We’ve all been patient: THE ROGUE will be published four weeks from today//UPDATE: a clarification

And here’s the full cover:






Crown Publishing has done, is doing, and will do everything needed to assure that THE ROGUE will receive maximum national and international attention, and the widest possible readership around the world.

One of the things they suggested months ago that I could do to help in their effort was to start this blog.

And so I started, in April, in the hope that the blog would increase advance interest in the book.

According to Webalizer, I’ve had almost 650,000 visits here in four and-a-half months, which translates to more than 200,000 “unique” visitors.

On a daily basis, an average of 5,000 people visit this site.

A very small percentage of them offers a comment on any given post.

A much smaller percentage offers comments on almost every post.

And an infinitesmal minority become obsessed enough to comment dozens of times per day.

A few members of this infinitesmal minority apparently have had their feelings hurt by some of the things I’ve written here, either in response to their comments, or in my posts, or (most likely) by my saying that as of September 1–less than three weeks before publication of THE ROGUE–I’ll no longer post comments.

A very few have expressed their outrage at me for actually engaging with them by loudly and proudly announcing that they’re canceling their advance orders of THE ROGUE.

If you’ll send your names and mailing addresses to Sarah Palin, I’m sure she’ll dash off a quick note of thanks.

This not-quite-tempest in a dollhouse-sized teapot reminds me of my days as a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

One morning, Walter Annenberg, whom Richard Nixon later appointed as U.S. ambassador to England, and who owned the Inquirer, summoned me to his office.

No one in the newsroom could ever recall any mere columnist or reporter being summoned to Annenberg’s office.

Friends in the newsroom expressed their regret, said they were sorry to see me go, and wished me well in the future.

Annenberg’s office was on the thirteenth floor. It could be reached only by private elevator that usually no one but he was permitted to ride.

I pressed the “private” button, wondering how I’d explain to my wife that I’d just been fired.

I had committed many offenses. I had written in favor of the civil rights movement, and against club-swinging police commissioner (and later mayor) Frank Rizzo. I’d gone to Vietnam and, for six weeks in late 1967, I’d sent back daily columns that made it clear that American involvement in that country’s war was a tragic mistake: a view with which Annenberg and his editorial page wholeheartedly disagreed.

Then, in spring of 1968, I’d written a column in praise of Robert F. Kennedy, supporting his insurgent campaign for president.

I’d just spent hours with him, in his open car, on a motorcade through suburban Philadelphia. (You can read about that–and many other things–in HEROES).

I knew how right-wing Annenberg was, and many in Philadelphia had marveled for months that he’d allowed me to write what I wanted to write.

But I suspected I’d finally crossed an invisible line: this was the end.

I was eventually led into his office. He sat behind an enormous desk. He did not invite me to sit.

“So, you’re McGinniss?” he said.

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you know how many people have canceled their subscriptions to this newspaper as a direct result of your columns?

“No, sir.”

“Well, it’s just gone into the thousands. How do you feel about that?”

“Actually, Mr. Annenberg, I feel pretty good about that.    It shows I’m writing things that cause reaction.”

Suddenly, he beamed.

“I feel pretty good about it, too,” he said. “Before you came along, nobody ever canceled a subscription.”

Then he told me that whatever my salary was (in fact, it was $180 a week), he was ordering it raised by twenty percent.


I’ve had a lot of great comments here, including some that have criticized me harshly.

I’ve criticized others harshly over my nearly fifty years of writing professionally, and I can get as good as I give (as witness the comments on this blog that I’ve not deleted.)

As I’ve said, I’m always willing to learn, and I do learn something new almost every day.

Today, for example, I just learned how much a new pair of eyeglasses cost.

But when a few obsessives spoil things for everyone else through comments that are little more than–oh, what’s the word? “flames,”–I reserve the right to draw the line.  Or to drain the pool.

It’s like peeing in a swimming pool: you might feel better after you’ve done it, but do you ever think about anyone else?

What I’ve been most surprised by is the outrage of those who’ve said they feel “used” because they finally realized that one of the purposes of this blog was to increase advance interest in THE ROGUE.

Frankly, I’ve also been amazed by the outrage of those who accuse of me writing books in order to earn a living (i.e. “He’s only in this for profit!”)

Folks, I’m not NPR. Since leaving my last paying job in 1968–at the Philadelphia Inquirer, after billionaire Annenberg had approved my pay raise to $230 per week–I have supported myself and my family solely by writing books and magazine articles.

(Full disclosure, I’ve taught part time in college for a total of six semesters over forty years. Trust me: it wasn’t for the money.)

Take another look at the book cover displayed above.

I’d like THE ROGUE to sell a lot of copies, both because I think it tells a story that America would benefit from hearing, and because the more copies it sells, the easier it will be for me to pay my bills over the next few years, during which I’ll be writing yet another book.

Anyone bothered by the fact that professional authors get paid–just like (though in most cases far less than) professional athletes, or professional actors, or professional doctors, or professional lawyers–should recognize that if we didn’t get paid for our books we couldn’t write blogs for free, and you’d have nothing to bitch about.

As Samuel Johnson said on April 5, 1776:

“No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.”


UPDATE: I am not closing this blog on September 1.  I will continue to blog.  But I am planning to shut down comments until after I’ve finished doing publicity for THE ROGUE, because I won’t have the time to administer the comment function and to reply to comments that I think warrant a response.

I’ve deleted or chosen not to post less than one percent of the thousands of comments received here so far.  But the time it takes to read them all and to reply to many is time I’m not going to have in September and October.

To repeat:  I am planning to temporarily close down the comment section.  I am NOT shutting down the blog.

And thank you to everyone who has responded to this post with expressions of good wishes.

177 Responses to “We’ve all been patient: THE ROGUE will be published four weeks from today//UPDATE: a clarification”

  • msf:

    Happy trails….life is an interesting journey. We should all do our best to be civil & fight the good fight. Peace.

  • gypsyrose:

    Happy to see this post!!! Here is to your overwhelming success with THE ROGUE!!!!
    Four weeks and counting……………………………


  • Marie:


    Again, very well said. You have had an interesting life and varied exposure to many different subjects and environments of which we, your readers have enjoyed and learned much from.

    I hope The Rogue is your best selling book yet and that it finally puts Sarah Palin in perspective to keep her away from our White House and hopefully encourages people to look more closely at all candidates before they blindly vote them into positions of power.

    Good luck!

  • fishlady:

    Best of luck to you with your launch… I have my copy pre ordered!!

  • carollt:

    Your are going to knock it out of the park with this one Joe. Annenberg would be proud. And I am very proud to have commented almost daily on your blog. To tell you the truth, you have become my favorite blog, and as a news junkie, I read a lot of blogs and news sites.

    God Bless you Joe. And keep yourself and your family safe when the book comes out. To show my solidarity, I am signing off with my real name and the name of the town in which I live. I encourage the other commenters to do the same. We are not afraid of you Sarah Palin. Your bullying ways will not work work with us.

    Caroll P. Thompson, CPA
    Gardiner, Maine

  • marthauys:

    From this troll, with all of my troll soul, I wish all the other trolls (including the author who might be one, too because it’s getting so crowded around here with ’em) happy trails and big book sales. Now I go off to troll land because I made a mistake of actually reading most of the comments and now I think my cats and dogs are trolls, too. Maybe my husband is a lurking troll – you just never know! Could someone invent some troll radar that I could borrow? Better yet, I’ll buy it. I need permanent troll detection around here in Alaska – I think my quiet neighborhood is now infested, too. And since I appear to be one myself, my troll misery would love some company.

    Sorry – that word will never be the same again and now I’m not even sure that it looks like a real word (I hate it when that happens!). The problem with that is, I need that damm word. A lot of my friends do it for a living.

    4 weeks to travel and speak time – wishing you a successful journey!

  • Good Luck to you Joe,
    I am not a regular commenter, but I read your blog everyday. i will miss
    your comments after the first, but I respect your reasons for shutting things down. I very much
    look forward to your book and look forward to the next. Happy trails and the best to you and your loved ones.

  • serena1313:


    Thank you for providing insight, humour and injecting intellect into the on-going Sarah Palin saga.

    I have no doubt “The Rogue,” like all your other books will be a huge success. I pre-ordered it in what seems like eons ago. I look forward to the day it finally arrives.

    May you and your family fully enjoy the fruits from your labour.

    With Gratitude & Sincerity,


  • janie:

    Will it be available in Australia?
    I don’t see it creating much interest here.
    I will try to order it through my Library, if they can get me a book by Bill O Really I don,t see why they won’t get me one by you Jo. All the best with your book.

  • Millie:

    Thanks, Mr. McGinniss! Good luck on your new book. I’ve ordered two and fully expect this new work of yours to be a best seller!

  • anonima:

    I hope the blog was worth the distraction and time you spent. You really make money at this blogging and book thing?? I am shocked let me tell you SHOCKED!!! Who could have known?

    The conventional wisdom is that everyone with a blog is giving it all away for free. With all this free comes a continuing obligation to give away better content than the next blog, and tolerate all forms of abuse and interference from all comers.

    Fuck that.
    If you ran a bar some of these same types would expect you to let them drink for free and listen to their incessant babbling. These are the no nothing experts that never tip the bartender and annoy the paying customers.

    I look forward to this book. Boots on the ground interviews obtained by building relationships provide facts and insight that can’t be gotten any other way. It will be good timing for the release. Sarah can’t help herself.

  • Heidi3:

    Go get ‘er, Joe!

    After deciding against joining the recent fray here – and believe me I wanted to, nothing will stop me from sending you my highest hopes for THE ROGUE‘s smashing success. Great to see that your book jacket displays the true definition of “rogue”. From the moment I heard Sarah Palin onstage at the RNC, I considered her to be a rogue elephant personified. Crashing about wreaking havoc, uprooting trees, trampling new growth, then ultimately left to wander alone outside the herd, never to be accepted again.

    Of all your TV interviews I’d most love to (hopefully) see: watching you give snarky old Bill O’Reilly the “what-fer”. Please tell us he’s on your lineup? May your every success with the book also translate into a success for our country, finally ridding us of The Plague of Palin. Good luck in this and all future endeavors!

    P.S. Thanks to your Amazon link, I’m now looking forward to Boyd Norton’s photos in his Alaska, Wilderness Frontier carrying me through ’til September 20th.

  • kathleenpoliticalgates:

    Isn’t everything permissible when you are doing it for God?

    Best of luck with the sales of your book Joe. We will buy both the hardcopy and the kindle and plan to spend the whole day tucked away devouring your words.

  • Virginia:

    I’ve had your book pre-ordered on my kindle since the day it was available. Seems like forever ago, too. Am so looking forward to reading it. I have read a lot of your books and if you treat old Sarah the same as your other subjects, she will be filleted like a halibut.

    I’ve enjoyed reading the comments here and will miss them, but hey, totally understand that her followers are completely off the deep end.

  • ginny11:

    I just love that cover! I will be pre-ordering from the new little indie bookstore that just opened a block from me. I’m afraid of how long they will last (though with Borders closing up shop, who knows?) but I am going to do my part to keep them in business!
    I know you do this for the money Joe. That’s okay, I do scientific research for money too, god forbid! Best of luck to you!

  • Persephone:

    Waiting with bated breath, Joe! Like many loyal daily readers, I’ve stayed out of the recent fray on here – though not for lacking of wanting to call out some of the more nincompoopier (ooh, a new word!) comments.

    I particularly loved the haughty “and I won’t be ordering your book” declarations, which I’m guessing the commenters didn’t realize sounded so third-grade neener neener neener.

    I wish you the best of luck on your tour and hope that once the initial furor dies down, you might have the time to do an appearance here in western Mass. I’ll be waiting with all my McGinnis books in hand!

  • Marc:

    Joe, here’s hoping that you succeed where others have failed in exposing Palin for what she really is.

    For what it’s worth I’m skeptical.. but not because of any potential failings on your part.

    It just seems that Palin is able to slip through the noose every time one of these “gates”..ie..babygate, troopergate, housegate, etc. surfaces with no real consequences or firestorm that ordinary mortals would endure.

    I wish you the best!

  • cranberry:

    I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, personally, a little better through this blog, Joe. Thanks for the little window into who you are, why you write, and the way you tell your stories. I like you a lot and kind of feel like you’re a friend now. I guess that means that I’m a FAN!!! I’m glad you are who you are and you are doing what you’re doing. Thank you.

  • abbafan:

    Greetings Mr. McGinniss! First of all, I must admit that I am anxiously awaiting for 20 September, when THE ROGUE will be released. The crescendo of suspense is building; our thirst for knowledge of any truth about $arah will be quenched. Second of all, I must freely admit that I only comment on posts that stand out. I was somewhat smitten with some comments made towards your decision to suspend comments as of 1 September so you can focus your energies on promotion of your book to fulfill contractual obligations. I guess the “walk a mile in his shoes” moniker applies here. As a layperson, I cannot fathom the effort behind this project; the endless research, fact checking, deadlines to meet,the strain of being away from your family, and having to endure character assassination from $arah and her ilk. Yes, I will continue to spell her name this way for she has continually shown that she is nothing of substance, but a professional grifter and known liar, as well as a habitual bullshitter. Your approach to the release date (embargo) is shrewd; however, it is the right move. Thank you Mr. McGinniss for allowing us to engage in healthy civil discourse. After all, that is the beauty of a democracy; the ability to freely converse without being muzzled. I wish you all the best in the success of THE ROGUE and your future endeavours. Ciao!

  • VictoriaJ:


  • GB:


    I know you said you were closing the comments, but I hope you don’t stop blogging. I’d read your take on any subject, not just Sarah Palin or even politics in general. I know from my own attempts to keep an online journal how much work it is and how much creative energy it diverts from other writing, so if you do I’ll understand that decision.

    As far as The Rogue, I look forward to meeting you in Chicago in October with my copy in hand.

    Good luck with all you do and be safe in your journey through this thing we call life.

    Guy Burtis
    Hudson, Illinois

  • mitch:

    Good for you! All things must pass. Fraizer and The Sopranos ended also.

  • mistah charley, ph.d.:

    You mention peeing in the swimming pool. There’s a joke about that at least a half century old (I’m pretty sure – I heard it in 1963 from my high school gym teacher – we had no pool, by the way). The lifeguard says, “Mr Jones, don’t pee in the pool.” “But everybody does it.” “Not from the diving board.”

    I wish you great success with this book.

  • Brian:

    I will not be cancelling my pre order. I hope The Rogue will appear automatically on my kindle on 9/20.

    Horror of Horrors if Mr. McGinniss’ expects to be compensated for the work he has done. What is the world coming to?

    Best wishes Mr McGinniss.

    I know you aren’t disclosing which media outlets you are appearing on. I am very curious though is that if FOX News was to contact you, would you appear there. My guess is “Yes” but would be curious to hear that from you.

  • I second this. Of course this blog was started to increase interest in the book, but the interest comes from knowing Joe better, because he uses the blog to talk about his experiences while writing the book, and to talk about current events from the perspective of his book. I have thoroughly enjoyed coming here. And I like that word, “obsessives.” Very apt.

  • themom:

    My deepest thanks for your published works, your future book release and most importantly, this blog, which allowed our literary appetites to be whetted with your thoughts. I am so very grateful. Thank you. I will miss the exchanges on this blog.

  • CougInPortland:

    TOTALLY agreed. I wish the comments would be opened back up after we’ve all had a chance to read THE ROGUE. I’m sure it will be superb,

  • Lisabeth:

    Good luck with the book and all interviews/appearances to follow.
    The cover looks fantastic!

  • Meredith:

    Just keep doing what you’re doing, Joe. I can’t wait to read THE ROGUE.

  • lillibird:

    I hope your book makes the best seller list, makes you tons of money (maybe you could donate a new fence) and opens more eyes to who the “Mama Grizzly” really is..can’t wait to see some more chinks in her armor. Thank you, best wishes and stay safe.

  • Janice:

    I am in total agreement with your perspective regarding posting of comments. I always read your blog and scan through the comments. While some are enlightening and insightful, some are not so. I had not read any of your books until the publicity of you writing this book began. I have since read three and am now beginning a fourth. I greatly enjoy your style of writing and find myself deeply imersed in the story. I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of research, note taking, compilation, etc that goes into each book. I don’t know what you will reveal about Ms Palin, but I am confident it will be factual and well written. While I do not personally believe she gave birth to Trig, but if she did, her account of the “wild ride” convinces me she is not a loving, caring mother; or if she is she certainly has no mothering skills. No one who cares about their unborn child whether they are “at risk” or not would do such a thing as she claims by even remotely putting that unborn child in danger of being born on board an airplane. OT, but how would a person go about getting someone to produce the movie version of Fatal Vision on DVD? I finally found a VHS copy the other day and watched it over the week-end. I found that it followed your book quite closely, which is unusual when a book is made into a movie. I really would like to have it on DVD for my collection, however do not who to contact to see if this is a possibility, or if this is already something in the works.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    I haven’t been on here for a while (on a road-trip to see beautiful State of Washington…), but I must say I LOVED your posts, Mr.McGinniss! I also wish with some of the other posters that you would continue your blogging, and hopefully open the comment section again after your book has come out (can’t wait for it!!!).
    I can’t believe that people are put-off by you wanting to make a living, and actually admitting to it. I guess they cannot fathom that not all people are Grifters like $arah and her ilk…

    Anyway: Good luck, and I wish this coming book will be your most successful one yet!

  • JR:

    Your book has been NOOKed. Whew. I am looking forward to reading The Rogue – good luck!

  • karenw729:

    Of course you deserve to be paid for your work. I used to work in publishing and can tell everyone here that some authors are very well paid for books they didn’t even write (ahem, Mrs. and Ms. Palin…). I hope your book is a bestseller and makes to all the big talk and morning shows. Frankly, I hope that cover doesn’t hurt sales because I can’t figure out why the jacket designer or the publisher thought something that looks like paperback fiction was appropriate for this serious and important subject. Oh well, I look forward to reading it!

  • Diane:

    I am sorry you are giving up the blog. It has been fun to read and comment when I thought I had something to say.
    Made me laugh to hear you say that people are indignant that you are writing for money/profit.
    As if sarah palin’s books have been for the benefit of our Country!
    Can’t wait for the book,
    Thanks for all the work you have done on Palin. and shared with us.

  • I guess I am posting again. Please know that my only question was with the fact that you were upset that people spewed hatred for SP on your blogs. I think you are an amazing writer and even more amazing human being.
    I hope you know that she frightens people, and it is a deep gut wrenching fear.
    Your book, surely, will be excellent in every way and I wish you unlimited good fortune with it. I am thinking blockbuster.
    Thank you…ann

  • Percy Sledge:

    “No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.”

    Joe, (if I might be so bold) maybe you should be more patient with the comments section!

  • JenH:


    I have emailed Joe twice with very important info and am trying to reach him asap. Please check the email from me.


  • Jolene:

    There’s a troll in my garden. He lurks there beneath the arbors.

    I, too, am eagerly awaiting publication of The Rogue and have felt good about being able to comment in the blog of an author whom I’ve admired and read for much of my life.

  • Yellowgirl:

    Can I just comment on the Bio blurb? I LOVE the part that reads “when he’s not living in Wasilla, Alaska. . . “!

  • phoebes-in-santa fe:

    I guess I’m in a minority because I actually like the comments section on this blog. And other liberal-leaning blogs. I like it that we tend not to censor the ravings of the other side. I don’t like, however, because I think it’s petty and beneath us, to refer to Sarah Palin and her family and supporters by anything other than their real names. (Though I do admit to a secret thrill in referring to “The Tea Party”, as the “Tea Baggers’, which I do).

    Good luck on your book and I do have it ordered to be delivered on the day of publication. I just hope it does some good.

    Jill Meyer (phoebes-in-santa fe”)
    Santa Fe

  • Tservo:

    Hey, Joe, what da ya know?!
    I’ve enjoyed your blog, and am glad you did it.
    In fact, this blog is why I pre-ordered your book.
    Yeah, the comments get out of hand- one of the reasons Andrew Sullivan depends on reader emails rather than disqus- but it’s fun as a reader to contribute thoughts and refute this and that.
    Good luck with the book- I think Rove played Palin, now she has to declare or het out of the way. My money’s on Palin getting in the election, which will help get you on the best seller’s list in the NYT, no doubt about it.

    Making money by exposing someone like Sarah Palin is A-OK with me.

    Thanks again for the blog!

  • Ivyfree:

    And out of that miniscule minority of readers, individual visitors, commenters… you felt your response to their disagreement was appropriate? And the bare handful of people who said they wouldn’t buy your book are important enough to respond to, to write nearly a whole post about, in a demeaning tone?

    I always knew you were here to promote book sales, which I think is perfectly valid. I just hoped you would take the opportunity for actual communication. For a while that’s how it seemed to be. Most enjoyable.

    I haven’t cancelled my preorder, because I’m looking forward to reading if you actually found anything we didn’t already know…. and congratulations, if you have… but this last post, well, I’m a little disappointed. You could have said it without the snark. I regret that.

  • M. Aragon:

    I’m looking forward to getting it in a zippy on my Kindle, because I’m THAT eager to get my hands on it.

  • Phil Blythe:

    I hope this book gets the traction the other books about Palin have been unble to achieve. It bothers me that reasonable people here in Alaska still cling to the hagiographic narrative created by the Palin camp. Not to demean the efforts of others, but I think you have the credentials and track record to reach these reasonable people who are projecting their own values onto this fraud of a politician. Best of luck. If you come to Alaska, make a stop on the Kenai.

  • Mick Donovan:


    I’m really looking forward to the book.

    One question: was there ever a compilation of your Inquirer columns? I’d love to read these.

  • Amy M.:

    Hi Joe, I have been a big fan of yours since Fatal Vision was published in paperback and I eagerly await The Rogue. I am sad that you will not continue your blog. I was just telling a few people how entertaining it is. Please reconsider.

  • physicsmom:

    Love the Johnson quote. I’m still looking forward to reading your book and hope, with others, that the “new” information you expose is helpful in dethroning Ms. Palin from her “Queen of the Teabaggers” seat.

  • aussiegal77:

    It’s your blog and you’re free to administer it as you wish. Andrew Sullivan doesn’t have comments on his blog either and it’s never been an issue with me. I read his and your blog daily. Sullivan, as you probably already know, will publish comments and dissents that he receives in email on his blog. Again – do what you wish and ignore the immature people.

    Good luck with your career and with this new book – am sure it will be a best seller. I do hope you will continue with this blog even after The Rogue is released. Maybe just turn it into a Joe McGinniss blog on whatever you wish and if some of those posts happen to be political or Palin in topic – so be it =D I’ll miss your voice in the public square if you shut down blogging altogether! So I hope you will stick around =D

  • Millie:

    I’m so glad to read that your blog/with comments will be a ‘for sure’ thing after you completed the tour promoting “The Rogue”. Yea!!! Will be looking forward to watching your interviews on the networks. Most of all, Mr. McGinniss, have fun and enjoy!

  • FrostyAK:

    Please comment. I don’t want to see your book torpedoesd.

  • KiteGirl:

    I am looking forward to The Rogue!

    As I stated in an earlier post, my professor for Evidence Class in law school used Fatal Vision along with our standard case law text. It really brought the concepts of evidence to life.
    My Socratic moment in the class involved the insanity defense.
    Fatal Vision opened more than a few of my classmates’ eyes to the reality of a sociopath.

    I just started Cruel Doubt. I cannot believe I missed it all these years.
    Hurry, hurry, September.

    Hope the Springsteen book also becomes a reality. I have 16 nieces and nephews that need an education about REAL music and musicians.

    Good luck with the publicity.

  • stubbornandgleefulanonymous:

    Yeah, I know, right? …troll-caught salmon… [giggle]

    To establish bona fides, I’ve decided to post pics of myself and some of my troll friends. Use as a reference to cross-check husband, cats and dogs, when in doubt.
    Scary big trolls: http://tiny.cc/kvasz

    McGinniss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HioPyCID6RI

  • Finally found it (along with all Mr. McGinniss’ other books) at fishpond.com.au – have just put $$ into paypal and as soon as it clears I’m ordering The Rogue and Fatal Vision – there’s a sale going on at the moment!

    On the side: I’m not picky about who it is that finally sends Mrs. Palin packing back to Alaska – I’m happy to support all the authors and bloggers and filmmakers and photographers who contribute to the general public being educated about her level of insanity.

    So Joe – Go! Sell!


  • Molly:

    I’ll still go for the kindle….but I have canceled my book order. You were too smart by far.

  • Marc:

    With respect to the Mudflats article, I think Joe has been at this game long enough and has certainly built up enough bona fides by now as to not be too concerned over something coming from truth.org.

    I could be wrong here, but I doubt he’s losing much sleep over this.

  • Samantha:

    hmmmm……”disparaging and aggressive emails?” Honestly, after all this, I’m not at all surprised.

  • Samantha:

    I’m in full agreement. And not only is it out of line, but none of the reasoning or excuses behind it even makes sense, as you just explained.

  • ginny11:

    I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I took issue with Jeanne’s misleading insinuations and selective information regarding the articles/book by Janet Malcolm and the lawsuit that Joe settled with Jeffrey MacDonald. She really seems to be out to smear Joe by any means possible. I don’t know the story behind the leaked Blind Allegiance manuscript, but as I commented at Mudflats, two wrongs don’t make a right in any case.

  • Samantha:

    I would say, when is an apology NOT an apology? Hint: When it contains even MORE insults! lol.

    And you know, I’m not sure what to make of the mistruths either, because nobody on this blog ever suggested that an author doesn’t deserve to get paid. That’s just plain ridiculous. The feeling of being used has nothing to do with the normal ability to make a living, and to suggest otherwise is being dishonest. I also feel readers have the right to stand up for themselves, and their fellows, when put in the position similar to gum on the bottom of a shoe. The reaction, I imagine, would vary among people, but certainly none of the responses would include praising the shoe.

  • Please, please, don’t send her back to Alaska.

  • guest:

    It’s a real shame that a few just simply don’t get it. Or refuse to. Not addressing any person, just a response to obvious misunderstanding.

    “…you were upset that people spewed hatred for SP…” No. He wasn’t. Neither were readers. It was about people spewing hatred for other blog readers. Making the comment section an unfriendly place.
    “I guess I’m in a minority because I actually like the comments section…” Not at all! Everyone likes it, even folks who don’t comment. That’s why everyone’s here!

    He’s a writer with a book coming out. It’s his job. He’s going on the road, doing what professional writers do for their jobs. He’s got chores and commitments. He doesn’t have staff to manage the blog. He’s going to suspend comments – not the blog – for a time.
    That’s it. Nothing more. Makes sense to me.

  • guest:

    WHY are you guys doing this? What exactly is your agenda?

  • gypsyrose:

    This is not necessarily in reply to your comment but merely a good place to put my two cents worth into the mix here. And for the record I know that Joe does not need me or anyone else to defent or explain or rationalize anything for him. I just can’t seem to hold myself back sometimes.

    I don’t know Joe McGinnis and know very little of the world of publishing. I do own my own company and I do understand competition. I also try to exercise fairness & graciousness, along with covering my backside!!!!

    I have never commented on this whole dustup with the “blind allegiance”trio and Joe, but this is my take on it.

    No one who is online regularly or watches the news could have missed the fact that Joe lived next door to sp last year because he was writing a book about her. I knew from that whole incident that he had started his book years before and that it wasn’t originally an expose piece on her but turned into that after she was tapped for v.p.

    That said, anyone in Alaska that had anything to say about sp seemed to be conacted by Joe and certainly aware of his research and book yes? If this is all true then would it not have been the courteous thing to do to either release “blind allegiance” after Joe’s book was released or to make him aware of the book BEFORE signing an nda?

    Why today of all days the post at mudflats about the “new information”? Written today on her blog she states that the main objective for them has always been to “…..to disseminate information, reveal the truth, and ultimately let an informed public decide …………….. It is in that spirit that we chose to share what we have learned.” If this is true, then having the information “…printed in online papers and blogs around the world……………………” and having “tens of thousands of copies illegally downloaded” actually helped to serve their objective did it not? Until there is proof given to us there are ALLEGATIONS that Joe McGinniss intentionally and with malice, leaked the manuscript. IF these allegations are ever proven to be true, then I would ask for what reason and purpose was this done? That would lead to more questions!!!!!!! Innocent until proven guilty yes?

    Look, I don’t know any of the parties involved in this newest drama but seriously, can everyone just follow our president’s example? NO DRAMA OBAMA…………….life happens. no one is perfect. competition is real. people work for a living. some people blog for a living. some bloggers ask for donations. some bloggers write books. some authors blog. some authors try to protect their turf. other writers try to make money from their collaborative efforts. some so tomay-to and some say tomah-to. What does it matter to any of us??

    I stated when I first commented here that I had never commented on a blog before. I doubt I will ever do so again. I had thought I wouldn’t be commenting again here on Joe’s blog…………until I read the bit at mudflats.

    My thoughts are worth no more or less than anyone else’s. All I know is that life is WAY too short for so much pettiness and drama. NOTHING that has happened or not happened or is happening or is not happening between Joe McGinniss and ANYONE else has ANYTHING to do with his book and it’s worthiness. PLENTY of horrible and lying and dishonest people have written books and you may have known about them and you may have not. WHEN did it become essential to know EVERYTHING about Joe and why does anyone think ANYONE here deserves to know. We all have been given barely a glimmer into who he is and only because he has chosen to share himself to whatever degree he is comfortable with……………….as we do!!!

    okay, breathing. Please understand that I use CAPS for emphasis and am not yelling. Also, the first time I commented here I typed my thoughts as I always type everything-with all lower case letters. I was admonished, instructed and advised to use CAPS so my words are more readable. I do this even though it isn’t natural for me to use the shift key. I only tell you this so that you know I try to listen to others and to assist with being heard/read.


    p.s. One more thing, at mudflats once again it is brought to light a story about Joe and Janet Malcolm, which was addressed by Joe a long time ago on this blog.

  • gypsyrose:

    defend not “defent” and if other misspellings and/or grammatical errors please forgive……….in the middle of massive work and rushing through this!!

  • B:

    Jeanne hasn’t forgiven Joe for the manuscript dispute. I haven’t forgiven Jeanne for calling us tin foil hat wearers for believing Sarah wasn’t pregnant. And Joe may not forgive me for saying there is a reason the expression “Grumpy Old Men” is common. Remember that Audrey, the Patron Saint of Babygate, didn’t want to hear about Track’s parentage, incest, or mysterious plane crashes either.

    Joe’s book is a great moment in Palintology. If he hadn’t done this book, we’d be begging some renowned author to do it. His name and reputation will sell the book and spread the word about Sarah Palin. The audience the publisher is counting on is not our small corner of the blogosphere, but curious people who haven’t yet studied all things Palin and appreciate a well-written book.

    Perhaps our questions and comments have helped him here and there, but it’s his book, not ours. And we’ll still have Gryphen and Patrick and other places to sound off. Meanwhile, from the NY Times blog, “Fresh Palin Tea Leaves Seem to Predict a Late September Decision.” Waiting till after September 20 perhaps?

  • Jolene:

    Well said, gypsrose, in spite of CAPS or lack of same. I bought Frank Bailey’s book, Geoffrey Dunn’s book, and will also buy Mr. McGinniss’s book, The Rogue, having read his earlier works and found them fascinating reading. May even get Levi’s book,, who knows? This whole ugly melee between the blogs is just going to help Sarah Palin, and surely that’s not what we want. Just my two cents.

  • Carrie:

    Thanks for not shutting down the comments, Joe. I started reading your books just before you moved next store to Sarah and was instantly hooked. When I found out you were her neighbor, I thought it was some sort of sign since I just became a fan. :) I was looking forward to reading this next one and commenting as I read. Since I have started going back to school, my pleasure reading is limited. I will purchase the book immediately but I might not actually get around to reading it until you open up the comments again. We will just have to see! Almost done with “The Last Brother”, BTW. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn quite a bit about the Kennedy family, not just Uncle Teddy.

  • GB:

    That, Molly, is the same dynamic we witnessed here in Joe’s comment threads over the past few days now being played out on the “who owns the story” level. It’s also the dynamic which blew up Palingates. I find it interesting that the same names show up over and over with claims like “we did all the work”, “nothing we don’t already know” and dissing “newbies”. And what’s even more pathetic is their claims that they are only interested “in getting the truth out”. If that were true they would welcome ANY means of doing that. Instead they fight for the “glory”.

    I also find it interesting this is happening right before the release of Joe’s book. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Also too, those same names are back here stirring the pot.

    Hi Samantha. Hi Ivyfree!

    Quick Question. Are you REALLY wanting the truth out? Or, are you flyimg monkey undercover Palinistas?

  • ginny11:

    Oh, yeah, she is DEFINITELY waiting until after The Rogue is out! And you know what? I just had an epiphany! She isn’t waiting to see what’s in the book to make her decision. No, no. She’s ALREADY decided NOT to run and she already knows she will use The Rogue as her EXCUSE!!!! LOL! I just figured it out! This book and the ensuing publicity it receives will be the PERFECT “get out of jail free card” with her loyal fan base! “That evil Joe McGinniss and all the evil LSM reporting the lies and smears on my family in his book are the reason I cannot run for President…for the good of my FAMILY!” Yep, that’s what’s she’s already got planned! I can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner!

  • gypsyrose:

    Hey Samantha…………just to be clear………….when you leave your final thoughts are we to understand they are not your final thoughts? Just for clarification, could you please let me know what is the correct term you use for your ACTUAL final thoughts? per your comment from a previous post from Joe:
    August 23, 2011 at 2:18 am
    I’d like to leave my final comments.

    For the record, I for one would IMMENSELY enjoy having you LEAVE YOUR FINAL COMMENTS…………………….oh but now I have once again not only fallen into the snake pit but have become one of the snakes. Time to take the dogs for a walk……………….

    peace to all and every…………….

  • Susan:

    Joe, I’m very excited about the arrival of the 20th of September because of your book. I believe that when you speak through the written word people will listen, they will begin to understand, some will begin to question and even some closed minds will be opened. I believe this will be the success you have worked hard for and deserve. I admire you very much, for your intellect and your ability to express yourself creatively and responsibly, but I especially admire your honesty and your integrity. Like many here, if this were the real world you would be someone I would want to be a close friend of and for.

    I hope you knock it out of the park, which my instincts say you will. I trust my instincts, and like so many others like so many others they were immediate and accurate with the respect to Sarah Palin. I will continue to read your blog because I value what you have to say and the way you say it. Blessings to you and your lovely family.


  • GB:

    LOL!! Come on down, it’s fun here in the pit! :-)

  • Bretta:

    Joe, I have enjoyed this blog very much while looking forward to the book and I considered it a privilege to be able to comment here.

  • myrna nichols:

    Your story about covering the war in Vietnam reminded me of a story told by a good friend of ours at the time. He was career Air Force, and he was sent to Vietnam, along with other military intelligence officers to bring an accurate report back to the Pentagon. His return trip was delayed by the Tet Offensive. Finally, retuning on a commercial airliner (military aircraft was busy, fighting the war), he got his first look at Time and Newsweek magazines. He read the printed reports of the war, wondering what war they had been covering. Appearing before the Pentagon brass, he realized where the stories had come from. The Pentagon brass did not want to hear his accurate reports. He was so depressed, after spending so many years in the service. His observation was that the Pentagon was no longer run by the military, but by politicians. He started making his plans to retire with dignity.

    With these memories of that long ago conflict, I applaud your writing the truth about Vietnam when the truth was not easy to write about. Slowly, when the war appeared in our living rooms, people could make up their own minds. Until then, they depended on the few people who were brave enough to tell the truth, no matter what the fall out would be. I’ve read some of your other books, and I am struck by the fact that whatever the original premise and beginning, you could be counted on to follow the truth of the story, no matter where it lead, and what it revealed about the main characters of the book. Best wishes for the success of The Rogue.

  • Katie Taylor:

    For me, how I ultimately feel about the dust up between Joe and Mudflat folks will boil down to whether Joe actually forwarded a copy of their manuscript that he obtained from his publisher to other folks in the media. I see no reasonable or acceptable reason for such an action. In the Medflats post it’s noted that Joe admitted being the source of the leak. I of course do not know whether that statement is true but I expect we will probably find out before this is over.

  • Alma Jimenez:

    I’ve never posted before, but I guess it is our last hurrah!

    I wish someone you trust would take over the duties of moderator. Or we readers could start our own blog responding to your posts. But that would mean we are crazy. We aren’t, are we? Either way, you are bookmarked, and I will keep visiting. You are quite amusing.

  • I am looking forward to reading the book. I have only read one of your previous books and that was Fatal Vision many years ago and the book absolutely grabbed me. It was an amazing story. I guess I should read your other books! This one I am paying for (usually wait to read them from the library) – can’t wait for this though. I wish you bountiful book sales Mr. McGinnis. I do think you are going to deserve that.

  • margaret:

    Total agreement from Saskatchewan Canada. This threatening to cancel orders for your book smacks of junior high behavior reminiscent of a certain part term governor!

  • jk:

    Thanks, Joe, for this blog and for The Rogue and your other books. I hope when you do the talk show and news circuits ( let’s hope you do!) that you are kind to those of us who have been following and discussing Babygate for a few years now, in utter frustration.

    I’m hoping your book is the catalyst that brings down the house of cards.

  • Joe:

    Thank you. The columns I wrote from Vietnam in 1967 infuriated many readers of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
    The 1968 Tet Offensive came only a few weeks after I left. That subdued the accusations of treason against me, but it also caused the violent deaths of many friends, both Americans and Vietnamese, who had helped me while I was there.


  • Joe:

    THE ROGUE should at least legitimize the “babygate” discussion in mainstream media.

    I’m not so bold as to predict it will bring down any house of cards.

    But, yes, I will be doing the “talk show and news circuits.” Between September 19 and mid-October, in fact, I’ll be hard to avoid.

    many thanks,


  • Joe:

    Thanks. I am only suspending comments for the period during which I’ll not be able to read and respond.

    I am only me. I do not have a staff, I do not have a secretary or assistant.

    But I am grateful for all comments, even those that are hostile, and even when they provoke me to respond.


  • Joe:


    I’m sorry to say that my Philadelphia Inquirer columns were never compiled and published as a book.

    And it’s not even possible to find them online, because Philadelphia Inquirer does not have an archive going back to the 1960’s.

    Maybe someday.

    I’d enjoy reading a few of them myself.


  • Joe:

    Thank you. And for using your real name and location. I’m learning from blogging that anonymity breeds contempt. It may not be patriotism, but anonymity that is the last refuge of scoundrels.


  • gypsyrose:

    It’s in the way that you use it,
    It comes and it goes.
    It’s in the way that you use it,
    Boy don’t you know.

    And if you lie you will lose it,
    Feelings will show.
    So don’t you ever abuse it,
    Don’t let it go.

    Nobody’s right till somebody’s wrong.
    Nobody’s weak till somebody’s strong.
    No one gets lucky till luck comes along.
    Nobody’s lonely till somebody’s gone.

    eric clapton……………….

  • Joe:

    I strongly urge you to consider buying Boyd Norton’s new book, “SERENGETI: The Eternal Beginning.”


    It’s his masterpiece, and the most beautiful and evocative photo book I’ve ever seen.

    And Boyd writes as well as he photographs.

    It will be published in October, and anyone who cares about Alaska should care equally about preserving this endangered wilderness.


  • Jaguar:

    Joe, I can’t wait for Sept 20th to finally get here. I have your book on order and pre ordered the kindle version. For what it’s worth, I’m glad you opened your blog and shared your isights, opinions, and let us readers get to know more about you, your career, and your family.
    I don’t necessarily see the disagreement between commenters and the author in the comment section as a bad thing. It’s a symptom of the nature of blogging in an environment of 24 hour news cycles and the beast we call the internet age. I understand the reason for suspending comments while fulfilling your contractual obligations to the publishers. I wouldn’t feel comfortable handing the reigns over to someone else because it’s your blog and it ultimately reflects on you, and your time and attention have it’s limits.

    I’m no author, by any stretch of the imgaination, but, after spending 16 years in school and earning two degrees in fields I never entered, I found a job doing something that I love, find fulfilling and passionate about while making money to raise a family, pay bills, invest in my next project, continue my education, mow my lawn, spend quality time with my friends and family etc… just like everyone else. Have I done things for money I didn’t like along the way? You betcha!
    I can’t imagine how harrowing waiting for the release must be for you. After reading your other books, I can say with certainty, this book will become a bestseller. Every book of yours I’ve read has blown me away, and that’s the only barometer any of us has.

    Go do what you must, and please know you have someone that wishes nothing but the best for this endeavor and whatever comes next! I hope to keep reading any updates you may have when you get the time, and think it would be a priveledge to read about your experiences once it’s on the NYT bestseller’s list.

    Thanks Again, it’s been a delight reading your posts.

  • Joe:

    Thank you. I’m heartened by your comment.

    The blog will continue, uninterrupted, and I’ll enable comments again as soon as I’m on the other side
    of the publicity crunch.

    Which, don’t get me wrong, I welcome.

    I’ll post updates on the blog to keep you all informed in advance of major stories about THE ROGUE, and to let you know about my national TV appearances, which will begin on Sept. 19.


  • GB:


    You know there was one positive that came about from the recent flame war here. I, and many others came out of the shadows to make comments. I suspect you knew well what you were doing, a bit of “house cleaning” before the book is released and a whole bunch of “newbies” come to see what the real story of Sarah Palin is.

    I want to again appologize for my numerous comments over the past few days, but it’s my nature to push back against people I see whose sense of self importance exceedes the reality of the situation. Sometimes a guy has to get down into the “snake pit” to kill a few snakes. I’ve tried to remain civil in calling out those I feel have an agenda, and I must admit, it’s been fun, but I’m weird that way. -:)

    Anyway, I’m glad you aren’t killing the blog. I hope to have many more exchanges with you in the future.~~GB

  • ginny11:

    Joe, I hope you understand that some of us don’t have much of a choice other than to remain anonymous online, for many reasons: our jobs, our lack of jobs, our extremely unusual one-of-a-kind names that are easy to google, our families, our spouses/significant others…I truly wish I had the type of job or career that allowed me to speak freely and in my own name online. But as this is not the case, I simply try to always use the same “handle” when commenting on blogs. Not all of us are scoundrels 😉

  • gypsyrose:

    whoo hoo!!! four weeks until THE ROGUE is released and already at amazon it is:


    The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin
    by Joe McGinniss

    Release Date: September 20, 2011

    Hit it right out of the park Mr. McG!!!! Do please blog about your appearances on cable and network news/television so we can maybe tune in and cheer!!!


  • Leslie:

    Good point. I have noticed the same thing with Ivyfree and friends over time.
    So over the top anti Palin – in a trashy way – that it makes us come off as crazy as the C4P.

  • notafaux:

    You know, I’ve always wondered what those little buggers, those trolls, look like. Imps? Elves? Gremlins? The hairy creature under the bridge in “Billy Goats Gruff”? Personally, I favor the garden gnome. I’m tempted to order a gnome and put it in a prominent spot in my garden–as a reminder of the silliness/tiresomeness of ongoing “anti-Sarah” blog rivalries (which I’ve tended to take far too seriously) that have erupted recently in the kerfuffle here and in the ignoble move by Mudflats today.

  • gypsyrose:

    I was talking to my husband a few minutes ago about your blog, what it has been, become, where it is going………..and the different comments made and the people making comments,etc.

    We then thought about how fun and also funny it would be as you go from city to city and if you do any book signings (still not clear if there are book signings or not???;/) and different peeps from here step up to your table and say hello and you ask their name to sign the book and they say “jaguar” or “gb” or “carollt” or “karen” or “carrie” or “gypsyrose”…………………..it reminds me of something but i can’t quite figure out just what………………………anyway, here is hoping that you get to see many of the faces that belong to the many voices you have heard. seems somehow fitting and good and right and also, sort of nice for you too………..if you agree.

    peace to you and yours………….

  • stubbornandgleefulanonymous:

    You snake-charmer, you…

  • aurora:

    Best wishes, Joe and I also am glad you will continue to blog.

    I appreciate your ‘voice’ and hope that when comments do resume, the community here will be as thoughtful and respectful as possible.

    These next months are going to be so crucial to the well-being of our nation, our children, and our own futures.

  • Missy:

    Ding Ding Ding…I think we have a have a winner. If she didn’t have this as her plan, she will now when she reads your comment. It fits her mind set to a T. As is Tea party? lol

  • Phil Blythe:

    The day Sarah Palin is irrevocably discredited will be the best day of my political life since Nixon resigned. She is that dangerous.

  • Heidi3:

    Joe, it’s in my Amazon shopping cart as we speak. Even the cover photo, while capturing a seemingly pastoral scene, evokes the haunting fragility and realities of life in the Serengeti. It’s clear that Boyd’s photography skills will prove the forthcoming book to be a masterpiece on the vital subject.

    As I was reading the Brooks Range chapter in your Going to Extremes, I often wondered how Boyd managed to lug all his camera equipment around during your arduous trek, and then return to camp, as you also did, to write about each day’s experiences. Thank you for recommending his books.

    Because I’m retired now, and have been dumbfounded and furious about Sarah Palin since Day One, I chose to spend several hours per day, seven days a week for three ruinous long years studying and reading comments on the various remarkably researched Palin investigative blogs. Unfortunately, to the extreme detriment of my body and soul. We’ve always known that it would take a “larger name” or major MSM outlet to get the sordid story out to the masses. (Note that other authors have done superb jobs from their own perspectives.)

    People here grousing about ‘working for free’ should remember those conversations we had back then about, “Who will it be? Hopefully, a Big Name“. The time is right, the author is right, and even though it appears that you, Joe, won’t solve some of our hottest button issues, I hope your words leave a huge mark on the public’s consciousness and thereby, you realize deserved financial success. It seems to me, blogger egos and private agendas notwithstanding (though very detrimental) , we’re all working towards the same goal: the complete eradication of Palin’s divisiveness from our body politic.

  • Heidi3:

    Oops – I goofed. My reply to Joe about Boyd Norton’s ‘Serengeti’ book belongs up above. Joe, when you return and have time to field comments again, could your blog-master give us an “edit” feature, please? To err is human, but on the Intertubes, everything is fixable. :)

  • Blueberry:

    I have ordered your book and have been looking forward to it for over a year now!
    Do you have any comments on the accusations from Bailey and Mudflats on the leak of Blind Allegiance book? I think that was/is just a way to try to discredit your book. I can’t believe that someone that close to SP did not have suspensions about her pregnancy with Trig. I think Bailey still has an allegiance to her and his book was all a “look over here” and “don’t believe Joe” thing. After all Bailey is not a well known and respected author, just an ass kisser that took way too long to come out. Would love to hear your side of it.

  • Beaglemom:

    I hope your book goes far in the exposing of Sarah Palin as an individual unworthy of elective office in this country. Best of luck during the roll-out process.

  • mistah charley, ph.d.:

    I agree with ginny11 – there are many who are anonymous who are not scoundrels – and contrariwise there are many who are scoundrels who are not anonymous. As Benjamin Franklin said, “If we each got what we deserved, who would escape whipping?”

    I have found, by using approximately the same screenname here and at other blogs in the Palinosphere, that there are those willing to excoriate me on both sides of the pro/anti Palin line. Say lah vee.

  • Samantha:

    I don’t HAVE an agenda. I’m a normal person, and I’ve simply given my opinion. What is your problem with that? You can lurk on all the blogs to find my handle, I use the same one on here as most of the other places, and I challenge you to find one agenda-like word. Some of you have even said you analyze writing patterns or whatever, all the more power to you. I’m not of the belief, btw, that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I think it’s important to clarify that. I evaluate everybody on their own character and deeds. So it’s morally hard for me look the other way when people attack or harass posters for little or no reason, and give them a pass because they don’t like Sarah Palin. So, if you don’t like Sarah Palin and want to take her down, you have carte blanche? I don’t have it, the author doesn’t, and you don’t.

  • omomma:

    Thank you. This is the heart of the issue.

  • I am really happy for you!

  • Samantha:

    You’re personally attacking me, now? LOL. So you and GB are self-appointed enforcers, and even have a name for it, snakes and snake pits, and you guys want to, and I quote: “Kill a few snakes?” This is quite an amazing little social experiment. A sociology major would be interested.

    To answer your question/comment, those WERE my final statements on the other thread. I clicked on the newer thread and had no interest, and that was it. But then apparently the hissy fit wasn’t over, and a brand new thread appeared which was a meandering, long, rant or manifesto really, which was provocative, and begged a response. So respond I did. Satisfied?

    And btw gypsyrose, I find it ironic that the author complains about “obsessive” posters and yet here you are, all over the blog with rants and poems and attacks, and writing to Joe to ask him to call you by your handle when you meet him, wink wink, cause you think it would be cute. Oh. My. God.

  • Samantha:

    “Killing snakes?” And you said that you’re “enjoying” it? I do believe there is a name for those such as yourself: It’s called being a thug and a bully. You may think you’re doing it for a good cause, for the right side, but that’s what thugs ALWAYS think. I for one, do not “enjoy” conflict with people, but everyone who knows me personally knows I’m a pretty principled person. I stand up for underdogs, and stand up for what’s right, and there is no benefit in it for me. In fact, sticking my neck out at work, for example, can redden my backside with the boss, but a co-worker who feels voiceless will quietly thank me. And that means a lot. And management, for the most part, considers me THE most, or one of the most loyal and reliable employees there. So, if you consider yourself a person proud of pushing back, you just met someone who is quite capable of doing the same.

  • GB:

    I find it ironic that the author complains about “obsessive” posters and yet here you are, all over the blog with rants and poems and attacks

    Pot, meet kettle

  • JeanneSmith:

    Can’t wait for the book. I completely understand your decision to shut down comments in a few weeks. I tend to stay away from comments on most blogs because of the idiocy of the few. In case I don’t get chance to say it before you close them down, I hope the book is a smashing success, both for your finances and for the rest of the world.
    Jeanne Smith
    Phoenix, AZ

  • GB:

    At least the level of your insults has risen from “trolls” to “bullies”. We’re making progress.

  • Samantha:

    I disagree that “anonymity is the last refuge of scoundrels.” I think it’s proven that folks who are not anonymous do a great deal of damage both in media, and on our streets. I also think that generally, the powerless often do need the protection of anonymity, while the powerful don’t. Recently there was a furor over comments made by a Facebook CEO about the evils of online anonymity and how that should be done away with entirely on the internet. There was a stout backlash to that, and rightfully so, imo.

  • B:

    Ivyfree and Ennealogic have been making sane comments at Palin’s Deception, Palingates, Immoral Minority, Politicalgates, etc. for almost three years now. Joe may have irked them and they may be verbal about it, but that’s the way give and take goes.

    I am great fans of both. They are not trolls or bullies. They are informed and helpful. Neither has ever acted like they own the blogosphere and others need not apply.

    Respond to a comment by a person if you wish, but please don’t drag others’ names in for comments they made elsewhere.

  • GB:


    I’ll give the investigative crew at (the old) Palingates all the credit in the world for what they have done. It was there and Audrey’s I discovered the truth of Sarah Palin. What I won’t give them credit for is somehow owning that truth. Thay have been unable to get the MSM intersted in the story. Now that Joe Is putting out a book which very well may do that, they seem intent of protecting their turf more than aiding in exposing SP for the fraud she is.

    As far as this obsession the old timers have with “newbies”, I’d ask how they expect to deal with the influx of (hopefully) thousands of them when Joe’s book hits the market. If every new name is seen as a “bot” or “troll” does anyone expect to bring the simply curious over to our side?

    Also to,. I guess I show whose side I was on in the blow-up of Palingates when I question these people for things said elsewhere. Your point is, however, taken.

    MY agenda is simple. I want this book of Joe’s to bring this subject out of the dark and cause the general public to discover what we all know. Period. I have “lurked” on these blogs for three years. Now that it looks like the story will finally break and I see people, whether consciously or not, impeding that I will speak out.

  • Dear Guest(?)
    If that is true, I totally misunderstood. I read it as a reaction to out of control comments about the Palins. I rectified it already anyway. As you can see I am a fan. Thanks!

  • msf:

    When all is said & done, what really brought us all here & to the other books & blogs regarding Sarah Palin was our fear of what she represents & what her influence has & will do to this country. IMO her influence during & after the 2008 election has been completely toxic & has paved the way for all the other loony candidates to say & do the most incredibly insane mean spirited things. There seems to be a real lose of caring in this country that scares the shit out of me. As bloggers we have an opportunity to express our fears, opinions etc, (sometimes to the dismay of the blog owner), but really what is the end goal here…..to expose Sarah Palin. We really don’t know Joe McGinnis, Jeanne Devon, Bailey etc & the infighting defeats the purpose of our ultimate goal. I think we should let them figure it out & stay on topic……Sarah Palin & stop sniping at each other for God’s sake.

  • I cannot think of another writer/journalist with more integrity than Joe McGinniss. He is honest – brutally honest at times – in his writings. If you haven’t read “Heroes” you should. In it he is brutally honest about his own personal life. To me it’s a measure of his journalistic integrity and honesty. I can remember some evenings with Joe when he was working on “Fatal Vision.” He had been convinced, initially, that Jeffrey MacDonald was innocent. But as more and more evidence came to light he realized, painfully, that his book was not about a man wrongfully convicted but about a brutal murderer. Out of friendship to MacDonald he could have completed a book about his innocence and it probably would have still become a best-seller. But Joe chose to reveal the awful truth, however painful that was for him.
    I’m waiting anxiously to read “The Rogue.”


  • OliviaP:

    I am happy you are going to keep the blog going and everyone knows the comments would be getting crazy once the book is out. I can’t wait to read it.

  • B:

    I’m with you. I love that Joe’s book will bring the Palin story mainstream. But I don’t see any bloggers able to impede that, except perhaps Jeanne at Mudflats and TruthOut’s expose. Even negative publicity is publicity, and Jeanne may help Joe’s sales.

    For example, Patrick hasn’t been able to get the story to go mainstream, so why would the word of his regular commenters even matter over the word of widely-known and well-respected Joe McGinniss? The books they “won’t buy” aren’t even a drop in the bucket of sales. And that would be if someone wanted to impede sales, which I don’t for a moment believe. Joe’s book means more Babygate, more visitors & contributors, more truth.

  • stubbornandgleefulanonymous:

    What ARE you talking about?!

    “lurk on all the blogs to find my handle” – Finding your handle? WHY?
    “you analyze writing patterns or whatever” – Who the hell said that? THINK for two seconds, okay?
    “I’m not of the belief that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” – Now I’ll think for a coupla secs…Buddies with my enemy’s enemy. Sure, okay, I’m not buddies with my enemies either. What’s that mean?
    “I evaluate everybody on their own character and deeds.” ON THE INTERNET?
    “hard for me look the other way when people attack or harass posters for little or no reason” Then don’t support it for godssake. Why don’t you condemn this behavior, then? Most important, why the heck are you doing it?!
    “give them a pass because they don’t like Sarah Palin.” Who? What?
    “if you don’t like Sarah Palin and want to take her down, you have carte blanche?” WHO? I have no desire to “take her down.” Once again, what’s that mean?
    “I don’t have it, the author doesn’t, and you don’t.” Don’t have carte blanche? In respect to what, Charlie?
    Better look up that phrase. It means: unrestricted power to act at one’s own discretion; white paper; blank check.

  • Excuse me, but there seems to be a major misunderstanding here. The “old crew” at Palingates, now at Politicalgates, fully supports Joe McGinniss! Where do you get the idea from that this is not the case? It’s the Mudflats blog which now started this new attack on Joe McGinniss, not us. We having nothing to do with this at all. We are deeply unhappy about this continued infighting as it severely hurts the cause of the “anti-Palin movement” – it’s a no-win situation. Joe’s book is of huge importance, and these new attacks on Joe are unnecessary and counter-productive (and the attacks in the foreword of “Blind Allegiance” ruined this book for a lot of people, which was a real shame as as “Blind Allegiance” included some excellent, important material).

    Apart from that, at Palingates and also at Politicalgates, we always have worked hard for the goal of bringing Sarah’s scandals into the mainstream media, with varied success, and we are hopeful that Joe’s book will be a major step in this direction, for example as far as babygate is concerned. We are not keeping anything for ourselves and have never done that.

  • GB:

    Patrick, thanks for your comment. I think I used to broad of a brush in that statement above. I was not specifically targeting you for “owning” the truth. I do know however that many (if not most) of the people who got so mad at Joe are regulars at your site. Yeah I know we all visit all the sites, but in my mind they tend to “live” at your place in the same way I “live” at IM. So I appologize to you for implying that and am glad to hear you support Joe’s book.

    One thing I would ask you, Jeanne, Gryphen, Joe, and any other Palin blogger is to try to dampen the “bot bashing” comments in your blogs. As I said above there will be a lot of “newbies” coming to see what you all have in the way of evidence. Some will be Palinistas for sure, but unless the average reader feels welcome at the blogs s/he will never stick around long enough to hear the evidence. I can’t speak for Joe, but I THINK that was his intent in first addressing this issue.

    And while I have your attention, let me say that I respect and appreciate everything you and your compatriots have done over these past three years. Thank you.~~GB

  • GB, many thanks for the clarification. Opinions at blogs like Politicalgates are divided on a whole range of issues. It’s not possible for us to make everybody follow “our line”, and that’s also not the purpose of a free forum like it exists at Politicalgates. What we do is to encourage of free, civil discussion, and at our blog that works pretty well. We cannot be made responsible for the comments that our readers leave on our blog or on other blogs. Aggressive and impulsive comments like they sometimes appear on blogs are in general not helpful, and we are certainly not in favor of those. Regarding “bot bashing”: What I have mostly seen is that readers try to counter the arguments of the “bots” with reasoning and facts. Certainly nobody is required to leave those comments unchallenged. In contrast, at the websites of the “bots”, critical comments are not even allowed and are usually being deleted immediately. We are dealing here with people who themselves have no interest in a free and open discussion. “Bots” therefore have to be engaged in a reasonable manner, as they are hypocrites. However, we strongly discourage personal attacks on other commenters.

  • Nefer:

    Well said, Gypsyrose. You expressed in an organized way many of the thoughts I have had jumbled in my head in regard to this isssue, as well as bringing up questions I never even thought of.

  • BlueberryT:

    I also am eager to read Joe’s book — but wanted to just clarify (for those who know me) that the above comment was not mine.

  • Joe, that’s great news that you will cover Babygate in detail in your book! We are very excited, and hopefully this will be the final breakthrough we have all been waiting for. But it will still be a tough fight. As we all know, the media has not only largely ignored the subject, but several progressive/liberal journalists went on the record writing that the “Trig Truthers” are conspiracy theorists, expressing that it would be a major “sin” to touch the subject, a journalistic “faux pas”, so to speak. We are anxiously awaiting the publication of Joe’s book.

  • trixy:

    Thanks for that, AKPetMom. People should inform themselves. However there are conflicting reports from other sources of what was actually said and done, so it gets confusing to know exactly what happened and why. Until I know, if I ever know, then I will remain a bit conflicted and confused. Life goes on, though – the Internet only changes how I receive my information, not how I process it. That part is still as difficult and important as it ever was, dang it.


  • Montrealer:

    I really hope that Joe’s success with his book will be of some help and benefit you, also, Shailey. Hopefully, his revelations will give your story the credibility it deserves and any hardships you have suffered because of the Palins will ease when the truth is known.

  • Montrealer:

    Well said, Mr. Norton. Joe has a good friend in you.

  • Vinnie F:

    First of all, I have nothing but respect for you Joe. I’m thrilled that an established author like yourself is taking on the topic of Sarah. I’ve ordered my copy and can’t wait to read it. I understand that you have a full right to market your product and don’t have a problem with your trying to make a decent living off of your writing.

    Secondly, I’m one of those who ‘live’ at Politicalgates and read almost every comment over there. I’ve never heard anything negative towards Joe from the moderators, Patrick and Kathleen. I know some people were talking about this but I never got the impression that people were saying negative things about Joe. It was discussed as a kerfluffle between Joe and Mudflats.

    I do hate the divisions that we see between the anti-Palin sites and wish that we all could work better together. But I have been guilty of saying negative things about another anti-Palin site. I can’t help myself as I can get ticked off like everybody else, and I tend to call it like I see it. As far as Politicalgates, I find the articles well-researched, and the commenters to be knowledgeable and polite. I also like that guest posts are frequently allowed and that they have a no censorship policy.

  • stubbornandgleefulanonymous:

    Maybe that’s part of the problem here. Everyone is not here because of Sarah Palin. McGinnis was a writer before Palin was born. Literally. He was a published author before she graduated from high school. Literally.
    He writes about stuff. All kinds of stuff and all kinds of people. This one happens to be about Sarah Palin. If there wasn’t a Sarah Palin, he’d still have a new book coming out.

    He’ll STILL be a writer long after the Sarah Palin phenomenon is a “remember when…” moment, like K.C. and The Sunshine Band.

  • silver_desert:

    Joe, I think your book will be a huge success. I’ve had it pre-ordered on Kindle for many months now and am really looking forward to reading it. Usually I never want summer to end but the fact your book will be here makes it not quite so bad. Best wishes from Canada.

  • Joe:

    Thank you. Don’t know where you’re writing from, but I expect to be in Toronto in early October.


  • silver_desert:

    We’re out on the west coast – hopefully you will do great in Toronto. Many of us Canadians are very aware of American politics and stay informed because we have friends and family who are in the US and want the best for your country.

  • gypsyrose:

    Hey Joe,
    As stated you started this blog to generate interest in THE ROGUE and increase book sales. I turned on about a dozen or so of my friends to your blog and subsequently your book – so in regards to a few of us, you succeeded with the blog……….well done you!!

    Additionally, with the exception of “Fatal Vision” none of us were much aware of your other works and because of this blog we have been passing around your previously written books with great enjoyment!!! Though you and the late Dominick Dunne have completely different styles and I am not sure you would even be in the same genre, both of you wrote about real people and his voice has been very missed………in novels and books and in his pieces in Vanity Fair. For my small group of peeps and I, you have been and are filling that void. I hope you take this as a compliment.

    I found your blog by surfing other blogs, i think IM was where it was first mentioned. What I found here was an amiable author who was a first time blogger and you showed your humaness with your blogging learning curve:) The people who commented were so gracious and thoughtful-so many of them are still here. It was actually a delight to come and visit over here. I look forward to reading your posts from your press junket. I anticipate your having a lot to do with the final fall of sp and for that – many will be sighing in relief:) Am also too delighted that you already have plans for the next book. It is always a bit sad to finish a great book and not know when the author will be releasing the next one.

    With respect for your talents and courage………..

  • Brad Scharlott:

    You got paid for college teaching? Damn! Why didn’t anyone tell me I could get paid for doing it!

  • Hey Patrick — I wanted to reply to your comment upthread, but the reply options were spent, so I’ll do so here. I haven’t spent much time recently at Palin/Politicalgates, but I would humbly suggest to all of you bloghosts, with your different voices, methods and personalities, and before the “stuff” hits the fan in September with more on-line readers showing up, that you ask your “favorite” commenters to turn off the snark-o-meter to do more listening, less elbowing. Sense of humor is not, to my mind, all that compatible with snark — so what we’ve seen here in the last few days is a humorlessness that is just so unhelpful.

    OK — Here’s my question for all of you. What if bloggers had never jumped into the fray? At all? Where would we be vis-a-vis Sarah Palin today? I think Joe would still have written his book. But would the political landscape be any different? Any thoughts? My opinion is that blogs did put the brakes on her. Our fourth estate — just barely. Cheers all.

  • trixy:

    Please Patrick, don’t act surprised!

    “The “old crew” at Palingates, now at Politicalgates, fully supports Joe McGinniss! Where do you get the idea from that this is not the case? “

    I don’t want to hijack Joe’s post but I must say, it was pretty easy for people to make that assumption if they are aware of some of your regular posters. Lots of people go to many of the blogs whether to comment or just read. Esp. if there is drama – you know the stats of your own blog when this happens.

    Lots of people probably viewed some of your regulars who went back to vent. That’s fine, but it’s not like it was hidden conversation so why are you acting surprised? The discussion included all kinds of things and assumptions about why the author of this blog should do so and so, didn’t understand the rules of blogging (I don’t know them either), shouldn’t be blogging, was a possible (blank) and (blank) etc. I’m completely paraphrasing multiple comments here.

    Other discussion of how multiple posters over here were really one big troll, and (blank) the trolls that know better than to start (blank) here. The same posters who were rude to posters over here as well as the author.

    The blog itself does great stuff, but I’m not sure I’ve seen much admonishment or discouragement of callng others trolls. I don’t visit regulary so maybe I’ve missed it. Most of the regulars don’t like posters without avatars and act suspicious if not hostile. That’s fine – I firmly believe that a blog is personal and can be whatever the bloggers want it to be. We are free to go or stay or just say forget it all together. Just don’t be surprised if others might see your own blog in a different light than you do.

    What I would like to see as a developing mood is to let a new blog become itself. A new blog brings new people to see it, maybe they’ve never been to one before. They don’t know the rules – they look to the blogger and around them. When seasoned posters bring their agendas en force to a new place, it does not allow for the blogger to decide the direction he/she wants to go without tension. It chases away new faces, and sometimes bloggers, too.

    I don’t want them all to be the same. I don’t want to tweet, I rarely want to say anything, but I like to read them for personality as much as content. I welcome new people, as we all should. We should stand behind our word, even if we are anonymous.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    * Got a giggle from this CAPS comment… obviously you’ve read the response from the gent that critiqued my post at MF due to my usage of occasional ALL CAPS WORDS for emphasis *

    Some people thrive on creating conflict…

  • Joe:

    I didn’t get paid much, Brad, but I had great students in my undergraduate classes at Bennington–a college of six hundred students–including several who went on to publish books, such as Bret Easton Elllis, Jill Eisenstadt, Lawrence David, Jesse Katz, and Karen Houppert, and many others who wrote their hearts out and went on to successful lives without publishing.

    You can find all the names mentioned above at amazon.com.

    Bret Ellis, an extraordinarily generous man, repaid his karmic debt (not that there was one) by helping my son, Joe McGinniss, Jr. with editorial guidance on Joe’s first novel, THE DELIVERY MAN.


    Teaching writing at Bennington in the mid-1980’s was like managing the 1927 New York Yankees.

    All you had to do was to show up, marvel, and give an occasional pat on the back.

    I took the job, one semester per year, for the health plan, but wound up a much healthier man for my interaction with my extraordinary students.

    Keep on with your own important work.


  • marthauys:

    I didn’t see it that way – I saw it exactly as it happened to me! I used to do that, then got chewed out seriously by posters at two statewide newspapers in one day. I licked my wounds, got grumpy, then I stopped doing it and started trying to word things differently since I haven’t dabbled in HTML. Now it distracts me when others write that way, too and it’s not to be fussy by any means.

  • GB:

    Joe, are you aware of the comments on Gryphen’s blog by a purported “insider” of Palin’s? They began last night on a posr about Nick Broomfield’s movie and are continuing tonight. The first three were at 2:38, 6:34 and 6:42 last night. . .take a look and see what you think.

  • guest:

    Stupid question, if you feel like answering. Why the question mark?

  • Joe:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Dominick Dunne and I became close friends during the ten months we spent covering the OJ Simpson trial
    in 1995. Almost always, we would lunch together, often with the late Joe Bosco and the late Robin Clark, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, who was killed in an auto accident during the trial.

    See Joe Bosco’s obit at http://articles.latimes.com/2010/jul/24/local/la-me-joseph-bosco-20100724

    See Robin Clark’s at http://www.nytimes.com/1995/08/07/obituaries/robin-clark-reporter-40.html

    I don’t need to direct you to the many justified encomiums to Dominick upon his passing.

    Joe and Robin were two of my best friends, and I’ll miss them until I join them.

    Likewise, Dominick.

    Dominick was not only, of course, charming, but one of the gutsiest–and most unselfish–people I ever knew.

    As you may be aware, in 1982, his daughter, the actress Dominique Dunne, was strangled to death in the driveway of her home in Venice, CA, by a former boyfriend, who wound up serving less than four years in prison for having killed her.

    It was this injustice in sentencing that prompted Dominick to start writing nonfiction articles and books about murder.

    Many were the days, during the OJ trial, when Dominick and I would walk together to a restaurant during lunch break at the OJ trial. Our route took us past a lot of homeless people. Dominick would have a dollar for every one of them. I once asked him about his generosity. He said, “I was destroying myself with alcohol. If I hadn’t found AA, I could be one of them. It’s not a matter of character, it’s a matter of luck. And always, Joe, try to help the unlucky.”

    In the midst of one of the most horrific, high-profile crimes of the 20th Century, Dominick Dunne, Joe Bosco, Robin Clark and I would have lunches defined by our shared joy in one another’s company.

    They were three of the finest journalists I ever knew.

    It chills me to think that of the four of us, I’m the only one left.

    I owe it to my dear departed friends to do the best I can with the time I have remaining.

    All three were the best of men.


  • guest:

    I appreciate your comment. I’m going to respectfully differ. There’s an entire thread just intent on “exposing” McGinniss as a charlatan, questioning his motives for writing the book, spanking him big-time, spanking his readers, spank, spank, spank. Every comment full of “troll”-speak, cancellation of book orders, vitriole just a’flyin’. They are pissed off.

    You must have missed it. : )

  • Joe:

    I sure do. And for a world-class photographer, he writes good.


  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Just getting Babygate into the mainstream media via your talk show appearances, discussing the improbability of The Wild Ride (as told by Sarah herself in “Going Rogue”) would be wonderful. And then there are the photos!

    The photos will also give pause to men and women everywhere: “I / my wife sure didn’t look like that at 7 1/2 months along”!

    The mainstream media deliberately sat on this story for years – too shocking? Too unbelievable? Look who we’re dealing with here! But –

    Remember too how media profited by helping Sarah keep her secrets. All the website hits, higher Neilsen ratings for FOX News, all the glossy magazines, the books, the gossip rags: Keeping Sarah relevant helped the media AND Sarah Palin make obscene amounts of money.

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Like a masquerade ball… everyone is disguised throughout the evening – until the masks come off at midnight!

  • KatieAnnieOakley:

    Do not judge the content of a blog, any of ’em, all of ’em, by a handful of commenters.

    If you do, every blog would / should be condemned, because there are caustic commenters at each and every blog. Everybody has a right to their own opinion.

  • Re: Montrealer. I know first hand that Joe’s decision to write the truth about Jeffrey MacDonald was not an easy decision for him. He agonized over this for a long time. But the evidence was clear.

    Interestingly enough, many years ago Joe called me one evening – all excited. He thought I would be a great subject for a next book. I was shocked because I could not see my life and work as being something of interest for a book by Joe McGinniss. (Yeah, okay, I did blow up a nuclear reactor once.) We all have some deep dark secrets in our lives we’d rather not be revealed. As good a friends as we are, Joe would want to tell all. That’s the way he is. Honest. I suppose he could have done it in a way that would not be too painful. but I was worried more about a friendship I wanted to maintain. I was flattered, but I demurred. And as good a writer as he is, I don’t think the book would have attracted any attention.

    In a world where news and information is condensed to 10 second sound bites, Joe is a writer/journalist worth listening to for hours. A rare breed, becoming extinct.


  • anonymous:

    ” In fact, sticking my neck out at work, for example, can redden my backside with the boss,”

    Not sure what your line of work is but I am pretty sure you have a lawsuit you can pursue against your boss.
    Merely touching your backside is grounds for a lawsuit, but “reddening” your backside could mean you will never have to work again. Just sayin’

  • jk:

    Well put and I agree. Fatal Vision should be held up as a learning tool for investigative journalism (and it’s a helluva story).

  • guest:

    Sorry, I’m not done. The defensive folks spin this as blog owner and “newbie” commentors objecting to others’ opinions, and specifically that anti-Palin blogs are forums that encourage their free expresssion, so they’re merely accustomed to being able to have their say. That’s not it!
    Speaking only for myself, I see it as a bit more than just being used to speaking freely – I see it as a bit of difference in defining where speaking one’s mind honestly leaves off and being mean starts. I have personally experienced commentors aiming MEAN stuff at me, not SMART stuff, not OPINION.
    My feeling is that one blog more than any other, accommodates snarky meaness. That’s okay. I don’t mind at all that they set the rules and tone for their own blog. We can try it out and stay away if we don’t like it. Where it becomes contentious is when those guys take the snark out of their own neighborhood and start doing it in some other space. That would be here. And this would best describe this dust-up as I see it.

    They’ve become accustomed to the way they speak and interact, don’t see it as anything other than “expressing themselves” and feel censored.

    Now I’m done.

    , and as someone elseOne parti
    and comments that are mean and the commentorand my feeling is that I don’t see this blog, nor anyone on it, wanting people to censor opinion.

  • jk:

    Pardon my squee, but the thought of you teaching Brett Ellis at Bennngton just set my inner writing fangirl heart aflutter.

  • Joe:

    Two things set Bret apart from my other writing students, gifted as many of them were.
    One was his sheer, raw talent. The other was his generosity and kindness to others in my
    writing workshops.

    Bret never put anyone down. He always had constructive suggestions.

    His generosity of spirit was never more manifest than when he dedicated LESS THAN ZERO to me.

    I did not deserve that.

    Bret has shown the world that he’s a brilliant writer.

    I can only add that he’s an extraordinary man.

    It was a privilege to have been his teacher for three years.


  • DKey:

    I was totally into the O.J. trial from the get-go. My friend spoke to O.J. in the Bronco during the low speed chase, and I ended up writing a paper for my Esoteric Philosophy students about all the Synchronicity in the case. Like the Lincoln/Kennedy Synchronicities everyone knows about. Carl Jung would have loved it! I was heading a fundraiser for the Glendale (CA) Family Y.M.C.A. at the time and we created “Glendale’s First Official Time Capsule.” Just before we “interred” the capsule in 1996, I snuck my O.J. Synchronicity paper into it. It’ll be opened in 2022 (MMXXII), on the “Y’s” 100th anniversary. And someone will be surprised.

    Also, I LOVED Dominick Dunne! Always felt bad that Frank Sinatra was so awful to him. Haven’t liked Sinatra since I heard he paid a waiter to punch Dunne in the face as a joke. Ha. Ha. Thanks for the inside scoop on Mr. Dunne’s kindness.

    I anxiously await delivery of THE ROGUE! Thanks for all the updates and for writing it in the first place. I predict a HUGE bestseller — just from my Christmas list, alone . . . Ha!

    Peace and Aloha from Maui.

  • FEDUP!!!:

    Jill: I for one do not refer to $arah and Bri$tol by their names for at least 2 reasons: A) they both are $$$-hungry (as in ‘Grifters’), and B) they have their names TM’d – so, I do not want to use a TM as their name. 😛

  • crystalwolfakacaligrl:

    The most positive thing is…that this “Flame war” as you call it? That consists of You under sock puppet accounts exposes how you have been BANNED for trolling on Most blogs. Yes TROLLING. You can say “WhatEvah” about me…I don’t give a flying fuck.
    But I’m upset that you make sock puppet accounts like “blueberry” who you might try to be sock puppeting?
    You can say what every about me, I don’t care what TROLLS say. The people who have been interacting these months know who’s, who. And I do mean Who’is who :) :) :)
    And Hows Michigan 4 palin doin’???

  • GB:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have two names, GB and GBIllinois. I think your paranoia is obvious to anyone who has followed your comments here.

  • Trixy:

    To Patrick above,

    Are you still feeling surprised? No one is responsible for the poster’s actions except herself, but there are lots of people who do judge the many by the few.

    To crystalwolfakacaligrl – time to stop trying to hijack Joe’s post and get attention. Go somewhere else and do some relaxation techniques, I’m embarrassed for you.

    August 25, 2011 at 4:55 am

    The most positive thing is…that this “Flame war” as you call it? That consists of You under sock puppet accounts exposes how you have been BANNED for trolling on Most blogs. Yes TROLLING. You can say “WhatEvah” about me…I don’t give a flying fuck.
    But I’m upset that you make sock puppet accounts like “blueberry” who you might try to be sock puppeting?
    You can say what every about me, I don’t care what TROLLS say. The people who have been interacting these months know who’s, who. And I do mean Who’is who :) :) :)
    And Hows Michigan 4 palin doin’???”

  • GB:

    Trixy, I’m sure she thinks you are just another of my “sock puppets”, but thanks for seeing the truth.

  • jk:

    Thanks for that. As a writer who loves to work with other writers, I really appreciate hearing that about a man who is on my list of favorites.

    Less than Zero was published the year after I graduated from high school (talk about contemporary). I can still remember reading it when it first came out. I didn’t realize he had dedicated it to you.

  • stubbornandgleefulanonymous:

    Trixy, you’re seeing it the same as I am. I appreciate the validation.

  • Trixy:

    Let me clarify the “many by the few” a little with a “threat” crystalwolfakacaligrl threw out to posters she was accusing of being all one big troll – Discus commenting. So I checked Discus commenting and found she has made over 1600 comments or likes on your blog since it came about which looks like the end of January this year. So that’s about an average over 7 comments per day on that blog. She left the previous blog you ran after accusing trolls of taking over the blog. I have come and gone from both places, and not once had I seen any discouragement of this behavior. A lot of bolstering perhaps? Or did I miss it, which is entirely possible?

    I understand the blog’s mission to be “to get the word out about Sarah Palin” – but when posters regularly attack and alienate others on the Internet it does the blog’s purpose no favors. I don’t remember seeing your posters show up on other blogs and invite new people over for a friendly look at some of the amazing info you have amassed. I’ve seen posters from your blog get immediately defensive and often sarcastic if they are somewhere pushing their wares a little too hard. Personally I don’t have a problem with what the blog is trying to do, but I do have a problem with the posters pushing and shoving everywhere else. Drop in, say hi, be welcoming for a change. The posters have agreed that certain other blogs just don’t understand them – they talk about it often. This is why it doesn’t ring true for you to come over here and act surprised, and for the posters to say “Good thing Patrick fixed that” or similar.

    Your blog is what it is, and more power to you for speaking up – but it comes as no surprise whatsoever that others who have been around for a long time have to watch “newbies”, “lurkers” and new bloggers get mowed down if they decide to tackle the Sarah Palin whatever-it-is in the blogosphere. I don’t speak up much, but today is the day to call BS on pretending to be surprised at the reaction and impression your blog has on many others. BS.

  • Trixy:

    A thought for crystalwolfcaligrl to consider: you are beginning to sound like a stalker. Leave it alone, do some yoga, take a class, but for pete’s sake take your life back from Sarah Palin who is consuming you. Do you really want to let her have that power over you?

  • Vinnie F:

    Do you have a link for this alleged post? If it’s there, I simply don’t remember seeing it.

  • GhostbusterTX:

    McGinnis was a writer before Palin was born. Literally. He was a published author before she graduated from high school. Literally.

    He was a published author before she even entered Kindergarten. (Sorry Joe!)

  • lillibird:

    Could you please provide a link to your comment..I read Politicalgates every day, I may have missed this thread but I also read the Weekly Round-up and don’t know exactly what your talking about..I also have not seen the amount of Troll bashing that is being discussed here..maybe Brooklyn and her many identities…but now we just let her many identities have their say which is always the same no matter who she is..she kind of a resident troll now….and we move on.
    I think it’s time to move on and quit poking the hornets nest as I feel some here are doing…just saying.

  • stubbornandgleefulanonymous:

    The defense of this behavior is circular and outside of common sense.

    Katie. The issue of discussion is not judgment of blogs or readership. This is not about “caustic comments” or the right to an opinion, or free expression, or condemnation, or censorship, or style of expression or quality of blogs.
    The reason that other blogs have been mentioned in this context is as reference and example. At the heart of it is this: Politicalgates, Palingates, IM, et.al. set the tone for their blogs. Can Joe McGinniss do the same? What the tone of the community is, is beside the point.

    “Do not judge the content of a blog…by commenters.” Nope, no content being judged. Everyone seems to agree, content is just fine. On all of ’em.

    “…every blog would be condemned, because there are caustic commenters at each and every blog.” Again, blogs are not being “condemned.” Yes, there are indeed “caustic commenters” uniformly in the blog world. We’re not talking about a few random “caustic” comments or commenters. We’re talking about tone and “community.” We’re talking about a set of behaviors specific to particular blogs. That are accepted by THAT blog’s community, but not so much outside of it. We’re talking about adapting one’s manner and style TO a particular community as a visitor. When I say that, I acknowledge that it works both ways.
    Personal example: I read Regina’s posts and really enjoy them. I don’t enter the comment section at all. Even if I think I might have something of value to contribute to the dialogue. (I was a regular poster 2008-2010.)
    Why? Two reasons.
    First, there is an overwhelming volume of comments. I’m a focused reader, I start at the beginning and read the entire thing, not just one here and there. I found it to be quite time-consuming with little satisfaction for time spent. Lots of “she’s so fat” stuff; references to details and other conversations somewhere else without explanation that you can’t follow unless you know what it is; unrelated side bars that I attempt to read all the way through, not knowing if there’s a related point. The Discus format is awkward for my reading style and equipment, it doesn’t load easily for me. I have limited free time and spent more and more time waiting and struggling to follow threads. I’m not interested in lengthy Twitter summaries and I can’t take the time for the heavy page to load.
    Second, the quality and style of dialogue dramatically changed. On the one hand, my opinions (the CONTENT) seemed to be of no value. On the other hand, good points well-made got rabid criticism loaded with snark and mean comments. Not argument. Not debate. Mean-spirited contentious remarks. So I just simply stopped commenting, don’t need to, clearly I don’t fit the new “community.” No problem. I don’t ask or expect THEM to change for ME. That blog and its owner is entitled to do as they please. They have their program – not a good fit for me.

    “Everybody has a right to their own opinion.” This is plebian and patronizing. Yes, of course. You betcha. No argument from anyone, anywhere. One more time – this isn’t about expressing opinion or censorship. This is about refusing to take responsibility for behavior and tone. People can say whatever they want about anything. People can be as rude as they please. But they own it.

    A few things that merit consideration –
    > This blog hasn’t actually censored anyone’s comments. What DID happen that’s unique (and perhaps contrary to participants’ expectations), is that Joe responded. With his OWN opinion. That’s it. That’s the big drama.

    > This isn’t a Sarah Palin opposition website. This is a writer’s blog. His latest book is a Sarah Palin profile. He was an author before Sarah Palin and he’ll continue to be. His motivation (and this blog) isn’t to “take down” Palin (I’m expressing my own opinion, I don’t know that, of course). His mission is to write and publish.

    > There’s a grassroots industry of Sarah Palin blogs. There’s a couple of handfuls of popular blogs that link to each other and we’ve all read them. There’s one very noticeable difference between those and this – a PayPal button.
    The blog community has become accustomed to donating money to maintain anti-Sarah blogs. Terrific. Nothing wrong with that. Necessary, in fact. Good for you guys. It’s quite possible that commentors think their donation bought editorial and blog administration rights. Maybe it does. That’s up to the blog owner.

    > I know with certainty, that there exists a contingent in the blog world whose sole and primary purpose is to mitigate damage to Sarah Palin. To create confusion and chaos. To question credibility. To derail and de-focus. To cast a shadow of doubt over all information generated from any source. To divide unified fronts and cause in-fighting, which weakens research and fact-finding. To reduce any revelation to nothing more reliable than gossip. To participate in dialogue and cause so much white noise that any real story gets lost.
    No. It is not coincidence that there’s blog drama right before McGinniss’ book comes out. If you look for it, you can see every Sarah Palin milestone has been punctuated with seemingly unrelated and irrelevant blog drama.

    Are operatives present in this company? Well, of course. How would they not be? The only effective position would be to bury operatives seamlessly in the existing blog community. Do they create the drama? No, they don’t. But they do harness it and run with it.
    Too ‘conspiracy’ for ya? Get over it. Nothing conspiratorial about it. It’s simply someone’s job. No effective, thorough targeted marketing or political campaign strategy would fail to include the broad influence of this aspect of internet-based social networking. Read “Art of War” – it’s a political strategist’s bible.

  • GinaM:

    @ Trixy…you wrote this…..A thought for crystalwolfcaligrl to consider: you are beginning to sound like a stalker.

    Then you posted this in your LONNNNG comment up above…..Let me clarify the “many by the few” a little with a “threat” crystalwolfakacaligrl threw out to posters she was accusing of being all one big troll – Discus commenting. So I checked Discus commenting and found she has made over 1600 comments or likes on your blog since it came about which looks like the end of January this year. So that’s about an average over 7 comments per day on that blog. She left the previous blog you ran after accusing trolls of taking over the blog.

    Um…who is stalking who here?

    Don’t YOU think it’s time TO LET IT GO? Others have…how bout you?

  • Trixy:

    To Gina M,

    You do crystalwolfakacaligrl no favors by enabling her – attacking the messenger never really works out. If you know her, help her regain her equilibrium.

    It’s so cliche, especially on Joe’s blog – but it’s very Palinesque of you to call the person pointing out questionable behavior a “stalker”. I have a feeling you know better and are just throwing dirt into the fan, but for those who really may not know – Discus is a group messaging system and if you sign up, you have a profile. Merely click on the poster’s name who has a profile and the stats are right there. Discus users on the site Patrick blogs from are very happy with their accounts and pictures, as I’m sure many other sites are also who use the system. It’s not designed for privacy, much like Facebook. It’s designed to announce who you are and to give you customizable options for your posting moniker / name.

    Deflecting for someone who may need help is sad. Maybe I’m wrong, and I hope I am, but if that were someone I knew I would be trying to help them get calmed down.

  • Trixy:

    Disqus, not Discus.

  • GinaM:

    Thanks for the explanation on how Disqus works.

  • Reality Check:

    JM: “Frankly, I’ve also been amazed by the outrage of those who accuse of me writing books in order to earn a living (i.e. “He’s only in this for profit!”)”

    Whoever expressed those sentiments is very naive. If they want a world where writers basically write for free or for mere pennies, get ready for a world of shallow or exclusively opinion-oriented writing instead of in-depth investigative reporting and professionally crafted articles and books. You get what you pay for!