Increasingly Desperate, Sarah Palin Supporters Pin Hopes on New Movie

As they see even what used to be her base losing interest in Sarah as Queen Esther–and as a presidential candidate–her shrinking hard core of unblinkingly blind zealots is praying out loud that the propaganda film made by one of their own can somehow overcome all that Sarah herself has done over the past two-and-a-half years to make herself irrelevant, laughing all the way to the bank.

The serious neo-cons, such as Kristol, Barnes and Krauthammer, whom she so successfully seduced in 2008, have abandoned her.

To them, she’s become a dirty joke they wish they hadn’t told.

Most of the Tea Partiers have given up on her, too, transferring their affections to Bachmann, while dreaming of Perry.

This leaves Sarah increasingly isolated, no more a “Mama Grizzly,” but a polar bear marooned on an inexorably shrinking ice floe (but one, she will assure us, that isn’t melting because of man made global warming.)

God used to open doors for her.  Now she needs a deus ex machina just to keep herself afloat.

The dwindling few who still proudly proclaim themselves as cult members see “The Undefeated” as their last best hope.

See this frantic call to arms–or at least to the box office–at The Daily Caller.

Or listen to the last gasps of the drowning at Conservatives4Palin, such as this and this.

As if a propaganda film could save her now.

For the record, Sarah Palin is not undefeated. She was not only defeated as McCain’s running mate in 2008, but she was defeated in her race for lieutenant governor of Alaksa in 2004.

“The Twice-Defeated” would be a more accurate title.

Not that accuracy has ever mattered to Sarah.

71 Responses to “Increasingly Desperate, Sarah Palin Supporters Pin Hopes on New Movie”

  • SusanC:

    Hmmm. I noticed that one of the pitches for the movie at C4P has directly beneath it a “Michele Bachmann for President” ad. Talk about mixed messages.

    I’m a little surprised by the piece in the Daily Caller. Lately they’ve been running some hilariously nasty articles about her.

  • Ratfishtim:

    You missed one of the reviews at Conservatives4Palin”

    [i]t is absolutely critical that as many Americans as possible see this film- and soon.”

    Sarah Palin

    Like a dead fish, she is now going with the flow.

  • I wasn’t planning on attending a viewing of “Triumph of the Shrill” in any case, but the increasingly angry posts of the Palinistas make my rejection an enjoyable one.

  • H.E.W.:

    The over-fed, constipated Palin family never fails to need more cash, even when it is for a movie funded by someone else. Please donate to SarahPac, so that I can continue googling Sarah Palin each day only to discover a more amazing gaffe, weirder “lip-licking” photo, or an even lower poll number. I have been entertained by her madness now since 2008, and I need my Palin crack. When God closes a door he opens a window, and that window is in an institution that treats delusions of grandeur and temporary psychoses. Don’t forget your meds, Sarah.

  • Anonymous1253:

    I look forward to your blog posts and appreciate your talent. Your opening sentence of almost 60 words made me chuckle. That’s quite a sentence to read in one breath – – thank you for adding a comma there towards the end ! I’m sure in her mind, she’s not defeated and certainly not a loser, nor did she quit on being governor. She just moved on to other things, don’tcha know, also, too.

  • daisydem:

    Ratfistim: Love it ….. like a dead fish, she is now going with the flow. Those are her words; she is living them.

  • carollt:

    I don’t think a propaganda film is going to help the Queen. Who is going to pay to sit for two hours and listen to this nonesense. Sarah as the victim, poor Sarah, everyone hates her, we all are picking on poor Sarah. Wahh, Wahh – she sounds like a child.

    Get used to it Sarah. Running for national office is not for quitters or whiners. Better toughen up girlfriend; you ain’t seen nothing yet. If you run for national office, I can guarantee that it will not be the Dems who bring you down, but all those Republicans who are just not that into you.

    The Republicans want the White House back and they were none too pleased when Sarah helped two kooks win the primary (Christine the witch and let’s use second amendment remedies if we don’t win Sharon Angle). Many feel that Sarah cost them two Senate seats and in Delaware at least, they are absolutely correct.

    That is the trouble with those elephants – they have such long memories. And a lot of them are just like Sarah – false Christians who do not forgive.

  • Lisabeth:

    Ok I went to C for P for a peek! I never go there because it’s so odd and what’s the point. The comments under the posts you linked to are unbelievable. They are delusional about Sarah and also other people and topics. I felt like I had entered an alternate universe, and not a good one. They seem to sincerely believe Sarah is running. I have no clue if she is or isn’t but I can’t imagine they know more than anyone else. And they really believe if people see it, they will change their mind about Sarah! Who wants to watch a two hour film about anyone unless maybe it was a historical figure you admired. I wouldn’t want to sit through a two hour film about anyone I can think of that’s alive right now. Two hours??
    I really think the only people going will be diehard fans, media, extreme critics who might blog and/ or write about this and pundits. I don’t see undecided Independents or Republicans going especially because she hasn’t said she was running. Is anyone here going to see it?? What about you Joe so you can give us a report. I bet Malia and Gryphen will see it. I could never waste two hours of my time watching a movie about Sarah. I can’t stand her screechy whiney negativity for more than 2 or 3 minutes. A propaganda film isn’t going to change the mind of anyone who sees her unfavorably.

  • Joe:

    Nope. For one thing, I doubt it will be shown anywhere near Amherst, Mass., where I live when I’m not in Wasilla. For another, I’ve finished my book and am chilling a bit before gearing up for publicity blitz to start on Sept. 20. Also, I’m not a masochist.


  • Marie:

    Free with a $100 donation to SarahPac – her personal slush fund. She’s begging the bots to donate. Maybe the bus tour didn’t bring in as much “slush” as she thought it would. She has established a much higher standard of living and SarahPac is what pays for it and all of her attorneys to fight all of her legal battles – probably some we don’t even know about yet.

  • Jim In Texas:

    “Also, I’m not a masochist.” I’d move that to the number one reason, Joe.

  • I went to Amazon to look for Bristol’s book yesterday (No I,m not buying it or reading it), but under her headings was “Donate to SarahPac” what are they doing?

  • Mattie:

    Wtf palin mockumentary from the ap “We don’t have anything to do with her politics,” Bannon said. “It was very important for this film not to be dismissed as propaganda for Palin.” What the hell else would you call it?

  • Leona:

    Okay. So, I live in Iowa. When will I get to see this experiment in digital masturbation…er, whatever the hell the Palinator is trying to use to promote herself? The “UNDEFEATED”? Oh, yeah, the sky is orange, up is down, Alaska is the center of the universe, and Sarah Palin is God. Right.

  • lilybart:

    She is like the Crazy Aunt that everyone pretends is sane because you don’t want to “Set her off.”

    We all know she is nuts and no one will just say it.

  • Leona:

    The bitch is D*E*S*P*E*R*A*T*E. Sad, so sad. I am almost in tears…..;-)

  • Lynne:

    Winners never quit and quitters never win. It really is that simple folks. She’s toast.

  • brbr2424:

    A couple of questions Joe. Do you think the histrionics by Sarah and Todd, when you moved next door, was good for business or bad for business. Is there no such thing as bad publicity? Also, did you look into filing a lawsuit against the Palins for calling you a pedofile? It seems that when a man is accused of a sex crime, however baseless the accusation, a certain taint sticks and that your character has been defamed. Sarah is a very vulgar adult. Teenage boys are not even as vulgar as Sarah Palin. She frequently paints these vignettes where her daughters are the object of sexual assault. As a mother I would never go there. I would imagine that Sarah could spend her many millions on lawyers defending herself against various legitimate claims.

  • Joe:

    I deal with this in THE ROGUE. Filing a lawsuit would have distracted me from my work. If a “taint” from that ugliness remains, it’s in the nose of the beholder, and I’m beyond caring about anyone who might take it seriously. Garry Trudeau put it where it belonged: in a series of comic strips, which made Sarah look ridiculous. But she did give me an extra storyline for my book, for which I’m grateful. Without he bizarre reaction, it would have taken me longer to realize how venal and vicious she really is, and how crazed are her most ardent supporters.


  • MissSunshine:

    Opens in theaters July 15th! I look forward to seeing wacky reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and imbd. I’m sure this “masterpiece” will be a hit – it stars Andrew Breitbart and teens across the nation will insist on seeing it multiple times. Oh, I’m sorry. I guess it was Justin Bieber I was thinking of.

  • Psalm023:

    Have never heard of a living person having a propaganda movie done about oneself, in a free democracy. Is this a first? How big an ego she has. All she ever had to do was not quit her elected job and make good on her promises. Usually, people make their judgments on politicians the old-fashioned way, by relying on media. I know SP would have everyone believe media isn’t reliable, but is a propaganda film made by an admirer impartial?

    All she ever had to do was go with the flow by acting mature and behaving like a serious politician, no matter how boring it looks or feels to her. She’s is an immature, disrespectful carnival barker – no movie can turn the pumpkin into a royal coach.

  • Olivia:

    Sane man showing excellent judgement!

  • Deb:

    I read some comments at C4P. If they weren’t so comical, it is truly sad that put their energy into this woman. They are truly cult like in that there is absolutely nothing, i.e. the truth, that ever enters into their view.

  • lftismygame:

    For some reason, this comment made me think of the end of This Is Spinal Tap- silly, funny but kind of sad in a way. In this case, not so much sad though also too.

  • msf:

    Do you think it’s possible to pool our money & find one poor victim to view & report back. Nope not be, I never watch a video of her that’s over 4 minutes long & usually I mute her. I really just want to see how crazed she is that day & also if she does that snake tongue thing. Can’t wait for the day the book comes out & she is gone.

  • jk:

    So Bill Kristol finally lost his Sarah Palin erection. Too little, too late, Bill. Dirty joke, indeed.

  • jenny:

    Somehow, this vapid woman thinks this movie is a way to jumpstart her presidential campaign. I have followed her story for a long while now and am suspecting this particular stunt is one of the last. It is pretty lame to believe a Twitter tweet, FaceBook missive or fawning movie are substitutes for substantive and reciprocal debate.

  • msf:

    Seems like the wise thing to do. The media would have loved it if you had sued her. Money in their lazy, greedy little pockets & so little work for it. It was ridiculous & lots of us had hours of fun visualizing Trig strapped to her back while mowing her lawn & working in “her little garden”.

  • Balzafiar:

    I wonder if this obvious propaganda love-fest will feature her hordes of followers goose-stepping and saluting this demented demagogue who, if somehow elected, would flush this country down the toilet permanently.

    No right-thinking sane person would even consider spending a single penny to pay to see it.

  • Susan:

    So sad, if only they could confront the truth, although initially painful, in the long run their minds and their pocketbooks would be freed. Perhaps they prefer their world of delusion, IMO, it is a choice they make.

  • curiouser:

    She convinced herself that McCain/Palin lost because she wasn’t in control. Well, she’s operating at her own speed now and doing everything she wants — speaking circuit, Fox contributor, two books, a tv show, Bristol on DWTS, teaming up with Franklin Graham, American history bus tour, and now a full-length movie — and her poll numbers have tumbled. Will she ever realize that the Creator of the Universe didn’t chose her and isn’t directing her instincts? Would such an acknowledgement destroy her?

  • Cracklin' Charlie:

    I can’t wait to see what $arah wears to the opening!

  • WakeUpAmerica:

    I don’t buy the masochist part. You willingly lived next to her for a summer after all.

  • deennaa:

    I don’t want to sound like a “know-it-all”, but I KNEW you had more class than to be baited by such a lower than dirt low class person as the “proud to be valley trash” palin.

  • msf:

    I will be weird & it will be red. A little message to her AIP buddies.

  • newmeximan:

    I am looking forward to read the critic who honestly writes “Get off the cross, $arah. We need the lumber and nails.”

  • Lisabeth:

    That is strange and tacky but so I a lot of what they do

  • jenny:

    Newmeximan, That is a fantastic thought!

  • Ratfishtim:

    I heard it’s going to be “banned in Boston.”


    I can’t believe that she really thinks a propaganda movie would actually turn around her ever-dropping poll numbers. What other potential candidate has had the media attention she has, a reality show and two books and still needs to be “re-introduced” as if to pretend that none of what happened in the last two years was true or reality?! The media has enabled her to go on and on, if they would stop reporting on her with these assinine stories of everything she does, she’d fade fast like she deserves. As for her being the only person ever given the negative media attention, one only has to look at what our President has endured with dignity and class and compare it to Palin’s ridiculous attempts to manage her image from day one at the Governor’s office with rigged polls and fake letters to the editor. There is no comparison, she is a fraud.

    I don’t know anybody other than the people in the groups I read online who is even aware of the movie. I’m looking forward to the movie that reveals far more truth about Palin than this ridiculous snow-job.

  • Sally:

    There was a movie called “Triumph of the Will” made about Hitler in 1934. It’s a wonder Bannon didn’t cop that title.

  • Sally:

    They are like hungry puppies looking for Mama. Insane…all of them…it does remind me of what I’ve read about Hitler, except that she is losing troops, instead of gaining them, thank goodness. They may think this movie will rally the base and gain them people, but those of us who see her for what she is (and isn’t) are not going to pay money to watch propaganda about her that avoids the truth. When does her gravy train grind to a halt?

  • lilybart:

    So sad for her cult…we told them her mental illness was going to derail this eventually…

  • Leona:

    Palin’s main problem is developmental. She never learned how to take responsibility for her own actions and she never learned how to benefit from criticism of any sort. She glories in being the victim.

  • lilybart:

    In the end, it won’t matter how many Gates she has….she QUIT. And that was the end.

    No one will trust her to be the VP nominee again.
    I guess she can leverage her support for a Cabinet post? Comical to even write those words!

  • mea:

    did you read at c4p the reactions to John Ziegler’s bet? hahaha
    between the movie, the e-mails, and Bristol’s book, SPAZ is becoming a joke.
    it will be interesting to see how she fares through the summer.

  • Carrie:

    I messaged my friends in New York about the free screening of her new film. I hope they all show up and send a message to Sarah. It does say that the film is for people who are not supporters…

  • akvoter:

    Sadly her supporters remind me of my late grandmother who used to send money to Jim Bakker. She wasn’t particularly religious, but, apparently Bakker spoke to something in her that the family could never understand. Sad business when folks buy into the hot air of these immoral, decadent beings.

  • H.E.W.:

    So true. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression for years, I respect the crazy. Sarah Palin has a unique opportunity to come to terms with her condition, but like a good fundamentalist Christian, she will continue to attribute her psychiatric condition to “the darts and arrows from the evil one”. I recognize the symptoms of her puffy face, heavy eyelids, and mangled sentences–I have had the same thing happen to me. It’s painful and frustrating. She has a responsibility to her family and followers to face that she cannot keep this up this charade .

  • Bill:

    Bachman is Palin 2.0 Both are a liability; neither can win.

    The best thing either of them could do would be to go to the corner, sit down, and shut up. It’s over for both of them.

  • curious:

    I want to see her come down to Iowa and stand out in the Field of Dreams or whatever corn field they choose to play it over and, wait for it, the storms we are having up here this summer, come rolling in and her flock yells out for Sara to wave her hands and stop the rain. She will of course try to do so but unknown to her a levee had broken upstream from the force of the floods and not only does the rain continue but a four foot wave of wild river comes flowing across the field soaking them one and all. If that isn’t a message from God to STFU Sara then I don’t know what is. Have fun in Iowa Sara, the repubs there are pretty much MB lovers since she’s a home state gal. You should do your homework – oh that’s right, you don’t really read do you? And if you show up in Iowa when the rest of the GOP are stumping do you really think they’ll give you another free pass?


  • zenna:

    No matter what Palin and her Palinbots may say, Palin will always – always – be identified as a Quitter. Because that is exactly what she did.

  • Bill Kristol …another conservative Jewish man besotted by a sleazy faux-Christian female who he can flirt with, use in an opportunistic way until he no longer wants her, and then move on to someone else to boost the ratings in his stupidly conservative world. What a joke. Drink the Kool-aid along with Elan Frank.

  • Ottoline:

    I too was glad you pretty much ignored it. I understand the “taint” point, but I see no such thing, except in comments of folks who do the ad hominem attack thing, with no other data for disliking you. Like McAllister’s attack upon Scharlott by making fun of his name rather than addressing S’s points. Says it all.

  • jk:

    Oooh, maybe they can throw a party in the theater during the screening, drown out the propaganda with some good-ole-fashioned liberal music and dancing.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    O/T, but I definitely like this article that describes $arah to a T (got it from a respondent on IM) :–by-Herbert-Calhoun-110620-388.html

  • brbr2424:

    Tina Dupuy interviews the filmmaker in a piece for the Atlantic. She writes: “I asked Bannon why he thinks people don’t like Sarah Palin. He says it’s because they don’t like her politics.” This is actually very refreshing because the Palinbots usually state that women don’t like Palin because they themselves are ugly and jealous of the beautiful, successful conservative woman with wonderful kids and a great marriage.

    Where does Bannon think things go from here. Film viewers will be hypnotized by the film and will do a 180 and change their own political views.In the 70s, the Moonies offered a free vegetarian meal. Is this film supposed to be the bait to lure people into a mind numbing cult?

  • CynthiaK:

    Hubris thy name is….

    Sarah and Bristol’s applications for trademarking their names have been approved. What exactly does this mean for those who write and/or comment on them?

  • Joe:

    Absolutely nothing. First amendment right to freedom of expression is not affected in any way.
    But if you try to sell your own Sarah Palin bobblehead, she might be able to sue you.


  • curious:

    How can I sell a bobblehead of a bobblehead? Isn’t that redundant?

  • curious:

    How can I not like her policies when they don’t exist?


    I have the feeling that Palin honestly doesn’t know what the trademarking of her name entitles her to and believes it will stop others from even using her name in articles, books, media, etc. She’s proven herself to be even less intelligent than I had given her credit for after reading her emails. I can’t help but wonder where the idea came from. It won’t stop SNL and we know Sarah hated the fact that Tina Fey was able to gain quite a few laughs from her portrayal. Does she realize this? My guess is that she doesn’t.

  • CynthiaK:

    Thanks for clarifying that. I thought I would have to put a superscript TM any time I typed their names.

  • London Bridges:

    I think Sarah had a third defeat: She quit her governors job as a result of all the ethics complaints against her. It was an effective recall action by way of ethics complains!

  • lilly lily:

    The movie touts her as a CEO and stresses they worked 15 hour days initially when she was elected.

    How does that square with no e-mails from Dec8 to Jan2nd of her first year in office? A fine CEO.

    Of course after the election loss they had those Where’s Sarah? buttons, and as Levi said she would come home early in the afternoon, take a long bath, climb in her jammies and watch T.V..while he and Bristol took care of dinner and the others. Sarah didn’t seem to be working very hard as a CEO.

    A very hard woking governor, who shopped a lot, quite early and was called out for her absense by the legislature.

  • tom:

    that is an amazing article and while no big revelation to us who understand palin nevertheless most appreciated to see it in print for others to read.

    the author asks the same question i have been asking forever.”why hasnt this woman been laughed off the political stage?”

  • lilybart:

    OMG, there won’t be an Opening will there, with Miss Wasilla and The Chin walking the Red Carpet? Piper in flip flops?

  • Lidia17:

    She apparently believed that “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was going to turn things around for her, and remember that she thought Bristol on DWTS was going to make America “fall in love with her all over again.”?

  • CougInPortland:

    Poor baby…yeah, that’s who I want as MY President.

  • Bretta:

    Not defeated, only a second runner up in a beauty pageant (that is, third place), and should I mention, to a woman of color?

  • Susan P:

    Joe, can you please explain or hypothesize about the Van Susteren-Palin-Graham connection? Greta and her husband are Scientologists, so I don’t understand their interest in Christian “good-works”.

    If Greta were truly interested in relief work, wouldn’t John Travolta and his private plane be a more logical choice?

    But of course, this isn’t about good works but about advancing a Van Susteren/John Coale agenda, cloaked in faux feminism and an obsession with Sarah Palin.

    How many ways can Greta Van Susteren and Fox spell “pandering”?