Truly, this wretch knows no bounds: Sarah tries to co-opt Mark Twain


Via SarahPac:
We spent a great afternoon in “America’s Hometown,” as Hannibal, Missouri, is famously called. Of course, Hannibal plays an important role in American literature as the hometown of Samuel Clemens. This town on the Mississippi River and his boyhood adventures here were the inspiration for many of Mark Twain’s most famous works.

Mark Twain’s wit was evident when he spoke or wrote about Hannibal. Reminiscing about his humble origins here, he once said: “Now in Hannibal where I was brought up, we never talked about money. There was not enough money in the first place to furnish a topic of conversation.”

I’m sure this town also instilled in him the decency and common sense that he would hold to all his life. As an old man far removed from his boyhood days, he famously told others: “Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest.”

– Sarah Palin

Not for the first time when confronted by Sarah’s hubris and ignorance, words threaten to fail me.

Sarah and her ghostwriters are so devoid of literary awareness–not to mention so flat-out tone deaf  and dumb–that they could presume to turn Mark Twain into a Palinista.

Not since Ronald Reagan told an audience in Hammonton, NJ, during his 1984 presidential campaign, that:

“America’s future rests in a thousand dreams inside your hearts; it rests in the message of hope in songs so many young Americans admire:  New Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen,”

has an American political figure so shamefully tried to turn an artist’s message 180 degrees in order to make it seem as if it reflected well upon himself or herself.

Ronald Reagan was to Bruce Springsteen in 1984 as Sarah Palin is to Mark Twain today:  a desecration.

But it’s even worse in Sarah’s case, because Twain isn’t alive to call her out.

My goodness:  can you imagine what Mark Twain would say about Sarah?    I suspect he wouldn’t be nearly as controlled as Springsteen was toward Reagan, simply out of respect for the office of President.

What’s next, Sarah:  Woody Guthrie’s birthplace in Okemah, Oklahoma?

Sadly, Johnny Cash’s house in Hendersonville, Tennesseee, burnt down several years ago.

But if you want to head north to try to cash in on former homes of renowned American literary and musical figures who hold you in as much contempt as Mark Twain would have,  you can still see Bob Dylan’s childhood home in Hibbing, Minnesota.

Meanwhile, if you insist on quoting Twain, you might start with this:

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”


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  • lisa:

    You have perfect pitch Joe. Maybe we should have a contest: Sarah Palin is to … as a … is to … .

    She is a sad excuse for a human being.

    Check out the absolutely disingenuous answer our ex shadow gov “Toad Palin” gave to the woman who called him a “sell out” at the Iowa Fair. Poor Sarah, called out for her behavior and in debt to her lawyer. Does this man have no shame? Todd Palin should be taken to task for the hubris he showed behaving as he did while Palin was governor. It really pisses so many of us that he spent any time believing he was doing the state’s business. It was bad enough having Sarah in the position, but the gum-smacking, ADHD Toad was beyond the pale outrageous.

    She is done, finished and the Palins are so delusional they haven’t noticed they are old news. Really, fetid old news.

  • Jack:

    The rumors of Sarah Palin’s intelligence, relevance, and (I’ll say it) beauty/hotness have been greatly exaggerated.

  • Tom:

    lol.. sense is this horror that is palin does not realize that time has passed her by.
    she is totally out of step here as with her photo op at ronnies.

    serious things are happening and people are starting to pay attention as their lives continue to get worse daily.

    they are not in the mood anymore for this immature palin nonsense.

    i believe her 15 minutes are just about up.

    she has 1 card to play.
    then her future is on fox news till they dump her too.

  • Pam:

    Do people really buy her bs? What a bore!

  • Joe, Sarah visited Twain’s old stomping grounds and made a PR comment. And this sends you over the edge? Exactly how much coffee have you had today? Geez.

  • Percy Sledge:

    As a grifting granny far removed from her girlhood years, Palin famously told others: “I want to help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. And I have a communications degree.”

  • WakeUpAmerica:

    It’s nice to see that she isn’t sucking up the news cycles on this new bus “tour.” She is such a flesh-eating maggot. What is the fascination?

  • Joe:

    I’m well on the right side of the edge. But it’s one thing for her to co-opt dead politicians.
    When she starts in on great American writers, I take umbrage.


  • NMvoter:

    From the Freethought Zone website:

    Mark Twain

    “The Bible is a mass of fables and traditions, mere mythology.”

    “[The Bible] is full of interest. It has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and some good morals; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies.”

    “It is most difficult to understand the disposition of the Bible God, it is such a confusion of contradictions; of watery instabilities and iron firmness; of goody-goody abstract morals made out of words, and concreted hell-born ones made out of acts; of fleeting kindness repented of in permanent malignities.”

    “There is one notable thing about our Christianity: bad, bloody, merciless, money-grabbing and predatory as it is – in our country particularly, and in all other Christian countries in a somewhat modified degree – it is still a hundred times better than the Christianity of the Bible, with its prodigious crime- the invention of Hell. Measured by our Christianity of today, bad as it is, hypocritical as it is, empty and hollow as it is, neither the Deity nor His Son is a Christian, nor qualified for that moderately high place. Ours is a terrible religion. The fleets of the world could swim in spacious comfort in the innocent blood it has spilt.”

    “It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bothers me, it’s the parts that I do understand.”

  • Dicer:

    Without Google, what is Sarah?

  • Psalm023:

    I guess people will start to get fed up with her “aw golly aw shucks oh gee/ we here in the heartland sucking on a cattail sittin’ by the creek waitin’ for the fish to bite in our humble origins/with nary a worry about money.

    She doesn’t get that her small town naive girl facade just is overcooked. Overdone. Enough.

  • Doyle:

    Mark Twain quotes that apply to Sarah Palin? Must be a million:
    Man is the only animal that feels shame, or needs to.
    A lie travels aruond the world while the trurh is still lacing up his boots.
    She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot.
    We do not deal much in fact when we are contemplating ourselves.

  • JR:

    if it crashed, would she be?

  • GypsyGirl:

    Here, here!!!

  • Sondra Tompkins:

    I heard Sarah was incredibly disappointed that Shania Twain was no longer living in her childhood home in Hannibal. She was hoping to sweet talk Mark Twain’s daughter into using “Man! I feel like a woman!” as her campaign song. 😉

  • Julian:

    …:”When I was young I could remember everything, whether it had happened or not.” That’s our Sarah.

  • nswfm:

    Saw the headline and thought, “Oh, she’s a Jumping Frog of Idiot County.” Orange jump suit for the lying, grifting fraud, please.

  • DKey:

    Sacrilege! How dare she pretend to know anything about this great man? After 20 years of research, I’m making a film about Sir Francis Bacon and Twain is a big part of it. He loved Bacon as much as I do, if that’s possible. And I LOVE Mark Twain. I’ve read everything he’s ever written. If he was a religion I’d join it. At the risk of sounding like Britney’s #1 fan, I say to Caribou Crosshairs (she who is not worthy to utter his pseudonym), “Leave Mark Twain Alone!!!”

    And here’s my contribution to all the great Twain quotes: “Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.”

  • FrostyAK:

    She tried to pretend she was on a level playing field with Shakespeare (repudiate), so does it really surprise anyone that she would co-opt Twain?

    She is FRAUD – the worst kind of fraud, worse than a snake-oil salesman.

  • FrostyAK:

    Ooops, I meant reFudiate.

  • DKey:

    Here’s America’s Bard speaking of Sarah (who would certainly put on narcissistic airs on Rue Morgue Avenue). “And your gravity fails. And negativity don’t pull you through.” Buh-bye grifter granny! Just 37 days (THE ROGUE) until your Karmic payday.

  • DKey:

    OK, I’m totally red-faced. This was a Francis Bacon quote, though he’s sounding very-like Twain. Here’s a real Twain quote, “To write with powerful effect, he must write out the life he has led, as did Bacon when he wrote Shakespeare.”

  • No rest for the wicked:

    How is quoting a wise man from the past, as people typically do, desecrating him? You’re just saying this because it’s Sarah and you have an automatic hatred for her due to ignorance Keep talking though. Haters make people stronger that’s at least one thing she’s proven. With every post you prove you’ve learned nothing concerning truth and this woman. That is also evident. Just another liberal-bot.

  • shame:

    I would never profess to know someone I’ve never met (I am not a hateful democrat) but I have faith that Mr Twain would not judge people and twist everything about them ina negative light to feed a political agenda. His novels aret imeless, his words moreso. I find this blogpost insulting to his memory. You wish you could be Mark Twain and not someone writing a biased piece of drivel about a woman you’ve never met.

    Out of all the local politicians in AK,Sarah was the most real. She was a breath of fresh air even in the 90s. Too bad you probably believe every word Stein and his ilk say. Too too bad. One day I will create a chart of all the lies told about her, the sources for these lies, and why said source lied. It’s truly remarkable how pathetic people are. I started to do this with Dunns book but it was a long process, as the inaccuracies (proven with personal testimonies) are vast in it.

  • H.E.W.:

    To No Rest for the Wicked:
    Actually, honey, quoting this wise man from the past is not so smart for little Sarah from Wasilla. Real Christians who walk in the Lord know that Mark Twain did not believe in The Word. She obviously does not read the posts written by her ghost-writers! Franklin Graham is NOT gonna like her quoting a nonbeliever, let me tell you. It may be months before he invites her on another private jet trip to an impoverished country.

  • ginger50:

    She is crossing that fence into Joe’s territory, he has every right. Can’t wait for Joe’s book!

  • ginger50:

    Yes as you said, a lot of us dislike sarah because of her ignorance and verbal assaults on innocent people. You can’t expect us all to just listen to her uninformed, ignorant rants and attacks without responding.

  • MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel:

    Have you visited the Mark Twain Papers at the Bancroft Library of the University of California at Berkeley? Highly recommended!!

  • carollt:

    Has Sarah ever read a book by Mark Twain? Nevermind – of course I know the answer. She’s read any of them – all of them.

  • lilybart:

    Stronger? Really? She looks more loopy and skinnier and gaunt and disheveled every time she shows up somewhere and her idiotic vacation/attention ploy is being ignored this time.

    WE are getting stronger.

  • Sally:

    And what do you call Kathleen Parker, who noted that while Perry was not even in the state of Iowa last weekend, he managed several hundred write in votes. Sarah? Who pulled in in her big ugly bus and shook hands with the people and patted a cow? Nary a one…she is done. No matter who she insults next. And if you think for one second that she has ever read anything by Twain, she has a mansion in AZ to sell you.

  • carollt:

    I need to modify my comment and ask if Sarah has ever read a book, period. She doesn’t strike me as the well-read type. And since I have heard her insist that she was a reader as a child, I know she wasn’t because up is down and down in up in Sarah’s world.

    I am encouraged by the fact that Sarah had to go to Facebook to get her message (whatever that message was) out. Hordes of reporters did not follow her this time.

  • grammy97:

    What has $arah done with Trig?

  • CougInPortland:

    Of the many quotes attributed to Mark Twain, her ghostwriter chooses one about money. Imagine that. Subliminal message to the cult: Keep sending more so I can contiune doing “good” for you. Exactly what good has she done?

  • Heidi3:

    No one here has any hatred for anyone. Hate is a mighty strong word, and you will not find it written in any of these like-minded blogs. We are very concerned with the divisive negativity Sarah has spread throughout our country, and we aim to reveal her lies and stop her embarrassments.

    “My friend”, as John McCain would say, listen up: The Google is not Sarah Palin’s friend. She can pay Bristol or RAM or whomever ’til hell freezes over to quote cherished American authors, but she hasn’t one iota of comprehension of the background story. Mark Twain derided the Bible at every turn. He would have harsh and pithy words for the ages to describe the transparent charade that is Sarah Palin. Sadly for her, the more she tries to appear ‘book-learned’, the more she reveals herself to be an uneducated, insensitive, unaware, tone deaf fool.

  • omomma:

    She doesn’t strike me as the poorly-read type either. She doesn’t read now and obviously never has. The evidence for that is that as a reader her spoken grammar would more closely reflect the written word, even if it came mostly from tabloids. She’s unable to sustain a thought long enough to complete a sentence and is unable to construct a sentence with all the parts in the right places.

  • themom:

    As the color play by play announcers say in Chicago White Sox broadcasts….”SHE GONE!”

  • Beaglemom:

    Well, she, or her minders, obviously learned from the Paul Revere faux-pas. This time someone else wrote a few words about Mark Twain for her. I doubt very much if she ever read any Mark Twain. Somehow whenever Sarah Palin visits a historical site she sullies it. That distresses me.

  • Cackling Rad:

    First of all, she isn’t simply quoting him, she’s trying to portray a dead man as supporting a political viewpoint that is diametrically opposed to what he stood for. Secondly, I don’t “hate” Sarah Palin; I dislike her.

    And why does hate make her stronger? Are you telling me she feeds off hate? You find that admirable rather than, um, sick? What kind of family has as their toast, “May we always be happy and may our enemies always know it”? Who remembers their enemies at their times of joy? Who gives other people that much power of them? You may not recognize her pathology; you may even for some sick, twisted compulsion to admire it, but don’t mistake our dislike of her distasteful ways for the kind of knee-jerk hatred and stereotyping to which you seem prone.

  • Carrie:

    Hi Joe!

    I am currently reading The Last Brother and enjoying it quite a bit. Very thought provoking! It does remind me of the Palins a bit. Where the Kennedy’s succeeded in creating a myth everyone could believe in , the Palins FAIL every time they try. Before reading your book, I heard about the Mafia’s connection with the Kennedy’s and the rumors they were involved. The evidence you have provided is quite the eye opener! I am going to try to read your book about Alaska before The Rogue is released.

  • curious:

    I’m confused, is she on another Bus Tour? This time the midwest or is she trying to go south to hook up with Rick Perry?

    I am a lover of Twain. He would have a field day with Sara and Michele for starters. Even better he’d scorch the earth with the dominionism and pandering to the far right religious nuts. He suffered religion less than he suffered fools. His Letters From Earth is still one of the finest pieces ever written.

  • Jzales:

    Hey Joe,

    Amazingly enough…U have a right to publish ur mind’s decadence and lucky for the average American we still
    possess the right to read it and laugh at u…..!


  • NIdaho:

    …and Hear Hear too!

  • jcinco:

    the audacity of her even mentioning Mark Twain’s name reminds me of what used to be said about the publication National Lampoon, “Is nothing sacred?”

  • Jolene:

    Dang it, that’s what I was gonna write: “So, Sarah, what works of Mark Twain’s have you read? Sarah: “All of ’em, any of ’em that’s been put on my desk all these years.” I’m sure she has only a glancing awareness of the great works of possibly America’s greatest writer, Samuel Clemens. I’m sure she’s never read “The Mysterious Stranger.” Yes, Twain’s wit would’ve waxed large at Sarah’s folly.

  • Beth:

    Oh, Twain would LOATHE her. The only person who might loathe her more would be Ambrose Bierce. She would never quote him, though…he wasn’t all folksy and nice like Twain sometimes came across.

    I share your anger towards politicians who co-opt others for their own agenda, although my particular ire is directed more towards those who use musicians’ songs without permission. I understand that musical copyrights can be a confusing thing, and as often as not, a publishing company is able to grant usage rights to anyone they want. I recall Scarah doing just that with Heart’s “Barracuda” during the campaign, only to have Ann and Nancy Wilson issue a scathing smackdown and tell her to quit using their song. Bachmann did it recently with Tom Petty’s “American Girl,” and Tom was all over it, telling her to cease and desist.

    Just because you MIGHT have the right to use such songs, I would think that they would have enough respect for the artist to not use it if asked not to. Especially when their politics are diametrically opposed to that of the artists, as in the case of the Wilson sisters, Tom Petty, and as in the case you mentioned, Reagan and Springsteen.

  • lefty:

    You’re right, Joe, and Twain’s ghost is thanking you for your words.

    Twain was on to the chicanery, spiritual poverty, false piety and violence exemplified so often in American life–from slavery on up. His deep wit and humor are gifts and lights to be honored.

    Also too, if SP had any brains she’s stay away from great satirists living or dead– satire is very powerful. :)


  • Jolene:

    That said, perhaps by quoting Mark Twain SP will enourage some of her bots to read this great writer, and maybe a few of them will be enlightened. It’s a hopeful thought, anyway.

  • Lisabeth:

    Sarah!? Strong?! LOL That is not a word I’d use to describe Sarah. Strong people do not behave like such attention-starved, self-indulgent, defensive children. But more importantly, it’s very obvious that you don’t even understand why Joe is offended by what Sarah said. Maybe it’s because English is your second language, I don’t know, but try to read again and understand what he is saying about hubris and Sarah basically making things up about Mark Twain to support her warped political views. She says that Twain was like her in his beliefs and she is making that up!! Its not true. And she was not just quoting Twain. Joe’s observations and feelings about what she said have nothing to do with being a ” hater.”.

  • keepingmysisoffthefarm:

    Perhaps I’m misinterpreting hogsatemysister’s comment, but I wonder if what he was really trying to tell you is that you’re not allowed to voice an independent thought in Palin world; it’s strictly follow the leader. Had Sarah signaled that it was okay to critique her Mark Twain comments, you’d be good to go.

    People who castigate you over the subject matter of your prose are really doing nothing more (or less) than practicing a subtle form of manipulation, i.e. bullying. Said people can often be found waving a copy of a First Amendment they miserably fail to comprehend.

    I think Twain was thinking of Sarah when he penned the line, “If you have nothing to say, say nothing.”

  • mitch:

    What exactly,qualifies $arah for anything but to be on the Jerry Springer Show? The woman lies when the truth sounds better. The slavish devotion you have is to the idea of a Sarah Palin, not to the actual perosn who is an abject failure, a malignant narcissist and a delusional fantasist. She suffers from a pathology and the more she thrusts herself in to the public domain, the more evident her need for attention becomes. If you want to judge her on her “leadership” skills, look no further than her own family. Where’s Trig? How come she hasn’t announced the birth of another grandchild? What has Bristol really accomplished? Why is Willow home schooled; or better yet, by whom? Why has she requested the State of Alaska help defend her in a lawsuit wherein by the admission of Frank Baily, she orchastrated? Slither back to where ever you came from and complain to the rest of the suckers who believe Ms. Quittypants has been hand picked by some transcendent mystical deity.

  • Felix:

    The Princess and the Piper

  • I would never profess to know someone I’ve never met (I am not a hateful democrat)

    Hee hee! You can’t make this stuff up, it’s too incredible!

  • mitch:

    Interesting you refer to her in the past tense. I’d like to see this chart of yours. Emperical reality is irrefutable unless you are truly deluded.

  • Jolene:

    I’m pretty sure Mr. McGinniss was employing hyperbole and humor in this post, much as Mark Twain himself did. It’s supposed to be read with a “wink”, doncha know?

  • Conscious at last!:

    Sarah Palin and “wretch”—- perfect together!

  • anAlaskanAlsoII:

    The way it really plays out in Sarah’s thigh-burning speech-writing runs:

    We were just there in Hannibal, Missouri, you know where in the great history of the country is often called “America’s Hometown.” Appreciating that Hannibal plays an important role in great Americana books since Roger Clemens was born there also. This mighty, Mother Nature’s meandering Mississippi River with the trees and the muddy waters churning out boyhood adventures that inspired Mark Twain’s most famous Huckleberry pies.

    Old Mark was funny and gosh darn “there” there when he spoke or wrote about Hannibal. Perhaps so it was likely that from such poor and hard working beginnings here, cause he once said, just like Wasilla: “Now in Hannibal where I was brought up, we never talked about money. There was not enough money in the first place to furnish a topic of conversation.”

    I’m sure this none-elitist, grateful real American got his decency and common sense from this bright shining town on a Missouri River hill that he would hold to all his life, never forgettin in his golden years desiring to progress these tried and true, not a scary school of thought: “Always do right. This will grift with some people, and astonish the rest.”

    – Sarah Palin, with a Servant’s Heart, the Reluctant Leader also too

  • DKey:

    Thanks! My focus is on 16th and 17th century British authors, so rare books at The British Library and The Huntington in L.A. are my haunts. Isn’t it wonderful to be curious? I just found The Mark Twain Papers online at the Bancroft: so will check them out! I’m sure that’s what Sarah is doing right now. I wonder how she would feel knowing she’s quoting a Freemason? Cue Pastor Moothy! Sarah may need another exorcism when she finds out.

  • Jessica Clemons:

    What can you expect from a bot? Logic?

  • Jolene:


  • DKey:

    “Ur” grammar gives you away, Palinbot. You may be surprised to hear this, but real authors don’t live in a Twitter Universe. “Ur” just sad. And we can see how that home schooling thingy worked out for ya.

  • Karen:

    There is no mention if Sarah went to Reagan’s alma mater – Eureka College. Oh that’s right – Sarah thinks it’s in California.

  • laprofesora:

    One of my favorites!

  • Reality Check:

    Dear Sarah Palin:

    Is asking other people to pay for your trip to Mark Twain’s home when you can easily afford to pay for it yourself “the right thing to do”??

    Kind Regards,

    Reality Check

  • deennaa:

    You’re full of shit “shame”. Get to workin’ on that chart of lies and its sources! THIS Alaskan wants to see THAT!!

    BTW: You don’t know Mark Twain and you definitely don’t know sarah. Get your ostrich head out of the dirt. Face reality. Wake up. Which part of Mark Twain did you EVER read? He DID judge people and right on the mark, but he was a “humorist writer” and not a con artist GRIFTER who fooled Alaskan’s for a nano second.
    He didn’t make his fame off of LYING TO EVERYONE and conning them out of their money. To insinuate her name into, then desecrate his memory and abuse Mark Twain’s brilliance, is sacrilegious. But then we aren’t shocked or dismayed because unlike you, we DO know sarah bitch palin. She’s gone over ALL the lines in the sand. She’s even co-opted God! “…we thank God. Yeah, that’s who we thank…” When was the last time you saw her in church? ANY church, ALL of em’? WITCH DOCTOR PASTOR MUTHEE jog your empty head!!

    All palin supporters seem to have that same trait: Blinded by IMMATURE emotionality. Blinded by false GLITZ. Blinded by phony breasts. Blinded by phony glasses. Blinded by phony religiosity. Blinded by everything PHONY. Then you attempt to post like you think you are intelligent and “KNOW” about the person you would sell your souls for. Talk about a “biased piece of drivel”. Yours wins hands down.

    My question to you: WHY do you Jim Jones followers NEED to LOVE liars? Slavishly love. You are the most dangerous kind of people. Empty headed voters.

    Everything you posted was an easy rebuttal. Start with that first sentence. As for sarah palin being one of the most “real” politician’s in Alaska and ” a breath of fresh air” – get your ass to Alaska and see what kind of response you get to THAT statement. If you are already in Alaska, then you aren’t saying out loud anything of what you have posted here – only to a handful of other robots like yourself. Drivel? You drip with it.
    Yeah, you are right about one thing only. WE DO BELIEVE JOHN STEIN. COMPLETELY. Her “christian” religious racism and REAL ANTI-SEMITIC slam concerning him and her total backstabbing of him was CLEAR TO CLEAR EYED PEOPLE! IN ALASKA! She’s a bonafide, dyed-in-the-wool R A C I S T. With a capital R! You and your “ILK” are the dumbest people on the planet. Truly STUNNING DUMB.
    Don’t get me started on how she committed her RACIST acts against THIS NATIVE ALASKAN’S PEOPLE. I will skewer you.
    Take off your pajama’s and all you racists with smiles on your faces stand indicted for who you are. You are all ugly and a taint on your own country. That country, by the way, that you are self-destructing/have self-destructed. LOOK AROUND YOU AT THE DIVISION AND THE CHAOS YOU BREED. Quite simply, you haven’t the intelligence to see what is right in front of your own self-made mess.

    Put your money where your stupid mouth is. Get that chart going! Get those “personal testimonies”!

    “Its truly remarkable how pathetic people are” – That generic comment is pointing right back at YOU.

  • deennaa:

    ooooooh “ur mind’s decadence” and that’s exactly “YOUR average american mind”. You never read A WORD of Joe McGinniss’s books. PHONY. PRETENDER. He’s bringing your BITCH down. That scares you. ooooooooh.

  • deennaa:

    Let me rephrase that “Jzales” : YOU are PHONY. PRETENDER. I forgot to add stupid. You know what they say about stupid. You can’t smarten up stupid.

  • Mrs. Sixx:


  • I found a perfect quote from Mark Twain for Sarah Palin:

    “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

  • emrysa:

    “Haters make people stronger”

    ROFL hey brisdull don’t you have some kids to be watching? I really don’t understand why you are fixated on this whole theme of “Haters make people stronger” it’s very weird girl, get some help.

  • deennaa:

    Here’s another REALITY CHECK for SLIMY SARAH: It might be wise for you to move out of Alaska and into Arizona sarah. The current and most BIZARRE request from you, for Alaskan’s to pay for your latest law suit out of Juneau, is pissing off Alaskans royally. Don’t forget – it wasn’t YOU who coined that phrase “ROGUE” and those Alaskan’s could do the REAL ROGUE thing and run you out of the state you QUIT. You are just a bully. The true heart of a bully is COWARDICE. Slowly but surely, your mask is being unraveled. Less and less people have tolerance for your total disrespect for them underneath your slimy, snake tongued smile. Yes you have a serpent’s heart for sure. I would call your flaunting of human beings demonic. If the devil is the “father of the lie, then you are his wife. You bet you are. (the CORRECT phraseology of “you betcha”)

    Yes junior high girlie. In Alaska you are a parody. A symbol of the beautiful but dead Lake Lucille that you live on: beautiful on the outside. Dead inside. You haven’t got it yet (will never get it) that its the INSIDE of the person that matters most.

    This latest GRIFT AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA is just an extension of kicking them while they are down. You will be held accountable at some point. I think I can see JUSTICE from my front door on the horizon for you. It couldn’t come soon enough for us Alaskan’s and for ALL who see your predator and monstrous face behind your MASK that has dropped. There’s no amount of “shuckin and jivin” talk from those whoring lips of yours that will save you from your fall into ignominy. Didn’t your “church” inform you about what you and your “crowd” are in for? Read that part about LIARS. Better enjoy all that money you are stealing from those uninformed doltish “r i l l” american people. I don’t think they have Macy’s Mall’s, or Mansions in that place you are targeted for. Oh. Forgot. You don’t really read that book either. That’s ok. Your fifteen minutes of false fame is up anyway you look at it. Better remind your “handler’s”. And

    BTW: what’s with those people who do your face, hair and nails? (or is that you?). I saw the pictures from the fair and a lot of others before that. You are looking really old. Like the 50 year old woman you will soon be. Your face looks drawn, haggard and worn. Sloppy. You look just like you are: an old woman desperately trying to look like the mental teen you are. What I really notice is that your eyes don’t match your smiles. They’re cold. Hateful in the extreme. A psychopath’s face. Oh, and another BTW: no matter how much you covered your hands in those tanning beds (those white hands never did match the rest of your tanned skin), your hands still look like the old woman you are. I know you read in one of those “celebrity beauty magazines” – “all of em. any of em” – that a woman’s hands will show her true age. You thought that would work for you, but it didn’t. Look at your hands petting that cow at the Iowa fair……(everyone flinched for the poor cow). Like they flinched when watching your mandated aerial wolf killing. Not unlike your own “killing salmon”. YOU said that remember? And you said it with such glee. You’re a cold blooded animal murderer sarah. Like that beautiful female Caribou you and your animal blood lusting father murdered for no other reason than a t.v show and your effing money grubbing grifting stealing ways. All I can think of is that psychopath’s go from murdering animals to murdering people. That is public knowledge and stated progression of their personal psycho dynamics. I think you are quite capable of that and would do it in a minute if you could get away with it under cover or otherwise. THAT is what crazy is and does. THAT is why thinking people will want you as far away as the sun from ANY nuclear button. You simply do not have what it takes to rule anyone anywhere at anytime. Alaskans know that better than anyone.

    You and Casey Anthony are birds of a feather. That’s my opinion and I protest you bitches from hell. You know her: THE most hated woman in america.

    So, Alaskan’s: Are you going to allow sarah palin, the one who cares the least about you (and everyone) to charge YOUR Alaskan monies with this latest lawsuit? She’s slapping you hard in the face. No, kicking you. No. Stomping you. Again.

  • carollt:

    I see somebody has been on twitter or the text for far too long. Can you speak or write in English for us Jzales?

  • carollt:

    People often accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. Take the often heard accusation that liberals hate certain people. Nothing could be further from the truth. In general, liberals are very tolerant, live and let live types. Of course I speak for no one but myself, but I grow tired of the “you hate Sarah” comments from the bots.

    I don’t hate Sarah Palin one bit. I only want her to go away (back to Alaska – sorry Alaskans, I know you don’t want her either). Sarah is the one who drove the crowds to shout “KILL HIM” when referring to then candidate Obama back in 2008. Sarah went around the country stating that not all of us are Americans – real Americans she liked to say. That was one reason Colin Powell endorsed Obama. Sarah seems to hate gays, minorities and certainly all Democrats. She even seems to hate the father of her grandchild and his entire family. I could go on and on, but I don’t have that kind of time.

    Do I think Sarah is ignorant? You bet I do. An Idiot? Absolutely. Do I think she would be a disaster in any elected position (as she was as mayor and Governor)? Why yes I do think she would be disaster.

    But do I hate Sarah? Not a chance. My interest in Sarah is in getting her off the national stage. She knows nothing, she adds nothing to the conversation and she is one of the most divisive individuals I have ever heard.

    Like it or not No rest for the wicked, we are all Americans. Not just some of us, but all of us. And we will be heard.

  • Lisabeth:

    “I started to do this with Dunns book but it was a long process, as the inaccuracies (proven with personal testimonies) are vast in it.”

    Vast ? Hmmm. OK….

    You know, you should make a factual chart instead of attacking people… And stating that ALL Democrats are hateful simply makes you look stupid. Most Democrats could care less about Sarah Palin and don’t even think about her. People who generalize like you are generally see life in black and white terms. That is why it is impossible for you to admit that you are wrong about Sarah. Why don’t you list your facts and we can see if they are based on your opinion or real facts…….

    And stop the name calling. From my understanding, most of the Republicans in Alaska do not think too highly of Sarah either. Those AIP people seem to like her though. I wonder why that is.

  • carollt:

    If Dunn’s book was full of lies, why didn’t Sarah sue him for slander? And by the way shame, I am not a hateful Democrat, but I am a registered Democrat and I plan on voting for President Barack Obama in 2012 and every other Democrat on the ticket. I can’t wait until Nancy Pelosi gets that gavel back in January of 2013.

    I would be most interested to hear of your favorite Mark Twain book shame. You have read a Mark Twain book I assume.

  • carollt:

    Tell us how you really feel deennaa. I would like to agree with you on Sarah’s looks. I think she looks bad because of hate. It is such a powerful emotion; one that should be avoided at all costs. Hate will eat anyone alive and I do believe we are seeing the effect that hate has on Sarah’s appearance. Say what you will, but not too long ago, Sarah was perhaps attractive. Now, not so much.

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? ABS (anyone but Sarah).

  • carollt:

    Amen to that.

  • curiouser:

    I’m appropriately disgusted. She is shameless and seemingly incapable of doing right; she shows neither a shred of decency nor common sense.

  • deennaa:

    Carollt: sarah has always had the rage of the sociopath. She’s just kept it under a lid. Its escaped a few times. Throwing cans of food at Toddie, slapping and slapping and clawing and grabbing for that basketball as a teen. Overtly, the list is long and very public of her “contained rage”. But that’s what sociopath’s do well: cover with charm. Remember Ted Bundy? Ask anyone who has lived with or near to one of these people. Its those unguarded moments that reveal who they really are. You have to be very aware of their traits or you will miss it. The charm you know. There have been just a few pictures that really captured her essence – besides the turned down mouth and pout – those pictures showed her eyes and there is where the soul is. Any psychiatrist who has worked with socio/psychopath’s knows this dead stare. As for her beauty? She really doesn’t have it. Once you know the person behind the skin, it doesn’t matter how outwardly beautiful that person is (male or female) and sarah palin’s want of being a warm and loving human being makes her really barbaric looking to me. No beauty. None. Honestly can’t see it. Her character is overshadowed by what she looks like and it makes her look nondescript ugly.

    Hate has just given her that pinched up look and probably a more sallow skin tone. Add in wrinkles around the eyes. But it is her character – what she is inside – that beams out like a LED light poked right in your eyes. But that’s me. I have seen some very unattractive people with personalities that made them just beautiful. Truly and really. Yes, hate can make one very ugly, but a hateful persona can morph and change and their countenance change with that. A person who is permanently damaged to the degree sarah palin is damaged – unable to be accountable and unable to admit to anything wrong – this kind of person will never be beautiful or pretty. In my book anyway. If she ever was “pretty” it would have had to have been when she was a baby: innocent and pure of all wrongdoing. As all babies are.

  • deennaa:

    Carollt: In that one sentence I meant “her looks are overshadowed by her character”. Whoops. Must be that dyslexia.

  • Mick:

    Oh the horror. She praised Mark Twain. She must be shot. ROFL

  • Thank you for shopping, please come again.

  • Lidia17:

    You can tell this is a true Sarah acolyte:

    “I started to do this with Dunns book but…”

    But WHAT?? You QUIT?!?!
    You quit.
    bwa ha ha

  • paulabflat:

    i’m with you joe! how dare she!!

  • Hannibal:

    I live near Hannibal. I can say with nearly 100% certainty that Sarah Palin did NOT visit the town. No one saw her there, and the city officials know nothing about it. The historic downtown area is quite small…I don’t see any way she could have been there for a few minutes without being seen, to say nothing of spending an entire afternoon sightseeing.

    Did she happen to drive through town on the highway? If so, would that count as spending an afternoon there? I doubt it. Furthermore, if you take a look at the other posts on her site, she puts up pictures from the surrounding locations, like Springfield, IL and Kansas City, MO. If she was really in Hannibal, wouldn’t she stop to pose for a few photos?

    Also, check the local media sites…there’s no mention of Palin being in Hannibal. Wouldn’t that be a pretty big deal for a small town?

    I think we’ve all been hoodwinked.