changed.

    Now all we have to do is wait 97 more years for Trig’s birth certificate to become a public record!

  • curiouser:

    She actually wasn’t highly scheduled on most days and frequently emailed her scheduler to add something after the fact. According to Frank Bailey, she managed to take a secret Hawaiian vacation at some point during the 2008 legislative session…secret even from her staffers. Bailey knew because Todd asked for help finding a flight for Sarah.

    Most of her schedules are available here:

  • minnesotamud:

    Joe, What are the doodles and notes you posted at the top of this posting? Are they related to Palin or your book?

  • Joe:

    They are handwritten letters from Son of Sam and Charles Manson.


  • carollt:

    Good post Sally. I would like to add that if Sarah did not give birth to a baby on April 18, 2008 and just used the hospital as part of her hoax, and the hospital billed whatever insurer, be it state government or tribal, and the insurer paid the bill, that is fraud and it is a crime. In most States, if not all, it is a felony. That means the possibility of jail time and certainly restitution.

  • minnesotamud:

    Ohhh. I ought to have recalled the Son of Sam stuff. Thanks.

  • zenna:


    The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.
    — Winston Churchill

  • msf:

    MSM will not follow through on this…I’d bet anything. I’ve been following this crazy lady since McCain “tapped” her for VP because she scares the shit out of me. All the blogs I’ve followed for the last few years have had some amazing proactive intelligent people on them & MSM has been emailed, name it & the response is…….crickets. MSM knows …they just choose to ignore it & this is what happens when the media silences the peoples voices. The so called debate last night was laughable. IMHO we are in for some tough times.

  • carollt:

    I believe the money is coming from low-income, undereducated people, most likely very religous and very good people, who are fooled into supporting her on the various social issues she speaks of (in a salad type, I don’t know what she just said kind of manner). This is why Sarah wore that big old cross at the Rolling Thunder event that she hijacked. Did you see that cross? It had to be at least six inches long and she had it right between her two breasts.

    Sarah is a Charlatan taking lessons from her new BFF Franklin Graham. The world has always had charlatans; Sarah is just the new player in a very old play.

  • dirgeledig:

    Oh, what a good point. And aren’t there emails where she’s telling her staff not to count it as a day off and they’re telling her (since they don’t know that no birth took place) that she’s entitled to time off for having the baby?

  • ibwilliamsi:

    Thought about this more today after I had left the site, and it came to me that even if she WERE pregnant and in labor coming home from Texas that day and didn’t want to tell anyone that she was imminently giving birth, as a “Christian” she could still send out a generic “It’s been a long day, please keep us in your prayers”, that is if prayers actually meant anything to her. Or if she were actually pregnant. Or if she actually was in labor. But she isn’t a Christian, so she wouldn’t ask for prayers under any circumstances let alone when she might really need them.

  • ibwilliamsi:

    EWWW! I thought she offered to show the stretch marks AFTER she brought Trig home!

  • Felix:

    The only reason to have prenatal testing is to give oneself the choice of abortion if tests show the baby has huge problems. The risks of losing a baby after the test are not insignificant.
    A pro-life pregnant woman would not be tested: whatever will be, will be.
    That, to me, is the signal that something is amiss with the whole story.

  • Deb:

    More problematic is the fact that the sentence about arriving early wasn’t included in the letter when printed in Going Rogue! Suspicious!

  • lilly lily:

    How to Godwrite. Might be interesting. Didn’t Catherine of Sienna communicate with God? Sarah apparently does. Now she is being compared to Joan of Arc, (read that someplace) perhaps soon she will become St. Sarah Lou..

    The Godwriting International Society of Heaven. .

  • carollt:

    I have to say that is the best summary of well reported facts regarding the events leading up the ‘birth’ of baby Trig that I have ever read. You nailed it gypsyrose.

    Call the media (oh that is right, many did, but got no response and I might add a slap in the face when the Huffington Post refused any and all comments regarding Sarah Palin’s story of giving birth on April 18, 2011).

  • lilly lily:

    I feel like I am time traveling back to the middle ages with the e-mail god channelling through Sarah Palin…

    Sarah Palins folksy rant about a faked pregnancy give me the creeps..

  • curious:


    Good point, writing that reminded me we had prenatal on our first because mom had PIH, second baby no problems, no prenatal testing. Good catch. So why oh why would she need prenatal testing? Or did she already know what kind of baby she was going to pick out? Or what kind of baby Brisket was carrying. Hmmm

  • msf:

    No not icky..icky…they love icky…icky. The Big Bosses say …..NO GO.

  • msf:

    Lord that’s sobering. Just wondering, do you think Nixon was a sociopath?

  • Joe:



  • FrostyAK:

    Oh so appropriate. There was a handwritten “letter” of $P’s online at one time. Written on the back of a poster or place mat, or some such. It wasn’t much better.

  • AFM:

    Well Joe didn’t you hear she speaks with god and he told her.

  • Alaskan:

    I personally know five young men and one older gentleman by the name Trygve here in Alaska. They all are of Scandinavian decent. I know of three more men by the name of Trygve in Minnesota. They all go by the short version of Trig. It boggles my mind that she would name her son after his disability. I never knew that Tri-G was a medical term for Down Syndrome, I find it hard to even associate the name Trig with Down Syndrome. I just can’t imagine someone naming their child after the child’s disability. It defy’s a mother’s love and joy over her precious newborn. And if she did name him after his disability, that’s just heartbreaking.

  • AKPetMom:

    Mr. McGinniss, since people mention your friendship with Roger Ailes what is your take on Tim Dickenson’s article in Rolling Stone regarding Mr. Ailes and his political and journalistic history? For those who have not read the article I’m including link below.

  • Ottoline:

    I too have never seen any proof that there was ANY urgency in the return from Texas. Nothing documenting a change in flight, hotel, rental car. The rush home, like the Wild Ride, was created after the fact. Pls recall also that the only source for those middle-of-the-night phone calls to CBJ is Palin herself. I am betting even that never happened. Because without leaking fluid, what would they have talked about? Nope, all created in retrospect. All just a another big lie.

  • Katie Taylor:

    I have followed the Trig hoax story for some time now and some of the material and comments provided in various places including this one have convinced me of the following:

    1. Trig was born in Ankorage not Wasilla. Even the delivering physician sited by Palin works primarily at the Ankorage hospital and that hospital system is noted as her only affiliation on a published biography.
    2. Palin’s story that she passed up the Anchorage hospital (which is equipped with neonatal unit) to travel to Mat-Su (which has no neonatal unit) to give birth to a high risk baby should have raised flags for everyone especially if her physician was on staff at the Anchorage hospital.
    3. I believe Trig was born sooner than stated to Bristol while she was living in Anchorage with her aunt and that her pregnancy was the reason for her leaving school in Wasilla, The mono story was b/s.

    I read somewhere that someone on Sarah’s staff had sent an e-mail to Todd because Trig’s documentation had never been sent to the State to activate insurance or some other benefits and a deadline was nearing. His response as I remember it was simply that he would take care of it. I don’t remember the source of this exchange now. Has anyone else come across this story?

  • Ottoline:

    There’s one other reason to have amniocentesis done: paternity testing. Not a lot of call for that. Amnio harvests genetic material (DNA). Most people have no problem waiting until the baby is born, if they want to test that. But let’s say Palin was desperate to know right away, in case the bioDad was a problem in some way. Of course, once again, our only source that an amnio ever happened is Palin, so it might never have happened at all.

  • Purple Alaska:

    We’re keenly aware of why RAM had to hastily exit, stage left ~ but have there been any Ivy sightings as of late?

    Surely, she knows the truth about Trig…

  • msf:

    Mentioned this to my husband & he said…..Nixon cared about the country enough to quit.

  • curious:

    No kidding. If a Pit induced birth is the easiest what the hell was she doing during the others?

  • kyle:

    Beautifully designed and produced, Lidia.

    I don’t claim to know about the Trig pregnancy one way or the other, but you really know how to put together a video.

  • physicsmom:

    Nefer, you are so right, if you were talking about a normal woman. SP has not acted normally in any of this scenario. Based on other behaviors, what you outlined in the last paragraph is in fact how one might expect her to behave. She can sexualize herself and still try and pull off supermom and supergovernor by coming back to work the same day as delivery (which I believe really hurts the cause of women getting appropriate time off for recovery and bonding, but since she’s not a feminist, she couldn’t care less about other women). Her six-week pregnancy is so out-of-character for her, there has to be a specific reason she acted as she did, and ultimately we’ve come to believe that she was pretending, badly, but just enough to fool people who didn’t want to look too closely at a sitting governor’s figure, gait, behavior or later examine her fanciful birth story. Please, please, let this be over soon.

  • CW:

    And no other photos of the newborn baby or proud mother or visiting siblings!

  • It saddens me beyond belief that this woman has been allowed to perpetuate this lie and hoax on the American people all this time. The mainstream media has been truly lame and therefore this liar was able to almost get too close to our White House. All this for ratings? Shame on all of you. I no longer trust any major newscasters and I so appreciate Jesse Griffin for all he has done and for sticking with this nightmare. There are so many of us who just knew from the beginning what Sarah Palin is like and many of us just thought someone with power of some kind would take care of it and make sure she was seen for the hate filled liar she is. Now we know that we have to do these things ourselves or lose our country.

  • Also, some one on politicalgates ( sorry, I don’t remember who it was) mentioned that If Sarah took Trig to work with her at three days old, that would have been quite a car ride from Wasilla to Anchorage.

    Joe, I have been waiting for your book with great hope.

    I really want my life back but I am so concerned for my country, and my family (with this maniac running loose), that I feel I must devote valuable time to try and defang this evil woman.

    The Tucson tragedy must serve as a warning of what will be in store if she isn’t stopped..

  • Kimberly:

    Does she look 5 months knocked up here to you?
    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin poses for a portrait in her office December 6, 2007 in Anchorage, Alaska.

    Portraits were taken by professional Getty Images. For the full 25 frames got to and type in DECEMBER 6: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin poses for a portrait in her office December 6, 2007 in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • dmoreno:

    I second and third the above comments. Well done! And Thank you

  • karenw729:

    Yes, there was an email as you describe. Regina at Politicalgates should have a copy.

  • karenw729:

    The doctor might have seen a thickened neck on a sonogram, and then recommended the amnio. I’ve heard of this happening before.

  • msf:

    I agree, Palin is such a negative drain on this country & yet you feel you have to in some way speak out. I think we have an anything goes free for all going on in politics right now so I would not rule any of these wackos out. Could the next election be stolen…you bet it could. We now have a media that actively lies just about every time they open their mouths. We have been seriously let down by them & I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  • Cassie from MD:

    Not necessarily, I had an unexpected fourth pregnancy at 35 and at that age, amniocentisis is, while not recommended, an option. After 35, the risk for birth defects, etc., increases. Mine didn’t result in knowledge of a birth defect, but in finding out there were two. Fifteen years later, I am still recovering from that news!

  • GG:

    “I let Trig’s mom have an exceptionally comfortable pregnancy so she could enjoy every minute of it, and I even seemed to rush it along…”

    I am not religious, but I find the word “seemed” to be extremely strange if it is supposed to be the voice of God. Why would God write about how it appeared to be, as opposed to how it was, defacto?

    I also have 5 children, and the delivery of one baby required a pitocin drip. I agree with all the posters who have said it is not believable that Palin went through labor with a pitocin drip, no sleep, and proceeded to take care of mundane business hours after delivery. Bullshit!!

  • lilly lily:

    Perhaps my favorite of her godly following was the group who were going to pray Trig out of his D,S.. I often wondered if Sarah would produce a less challanged Down syndrome double as Trig. The group seems to have vanished into internet limbo, like Palins December 8th 2006 to Jan2 2007 e-mails.

    I respect so many genuinely religious people of good will, who do a great deal of good in this world. I have no respect for the nutty fringe group this strange woman appears to enchant.

    God Talk, Queen Esther incarnations, Sarah as Jesus , a Quardian Angel of Children, or Joan of Arc talk makes me feel ickier than Weiner and his silly antics online.

    Horny men like Weiner harm themselves in the end, but someone like Palin?? and her nutsy and nasy following?

  • Susan125:

    And one more Palin action that defies most people’s logic: Under what circumstances does someone move (themselves and their kids) from Alaska to Phoenix in JUNE?!?!

    Any Alaska-lover like SP — can’t have a fish-picker born in Texas, better to risk his life — might consider the sunnier clime in the dead o’ winter. But miss out on Alaska’s best season? And show up in PHX at 110F?

    Like so much else, doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • benefitofthedoubtallgone:

    “God Talk, Queen Esther incarnations, Sarah as Jesus , a Quardian Angel of Children, or Joan of Arc talk makes me feel ickier than Weiner and his silly antics online”


    She makes me want to keep my garlic handy.

  • Melly:

    I looked through the pics and at very minimum, one of them lets me believe without a doubt that on Dec. 7, 2007, the day of the shoot, Sarah Palin was not pregnant with a child that 4+ months later would weigh 6.2 lb. Without a doubt. Sorry, I don’t know how to down/upload them.

    Go here first,

    and click button for similar pictures.

  • Melly:

    Kimberly, the one with her standing straight forward with hands on hips and jacket zipped straight as an arrow…it should circulate.

  • Melly:

    I suspect that Todd responded to the email requesting Trig’s birth certificate by saying, thanks, he’s going to be covered elsewhere. Maybe his native alaskan coverage?

  • SCmommy:

    Not true. There are a number of reasons for amnio–age of mother, history of other chromosomal abnormalities, etc. In our case, we had lost so many babies, they recommended genetic counseling (amnio, CVS, etc.) b/c we were at risk of Trisomy 13. Luckily, the two we did the amnio/CVS testing with are free of the chromosomal abnormality. The other two we chose not to do amnio or CVS, so we will have to find out thru a blood test in the future. The 9 we lost, we know had the abnormality.

    Not meaning to give a lecture, but it really bothers me when it’s thrown out there that only someone “considering abortion would ever have amnio.” Our main reason for testing the 2nd time was that we had 3 little children at home waiting for a baby, and if we did successfully carry the pregnancy to term, our particular “brand” of chromosomal abnormality, T-13, usually does not result in bringing the baby home. Those who do survive the birth process frequently don’t survive the 1st year. With those kinds of problems, our priority was preparing our children for what could be. We NEVER would have aborted. But it would have been extremely damaging to our other children to expect to see a “normal” baby, and be shown one with (possibly) no eyes, ears, wrong numbers of fingers/toes, severe internal abnormalities, severe mental retardation, and the likelihood of not surviving.

    All that said–Sarah Palin did NOT have amnio, because she was NEVER pregnant with Trig. So there was no “moment” when she “CHOSE LIFE.” She CHOSE FRAUD.

  • Ottoline:

    Yes, I do. Thanks, B.

  • Lidia17:

    Right… Tri-G is so perfect that we have to pray away his defect.

    Can we say “cognitive dissonance”?

  • Lidia17:

    The kids look thrilled!

  • Lidia17:

    Big bosses say no AND no like icky-icky…

  • Dis Gusted:

    One huge sticking point for me has always been the idea that Sarah concealed the pregnancy so as not to be criticized etc.


    IMO SP knows the trauma of being stigmatized because she has had mental issues and a wonky eye her whole life. SHE is the one that believes a child that is not perfect is defective and shameful and reflects on the parent. SHE is also the one that believes a woman with a newborn does not deserve an elected position and is not capable of doing her job.

    Of course, I believe that she has never been capable of doing her job. She was passably pretty and used her looks to bungle through a man’s world. I’m all for a woman doing the job, but I would like to see a capable woman such as Hillary or others like her, in the position..

  • Dis Gusted:

    the only one’s missing from that family are Track and Trig..


    sounds like Track is a daddy to me. He and Britta were living with Bristol in her Anchorage condo. Was TriG also living there with Tripp? Some say he was. Did Britta give birth to TriG? Is that possible? She was given that sweet job at the governor’s office before she graduated high school.

  • Dis Gusted:

    that baby in the photo looks like batwing ear TriG. He has a very thick neck that is certainly not existent at the RNC. One of her lies about pre-diagnosis said the child had a thick neck and that was a sign of DS. Yet, there is no thick neck on most, if not all, of the other baby pictures of TriG.

    Recently a swollen infant photo appeared that looked like it might be the same child as the one in this photo. However, I can not see the baby in the above photo in the Trig Van Paxton Palin birth announcement photos or any of the shower photos. How many TriGs are there anyway?

  • Ailsa:

    That’s a bit overboard, I think — a disservice to the country? All because Jeanne chose not the delve into this issue.

    I can’t talk about Shannyn, but I have never heard Jeanne mock *Trig Truthers.* There are quite a few of us, including Joe, who have been highly suspicious about Trig’s birth and open to learning everything there is to know, but have not seen what we consider to be completely conclusive proof. This doesn’t mean we think that folks who are convinced without reasonable doubt are kooks or candidates for tin foil hats.

  • Dis Gusted:

    I want to remind us that this woman has been teflon over the last 3 yrs re this hoax — she and her enablers. Many times, we have thought that we are 10 minutes away from this story breaking. And then nothing.


    I would point out that Keith Olbermann mentioned Bristol’s pregnancies – including her pregnancy during DWTS and was fired for it.

  • Dis Gusted:

    No way McCain is ever going to pick her,


    my understanding is she met with McCain in February and absolutely knew there was a possibility of being chosen. They even discussed the pregnancy -(although she hadn’t announced it yet). Nothing is on the internet anymore – everything’s been scrubbed. It was never clear whether it was SP’s pregnancy or Bristol’s that was discussed.

  • Dis Gusted:

    why would he be in Phoenix when nobody else in the family is there? Is he with his real family?

    SP was enamored with Gina Loudon. Gina adopted a special needs child and was rewarded with fame and fortune for doing so. SP is a copy cat.

  • Dis Gusted:

    Mrs. Johnston stated that she had a hysterectomy years ago and that is when she became addicted to pain killers.

  • Dis Gusted:

    and wondered at her dragging Piper around when Piper so obviously was very, very unhappy with the press and her mothers almost bizarre approach to the press. Reaching out, latching on, in spite of Pipers dismay and pleadings for mom to cut it short.


    SP’s reaction to reporters was bizarre and pathetic. She practically dived at them the day Piper body checked that guy. The next day when she was passing out the flowers, she actually ran to them in her flip flop heels – clack, clack, clack – “look at me! I’m a star! I have flowers for you because Piper behaved so badly…..”

  • Dis Gusted:

    my mom was petite – 5’2″ tall and 100 lbs soaking wet. She had 10 children, two sets of twins, and NEVER had a C-section.

    SP wouldn’t have been able to handle a C-Section without broadcasting the PAIN. ROFL

  • Dis Gusted:

    TriG was due the middle of May – so December 6th would be only 3 months pregnant. Some women don’t show that early. SP always showed early before but her abs got so much tighter after her tubal ligation years before.

  • lilybart:

    Also, Todd would not have changed the flights himself He would have asked Janice or Ivy or someone else, to change the reservation. No email about that.

  • mumimor:

    Actually, I think she does look pregnant on the Getty-images pictures.
    Which makes me think maybe Trig was born even more prematurely, and Sarah just didn’t tell anyone till she was certain he would live. I know this has been mentioned as a possibility somewhere before, but I don’t remember where.

  • Bretta:

    Just for the record, Alaska Airline officials publicly stated that Sarah Palin did not appear to be pregnant and did not appear to be in distress on her flight home. This was printed by the Anchorage Daily News in April 2008.

    I’m guessing TriG-the-Empathy-Belly was packed, but I really think he was already born.

  • lilly lily:

    I think he definatly was not born on his official April birthday.

    Whose he is is a moot point.

    Sarah Palin took physical possession of a infant and dangled him around like a prop. That much we know for certain.

    All the rest is conjecture and won’t stand in a court of public opinion until someone does come forward and under oath tells it like it is, with proof. Until then it is out there and always will be. Sarah Palin is under the most intense of scrutiny and will never shake free.

    She could provide certificates now, and her crazy stories will still be out there.

    DNA? anyone take her DNA and Trigs. Probably. And that includes the Republican operatives out there.

  • Leona:

    Does anyone know what happened to the frail-looking baby with the malformed ears, i.e. “Ruffles”? I cannot help but wonder if that baby/child is still alive.

  • KatzKids:

    And what’s doubly interesting is that there is not one mention of her “blessed gift” in those emails, nor in any of them the entire month after he supposedly arrived. Typical new mom? I think not!

    Let me also say that IF she was given pitocin to induce labor, she sure as heck wouldn’t have been sending anything. I speak as a mother whose last pregnancy had to be induced because my water broke 6 hrs earlier and they were worried about infection. Everything about her supposed labor & delivery is nothing but a pack of lies.

  • JJ in DC:

    I’ve never believed the “wild ride” and count myself amongst the “trignostics”.

    My opinion (FWIW) – Trig is Sarah Palin’s child. She went into labor somewhere between Seattle and Anchorage (last flight leg), but it wasn’t severe, so they drove onto the “home hospital” for the birth. The “wild ride” (contractions, amniotic fluid leaking in Dallas, etc.) essentially was born (pardon the expression) from her tendency to exaggerate her role in events. For example – being a member of a delegation to a foreign country becomes negotiating foreign trade compacts, being the commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard becomes being the nation’s first line of defense should “Putin raise his head”, etc.
    So – going into labor on the last leg of the flight becomes going into labor while giving a speech in Dallas.

    Just my 2 cents….

  • Ginger:

    Yes, Steve Schmidt knows where the Palin bodies are buried but he’s not going to talk. Although F. Bailey did not discuss any of this in his book, he told us about certain issues and included dates. With that information, I came up with this: In early August, 2008, Sarah was in negotitations with Steve and John McCain for the VP slot. They told her they could deal with Troopergate but not the fake pregnancy rumors flying all over. She was given an ultimatum. To stop the rumors, it was imperative they make Bristol five months pregnant. If she wanted the VP slot, she had to accept that. Well, we know how that ended.

    BTW, as far as Trig’s birth announcement from God who told Sarah it would be a rushed pregnancy, this was a no-brainer. Dr. CBJ estimated Bristol’s due date around April 21, 2008. So, she was a little early. That was the basis for that letter being written. The whole pregnancy was planned in advance and Sarah knew she would only be pregnant up until Bristol gave birth.


  • Exp:Nov5/08:

    @ lidia17 – yes. Cognitive dissonance indeed! I just posted at LN’s blog about that. Palin’s whole atmosphere is rife with it.

  • Leona:

    I don’t think there was ever any prenatal testing for Down Syndrome on Trig. I think Bristol carried the baby, gave birth in January or February, 2008. Shortly after birth, it was determined that the baby has Down Syndrome. The baby, probably intended by one or more members of the Palin family to be put up for adoption, had special needs and would not be so easy to place with a prospective adopting family. Perhaps Bristol played a role in keeping the baby in the family. In any case, suddenly in early March, 2008, there was a need for Sarah to “be pregnant”. When an alternate newborn, the elusive “Ruffles” of the early May photos, was substituted for a brief time, everyone oohed and ahhed. (The photo of Grandma and Grandpa Heath holding a robust baby on “April 18” at the hospital could have been a photo of any baby at any time.)

  • Evidently you haven’t paid attention! LOL.

  • Dangerous:

    Yes, that would have been a much better cover story, for sure. Otherwise, you’ve (likely) unintentionally hit on the biggest flaw in the entire wild ride story: They went straight to Mat-su Hospital. One would only do so if it were urgent, and her story for the entire time leading up to that downplays the urgency to explain why she didn’t seek medical treatment in Dallas. Or Seattle. Or Anchorage. Nope. Straight to the farthest possible hospital.

    That is completely inconsistent with REAL pregnancy and labor, no matter how one might want to spin it. It IS completely consistent with concluding a faked pregnancy, however. Nobody watching, middle of the night, remote hospital on home turf, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    A much better cover story — and now that the premeditated cover story they used is out there via the email — would have involved her going home FIRST, then going to Mat-su early in the morning. Then it would have just been a happy coincidence they left Dallas early, and no need for “leaking” to explain the early departure. That, too, was a mistake.

    It is also why I always thought they hastily concocted the wild ride story. But I don’t think that any longer. The wording of SP’s letter from God, and the story she told after Trig’s arrival, are too consistent for it to be otherwise. Both before and after the wild ride, the pregnancy, labor, and delivery were “easy”. Hence, they decided beforehand that that would be the narrative and explanation. There’s no way, however, that the email before Trig’s arrival and the story after it could be so much in sync, despite the actual, verifiable circumstances.

    This evidence also leads me to conclude that the real Trig was born at least somewhat prior to April 18, 2008, as many have suggested but lacked definitive proof. Palin and her co-conspirators simply didn’t concoct a good enough cover story in advance. Perhaps Chuck Heath screwed it up with his “water-breaking” comment, that SP had to incorporate on the fly in the interview with Lisa Demer. Before that question from Ms. Demer, SP was exactly on script with the letter from God she wrote two weeks earlier.

    JJ’s speculation of what happened certainly creates a more credible explanation of verifiable circumstances. Too bad SP didn’t choose it herself, instead of tying the scheme to the ridiculous wild ride. But that’s what happens when you lie.

  • The Palin fans cry: Trig can’t be Bristol’s baby! Do the math!!! Simple–Sarah doesn’t want to show any birth certificate–an adoption at the time of birth would show her as the mother, even though she isn’t the birth mother–but more importantly, it would show the true birth. After Trig was born, Sarah’s best friend, Kristan Cole, supposedly had a baby shower for her and has dated pictures to prove it. Only problem is–the new baby in the pictures has “elf ears”–a malformation on each ears that Trig doesn’t have in his baby pictures and that many doctors have said a child doesn’t outgrow and no physician would do surgery on to correct at his young age. There is only one explanation as to why Kristan and Sarah would have dated pictures with a baby who is not Trig–and that is to lie about the birth date. Who knows who had this baby–logic tells us that it is Bristol since she missed five months of school and was sent out of Wasilla until after the birth. However, other possibilities are Willow, or Todd’s mistress, etc. The question is no longer whether or not Sarah is the birth mother. It is so obvious that she is not and that she has been lying to cover up an embarrassing situation.

  • Donna:

    Down Syndrome risks are saposibly greater the older the mother but Can happen at any age. Maybe she Knew she was having a Down syndrome Baby and was ok with the fact. Maybe she Knew that nobody is perfect, and we all have our challenges. God Bless her and her little family and good luck in the future! Besides, Down Syndrome baby’s are so sweet, what monster couldn’t love them? I would Know, I have One of my own!

  • lisa:

    Did nobody proof the Rogue? “Isle” for aisle? Sheesh.

  • Original Lee:

    Exactly. I’ve been induced twice, and those contractions are SQUARE (i.e., the ramp-up from zero to sixty is almost instantaneous). That is not easy, even with an epidural.

  • harry e:

    Do you really wonder why the MSM hasn’t been as obsessed with this as the lunatic fringe was? After all this time, is it finally obvious that the whole issue couldn’t matter to anyone?